Texas Two-Step For Dwight Starts Slow

HANG TIME, Texas — If the reports are true that the Rockets and the Mavericks are currently frontrunners in the Dwight Howard Sweepstakes, the race was more tortoise than hare on draft night with neither team opening any daylight.

After a week of speculation that they were trying to deal forward Thomas Robinson to clear salary cap space to make a maximum contract offer to Howard, the Rockets spent the night taking and making phone calls from around the league, but then settled on Isaiah Canaan with the 34th pick.

The talk all along was that the Rockets could get more in return for Robinson before or during the draft. But the team may have ultimately decided there was no reason to rush and trade away a young player who was the No. 5 pick in last year’s draft until they know for sure that it is necessary. In other words, if Howard is coming aboard, Robinson can be shipped out in a heartbeat.

Meanwhile the Mavericks traded down in the first round, dropping from 13th to 18th and came away with point guard Shane Larkin after dealing with Boston and Atlanta.

By moving down in the draft and moving last year’s top pick Jared Cunningham, Dallas will save $1.09 million in rookie scale salary for cap space to pursue Howard, while also adding a young point guard whom they believe could become a valuable part of rebuilding the team down the line. Of course, if Larkin’s $1.28 million first-year salary is needed to clear space for Howard, he should be easy enough for the Mavs to move.

Draft night was just a prelim on the undercard in the heavyweight intra-Texas battle that could take place if Howard does decide to bolt from the Lakers. All we saw were jabs. The haymakers before Howard’s July 10 big decision are still to come.


  1. Richard says:

    He will better fit Houston, with his age, he will be accounted more than the other younger stars. It will be his team, Harden, Parsons and Lin will have no problem giving him the reins. He will create a more potent offense in Houston, enabling shooters to pick their spots while he demand attention down low. If they can keep Robinson and Asik as vital cogs inside, the gang of outside shooters and slashers, headed by Harden will be efficient. It will be a young team that will be a serious contender 2yrs later..as long as they could keep their core

  2. Rocketman says:

    Well lets see I have to say best fit for Howard is in Houston.The Rockets are young and Howard would compliment Harden and Parson.Do’nt think for a minute that Hakeem and McHale couldn’t bring the best out of this beast.I think the Rockets do need a point guard besides Lin he is overrated but does have a Harvard Degree.If Chris Paul isn’t available how about Brandon Jennings or Maybe move Harden to point guard and bring Monte Ellis in. What a dream watching Ellis and Harden with Howard
    as the trailer on a fast break or Parsons as well.This is the most excited I’ve been about the Rockets in a long time.Morey the
    G.M. is a genius and will do what it takes.If the Rockets don’t get Howard there are still plenty of good players that are available.

  3. Rod says:

    You know if it were decision, I would jump the bid like at an auction if I were SAN ANTONIO. Do not forget about the big man legacy there.

  4. OnOwhat says:

    EVERY YEAR! I am SO tired of the preseason being all about Dwight Howard’s latest drama. I can’t wait ’til he retires. Let’s face it, he hasn’t done anything worthwhile in the past couple of years. AND he’s a goofy kid in a big man’s body. OVER IT.

  5. JBR says:

    As long as Howard stays away from Denver, I’ll be happy.

    The Nuggets have finally cleared their team of egos and drama queens.

  6. Hawaii says:

    Houston should pursue J.Smoooove and get a good 6th man… Asik and J.Smooove is a good fit for the team Defensively…
    If Manu will not comeback in spurs, he will be a good 6th man in Rockets… A Playoff contender

  7. DH12 should go to rockets it the best place for him now for sure and now the rockets have more space because of waiving brooks and delfino then rockets can sign diaw too

  8. PGC25 says:

    As a fan it’s hard not to root for him going to Houston. He’s the defensive presence they need while being athletic enough to keep up with the young legs. Harden is a team player who I imagine would love having someone to feed the the ball to as it would relieve a lot of pressure on him. On top of all that one of the best post players is head coach. Imagine how devastating Dwight would be with even a tenth of Mchale’s post skill! I know 30 million is a lot to walk away from, but 88 million over four years is still a filthy amount of money (especially for someone who can’t hit free throws). So I hope he makes his decision from a purely basketball perspective.

  9. Namio says:

    Dwight would be a great fit in Houston.

  10. Look at the future says:

    What if the Celtics just pulled the slickest move of them all. they just dumped a Ton of salary, everyone thinks they are supposed to be rebuilding, but if they keep Rondo I feel they dnt want to waste his best years and Howard with Rondo, That could work. Sorry Danny Ainge,but I hope i ruined your surprise. (doubt it’ll happen, but maybeeee

  11. Mike says:

    its pretty sick how ppl actually say goto miami….. how cal u even call urself a fan of the game and request such a BS move… do u not want to watch competative ball?? what a joke u are for askin bout it and the heat would be for doing it (although we all know they cant) just sayin hypathetically speaking had it happened.. The hear are already pretty much the joke of the league. they should have lost in 6 with their Super team to a bunch of old guys lol. Madd respect for spurs…. none for heat.

  12. Flip says:

    I could see the Mavericks moving Dirk for Rondo and adding Dwight.. that wouldnt be that bad they would just need one more piece to be a legit contender. Also Dallas’ Ricky Ledo is going to turn some heads this season.

    • McFlyHigh says:

      Dirk & Dwight = possible championship runs in the next three years. followed by a rebuilding process which won’t work cause Dwight is too good and will get his team to the playoffs.

      Dwight & Harden = future MVP + DPOY? (McHale & Hakeem), Unselfish scorer in Harden who is a guaranteed 20+ a night. Championship runs for the next 10 years.

