Rockets Make Their Pitch To Howard


From staff reports

No matter what team Dwight Howard chooses on July 10th (as reports indicate that is when he’ll reveal his pick), the Houston Rockets have to know they did all they could on July 1 to put their best foot forward.

The Rockets began their presentation to Howard last night/this morning (depending on your time zone), which started with a meeting at 9:01 p.m. PT. According to reports, the Rockets’ contingent traveled to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in a Mercedes luxury van where they met with Howard to begin making a formal pitch to him.

Houston also brought in several key decision-makers to the process (we understand now why the needed a van!), including owner Leslie Alexander, coach Kevin McHale, president Tad Brown, GM Daryl Morey, vice president and athletic trainer Keith Jones and executive vice president Gersson Rosas.

Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle has details on the meeting, which included video messages from ex-Rockets Dikembe Mutombo and Yao Ming and Hall of Famers Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler being face-to-face with Howard in the meeting as well:

They prepared information about the marketing potential that comes with playing for the Rockets, still wildly popular in China with its enormous and avid fan base. They were ready to present information about living and playing in Houston, about their new basketball facilities and the camaraderie and chemistry they believe they have with their players, past and present.

There were books and an Ipad with much of the information presented to be left with Howard and his representatives, along with video testimonials from, among others, Yao Ming and Dikembe Mutombo.

But the Rockets hoped their greatest advantage would be their potential to become contenders by adding Howard in the middle.

Howard has repeatedly insisted his primary objective in free agency is to find the team with the best championship potential. Considering themselves to be in the strongest position in that measure, the Rockets sought to make their case they also would be positioned to make improvements even after signing a second player to a max contract.

The youngest team in the NBA last season, the Rockets were prepared to argue they would keep their young core untouched and would have the salary-cap exceptions and first-round picks in coming seasons. The youth was expected to be a point of emphasis. James Harden will be 24 next season, Chandler Parsons 25.

Harden and Parsons, their best player and team captain, respectively, have become friends with Howard and were part of the presentation.

Hall of Famers Clyde Drexler and Hakeem Olajuwon traveled from around the world for the meeting. Drexler flew in from Taiwan, arriving after a 13-hour flight Sunday afternoon. Olajuwon traveled from Jordan for the meeting. (His appearance at the NBA draft in Brooklyn on Thursday was added to his itinerary after the Rockets let the NBA know they were flying him in.)

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo!Sports says the Rockets are in the lead now for Howard’s services after last night’s meeting focused on the championship-level team Howard would be a part of should he come to Houston:

The Houston Rockets’ dinner presentation to free-agent center Dwight Howard at the Hotel Bel-Air centered on the franchise’s championship history and an infrastructure designed to give Howard a chance at multiple titles, sources with knowledge of the meeting told Yahoo! Sports.

Houston has emerged as the frontrunner to sign the Los Angeles Lakers center, league sources said, and those close to Howard confirmed late Sunday that the Rockets did nothing to dampen Howard’s enthusiasm for the possibilities of playing for Houston.

“Hakeem didn’t say much, but what did he say was very impactful,” one source in the room told Yahoo! Sports. Olajuwon talked about the Rockets as a destination for championships and drew upon his own personal relationship with Howard, sources said.

Rockets stars James Harden and Chandler Parsons pitched Howard about how they wanted him as a teammate, how the chemistry of the locker room would welcome him. Without bringing up the Los Angeles Lakers, the Rockets could sell two things that the Lakers likely can’t: a chance for a close connection with the franchise’s star players; and an immediate chance to be a championship contender.

“His main focus was winning and we will give him the best opportunity to do that,” Parsons told Yahoo! Sports’ Marc Spears.

Howard was flanked with his agent, Dan Fegan, and Happy Walters, the CEO of Relativity Media and an agent in the company. What those close to Howard had been saying privately for months was clearly apparent through the probing that Howard did himself with Rockets officials: Winning was his most important priority in the process, and most of the evening was spent discussing how the Rockets had a history of constructing themselves around iconic centers in pursuit of championships.

McHale made it clear to Howard that he planned to build his system around him, and that, ultimately, he would hold Howard accountable every day in the franchise’s pursuit of a title. The Rockets had long believed that McHale, a Hall of Fame power forward, would be an immense asset in the recruitment of Howard. Howard had never had a head coach that could identify with him so well, who could literally look him in the eyes.

Agents talking to the Rockets about potential additions to the roster say they’re searching for shooters and complementary players to surround Howard. “They’re progressing on everything with Dwight in mind,” one prominent agent said Sunday night. “They seem very confident.”

