Paul Confirms He’s ‘All In’ With Clippers

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Chris Paul‘s free-agent summer is over.

He’s sticking with the Los Angeles Clippers, as expected, and Tweeted out the news for anyone who didn’t know:

That ends the major free agent business of the summer for the Clippers, who added Doc Rivers as their coach and senior vice president of basketball operations last week.

Paul has agreed to put his signature on a five-year, $107 million deal that will include the standard opt-out after the fourth year. Paul will not be able to sign the deal until July 10th, when the league moratorium on signing new deals is lifted.

Any suggestions of the Clippers doing business the way they did during their leanest years seem to have evaporated with the Rivers ranking as the highest-paid coach in the league along with stars like Paul and Blake Griffin piling up the big bucks. Time will tell if this sort of spending leads to the championship caliber team that everyone involved desires.


  1. BigBearB-Ball says:

    The Lakers are done, until they can afford to buy the next Kareem, Magic, Shaq, or Kobe, and Los Angeles belongs to the Clippers now! If Doc can teach Jordan and Griffin how to play defense, the Clippers have a chance to win it all THIS YEAR!

  2. Mark says:

    Neither, LAL nor LAC will win it all this year. The power has shifted to the east. Miami, Indiana and Chicago (and maybe NYK if they make some smart moves) are the greatest threats this coming season

  3. aleesha says:

    now all they need to do is have someone teach overrated Blake to shoot from beyond 5 feet.

  4. Big Al says:

    Doc is certainly a great addition, but the lineup needs a great deal of an upgrade to seriously contend. Only Paul and Griffin are useful in the starting lineup, with Jamal and Barnes coming off the bench. DeAndre is only good for two lobs a game. Rivers must get him to do more; otherwise he should be replaced by a more substantial big man.

  5. mark says:

    Cp3 is a top flight pg playing with one of the better pf out there in Griffin and a top 10 yes I said it a top 10 center in d.jordan belive me he is a top 10 true center not a hybird pf or a 3 point shooting center a true center if you can name more then 10 in the nba its a big deal anyway the clips pretty much got them self in a battle for LA over the next 5 years because they are now more then ever before with the addition of doc rivers and the signing of cp3 a factor in the west and this will send some of you for a loop they are only going to get better yes its true if there healthy they are dominant exciting and up tempo for the fans this mean even more of lob city for years to come for the rest of the nba this means trouble a top pg and pf with a center not to far behind. a strong bench and a great coach its scary because they will play defense they will surprise people and contend in the west for a few years and they could even win a ring in that time hate it or love it the clips have finally made a real big splash and there gunning for everybody

  6. J says:

    everyone knew he was staying

  7. Gerard says:

    Why did Chris Paul accept they max offer? Players like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh all left money so they could play together and get some decent players aside them. I understand they want as much money as they can have, but when accept an offer of a few million dollars less, I don’t think you get a bad life out of it.

    But a good move by Chris Paul.

    • Derpicus Trollington says:

      They have the talent and pretty much everything required to be a serious contending team, they just really need to work on exploiting their talents and reaching their potential. They did fairly well without being consistent on the defensive end and we all know what Doc likes to do, then Doc can help the two bigs improve their jump shots and post game. After some time, they should turn out to be all-star players unless they just refuse to improve their game, which in that case they should be removed.

  8. Brandon says:

    The Clippers are almost there
    I believe Blake has to elevate his game a bit more
    I understand his minutes are being cut down due to a great bench, but he should also be depended on when the game is on the line.
    He almost never gets the ball in the fourth quarter…
    IMO, the clippers should have won more than 56 wins last season had blake actually took over games.
    I am well aware Blake has done that before in his rookie year, and a 30 point close victory over the Jazz, I just wish he would do it more. It would shut Charles Barkeley’s yap up and his dominance is the key to a championship.

  9. maxout34 says:

    Not surprised at all that CP3 re-upped after Vinny was fired. I am still not a believer in the Clips, as they are currently configured they would still have a hard time with the Spurs next season.

  10. CLIPPER_BOY says:

    I like CP3 but hopefully they will stay focused on winning and not the commercials. That is why we got Doc.

