Blogtable: Advice For Dwight, Paul

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Week 35: Last word on 2013 Finals | Most intriguing Draft prospect | Advice for Dwight, CP3

What advice do you have for free agents Dwight Howard and Chris Paul?

Chris Paul (Joe Murphy/NBAE)

Chris Paul (Joe Murphy/NBAE)

Steve Aschburner, My first bit of advice for both of them is, get out of the business of firing and hiring coaches. However active or passive they’ve been in flexing their clout to shed or acquire Stan Van Gundy, Vinny Del Negro, Mike D’Antoni and now Doc Rivers, it’s not good for their images — or haven’t they been paying attention to the grief heaped upon Deron Williams the past couple of years? As for the big free-agency stuff, Paul should stay right where he’s at with the Clippers, Howard would be best served by a move to Atlanta or Houston (less spotlight, better big-man help from coaches Kevin McHale or Mike Budenholzer).

Fran Blinebury, For CP3: Doc’s the prescription.  For Howard: Grow up.  You’re boring us.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Don’t make your announcement on a TV special.

John Schuhmann, NBA success and failure starts at the top. As much as you have to believe in the ability of your (prospective) teammates and (prospective) coach to win games, you must also believe in your owner, his willingness to do what it takes to put a title contender together, and his ability to do it in an intelligent manner. He’s got to allow his basketball people to make the basketball decisions and he has to provide them with the proper resources to put together a roster than can compete for a championship.

Sekou Smith, NBA.comHurry up! We know Paul isn’t going anywhere now that Doc Rivers is in place with the Clippers, so there is no reason to play any free-agent games. Howard has to decide if the extra money the Lakers can pay him outweighs the peace of mind he can attain by going elsewhere. Cash aside, I’d like to see him finish what he started with the Lakers.

Dwight Howard (Cameron Browne/NBAE)

Dwight Howard (Cameron Browne/NBAE)

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blogShut up. If you really want to explore free agency to the fullest, that’s fine and that’s something you’ve earned. But don’t talk about it, don’t send out mixed messages, don’t antagonize fans. We heard so much about Dwight during the leaving Orlando saga that we’re all still a bit scarred. This time, do it in peace.

Aldo Avinante, NBA Philippines: My advice to Dwight Howard is to go wherever he thinks is the best place for him to win a championship. He should not be swayed by anybody. Be a man and take responsibility for whatever decision you will make and stand up for it. As for Chris Paul, he should stay with the Clippers. With all that talent and Doc Rivers now on the bench, the Clips give him his best chance for success in his career. Paul is a leader, and he is the right fit for the Clippers’ young guns. Complemented by the veteran coaching and valuable championship experience of Rivers, the Clips are primed for a big year.

Pawel Weszka, NBA AfricaBe smart in how you handle yourselves in the process. Don’t talk too much. Watch out for what you tweet. You both have a shot at immortality in the City of Angels, even if the grass may look a bit greener on the other side. How many players would give anything to play alongside Kobe in his last season(s)? How many players would like to make their franchise their own and finally take it to the NBA Finals? How many players would like to call L.A. home? Rivers’ arrival should make the decision easier for Paul, but I wonder if Howard gives in to Houston’s temptations.


  1. Nook 51 says:

    I think both should choose the Los angles lakers and become the next magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul jabbar and they would have a better chance of winning with the lakers then any other team out there…

  2. hdjush says:

    stay in la it will be good for the franchise and for dwight nce the veterans leave it will start to build up real good

  3. Back2back says:

    Howard is the most overrated player in the league. He has no offensive skills. He is a liability at the free throw line and he doesn’t play hard. All he does consistently is cry. If he ever gets a ring it won’t be because of him. He would just b on the team. When healthy, Andrew Bynum is the better all around player. He has low post moves and hits his free throws. And plays d. Howard is whack.

  4. Rob Davis says:

    Chris & D. Howard do what’s best for you and families. Fans handle your careers.

