Report: Dwight Howard To Reveal His Choice July 10


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — At least we have a date now.

July 10, nine days after the NBA’s free agency free-for-all begins and the day the league’s moratorium on players signing new contracts is lifted, we should know exactly where Dwight Howard is headed.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ All-Star center, the top free agent target of the summer, will have his process wrapped up and a decision made between suitors that include the Lakers, Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, Atlanta Hawks and others, per Dave McMenamin of

A source close to the All-Star center told that Howard expects to be ready to choose his team as soon as the NBA’s moratorium on new business is lifted July 10.

That information jibed with [Lakers GM Mitch] Kupchak‘s thinking.

“It’s in everybody’s best interest, I think, to proceed in a timely fashion,” he said. “I don’t think it’s Dwight’s goal to drag it out. Whether he’s with us or with another team, everybody this time of year has business to take care of. If he’s here, he wants us to know that so we can build around him in this period of free agency, when it moves very quickly, and if he’s with somebody else, that team is going to want the same thing.

“If you’re Dwight, you would want the same thing as well. You would want to give your team notice as quick as possible so they can make the changes that they need to make to make your team more effective. So I think it’s in everybody’s best interest to move as quick as possible.”

Rumblings that Howard is not likely to return to the Lakers will no doubt intensify as he entertains his other suitors, but Kupchak does not sound like a man who is ready to surrender.

In fact, he’s seems far more confident than you’d expect, given the trail of crumbs that suggest Howard isn’t particularly fond of Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni and the way he was used in conjunction with Lakers’ stars Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Pau Gasol during the team’s tumultuous 2012-13 season.

But you’d be confident, too, with a $30 million card in your hand that no one else can play. Kupchak told that the team will continue their measured pursuit, which includes strategically placed billboards around the city encouraging Howard to stick around, in the days and hours leading up to the July 1 open of free agency:

“I don’t think anything dramatic is going to take place on June 30 at 9:01 [p.m. PT] regarding Dwight,” Kupchak said. “My understanding is there are several other teams that have great interest and he’s going to have a process that I understand to be pretty deliberate that he’s going to go through, and we’ll be involved in that process and we’ll see how it plays out.”

Howard has already received some backlash from Lakers fans who have taken a good-riddance attitude, but Kupchak said he believes that will change. Howard has already received some backlash from Lakers fans who have taken a good-riddance attitude, but Kupchak said he believes that will change.

“I’m not worried about that,” he said. “Kobe’s been back for seven or eight years now. What did people think about him? There was a period where Kobe was earning his stripes in Los Angeles. I think when he came back, he had to continue. Here it is, seven, eight or nine years later, and I think that’s what would happen with Dwight once he puts his roots down and says, ‘This is the place I want to be.’

“I think that’s part of the problem. I think the city feels they were renting him for a year. But the reality is he couldn’t sign an extension. Financially, the rules provide that he wait until July 1 to get the best deal he could possibly get. It was one of those situations where please tell us you want to be here and please show us you want to be here. But he can’t do it until July 1. I think that’s part of it. Of course the way the season went didn’t help things either.”

With the clock formally ticking for Howard’s services, you can bet the teams interested in moving him out of California will do what they can to sway him. This is already true for the Mavericks, whose superstar, Dirk Nowitzki, has talked with Howard on his own volition to gauge Howard’s interest, writes Dwain Price of the Star-Telegram:

On Monday, Howard will become one of the most coveted unrestricted free agents in NBA history. And the Mavs want to make him their new franchise player and turn their current franchise player, Nowitzki, into their No. 2 option.

It’s a philosophy Nowitzki, who turned 35 last week, has easily bought into. That’s why he’s already had a conversation with Howard about a union in Dallas.

“I reached out to him and told him we’d love to have him,” Nowitzki said. “It’s not like we call each other every day.

“I didn’t write him a letter. We just had a little phone contact. That’s about it.”

With Howard patrolling the middle for the Mavs, Nowitzki knows he would have an excellent shot at winning another NBA championship before he retires.

“To me, when he’s healthy he’s the most dominant big man in the league,” Nowitzki said of Howard. “He’s shown that at the end of the season when he was right what he can still do.

“He can dominate on both ends of the floor if he feels healthy, he can still use his athleticism. He’s a beast on both ends of the floor.”

“He’s the kind of guy you can just get the ball to in the post, and I’ll just spread the floor,” Nowitzki said. “On the defensive end, he’s a guy that can protect the rim and a guy that’s obviously a luxury.

“We’d love to have him, but so would all of the other teams with cap room. I’ll just wait and see what happens.”

The next 12 days should be an interesting ride for all involved, especially for the Lakers and their fans!


  1. Jalen the Raven says:

    This guy is killn his own reputation. He shud com bck home and play 4 Atl Hawks. Then Horford can b an every yr all-star at his natural position at power forward. Him and Horford wud b best power forward, center combo nex season.

  2. FastTwitchFibre says:

    Dwight Howard should definitely stay with the Lakers. He just needs to focus more on his game and develop his post moves. Most players would love to be in his position; playing for the Lakers with one the all time greats (Kobe)!

  3. Joebob says:

    D-12 should STAY

  4. G-man says:

    Roy Hibbert > Dwight Howard

  5. SamH says:

    Wilt Chamberlin is the alltime best, then it’s Kareem and then Russel and Hakeem. Howard is near the 10th overall and to be honest I wouldn’t want him on my tem, he’s slow and a poor defender of paint, all he does is rebound or dunk. Defense is the most important skill.

  6. gorgeous888 says:

    I feel sorry for whatever team take on Dwight Howard his nickname is Dwightmare for a reason !!! He is so full of himself, he believes he is so much better than he is. He wont play when injured even a small injury. He will cause an implosion at whatever team he goes to same as he did at the Orlando Magic and is trying to do at the L A Lakers! I hope they keep him like they need more trouble!! Good luck to whateber poor sap takes him on, overtime work ahead dealing with this petulant child!

