It’s Time To Warm Up To The Heat


So of all the suggestions for breaking up the Big Three of the Heat, you have to hand it to the parade route planner for being the most decisive, though derivative.

But LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh survived the attempted recreation of the giraffe-in-the-convertible scene from The Hangover Part III and now we’re left with a summer of the NBA’s most-asked question:

What’s wrong with the Heat?

After all, it’s been nearly a week since they won a game.

Never mind that it’s the offseason. Facts and rationality never seem to enter the discussion when the topic is Miami basketball.

To twist an old saying: If it’s not the Heat, it’s the stupidity.

Remember, it was only days ago when everything that Pat Riley had built inside American Airlines Arena hung in the balance.

What if either Manu Ginobili or Kawhi Leonard had made one more free throw in the final 28 seconds of Game 6?

Then Ray Allen’s back-away 3-pointer from the corner doesn’t mean a thing. Then Game 7 isn’t even played. Then Big Three get deep-sixed.

Really? Because of one free throw?

No less an accomplished playoff veteran than Magic Johnson was telling listeners on a conference call prior to Game 7: “I think we may see the end of this Big Three. I think that things will change, no matter what happens. Things have to change with that team, because everybody has caught up to them now.”


So how come there weren’t parades in San Antonio or Indianapolis or Memphis or New York or Oklahoma City or Los Angeles this week?


You can talk the talk about the Heat from now until Opening Night next season when another banner drops from the rafters and another set of gaudy rings is handed out. But until somebody can walk the walk and take Miami down at crunch time, it’s all just blather.

It seems that the most consistent criticism of the Heat has two lines of attack:

— They don’t win every game.

— I don’t like LeBron.

Of the latter, if it stems from the silly made-for-TV show on ESPN, it was three years ago and it’s time to get over it. Adam Sandler made Grown Ups that year, so it might not have been the worst decision of 2010.

If the complaint is a lack of victories, it might be time to put new batteries in the calculator.

In the three years since Miami’s Big Three have been playing together, they have a combined 170-60 (.739) record in the regular season. That means they win three out of every four times they step onto the court. They won 27 consecutive games from Feb. 3 through Mar. 25 of this season, the second-longest streak in NBA history. They have made three straight trips to the NBA Finals, winning the last two.

Yes, there was that humbling defeat by the Mavericks in 2011, the first season that James, Wade and Bosh were wearing the same uniforms and trying to figure things out. Perhaps keep in mind that in the first season Michael Jordan played with Scottie Pippen (1988), the Bulls were knocked out of the playoffs in the second round and didn’t even reach The Finals until year four.

Magic wants to blow up the Heat “no matter what happens,” even though they went back-to-back. What about when the Lakers followed up their 1980 title in his rookie year by getting knocked out in the first round of the playoffs by a Houston team with 40-42 record? After winning in 1982, his Lakers were swept in The Finals by Philly in 1983. The Lakers dynasty did not repeat until 1987 and ’88. The Larry Bird-Robert Parish-Kevin McHale Celtics never won two in a row. Tim Duncan’s Spurs have won four championships, but none consecutively.

This is a bar that was set impossibly high for the Heat from the start and is constantly being raised.

There are, in fact, very few areas in which the Heat haven’t delivered as hyped and promised, not the least of which has been making every stop in 28 other NBA arenas an event and every chapter of their three straight playoff marches must-see-TV.

Can anyone truthfully continue to hang LeBron with the old charge that he blinks in the spotlight? The times that the Heat have faced elimination in the last two playoffs, they are 5-0 and James has averages of 35.4 points, 11.4 rebounds and 5.2 assists. Remember his 3-pointer that preceded Allen’s 3?

The 31-year-old Wade has been written off like a bad debt over the past two years, but summons up big performances just when it looks like he is slipping over the edge.

Bosh will always be the third, lesser jewel in the chain, but he has made the biggest adjustment to make it all work and did get the critical rebound and make the pass to Allen in the corner.

Coach Erik Spoelstra has made the climb with them, rising from youthful caretaker to battle-tested leader who pushes the right buttons with the lineups and navigates the always roiling waters of great expectation. There are no more gaps in his pedigree.

Any one of the Big Three can bolt next summer, according to their contracts and then everything changes. That’s a whole year away.

For now, this is a team precisely as Riley dared envision it three summers ago — bold, entertaining, accomplished.

