Knicks Deal For Raptors’ Bargnani

Andrea Bargnani

Andrea Bargnani played in just 35 games last season for the Raptors.

The Toronto Raptors have found a taker for Andrea Bargnani, further evidence that no contract is untradeable.

For some reason, the New York Knicks are willing to take on the remaining two years and $22 million left on Bargnani’s deal. The trade, first reported by Howard Beck of the New York Times, was not approved by the league Sunday night. So the original swap — which had Marcus Camby, Steve Novak and the Knicks’ 2016 first-round pick going to Toronto — will have to be tweaked, and nothing can become official until the free-agency moratorium period ends on July 10.

Because Bargnani’s salary goes up on July 1, while both Camby’s and Novak’s salaries go down, more salary will need to go in Toronto’s direction. That can happen if New York works out a sign-and-trade deal with Earl Barron, Kenyon Martin, Quentin Richardson or Pablo Prigioni. Barron and Richardson are the most likely candidates.

As long as the deal goes through, it’s new Raptors GM Masai Ujiri working his magic once again, getting something in return for Bargnani’s burdensome contract. In fact, you have to wonder how the Draft pick isn’t going in the other direction.

Not only do the Raps get a pick and get rid of Bargnani, but Novak is a useful piece for a team that ranked 26th in 3-point percentage last season and has two starting wings — DeMar DeRozan and Rudy Gay — that don’t shoot particularly well.

Bargnani has shot well at certain points in his career, but has really struggled over the last two seasons, shooting 42 percent from the field and 30 percent from 3-point range. He has tunnel vision when he gets the ball, unable to make plays for others. And even if he finds his shot at Madison Square Garden, he’s a serious defensive liability.

Really, you have to wonder why the Knicks want Bargnani. Though they struggled against the Pacers’ top-ranked defense in the conference semifinals, they ranked third offensively in the regular season, scoring a potent 108.6 points per 100 possessions. More than anything, they need help on defense, where they ranked 16th. You need to be ranked in the top 10 defensively if you have dreams of making The Finals, and Bargnani isn’t going to help them get there.

One of the Knicks’ biggest issues over the last few seasons has been their lack of two-way players. They’ve had some great offensive players and a few good defenders, but not enough guys who can get the job done on both ends of the floor. And Bargnani obviously isn’t that. Could you imagine how awful New York’s defense would be with Bargnani and Amar’e Stoudemire on the floor together?

Furthermore, the Knicks will now have four guys — Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler, Bargnani and Stoudemire — making more than $10 million a year. Three of the four play power forward or center full-time, and the fourth (Anthony) is at his best playing the four.

Capped out, a trade is the only way the Knicks can really upgrade their roster. And though they’re not really giving up much value, this just doesn’t seem like the trade to do it.


  1. yoloolol says:

    as a knick fan I dont see why they picked up bargani, he is overrated and overpaid, and cant play defence.

  2. addisu says:

    BARGNANI definitely fits in the city of Pizza …

  3. Lakers4life says:

    Lakers sign D12 again then trade him for Amar’e Stoudemire! Maybe Nash will get the fella to dunk again :D.

  4. Gio says:

    Well, as italian basketball fan i hope all the best for Andrea. There’s no doubt about his offensive skills, the problems are on the defensive end and his frustrating no-attitude at rebounds. Sometimes, watching at match reports, i asked myself how a 7-feet can finish a whole match with just 1 or 2 rebounds. I believe the real issue is his mood, he remembers me Artis Gilmore who was called “gentle giant” by Spurs fans: they are completely different kind of players (and different basketball era as well), but it can give an idea of his mind approach to the game. Moreover i think, to be honest, 2006 draft was one of the poorest of NBA last decade, so he probably shouldn’t was be a first call in another year, maybe even not in the top five. Anyway, Knicks have sent Camby, Novak and Richardson plus a future draft pick for him, that can be considered a good move, after all. I’m reading around he will be the first or second choice coming off the bench in the rotation and he could become an important addition for NY.