After the meeting, things were pretty positive on the Rockets side as Morey tweeted out the following:

All that said, the Lakers weren’t about to be trumped by a Western Conference rival at the stroke of midnight, either.

According to, Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak met with Howard before the Rockets’ wooing of him began just after 12:01 a.m. ET:

The Los Angeles Lakers were assured they would get the last word when it came to Dwight Howard’s free agency pitch process. Turns out they got the first word as well.

Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak met briefly with Howard face-to-face shortly after 12:01 a.m. ET Monday night when NBA free agency officially opened up, a league source told

The details of the meeting between Howard ans Kupchak are unknown, but according to Alex Kennedy of, it was a brief chat:

And there’s this as well from Kennedy:

The Hawks and Warriors are up next to make their pitches to Howard today, and the Mavs and Lakers close things out on Tuesday. Who knows where Howard will end up, of course, but here’s one important nugget (courtesy of Feigen) to keep in mind as this Howard-a-palooza rolls along:

With the lack of a state income tax in Texas, Howard would net more over four years with the Rockets or Mavericks than in the first four years of a contract with the Lakers.


  1. billy says:

    spurs is the best place to be
    they have a true coach an a real team…..
    what else do you need ? just man up may be …

  2. SRFS says:

    Here’s a question, why would you the Houston over GS? Houston couldn’t hang with OKC in the 1st round, GS almost had the Spurs in the 2nd round? Steph Curry, Barnes, and Thompson over Harden and Parsons anyday… If you’re going to take a cut to play for a better team, just take GS.

  3. Kobe@Manila says:

    They should have traded D’Antonni first to Brian Shaw..

  4. J says:

    houston or gs
    great article!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Danny says:

    I am a Knicks fan so this is what needs to happen a sign and trade Lakers sign Dwight then trade Amare to the Lakers to reunite with D’antoni and send Chandler to the Houston Rocket and send Jeremy Lin back to the Knicks. How is that for making every team better. Lets get it done.

  6. Uberbunk says:

    so wut your sayin is howard wants to go back to florida and play for the heat?

  7. James says:

    If the Lakers want to keep Howard two things need to 1. Mike D needs to move to the front office and 2 bring back Phi to coach . Añy thing less wont do it . Lakers made a big mistake hireing Mike D

  8. elio medina says:

    i think dwight howard is overrated. howard is the best center of the league by default not because he has shown his dominance. he is like ben wallace but with a little more ofensive skills. i bet that people would not be talking about ben wallace the same way. i think that any team that signs howard will be a better team yet not a top 3 team in the league like last year okc SA, and mia. i think that a team that is willing to sign howard for 100 million is doing it for reasons other than basketball. the old miami shaq is better than dwight right now.

  9. jonski22 says:

    if DH12 will not pick the Lakers,,,the organization will tank the season…Kobe will rest a year…they will trade Pau…Amnesty or trade Metta…so by 2014…they can have a pick and lot of cap space…LBJ and Kobe…that would be awesome!

  10. junskie@13 says:

    D12 to Houston. Perfect and team to beat…
    Lin – Point Guard
    Harden – Shooting Guard
    Howard – Center
    Parson – Small Forward
    Asik – Power Forward


    We at Nets nation are glad he is not our problem anymore. We got our pieces already. Pieces with heart and determination to win. The Rockets, Dallas or even Lakers can have him.

  12. bob says:

    He should go to the Heat. Honestly it’s the best place for him to win a Championship.

    Dwight to miami heat!!!

  13. g says:

    i think he s the missing piece in golden state if he can be healthy all year and willing to share the playbook with thompson and curry

  14. Mandeep says:

    rockets need to trade omer asik and jeremy lin and rajon rondo!!!

  15. atatna09 says:

    perfect fit for the rockets. and with all those young guys surrounding him it will be a run and gun team… very exciting team to watch.

  16. jack says:

    Harden and Dwight possible championhip

  17. Roderick says:

    I think Slim Thug is going to run D12 away from Houston LOL!

  18. Tret says:

    Hmmm, i don’t know.
    If he really wants to win a championship then he has to be patient with the Houston Rockets (if he’ll be sign).
    I think truth to be told,he has a mindset of more possessions,best player and a championship.
    But i really thought that Dwight is not their need especially they Omer Asik.
    I really think they need a SCORING PF.
    A power forward who is strong,shoots,RUNS through the full court.
    They also need a PF who can play Center especially when coach Mchale wants to play speed game at the middle time.
    Free agents who are now available; Josh Smith, Andre Blatche, Tyler Hansbrough, Byron Mullens, Carl Landry, Josh McRoberts, Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap and many more.
    Maybe Lamar Odom can be a candidate if he comes back of his shape.
    this should be a perfect fit to them.

