Rondo To Mavericks Makes Sense


HANG TIME, Texas — Game on.

With the big man spreading the word that he won’t waste time and will make his free agent decision on July 10, all the players in the Dwight Howard Sweepstakes have to come firing out of the starting blocks.

So Rajon Rondo to Dallas?

The word from Mike Fisher at is that Mavericks GM Donnie Nelson has broached the subject with GM Danny Ainge in Boston:

The two parties continue to discuss trade scenarios, sources tell us.

Ainge and Dallas Mavericks GM Donnie Nelson have a long-standing and friendly relationship, so that might be a reason for the two teams to be exchanging ideas. Meanwhile, Mavs owner Mark Cuban is hinting at talks about a trade acquisition so large that it might preclude the “big-fish’’ acquisition of Dwight Howard.

I asked one NBA source if Cuban’s remark is intended as a smokescreen.

“Dallas, for all the right reasons, has 100 scenarios up on their board,’’ the source said. “But scenario No. 1 is Dwight Howard.’’

Previously, scenario No. 1 was Chris Paul. But Mavs officials tell me they are anticipating an official pronouncement from Paul that he’s staying with the Clippers, thus saving potential suitors their time and effort there.

There are mathematical/legal ways for Dallas to acquire Dwight and Rondo, the sort of double-play that would greatly accelerate the Mavs’ return to title contention. (Dwight could be signed outright with the trade-away dumping of the contracts of, say, Vince Carter and Jae Crowder. That would have to be done first. Then Marion would have to be a centerpiece of Dallas’ offer to the Celtics.) Both of the players come with some baggage, however. For Mavs fans, Howard’s issues are well-documented; he’s eyeballed the Mavs for over two years, and therefore his game and his persona have been picked apart in this space.

It is a deal that would make perfect sense from both sides. The Mavs, of course, are looking for another elite level player to join the supporting cast around Howard. Of course, they already have Dirk Nowitzki, but at 35 he’s close to the end and Dallas needs another All-Star level running mate into the future for Howard who can combat Houston’s enticement of playing with James Harden.

Put Howard into the middle of a lineup with Nowitzki and Rondo and the Mavs are right back battling at the top of the Western Conference race next season.

Ainge may be saying right now that he’s not looking to completely dismantle what’s left of the Celtics in the aftermath of trading Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. But whatever pain the Celtics put their fans through could pay off in the long run, especially if they land a high pick in a top-heavy Draft in 2014.

There is also the matter of how Rondo would personally handle being on a mediocre to poor team. He’s always been a handful to deal with even in the best of times, ready to fight literally with coach Doc Rivers and go to war figuratively with Ray Allen. Only the presence of the old heads Garnett and Pierce was able to keep Rondo’s white-hot competitive streak and his sizzling temper in check. If Ainge, as expected, is going to hire a first-time coach to mid-wife the Celtics through the next couple of years of rebuilding, that guy without a long resume as a leader is not going to need a point guard who will constantly challenge his authority.

If Ainge can get expiring contracts, maybe draft choices and wind up with a team next season that gets him a high pick in what is said to be a top-heavy draft in 2014, the Celtics are on their way to a recovery.

The clock is ticking on the countdown to the Fight for Dwight and the maneuvering has just begun. But this is a bold, big move that we can get behind from both sides.

Game on.


  1. Mark says:

    Rondo to Dallas???? I never though of it and a trade for young prospects makes sense.

  2. Mark says:

    Rondo to Dallas from Boston???…I guess that makes sense for a fresh start for him with an established coach, Carlile.

  3. Mark says:

    I like how Rondo plays…but Dallas?…He shold get a good start there with a new team.

  4. Vlad says:

    Kings, just do ur best to get rondo and andre iggi and josh smith

  5. j says:

    if they trade rondo theyre not looking for a bunch of talent it would be multi team so they could get cap space, good trade value players and most of all draft picks for next year so they can have either a couple lottery picks or the man wiggins himself. dont underestimate ainge, remember the celts office has put in work since it all began

  6. seanMoney19 says:

    rondo to the pacers, nyc, or mavs would be good fits. pacers has strong leadership and veteran presents which rondo needs with his attitude problem. i would loose granger and stephenson and some draft picks to do that deal. nyc i think it would definitely take shumperd and i would send stat to get rid of the issue of him and mello. or if u can find a way to pry bradley from them that would help the mavs just makes since only if they get d12 and a servicable 2 maybe k mart

  7. Mac Tee says:

    Please Rondo Go To The Sacramento King. You Along With A Young Team, Thomas, Thompson, Cousins, And Tyreke Would Be Such A Good Young Team. Kings Manager, I Hope You See This Message. You Guys Have Nothing To Loose. Grab Rondon Since Garnett & Peirce Already Left.

  8. Vlad says:

    The Sacramento Kings should get Rondo and Andre Iguodala and Josh Smith!
    Trade John Salmons for Gerald Wallace
    Let go of Tyreke Evens & Patrick Patterson so they will have enough cap space and look at that team!!!
    PG- Isiah Thomas
    SG- Andre Iguodala
    SF- Gerald Wallace
    PF- Josh Smith
    C- DeMarcus Cousins

    • Vlad says:

      I meant…
      PG- Rajon Rondo and Isiah Thomas or Ben McLemore could be 6th man
      Now the Sacramento Kings are Championship competitors!!!

