Clippers Enjoying The Power Of Doc!


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — For anyone who didn’t understand before just how important coach Doc Rivers was and is to the Los Angeles Clippers’ championship blueprint, it should be clear by now.

Chris Paul needed just hours to make his commitment to the organization and the five-year, $107 million contract they offered their prized free agent. The next day, the Clippers send Paul’s backup, Eric Bledsoe, and Caron Butler to Phoenix for a valuable floor-spacer in J.J. Redick and one of the best utility men in the league (Jared Dudley) in a three-team deal that, no offense to ex-coach Vinny Del Negro, simply does not happen without the Clippers’ new senior vice president of basketball operations (Rivers) in place.

Some 72 hours and counting into the free-agent summer of 2013,  it is clear that the Clippers are thriving off of and enjoying the power and influence that a coach the caliber of Rivers brings.

It’s a cosmic energy that the Clippers’ Staples Center roommates know well. The Los Angeles Lakers thrived off of Phil Jackson‘s aura for years. The right coach with the right roster at just the right time can equal great things.

Rivers has yet to blow his first whistle with his squad, yet they’re already sold on him. They know what he did in Boston: getting solid players to perform above their pay grade and helping turn great players without hardware into champions.

“Doc is damn good,” a Clippers vet said via text late Tuesday night. “You know what he does with elite talent. And he’ll have plenty of that in our locker room. He gets everyone to buy in.”

That sort of track record resonates in a locker room full of veterans who want to experience those same things.

The 2013-14 season will be the ultimate testament to the influence Rivers can have and the proof won’t be just in Los Angeles. We’ll be able to observe the happenings in Brooklyn, where Rivers-faves Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce have moved on to in attempt to rekindle the championship glow they found in 2008 with the Celtics. And it will be seen in Boston, where Rivers’ departure instigated Danny Ainge‘s decimation of the outfit that was a force in the Eastern Conference and the league for the past six seasons.

Rivers will be in charge of a Clippers team that could legitimately contend for the top spot in the Western Conference for the first time in franchise history.

The Nets have a chance to do the same, but do have a few hurdles (rookie coach Jason Kidd and whatever transition time he needs to get comfortable calling the shots from the bench, sorting out a pecking order in a locker room filled with big personalities, who is the first, second and third option, etc.) to clear before we know exactly what type of team they are going to be.

The Celtics don’t even have a replacement for Rivers yet, so it’s extremely difficult to get a handle on exactly what type of team they will unveil opening night. But, rest assured, the rebuilt Celtics won’t look anything like the juggernaut they were under Rivers the last six seasons.

No one is disputing that talent rules the day in the NBA. It always has and always will.

But I’ll say it again: the right coach with the right roster at just the right time can lead to great things. And the Clippers could be on the verge of living that reality now that Rivers is running their show.


  1. frank guzman says:

    While you and all the other sycophants are so busy sugar coating Doc’s move to L.A. you fail to mention the fact that he QUIT on his team just as Mike {no D}antoni quit on the Knicks.

  2. boston rules says:

    How is it paying off fr clippers? The season hasn’t even started yet!

  3. J says:

    tops in west top 3

  4. Click this name if you want to be totally awesome says:

    Celtics should have traded Doc for D Howard – The best pick and roll / Octagon Offense coach ever.

  5. Yemi Doherty says:

    Actually Doc’s best coaching work was two years removed from his only championship when he led the Celtics to within one quarter from an NBA championship.

    Had he had a healthy team all through his tenure in Boston, I’m pretty certain he’d have more rings. He lost Garnett in year two, Perkins in year three, Rondo’s broken arm in year four, Jeff Green, Avery Bradley, + in year five, and Rondo again in year six. Spo had not only been lucky to have a great cast of players, but also a healthy cast (well at least their big three or four).

    Injuries are part of the game though but it is what it is. Just a little perspective.

  6. Phatz05 says:

    Enjoy the NBA world fantasy at the moment because the reality is when the game starts next season…

  7. Olegre10 says:

    Who is more reliable – DeAndre Jordan or McGee? Hope DeAndre is a good person and all – but is he good enough to play pivot for the Clips of today?

    • Common Sense says:

      Yes…He has the athleticism and just needs the practice and the direction. He’s young but also Doc seems driven to make Griffin and DJ(who happen to be best friends) and unstoppable defensive force. If he’s convinced…I’m convinced.

  8. Olegre10 says:

    But trading Eric Bledsow and sticking with Billups? For the good of hte game – I hope Doc resurects Odom.

  9. pfft! says:

    i think doc is overrated! He gets credit after winnning a championship from the Big 3+ rondo way back 2008.. Any coach would win that.

  10. razorwolf says:

    for me as long as griffin wont able to improve his offence no championship for them specially in perimeter shot chris paul cant carry the offence single handedly

  11. Matthew says:

    One thing kills success like nothing else and thats HYPE. Even the Heat had to lose their first one before they realized just how much WORK was going to be needed to get to the top. Lets not crown the Clippers before they even win a game with Doc. The guy can coach but thats why the games are played because you just never know when a David will knock out a Goliath. Go Hawks!!