So what’s wrong with the Heat?

Only that we haven’t seen them play in nearly a week and are already missing them.


  1. Go Spurs Go!! says:

    @miami fan, I’ve been trying to comment back to you for 3 days now but they won’t post my comment, so if your reading this it finally made it thru…
    It’s not a what if, it’s a comparison..
    Check the stats
    6 of the top teams are in the west, and not to mention the east had eight teams below 500 and 1 playoff team below 500…
    Just want it to be known that there a well rested team compared to the battles the teams in the west go thru.
    and not just this year but the east has been pretty weak for a few years now. Home court has sure help them get those two
    I have nothing against Miami but wish the league would change it to a 3(west( and3(east) format.But I know that won’t happen.
    1 Miami
    2 Oklahoma City
    3 San Antonio
    4 Denver
    5 Memphis
    6 LA Clippers
    7 New York
    8 Golden State

  2. heat fan says:

    all the haters here , they all live perfect lives , they never made mistakes before or a decision that was not that good , man i didint knew there were so many perfect people living in the world, all u haters should write a book : how to be a perfect good human .

    hahah u are all so hilarious ,

    kobe acused of rape , nobody hates , why should we ahah looooooooool
    jordan goes paly baseball in his prime time , thats what i call a stupid decision lol even if he had emotional reason but still from a sports perspective stupid.
    rodmann goes to ur ennemys in north korea and tell the leader i am ur friend for life lol

    but nobody talks about it , thats the proof ur just haters and even if lebron wouldnt ahve made that decision u would hate just because u know ur team doesn’t stand a chance lol

  3. WESS says:

    For those people who are comparing Lebron to Jordan.. Just stop it. There will always be one Michael Jordan, never another. And there will always be one Lebron James, never another.

  4. Jad says:

    Ain’t got no worries!

  5. Celtics fan says:

    what does Lebron James expect after he said that stupid comment about poor people? Did he think that he would have more fans?. i would never like the Heat….

  6. Robbie says:

    Congratulations Miami Heat!

  7. mr.305 says:

    @dont ever… phoenix is a well run organization and well respected.. but how is it more respectable than miami? Its been around 45 years twenty more years than the heat franchise, yet hasn’t managed to win a single title.. they’ve been to the finals twice, and lost both times. Where as theheathave been there 4times in half the time and won it 3 times. Your dislike for the heat has you delusional and speaking irratinally. Please, come correct or do not comment at all.

  8. sanjay says:

    wow wow wooooooooowwww!
    wait a minute! where the hell where you all punks when the series was on?
    Damn! I thought the season is over and folks are vacationing. But the heat from the series has not waned off yet, eh?

    look at the responses here.

  9. E says:

    Fran, please don’t compare LBJ, Wade and Bosh teaming up to when Pippen and MJ first got together. Pip was a rookie (87, btw) and his skillset was not that of Wade’s (already a champion and Finals MVP when the Big 2.25 got together). Nobody knew how Pippen would turn out. His rookie year left much to be desired. Those Bulls championship teams were constructed with basketball savvy, not the glaringly obvious formula of stockpiling stars. Get a better grip of history before making comparisons to fill empty space in order to beat your deadline.

  10. Evens says:

    Foolishness get over it. Grow up, dry your salty tears and move on. I guess everyone in this world makes a mistake, bad decision and boom that’s it, you become and evil villain. As all whom commented on this post we are all human with fault and flaws not perfect. How can you hang that decision over his head for the rest of his NBA career like he gambled on games, or injected steroids to hit more homeruns, or win tour de France’s. If he made that choice and arrived at anyone of the haters/negative comment makers on this post you would be sporting that James Jersey, hi fiving your buddies when he hit that shot to seal the championship and pumping your fist when he bought home your favorite not 1 but 2nba titles in 3trys. Give it a rest and move on!
    Knicks fan!

  11. Andri says:

    Thanks to a wrong decision, LJ has 2 nba title on 3 years. Thanks LJ for take that decision on the right time on the right moment. What ever people say …not matter … u are a new best NBA player. Keep going. U are not a 2 Michael Jordan, you are the first Lebron James.