    I really thought Dwight Howard was a perfect fit to the Los Angeles Lakers under coach D’ Antoni’s system.
    He runs,block shots,scores inside FAST, and especially the pick and roll.
    That’s what he might have to do if he’ll be re-sign.

    Doesn’t make any sense,he can touch more balls to this team.

    One more team that will make him more sense (if they’ll have a cap room and he’ll be patient.
    The Boston Celtics.

  19. Edwin says:

    Ya’ll say Houston, but i still say Golden State. The warriors have the shooters the Rockets are trying to attain in Curry and Klay. On top of that they have depth with Lee and Bogut. But obviously thats my opinion…but for the record, Howard
    did not carry the load when the Magic reached the finals a couple of years back. If it wouldnt have been for Turkoglu down the stretch the Magic would have been done in the second round….the return of Jameer Nelson in the finals ruined their rotation and flow. true story

  20. Gee says:

    I’m a Lakers for life but Howard owes L. He came there and never play to his potential although they trust and believed in him. They gave allot up to sign and keep him even Andrew Bynum there center. He never play to his potential and he is now playing a game. Houston is not getting Howard cause Houston is not winning a ring anytime soon. Miami better enjoy there last title cause there and much better teams coming. Howard need to stay in LA. Shaq never gave KB no ring cause without Kobe he wouldn’t had won anything just a FYI. Lakers for life.

  21. mrcpg says:

    Dwight needs to remember this year, and how it ended. Do you really want to put your championship hopes on old Kobe with a torn achilles tendon over young scoring phenom Harden just entering his prime?

  22. Caleb says:

    No championship 4 heat nxt season, the combo of harden, Howard, Lin, parsons ain’t no stopin dat, and all of u know dat, sorry heat fans, I’m a magics fan but we ain’t get in no championship any time soon, so Go Rockets!!!!!

  23. Jackston says:

    He should go to Spurs for a sure title…period

  24. Steve says:

    First and for most I am a Laker and I hate when they say Dwight howard needs to go to a championship team when none of the teams that wants him are not championship teams that are For sure going to win a ring so what I was thinking he might as well stay in LA at the end of the day they will figure it out next option is to get rid of him and hold off until 2014 free agency and pick up a couple of players that will give Kobe a championship run at the end of the day we always have plans
    Lakers one of the best organizations we have the second most championships and home of some of the best players to ever play the game especially in big men so Dwight u choose

  25. Jackson Phil says:

    Goodbye LA hello Texas. Shaq gave KB 3 rings, acting it was his.

  26. ene be a says:

    2014. $orry. 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020.

  27. ene be a says:

    Rockets vs Heat nba finals 2013? No no, its OKC vs MIA all over again… Lets go HEAT 2012 2020 champs LBJ mvp.

  28. dwight coward says:

    rockets can get 2 big time ballers–who is the 2nd gunna b? j smoove…iggy….Asik & Lin for rondo or Asik for Bledsoe!

  29. Dwight Hype says:

    even with dwight they would get swept by de Heat.there is not much difference between asik and howard.
    dwight needs to create some moves in the paint or play like a true defensive minded center.

    btw houston was a 8th seed last season
    dont see them winning anything in the future

  30. Ray says:

    Bring Howard to H town. Best shot at a title. Best young group of players. Best coaches to fit his style of play. Got to be Houston.

  31. Tyler Ray says:

    Dwight Howard and James Harden was better than Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson, meaning he went to the NBA championship with Orlando in 2009 and He could go back to NBA championship in 2014!!!!! Sign with Houston D12!!!!

  32. Pidorashka says:

    Btw, rumors has it that Kobe was the pidor all season long and that was one of the main reasons (if not the main one) why Dwight wouldn’t sign with LA no matter what. Does any of you guys know anything about it? Seems to be legit, but I’d like to hear from different sources though.

  33. mike says:

    After watching Dwight in L.A. do we really care were he goes still #NotTheGuy

  34. David says:

    i hope dwight leaves LA. keep the books clean for next year and put together a new team. dont be penny smart, dollar foolish. dwight is a monster rebounder and shot blocker and a finisher at the rim when he is fully healthy. but lets not kid ourselves. every great center had a go to move. he is so under developed in post moves and footwork. also his terrible free throws makes it hard to really dominate (so that should make you think how much of a monster shaq was despite his free throws).
    let him go to rockets. lakers can hope to lure LBJ if he opts out or carmelo anthony and still have enough cap space to do a sign and trade for all star point guards like kyrie irving.