      • Vlad says:

        The Sacramento Kings should get Rondo and Andre Iguodala and Josh Smith!
        Trade John Salmons &Jimmer for Gerald Wallace
        Let go of Tyreke Evens so they will have enough cap space and look at that team!!!
        PG- Rajon Rondo
        SG- Andre Iguodala
        SF- Gerald Wallace
        PF- Josh Smith
        C- DeMarcus Cousins
        The Heat wouldnt stand a chance

  9. aaaaaa, my bad, I made a mistake. I meant to write for the starters rondo, Bradley or Iguodala, green, smith, sullinger. Gerald Wallace isn’t good enough to start. Here’s the bench. Nate Robinson, Bradley or Iguodala, pietrus, Powe or Wallace, and Olynkyk.

  10. NBA FAN! says:


  11. Richard Kimble says:

    Rondo needs to stay in Boston. He is a rare PG that is complimented by the great Lebron and Kobe. Rondo is fearless and rarely does mistakes.

    Danny did mention that he wants a fast rebuild, since Green and Rondo are established. With growth, good draft picks, and FA signing.
    Title contenders in 3 years.

  12. jmac32 says:

    In honor of the draft, take a look at the 1999 NBA Draft here!!

  13. No. says:

    I swear if rondo gets traded as well I will cry till I die from dehydration. 3 of my heroes have already left, if my favourite player leaves the Celtics as well I have no idea what I’ll do..I don’t know if I would follow him (I don’t care about being a bandwagoner I idolise Rondo) or if I would stay with Celtics. i don’t want to think about it really. I think Rondo should stay and build around him and Green.

  14. dont go there says:

    i like it more if u go to chicago bulls
    right !!!!

  15. hellfest416 says:

    Not sure if Rondo will stay long on a rebuilding team. He might demand a trade sooner or later, so trading for expiring contract players, future picks or prospects is not a bad move for Boston.

  16. jacob says:

    Want Dwight Howard stay in lakers with Kobe bryant because Kobe got 4 championship

  17. GO LAKERS says:

    I wish Rondo will go to Lakers trade with Nash & Metta World Peace “both of them will be great to teach young Celtic players. Lakers Just add Josh Smith instead Dwight.

    Also Lakers don’t have to take Dwight, with that offer can use for Calderon/Aaron brooks/Monta Ellis + Okafor “Bench”/Kaman/Al. Jefferson
    C = Gasol or Kaman/Al jefferson
    PF = E. Clark or Gasol
    SF = J. Smith or Metta W. Peace
    SG = Kobe
    PG = Rondo or Calderon/A.Brooks/Ellis
    Or second option

    Bench = Blake, Meeks, Morris, Hill + add some player like J’Oneal, Carlos Delfino, Hedo Turkoglu, Trevor Ariza, I believe those are cheap but still great addition to Lakers…

  18. knicksfan33 says:

    if anywhere else , rondo should go to memphis

  19. Me says:

    Rondo to the Knicks.. Do you guys think he will go to Mavs if Dwight doesnt? Knicks would have the best starting squad

    • knicksfan33 says:

      keep shumpurt , let stoudimire go . the knicks did fine without him anyway . bargnani would be a great replacement for stat

  20. bad move for the C to trade rondo….he is one of the best PG in the league….sir danny ainge trust rondo bring coach george karl and sign josh smith

  21. Sami says:

    Rondo to LA. That can work for both team. Nash is old so bringing Rondo make much sense in LA than any other team. They can trade feature 1st round picks and some players and money if it isn’t enough. I’m damn sure Rondo won’t join any other team than the Lakers. Why? Bcuz he’ll have the opportunity to compete for the NBA championship than any other team, and also he’ll be one big reason that will make DH12 the Lakers paint protecter for many years, meaning DH12 will stay in LA if Rondo join Lakers.

  22. Sags says:

    Remember guys. Next offseason isn’t just about the awesome draft. It’s also about a HUGELY talented free agent pool. Melo might be in play, as might a lot of other guys. Celtics should keep Rondo but sit him to get healthy – and lose games. Then, Draft a stud early, make some moves and bring in a great free agent or 2 as well. Celtics will have 1 terrible year and be right back!

  23. NewKid says:

    Three Way Trade
    BOS, SAC & LAC

    Rondo & Odom to SAC
    Evans & Wallace to LAC
    Bledsoe & Thompson to BOS

  24. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    Yes. Chris Paul’s best fit (if he leaves LA) would be to join the Thunder. It’s very doable. The Thunder sell out (as far as I know) all their homes games, season and playoffs. Thus, they should be able to afford to pay a few measley taxes.

    The Lakers’ payroll this season was dangerously close to the REAL CAP LIMIT $100 Million. If they re-sign Howard, they will likely be over 100 Million.

    The Thunder payroll? UNDER 70 Million! The Thunder have around 20 – 40 million cap space (if they amnesty Ken Perkins) to be a major player in this Summer’s FA market.