  12. Poetryselite says:

    After reading this article and some of the comments posted in response to the article, I must say that people are rather ridiculous. Blinebury didn’t just speak on Lebron’s “Decision”, but that’s the only thing people thought to respond to. I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself Miami’s biggest supporter but they are certainly an excellent team who only needs a true center in the starting line-up to complete their roster (although they still took the last 2 titles). But Lebron’s “Decision” was just that, he was an unrestricted free agent and it was HIS DECISION to do as he saw fit. And while people are so busy nailing him to the cross, they keep overlooking or simply refusing to acknowledge the fact that not only did he not take a dime, but that “The Decision” raised money for a well respected children’s program. He basically raised millions for those kids. My question to ALL his critics is, “How much money did they raise”? Yet, people hate the fact and sometimes even question why Lebron is as blessed as he is… seems to me that bitterness is the only thing that could cause people to hate a man for something that he did to benefit others 3 years ago. Just my take.

  13. GamberT says:

    LBJ for me is no that he is a great player and have won 2 championships, what amazes me is that he triumphs over all that hate people exudes over him. He didn’t only won to the SPURS (a great team) he won over all the HATE!!!! That’s what makes him great…

  14. Berdugo says:

    Championships matter.
    Who cares if you’re superstar is arrogant, stupid, selfish, have halitosis. Championships matter. It’s what every team thrives about. At the end of the day, the Heat have 3 champ trophies, the Bulls have 6, the Spurs have 4, and some other don’t have any. The books won’t tell how many haters LBJ has, or how bad he is from the fans’ perspective, but it’ll always say that he’s an MVP, with X amount of rings. For the people who said that they would rather lose than have an arrogant superstar on their team, you’re on the wrong sport my friend. You don’t win without skill, you don’t win by losing. That’s just stupid.

  15. Bus says:

    Not to chill out in Cleveland!!

  16. Bus says:

    Lebron, let’s face it there will never be another LBJ, he is one of the best, and there will never be another LBJ this is why he moved!! To win!!!!!!

  17. islander says:

    same thing for wade.

  18. Rob says:

    I would tell “the haters” to get a life, but in all honesty I’m enjoying the moment and I will say I rather Witness and enjoy the moment of greatness than waste my precious time with negative people and negative energy that my words and as many writings on the wall would never change.
    We let them enjoy their hatred towards us, the “White Hot Heat Nation” of sexy South Florida and the money along with the master mind Pat Riley, the architect of THE REALITY show of the second decade of the 21 century.
    I will say one thing though, and this is to everyone, haters or lovers. Do what you do to the best of your abilities, and BE the master at it.
    Nothing comes EASY in this life, losers will always find flaws to point to, remember one thing, we’re human beings with flaws, the only FLAWLESS is OUR CREATOR, GOD…

    Go Heat,

    Sincerely your White Hot Heat Nation
    Rob from Miami

  19. islander says:

    Im a heat fan since ever. I love what they has accomplished for the franchise and for the city. My personal opinion is that LBJ can not make happy every body, but he can improve a lot in one field: been humble. You can be the best player, the most famous, the best athlete with all recognition and awards possibles, But you do not get the heart of the people if you are not humble. He is not the haughtiest person in the world, but he shall improve…

  20. ExtremeBoy111 says:

    Why there is no haters when Harden leave OKC? According to Durant they treat each other as brothers. But after that Harden still left their team for money. But no reaction from fans not unlike what u react now to Lebron.

  21. Miles10 says:

    Come on! This is the time where all teams including the Heat should rest and later on get back to the drawing boards! Give credit where credit is due. I believe Heat fans give respect to those who deserved it: Spurs, Pacers, and others who gave respect back.
    Going to the article, I think the question “What’s wrong with the Heat?”, in a fan’s perspective, lays out the blueprint on how LBJ and company to succeed: doing things people don’t want them to get. I remember once a saying, “If a person tells you a bad advice, love him and do the exact opposite of the advice”. Another introductory was mentioned: “What if?”. This, by far, is the most vague issue to dig in. There’s nothing wrong with it, only there’s no point going through it.
    Inside the court, there is only one ball. And the team that scores more wins. Case closed.

  22. voiceofreason says:

    Honestly, why do people hate on Lebron. If you look at it, Melo changed teams, Stoudomire changed teams ( sorry if it is spelled wrong), Howard changed teams, and Nash did too. Even in history this has happened. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wasn’t always in the Lakers, he was in the Bucks first. So why don’t you hate on all of them. Honestly, we might be witnessing the best generation in basketball (after the Bill Russell, Magic/Bird, and M.J generations), and I don’t think the NBA will ever be the same after these guys leave. Basically I’m saying, Don’t Hate, Appreciate.