  5. voice says:

    Anyone remember Deron Williams as a free agent? No? It lasted for about a minute before he signed an extension with the Nets. That’s how I wish Dwight would handle it. He doesn’t need the pitches from the teams, he has had three years of contemplating this move. All he needs is a contract from each of them (max/max) and a pen, and take himself out of the race less than an hour in, avoiding all the suspense and “Dwightmare” and letting other teams go about their fallback plans right away.
    Instead he sets a date 10 days into free agency setting the stage for a LeBron sequel. I expected that, but I really hoped for a quick and quiet signature.

  6. rookie98 says:

    I have to admit that all the trades and free agents last summer I was lest excited about the HOward one h e worked out the best he is truly a nba elite player . I hope the skeep him. But if he thinks it best to move on then than you for what you have done and Gpd speed be eith you

    I hodo !pe he makes up is mind quickly the Lakers have lot to

  7. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    If Chris Paul wants to win NBA World Championships, he must sign with the OKC Thunder ASAP.

    If Paul stays with the Clippers, they won’t go very far in the playoffs.

    If Paul goes to Houston or Atlanta, he DEFINITELY won’t go far in the playoffs.

    If Paul goes to the OKC Thunder, he WILL win it all for the next DECADE.

    It’s no secret that Paul is very familiar with the likes of KD and Russ. He’s going to have lots of fun dishing to Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook and Kevin Martin and Serge Ibaka and Andre Igoudala ALL DAY LONG.

    If Chris Paul is going to leave the Clippers this Summer, why would he go to Houston or Atlanta? Those are downgrades. He wants Championships, and he will get TONS of them if he smartens up and joins the Thunder!!!

  8. STAR777 says:


  9. 4acegeneral says:

    CP3 is put the team is good enough to go big now with Doc. Howard in the other hand need to concider Houston along with Lin and Harden he would would put in work he needs to put his head in the game and start thinking rings Houston is nearly there a big guy like Howard helping would bring it over.

  10. theholyspectator says:

    if im cp3, im stayin in LA..clippers that is. you got doc rivers as your coach, guy knows a thing or two about coaching a team. maybe add a few key players and clippers are back to gettin a shot at a title, especially with spurs on the decline. as far as howard goes, def leave lakers, thats not a place for was a such a huge jump from a small market like orlando to a gigantic one like LA…i say either team up with dirk and the mavs or harden and the rockets..the days of la lakers are done…top teams in the west for 2013-14 season (OKC/CLIPPERS/GSW/ and whatever team howard joins…

  11. B Radd says:

    Dwight here, No I have no desire playing for the Bulls. The only chance winning is teaming up with the second best player in the League…that’s right KD. You have to match fire with fire to play Lebron in his Prime and to match D Wade against versatile Hybrid Russell Westbrook. Believe that for a guaranteed ring!!!

  12. bobby says:

    Dwight does Dallas!!!

  13. tt says:

    Lebron best player ever. Magic Johnson better than mj. Dont you remember who kept mj from getting to the final? The celtics. Magic destroy the celtics. Lbj is the best.

  14. Bu says:

    well said Superb ending to a superb season.

    CP3 – stay with Clips.
    DH – go to a smaller pond whose goal not chasing a championship. you’ll get more respect there with your work ethics & personality.

  15. Dedinho says:

    A better question would be; How should the Lakers handle free agency?

  16. Brave1181 says:

    Why no one thinks of Howard for the Celtics?? They’re about to loose KG, there is no really good big man there… Could be good for him and the team…

    • 4acegeneral says:

      No need for Howard in Green not right now not enough spot shooter to compliment Rondo and Howard he wouldnt fit we are picking up enough big man right now we need to pick up Guards and Foward

  17. heatfan says:

    PG – CP3
    SG – wade
    SF – theking
    PF – CB
    C – DH12

  18. Saeed says:

    CP3, stay in Clippers now that Doc Rivers is the coach.
    Dwight Howard, if I were you, I would move to Houston. LA is Kobe’s team. You probably won’t be able to tag your name as the alpha on this team. But Houston has a couple of young and dangerous players and you can take over when you go there. To me, West’s first and last dangerous team for Howard to go to the Finals is OKC (forget about how Spurs and Grizzliz escaped to a OKCless WCF, it was because Russel’s injury and Durant’s youngness. I would like to see a WCF between Howard’s Houston and OKC and maybe a finals between two old Eastern Conference rivals Howard and James.