    C’mon, Thunder!! It’s more than worth it!! If they sign Chris Paul and someone like Igoudala, they’ll still have room to re-sign Kevin Martin. Thus, they will build a DREAM TEAM that will dominate the NBA for the next decade. They will win multiple NBA Championships and regular-season #1 seeds! They will rake in all sorts of extra revenues. They can without a doubt afford to invest in Chris Paul. If Paul wants to win the next 10 NBA Championships, he must be willing to accept slightly lesser pay. Totally worth it. Chris Paul starting at PG and Westbrook starting at SG. Thus, Russ will never get injured like that ever again.

    • cp3 epic basketball says:

      I wish. I want Cp3 to win atleast 1 ring before he retired and that will not happen ( Chris Paul Is TOO.DAMN.GOOD)

  25. rondoinla says:

    rondo will be fit on LA so that dwight will stay.. the problem of LA is a PG.. 🙂

  26. DHallvc says:

    You trade Kaman and Crowder sign and trade Collison and two future first round picks you get Howard and keep Marion for defense and Vince is your sixth man

    But they may want Shane Larkin to be the future of the team or pick up Tyreke Evans

  27. NWAHS says:

    if Rondo do leave it’s either Dallas, LA or Ind if either Dallas our LA get Howard look for Rondo to be in pursuit.

  28. Rondo + Pacers = Championship says:

    Perfect fit with Granger back… get rid of Green and Augustine… and Maybe Hill

  29. Jalen the Raven says:

    Why trade a stud and true point guard in Rondo. Dumb move if this is true. Not even 28 yrs old yet and u can build around him. Dumb all da way!!

  30. coolitdude says:

    WHO WILL Lakers sign? Rondo to Mavs excites me though..Is there cap for Mavs t oget Dwight as well?
    the Biggest 3 of all time – Rondo-Dwight-Dirk forming the invincible DDR!!

  31. ether says:

    darpboy said exactly what i been saying the whole year i would trade rondo for westbrook and then if okc could add a good shooter peimeter defender like say mayo thunder would still be a contender and westbrook could be big dog in boston

  32. harvy says:


  33. kise says:

    just go to LAKERS.. give nash,howard!!


  34. Carl Oredson says:

    I don’t think there’s a chance they are trading Rondo. He’s a part of the rebuilding process. He’s young, has experience and is a great cornerstone for the Celtics. If anything they they will build around him cause I don’t think they would get anything better back for him.

  35. Kobe@Manila says:

    Rondo to LOS ANGELES LAKERS… That make sense!!

  36. Danny Ainge must be the dumbest GM I have ever seen in my life if you get rid of our best players only thing we have left he should be fired ASAP

  37. robin says:

    Rondo need to buy a personality. He will through his team member under the bus if their actions doesn’t suit him. What a loser.

  38. jojona4 says:

    howard, dirt and rondo = new big 3 but what about the nets get have a nig 5 with Dwill, jo johnson. pierce, KG and Lopez

  39. Martin says:

    This is stupid, no matter how many stars dallas gets, theyre NEVER gonna get past the conference semifinals, the west finals are gonna be san antonio ock, whoever wins miami beats them and the heat are champions again

  40. dre says:

    D12 is not all that i would rather have big Al on my tram if i were the lakers

  41. Chris says:

    Agreed with Caitlin.
    Rondo in indiana would be amazing. Heat wouldn’t stand a change:)
    Make it happen Larry!!

  42. hopeman1 says:

    tony parker has to go to the heats he could be easily be the best scorer in the nba

  43. Boston Fan says:

    In my personnal opinion, Angie is doing a great job, and you Celtic’s fans should stop the hate and start supporting your team, certainly this year they won’t play for the championship and maybe even the next year’s, they will concentrate in the young player that have to develop more, such as Fab melo, Jared Sully, Jeff Green and even Avery Bradly, Rondo may sit in the bench for almost half season so they will be competing for the lottery picks in the next draft, and they will part from him, next to Rondo, Jeff green, and the improved over all youngsters, and maybe they will sign an extra, good, defensive-minded center completing an excellent roster.

  44. Evan Siegel says:

    Mark Cuban needs to do everything he possibly can to acquire Rondo. He has 10 days. It will absolutely land Howard, and all thats left is signing to me, Andre Igoudala, Monta Ellis, J.J. Hickson, or Tony Allen. That would really be great to have that type of nucleus.

  45. Noah says:

    Why should Celtics stay with Rondo and add Howard?

    Ainge has a lot options in this free market. He will commit a mistake waiting for draft in the future.

    The fans doesn´t need this.

    • Never said a Dwight for Rondo trade if you read my post. Dwight is definately going elsewhere to play, so a package of players and draft picks to Boston from the Lakers I can see them doing to acquire Rondo. Boston will want some expiring contracts more than likely in return included in any type of trade to allow cap room and flexibility to go after some free agents. Unfortunately there isnt much available talent wise in free agency this year once you get by Ellis,Igoudala,Howard,K.Smith,West, and JR Smith

  46. Dwight has come out publicly and said he isn’t coning back to LA, so Rondo to the Lakers would be a good fit. I can see the Lakers making a push to acquire Bosh with the loss of Howard, playing Bosh at his true posisition at PF and moving Gasol to Center.

  47. John says:

    Rondo aint going to Dallas, just stop it!