  7. J-Short37 says:

    Howard needs to go to Houston and let the Lakers move on to plan “B” which of course only ownership knows what that is at this time. Howard makes for a complimentary player on a team not the focal point. Even in Orlando it was nelson, turkolu, and lewis who closed the games for wins.

  8. goldrodd says:

    Lakers should trade Howard to the Clippers for Blake Griffith, Bledsoe and Jordan.


    Want a championshp ring? here’s good.

    PG- WEsbrook
    SG- Martin
    SF- Kevin Durant
    PP- Ibaka

    = championship rings 2014- whatever

  10. czczcxzcs says:


  11. TAMSI says:

    if you want to get your 1st NBA champion now is the chance joined the Miami Heat. now is your chance don’t missed the opportunity as free agent

  12. Alisetar says:

    Dwight Howard need to sign for Wizard’s! Why! Wizards ar a young team and good one, they will be the team to beet next season! With Dwigth they can be e champion’s!

  13. Andylx says:

    A great leader makes decisions. Its the hard decisions and making them work, that makes you a great leader. Dwight Howard cant decide what colour socks to wear in the morning.

  14. Barry Fay says:

    all the guys talking about Howard´s lack of offensive skills are the only ones who know anything about basketball: he has no jump shot, no moves and can´t make free throws – besides that, he´s GREAT! To talk of him as being a superstar is just plain media hype – the media just love big strong black guys, especially if they are “cut” as well (see: LeBron). But the fact is that NONE of that has anything to do with basketball. One of the truly great players of all time is the perfect example: Larry Bird (as a Laker fan, it hurts to have to admit that!). The Lakers should definitely get rid of Howard right now before the rest of the world realizes he is the emperor with NO CLOTHES. The fact is that he STUNK this year and all the excuses in the world will not change that fact. Steve Nash STUNK as well. Hence the lousy season. Its amazing to me that Kupchak can´t see any of this – and I cringe to think I´ll have to suffer through another season of watching the INEVITABLE failure with him on the team. What the Lakers need is someone besides Kobe WHO CAN SHOOT THE BASKETBALL. What a novel idea!

  15. allaroundballer says:

    Playing with 35YO man named Kobe Bryant is not gonna fun! Now league is owned by younger guys.
    So veteran Nowitzki will give Howard more space to develop than Kobe that likely criticize any mistake.

  16. Winnerchance says:

    I think Dwight as a player should be making his decision where it is best for him to play and still be able improve to top himself to be a dominant center standing 6’11. He should be maturing with decision. For me it’s best for him to pick a destination where he is pay well and dedicate to play at the top level to win a tittle. For me, I think he should stick with the Lakers. I think he still have a lot of time there to grow as a player and a person. The Lakers still need to add more pieces to their bench, but some pieces are there. The team chemistry would build and they will have a chance to win a championship in a far run, not any sooner yet.

  17. J says:

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  18. Paolo says:

    I can’t believe the Lakers are going for this guy in such desperation putting billboards around the vicinity of the Staples Center. That’s not Laker like at all. Let this guy walk if he wants to, his attitude is unstable and he shouldn’t be a Laker.

  19. JasonNotFriday13rh says:

    I don’t know if i would want Howard on my team. Reason…well he is too one dimensional offensively. He’s not a center you can “go to” to win a game for you down the stretch, either in a set play or by free throws, which makes him a liability. Look at the former great centers….all go to guys down the stretch…Chamberlain, Russel, Michon, Olajuwon, Abdul Jabbar, Ewing, Robinson…those guys could win a game for you. Shaq was dominant offensively, but like Howard, one dimensionally. All dunk and maybe an occasional somewhat of a jump hook. That style of play is dead and boring. Whatever team Howard goes to won’t automatically become a contender in the west (Houston, Mavericks or if he stays with LA). He’ll most likely tear that team apart with his constant indecision, childish immaturity, and flare for getting coaches fired.

    If he does go to Houston, I will feel bad for Omer Asik, he is an upcoming good center, he did great for the team last season. Howard is only going to stunt his growth of becoming a dominant center. If he goes to Dallas, I’d be happy consideirng I don’t like anything about that team particularly Mark Cuban…total jerk IMO. Let D12 go there and wreak havoc on that team with his infectious disease.

  20. Rockets Fan says:

    Come to Houston Rockets!!!! You’ll be surely loved by us!! Imagine the starting line ups,

    PG- J.Lin
    SG- J.Harden
    SF- C.Parson
    PF- T.Robinson (needs to play like when he was still in college)
    C- D.Howard


  21. Deo says:

    man!, this guy needs attention…

  22. theholyspectator says:

    d12 is gonna be in houston, rip lakers

  23. best says:

    lakers needs phi jackson

  24. best says:

    gasol to houston
    lin and asik to boston
    rondo to clipper
    paul to lakers

    is veryyyyyyyyyy good

  25. best says:

    trated gasol for chris paul for los angeles laker

  26. Eric HCL fm HKG says:

    For my personal, thinking that HOWARD better go to Houston (Not the reason I’m Chinese to support Rockets)
    As Houston who has James Harden, Omer Asik, Chandler Parsons… etc., and with much younger players who has energy to fight / battle with other teams. HOWARD only 28 now and he is the domination player in the paint area at least 4 to 5 years.

    But of course, it has lots of reasons for him to consideration which teams in NBA are fit for him and the salary cap whom could pay him in coming few years… that’s lots of questions HOWARD might needs to thinking about….

  27. Anonymous says:

    I think Roy Hibbert is better than Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard is more of a pick and roll and alley oop type center. Roy Hibbert has better post moves and usually has his back to the basket when he scores. Dwight may be more athletic and flashy, but I think Roy Hibbert has a better fundamental skillset as a center.

  28. Jackson Phil says:

    DH will be ex Lakers soon.