    • Saeed says:

      And one thing, Howard should have stayed in Orlando but now that he has left there, I guess Rockets is the best place for him.

  19. JacQues Mapepe says:

    Dwight should consider Houston & what that team can become with Harden & Chandler Parsons, with a coach like KH he’ll have someone who won multiple titles as a big man. Paul will stay shouldn’t even test free agency now that Doc is there- keep your head down Championships are hard to come by.

  20. MIN-LAL says:


  21. LALExecutive says:

    To All LAL Fans: We will sign D12, CP3, JSmoove and AI9, just promise to watch every Lakers game at Staple Center and buy the players memorabilia’s including jersey’s etc., for us to collect enough amount to pay the Luxury Tax! ;P

  22. Drago says:

    These guys are like the losers of the King James era like Barkley or Millers where in the Jordan era.They should just go for the money cause they wont win a title next year no matter what they do.

  23. I can’t see CP3 winning a championship to clippers if he wont be teammates with D12 next year I think Miami will win it all every year again and again. Miami will be a better team every year. They know their weaknesses. LA Lakers have the capability of bringing good players along side with great superstars to win championship. It is a traditional franchise of winning it again and again. They area a good combo players both ends of the floor like the years of CP3 went he was in NO with Chandler. They are both young and they will be provided with good contract, good coach with Phil Jackson (maybe) and good bench to win it next year.

  24. J says:

    for d12:
    go to houston or golden state either team equipped with dwight future title contenders

    for cp3:
    stay in la with the clips you can and will win lots there

  25. Lakers fan says:

    Stay with the lakers and talk to Kobe gasol and tell yourself if lower enough money uncanny sign a mother player

  26. CP3 will join D12 with Phil Jackson to LA Lakers to challenge the Miami Heat! It is the best team who can challenge the heat. They dont care about paying luxury tax but rather they are more concren about building a good team with more talent outside shooting that can beat the heat!!!

  27. Lawrence says:

    Heres some advice. You enter free agency next week not knowing where your going. Many teams will make offers, but go to a team that can allow you to make an impact to the team, community and also help you to improve your own skills and hopefully help you to reach your goals.

  28. aj says:

    DWade have more rings then lebron

  29. aj says:

    Lebron will never be a mj.

  30. aj says:

    D12 will get a ring b4 he retire… middle finger to lebron.

  31. aj says:

    D12 leave the lakers become a clipper and get a ring.

  32. aj says:

    D12 and cp3 ring..

  33. fernando824 says:

    I think Dwight should stay with my Lakers. He can make the most money here plus it’s the Lakers so we’ll be in the mix for the championship. L.A. is the best place for him to succeed on and off the basketball court with all the endorsements he can get here in LA. Plus in 2014 Free Agency he can attract other great players to come here in LA so he’ll have more help. LA loves him, he loves LA so that’s a good sign. I just feel this is where he belongs.

    I think CP3 will stay and with Doc coming to Clippers its more likely to happen

  34. Chris hear me out forget the clippers sorry Blake but as I was saying go to like a team like the bulls if u go an Dwight go to the bulls I’m telling you will get 2 or. Three rings trust me same thing to u Dwight bulls #1 #23 best an it could be #3 an #12

  35. howard should team up with harden, parsons, delfino in rockets, there, he has the chance to reach the finals again. just like in the 2009MAGIC they have lewis, nelson and torkoglu they shoot 3s and that gives space inside for howard.


    cp3 should stay in lob city, he and griffin is a perfect duo and now doc running the plays? the clips should trade deandre or other to get a player that fits with cp3 and griffin.

    if one of this happen?? the rockets or clippers should sign j.r. smith

  36. LJ vs MJ says:

    Lebron James is better than MJ, @ choking with games on the line.

  37. J-Short37 says:

    My advice for Howard is to move on to Houston which is good for him and the Lakers. Paul he might as well stay where he is at they are moving up in the world

    • mohicans21 says:

      I think so too, Houston can’t give him the same money that the Lakers can give but Houston will give him the peace of mind that he need to be a better player, a better team mate. and Houston will be a contender right away. And because Houston has a lot of money they can afford to get another player that can make them a contender (Josh Smith).