  5. PrimoBargs says:

    every1 in toronto is celebrating that good ol primobargs left

  6. tuna says:

    Bargnani was only 2 rebounds-per-game far from All Star Week-end in the first half of 11-12 season (at that time, he was the 10th scorer in NBA, at more than 20ppg). Unfortunately, he was no more healthy after that, and obviously the numbers went down. He had a ridicolous number of injuries in the last 2 seasons.
    Now he’s really disappointed and wants to prove he’s a great player. If injuries are gone, I think he can demonstrate he’s a really good scorer (he can score in the paint, from the middle and also from the arc) and an underestimate team defender too (well, not a great rebounder…).
    I am italian and I can suppose that we will understand a lot of his next season in september, when he will play with Italy in the European Championship.

  7. dmh says:

    There were 2 big things that dismantled the knicks last year…… 1. No answer for Hibbert 2. Ball hogging and predictability are easy to defend. Getting Hibbert away from the basket defensively may help. However this is asking Hibbert to anihilate the knicks for some time. I could see Hibbert at least doubling his rebounding average against the knicks and scoring 10 more points than his average against the knicks.

    There are 2 reasons why Novak wasn’t as effective in his 2nd season. 1 ball movement and 2 lack of playing time. Of course through time people have found out that Novak can shoot…. Thats when Mike Woodson should have tweaked things to take advantage of a trailing 3 pointer. Camby may have been injured at the beginning, but he wasn’t injured at the end. Martin is ineffective at center but he was an allstar pf back in the day. If Martin and Camby would have gotten some burn together the knicks may not have been beaten as bad by the Pacers.

    So i am scratching my head from the knicks standpoint…… But from the raptors standpoint, it was a great deal. Camby may be old but he is one of the more productive centers in the league when healthy. A 3 pointer is only worth so much before the other team scores multiple times on you. If I was a raptors fan, I would be so overjoyed that Bargnani is FINALLY gone….. The raptors didn’t even take back a bunch of scrubs there either!!! If Bargnani were to be traded I would have expected a LOT worse trade than this… That first round pick actually might be worth something as well. Who knows how terrible the knicks will be by then. The window for the knicks is pretty small and hazy.

  8. You Guys dont Understand says:

    Look the only reason they traded novak and camby is this. The Knicks dont really need Novak in my opinion. And tell me what can Camby do? The only reason the knicks want thhis trade is this. Mike Woodson is one of the best defensive head coaches in this league. He will probably train Bargnani to become a better defender. And then Watch out him with defense and offense equals destruction. But I am not sure why knicks gave away all those draft pics but hey what can i do!

  9. Heraklit says:

    Another poor trade for NY. The Knicks can’t built a TEAM since Ewing – Sprewell – Houston days.

  10. JayMarx says:

    I think that this trade should be a Celtics/Raptors deal. Trade Bargnani for K.O and a first-round draft pick.

  11. Igetbuns says:

    The Knicks are the best team in the east. Melo amare Tyson chandler, shumpert, and Monta Ellis? Who is messing with us? Competition? Why yes we would love some

  12. daveycr says:

    As a Raptors/Huskies fan this trade is both hard to watch and good for the franchise. Bargnani isn’t a bust, the franchise has been over the past 8yrs. Bargnani needs leadership, veterans, routine, accountability… a fresh start. He is by NO MEANS a bust. I would think that as a general NBA fan but having seen him play all these years.. no way this guy is done. He’s only what 27 now? At his best he matched pre surgery Dirk’s 3-pt shutdowns in games. When healthy and managed correctly he is a scary player. Capable of driving and finishing with either hand or jumping cleaning over your at 7ft tall to knock down a long range basket. His defence on a Knicks team would be fantastic. He has length and he knows how to use it to alter and disrupt offence. Some of you maybe laughing, thinking I’m a deluded Toronto fan… fair play. When you’re on the Bargnani band wagon in 6 months think back to this comment. Honestly, this guy has HUGE upside.