  48. joseph frazier says:

    D12 should go to the Knicks, the Knicks could trade JR Smith and chandler for rondo, bradley then they could ammesity clause amarie because he is getting paid 100$ million to be a cheerleader.. then after they axe him they can sign Howard..

    Can you imagine Rondo, Carmelo, Novak, (Try to get Josh Smith) and sign D12 that line up would be crazy pay a little more in luxury tax but oh well

  49. Brendan says:

    A trade with Dallas seems to make sense in the SHORT-TERM. A player like Vince Carter (personally, my favorite player) on your roster to fill the void for our dwindling PG/SG situation would work as a good band-aid for our transition to a younger team. He’s still a fire-starter for any team, even with his age showing. He’s a leader, and his 3-pt shooting ability really stood out last year for Dallas. He has the potential to play 30-33 minutes a game still, and he has the makings of a KG type player-coach for a growing team. Heck, if you put other pieces around that Bradley/Green/Carter centerpiece, you could have a championship team in creation, even for next year!

  50. Mike says:

    Rondo needs to stay in Boston, but IF he went to either Pacers or Rockets, those teams could be instant contenders.

  51. Cornholio says:

    How about a Rondo trade for Tyreke Evans+ any other players not named Cousins or McLemore, or Tyreke + players and future draft picks?

    • Vlad says:

      Agreed!! If the Kings actually get this trade, they will be playoff contenders right away

  52. Stevo says:

    What kind of none sense is this?Rondo?really….what is this that the Boston Celtics wanna do? If they trade Rondo,…they just killed that team…..they still have some think….Rondo Jeff Green,Bradley…….they may just have an other shot to the championship ….but if they trade Rondo trust what I say….they are going to be as bad as Orlando,or Charlotte.

  53. kazim says:

    rondo should go to the rockets because they need a better point guard than lin to get to 3rd seed

  54. Pranav says:

    Man I am a mavs fan and rondo is my favorite player I am so excited

  55. cesar says:

    Wow.. Imagine…. Dirk,Dwight and rondo in one team…New Big Three Title contender right away if this become a reality…

  56. julius says:

    we could trade rondo for vince carter and jason collison they are both free agenc

  57. Dimitrios says:

    We all rely on Ainge to pull a miracle again. Trade Rondo for nothing or 2nd round drafts. Business as usual for Danny…

  58. Alberch says:

    Giving rondo away is a big mistake. He is the only player left that every people could call a star player in boston. Whowoyld tou call a star after trading him? You stop rolling the dice here, ainge. Not cool.

    • Dirkkk says:

      Mavs all day! Shut these haters up…we bout to beat the heat once again! We did it with Chandler and aging Kidd so I have faith we can with Rondo and Dwight…let’s gooooo

      • …but u dont have neither…so how can u have ‘faith’ without a PG or Cntr? When Dwight realizes what $30 million can do in his life and future $10 million less than that, will cost him in taxes. He’s not going to Dallas because they can’t match L.A.

  59. Keep Rondo please Celtics!!! says:

    We cant let go of Rondo, he’s our future and he’s getting better at his offensive game as he develops. The better he does, the more players would want to play with us!! KEEP RONDO PLEASE!

  60. JDean says:

    Pacers must get Rondo, they need a true point guard and can play against the Heat. Rondo always plays well against the Heat, They need Rondo’s competitiveness and leadership.

  61. Todd P. says:

    Sources in Boston say that Nowitzki would HAVE to be part of any package for Rondo. Maybe Dirk and Shane Larkin, something like that, but Dirk would have to be heading for Boston before Ainge says goodbye to the spoiled brat Rondo…..

  62. Port Au Prince says:

    Ainge does not know what he is doing.

  63. agent says:

    trade makes sense to both teams. celtics need cap space and lottery pick next year for rebuilding, and mavs need rondo to further entice dwight to sign with them. i believe before this rumor started, dwight is leaning towards mavs because of Cuban (dynamic owner, same personality), carlisle (offense that would feature big men), and Dirk (can play beyond his prime because his style doesnt need athleticism, willing to cede status to dwight unlike kobe). getting rondo would further finalize dwight’s signature.

  64. B Radd says:

    Why doesn’t Danny go after Dwight and just save time for everyone. D12 makes sense in Boston, all the sense! With Sully, Avery and Green as the foundation and a healthy Rondo, they can still stay in within reach of another title. If they really want to go and compete with the Heat. Sign Josh Smith! Smith and D12 are old pals and Rondo was Smith’s best man! These 3 together spells trouble for Lebron. Lebron’s toughest challenge will always be D12. Lebron’s Cavs can’t beat Dwight’s Magic and I believe it will continue with D12 with the C’s!