      C – Dwight Howard
      PF – Josh Smith
      SF – Chandler Parson
      SG – James Harden
      PG – Jeremy Lin

    • B Rad says:

      D12 to Houston is not a good idea, D12 in a sign and trade for Ibaka and anyone on the OKC roster not named Westbrook or Durant. Let’s get it done!

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        @B Rad

        No way. Thunder probably have no interest in Howard. Too expensive. Too risky. They’re committed to players like Ibaka (best shot-blocker in the game). I’d rather have Serge than Dwight.

  38. Joe Gallagher says:

    Hey Everybody That Writes In,
    Share your insights on players, coaches and team abilities and strategies. Don’t just use this venue to give props to your fave player or club. Just sayin’, Thanks

  39. Javier rubio says:

    Lebron James is better than MJ

  40. Backbone Issue says:

    I suspect Dwight Howard is too cheap to walk away from 30 Million Dollars. He doesn’t have the character, moral courage or the spine to do it. The Lakers will be stuck with him for a while. Alas !

  41. asknba says:

    We, the NBA fans can not wait for this season to begin. Doc Rivers will need the mind of Harry Houdini to get another championship ring. Because, little floor generals, with out a dominant big, has only worked for Detroit teams, it is a fact of being rare, like panning for gold, in your own back yard. Plus, Coach Hollins has already shown everybody the blue print on how to shut down Chris Paul lead teams. The Western Conference is no walk in the park for any team. You have to put on your big boy pants every game, and when all the pushing, an shoving is done, Then you have to visit, ” Under The Dome ‘ In the World of King James..

  42. Sam Rys says:

    DH should go to dallas and cuban bring monta ellis to brake the team =D

  43. Dwight most go to HEAT

  44. David says:

    Going to Miami is the best place to win and makes the most sense basketball-wise. But the heat is not breaking up the big three, the NBA is a business and they’ve already spent too much marketing on the Miami trio to break it all up now in mids of their championship run. So they have to be creative and some how trade, mid-level, whatever to get Howard for like a half way point of 10 million. I know it’s hard, but it’s fair for all the good teams. Every contender is over the cap with the exception of maybe indiana, who already have roy hibbert, who is way more reliable than Howard and alot cheaper. So the truth is, if he wants to win, he’s got to take less money.

  45. Dwight Howard sux, my advice for him would be to retire the game of basketball and open up an onion shop. This way he actually has a reason for his crying all the time. Now for CP3, he should stay right where hes at, I just heard the Lakers picked up Cliff, so he can’t go there…And why leave now after crying a River…I kill myself…

  46. click me now says:

    howard is LAKER FOR LIFE LIKE IT OR NO!!!

  47. akosicarter says:


  48. B Radd says:

    D12, The Big Ticket and the Truth to the Clippers….whuuuut!

  49. MonteC says:

    Dwight following Shaq footstep. Next season, Miami Heat. 3 peat pap!

  50. lee lovitt says:

    i say dwight and kg go to the clippers and that can be done so why not trade bledsoe and griifen for dwight jordan for kg and if u want to mix it up clippers need some outside shooters get dwight maybe try for pearce are maybe try to bring in ryan anderson who was awsum paired with dwight either way the need a stretch 4 and dwight jordan and griffen are the same player so trade them both get the better verson who want be as winey on a team like the clippers the lakers wil be winners because the got a young pg who fits the scheme better then steve nash because kobe is still there and he will have the ball in his hands and then pgasol back to center and u have a great bigman to run the floor in griffen who deff fits the system better ok then u got bosten rebuilding 25 year old athletic center who has got better every year in the league for a 37 year old veteran in his last year um ya why not

  51. Esteban says:

    Just a funny fact here. Shaq was signed by the Magic, played for some very solid years, then traded to the Lakers. Dwight got signed by the Magic where he stablished himself as a dominant force, then traded for the Lakers for a forgettable season. Shaq later got traded to the Miami Heat. Will it be the same case with Howard? I know salary cap speaking, this is not reasonable. I just keep dreaming of it.