  35. Bes says:

    Come to cavs lol

  36. goldrodd says:

    Trade Dwight Howard to the Clippers for Blake Griffih , Bledsoe and Jordan.Then trade Paul Gasol to Portland for Lamarcus Aldridge and Wes Matthews. Sign Tyreke Evans and Trevor Ariza as free agents. New starting 5 pg Bledsoe, sg Kobe,sf Ariza Pf Griffith C Aldridge Bench Evans,Jordan,Hill, Meeks,Nash,Matthews, Peace..

    • Van says:

      You must know nothing about basketball if you think the Clippers ate that stupid and are going to send Blake, Eric, and Deandre to the Lakers for Howard

  37. No 3Peat says:

    Miami won’t win again.

  38. Drago says:

    The Lakers don’t need him to be a great team they have Gasol and they could bring some talent to fit D’Antonies offense and take the load of Kobe.I think Howard should stay in LA because that is the only place he can become relevant in history cause he clearly could not cut it there last season.That is the biggest franchise in the last 20 or so years it is the place to be and the place to make a name for yourself.

  39. or trade Jeremy Lin try to get rondo from Boston and then sign either smith or iguodala?

  40. is there any way possible that the rockets sign howard and then trade jeremy lin and try to get rondo from boston???

  41. Erlo says:

    Bahaha, 2014 …Heat in 6. Doesn’t matter what West team you put them up against, even if the Rockets get Howard. If they do, they will be worse than last year. Heard.

  42. kise says:

    LAKERS should let go howard & take some big guys like al jefferson or kevin love

    i love to see this line up

    josh smith
    ( & who will become their center)

    • SRFS says:

      Rondo couldn’t play with a ballhogger that needs to the ball 24/7. He runs an offense best with an unselfish SG, that deal would never happen anyways because the Lakers couldn’t keep Dwight and have enough to offer the Celtics anything for Rondo. You want to throw Josh Smith in there too, as if his big ego about getting a max contract would even allow him to consider the Lakers. I’d take Gortat if I was Houston rather then Dwight anyday.

  43. Sid says:

    Sorry I forgot – of cause they need a coach able to win a championship – means DEFENSE!!!!!!!!

  44. Sid says:

    D12 to the rockets pls! Pau can play center for two or three seasons more (he is the most versatile and talented, offensive big guy in the league). With Kevin Love on the forward position bringing the defense under the hoop, a decent shooter, Kobe as a go-to-guy and a young PG in role (like Derek) and most important (and it seems everybody always forget about it) a well balanced bench which is good for at least 30pts/night the lakers should not worry for 2014 if Howard leaves this comin season for good!

  45. SmoothMM says:

    As a Rockets fan, Golden State seems like a better destination. They just came off of a Western Conference Semi-Finals run with NBA Finals runner up Spurs in 6 games. Bogut was so-so and Lee didn’t play well after injury. With Steph and Klay at the 1 and 2 spot, it would be easier to spread the floor and play Howard down the middle. Plus they have Jack, an excellent playmaker, scorer and defender that could feed Dwight the ball (Curry’s a good playmaker as well). With Harrison Barnes, Carl Landry (if they can re-sign him), a healthy Bogut (or trade him and keep Ezeli as backup) and Draymond Green, they could go far. And they have Mark Jackson: a no-nonsense, defensive minded type coach. Still, as a Rockets fan, I wouldn’t be disappointed if we got Dwight Howard, as long as most of our supporting cast isn’t destroyed.


    The whole league getting multiple super stars to win championships. look at the HEAT they had to get lebron and bosh . so why hate on dwight if he doing what lebron did or what celtics did when they won there championship.. DWIGHT is coming home to houston !!! and one more thing lebron is overrated cause jordan still number 1.

    • Van says:

      Jordan is the greatest talent ever; the most unstoppable force to play this game but Lebton us the greatest all around basketball player ever. It’s not even close. Jordan wishes he had the IQ Lebton has, the ability to play and defend 4 positions, court vision, and of course to make his teammates better. The one thing he can’t do is score on a consistent basis like Jordan. This is why Jordan was special, his ability to score at will was beautiful to watch but he never was the all around player that Lebron is. If Lebron ever became a consistent scorer and was able up score at will; he would then become the greatest player ever in all categories. What Lebron needs to do is average a triple double like I know he can do just yo show people that he is the greatest all around player that had ever played(so far).

      • alo says:

        Jordan can be all around if he wanted to. You don’t get 10 triple doubles in 11 games if you’re not all around.