  29. FeeLaZone says:

    Lakers don’t need a ballhog. They have one already. Therefore, they can get DJ and Bledsoe for D12

  30. FeeLaZone says:

    D12, join BG & CP3 with Coach Doc at LAC. You will find what you’re looking for. Championship title SHOT!!!

    Any violent reaction?????

  31. FeeLaZone says:

    D12, join with BG & CP3 with Coach Doc in LAC. You will find what you’re looking for. Championship title SHOT!!!

    Any violent reaction?????

  32. pogi2 says:

    Howard pls. GO and move another state pls.. you are not belong here in LA.

  33. MAVSFANFORLIFE!!!! says:

    TO D12: Herez da thing here Dwight, would you want to go to a similar system to Dantoni’s system or would you want to be the big star in the BIG D? If I were D12 I WOULD GO TO DALLAS. Think about this for a second, Kevin Mchale isnt a championship coach… Rick Carille is. And the Mavs to build around you so the Mavs can win not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7. So last word to dwight…. COME TO DALLAS!!!!!

  34. just like i comment in other blog howard should team up with parsons delfino harden just like in 2009magic they have torkoglu lewis and nelson they’re a great shooter that can open a space inside the paint

  35. Unkle Daddy says:

    If he stays in L.A. or goes to Dallas he’s asking for a long road to a championship because the talent was there, not saying there isn’t talent there it’s just older and not getting anymore rings. He needs to go to either Houston to play with Harden or to Atlanta to team with Smith (if resigned) and Horford. If they all took less money, they could pull in Paul as well. Paul, Smith, Horford and Howard, no one is stopping that.

  36. Extremedriver says:

    There is only one reason why HOWARD can’t find true happiness,and satisfaction. He simply is looking for it in the wrong place. HOWARD, STOP COMPLAINING, GET ON YOUR KNEES AND LOOK UP!

  37. The Meech says:

    Sign and Trade for BG, I think it’s obvious hes not re signing. All the hate he’s getting from us Laker fans will linger on for years that he can’t handle.

    Drop Dantoni,
    let Kobe rest this year,
    sign Brandon Jennings *(maybe steal him this year)
    sign rudy gay and john wall if we dont get BJ.

  38. airmax32 says:

    Let him leave. To all the the haters out there keep on hating. That’s what you get for being a successful franchise in the NBA.

  39. Lebron James says:

    I hate Dwight Howard

  40. purpleman says:

    Let the spoil bay go…

  41. Filipino Idiot says:

    Why would Dwight Howard the best Center of all time stay with a team that won’t feed him the ball, a team that is lead by a ball hog? LOL that’s right wake up Laker fans, he won’t stay

  42. nognog says:

    well I think Howard have to be selfish… Houston is the right place for him to win a title, they have a lot of scorers, an plus D12 on the Center position, they would be an awesome team…

  43. Drago says:

    Lebron is always improving his game and taking it to another level.His one decision is paying off because the Heat made him a champion.But Howard is not like Lebron he did not improve at all in the last 3 years.So that begs the question has he hit his sealing or can he learn something more.The answer is worth a 100 million dollars place your bets Houston Dallas LA and Atlanta

  44. Sam says:

    Dwight Howard should go to dallas and stay there to build a team that can get a ring in 2-3 years and focus he been a drama guy these years

  45. Dwightmare says:


    The problem with Dwight is he wants too create his own legacy. He doesn’t wanna win a championship in LA cause you already had great big man like. Shaq,Kareem,elc. He wants to be the guy. He had that in Orlando but didn’t have the pieces. I understand where hes coming from and I respect his decision on how he wants too do it. I just think it’s becoming stupid. No team needs this drama just let him go where he wants.

    Another thing i need to say. LA are IDIOTS . They should have traded Dwight when they had the chance. back when he got traded to the Lakers and they kept trying to negotiate a contract extension with him. I knew at that point he was gonna leave. Now LA gave up Bynum for nothing by letting Dwight walk idiots.

  46. Kei says:

    Is it the decision all over again? Oh D12 must have gone crazy! one dose of kobe will do that to a human being.

  47. dmac05 says:

    CP3 is just as demanding as Kobe Bryant is on his team, why do you think the Clips didn’t do well in the playoffs, he wants Griffin to work out and practice but Griffin is lazy but I would rather take Griffin over DH12 because DH12 has no heart and just quits when he gets frustrated or isn’t mentally in the game.
    Shaq would have been the most dominant center in the league but he was lazy also and he has admitted it, but I would also take Shaq over DH12. DH12 is no where near the league that the dominant centers are in, if he played against them he would quit because he would get frustrated, look at when he plays against Bynum. DH12 is not even the best center in the league today let alone the best ever.
    You talk about Bosh playing out of position and doing well, and who else could do that? Uhmmm KG did it all year and played better then Bosh and is older then Bosh.

  48. Dwightmare says:

    LMAO sorry LA D12 is gone. Hes even going to Houston to play with Harden. or Dallas to play along side Dirk

  49. Chris says:

    Dwight Howard isn’t fond of Mike D’Antoni, who actually is? If the Lakers really want to keep Dwight Howard, they should immediately get rid of Mike D’Antoni because he’s not good for anyone.

  50. Ali says:

    OH GOD!!!! Man, what the hell do u do all these days?????? i say retire. to be honest i dont think he will win a tittle, where ever he goes… maybe if he goes to the Heat, he might!!!! Who ever wants to win a quickie>>>> head to Miami lol!!

  51. danny says:

    Dwight Howard’s going to shock fans by saying, “I’m going to take my talents to South Beach.”

    Dwight to miami heat!!!

  52. Madness says:

    As a Laker fan I rather see him go to Huston and the Lakers should be building a team for life after Kobe. Lakers are not going anywhere with a 90 year old PG this year or next.

  53. wallyboy says:

    Dwight is definitely a dominant center in the league..arguably the BEST among active players…BUT to say he’s the ALL TIME greatest center ever to play the game? YOU MUST BE KIDDING MAN…… me, it’s Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Russell, Chamberlain is second.