  12. theking0522 says:

    The Clippers are the better basketball team in LA. No doubt about it!!

  13. celentano says:

    I almost agree with all comments on this blog,but can Doc handle the clippers to the finals of the west conference???
    I doubt it extremly with that roster they have + an aging bench too. Ok,Pierce & Kevin having 3 times finals experience,but this belongs to the past.These are the last days playing for the Nba both All-stars and not forgetting they only had experience in the East conference the weaker brother of the west! It’s gonna be hard time for Garnet to compete in the West conference,theyr stacked wit big’s a few seasons ! Let’s not forget that Pierce is still good but aging + not that sharp anymore to putting that extra on it,be real they have the possibility to reach only second round and not further even with Chris,Blake on that roster.

    • icgreen says:

      kevin garnett and paul pierce are on the brooklyn nets, not the clips. and they’ve only been to the finals twice

  14. cp3 epic basketball says:

    still mad that cilppers chose jj over Mayo. you know when cilppers face a good team they would not leave jj for a open 3 but for mayo he can take hard shot and fake and drive and those stuff and can lead a team. I would like to see cp3 and mayo on a same team. jj prove that you can help cilppers big time then i would be wrong. if not there 2k14 lol

  15. Matt Fernandez says:

    Clipper nation be rdy great things are about to happen here number #1 la team Dwight is a Nobuddy in la cp3 can turn a roster for bad to great and d12 couldn’t show the lakers that

    • BillWaltonFanClub says:

      Dude, are you looking at all at what you’re texting? Cuz it looks like you’re just blindly tapping random words that don’t any sense together. Seriously.

  16. Dean says:

    Wow anyone bad mouthing Doc obviously never watched him coach the Magic in his early days. That team was flat out bad but he got them to the playoffs, they lost in the first round but the whole league took notice and Boston eventually went after him.

  17. the hidden truth says:


  18. Chris says:

    Nice article! It can’t be understated how important an organizational leader like Doc is to a young basketball team trying to get over the hump. As spectators (and speculators), I’m sure we were all rooting for the blockbuster that the Nets ultimately pulled of in acquiring two future-HOFers in Pierce and Garnett. But in the end, it was the correct front office decision that will continue to pay big dividends for this organization well after KG and The Truth have hung up their jerseys!

  19. charles says:

    I”n not on the Doc Train yet. He won with KEVING GARNET, PAUL PIERCE, RONDO, AND RAY ALLEN and KENDRICK PERKINS. I mean seriously. Those guys are coaches in their own right. Doc is a decent coach, but he has to do something more for me to put him in a high caliber coach category. With a team like that you do NOTHING and they go to the playoff. Seriously, nothing. You don’t have a headcoach at all and they win the first and second round. That’s a very talented group. He’s not a better coach than Eric Spolstra…..

    • aznboyonrun15 says:

      Really? You’re going to question Doc’s coaching ability because he won when coaching Allen, Pierce, & Garnett and then praise Spoelstra in the same comment when he had Wade, LeBron, & Bosh?


      • GW says:

        agreed with you till you mentioned spoelstra for being a good coach for the same reason doc isn’t apparently. Doc is a good coach just not a great one yet. A ring with clippers will put him in that category in my opinion. While we’re here Popovich is the greatest coach in nba history. Yes well above Phil Jackson

    • jOLAN says:

      You are joking right? I like Spo, but he couldn’t win a championship with LeBron, bosh and wade the first year. Doc did exactly that with players that were not as experienced and were older. The big 3 in boston all have egos, and yet he made them work and got them to buy into him so they could win. Yeah he could stand by and watch them make the playoffs, but they got to the finals due to a large part of great coaching. With all the injuries and old players they had, He did an amazing job of getting them to the playoffs. HE IS NO DOUBT BETTER THEN SPO… (that could change in the next few years if the heat continue to win like they are)

    • Kei says:

      Oh another fan boy born after 2000. Did you know Doc almost lead a team with nobody(1999 Orlando Magic, scoring leader was darrell armstrong and next was john amaechi, go figure) to 41-41 and he won COY after that year. He’s 10 times better than Spo and he’s obviously the better coach. Go study when you want to open your mouth next time. “Seriously, you are nothing!”

    • MIGO says:

      WHAT!!!!! man any coach is better than Spo and it was shown on the Finals he did nothing to win the team did….anyways people forget that when he started in ORL he went overall 171-168 yeah not an awesome record but it was not an awesome team either he did not have a good team any of the years AND when he did the first year 99-2000 season he won COY award with a nothing team lol ended 41-41 even @ .500 and finished 4th on the east (although those years were not the best of the east) still for a brand new coach thats good….i whish him the best of luck and more with Paul he is a very difficult individual

    • says:

      So let me get this right your not sold on doc because of his roster but you are saying that the heat coach roster lebron , Wade, bosh has you sold that he is a better coach wow I can coach that team this is all you got to do” lebron do whatever you like” and bam I won two rings

  20. crefflo says:

    L.A the other one (Lakers of course) didn’t seem to understand this anymore! Sadly