Porter The Right Choice For Cavaliers


NEW YORK – Say it out loud. Write it in Comic Sans.

Georgetown small forward Otto Porter is the best fit for the Cavaliers with the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft.

He isn’t the popular choice. He isn’t the best prospect in the wide-open field, a title that belongs to Kentucky power forward Nerlens Noel or Kansas shooting guard Ben McLemore, according to a consensus of front offices, with Maryland center Alex Len also in the conversation. By that assessment, he isn’t even the best prospect coming out of the D.C. area.

But Porter is the best call.

He knows because he has studied it. He has looked at the Cavaliers roster and come to the accurate conclusion. Rising star Kyrie Irving at the point, Dion Waiters at shooting guard, Tristan Thompson heading toward averaging double-digit rebounds at power forward leaves one spot in particular.

“They’re missing a piece,” Porter said Wednesday at a Midtown hotel during a media session with top prospects prior to the draft Thursday night in Brooklyn. “I feel like that’s where I come into play.”

The Cavaliers could also be missing a starting center, depending on the development of Tyler Zeller after a rookie season of 7.9 points and 5.7 rebounds in 25.4 minutes, not to mention the boost to the big-man rotation with the expected return of Anderson Varejao. That’s where Len comes into play. But Len, for all the praise that has come his way in the vacuum of the underwhelming 2013 class, wouldn’t have been close to the debate for No. 1 a year ago or, likely, a year from now. He might not be a dramatic upgrade from Zeller/Varejao, and Cleveland could have the chance to go power forward-center among several possibilities that will realistically be on the board at 19.

Porter at No. 1 also makes sense because the Cavs don’t worry about public opinion, a reality never more obvious than ignoring conventional wisdom in 2011 by using the fourth pick on Thompson. Not caring about winning the news conference would be especially beneficial during the reaction to a lottery regular using the first pick on someone other than the best player.

The best perspective? If Cleveland had No. 3 instead and took Porter, it would be commended for making the right move, just as the Wizards, also needing a small forward, will be if they take Porter. Two spots is not a reach.

And it’s not like the Cavaliers would be turning their back on some super-prospect to take him, given the concerns surrounding the players at the top of most ratings. The solid pick isn’t such a bad concept in a year when the lottery picks have big holes, and that is solid in a good way. Teams are not projecting Porter as an All-Star, usually the minimum return on a No. 1, but he defends, passes, rebounds, has three-point range, a good basketball IQ, is 6-foot-8 and 200 pounds, and had two seasons as a prominent part of a major program that faced top competition, including 2012-13 as Big East Player of the Year.

“I feel like that my game and my versatility, what I do, I feel like it deserves No. 1,” Porter said. “I feel that I have the best fit to be No. 1.”

There. Someone said it out loud.


  1. B Radd says:

    I aggree, small forward that would fit is Dorrell Wriight UFA and can help Anderson Verajao in the veteran leadership role. Nerlens is that special type of player you can’t just pickup anywhere. Tristan and Nerlen can share the PF position and the organization can then decide who to keep in their later years.

  2. I Love Uncle Drew says:

    This Noel-Porter thing gave me a little feeling of Oden-KD……….

    Both injury-prone big man……with a scoring 3 coming behind

  3. Casey says:

    Yes if the Cavs are smart they take Otto !!!! I am the biggest Cavsfan ever and I say take Otto!!!!!!

  4. lee lovitt says:

    i kindve hope the take lin and move varejo to pf and trade thompson a 6,9 235 pf dont have much use in this league and he cant be a star are even a all star so get rid of him and get a small fwd who can defend and make 3s im sure the wizards would part with trever areza

  5. Tyrone says:

    in my opinion, if the Cav’s do not end up making any trades, they would be smart to draft Potter with the 1st pick and then the best C with the 19th pick. Potter will be a natural fit with the young talent Mike Brown has now, and I think they can get a solid Big (C) with the 19th pick to back up Varejao and then move T. Zeller to back up PF. The Cav’s are set up to be a very good young team.