  13. DoughBoy says:

    I don’t know the salary’s but what about Bargnani for Amare?

  14. John says:

    Bench: jr smith
    K mart

  15. European says:

    Can someone show me the face of that reporter? This is the most stupid article I’ve ever read. Bashing Bargnani, who can play epic basketball when he is not injured, and can be terrible when he’s injured. Like 90% of the athletes in the world. LOl, this seriously is the worst stuff I’ve ever read in this site.
    Don’t think this ‘smart person’ has ever seen Bargs playing.

  16. raptorsfan13 says:

    Masai Ujiri is my new favourite person. Bye bye Bargs, good luck dealing with him NY. I don’t see how the quiet and reserved Bargnani will survive in a bigger basketball market and a heck of a lot more pressure. The only perspective that this deal makes sense from for the Knicks is that Andrea probably fits in better with Melo, in that he is a four that plays on the perimeter, while Melo likes to play inside, definitely a better fit with him than Amar’e.

  17. AB says:

    I have a strange feeling this trade means we have a possible trade partner for Amare or we are going to use Andrea in a trade. I really dont think we would keep Amare, Chandler and Andrea on the roster and they prob want to bring back K.Mart. I may be wrong, but i really hope we can rid ourselves of Amare.

  18. marco says:

    Dear Mr Schuhmann,would you really pick Novak over Bargnani? I guess it’s your long time covering the Nba that’s talking…you say Andrea’s defense is an issue…Novak’s defense isn’t? Can anyone involved in the trade,except for Andrea, create his own shot? Do or do not the Knicks need someone else other than Melo to be a serious threat on the high/medium post in order to develop a non-steady offense which is what they proved to have(despite the regular season stats) in the decisive moments of the playoffs? Bargnani can make the Knicks better along the path they chose when they got Melo…They can’t help but keep implementing and improvimg their offense…You can doubt and wonder if this is the right strategy to win a title,but your team’s philosophy is always tied to the core star player you have…I don’t know what the right strategy or philosophy is ,but,since they got one, they need to keep going with it.

  19. Frederik says:

    omg, giving up two picks, novak,… for a expensive bum like bargnani. like stated before the guy is a nightmare on defense, i don’t know if he even heard of the word.

    The only thing ik can think of why the gm of the knicks didn’t call danny ferry to set up a Josh Smith deal ( for example sign an trade) is he lost his number.

    my knicks heart is bleeding to see such lousy management.

    Ujiri is proving to be money well spent

    • Nore says:

      HAHAHA i laughed so hard reading your comment. but sooo damn right!!!

      I mean it’s not really bad to get bargnani for novak (Camby can’t play anymore due to his foot i expect) but what really hurts is not only the FIRST round pick but also his freak a leak contract!!! 11 Million per Season??? Man thats 6 – 7 Million to much for a BARGNANI hahaha …

      I AM a huge STAT fan but to be honest what Knicks should have done is: Amnesty STAT. Get CP3 or Rondo instead and work for a Sign and trade deal for J Smooth …

      Hard to imagine that both could have happened but WORK, TRY!!!

      Don’t just give up and spend tremendous Money for a … BARGNANI hahahahahahahaha

      Man this would be to hilarious if i wasn’t also a Knicks fan …

      Gm must have been confused …

  20. disappointed says:

    idk why the knicks will take chances on another injury prone player when we are already dealing with amare’s injuries. with this win now mentality we will always get a team that lose first or second round. we need to follow in the steps of the pacers who are one piece away from winning the championship. build through the draft while staying under the salary cap. too much of a risk we are taking and if it fails we might as well resign eddy curry lol we should have kept Donnie Walsh

  21. sheed says:

    I was just thinking, what if Knicks want to use Bargniani to get someone else? I dont know when exacy Knicks can use him in a trade but what about that deal: Knicks get Ellis, Delambert – Bucks get JR, Bargniani. As far I know Milwakee has intrested in JR so that could work.