  54. Juan Lebron says:

    I think Dwight should stay for at least one more year and the Lakers not to get injured vise wtf is he going to do in hhousten

  55. bryan says:

    LAKERS needs to change the coach

  56. firstblood says:

    Dwight has the perfect body of a center and he’s athlectic. But he needs to learn how to post up properly like Shaq, Z’Bo and other great post up big men. He just needs to shut up and destroy his opponent on a post up moves and just give a bow once in a while if needed just to let them know his not a guy to be mess with.

  57. aznballer says:

    whoever uploaded this article, whether it was sekou himself or an intern, needs to proof read before posting it.

  58. DwightHowardForTheBirdMan says:

    He’s negotiating a deal with ESPN already to have his own ‘The Decision’ version .

  59. Thunderstruck says:

    @Imbackbroon, I agree 100% that Dwight is the best center in the NBA right now with no questions but greatest center of all time? That’s a little crazy bro. You can’t forget the great centers before him, Shaq, Patrick Ewing, Hakeem, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Dr. J, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, etc. I think if Dwight can keep doing what he’s doing and win a coupe rings, he can be top 5 no doubt. Oh and I hope Dwight stays with the Lakers!!!!! If he doesn’t I will be sad because I have a bunch of lakers clothes and snapbacks and no one knows when Kobe will be back. If he goes somewhere else, I sure hope its the Mavericks. Dwight in a Mavs jersey with a healthy Dirk and a few more good pieces, they can be a dangerous team in the Wild West.

    • Rodz says:

      R u serious man? A cry baby best centre…lakers should not hv given up for Bynum … I think it wud b gr8 if he leaves n they sign other centre

  60. Iggy says:

    Stay Dwight Stay Strong

  61. carmelo anthony says:

    its more better if he’ll go to new york knicks

  62. lee says:

    Let the IDIOT GO who needs the drama

  63. Lakers4life says:

    Dwight should just leave he’s a huge drama Queen and isn’t worth 30 mil.Instead Lakers should try to get someone consistent unlike Howard.

  64. Dante says:

    Dwight has a lot of talent and it will show it with a team that nurtures him. It’s not about comparing him to other great centers. It’s about Dwight being in the right environment to grow.
    The Lakers have a toxic environment and just like an old fighter who boxes past his prime and demands the attention of his better years, Kobe Bryant will continue to play those head games with Dwight .
    Unfortuneately that big man Dwight just can’t flourish in that kind of environment. With the right team Dwight will do very well.

  65. cesar says:

    I dont know why but i feel Dwight want to be a franchise player .. he dont want to hang out with Kobe as second scorer thats why he is still thinking if he will come back….

  66. Superman12 says:

    Look,Dwight is best centar NOW,but Lakers dont now that.He have a bad season becouse his shoulder problem.If hi wants to leave Lakers its his decision.If he will leave he need go to Houston,and I believe he will won that ring soon.

  67. bush man says:

    la need to fire mike D’ Antoni an bring back Phil Jackson. then howard will stay.

  68. D-Luver says:

    D12 DOES NOT compare to, or even come close to the great centers…. (HAKEEM, KAREEM, ROBINSON, SHAQ, WILT, RUSSELL) His defense is good, B+… But he’s a C- on offense… So he’s AVERAGE… C+ overall.

    D12 plays around at gametime too much. When the greats stepped out on the court, they were STRICTLY BIZZ! [like EPMD] D12 is also a major professional COMPLAINER… and a CRYBABY! The greats took losses like men… took the blame on their own shoulders… and went and improved themselves. D12 is also NOWHERE NEAR as DOMINANT as the greats.

    My advice to Laker fans [which I am NOT] … FORGET HIM!

  69. kobe says:

    going to Dallas ..Houston uptempo offense will not be good match..heard it here first

  70. Steven says:

    I forecast Howard will go to Brooklin nets to help Brooklin create BIG 6!!!!!!!!!Wow,,,,how about it?

  71. Pidorashka says:

    My prediction is that Dwight will land in Houston. After all, basketball-wise it’s way more promising than the Lakers even though that it’s not even close in marketing opportunities compared to LA.

    We, russians, love them rockets! When we see a good rocket we can instantly tell. Dwight is like a fine LGM-30G, if you ask me. Can’t find any better place than Houston for this young man.

  72. Chris says:

    Come to Miami to share the minutes with Chris Bosh; this is the only way u can get a ring. And a guarantee Miami can do it again. Let’s go HEAT!

  73. RON says:

    why go for a player with no heart? I would like to see Roy Hibbert playing for the Lakers.

  74. RON says:

    LET HIM GO…if he is not happy…then so be it…we as laker fans have a legacy to fight on…if he is unhappy with the Lakers…then so be it…its not the end of the world…why does he want to feel so important…prove yourself first.

  75. cuz from seat says:

    La need to forget about Dwight and Go after Chris paul 3 and Josh Smith

  76. JoshUhill says:

    What is wrong with people nowadays?? Why do we think that a team owns the soul of a player that signs with or is drafted by that team. The league created free agency and the right to trade players for a reason: to trade players and for free agents to pursue better fits. Why, at this current point in time, do we give players SO much grief when they want to leave for a different team? In the case of Dwight, he was not happy in Orlando, they were not winning, and the organization appeared to have momentarily given up. If you are a superstar, why would you stay on a team that just doesn’t care about a championship? You wouldn’t, you would leave for a team that does, and if your current team refuses to trade you and you are not presently a free agent, then you would have to express your dissatisfaction with the organization and hope they trade you. That is not immature, it’s not childish, it’s not selfish; it’s smart and in some ways responsible. It is responsible in the sense that it benefits the league for a player of Howard’s caliber to be on a high profile team that increases league-wide ratings and income, rather than wasting away on a team that only people in Orlando watch. Dwight clearly is craving a championship, just like Lebron, and we should respect superstars for having that hunger to win it all, not criticize them. When a player comes to a city to play Basketball, that is exactly what he is there for, to play Basketball. The franchise and the fans do not own him forever at that point. When the player decides to leave, we should thank him for his time and hard work, and move on.