  47. kobe says:

    good…dont want Howard …this guy is a joke…he told Houston he wants them to get a 3rd….he will never win a ring

  48. Anonymous says:

    No. The Rockets don’t need Howard! Everyone seems to forget how well Asik played the past year. He averaged a double double in less minutes than Howard. Asik is no back-up center. Rockets should get a decent power foward instead

  49. Raps Fan says:

    D12 can be a great defensive player if he feels like it but is very limited offensively. He’s not worth max money (even though he’ll get it). It doesn’t really matter what team he goes to, they’ll never win it all anyway. Not with a center that’s as selfish and immature and Howard is. He’s proved a couple of times now that he’s not a good teammate and that’s what wins championships.

  50. bring that bigman to Brooklyn in exchange of Garnet, nastiest first five if ever.

  51. polio pascual says:

    I think demarcus cousin is better than howard coward…let howard coward send to D league

  52. Confused says:

    Is everyone saying Howard is the best fit for Houston missing the fact they play almost the exact same fast paced offense D’antoni prefers (which Howard reportedly has a problem with) and too little defense to ever win a tittle? Or are you missing the fact that this “great” resurgence in Houston only got them the 8th seed below LA (which everybody accepts had probably the worst possible season )?? Just as much as people talk about LA nearly missing the plays…so did these team with “all” these young stars..but you need something for ppl to write about and Howard leaving La is what is hot right now so

  53. Ha, Ha! says:

    Ha, Ha! Dwight goes to Rockets this year, people expect him to be the best center in nba history and he will dispoint Houston as much as LeBron disapointed Cleveland! Champoinship caliber Ha, whatever!

  54. MIAMI HEAT FAN! says:


  55. Mr. Murillo says:

    Huge Laker Fan!!!
    D12 has been an elite player and has the potential to get to that status again. But, he has to change his mind set. I believe he cannot achieve that status in LA as there’re many variables that stand in the way. What is apparent, Dwight Howard will never be a great competitor as Kobe Bryant (Killer Instinct).

  56. DREAM22 says:

    You guys talk all this trash about Howard, you gotta remember this isn’t a big mans league anymore so their isn’t many coaches out there that can train and teach this guy, so what better place for him to be at than the Houston Rockets in the hands of 2 of the best Big mans that play the game hakeem olajuwon and kevin mchale.

  57. purpleman says:

    Lakers can do without him, mr cry baby

  58. Freida says:

    I think Howard would be happy and fit well in the Rockets. No big guy fits well with Kobe. He yelled at Dwight when he was injured last year with his back and shoulder. He made him feel like a failure. Then having Dantoni as a coach doesn’t fit either. Howard wants to be happy as well as being on a team that could win a championship. Not happy with Coach and Kobe. The money he would supposedly lose can be made up in no state income tax in Texas. Would love to sign and trade with the Heat for Bosh. Florida has no income tax either. Howard is not lazy either. When he feels good, he is a beast!!

  59. Brandon says:

    Clippers please 😀

  60. lee says:

    i hope he goes to housten if the get him and trade for ryan anderson and another stretch 4 to back up ryan anderson the will have a complete team but honestly id like to see themtrade and get rondo as well to pair up with parsons and harden and still get anderson i think that could be the best starting 5 in the league and the would have a good mix of up tempo offense and defense a unshelfish competetive pg a elite scorer and 6 10 shooter a stretch 4 and a dominent center

  61. Niels Kühn says:

    I hope Dwight howard stays in Los Angeles!

  62. Mavs Fan says:

    Everybody knows that it comes down to Dallas and Houston to land Dwight Howard. The Rockets made a good move when they released Aaron Brooks and Carlos Delfino to create more room in the Cap Space. But if D12 does go to Houston, Jason Harden will, no doubt, be the franchise player. Since both players haven’t won any NBA championships (although both have made it to finals), they do lack experience. Dallas, on the other hand, have won an NBA title just recently. Now that Dirk is aging, they need someone productive, young and well coach-able. The Mavericks will do what it takes to get D12. If Dirk and former teammate, Vince Carter, convince him this free-agency period, you will probably see him in Dallas.

  63. jmac32 says:

    In honor of the the NBA Draft, take a look at the 1999 NBA Draft here! Good Stuff!

  64. B Radd says:

    In the NBA’s best interests, the league and the fans deserve to see a rivalry between the Heat and the Thunder. It is the closest we’ll ever see where the Heat’s Lebron James will actually say he really competed against the best. Durant, Westbrook and D12 can rival such a giant such as the Heat. If Lebron, Wade and Bosh did it, why can’t the Thunder.