  13. AL says:

    Its ok to have opinions but too many here have no clue about this game! Dwight is deciding between Dallas and Houston! Lakers can give him 118 mil but without the income tax in Texas it doesnt matter! He will fit in with the Rockets and i believe they will be playing Western Conference finals the next couple of years if he does join!

    Dallas is gonna throw alot at him but if they cant somehow clear cap and sign Dwight and Josh Smith (Best friends) it wont happen.
    Its also 2-3 years left for Dirk to play!

    With the help of Kevin Mchale, Hakeem Olajuwon and the rockets traing staff he will come back with a vengeance!

  14. Phatz05 says:

    Lets wait DH12 decision, free agent are alot fish to catch

  15. 2much says:

    There isnt much in Dallas. Just an aging dirk and a money crazed owner. Houston is the best fit. Harden, Parsons and Asik to do his dirty work AND Kevin Mchale to coach him up? no question its houston.

  16. installer-x says:

    go the best team in Texas for a guaranteed championship – Spurs!

  17. Howard will fail in houston or dallas!

  18. Paulsifer says:

    If he joins the Rockets, you know Hakeem and Mchale are going to develop some offense in the poor guy. Houston is his best option

  19. danny says:

    he should go to miami heat!!!!!

  20. blitzkriegbert says:

    .. hey Dwight Howard , please go to Dallas Mavericks ! Dirk will need you and he’s too old to get some another championship unless you help him and move to Dallas . Houston Rocket is a lot of young & strong player (Harden,Parsons & Asik) that’s why no reason to choose that team . Dirk is now 35 y/o and he needs you a lot . Double “D” (Dirk & Dwight) in the 2013-2014 NBA Championship !

  21. Mo says:

    dallas would be a really great fit. two big men, but with totally different approaches to the game, so they could complement each other, make life easier for one another: dwight under the rim offensively and dirk roaming the perimeter. it, at least, sounds so easy and makeable: dwight gets the ball down low, draws a double, kicks it out to dirk, who then is wide open for a sweet jumper. vice verca, dirk can really space the floor for howard to operate in the paint. opposing defenses would have to pick their poison, much like james and wade in miami, only with two big guys.

    also, maybe most important: dirk is a humble guy who knows exactly where he stands in his career at age 35. he knows that he isn’t the youngest anymore and from what I read here, he is willing to give the keys to the franchise to dwight…much unlike kobe in LA. so not only would have both complementing playing styles, they also may have complementing personalities.

  22. deandre says:

    I say a real home town hero comes home im a street cat and where im from atl bankhead home team always come first y would u not wont to see ur city on top this ur home so i say if u real atl i say come put on for ur city if not i say he not real and need to go some where else cause we not fake down here so let him go to another city wherd fake as folks at and belive me he still wont win its about respect and i say respect ur city
    and come home

  23. john says:

    DALLAS are the BEST PLACE for you DWIGHT, another championship for dallas.

  24. FeeLaZone says:

    Howard and Asik? How can 2 big man for center position will come play together? well let see if that will happen. I can’t imagine Asik will play PF.. If Houston will able to get Dwight, preferably, Houston will trade Asik. Asik won’t play PF, or 2nd unit center either.

    What I’m trying to post here, for the NBA to see what an avid NBA fan want to happen.. D12 to LAC. Best fit there. Griffin backup D12 vice versa at the paint. with CP3 the best PG in NBA…True Big 3 in the west.. That would be a title contender..

  25. Kimmy says:

    What about the Hawks?? Come home Dwight, we need you!!!!

  26. Number1HoustonRocketsFan says:


    PG LIN


  27. Herdante Cruz Morales says:

    He should play with Chris Paul and go to the Clippers (Lakers can have Turiaf and Hollins) for their center.

  28. Jimmy Buckets says:

    He is going to stay in la…its that simple he just wants media drama that is why he has a sissy fit with his free agency every year

  29. Aram says:

    He is perfect in Houston, he doesn’t need Kobe to get a ring anymore. He will be well fed in Houston with Lin, Harden and Parsons unlike in LA.

    • Game Time says:

      I think Houston is the best place for him. Lin however needs to be benched and used for promotion only.

      • Kei says:

        I love Lin’s cinderella story but I’m almost agreed on you with this one. Lin needs to get better and fast. Everyone’s stepping up in houston except him. Look at Parsons.

      • artifex says:

        Yes, let him go to Houston so he doesn’t end up in Dallas.
        After Boston already messed things up (as I feel by now) I hope the Mavs will bring good pieces to Dallas, that follow the style that started with Dirk and JET.

      • Simmo says:

        Lin doesn’t have a consistent enough game to be a starter, solid 6th man though? he is worth his weight in gold for marketing however. I was a fan of Howard in Orlando but for me he has soiled his name over the past 2 years. He appears to be all about him, not about the team. Houston have some great team players, not sure Howard would fit in? The Mavs look good for him.

  30. Montas says:

    As DeBrosh said Houston’s franchise player is Harden, so Howard won’t accept that as he did in LA with Kobe. Dwight wants to be the star of his team.
    On the other hand Dallas’ franchise player is Dirk. But he is 36 years old, so he will be there for another 2-3 years. Even so, Nowitzki will be too old to lead the team and Howard will eventually step up.
    In my point of view, Dallas is the ideal place to be for Howard.

    • Game Time says:

      “Howard will eventually step up” you mean like he did in Orlando?

      • Kei says:

        If everyone is feeding him the ball thus a 1st option on offense, he’s a 20/10 guy. If he’s the 2/3 option, he’s a under 10ppg. He needs to develop some go to moves if he’s a 2nd option. Not every team going to pick & roll with him all day.

  31. DeBrosh says:

    I would say LA dodged a bullet! good luck having such a flakehead as you franchise player!
    Houston is best fit, because Harden will be the franchise !