Ginobili Tweets He’s Returning To Spurs

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Manu Ginobili broke the news himself. He’s sticking with the San Antonio Spurs for two more years after agreeing to terms with the only team he has known during his NBA career.

Ginobili’s news comes the morning after the Spurs agreed to terms on a new four-year, $36 million deal with big man Tiago Splitter.

Gary Neal is the Spurs’ other free agent of note, but it’s unclear where things stand with him at this point of the process.

Keeping the core intact after stretching the Miami Heat to seven games in The Finals was the Spurs’ most important order of business this summer. And having both Ginobili and Splitter taken care if in the first three days of the free agency period certainly takes the pressure off.


  1. Tiger says:

    One of the most creative players in the history of NBA. All bad words about him collide against he’s actions. Watch and be open minded, see that even in his mistakes is making magic, and puts all of him to win, not to presume or play for the cameras. I have never seen a white man to play that way, that athletic, he may not be as fast as he was 10 years ago, but he can still do it, and have games that defies age and logic. Manu the argentinian pride. Im glad that i can enjoy you for 2 more years.
    PD: This is Manu, words are words, actions are actions…

  2. advertising says:

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  3. rantrave says:

    now thats what you call loyalty.. unlike dwightmare

  4. J says:

    ofcourse manu’s gotta stay in san Antonio and retire there

  5. Aldo says:

    Manu!!! Manu!!! Manu!! Manu!!! Espiritu guerrero!!!!!!!

  6. You're the man Manu says:

    Payback time ! Go Manu! Go Spurs !

  7. fabrice says:

    RESPECT MANU, he’s old now but is a hall of famer

  8. Whose Team Is It says:

    Manu all the way. San Antonio is the team every franchise wants to emulate. Manu is good for San Antonio and has earned the respect of his team, the Spurs organization and the league. All the best to the San Antonio Spurs . . .

  9. says:

    Keep neal if you have to trade Danny green to a team that needs shooters like the Pacers or wizards then do it Neal can run the offense and play D you know what Danny had a hard time keeping a job so he probly came cheap just get it done keep Neal or pick up betnali (I know that’s not right) if the bulls don’t resign

  10. jocco says:

    9mil/year is to much for thiago. 6 or 7mil is what he is worth.
    but what do u want it’s the NBA and big men are always overpaid. And i guess if the spurs had proposed him a contract worth 6 or 7 mil a year someone would surely propose him more. That being The spurs should at least let the market decide his price. So bad deal for the spurs.

    • A.J. says:

      Agreed. But they had to pay him that much because of Duncan’s age, Splitter had the leverage. And in three years, they’ll have a bottom of the NBA payroll and will be in lottery territory, so it won’t matter.

  11. Tio says:

    I remember last years playoffs when it seemed like he was the only one who showed up —->in my Sir Charles voice “GINOOOOOOBLI!!!” I think once he gets his rest this summer like that other guy said unlike last summer he should be back. lebrick needed to join Dwayne gay , and bosh spice, and that Boston traitor grey allen to even compete for championship so shut youre mouth man, you sound like lebrick crying about everything like a child. the old guys took them to 7 games lol and they are suppose to be elite? lol ur trash and so are they Chicago,Indiana will beat them this time if the refs don’t get in the way again.

  12. Miami Heat Fan says:

    A call them San Antonio “Almost”, just like the movie Apocalypse directed by Mel Gibson. 🙂 lol San Antonio “Almost”

  13. THE BEAST BANGER says:

    All of you should just shut up! You stupid morons! This guy is a walking dried stick, literally about to break anytime! Go HEAT!

  14. laoliang says:

    This is great for Manu and Spurs.

    Age matters. Manu’s body couldn’t follow his mind in this past final after his injury. I hope he recovers well and get back to a 80% Manu. No expectation he stays at his peek, but really want to see him still makes big impact to team.

  15. STEVE L says:

    Manu will come back and be in better shape ( no basketball this summer like last year in Olympics) Still a great player at times. if he is the 4th most important player on his team, it should be another good or great season for the Spurs. Don’t write him or the Spurs off. Oh, I forgot that happens automatically by everyone.
    Remember NBA TV having there special who will win the west last year Thunder( legitimate) or the Lakers.
    The Spurs are not dead, championship is still possible

  16. Kerry Charles says:

    I’m not a spurs fan but good to know that Manu is going to be back. one bad playoff series shouldn’t change all that he has brought to San Antonio over the years.

  17. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was better to keep Splitter at around 32 for 4 years but he has possibility for improvement. He needs to work his butt off this summer because he sure can defend and has the body to be a big presence!
    Go Spurs (even if I’m a Net fan)

    • IM back bro says:

      “overrated, foerign, injury-prone, old-timer in desparate need of a job seeks to work for sorry franchise” is what the title should who care?! I DONT!! Ginobli if anything is the reason the spurs lost. He is overrated foerign trash. he went 0-14 from behind the line, doesnt have a mid range. All he can do is slide his self to get a lay up but only if timothy dunkin isnt getting his hands and ankles shackeled by lebron james. the problem with san antonia is that they take low lifes like -Stephen A voice” Ti Agggoooo SSPPPliittterrr” and tracey Macgradey and expect them to be superstars. My cousin knows an insider who has contact with the training staff and it is almost garunteed that Tim duncan will retire this year. GOOD! hopefully ginobli follows. Delusional “nba Fans” again. hmmph

      • 34yr fan says:

        …..go back to wherever you came Back from…..bro…..and STAY there…….for the duratiokn , please…..

      • Edu says:

        Do don’t know anything. You forgot everything Ginobili gave to this team and write (ok kind of writing because you didn’t even know how to write in English) in a bad way. Hater stay at home trying to learn English and understand about basketball. Your insider is Micky Mouse and you are a loser. THANKS GINOBILI FOR STAYING WITH THE SPURS!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        You can’t determine if a player is good or not based on one series. Ginobili has contributed steadily over the years, and he shouldn’t be blamed for the Spurs loss

      • hahaha….OVERRATED? you sure? have you seen him on his earlier days? hes one of the best to ever play…and the first player to win a championship in the NBA, Euro League, Olympics and FIBA Americas and the only player to have an individual award in each of those leagues

      • Game Time says:

        LeBron was the reason Miami lost in 2011, did they end up getting rid of him? You are just like all the other NBA owners and managers who don’t know when to keep players or let them go. Ginobili has helped them to three championships. He was part of the reason they lost this one but in the end it’s still a TEAM effort and they are all to blame. I’m a Miami fan by the way, but love the Spurs work ethic and hope they get another shot at the title.

      • Martin says:

        He is just made because his New Orleans Hornets didn’t make the playoffs this year lol

      • ranfan says:

        Spurs could’ve stayed in it if Duncan didn’t miss a point blank layup lol

      • BigBoy says:

        so parkers poor play in games 3-7 did not contribute to a loss?? your best player supposedly and superstar supposedly plays like lebron james in the 2011 finals but we’re not gonna bring up parkers name saying he was part of the reason they lost.