Hang Time Podcast (Episode 124): Dwight Howard And The Free Agent Frenzy

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Will Dwight Howard stay with the Los Angeles Lakers or will he chase his championship dreams in Houston, Dallas, Golden State or Atlanta?

This is the question that hangs over the basketball world. And only Howard, the man in the middle of the free agent summer of 2013, can give us an answer.

All of the sales pitches are finished, the Mavericks and Lakers wrapped up that process Tuesday. Heavy hitters from all of Howard’s suitors made the trek to Beverly Hills to woo him, the Lakers even made sure Steve Nash, Mike D’Antoni and Kobe Bryant joined their recruiting team. (Apparently Jack Nicholson weighed in as well.)

Not everyone is pleased that the Lakers had to go the billboards/Twitter route to try to convince Howard to stay in LA. In fact, our very own Rick Fox seemed to have a different message altogether:

For an explanation of those tweets and a robust discussion of all the latest free agent news (on guys like Josh Smith, Chris Paul, David West and others), rumors and complete nonsense, you need only listen to Episode 124 of the Hang Time Podcast … 


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  1. ben says:

    When you sign a 20 year contract worth $3billion dollars with Time Warner Cable you have the money to spend, and when it comes to paying luxury tax you dont mind, you will due that everyear. You want to win championships as an organization you will spend the money at any cost and the lakers have allways done that, Thats how the lakers can offere howard max deal.

  2. zulu says:

    Dwight Howard has not LED any team he has played on to an NBA Title. He played some very good ball in Orlando and the truth be told . He did so while on the floor with some good ballers. Is he worth all of the ya ya ? Could he be the spoke in the wheel? Why the LAKERS want to waste time I don’t know and only the inner sanctum of the organization really knows. If the latest word that he ask the Rockets to acquire another ‘super-star’ might get him there! Is he comfortable with his own ability to be a driving force or does he want max money to be a role player/and no HEAT.

  3. crefflo says:

    Why do some former basketball players especially the benchplayers or does that got rings riding others backs have to be so bitter and envious of others. Why is Rick Fox so bitter about Dwight!? This has been just pure pure envy man. Yet he keeps getting a platform.

    • Grang Tapes says:

      Ah dude, it was a typo; hence his second tweet where he writes “#StayD12 Ah got it right – : ) typos”.

    • L.T. says:

      It’s just the whole melodrama surrounding him these last what 3 years is tiring to some fans & players, & every1 is entitled to their opinion right? (laker fan here) I was hoping for a sign&trade so we could be done with it already!!!

  4. Vincent says:

    Does anybody else have trouble downloading the podcast as MP3? For the last 2 weeks I haven’t been able to download the podcast, it says ‘failed – no file’

  5. Could some one help me to understand why the Lakers can offer D12 a max salary if they are already commited with Kobe and Gasol at the level of 50 million which is practically touching the NBA salary cap?i fail to understand how the salary cap rule works in this case!

    • allaroundballer says:

      MAybe because Kobe’s contact is almost over, remain 1 year only. Or because LA is considered big city so they could get more income

    • Filipino Idiot says:

      Simple, the Lakers do not mind paying millions of luxury tax.