  22. hellfest416 says:

    Not a bad trade for both sides. I hope Bargnani will be healthy and play consistently under the Knicks.

  23. Antonio says:

    The Knicks were the best 3-point team last year…and we loose Novak and JR and Kidd…but we have Bargnani instead c’mon…I feel wery sad 4 Novak he was my favorite Knick

  24. Jim says:

    Why not? The Knicks aren’t really losing anything with this deal. Maybe Bargnani can give them something.

  25. Rockets Fan says:

    Why won’t the Toronto Raptors try to take A.Stoudemire, 2016 first round pick, and S.Novak in return? That could help the team to get to the playoffs next year. If only A.Stoudemire can still play like his old days.

  26. don King says:

    NY takes a very good scorer in exchange of…nothing!! Good trade for the knicks.

  27. Dave says:

    Perfect trade for the Knicks. We get rid of Camby and Novak, neither of whom were factors in the playoffs and get back a guy who can genuinely put up points. The Knicks needed more scoring options, and Bargnani is just that.

  28. Jonhson says:

    The trade does has its pros and cons. Bargnani is not a proven defender, but he’s a good mid-range and long range shooter. If he’s able to play the same way how Kurt Thomas played when he had his good years with the Knicks, and work more on his rebounding, and manage to stay healthy, then he’ll definitely help the Knicks.

  29. Michael McBride says:

    Are you guys twisted in the mental. ANDREA BARGNANI is one of the best PF in the game hands down!!

    best move they have made in a while. Damn why do i have to wear a knicks jersy now.

  30. MikeR says:

    IMO this is great for Raptors and very bad for Knicks. Bargnani won’t fit in the Knicks’ roster at all unless they have other plans regarding him in NY.

  31. Jumppong says:

    good luck with that trade hope they can resign J.R Smith with that trade..

  32. natan says:

    novak has talent

  33. natan says:

    bargnani does not fit with the knicks

  34. J says:

    bad trade for both raps could have gotten a PF atleast
    great article!!!

  35. Danie says:

    I don’t understand something, why they are taking him?…they will not be better with bargnani.

  36. galganati says:


  37. Steph says:

    Trade Amar’e! He doesn’t fit with Carmelo and you cand get something good for him.
    I have no idea why they’ve brought this fool (Bargnani). He’s played half the games since comenig to the NBA and not doing a very good job.

  38. sheed says:

    Barg if healthy can be not that bad for the Knicks. And they lost nothing in this trade. Novak also overpaid, Camby is too old and that pick probably not gonna be high pick and remember that Knicks agreed to swap with Denver if theirs was a better pick as a part of Melo trade so its really doesnt matter. If Bargniani deal will not work for the Knicks, well in 2015 they can free a lot of cap space.
    2015 FA’s – Rondo , Love, Marc Gasol for example. When Amare, Bargniani, Tyson contracts will expire I believe Knicks would be able to sign all of them.

    Knicks still need a backup PG (maybe Will Bynum or Ar. Brooks) and help to grab the boards and rebounds. I would love to see JJ Hickson as a Knick or Elton Brand or Blatche, Delambert as a backup C could be also good. Hopefully they can keep JR, K-Mart, Cope and Prigioni.

  39. Review says:

    If possible, Trade Amare, Prigioni and Bargnani for Rondo and Jeff green.. They need a good PG and a versatile forward like Melo.. they should sign back JR Smith to be able to play starter in 2.. Amare and Melo can’t play well together, maybe Rondo and Melo will fit..

    sixth man Felton or Copeland

  40. Mike says:

    God thank you, I love you Ujiri what a big move for the Raptors!