    • Kate Upton says:

      I’ll bet myself if he ever wins a ring. I’d give him 3 years. If he ever gets one until 2016, I’m his.
      No doubt, he’s going to the HOF, for getting so much attention every year and giving the owners and the fans the Dwightmare of their lives….

      • JoshUhill says:

        I will defend Dwight all day (even though I don’t care for him) because I respect his abilities and his effort. Having said that, he will never win a championship. Not because he isn’t talented enough or because of any choice he has made or will make in the future, but simply because of timing. He will not win a championship in his NBA career for the same reason legends like Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing, and Dominique Wilkins never won. Those Greats had the misfortune of running into Michael Jordan. Dwight Howard, as well as Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, and Derrick Rose, will never win a championship because they had the misfortune of running into Lebron James. LBJ’s title run has begun, and just like Jordan, there is no looking back. Sorry Dwight

      • Kate Upton says:

        Where’s the part were you defending Dwight? #lol

      • JoshUhill says:

        Where I put him on the same level as legends and other current NBA superstars

    • Lakers4life says:

      Please stop typing commemts.

      • SmoothMM says:

        The Lakers should try to convince him of a sign-and-trade before he decides to leave. Then, invest their future in Robert Sacre as a starting big. Play Hill or get someone else as a backup. If they can: go after Monta Ellis (add him at the point or 2 guard until Kobe recovers), Al Jefferson as a starting C, and Carl Landry as a backup PF. Or: go after Ben Gordon as an outside shooter, Mo Williams at the point and Chris Kaman as starting C.

      • Kei says:

        @Lakers4life Right, because only lakers fan boys are allowed to do that? btw it’s comments and where are the Lakers this year?

    • Truth Teller says:

      That proves nothing! If you are a superstar that left for that reason, then why would you want to leave a team that is all about winning championships! It’s more than that. All of these players are like Lebron looking for a team to buy them a championship. I can’t wait till we get the next real NBA champion. A leader who grits down and earns it. (Takes it from these pansies!

      • Kei says:

        Like who?
        Kobe didn’t win a thing before Shaq came and tag along. Same goes with Gasol.
        Jordan didn’t win a thing before PIP arrived and trade oak for Bill. same goes with kerr, paxson.
        Billups team up with ben, RIP, sheed and Prince was the only one originally from Motown.
        For those who didn’t win, like the 96/97 Rockets. they got Chuck teamup with Dream and Clyde.
        New york got starks, LJ, Oak, Houston etc. Only ewing was the only guy drafted by the knicks.

        So are you saying all these teams brought championship?
        I cannot recall who win with their original team without adding outside help. I am a big fan of MJ and still had posters overall at my old room. But he got tons of outside help.

  77. Kate Upton says:

    To all NBA fans: Please watch for “The Decision: Dwightmare edition” on 10 July 2013. Let’s see where Dwight is taking his talent to.

  78. Kate Upton says:

    Dwightmare is on until 10 July 2013. Dwight just loves the attention as he enjoys getting one. If he’s staying with the Lakers, he should have made that decision straight away. He obviously don’t belong to the Lakers’ great bigmen with the likes of O’Neal, Jabbar, etc.. Shoo Dwight! Shoo!

  79. texasboy713 says:

    lol 4real Houston is the best city to b at, plus i Howard should join a team wit good talent n also very young DAT has a lot of energy to push Dem to the limits. Dallas will be no good for him they are fool of scrubs n also are at the point of loosing dirk HES AGEN= ANOTHER WEAK T-mac….having Howard will bring back Dem Yao Ming memories wen Houston had a chance but suffered to many injuries but Howard is much more healthier so it should workout… COME TO HOUSTON HOWARD JOIN DEM YOUNG TALENTED ROCKETS TO HAVE A GOOD CHANCE TO BEAT DEM APPOSING TEAMS!!!

  80. Karol says:

    I wonder why there are still some people which think DH12 is a super star. He is just an above the average C.

    He thinks he is dominant, nba press wants him to be dominant but HE WILL NEVER BE DOMINANT.

    Stop worrying about him.

  81. Esteban says:

    Join Miami in trade for Bosh and a lot less money than 30 million. Just like LeBron accepted a lot less money. It’s a quest for a ring. If he wants to be a champion, there’s only one team for him. If he wants money, he’ll make another dumb decision

    • alp says:

      Chris bosh in miami turned out to be as pathetic as they come, he was a non factor in both championship runs, but especially this last one, he is more harm than help and if miami goes against any relatively good big man, chris bosh will get abused, thats for sure. if miami does get dwight, i can see lebrons vision of 7 championships coming true because my thunder could do nothing about that… the brooklyn nets have a bomb squad on paper, but im sure like most pwerhouse teams they have a bad bench, paul pierce and kg are really old, they really got 1 shot at a title with that team so, i don’t know about them..

      • JoshUhill says:

        Chris Bosh turned out to be pathetic in Miami?? Are you kidding me??? He is on a team with LBJ and D Wade, what did you expect from him? Did you really think he was going to come to South Beach and put up numbers like he did on the Raptors? Bosh came to Miami knowing his stats were going to drop significantly, but it was all about winning multiple titles. Bosh has filled his role beautifully and helped the Heat win back to back championships. As for his impact on the last two titles, don’t post comments criticizing players if you don’t watch the games. Bosh had a MAJOR impact on both championships. There are many examples I could give to support this, but I will provide you with the most obvious one: Game 6, LBJ misses a three pointer with only seconds left, and BOSH grabs an offensive board and kicks it out to Ray Allen who ties the game and sends them to an eventual overtime victory. Had BOSH not been there to grab that board, the Spurs are the champs, no ifs, ands, or buts. If that isn’t a significant impact then I don’t know what is. Try actually watching the games before you criticize a player.
        (Oh and by the way, Bosh – a pure PF – still performs at a high level even though he is forced to player Center on a small team)

      • A curious fellow says:

        Josh knows what’s up. How many players can play off-position and still be as good as Bosh? Especially considering he’s playing the most physically challenging position.