  65. The Celtics are 4 steps away from banner 18:

    1. Sign George Karl or Lionel Hollins

    Trade. Get
    Fab Melo Josh Smith
    Kris Humphries
    Terrence Williams

    Trade Get
    Shavlik Randolph. Andre Igoudala
    Jordan Crawford
    Keith Bogans
    Marshon Brooks
    Kris Joseph
    2016 first round pick

    Pick up
    Nate Robinson 
    Leon Powe
    Mickael Pietrus

    PG Rajon Rondo
    SG Avery Bradley/Andre Iguodala (the celtics can rotate them from starting in games to on the bench. While on the bench, they must still play a colossal 6th man role.)
    SF Jeff Green
    PF Gerald Wallace
    C Josh Smith

    PG Nate Robinson
    SG Andre Iguodala/Avery Bradley (whoever isn’t starting)
    SF Mickael Pietrus
    PF Leon Powe
    C Jared Sullinger

    I think my ideas can definitely help win a championship without having to rebuild, and without spending money like the Brooklyn Nets. What do you think?

  66. The Celtics are 4 steps away from banner 18:
    1. Sign George Karl or Lionel Hollins
    Trade Get
    Fab Melo J. Smoove.
    Kris Humphries
    Terrence Williams
    Trade Get
    Shavlik Randolph Andre Igoudala
    Jordan Crawford
    Keith Bogans
    Marshon Brooks
    Kris Joseph
    2016 first round pick
    Pick up
    Nate Robinson 
    Leon Powe
    Mickael Pietrus
    PG Rajon Rondo
    SG Avery Bradley/Andre Iguodala (the celtics can rotate them from starting in games to on the bench. While on the bench, they must still play a colossal 6th man role.)
    SF Jeff Green
    PF Gerald Wallace
    C Josh Smith
    PG Nate Robinson
    SG Andre Iguodala/Avery Bradley (whoever isn’t starting)
    SF Mickael Pietrus
    PF Leon Powe
    C Jared Sullinger
    I think my ideas can definitely help win a championship without having to rebuild, and without spending money like the Brooklyn Nets. What do you think?

    • aaaaaa says:

      No this is actually a terrible idea. There is no was Josh Smith will ever play center he’s like 6’8 and not skilled enough, he’s barely a PF IMO, he should be playing the 3 like all the time.

    • Nico says:

      While I nod in agreement, I still think it’s a big ask for those players to go on the hunt for Banner 18. But it’s sure something to build on.

      My theory is based on that DA do not trade our latest addition to the family (K.Olynyk). I just don’t see DA deal that big body without seeing the potential put into work. I think the least C’s can expect from KO is him taking big space with his big frame and ‘nocking down easy bucket when other players draw double-teams.

      The bench – without a doubt a killer, I think Powe is one of the players with an big upside.
      I’d take my chances and trade Wallace & Green in Exchange for a good SG and move (a healthy) Sulllinger into the SF/PF/C rotation along with Powe.

      Rondo kills coaches and at times behaves like a Child screaming for attention, send him off to wherever Howard goes. It would be fun to see, but make sure to involve the Clips and get Bledseo ffs.

      Ah, whatever direction DA steeres us in – I do think we are in for two tough years while the team gel’ together.

  67. im sad for dallas, im sure that they will never get rondo, and i think that howard knows that it’s better to team up with harden and parsons

  68. Polak from Poland says:

    If Boston trade Rondo for another nobody, the era of D.Ainge should be over in Celtics, i remember end of XX age when boston also was rebuilding.They were horrible team, and only one player than played nba level- Kenny Anderson, now the want to trade the last one of the greatest in celts, so what to rebuild on? Reggie evans:) I dont know what happened to D.A only money cap is important? don’t think so the most important is team spirit -whithout leaders there is no team S.

  69. how about a trade between Sacramento for Rondo, Maybe for Tyreke, & Jimmer, $ and future draft pick or picks

    • Vlad says:

      Agree!! The Kings are going to lose Tyreke anyway and if that happens, the Kings are playoff contenders right away

  70. Eve Bathowsai says:

    Dear Rondo,
    Please go to the magic.
    Even though that is virtually impossible.

  71. John smart says:

    I’m not sure Dallas has anyone they can trade for rondo. The celtics would want plenty for him. The jazz just traded two first round picks for an untried rookie pg. if Boston had to trade rondo (and I hope they don’t) maybe the could sign Brandon Jennings as a free agent then try and get some picks next year in the strong draft. Teams like the raptors, bucks, lakers, magic, 76ers, kings all need a point guard.

  72. darpboy says:

    i would actually love to see a westbrook for rondo + t.williams/j.crawford/c.lee or westbrook to rondo straight up. it would be beneficial for both parties i think. westbrook play as an alpha male in the team and i think co-existing with durant really never went that well. westbrook should have his own team and the celtics would give him that opportunity. wherein rondo would make thunder better because of not needing to shoot the ball all that much and late game decision making. I REALLY HOPE THIS HAPPENS

  73. J says:

    rondo to mavs does make sence but the mavs are old only go to mavericks if they get young by trading carter marion and kaman for rondo and say sullinger or green… that happens and mavs are at top again… with more depth
    every team needs depth

  74. GG says:

    I don’t think Rondo would go to Knicks. Just like what CP3 did. Everyone knows that a team with melo will never win a champion. I think melo is a great player, he can score (for sure), but he cant carry the team. He can win match-up, but can’t take his team to the top.
    also, i don’t think Rondo would go to Lakers either. of course Lakers has a very nice roster so far, but i don’t think Lakers will be competitive as Kobe is getting old (also a possibility that Howard will leave). If i am Rondo, i would go to a team that is stronger enough to compete against heat. Also, cmon, Kobe needs ball (everyone knows it). Look at Nash in last season, even though he was injured, (or i would say getting old), he played more as a SG. One of the reason which I believe is that Kobe is the type of player who needs ball in his hand. In this way, Rondo will be limited. Don’t say that Kobe will change his style for the team, as long as he stays in Lakers, he will never change. He is still the BIG 1 in that team even though he shoots like 5-20.