    • artifex says:

      Because they already have a filled roster with 9 players signed through the next 2 years. No room for Howard!
      Heat were as empty in their ranks as the Mavs are now. – only their lone star was 25 not 35…

    • maki says:

      the thunder won’t have enough cap space to sign three superstars even if they let Ibaka go…dwight is too expensive for their salary cap and Durant and Westbrook have contracts that needs to be paid already so they can’t sacrifice their salary for a championship team as what the Heat did for their “big three” where the three of them signed altogether a disclosed deal which was never revealed how much they sacrificed just to gain championship…AS MUCH as I want Durant, Westbrook (even though I’m not a fan of him) and Howard to join forces and challenge the Heat…its just not possible this season or any season to come since Howard WILL sign a team this year with a max contract and its not gonna be the thunders….

  65. artifex says:

    Think about

    Brendon Jennings
    JR Smith
    Josh Smith and
    Dwight Howard

    teaming up with DeMarcus Cousins

    What a BIG CHALLENGE for a coach!!
    Popovich and Karl would have to team up with Jackson to handle these egos…

  66. Samuel says:

    OVERRATED? are you serious? he’s the best center on the league hands down, 3 times defensive player of the year,Named to the All-NBA First Team four straight seasons (2007-08 to 2010-11),Named to NBA’s All-Defensive First Team three straight seasons (2008-09 to 2010-11),Became the first player in NBA history to lead the league in both rebounding and blocked shots more than once and AND DON’T FORGET WHAT HE DID IN 2010.

    Yes he is a primadonna, but he is the best center in the league, Not Marc Gasol (14.1ppg, 7.8rpg and 1.7bpg), Not Tyson Chandler (10.4ppg, 10.7rpg and 1.1 bpg). Joakim Noah (11.9ppg, 11.1rpg, 2.1bpg and the biggest pasion in the league).

    look what Howard did this season 17.1PPG 2.4BPG AND 12.4 RPG (COMING FROM A BACK SURGERY).

    I don’t like Howard because his attitude, I prefer Noah because he play with the heart but Howard is the most dominant center.

    • artifex says:

      In 2010??
      He lost to James and the Cavs (who lost to the Celtics). Anything special there?
      And interestingly, his All NBA/defensive teams ended in 2011… OK he got hurt, though only to the end of the 2012 season limiting him in the last season.
      So, he has to prove he can get back to that level. Not impossible but as you mention, his comitment in the last 2 seasons wasn’t really good. Bad timing with becoming a FA this summer!
      But agree, he still puts up good numbers though his PER fell from mid 20s to 19.4 (similar to his 2nd year)…

  67. Arnel says:

    Lakers needs a mature center.. not howard. as long as Kobe will be healthy for the entire season when he gets back from surgery.. i think Lakers will still be in good shape. it will still be tough for them to win the “ring” but i can see they can be a contender. but the “ring” at this point lies on the EAST.. they have a lot more potential of getting it especially if Miami will get a decent center.. they will be deadly for i know the Heat’s big three will be a lot better… i hope.

  68. john says:

    This is so true:

    “With the lack of a state income tax in Texas, Howard would net more over four years with the Rockets or Mavericks than in the first four years of a contract with the Lakers.”

  69. josh says:

    Dwight will go to the Rockets. It is the only sensible option for him. Two players in the twilight of their careers await him at the other two contenders whereas a good solid young side welcome him in Houston. I know where I would be going and I hear Houston is a nice enough place to live.

  70. yahooooo says:

    Dwight is overrated. Whatever team he chooses no championship will happen. He’s a lazy dumb big man.

  71. Sharon says:

    I really have nothing against Dwight, but this is just so ridiculous! I am a Heat, OKC, Bulls fan, and I would not want on either of the teams I like to watch. He is too indecisive and I would not want to go through every season wondering if he is happy or not. I realize he is a good player, but I honestly believe there are other options to choose from to avoid the headaches he brings…needs to grow up a little.

  72. Case says:

    Rondo Howard harden

  73. Quincy says:

    I’m also a Lakers fan, he would fit better with Housto; only because Dwight Howard can’t handle the pressure of playing in a big market, he is not that good offensively and his decision making on and off the court is suspect. I personally believe that the Lakers will be better without him. The Lakers should go after Josh Smith, the big man from Utah jazz and kyle korver

  74. GamberT says:

    What I’m not seeing is the HATERS talking about how Howard is openly saying he’s looking for a team to win a championship… Everyone nowadays only talks about winning championships. When LBJ did it, it was a capital sin.