    • drew says:

      Shaq won champioships in LA before he went to Miami though. Therefore according to your model Dwight stays………..for now at least

  52. Superb ending to a superb season says:

    I’m sick and tired of people picking teams that give him the best option to win a championship and keep switching until they get one. Players should stop chasing the title and start playing the game of basketball, cus there’s so much more to basketball than just that trophy. You can give the people so much just by loving the game and working hard, I mean, dear god, stop being selfish and play the game. Just like the guys from Open Court, they said that you as a player, as a star, should strive towards beating your nemesis, archrival or anyone who stands in your way of winning, not joining their team to win the title, that’s the easy way out, and that’s what Lebron James did, i’m sorry for bringing him up, but it’s true. Players need to become competitive and look forward to defeating the teams that are in their way, and not find ways to join their team just so they could get that lame statistic at the end of the year (NBA Champion). Nobody likes a champion if he does it the easy way. Everyone loves the guy who crawls on his knees if he has to, and who carries his team on his back if he has to, to win it. If you’re Batman, you don’t team up with Superman, just so you could be called the best, try to be the best by defeating Superman.
    And as for Dwight and Chris, Dwight Howard made a huge mistake coming to LaLa Land, because he’s not the type of person who likes tradition and legacy burden, and history weight, that’s not him. Find a team that makes you a big fish in a medium sized pond and let a team build around you, you’re a 3x Defensive player of the year and the best, the BEST center in the world, use that to your advantage. Money comes and goes, Dwight, but the amazing years you produce with teams that rise when you come to town, last forever. And as for Chris Paul, you should stay with the Clippers, cus idk.

    • KB24 says:


    • artifex says:

      I agree, and have respect for players who stay (Kobe, Dirk, Duncan) but sometimes a trade can be positive for you and your team. Even Barkley came to Phoenix and later teamed up with Hakeem and Drexler (unsuccessfully).
      Because CHAMPIONSHIP is not LAME. It is the ultimate goal and I understand if players look to get in the best position for that. Though I agree it is sweeter if you get it coming from down all the up (like the “selfbuilt” Spurs) but
      a) it doesn’t come easy – or the Heat wouldn’t have gone through 2 7-game series!
      b) it still needs more than some stars teaming up. Lakers have 3 future HOFs plus All Star in Pau and didn’t get it going this year. Clippers have Paul, Griffin and a very deep bench and didn’t make it to the 2nd round. NYK: Melo, DPOY Chandler, HOF Kidd and 6th Man Smith didn’t stand the Pacers.
      These (Pacers) and Grizzlies showed how to have success: Play as a team and develop a strong defense!
      And the Heat made it not only because of their big 3 scoring talent, but because they also made their teammates better. I wouldn’t say Chalmers or Miller are that good of players. But the Heat developed a system where they fit and the Big 3 were able to involve them. Same for Spurs making best out of Leonard, Green etc. (though it can be only one winner unfortunately).
      And that is said from a not-Heat-fan. Don’t like them but respect them!

    • meow says:

      Why should Lebron have been loyal to an organization that left him on an island for seven years, with an owner who only cared about selling jerseys. I wouldn’t say going to Miami was the easy way out. He took a ton of heat (lol) for his choice, he left his hometown where all his closest friends and family live (and where he still lives), where he won high school state championships, where he met his soon to be wife, and the team that he gave 100% effort to for seven years. His legacy with the Cavs was erased when he left, and he knew that would happen. All those great moments, big plays, big games might as well have never happened. Turned his back on a rejuvenated and exploding fan base that were cavs fans because of him. Easy way out? Hardly. He made his choice and committed to it, worked hard and now has 2 rings to show for it. Fans shouldn’t get so mad at players when they want a change to advance their careers, it’s an opportunity we all hope to have in our respective careers. Maybe it’s time to understand that these players are human beings, and presented with the similar opportunities many of us make the same choices. That being said Dwight does need to man up and make a decision and take responsibility for and be 100% committed to whatever choice he makes

      -Nuggets fan

    • srvhendrix says:

      Lebron James did team up with dwayne wade and chris bosh. You are correct superb ending, but shaq went to the lakers after he fell short in orlando to get a ring. At the end of the day it is about championships and if the front office is not commited to putting the pieces certain players need to win then how can you blame them for leaving. Clyde left portland and won with houston after he fell short. Kareem won one with the bucks and realized the opportunity he had with the Lakers. Players have been doing this for decades. Just the media is more prevelant in sports now.