      • omyblaze57 says:

        So, you are telling everyone that you are willing to pay the same salary that LeBron and Wade earn to a guy that had no points in a crucial decisive game 7 of the NBA Finals? Birdman earned 17 million less and he did the same job. He is not paid that amount of money to be a player. He has proven all over again that he does NOT belong in the same league as Bosh and Wade. He is a good player, an All-Star, but not an All-Superstar. 10-13 million range? Maybe, yes. 17 million? Not even close…

      • omyblaze57 says:

        LeBron and Wade, sorry. I messed this up…

  82. TheDecision says:

    Will the people criticize Dwight if he leaves LA the same way they did with Lebron?

    • alp says:

      no… i don’t think any player for a long time will ever be as criticized and scrutinized like Lebron was and has been his entire career. People get mad when they see a guy who came from highscool dominate the the NBA as soon as he arrives, and continue to dominate and not have one bad season.. that’s when the MJ comparisons come out, and some people REALLY begin to hate Lebron just for the mere fact he is compared to Jordan. Dwight howard didn’t quite take the league by storm like lebron did, or turn heads in the fashion that lebron did, truthfully, no player ever has, thats why nobody was ready when lebron did it.

      • Damn says:

        Dude no one hated lebron that bad when he was in cleaveland people just hated how he went on air like an arrogant prick and spat in the cav fans by saying he’s taking his talents I south beach….y do lebron fans not get that. I don’t like or dislike lebron. Idc he’s good, I’m not his fan. I will always think KB is better bcs I grew up in LA. But reality is LBJ brought it upon himself…

    • Common Sense says:

      Are you kidding? Lebron was born and raised in Ohio… He was the hope and dreams for the entire State…He actually improved the economy in the entire state of Ohio… Dwight spent a year in LA… We’ll forget he ever came here if he leaves. The Lakers will get someone else to replace him that makes it seem like he was never here.Lakers are very good at that, and not looking back…I’m not a Laker fan but the organization is a Barracuda and eats everything in its path!

      • Sew says:

        Common Sense…go home…you are drunk.

      • Common Sense says:

        They’ll do what they can to keep him, and if they can’t they’ll replace him. If you don’t agree, you don’t know history…period!

    • Truth Teller says:

      Of course! That would be two teams that he did the weak flaky me-me thing with.Yes they will. People hate him already for that. So Hell Yes!

  83. Pedro says:

    Here is a good indicator what he would make in LA v. Texas states (Hou) mainly.

  84. Nico says:

    It’s time to go with Dallas Mavericks. A sure thing to have a NBA Championship Ring and Trophy.. 🙂

  85. Reuben HTx says:

    Come to Houston!! We have better strip clubs than Dallas!!

  86. Arnel says:

    agree. he needs to grow up and learn. i think he will best fit Houston or Mavs. just saying

  87. marc says:

    howard needs to go to spurs…its like tim duncan and robinson but this time duncan will act as robinson…

    • Common Sense says:

      That would surely be best for Dwight…No coach on the planet can humble a man better than Pop..but i fear that Pop wouldn’t take him, because Dwight would be fired after five practiced of joking around…

    • spurs_dynasty says:

      Yes, Tim Duncan should be able to teach D12 how to play “proper” post moves. And he can also teach him to keep the ball above his head. Dropping the ball down is one of Howard’s bad habits

  88. Kamil says:

    To be honest with you, Howard should’ve never went to LA. Why? Kobe Bryant. I don’t know if Howard can live up to Kobe’s standards. A lot of people don’t understand that you cant just walk into him locker room and pretend like your the best on the team. Howard was used to being the best players on the team. When he went to the Lakers he had to learn to live with Kobe, Gasol and even Nash; all players who are past their prime and have their tendencies. I personally thought for a while they could be the best team in the West with that squad but I don’t know what happened in that locker room. Is Mike D’Antoni that bad of a leader? I don’t know but what I do know is that Howard should somehow team up with CP3. Either in Atlanta or in Dallas.

    I am serious.

    • chris says:

      i agree.dwghts ego consistantly made thelae out of sinc.he that he could just go to the lakers and run the team with veterans like kobe and nash.he took possessions from gasol and his selfishness made nash have to change his game. dwight needed to be traded after the lakers saw how there season was going.even though dwight is a great player he needs to learn that he may not always be the best on his team and if he doesnt learn how to deal with that he will never win a champion.

  89. matthew mathis says:

    I personally don’t think Dwight is worth the money the Lakers is willing to pay him. I think the Lakers should go after Iguodala, Jefferson, and Smith. Drop Gasol, Peace, and Dwight because when i watch their games I feel thier hungry for the stats not a ring. Iguodala, Jefferson, and Smith I feel will welcome the challenge of all competitors and take us to the championship with the leadership of Kobe and Nash. Plus they’re all from the same draft 04′ similar to what Miami has done. I also think we could get some good years out of them maybe 7-8 yrs. ALL IN FOR LAKERS NEW BIG THREE IGUODALA, JEFFERSON, AND SMITH. + KOBE AND NASH

    • KunJay says:

      You would have the Atlanta Jazz..decent .500 team not a championship team. Once again your best players are old and in the decline every year with more injuries. Kobe is great still, but he’s scheduled to make 30 mill this year that’s a big hole they have no room to improve.

  90. Santiago says:

    Is it just me, or are parts of this article repeated? Did Sekou type and submit this from his smartphone? Is it just me, or are parts of this article repeated? Did Sekou type and submit this from his smartphone?

  91. john says:

    he’s not worth 30 mil.