  41. Sintido kumon says:

    Knicks will be fine,they can start chandler,melo,shumpert,smith and Felton,then they will have a deep bench with stat,bargnani,Copeland,hardaway jr,and pablo…stat can operate in the post while bargnani can spot outside…I think this is a good move,remember last year people said the Knicks roster is too old but they came up big though they didn’t make it all the way,and if sheed wasn’t injured they had. Abig chance of getting that title…

  42. I think there’s far more to this proposed trade than meets the eye. While the Knicks were a middling team defensively during the regular season they did step it up during the playoffs. There problem in the postseason was scoring. Novak was taken away in both series because he needs to be wide open to make shots. Camby, known as a defender, did not play. Bargnani addresses one of the Knicks’ biggest needs: high post scoring from the 5 position. Hibbert was able to camp out in the lane and block many shots because he didn’t have to step out to contest Chandler, who can’t hit a 15 foot jump shot. Il Maggo at the 5 opens up the lane for Carmelo, Felton, and J.R. (or his replacement), and frees up the post for Amare. There aren’t many 7 footers in the league with Bargnani’s skill set. Keep in mind, it was another 7 footer who can hit jumpers (and who also played in Toronto) who finally came up big, took advantage of Hibbert’s lane clogging, and helped propel Miami to a win: Chris Bosh. The Knicks need someone who can make centers defend away from the basket. A healthy Bargnani will do that very well.

  43. jimt says:

    haha knicks are sukers wow…lol…go raptors…Barney is a useless bust of an amnesty written all over his face…lol…Happy Canada Day…lol…This news cured my depression 🙂

  44. John says:

    Bargnani has post up moves offensively like Tim Duncan accept bargnani is a much better 3 point shooter than Duncan and Novak and is 6″11 which gives good length for offensive rebounds. Bargnani can give you a minimum of 8 rebounds which is not bad at all and I expect him to be a starter.
    Knicks starting 5
    Pg Felton
    Sg iman shumpert
    Sf Anthony
    Pf bargnani
    C chandler

    • JJ says:

      Wow….how delusional are you to have that kind of respect for bargnani….he has been the biggest disappointment in Toronto raptor history

    • QuestionMark says:

      Never again compare Bargnani to the greatest PF of all time. Plus Bargnani can’t even get a maximum of 8 rebounds, his career average is 4.8. rebounds per game, which is extremely terriible for a 7’0 PF and Bargnani’s career average from 3 point range is 36% and shot 29% and 30% the last two seasons, while Novak’s career 3 point shooting is 43%.

  45. NJ_Nets says:

    “Really, you have to wonder why the Knicks want Bargnani.”… I would guess they’re trying to counter Brooklyn’s moves. B now has 3 very talented centers (possibly 4 depending on how their rookie fits in to the NBA). Same division, so they feel like they need additional talented bigs to go with Chandler. Not that I agree with the move… just trying to get into their mindset.

  46. MustBeBBall says:

    Good trade!..I’d rather see Bargnani, a proven scorer with something to prove, open on the wing then watching Novak, who proved he can”t hit unless he’s wide open. NY lacked such offense against Indy and Novak wasn’t even called upon to help…Camby a non factor. Why not make the trade? Who’s it hurting? The critics?

  47. Simba says:

    Anyone saying the Knicks needed a real defensive presence clearly didn’t watch the playoffs. The Knicks defended both the Celtics and Pacers very well. The problem arose on the other end of the court with no one being able to score the ball outside of Melo ESPECIALLY the bigs. As a result of the bigs not being offensive threats Roy Hibbert could just wait in the key for whenever Melo drove resulting in contested or blocked shots the entire series. If Bargnani can bring 60% of what he showed in his earlier years at T-Dot and Amar’e can regain some of that consistency from his first year with Knicks, the team will be in good shape offensively. As for defense, as I said earlier the team played fairly good defense come April and May and the players we traded were non-factors on D because a) they couldn’t mark a cripple b) they couldn’t stay healthy and get minutes. All I’m really saying is don’t write off this trade as completely dreadful just yet.

