Blogtable: Last Word On 2013 Finals

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Week 35: Last word on 2013 Finals | Most intriguing Draft prospect | Advice for Dwight, CP3

Last word: What I’ll remember most about the 2013 NBA Finals is …?

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comTwenty-eight seconds left. Spurs up five. Miami fans heading for the exits. Then everyone got a refresher course in the fat lady and Yogi Berra.

Fran Blinebury, NBA.comRay Allen‘s tying 3-pointer in Game 6. It goes in annals of the greatest clutch shots in Finals history.

Scott Howard-Cooper, It was different. The Heat didn’t beat a team in The Finals for the first time, as in 2012. They didn’t steamroll the competition, as was the case for long attaches of the regular season. The Heat had to gut and grind these seven games out against a quality team. Different in a good way.

John Schuhmann, How close the Spurs were to winning the championship in Game 6. If Manu Ginobili hits both free throws with 28 seconds left, if Kawhi Leonard hits both with 19 seconds left, if they could just grab a rebound on either of the Heat’s last two possessions of regulation, or if Ray Allen’s three is a couple of inches to the left or right, everything would be different. The title certainly wasn’t given to Miami, but it’s amazing how it was determined by a series of somewhat random events. Heck, Leonard’s three with 1:26 left or Duncan’s layup in the final minute of Game 7 could have been the difference as well. The whole season — 1,315 games — all came down to just a few seconds.

Sekou Smith, Ray Allen’s corner 3-pointer that sent Game 6 to overtime saved so much bacon in Miami the Heat need to retire his jersey. The fallout would have been catastrophic if he missed that shot. The fact that he had the wherewithal to back up to the 3-point line the way he did in that situation is a testament to the sort of preparation and understanding of the game that you expect from a future Hall of Famer.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: Game 6. I think it’s the best game I’ve ever seen in person, and I’ve been to more games than I can count. I know the Heat fans took some criticism for leaving early, but I understand — with 28 seconds left and Miami down five, I actually went on and tried to change my flight home. I’ve never been so glad to have had bad wireless service.

Adriano Albuquerque, NBA Brasil: It has to be Game 6 as a whole. That whole game had just so many storylines — Duncan’s first half, Birdman’s return to the rotation, Kawhi’s facial on Miller, Miller’s shoeless 3-pointer, LeBron’s eruption without the headband, the Spurs’ collapse in the final seconds, Parker’s big shots, “the yellow rope”, Ray Allen’s game-tying 3, and Bosh’s two blocks in the end. Allen’s 3 is an instant “Forever is Big” commercial.

Philipp Dornhegge, NBA Deutschland: The class that both organizations displayed. No surprise from the Spurs, but they also brought out the best in the Miami Heat. The Heat’s series with the Pacers and Bulls were dogfights, marked by a lot of chippiness. In The Finals, we got the cleanest series I’ve seen in a long time. Zero technical fouls (!), an infinite amount of mutual respect between the teams and great sportsmanship after all was said and done.

Stefanos Triantafyllos, NBA Greece: It can’t be anything else but Game 6. From LeBron’s dominance to Ray Allen’s 3-pointer and from the Spurs’ meltdown to Gregg Popovich‘s “we don’t foul over here”. It was maybe the best NBA Finals I can recall, one for the ages. It had it all. The MVP who shushed all the haters, the old-timers with a heart as big as their legacy, newcomers (Green, Leonard, Chalmers) and above all the feeling that “we want more.” Don’t stop the season NOW. Not after THESE games! Who can wait until October?


  1. bigboy11 says:

    this finals all ball ,great series as a miami fan i wanted them to face the spurs and we got a taste of pure balling no techs, flagrants , fights

  2. Willy Spurd says:

    Ray Allen is da man! had he stayed in Boston the Celts would still be the Celts. What I remember is Ginobli getting hammered by 3 people and a no call, also remember Bosh destroying DGreen in the corner. Thats what I remember! Still bitter! Just kidding! Go Spurs!

  3. FeeLaZone says:

    They forgot to say this. ” In game 6, Miami up by 3 points at 2 minutes remaining, what if Parker didn’t drained a 3-pointer? what if Miami heat didn’t TO the ball twice after the three of Parker?” …………… and in game 1, “what if Parker shot wasn’t went in the basket when 27 seconds left and 5 seconds remaining after the shot?….. ” Then maybe Spurs were over at Game 6..””””


    • Arky says:

      People act like the Spurs were the only ones who missed free throws down the stretch of that game.

      Miami were in the lead with more than 6 minutes to go, and they collapsed first. They handed the game to the Spurs before the Spurs handed it back. Made for a thrilling finish, though@

  4. fonzy says:

    it’s not the free throw, it’s coach pop decided to out duncan. i believe if timmy is there the heat don’t have a chance to shoot two three pointers in one possesion.

  5. MartinfromAustria says:

    To see Ray Allen hit that shot was amazing to me, I witnessed a piece of history in that night and I’m very thankful for experiencing this moment

  6. oldie goldie 35 says:

    Great series thus far. Can’t wait to see what happens next season.

  7. Berdugo says:

    The season was great, the playoffs better, and the finals best in a long while.

  8. Ray Allen is da man always has been always will be. Even tho i really disliked the Celts, Ray Allen was the man of that team. And to me should now not only get his jersey retired in Miami, but officially replace Bosh in the BIG 3!

  9. Pitiw guy says:

    where the hell is mike miller’s game winning lay up ?

  10. kde019 says:

    Sekou Smith, Ray Allen’s corner 3-pointer that sent Game 6 to overtime saved so much bacon in Miami the Heat need to retire his jersey.

    I agree, 100%.

  11. Game Time says:

    I hate the if statements because people say them with such one sidedness. Miami fans could easily say If Wade was healthier, if Bosh had a better game, if James decided to play more hero ball the series would have been done in five or less.

    • artifex says:

      I don’t think so!
      Wade’s problems can be opposed to Parker’s hand.
      If Bosh had a better game, that can be said for many (it was said of Ginobili mid-series)
      and James – with all due respect to his greatness – could’t take on these Spurs alone, it was visible a couple of times.

      Of course, every shot that didn’t hit in the first 47:32 min of Game 6 would have changed the situation. But that’s basketball, as in the end is where it counts. And in these 28sec the Heat were the better team.
      Some would say it’s luck, but objectively, they were better because they hit the balls. And Allen -curse him for not wearing green in that situation or not – was just great!

      Of course you could say “if” on a number of things but the deciding if’s came in favour of the Heat.

  12. AM says:

    What happened to Jeff Caplan?