  75. BURAT says:

    TRADE RONDO TO L.A will be a great idea trade him to Steve Blake…

  76. Peanut Butter says:

    Rajon Rondo to the Knicks!
    Could form an All Star starting 5!
    PG. Rondo
    SG. Shumpert
    SF. ‘Melo
    PF. Stoudemire
    C. Chandler

  77. Jacob says:

    Rondo will propbably stay or wana go to Houston if D12 goes there and play with him and harden

  78. Kei says:

    I dont see this trade happen if Rondo’s good for a couple of years of rebuilding. They dumped their old players/contracts and got good core, Rondo, Green, Avery, Fab. A few good picks along the way should help. If Rondo’s don’t want to stay in rebuilding phase, Mavs and Raps are excellent choices, or any team D12 went to.

  79. Gillsy says:

    It seams like Dallas would like this as some reason for Howard to come. As everyone has suggested Danny will have Rondo spend some time on the sidelines at the start of the season. Plus why would the Celtics trade a injured player when his trade value is low as plus the Celtics want good players or good picks something the Mavericks have neither of.

  80. Steffen says:

    Pretty sure the only reason why the article mentioned Shawn is due to his contract, not becus of what player he is or position he playes. It’s just to balance the books.
    Also Celts aint keeping Rondo. It’s hinted a few times in the article as well why that is. The draft 2014 is great with a couple of Franchise players in the mix. So where Celts are now, they are better off going bad and have a good shoot of landing one of the top picks, which could be a star player.

    Im a lakers fan but it’s hard to be that with or without Howard… It’s just so hard to like the guy and his play last season gave noone a reason in LA to give him a max deal.

    I think I’d mostly like Kupchak to dismantle the team. Dealing Gasol, Meta retire Kobe or amesty him if he wants to play another yeah and see if we can pick up some picks or/ and a couple of youngsters.
    Unless LA can land some real quality Rondo/CP3 theres no point in keeping howard and I dont think LA will be able too. I like Houston too and I hope Houston get Gasol, not a tard like Howard. They dont deserve that at all, they all ready had a bunch of Hurricans in Texas, no need for another.

    • bobdigi8404 says:

      that’s some truth right there. I like your idea of dismantling the lakers. Takes some guts as a fan to express that. I totally understand what youre sayn, That lakers team, right now, just doesn’t seem right at all. Drop howard, he doesn’t want to be a laker. Keep only kobe and nash.

  81. cnp says:

    Dallas needs to have four elite defenders to beat the heat. They need Marion who played LeBron the toughest, they need someone as good as DeShawn Stephenson, someone to guard the paint like Chandler who can make a freethrow, and a point guard who can play defense also. This leaves Dirk to guard someone like Bosch. That is the winning combo! A few sparks off the bench would be necessary also. Good luck Cuban. Don’t put all your eggs in Howard’s basket.

  82. Wurms says:

    Knicks wont be able to afford Rondo unless they dump Chandler which would be stupid since Amare sits on a bench in a suit most of the season. Amare and Melo each make $21M.

    Dallas has lots of cap space, with only Dirk there big paycheck right now. Marion going to Celtics makes since cause he is an expiring $9M, while Rondo still has two years. Dallas can easily get Dwight and then trade for Rondo.

    I’d like Rondo to go to Lakers 😛 Trade Metta and Blake’s expriing contracts and toss in 2016 1st rd pick. Lakers still have nash for two more seasons, but If nash plays spot up shooter/backup PG, both Rondo and Nash could work together. Nash needs limited minutes anyways. Kobe likes Rondo and could keep him in check. And if Howard leaves, maybe Lakers can bring in Josh Smith or an Al Jefferson.

    • chris says:

      i hope rondo goes to L.A because he would distribute the ball to kobe and dwight if he comes back.even though dwight was the main problem last year he was still the best center in the league. unlike nash rondo doesnt need someone constantly cut to the basket to make plays.but i highly doubt that the celtics would make that trade, but anything can happen

    • Stop The Hatin says:

      Dumb Laker fans. Read up on Cap Space, Trading Rules, and the new CBA.

  83. aaaaaa says:

    This is just flat out stupid. Danny knows well enough that making a trade that would trade one of his few offense players at the moment, for yet another DEFENSE-BASED SMALL FORWARD (Jeff Green already playing pretty good D and just acquiring Gerald Wallace) is just flat out stupid. Shawn Marion is also on his way out. So that would be trading everything for nothing. Mathematical sense means nothing if logically it’s the stupidest thing ever………….