  75. Banks says:

    The best place for howard is houston even though I bleed purple and gold(L.A.)…but it will be an easy fit to their backcourt I mean if Asik can be a good fit for Houston in the middle(most underrated center in the league) then Howard will become that piece of the puzzle…..a couple of low budget good defenders, add an elite shooter like Korver and u have a Mona Lisa…..a pretty picture

  76. installer-x says:

    Best team to win a champioship? Spurs!! Awesome coaching and team organization. Parker one of the best PG in the game and add those deadly 3 point shooters around, Leonard’s emergence as a star, play alongside Duncan for a couple more years before he gets handed the keys as the face of the franchise (ie Robinson to Duncan).

  77. AHAHAHAHAHA says:

    Ironically the ‘better’ Rockets couldn’t beat the struggling Lakers last year. And that’s with Kobe being hurt. Dwight can go to Houston if he wants to. They certainly still won’t beat the Thunder, Pacers, probably Spurs. Dwight isn’t Shaq…he doesn’t dominate like that.This upcoming season will be a wash for the Lakers simply because next year’s Free Agency is LOADED. Dwight will leave to try and get a ring this year (won’t happen anyhow) and miss out on whatever Mitch and the Lakers have up their sleeves for next year. Please believe that the Lakers are always steps ahead.

  78. Renato says:

    I think Dwight would be perfect with the celtics because he, rondo, and some new young blood on the team coming in the celtics would still have some hope but I also think he’s maverick material so for me I hope he goes to dallas or boston

  79. Nader says:

    i think it is going to be a big bust for Houston, very un needed move .D12 is simply over rated and pricy

  80. Tom says:

    Lakers GM knew that D12 will not play for Lakers with the current coach.

  81. thetruthandiainttalkinboutpp says:

    :LAL shouldnt worry about dwight guys a cry baby worse than bynum.. GO for josh smith

  82. ronndell says:

    for the lakers… lose howard then sign Andre Iguadala and Josh Smith…

  83. dwight should pick rockets to team up with lin,harden,parsons instead of going to mavs for dirk and (look like impossible) rondo……and for the lakers, yeah they should change the coach, hire karl or hollins then sign nick young and all jefferson trade MWP, EBANKS and maybe PAU so the starting five will be nash,meeks( kobe when he comes back), nick young, clark, al jefferson

    • Ray ray says:

      And u expect that team to beat lebron, wade and bosh ? ….. If Miami gets either gortat or scola….. The league can all fight for 2nd place…… 3peat!!!!

      • Mauricio says:

        wade healthy, bosh will make him impact next season because he knows he have to prove better plus maybe greg oden given quality minutes on the post…..3 peat and great basketball show

    • AHAHAHAHAHA says:

      And who will play Center??? Don’t say Al Jefferson. No one wants MWP and Ebanks isn’t even on the team again.

  84. D12 says:

    i think D12 would also fit perfectly with the GSW… that would be a deadly in and out game with howard and curry on the court….

  85. Joseph F. Daniels says:

    I love my Lakers, but I also love and respect talent. Dwight is a Beast and he would definitely benefit from being around Hakeem. Having Harden, Lin and Parsons as a core is quality. They need a true power forward, otherwise he would get a good shot at a title. Staying with the Lakers would only work if the Lakers fired the current coach and have Kobe take a reasonable pay cut. Pau should take a cut also. Hire Lionel Hollins and keep Bernie Bickerstaff at his closest side.

    On the personal tip: It would be foolish for any human being to turn away thirty-one million dollars.

  86. charliepoop says:

    Dwight is the buzz word these days becos there are not many big centers these days. EXCEPT HIBBERT!

    I like Sir Charles once said, Dwight does NOT need to be double teamed MOST if NOT ALWAYS. He is over-rated as a big man.

  87. Benjy Jean-Leys says:

    Rockets might be a better fit for Dwight but to be honest he needs to get the thoughts of a championship out of his head! As long as the Heat have Lebron and D Wade, they will always win it all. I personally think his best choice is the Mavs. They are RECENT champions and beat the heat to win it all. If they can win it all with Tyson Chandler, what makes you think they wont win it all with Dwight Howard?

    • artifex says:

      Because Kidd, Barea, Terry, Stevenson, Mahimni, Butler, Stojakovic and others aren’t there either.
      And from Howards perspective (and fans either) you don’t know who’s there next season anyway (except Dirk probably).

      I think that’s something FAs easily scares off compared to Houston situation: You know exactly who’s there, so they can discuss the system and how everything fits compared to which OPPORTUNITIES COULD be there IF HE-AND-HE WOULD be signed too – and others have to leave…

      And you said it: Mavs beat the Heat and there are at least a handful of teams that are capable of that too…

      • ko0kiE says:

        really you’re mentioning guys lucky mahinmi and stojakovic but not marion? … he was crucial period

    • NBAfan says:

      Because the Heat are a much better team than they were in 2011

  88. D12 in Houston says:

    Looks like we all know what’s going to happen on July 10.