  11. id says:

    money money money, moooooooooney

  12. Just Sayin says:

    now all they need is to work out DJ and BG to have a decent post/mid-range game and theyre all set to go deep. maybe some time with the dream and a great shooting coach?

  13. Yahoooooo says:

    Clips need to drop deandre jordan, caron butler and get players like J Smith and JR Smith

  14. specialfriedrice says:

    wow i didn’t think CP3 was a money man…what a way to hamstring an on the rise club…$107million…this means CP3 becomes the largest contract in the league after the 2014 season and Kobes crazy 30million…this will look exactly like Joe Johnson at Atlanta in two years time…right guy too much cash to get em…

    • Derpicus Trollington says:

      don’t count out D12, if he stays with the lakers I heard he might get either $108M or $118M, not sure which one but either way, theyre both more than $107M

  15. KingKong says:

    Good on you CP3 but the Clips will exit in the first or second round.

  16. cp3 epic basketball says:

    Cilps will win because they have a great coach and Blake will mature more and focus more (remenber him in Grizzly he play bad) and alot of people underestimate Cp3 cuz I follow Paul so i would know He very very good but people thinks that D12 Wade Melo KD are better then Paul That not true Paul is much better than all those player even KD (KD is very young so he will be the best but not now) Chris paul I would rank top 3 with LeBron and Kobe.

  17. I don’t really know what to say. I’m pretty nuetral with teams like the Clippers. So, congrats.

  18. Common Sense says:

    Bring Barnes back, Mr. Big Shot, and let’s clean up!!!

  19. Darrell says:

    Doc is not a good coach, he a GREAT coach. If anyone could reel them in and make The Clippers a Championship caliber team, it would be Doc Rivers. Not saying that they’re going to win it all next year (just wishful thinking), but NOW! Clips have the capability of becoming one of the top NBA Power House Clubs which will shut up all of those HATERS!!! out there, which works for me. CLIPPERNATION…BABY.

  20. Unkle Daddy says:

    Even with Doc running the show, they aren’t even getting to the conference finals (unless they improve on three of the five starters, and someone who can cover the holes in Griffin’s game). I admire loyalty above all, but if Paul wanted a ring he should have left.

  21. bob says:

    say goodbye lakers!

  22. Shawn K says:

    I think the Clippers should target Al Jefferson. They need a better center that can consistently make free throws and rebound and can do more than just dunk. No offense to DeAndre Jordan, I think he has potential to be a decent center, but the Clippers need a center like Jefferson if they want to be a serious title contender. Everyone is looking at the Clippers because of the whole “Lob-City” thing that’s started with the CP3 trade. But the clippers aren’t just trying to excite people, they are trying to be a serious title contending team. I believe if the sign Al Jefferson (or a different, good center), that they will have the best team in the west(just my opinion).

  23. Darrell says:

    With CP3 in and a GREAT coach at the helm? NOW! we’ll see exactly what the Clips are made of. It looks like we will also get a solid rotation; DJ & Blake might be able to shake that “Soft” label and that Turn Over Magnet “Odom” will get excommunicated……Start planning the Parade Route…Baby! CLIPPERNATION!!!!

  24. Giovanni Valley Dude says:

    Really, ask yourself; would you prefer over a $100 mil or a ring you can pawn if you go broke?

    • What are you sayin? :) says:

      Really, ask yourself, one ring was sold for like 50k+ couple weeks back, so is it better to have 100m or a ring?

  25. Dean says:

    Nothing but respect for CP3, professionalism at it’s best. We all know he wanted to play with Melo and Amare so for him to not even meet with any teams must be a huge confidence boost for the Clips. Congrats LA for keeping one of the best active point guards(if not the best), and getting one of the best coaches in Doc Rivers.

    • Rosesrred says:

      yes he is one of the best but not the best. that distinction goes to Derrick Rose who breaks Chris Paul’s ankles every time they meet. as the season unfolds watch them go head to head and see if you can honestly say that Paul is better than Rose. as for Rondo why did all his teammates abandon him if he’s so good. Derrick Rose MVP is #1 until someone can prove otherwise.