    • Dafad says:

      totally agree. but I have a feeling this trade is going down….. they went and got humprhies who rondo doesn’t like……… sounds a bit like Ainge is trying to make rondo want to leave and agree to the trade…. if trade goes down, celts going to need to find another pg. prob the dumbest thing Ainge can do…. even if rondo recovering. ego don’t matter if you sit him out like chicago did for rose, because rondo wouldn’t be thinking about winning games when he isn’t playing so no issue if you keep him to recover for next year and try net a could player in 2014 draft.

    • Jack says:

      This is not about acquiring a team that will do well. This is all about acquiring a team that will get decent draft picks. You can trade star players for picks as much as you want, the truth is that you’ll end with mediocre picks because your star players improve the team they go to. If you want to draft a star, you need a rubbish team.

  84. Thunderstruck says:

    The Celtics just need a few more pieces and they’re ok. Of course they’re probably going to be the 5th, 6th, or 7th seed in the east but they surely don’t want to have another 2006-2007 season because they’re not getting a Lebron or somebody of that nature like they did with KG and Ray Allen. I would hate to see Rondo leave Boston but him with the Mavericks isn’t bad at all In my mind. I think if he can score more (which he has the capability to do) and Jeff Green continues to be solid and Avery Bradley can get better with Gerald Wallace (who isn’t as horrible as people say) they won’t have a huge prob like not making the playoffs for years. They can’t really put Rondo and Avery in the starting line-up together because Avery isn’t a really good shooting guard so it would be best if they were to try to get Monta Ellis or somebody of that nature. But if they don’t than they would have to put them in together which I don’t think is horrible but it’s not that efficient.

    • Andre says:

      Monta Ellis cannot shoot. Or defend. And with Wallace the lane would be sooo clogged. Did you see what the bulls did to the nets?

      • brian says:

        When monta Ellis was with the warriors, he was one of the top 3 or 4 2 guards in the league…and as for him not being able to shoot, he shot b/w 45% and a ridiculous for a guard shooting jump shots 53.5 % b/w ’06 and 2011

  85. CELTIC FOR LIFE says:

    The big idea is to build around Rondo. With a star in Rondo and a potential star in Jeff, MarShon, Bradley, Sully we can win games. If you add someone like Josh Smith with that team, we will be back in the championship talks. No need for a trade with anyone.

    • Dan says:

      i love rondo green and bradley but we gotta blow it up, its all or nothing, kg and pierce leaving is leaning towards ALL more than nothing. we dont want to be a team that wins 30+ games this year we gotta tank it and hope we dont get screwed by the lottery

    • ray allen fan says:

      lol @ build around rondo, when has building around a point guard ever gotten a team championship smh. Rondo is more hype than game and that will be proven next season!

      • evang says:

        @ray allen fan…DERON WILLIAMS + joe johnson + paul pierce + kg = championship type team unless you really think they built this team around Brook Lopez. If so, let me take you back to last year where the nets try to sell brook lopez harder than the rockets trying to sell Houston as a good place for dwight howard. I’m just sayin’

  86. dallas isn´t worth anything!

  87. Anti Heat says:

    Rondo to the KNICKS!!!. Reasons:

    Knicks need a PG. We desperately need a good pg
    Boston is selling their inventory.

    Trade Shumpert/ Felton, Novak, Camby and future picks for Rondo!!!

    • Kei says:

      You do know a trade is not dumping all your unwanted players, right? They have to match salary.

    • Jack says:

      Ah, this flawed reasoning of a fan:

      1) Send elite player to MY TEAM!!!
      2) My team needs him desperately!
      3) In return, we’ll give them mediocre or worse players we don’t need, and they don’t want.

      It’s even funnier when the players they will give in return are actually local fan favorites. Those guys are always the first fans are willing to throw under a bus.

  88. Unkle Daddy says:

    Rondo to Dallas would only make since if Howard goes there. If they could land Howard, Rondo and keep Mayo they could be okay and have a decent future, but no Howard, there would be absolutely no reason for him to go there.

    • artifex says:

      And because Howard wants to wait all the time he has I don’t see this getting done.
      And every team that is waiting for Howard and won’t land him will be the losers of this FA season and probably losers in the upcoming season(s).
      So, instead of a risky waiting for No. 1 I’d go and get No. 2 AND 3 as soon as possible.

  89. kenny says:

    if I was him I would like to go to the knicks they could get him to take over Kidds place and they would be a real threat to the heat because they already are

    • ls1kid says:

      Actually thats not a terrible idea, Idk who the knicks would give up I would hope not shump but might have no choice
      Rondo, Shump or Hardaway Jr, Melo, Stat, Chandler wouldnt be a bad lineup at all

      • Kamil says:

        It is a great idea in my opinion.

        The Knicks would probably have to give up Ray Felton, a first rounder with second rounders or two first rounders, and maybe Shumpert, which I hope they don’t let go.

        The way I see it, the Knicks are built to try to win now. They got Melo, Amare, Tyson, Shump, hopefully Rondo and maybe we can convince JR to resign with us.

        Losing some draft picks makes no difference in my opinion and if you want to win you better be ready to pay the tax penalties.

        Coach Woodson is good but I didn’t see anything special from him in the playoffs. Maybe we should get a new coach.

        Maybe if Dolan paid Phil Jackson 100 million, he’d come back to coach the Knicks, which he played for.

