Report: West, Pacers Agree To 3-Year Deal

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — A day after securing C.J. Watson as their new backup point guard, the Indiana Pacers kept hold of their No. 1 target in free agency: power forward David West.

West and the Pacers are in the process of putting the final touches on a three-year, $36 million deal, as first reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, that would keep the team’s emotional and locker room leader in place for the franchise’s continued rise in the Eastern Conference and league standings.

This is the first big move of Larry Bird‘s current tenure as the Pacers’ president of basketball operations, a move he said was at the top of his to-do list when he rejoined the franchise last week after a year away from the team. The third year of the deal is reportedly a player option.

In two years as the Pacers’ backbone, West has helped lead the franchise back to prominence. They finished each of these last two seasons on the wrong end of playoff series loss to the Miami Heat, this season it was a seven-game series in the Eastern Conference finals.

West can’t sign his new deal with the Pacers until July 10, when the league’s moratorium on free agent transactions and other business is lifted.


  1. J says:


  2. Lakers4life says:

    Guys im back bro is saying that stuff for attention he’s been doing it on every blog.

  3. DINKO says:

    If this team had danny granger this year they would’ve beat the heat in six . That and the refs where heat jerseys , the league can’t afford to not have them in the finals .

  4. wayne- says:

    I believe the Pacers are well on their way/. C.J. Watson was a good pickup and signing West was a smart move. the biggest improvement will be the return of Danny Granger. I say; keep the starting five “as is” and make Granger the sixth man. It’s going to be an interesting year next year, perhaps the Pacers will have enough to get past Miami to lose to Oklahoma City in the 2014 finals.

  5. migsrocks says:

    hibbert is the best inh the paint @ the moment But if howard decides to leave L.A. The options are open for the lakers to make a new future championship roster. F#@k all the laker haters. Just cuz youre teams are broke and with no banners to hang. talk all you want L.A. always finds a way to rise from all the drama.

  6. Flog Gnaw says:

    A reliable backup point in CJ, is Granger coming back? If so PG can go back to SG and Lance could be 6th man of the year if he improves as much as I think he can.

  7. Dima says:

    Wonderfull… c.j.watson i think also will help us sometimes.But we need some one more player (may be shooting guard) to be better.

    • Sixers Fan says:

      You got Granger now. George is gonna shift back to SG, so you don’t really need another one.

  8. Byrd says:

    Thats a great move indi but there is just something missing one more piece to the puzzle to take this team to the championship?

    • SmoothMM says:

      Danny Granger

    • just_mentionning says:

      Remember that Danny Granger will be comming back and he can give you 20 ppg and some decent to solid defence. The only “problem” then is how Granger and George will/can coexist. Note that if granger is added to the starting line-up they got probably Lance Stephenson comming of the bench giving them a more solid bench but I wouldn’t mind seeing some extra role players or a deeper roster. (more of a spurs-like roster = deep and experienced)

      • justin k says:

        I’d rather see Granger coming off the bench as super 6th man like Harden when he was with OKC or Manu of old. If he’s inserted into the starting lineup, he would push George to SG. And I personally like George at SF and he is the better player. Not to mention that Lance is the better defender than Granger who is coming off an injury anyway.

  9. FL says:

    no surprised…the pacers was doing great in playoffs..and now they need more help from the bench so I hope they would sign some role players…..

  10. RJay says:

    great Job for the pacers and West.. handling business simple. Remember that David West said in one of his Exit interview that he intend to stay with the pacers with the right circumstances (money) ofcourse. hehe..

  11. dudde says:

    WOW, what a FLOP by Wade!!! i can’t believe these REFS

    • IM back bro says:

      I am entitled to my opinion as a nba fan for over 10 yrs. great move for pacers as a bulls fan. It will be nice to sip a cold one while watching this loser stink up this team. Indiana is a bad team and miami exposed all flaws last season. I bet they signed him cause they couldnt get dwight howard hahaha LOL!!! speaking of Dwight I hope he leaves the Lol Fakers and Kopy Bryan for a MUCH better team in houston. The only thing worse than the pacers signing David west is LA’s fanbase which has a degrated history dating back to the NO-magic johnson days and kareem days. kareem and magic = 2 of the most overrated players in nba history. the only reason kareem is all time scorer was cause nobody was as tall and could stop him. Until michael came. Besides we ALL know dwight could dominate in any era! FACT!! disagree? tell me why if you dare.

      • bobbio says:

        You are entitled to your opinion. You make every body feel better about their own intelligence after reading it.

      • tomtom607 says:

        I agree with you on Dwight going to houston…..But He could dominate any era???? Sorry Dwight would have problems with Wilt, Bill, Kareem, Hakeem, David Robinson, Ralph Sampson, Tim Duncan(Young), and last but certainly not least a 4 time champion in SHAQ. U must be dwights family for sayng some mess like that. LMAO!!

      • kde019 says:

        You’re Dumb.

      • If we are such a bad team why did we take Miami to game 7??

      • Bulls fan for 20 years says:

        so I’m entitled to my opinion also. Dial it back a little, will you? You’re giving the real fans a bad rep.