      • nclakerfan says:

        Hate to tell you girls but John Stockton was the best PG ever….paul and rose are not even close to him. Just because you live in this era you think they are the best but there were many greats before todays players and none of todays players stack up to the toughness and grit of the 80’s and 90’s players.

    • Derpicus Trollington says:

      @nclakerfan hey, do you know what ‘active’ means?

  26. Eaham says:

    Why is there always one person who keeps talking about Howard to the Heat, or CP3 to the heat, or this player to the heat. You greedy fake Miami fan want more ? Majority of the miami fans dont know anything baout basketball. The true fans are the ones that belved in the Heat when they were down 2-0 agaonst dallas in 06. The people now talking about wanting more stars should go and watch baseball or sandbox soccer cause you are a disgrace to sports and a waste of oxygen

  27. Silver251 says:

    Griffin and Jordan are the keys here. We all know what Paul and Rivers can do and even more so now that they’re together. The Clippers have a good bench and it can only get better… but Griffin and Jordan had better perform up to what their paychecks are worth.

  28. James says:

    If doc can get Blake to post up strong in the paint and develope a go to move , like Malone, Barkely ,Akeem ,Kareem ,Machale,Shack,Wilt,Bill (Walton,Russell) the Clippers can get to the finals the same for Jordan.

    • Common Sense says:

      Word…Deandre Jordan is the most athletic center in the game, and has grown a lot last year. With Rivers he should be able to work on all of his weak spots. Griffin is the hardest working player in the game, so with Rivers, this should be very interesting…A lot of good teams this year…

    • Kei says:

      Barkley had no go to move, he can shoot 3s, mid range and just pound the ball inside, Mchale never did had a go to move he was just crafty around the basketball and a hell of an ugly shooting form. Bill walton was never good IMO and injury derailed his career, I wish people stop mentioning him among the greatest. It’s like compare Chris Gatling to Chuck.
      So stop mentioning names you never saw.

  29. MIA CHAMPS says:

    if the Clippers want to win they need to sign better player they only got one star players and that’s CP3 because BLAKE GRIFFIN is completely OVERRATED .and even if next year they somehow get past the SPURS and THUNDER they wont be able to handle THE HEAT

    • Common Sense says:

      You’re just another fan that was hurt when Griffin dunked on your team…The fact is, his shooting percentage has jumped last year and his free throw shooting as well. His numbers are getting closer to Kevin Garnett numbers and most people won’t bad mouth KG. The kid has had three years in the NBA and he already dominates most experienced power forwards. Stop hating and get educated…They compare him to David Lee and David Lee has five more years in the NBA…Doc is going to round out Griffins game…This is going to be a very interesting season…

    • Rosesrred says:

      here’s a new word I just created especially for Miami. LeBron and Wade are also OLDVERRATED. and Bosh,well he barely scored a point in game seven….OLDVERRATED!!! Ray Allen….OLDVERRATED!!!

  30. MIA CHAMPS says:

    The HEAT dont need dwight

    • Rosesrred says:

      the Heat are done winning. they barely beat San Antonio. no big man will be there demise this upcoming season. Ray Allen won’t be able to save you next time.

      • btownbrown says:

        exactly and teams took note

      • lolatBulls says:

        yeah and when they win again next year what excuse are you going to say? After year 1 people like you “heat wont win 1” after year 2 “the heat got lucky to win 1, thats it” and now after year 3 “heat are done, no big man… blah blah blah” stfu and watch greatness happen. They barely beat San Antonio? Pay attention, they BEAT San Antonio, words like barely have no bearing if the result is the same… What are you a Cavs fan? Get over it, Miami has a Dynasty, and the 3-peat is coming, so if you want to start crying now, go ahead.

  31. nbafan91 says:

    True that keko123

  32. Jay says:

    please try to convince Dwight Howard to play w Lebron James & D.Wade in South Beach.

    • Rosesrred says:

      and just how do you propose Miami would be able to pay him….with monopoly money?

      • lolatBulls says:

        you are smoking something if you think that DRose coming back is going to tip the odds in favor of the Bulls. Like seriously LMAO what did that accomplish for you “the big threes” first season together… You Bulls fans riding Rose’s coat tails make me laugh, talk about lebron all you want, the man is a competitor and a PROVEN CHAMPION, not a PROVEN CHUMP like DRose… He changes nothing, good luck even making it to the eastern conf finals, Pacers or Nets are going to knock you off. Guaranteed.

