Free Agency 2013: Opting In And Out

From staff reports

As free agency’s big day nears, several teams and players are making decisions on their future that will ultimately affect cap space for their team in one way or another. Our Free Agent Tracker has most of the moves, but occasionally, a couple slip through the cracks. Here’s a quick look at some opt-in and opt-out decisions that fall into the latter:


  1. dqqdqqs says:

    why is kvame brown still in the nba? did he play last year?

    • BriZzle says:

      He actually makes a pretty decent role player off the bench, just because he never lived up to being number1 doesn’t mean he don’t deserve to be in the nba. He played for the sixes last year, and actually had to start quite a bit with Andrew” my knees hurt too much” Bynum out all year.

      • Skywalker says:

        Kwame didnt play enough last year in my opinion. The guy is absolutely offensively challenged, but he is really really good defending one-one in the post and a big bodied quality rim protector in general. Im a defense first type of guy so to me its like why not rely on the solidarity of your defense more often than players that are average offensive and defensively (Hawes, Allen).