Celtics-Nets Talking Trade … Celtics Already In Full-Blown Rebuilding Mode?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — That rebuilding process Doc Rivers was trying to avoid in Boston is apparently already in effect for the Celtics, who are reportedly exploring their trade options for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce with their Atlantic Division rivals in Brooklyn.

The complex deal, first reported by Yahoo! Sports and later confirmed by both ESPN.com and The New York Times, would not be finalized until July 10, at the earliest, which is after the end of the NBA’s moratorium on signing new contracts during the free agent season. In order to get a deal done the Celtics need to wait until after July 1, when the final year and $15.3 million of Pierce’s contract becomes guaranteed and then wait until the moratorium is ends to complete the proposed deal.

In it’s current form, the deal would involve the Celtics trading Garnett, Pierce (and possibly Jason Terry) to the Nets for Gerald Wallace, Kris Humprhies and his expiring contract and multiple first-round Draft picks.

Of course, the entire deal would be contingent on Garnett waiving his no-trade clause and agreeing to join Pierce on a Brooklyn team coached by Jason Kidd and already boasting stars Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson.

This is a twisted end to Garnett’s six-year run in Boston. Pierce has spent his entire career with the Celtics. But Celtics boss Danny Ainge made it clear Tuesday, when he discussed Rivers and his departure for the Los Angeles Clippers, that no concrete decisions had been made about the futures of the remaining members of Boston’s famed “Big 3” that helped them to the 2008 NBA title.

Ray Allen was the first to leave, bolting for Miami and another title in free agency last summer. Rivers opted for a chance to take the Clippers to the same plateau he reached with the Celtics in the final six of his nine seasons with the team. Ainge is clearly trying to make the next move by engaging in these talks, and what sources indicate are many more, in regards to the remaining members of his core.

Not even Rajon Rondo, the Celtics’ injured All-Star point guard, is off-limits, according to a league executive who informed NBA.com that Rondo is waiting to see who Ainge replaces Rivers with and what happens this summer before deciding if he wants to be a part of the rebuild that the other members of the core are clearly trying to avoid.

Ainge, one of the league’s true, front-office risk takers is willing to push the envelope to see what he can salvage for the aging stars who helped lead the Celtics back to prominence. Rivers netted them a first-round Draft pick in 2015. Moving Pierce and Garnett will potentially a couple more and Ainge would have a stockpile of assets to work with in two seasons in the Draft and free agency.

For the Nets the future would be now if this deal were to get done. For the Celtics, the necessary assets to rebuild for the future would be the key.


  1. Robhoulden says:

    In a way as a nets fan since 2000 and the overwhelming boost in social media I can’t help but not like this trade as much thanks to all the bandwagoners. Where were you when we went 12-70 gosh.

  2. Tree says:

    Send Rondo to the Lakers and Pierce home to LA to finish his career

  3. LBJ06 says:

    3peat!!! for the Heat – we just need is a Center – Oden will do!!

  4. Heat says:

    This is good for both teams

  5. Cao says:

    I would not be surprised if D.Howard now becomes a new Celtic star. Because Rondo-Green-Howard would be a strong trio…

  6. celtics 12th seed now says:

    wow, what a senseless trade für Cs.They get no useful pieces in return…..Playoffs are fare away now….at least next two seasons…..

    • Common Sense says:

      There trading for pieces to use to trade with other teams. They are getting rid of big money contracts. Pierce, Garnett and the Jet were big money. The Nets are willing to pay 100 million in luxury tax and the C’s want to rebuild. It makes sense. Doc is a this year coach, not a rebuilding coach. Hollins is a rebuilding coach. That man has vision

  7. I’m a die hard Celtic fan for years and really thunderstrucked by todays news about the trade with the Nets. Sending KG & PP to the Nets – ok I understand u want to get rid of them, BUT the goofys u took in return supplemented with future picks??? Come on u got to be kidding me!!!! We won’t be a contender in the next 3-4 years! And picks are a gamble!

    Are u in it to win it – or just participate???

    Kobe said it right when he said that in LA & Boston winning is the only thing that matter. With this trade winning is far away!!! Get yourself involved in the trade market before it’s to late!!!

    • Common Sense says:

      I think they are shooting for 2015. Tank this year and get a high pick for next year

  8. John says:

    Rondo for the knicks… Hehehe

  9. Celtic Torn.... says:

    As a die hard Pierce (jay hawk) fan I’ve only known Celtic Pride! The Walter McCartys Tony Delks Kenny Anderson’s Sebastion Telfairs! (Tragic for that last one) but just to name a few. I love Rondo so hopefully my Atlantic division rival could see fit to keep the big three in tact… (Billy King – Danny Ainge) hint…….