  33. alp says:

    okc is winning it all next year, therefore the moves the clippers make are irrelevant

    • btownbrown says:

      yea right…..durant lost soooo much respect for himself im sure….he performed horribly…i mean lebron took a far more worst cavs team to the finals?!Durant better get on that front office about movin some people.russel is the heart of the thunder and that showed..when he went out the heart went with him..durant is now the the ole lebron so to speak and noboy is doggin him the way they did lebron

      • nclakerfan says:

        Durant didn’t take as much heat because he didn’t proclaim himself as the “KING” before he even played a nba game, nor did he promise not 1,2,3,4,5…not even 6 but 7 championships. I guarantee that Lebron will be lucky to get that 3rd over his career as more superteams are forming, but then again I am sure he will try and join them if he cant beat them.

      • Larry says:

        laker fans will never admit it, but the real reason you all hate lebron is because he is already established as being better than kobe and is on track to match jordan. but you will never admit that, you would rather hate him because he is “arrogant” calling himself a king and promising a crowd of miami heat fans that he will win championships. well guess what buddy, kobe and jordan are way more arrogant than lebron’s ever been. or did you think they were humble players? LOL. and lets face it, having a team of superstars doesnt make you champions. lakers clippers and the knicks didnt make it to the conference finals. its all about team chemistry and if youre playing along kobe, you wont have any chemistry unless you have a coach like pjax to enforce it. if you read shaqs book the threepeat laker teams hated him and held team meetings to discuss him being antisocial and playing outside the offense as phil always says. meanwhile lebron won this 2nd ring with a useless bosh, and an injured and extremely inconsistent dwade. oh yea, and he led a team of scrubs to the finals with MIKE BROWN, the dude who got fired after 5 games with kobe dwight nash and gasol.

  34. hellfest416 says:

    either way, another 2nd round exit for the clips.

    • hellfest416 says:

      1st round

    • Keko123 says:

      Wait for their coming offseason moves before you’re judging them
      omfg why is there everytime someone who can only give up bullӤ$% comments

      Doc Rivers = great aquisition
      Paul is staying = great news for clippers future


      • Common Sense says:

        They’re fair weather fans that can only cheer for the winning team and the clippers haven’t won yet, so they aren’t allowed to like them yet…and they’re stupid…
        But because CP3 said yes already that gives the Clippers way more time for CP3, Rivers and the Clippers organization to select the best supporting cast. Not to mention time for Rivers to sit down with DJ and Griffin to do what he said. Make them one of the best defensive duos, this league has ever seen.

      • Rosesrred says:

        Derrick Rose is back so watch out for Chicago who made it to the second round without him and lost to the eventual champs Miami. this time Chicago is taking it all hands down.

      • hellfest416 says:

        Yes. Doc Rivers is a great acquisition and CP3 is staying put. However, the Clippers is still one star short on competing for the western title. Blake Griffin is a good player but until he learn to play consistently during the playoffs they will be having a hard time beating the Spurs, Grizzlies and OKC.

      • hellfest416 says:

        I’ve been cheering with a losing team ever since. I am Knicks fan since 91-92 so don’t call me a fair weather fan. And what I am saying are based on facts so don’t call me stupid. The Clippers have a couple star and a good bunch of talents to surround them. They even had their long winning streak this season. They seemed to be a great season team. But what happened during the playoffs? By the way, i hope you CLIPPERS FANS cheering with them ever since, like during the time Lamond Murray and Charles Outlaw still playing with the team.

  35. ThatGuyMohamed says:

    Now they need Dwight to win the chip.

    • Pakyaw says:

      The face of the nba(Lebron) always win multiple championship, from magic,bird to Mj to Shaquille and Kobe ,. Nba is business, I think Lebron will win couple more unless somebody will be the face of nba(DROSE,durant)

  36. IAMIDIOT says:

    Great After you got DEL NEGRO fired. your IN! not to mention Threatening NOT TO COME BACK if RIVERS WASN’T COACH, YEAH RYT not to much noise..