  48. JB says:

    Worst Trade Ever!!!. NY will never win the title being run by Dolan and the rest of the jokers at MSG….

  49. Anthony says:

    getting rid of Bargnani is the best thing for the Raptors. Wasted a first pick in 06 for a flop.

  50. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    Good trade by the knicks… Novak is useless unless he is WIDE OPEN,
    If only the knicks can find a team desperate enough to take Amare’s contract so they can free up cap space and sign Josh Smith !!!

  51. Jasen G. says:

    This is a horrible trade for the Knicks. The NY Knicks need help with defense and it showed vs. the Pacers in the 2nd Round of the NBA Playoffs. Amare has been hurt and a non-defensive factor for two years and Andrea Bargnani is no Defensive Stopper. Bargnani has been an NBA Draft Bust, Shoots The 3-Pointer instead of playing down low in the post, and has no back-to-the-basket game. NY Knicks doesn’t need another wannabe Shooter, we need a strong rebounder to help Chandler, and a shot blocker. Someone tough like free agents: Mareese Speights, J.J. Hickson, Andrei Kirilenko, Al Jefferson, DeJuan Blair, Tyler Hansbrough, or David West.

  52. Me says:

    Brooklyn thinks they can take over New York since they got Garnett and Pierce and if we get Rondo we’ll shut them down. we need a ALL STAR PG. GO FOR RONDO

  53. dirk45 says:

    At first I checked the calender. But no, April Fools Day was over.

  54. jul3z says:

    I actually see this as an upgrade to the knicks offense, which is what we need. If you actually watched the Knicks against the Pacers our defence was solid we just couldn’t hit shots. If Jr Smith continued his season form the playoffs may have looked different. But we can’t rely of ‘what ifs”, so they lose two guys, one in Camby who was not even a factor last year for the knicks and injury prone and Novak who is a steady 3 point shooter, however it is key to not in both this series and last series playoffs he became a zero factor due to size and agility. so trading 2 guys worth 19million for a guaranteed scorer worth 23million who can contribute in the post season is fine by me. We a basically paying the same for an upgrade in scoring. Add in the additions of Hardaway Jr, CJ Leslie, and possible re-signings of Jr Smith, Copeland and Prigioni, this is a much improved team from last year. The only loss factor would be losing Kenyon Martin who played good minutes for the knicks.

  55. Me says:

    Go for Rondo

  56. PGC25 says:

    Amare’s got 2 more years as well right? What have they got there eye on in 2 years? The only thing I can think of that somewhat justifies this is collecting big contracts that expire in 2015. I guess that must be a big free agent year or else this is an absolute brainfart of a trade. Is Boston looking for expiring contracts in 2015 as part of their rebuilding process? Amare, Bargnani and whatever picks they have left (if any) for Rondo and whoever else to make up salary? Sounds impossible but there has to be some sort of angle here or this just makes no sense whatsoever.

  57. Dlemma says:

    Whole-heartedly agree. The Knicks are a team who spend money to spend money. That money could be so much better spent on a Calderon or Kirilenko. Cheaper and much more tailored to the needs of the team.

  58. Kurrm says:

    Good trade for t.o.

  59. KingJ says:

    it is once again Ujiri doing his thing and taking advantage of the knicks poor management

    • Perkins says:

      Not really, the Ujri got Landry Fields last year and the Raptors paid a lot of money for a shooting guard who can’t score.

      • isiah thomas says:

        @perkins Ujiri wasn’t working for Toronto,he just started working.. Get your facts right before making a claim

      • Ed says:

        Ujiri was not the GM who signed Landry Fields though, he just arrived from Denver where he built a good team pretty fast. Ujiri will do great in Toronto, especially if he can get rid of the bad contracts they have and get 2 good Downtown scorers and some D.