  10. jcp says:

    take Rondo to Miami

  11. jonski22 says:

    i can understand trading Garnett..but Paul Pierce? in a latter part of his career too?

  12. tool says:

    wow! Lopez, Garnett, Pierce, johnson and williams.

  13. Al Cuz says:

    My nets need this trade badly for real losing to chicago in the playoffs made no type of sense

  14. voice says:

    Can’t see why Celtics would take Wallace, but sending Pierce and Garnett to Brooklyn to contend would be nice. Would be “doing right” by them, a thank you for years of service.
    After years of being quite good, but getting snuffed in playoffs, I can’t help but feel a bit relieved that Ainge finally pulls the plug and decides to tank a few seasons to rise anew in a few years.

  15. Elijah "Slim" Dia says:

    As a celtics fan, I believe that tradeing with the nets is a bad idea. If rondo goes, pretty much our team goes because doc is gone ray is gone. This is what I think we should do.
    We couldn’t have picked a worse draft pick this year, shouldve got plumlee. But if you want to trade rondo, try for jrue holiday or bledsoe preferably jrue. Then we need a big man down low so trade kg for deandre jordan or bynum, but neither of these trades will happen because people make bad choices

  16. Tata says:

    I’d like to see Ainge keep the core together and go “all-in” with a big free agent signing. I’d love to see the Celtics advance farther than the Clippers. Stick it in Doc’s eye for leaving, Danny!!

  17. nets fan says:

    this trade sounds great for brooklyn at first look but look a little deeper and you will find some major flaws. brooklyn wants to contend for a title next year…and for years to come. thats the problem. kg and pierce only have a few years left in them and then they retire. and where does that leave brooklyn? it leaves them with two big gaps in there starting five with no one to fill them. brooklyn should be after people like jj hickson who they will have for a long time. if brooklyn really wants this trade though, i would advise them to only go after one of them. i would just go for kg because they really need a powar foward. wallace will be ok at small foward.

  18. bokz says:

    Come on, Mr Ainge!!!
    Trading 25-time All-Star guys for what? Mr Kardashian?
    Definitely don’t like it for the C’s. Rebuild is coming, allright, but let KG and the Truth retire as Celtics, just as Bird and McHale did.
    When rebuilding, u need those vets to show the new guys what the game is about. Otherwise they’ll have the example of… Kris Humphries….

  19. Bobby Marsh says:

    I think Pierce deserves one final run with Garnett and Rondo, shore up the bench and take a stab the celts still have a great team; If any player deserves that 15mil for one year its Paul Pierce, you never know he may divert some money to build that one championship run; outside of Terry they need bench help! get rid of sullinger and a few others during the draft. Draft Hardaway or Rice Jr..Let them go out Celtics its a two year rebuild process anyway

  20. Jimena Morales C. says:

    A fresh start for the Celtics? Maybe that´s going to be the beginning of a new era….
    Big stars are leaving………big stars are coming for sure!!!!!!
    Anyway….GO CELTICS!!!!

  21. Mustafa says:

    Yep, this is what we must see for Celtics. Team has to refresh all cells to take another title runs. Team should retire the numbers of this BIG’s and then say: “good luck guys, but we gotta stop our relationship for now for OUR TEAM” . I think they will also accept it for their big love BOSTON.

  22. rickyddddd says:

    Rivers netted them a first-round Draft pick in 2015??????.i thought coaches could not be traded as players are ?????

  23. Dean says:

    I’ve heard this floating around, but to me why would the Celtics want Gerald Wallace? Getting KG for the PF spot would help Brooklyn a lot and of course Pierce is a better choice than Wallace. Humphries makes sense seeing as how he is in the last year of his contract, but Crash still has 3 years left worth about $30 million. Draft picks are nice but with Jeff Green at SF I don’t see them wanting Gerald Wallace. I’d rather see them retire Pierce in Green than take an over payed player who has lost his step.

  24. spurs says:

    Good luck to them… looks like they’ll need it

  25. Verk says:

    This would defiantly give the nets the best starting 5 in the NBA. The problem will be depth for them and with aging players in Pierce and Garnett, that will play a big role. They will just have to hope and pray they are healthy come playoff time and they might make some noise.

  26. kb24 says:

    rondo for nash and world peace

  27. naldski says:

    its good for both teams…and i like the lineup in Brooklyn Nets if they acquire Garneet, Pierce ang Terry. That will be a continder in the East Final, Hopefully NBA Champ