  6. Arky says:

    I think the Cavs would love to trade down just a couple of spots, but no-one’s playing ball. No-one really loves the idea of taking Noel that much for themselves. There’s a pretty large difference between Noel and last year’s #1 Anthony Davis even though they both hang their hat on being athletic defense-first big men. Davis just had so much more polished and more of an all-round game than Noel has. Would Noel even be top 10 if he was teleported back in time a year?

  7. yes…Porter is the right pick for cleveland…they don’t need a big man cuz they’ve got anderson varejao to do that for them…plus nerlens noel is still rehabing for injury….so that is a big gamble for them

  8. Ultimate Kyrie Fan says:

    What the Cavs should do:
    Trade 1st pick and Dion Waiters to Charlotte for 4th pick and MKG then select Ben Mclemore (if he drops to 4) or Victor Oladipo. Good trade for both teams. Imagine this line-up for next year:
    -Kyrie Irving
    -Ben Mclemore
    -Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
    -Tristan Thompson
    -Anderson Varejao

    Now if only they could get rid of Mike Brown again….

    • I Love Uncle Drew says:

      Make sense, but wouldn’t keeping both Waiter and No.1 (My pick: Porter) be a better choice?

      Cavs already have Gee who can defend, and as much hype as MKG created last year,,,I don’t see him have more potential than Porter.

      And if the trade does go through, who should the Bobcats pick?

    • Midas Touch says:

      Well played! You should be the Cavs’ GM!

  9. Mr.Cleveland says:

    I think Otto Porter is the right piece and I have from the beginning . He’s the only 2 way player that makes since for the Cavs . They will be in the 8th seed next year if they pick Porter. Len/Noel are both bad picks, we don’t need Mclenmore who can’t defend or create his own shot . We need just a solid player thats what the Cavaliers are missing a glue guy somebody who can do some of everything . With Porter’s length and size he is a perfect fit for the Central Division as well . Len/Noel would get ate up by Joakim,Hibbert, and Sanders on a night to night basis . Also those injuries don’t help how many times has a Big picked at 1 with injuries panned out in the last 20 years?

  10. Grapefruit juice says:

    I don’t see how Cavaliers can miss playoffs next season. If they strengthen up the offense they’re going to be real contenders in the tough Central division.

    • Pakyaw says:

      They will still miss playoffs..if ur main guy on your team is a injured prone (Irving) your team is not going anywhere

  11. J says:

    it makes sence to take him 1 so why not just do it cavs
    zeller will be a great player next season (even better if he starts and they trade verajao for a good role player)
    if they take noel trade him and if they take mclemore or oladipo start him over waiters(make him 6th man)
    IF the cavs play this draft well they will have a great future go cavs!!!

  12. J says:

    it makes sence to take him 1 so why not just do it cavs
    zeller will be a great player next season (even better if he starts and they trade verajao for a good role player)
    if they take noel trade him and if they take mclemore or oladipo start him over waiters(make him 6th man)
    if the cavs play this draft well they will have a great future

  13. Kevin James says:

    interesting thought, porter might be the right choice for the cavs but theres no way they don’t pick noel. I would be tempted to take mclemore, if there ever was a draft to trade down in, this is it

  14. Cleveland says:

    Cleveland is outright stupid if they don’t take Nerlens Noel who’s tall enough and talented enough to easily play a bit of either PF or C for Cleveland.

    He’s also the clear favorite in trade value and quality big men are harder to come by in the NBA so building for Cleveland’s future that’s a great team acquisition.

    Honestly they should take him and use him a lot at C with a bit of PF and see how it goes for a season if it doesn’t pan out as well as expected they get some more draft picks to work with and fill in SF position better.

  15. Elias ewing says:

    NBA teams Please get Daniel Ewing he know as a MVP ring look at the last team point on this old team.