    • reg says:

      What about Lakers kobe shaq kobe should stayed in orginal team that Drafted him and shaq and orlando

  53. B/Ball fan says:

    For Dwight…Lakers always will make some move to be a contender…stay in L.A….finish what you start in Lala land

  54. pepe says:

    CP3 to Lakers, Howard stay, fresh Kobe, trade MWP and Gasol, sign JR Smith and Millsap!
    Get the HATE down!

    • Kei says:

      What hate? Lakers were out the 1st round. Kobe clashed with Dwight, Nash got injured, fans blame coach, pretty much self -destruct. Didn’t generate much to get any kind of hate.

  55. Celtics Fan says:

    Somebody gets it!

  56. guywhoknows says:

    Dwight Howard may be the most immature veteran player I’ve ever seen. I don’t think he gets the whole “team” thing. If I was a GM I wouldn’t sign him to a mid level exception. He’s a drain on any team.

    • Gunay says:

      I totally agree with every word you say and I am curious to the level to see which team he is going to end up with and we will see another collapse.

  57. Poetryselite says:

    I really concur with Aldo Avinante. After acquiring Rivers, it’s practically all but certain that CP3 will stay with the Clips (Sterling is rewriting his tumultuous legacy as an owner). Where I really agree with Avinante is that Howard should go wherever his title chances are best. With that being said, what would keep him from joining LAC? The Clips have practically all the pieces now: The best floor general and PG on the planet, who prefers distributing (although he can score also), Griffin, a solid supporting cast, and now a championship coach who’ll emphasize defense to compliment that explosive Lob City offense. And before I’m scrutinized for how unrealistic this is, was it not inconceivable for Doc to be on the sidelines for the upcoming season… that is until CP3 urged the front office to reconvene negotiations with the Celts. My point is if there’s anyone who can convince Howard to take a lot less money for his best shot at the title, it’s CP3. Think about it, if he can inspire Doc to actually want to coach the Clippers, he can convince Howard to play for them (at least in theory). This is really not such a farfetched paradigm… especially with Doc now on board. Sure, Howard wants money, but at this point in his career, he probably wants a title more.

    • artifex says:

      It’s the cap space that certainly holds the Clippers from getting Howard.

    • Saeed says:

      LAC can not afford to pay Howard unless Howard humiliates himself with a very low (lower than his norm and his right) salary.

  58. ezequiel says:

    lakers sing criss paul and trade steve nash for oder player this player has manu ginobili to help the lakers in 5 starters in the kobe injured and sing howard dwight and andre iguadala in position 3 to earl clark in substitutions

  59. leyt says:

    DWIGHT for BOSH… hmmm

  60. Tito Vigo says:

    Howard should go to Miami Heat and Chris Bush to the Lakers, that way miami will have the gap. And that way Howard will have a big chance to get a ring. Other wise Howard will get no ring and maybe Chris will get another one.

  61. basketball geek says:

    i say dwight howard plays in portugal

  62. What advice to give them? I’m not in any position to give them an advice where to go. But if they ask me or you are asking me, I will advice to them to go to my team L.A. Lakers to win a championship. Dwight Howard should stay with us for years to come and Chris Paul should come to us in anyway to become a Laker. He should try to come to my team again since the NBA disapproved the trade for him to be with us two years ago. Go Lakers.

    Ray Duque III (GMBD), USA

    • Jordan says:

      The NBA didn’t disapprove the deal for Paul to the Lakers. While this was going on, The Hornets were owned by the league so David Stern, the commissioner, had a right to veto any Hornets trade that he didn’t like. He thought that the Hornets were getting just enough to cripple them financially, but not enough to improve their play

    • James says:

      Lakers can’t afford all of that. 30 million to Kobe, 20+ to Dwight, 20+ to CP3, 19+ to Gasol . . . 90 million to 4 players?

    • acca says:

      well said…

  63. steppx says:

    my advice is to take responsibility for your team’s failures and success……..but if they fail, help them get better. This whole meme now about “I want to play for a contender” is really becoming offensive. How about “I want to make my team better”… about helping that process instead of undermining management and especially coaches.

  64. Edward says:

    two words for both superstars, decide wisely