  92. justafan says:

    it’s the decision all over again!! at this point, doesn’t matter who he signs with, nobody will benefit having a player like him on the roster. just too much drama and emotional baggage attached to him…

  93. Ed says:

    I acctually thought that Howard would mature with the move to L.A. but he seem to be as childish as before. I’m not saying he should be able to pick whatever team he would like to just because he’s a superstar. A free agent can choose whatever he wants but Howard has not been professional at all. The team he chooses will benefit a lot because his upside is greater than his immature behavior. I wish Howard learned from previous mistakes by other players (How LeBron left Cleveland) and would act more professional.

    • josh says:

      LeBron did nothing wrong there. He made a boat load of money for his sponsors by dragging it out. It is all a marketing ploy now. And LeBron has been to three consecutive finals winning two of them… Not many teams will do that in this day and age with the Luxury Tax and the building of 3+ superstar teams. The days of threepeats will be done for a while unless Miami snag another one…

  94. Franco says:

    Wouldn’t it be cool if he said : “I’m taking my talents to South Beach”?

    • LOL says:

      then hundred thousands fans will stop watching NBA for sure lol

      • Common Sense says:

        And it will start a trend. The wealthiest drug lords and human trafficking people in the planet will come buy and basketball team. Hire the biggest and baddest players and paying gobs of money in luxury tax and win rings! Heat are already scheduled to pay over 34 million in luxury tax fines for overpaying for their roster…the era of buying rings has begun. The CBA wanted to make it fair but the Owners deep pockets don’t care.

      • A curious fellow says:

        @ ‘Common Sense’

        You might be due for a change in name. I would personally suggest ‘Hysteria’.

      • KunJay says:

        Was that a syfy movie? Sounds so familiar.

      • one says:

        the Nets?

      • Common Sense says:

        Sorry about the drug lords and human trafficing comment, lets stick to just the common billionaires on the planet……fine…but look at the nets… in order to compete with the 34 million luxury tax from the heat, they are poised to have a 100 million dollar luxury tax.
        The trend has started…

    • Ali says:

      HAHAHAHHAAHHAHA… I Wrote kinda same comment man!!! seriously if he could, i bet he would!!! n if that happens, all the game’s greats will shot themselves cuz the game Officially would be ruined!! :@ but that was funny man!! 🙂

    • Basketball Fan says:

      Miami doesn’t have enough salary to add one more star player to their team. That’s why they cut the big 3’s salary, didn’t they?

  95. Aaron M.R - P-Ville says:

    Come to Cleveland!

  96. mee(a)t says:

    funny how in the video, shows no highlights from his season with the lakers

  97. Ro says:

    Lakers fans being mad at Dwight has nothing to do with the fact that he couldnt sign an extension. It was that he didnt state that he wanted to re-sign. He just said ‘We’ll wait and see’ or some other rubbish. Fans are mad because they wanted him to committ verbally, or at least give some inclination of what he wants to do.
    Having said that, and i do NOT like Dwight, it is his right to wait and see. We judge so quickly but if we were in their shoes, wouldnt we want to take some time after the season before committing to anything?
    I would like to see him sign with Houston, Dallas, or Atlanta. But smart ‘money’ says he doesnt leave $30 Mil on the table

  98. dirkovan says:

    Howard will never win a ring if he keeps changing his teams constantly

    • SuperSunshine21 says:

      Robert Horry would disagree

      • alp says:

        dwight howard can’t hit clutch threes

      • Costa says:

        He cant hit clutch two’s either. 🙂

      • National says:

        He can’t hit clutch one’s either

      • Anonymous says:

        Robert Horry was never an all-star, rarely played as a starter, only made the all-rookie second team in his career. The key difference between him and Dwight is that Horry was a consummate professional. He was a role-player who knew what his role was in the respective teams he played for. He didn’t complain, didn’t gripe about anything, did what he was asked to do and play hard when minutes were afforded to him. He’s considered clutch because of all the last minute/second heroics (particularly 3-pointers) he made in his career. Part of it, honestly is luck, right place, right time. But luck favors the prepared. If he didn’t work on his 3-pointer, if he wasn’t a team player, if he didn’t embrace the idea of being a role-player, if he conducted himself anything other than a professional, would we even be talking about him today?

    • KunJay says:

      He cant hit anything clutch either.

  99. bobcatsaretoonice says:

    hes leaving for sure haha..

    • IM back bro says:

      I think it’s safe to say that dwight howard is the best center of all time. the lol fakers and kopy bryant can shove it where the sun don’t shine. There isn’t 1 center in the league thats better than howard. if anybody disagrees with me go ahaed and say why if you aren’t scared.

      • Carl says:

        Are you stupid?

      • BEST CENTER OF ALL TIME?? says:

        So….SHAQ, HAKEEM, WILT, BILL RUSSELL, DAVID ROBINSON…All championship centers…Dwight’s better than them?! Okay -_-

      • Hyde says:

        yea…he’s stupid…lmfao

      • alp says:

        dwight howard has barely any offensive game whatsoever.. a nonexistent jumpshot, about 2-3 post moves, he can’t go a whole game without showing the same move twice. he relies on his size and pure strength to score. he IS a great defensive player, but almost every good center is…. not to mention dwight is a cry baby and a team destroyer because he is always crying to the media about stuff and taking focus away from the games, he’s far from the greatest center of all time, hes not even the best center in the league RIGHT NOW. i’d take marc gasol, then roy hibbert THEN MAYBE dwight howard

      • wow says:

        don’t ever write another comment.

      • justsayin says:

        KAREEM – All time NBA scoring leader, 6 championships, 6 MVPs, 19 time all-star
        Get some knowledge.

      • JoshUhill says:

        ALP, everything you just said to describe Howard, all the way down to taking focus away from games, sounds very familiar…Can’t shoot, 2-3 post moves, repetition, relying on pure size and strength, cry baby, and attention grabber…why does that sound so familiar?? Oh that’s right, you just described SHAQ. Wait, didn’t Shaq win 4 championships and cement himself as perhaps the greatest center of all time? I’m pretty sure he did, so apparently those qualities described above can make for a very successful Center. Give Dwight time, he will prove himself.