  89. JackChan says:

    Not to point out the obvious, but the Rockets are the only ones to have met with him at the point of this being written, so of course they’re the lead contenders.

  90. Howard to Spurs says:

    DH should go to the Spurs if he wants the best championship team. They’ll have some money left with Gino being a free agent and deserving no more than a veteran contract and no max players. Plus Pop’ would be great for him and the rest of his career I think, he could make him realize and understand what he needs to do and to be to become again the best center in the NBA. (not even mentioning playing alongside Duncan)

    • mr. javi says:

      That is very true, they would have the perfect line-up with Howard

    • mr. javi says:

      But rockets will also be very good with Howard, and if the Celtics think about it they can be kind a good with Howard because they dont have a center.

  91. Pidorashka says:

    Like I said many times before, this is the best place for him atm. A young, promising, talented and well-coached team with at least playoffs potential. Better than Lakers that’s for sure and way better than the rebuilding Mavs. Warriors could be considered as well but it should be Houston I think. We’ll see how Howard plays it all out on Jul.10th though.

  92. maki says:

    as much as I am a kobe and a laker fan…i think Houston is the best place for Howard alongside with Harden and a BigMan coach Kevin Mchale…without being bias to L.A., the Rockets I think will be the one place that Howard would be satisfied and work on his game (away from the bright lights of L.A) .. Howard and Harden may be the next ”shaq and kobe” combo which is lethal…L.A. could work on their magic and pull out an unexpected blockbuster trade that will elp bring Kobe another ring (Kevin Love would be a great partner for kobe) before retiring and it won’t be Dwight because they just don’t have any chemistry together…best of Luck to the Free Agency Palooza…

    • David Mac says:

      Well said bro! I agree 100%

    • I agree…i’m an Lakers fan myself…but he fits in houston

    • artifex says:

      Mavs fan next.
      And I also agree. Rockets makes most sense for him.
      I fear Mavs get lost in the persuasion of Howard…

    • IM back bro says:

      false statement. dwight is best center in league and nba history soon.

    • Tyler says:

      Agreed. If he does go to Houston though it will basically be like the 09 Orlando team that went to the finals. He will be surrounded by shooters BUT the big difference between that team and this possible team is that the Rockets have a legit threat at the SG who can create off the dribble. Something that they didn’t have in Orlando.

    • Lakersss says:

      Im a lakers fan also. But I think I’m more of a Heater hater. so, I’d rather have Dwight going to the Rockets only if they have a real chance at beating the Heat next year. I just hope they dont lose the the Clippers and the Clippers lose to the Heat. Or, OKC. Dwight should only stay in LA if he feels like this can be his home. Other than that, Lakers doesn’t have a team right now, so no need for comparison. Lakers do have a big ATM and great team building mentality. Maybe not this year, but for sure next year. Theyve proved that.

    • chandler says:

      I’m a Laker fan as well. Its great to see other Laker fans that are realistic than saying stupid things. Houston would be a great fit for him. Big fish in a medium sized pond, away from all the attention from LA. On the other hand, I kind of wish for him to stay. I hear all these Laker fans talking about how he can walk or whatever. What Laker fans fail to realize how screwed we are without him. But like you said, if he leaves, hopefully we can pull a trade off. If we can’t, we’re in one big mess. No draft picks for the next 4 years that are useful, and our cap space is completely filled.

      • Blake says:

        no worries. Lakers are never into building a player or a team so no need for draft pick. They always put out the money to get a good team. That said, the Lakers will get together a great team should Dwight choose not to stay. They’lll find a way and they’ll get all the other good players together. With the money they have, they can afford a really great balance team once Kobe is gone. Somewhat like the Nuggets but better. more like Super Nuggets from last season.

      • Blake says:

        As a matter of fact, I think the Lakers should just get 15 guys like the Nuggets from last season after Kobe is gone. No need for one great or two great players that eat up so much cap space.1 kobe or 1 Dwight equals 3 to 6 decent players.

    • NoManIsAnIsland says:

      NOOO , Asik 11.7 RPG!!
      Better if they get SF like T,Evans , A.Iguodala
      or trade J.Lin i dont believe Lin is a future star , lin average 13.4 PPG and 6.1 APG in 32.2 MPG

      PG – J.Lin or Trade
      SG – J.Harden
      SF – A.Iguodala or Tyreke Evans or any SF better than (C.Parson)
      PF – T.Robinson <– Future Star for me , Or get J.Smith and get back Royce white for Back up
      C – Omer Asik !

      SOLID! 😀