      • Blake says:

        I doubt the Knicks have the cap space to carry a roster that heavy. Rondo, melo, and Stoudemire. That is a lot of money.

      • Stop The Hatin says:

        Like Kamil said, if the Knicks want to win NOW, they better be ready to pay the luxury tax. I would hate to see this happen, as it would most likely mean no three-peat for my Heat. But for the Knicks it would be a great deal, maybe even shop Stat around and see if Cleveland or Atlanta (if they don’t resign Josh Smith) wants him.

    • Shawn K says:

      The only way I see the Knicks getting Rondo is to offer Amare and or Shumpert. I think if a trade does happen, itll be
      Celtics Trading: Rondo, Sullinger & probably Crawford


      Knicks Trading: Amare, Shumpert, Felton and a first round pick or two.

      Other than that, I personally don’t see Rondo in a Knicks uniform this season.

  90. Bob says:

    This sounds nice, but they are 3 max players and there isn’t too much on the bench for Dallas. This would have to be a big selling job to Ainge to get Rondo for the peanuts they have left over from last season (but, I’m sure Cuban would open the whole roster to the Celts).
    It wasn’t too long ago, players wanted to go to Dallas because it was upscale facilities and locker room. You get treated well there. After exploding the team after winning (to try to get D12 and D-Will), I think they lost some of that great feeling.
    I would like to see it, but it would be another big gamble if Dwight signs elsewhere. Would Cuban put all the chips on the table again for Howard or is this just a nice possibility?

    • artifex says:

      True, players feel scared about the commitment of the Mavs to them, which was always a plus of Cuban.
      It seems he’s getting all in on Howard and I fear it will be a huge mistake!
      With the Rockets supported by Hakeem Olajuwon and the environment (Harden) that is already there it makes sense for Howard to go to Houston.
      And as a Mavs fan I’m wouldn’t disappointed. Dallas needs players that are totally commited to the team. That’s what they had in 2011 and it payed off.
      Difficult demanding players with locker room tension don’t do any good. But waiting all the way for Howard, I deeply fear Mavs will end up with having noone.

  91. charles says:

    Trading Rondo by Celtics would be a large mistake. They actually have a good team. Rondo and Green are not a bad place to start from. They just need a solid draft next year and a couple free agents….

    • Costa says:

      How can they get a good draft pick when their team is good? They will propably stick on midtable for a lot of years if they stick with this team.

      • Bkln fan says:

        that’s the point of letting Rondo go, so they WON”T be a good team and can go high in the draft. But why let a damn near super star go, to get hopefully a future star? If anything, trade him on draft day for the absolute right picks.

    • Shawn K says:

      The only reasonable explanation I can think of for the Celtics trading Rondo for virtually nothing is so they can pick high next year and hopefully get Andrew Wiggins or another top prospect for next years draft. Other than that, I don’t see how Ainge can afford to trade Rondo…its basically a slaughter of the Celtics name. The Celtics will be lucky to break even this season

  92. sly warren says:

    Keep the team together please!!!!! Danny Ainge we’re depending on you they still can go for a championship.

  93. heat2013 says:

    Rondo will be upset once the celtics go on a double digit losing streak, its better to let jeff green develop more and get high lottery picks for the future.

  94. shaba says:

    They would be a great combo but Boston can find a much better deal then anything Dallas would offer (why would they want Marion). Any team in the league without an elite PG would make good pitches for Rondo. As for Dwight, I think if they worked on some kind of sign + trade to get him in Portland it would be a great fit alongside Aldridge and Lillard. But then again it looks like he’d rather play in Texas or another big city team that can compete ASAP.

    • Caitlin says:

      I think Rondo to the Pacers makes much more sense. Bird has already tried to bring Rondo to Indy before. Pacers could send back Granger, Stephenson, and a draft pick. Rondo, Hill, George, West, and Hibbert is a sure fire championship contender.

      • Esmoothe says:

        Caitlin this is at you that is a crazy thought of Rondo to the Pacers that gave me NBA goose bumps thinking of that! Wow!

      • ty says:

        No that wouldn’t make cause u have a star in George hill he is a excellent point guard in my opinion

      • adumb says:

        @ty George Hill is technically a 2 playing the 1 spot.

      • Blake says:

        Rondo probs wouldn’t fit for the Pacers style of play the guards have to hit mids to threes. Good luck trying to get a layup with West and Hibbert around the paint. But we do need a proper 1 guard doesn’t have to be a star either.

      • Trade rondo for westbrook…it’ll make much more sense

      • Shawn K says:

        I can see Rondo in a Pacers uniform. But I think the Celtics would likely decline unless it was a trade like Rondo and Jeff Green for George Hill, Danny Granger and probably a first round pick or a role player. I’m not sure if the contracts would work in this scenario, but I don’t see the Celtics being interested in any other offer from the Pacers. And on another note, the person that said a Westbrook/Rondo trade would be perfect is crazy. Westbrook (in many ways) is WAY better than Rondo. He is more athletic and has better shooting range. Plus Rondo is only as good as the players around him. Put him on a bad team as the “star”, he wont live up to those expectations. But Westbrook is a star!! He is the type of player that could lead a bad team to the playoffs. Just my opinion, but if the Thunder even consider this trade idea…they’re crazy!!!