      • LA AC says:

        Certainly you jest

      • teamgreen says:

        you’re the DUMBEST commenter of all time

      • PutYourNameOnIt says:

        lol.. ever heard of the following fellows, Bill, Wilt, Kareen, Shaq, Hakeen, Patrick, David.

      • justafan says:

        please for the love of everything that is holy tell me this is a troll…

      • Dwight Howard says:

        I’m the best center of all time

      • kandymanagb says:

        Please, if you really believe that then you need to take a drug test!!

      • stoda32 says:

        I wasn’t going to post a comment but this guy is an idiot! I don’t think I need to say why, you’re awful spelling and ignorance stand as reason enough, but I will anyways. By no measure, is Dwight the best center of all time. We all know the list: Wilt, Kareem, Hakeem, Russell, Shaq, Ewing, Mikan, Walton, and more. What puts him ahead of them? Dwight’s claim to fame is his defense and he is a great shot blocker, but an average position defender and with a below average understanding of team defensive principles at times. And even defensively, he ranks at best 2nd behind Bill Russell. Stop watching your NBA TV and ESPN highlights and study the game before you say something so outrageous, man.

      • melo says:


        but otherwise i agree

      • ranfan says:

        Lol, lost all credibility with the name calling

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow. “…dwight howard is the best center of all time…”?

        There’s a subject called history which is written on this amazing invention called a book. Pick up a book on NBA history and read it sometime.

        I think you will be very surprised to learn that they were “a few” other centers in NBA history who were “slightly better” than Dwight Howard.

      • Anonymous says:

        JoshUhill, you’re right. How Shaq played can be seen as similar to how Dwight Howard plays. The difference is attitude. As much as I felt (keyword “felt”) Shaq was over-rated in the past, I remember him saying once that he set out to dominate the game. From his time in Orlando to his last effective days in Phoenix, Shaq did all he could to win. And not just win, be dominant in doing so. He wanted the other team and their players to know that he is going to score, no matter what you do to him. He was so dominant on the inside the paint, below the rim that “Hack-a-Shaq”, the concept of purposefully fouling a player because of his poor free-throw shooting, was created and implemented. The only other defensive strategy I’ve heard that was created specifically for a player was the Jordan Rules by the Pistons.

        Dwight, as much as I liked (keyword “liked”) him as a player in Orlando, is really immature and ambivalent. He really can’t make up his mind. He was to be a team player, and then he was to be the star player. He was to be liked by the media and teammates and then he blames them for anything that goes wrong. He takes responsibility for his actions and results of a games/season, and then he makes excuses.

        Dwight is a rare talent in the NBA. This is true enough. How many centers have been bust throughout the years? But Dwight really needs to mature and conduct himself as a professional, on and off the court. Until then, I’m sure people would still like the idea of having him as a player on their team, but he will have the baggage of being immature that he had when he left Orlando (and L.A., if he decides to leave)

      • Dieter says:

        I think when looking at Spain, Pau Gasol is a better center than Howard. And I think the Lakers would’ve reached the Playoffs easily with Noah, Hibbert, Lopez, … Howard is still the guy from years ago who got picked first on draft day, a big athletic guy with alot of potential, but that’s it. The only thing he proved in his carreer is that he can play championship basketball with a good coach “Van Gundy” that utilises him well, and with other players who play on All-Star level like Nelson, Turk and Lewis … He doesn’t have a high basketball IQ, he doesn’t have a winning spirit, he ain’t a team player, he doesn’t know how to play basketball, and he probably isn’t good at any team sport.

        He’s just a talented guy who thinks he’s got it all figured out. Now he’s thinking about moving to Dallas, why? Before LA he was in the best possible Dallas -> Orlando builded a team around him with great players. The only way Howard can win a championship is when he joins a team that can win a championship without him.

      • the mandalorian says:

        hit your head lately ??? seriously, best of all time ? how old are you ? 10 ?

      • Kobe says:

        man. Dwight is a joke. why jul 10? he clearly knows that the sooner he makes the decision the sooner the Lakers can make trades to fit around him. This is how you wina championship. what other team has money and the will to pursue mega star team like the Lakers?

      • Kobe says:

        Nowitzki…”I’m a competitive guy. I don’t call Magic, or Larry Bird on the phone and say let’s team up. I want to play against those guys. that’s what makes basketball interesting. If you look at the Dream Team, there was no challenge…” said Michael Jordan.

        And this is why Nowitzki will never EVER be like Mike.

      • pogi2 says:

        Shot up ! don’t say bad words to Lakers ..

      • john says:

        best center of all time are you kidding me.Kareem Abdul -jabbar, Shaquille O/neal, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain. Have you not heard of these players” LMFAO IDIOT YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BASKETBALL

      • Charles says:

        I will just say you are an idiot. Howard is not even the best center, Orlando or LA has ever had. I do remember a very dominate big man by the name SHAQ. Who would have destroyed everything Howard stands for.

    • tomtom607 says:

      Your suppose to think before you speak, Hibbert to me right now is the best center in the league. And everyone forgets about the best center/power forward Tim Duncan. Howard can’t make free throws and has 2 post moves…………what kind of dominent center has 2 post moves???? Joakim Noah has a better OFFENSIVE arsenal to me……..Dwight is a big smiling waste of space, and if I were the lakers I’d try to get a immature Damarcus Cousins before that big bum.

    • g says:

      just google nba all time best centers…

    • artifex says:

      don’t look for Howard.
      I’m scared that they end up being the Cavs of this free agency: Waiting all the time, letting all other options slip and ending with nothing.
      And Howard is absolutely NOT worth it.
      Great on defense yes, but I’d always put stress on team chemistry. Dirk is such a guy, he is willing to give anything for the sake of the TEAM. I don’t see that with Howard.
      So, get the good guys as long as they are available.