    • mrclean says:

      your name says it all

    • sonnynyk says:

      laker fan right? well you really believe what you read in papers and all the B.S. .. CP3 wants to win now and as a Knick fan I know how he feels, he would love to and maybe one day will play with Melo but right now the best PG in the game is a LA …..CLIPPER. Here at MSG in NY we have chanted MVP for Felton, Stat, Melo, Shump, Chandler and so on why because they play hard and want too win!!!! I have been too several parades for sporting teams and I laugh when I hear 400,000 people at the heats parade, when in NY we average 8,9,10 million thats usally for the Giants, Yankees (in the freezing cold) 1994 Rangers cup was great June day millions of people. CP3 is a good guy and the best point guard in the NBA, HE WILL WIN HIS CHAMPIONSHIP with the Clippers, and like NY the true fans will be pulling for you. Congrats Clipper fans, you’re rival has the curse of Mike D`Antoni….believe me I know!!

  37. maki says:

    well its an obvious choice…who wouldn’t want a Proven Championship coach in Rivers and the ”championship is now” ball club that tries its best to surround its star players the best possible supporting cast to Win it All! …Good for the Clips and Good for you CP3 … Hope the Lakers will do great too…. hehe

  38. Paul Friedericks says:

    Well done…
    No funny moves like D12…

    • it’s not like hes gonna win any championships with the clippers…probably cuz of the money lol

      • Blake says:

        Not jus the money. It’s LA. He got many endorsements here. who cares about championship. If you dont get 5 or 6 rings nowadays, u wont be remembered. Paul won’t get 5 or 6 rings, he knows that, so might as well go for the money.

      • yeah….and Paul won’t be remembered lol

      • Same with Lakers says:

        Just like the Lakers won’t win anymore rings in the coming future.

      • @Same with Lakers

        well at least the franchise is a franchise to be remembered, the franchise has won 16 championships, the franchise has obtained hall of fame and future hall of fame players like Kobe, Shaq, Kareem, Wilt, Magic, Pau etc….will he be remembered as one of the best PGs of all time? I don’t think so if he stays with this team lol….and I won’t worry if the Lakers won’t get Dwight…they can get a better replacement for him…one that has a better chemistry…and hopefully a better coach…your argument is way off the topic

    • rantrave says:

      Yeah exactly! he’s resolute in his decision, no BS whatsoever..unlike dwightmare who likes to make a drama out of anything

    • IM back bro says:

      He is the BEST PG in the league right now. Paul is the best PG los angeles has ever had and No it ISNT magic johnson cause he wasnt a pg he was a lazy center. Paul has brought Joy back to the clippers organization! all u “bandwagners” claim he isnt worth it let me tell you something. You WISH you were in his shoes…which you cant afford because he is a basketball GOD. His IQ is oof the charts and he looks as good as his post game does. Not only can he dunk and use post moves, he has a GREAT mid range and can shoot 3’s what other PGin any era can say that? Hmm say it if you arent scared!!!

      • sonnynyk says:

        laker fans need to realize the best PG in CP3 is going to win a few with Doc and the team that now rules L.A. are the Clippers. This is coming from a Knick fan through good and bad I`ve always supported my team. I Still do, and if we had the cap space CP3 would play for the Knicks…we have what we have , sell out every game and if we don’t win a Championship now we have Stat, and Chandler with expiring contracts to trade if we want next year to bring in young stars where you make more in endorsements then contract Money, congrats too you clipper True Fans, you have a great coach who will get you that chip, As long as the Knicks are not playing you in the finals Knicks fans will always pull for Melo’s Best man at his Wedding; CP3 and company to win, as of now L.A. belongs to the Clippers!!! You’ll see how Doc knows how to get the most out of his players, make weird trades that at first you will not agree with but he’s the man for that job…. people need too face it the best true PG is CP3, We will take him, and its not about money, he can’t come too the Knicks because of our cap, and they clinched it by getting Doc Rivers. CP3 wants to win!!! We have the Nets and 38, year olds too compete with but at least we have a team too put out their, and depth. So, from a Knick fan to a Clippers fan good luck and soon you will be raising the Clipper Championship banner, NYK fans will bepulling