  23. Bus says:

    Lebron vs Jordan? No, Lebron vs Bird or Magic? No, Lebron vs Kobe? Getting close, Lebron vs Timmy closer, but Lebron is a BEAST

  24. Bus says:

    Jordan vs Lebron no, Lebron vs Magic no, Lebron vs Kobe getting close, Lebron vs Timmy even closer

  25. BUDZ says:

    Let them hate LEbron…….the haters just fell sorry every time LBJ has something to Laugh ,,,,,,Haters are just feeling guilt that lebron is one of the legend……livng legend…….LOL 🙂

  26. Lee says:

    So, Im not allowed to just dislike the Heat? I have to warm up to them because they win games and sometimes slam dunk the ball? I’m not interested in cheering for a team that has tried to take the easy way out by building an all star team, with former all stars on their 3rd and 4th string. They have attempted to stack the deck so high that no team can even compete just to pad their legacies with rings and satisfy their own egos with these “paper championships”. The Heat dont impress me. Every year they try to add another former all-star for the veteran minimum to stack the deck that much higher, and im suppose to be impressed and cheer? Lebron is the greatest player in the NBA. I dont hate Lebron, but Im not impressed with the way he has won his championships.

  27. Kevo says:

    Correction: every WINNING team has bandwagon fans, I mean, lol.


    I don’t hate the heat for any of those reasons. I’m not the biggest fan of LeBron but I have to respect him. I hate the heat because they destroyed the whole NBA. No team has even a chance to win. We all cheered for the Spurs and were very excited to watch the games between the Spurs and the Heat. Honestly though everyone who watches basketball and has seen the big three at their best knew the whole time the Heat weren’t going to lose. That is the reason. I hate knowing that the Heat are going to win the everything at the beginning of every season. Plus now the Heat have become a powerhouse forever. Just like L.A or N.Y it has become a destination where everyone wants to be. The free agents will always go there and the team might be great for years and years to come even after the big three are old. My second point is obviously not as strong as my first but if you think about it they both are very true.

  29. Kevo says:

    I only hate on the bandwagon fans, lol. Every team’s got em, but anyways, props to the Heat for a great season and third championship! Bulls fan here so I’m hoping they can match up to the Heat next season (we need more scoring, lol). It will be an interesting next season, I can’t wait!

  30. Hate never dies says:

    There is an episode of the Simpsons where Mr. Burns vows to never kill an animal that can do an amusing trick. I think of that every time someone says people need to stop hating Lebron. Why? Because he can do an amusing trick? I think the best way to sum up what I don’t like about Lebron is the Space Jam video with Lebron as Michael Jordan (check it out).

  31. Nathan says:

    GET OVER IT!! lol LeBron even said. “he aint got no worries” GO HEAT!! 3 peat!!

  32. Cavsfan98 says:

    Actually there’s alot not to like everybody says that their the best team and how Lebron is better than Jordan blah blah blah. But guess what I’m sorry but LEBRON WILL NEVER BE BETTER THAN JORDAN end of story. The heat is not the best team ever. Will not happen there are players alone who are better than that team. Jordan. Bird. Magic. People who didn’t care about money. So no heat fans they are not the best team ever. And now Lebron first off he was not consistent at all during the San Antonio series second he left a team that poured their heart and soul into wether he wants to admit it or no Cleveland made him who he is. And lastly for all those people that are gonna say I’m a hater and I’m just mad he’s not on my team guess what the cavs have a rookie all star a first round pick and a coach that has never missed a playoff game in his entire experience coaching so I don’t want Lebron back Cleveland is better off without him.

  33. IYF says:

    For me it’s not even about “the decision” that makes me not like the Heat. It’s about the way they build their team. The fact that three of the very best players of the NBA became free-agents at the same time, (obviously) sat together and said they want to play at the same team is like being at your local streetball court and instead of picking teams, the three best players form a superior squad to play against the rest instead of equaly splitting and having a nice ballgame. There is nothing likeable about that. It’s the easy way out and not taking the challange to play against(!) the best.
    And it’s not about winning with bad teammates either (Lebron would have never won anything with the supporting cast in Cleveland), but there were good players on other teams that made offers at that time, too.

    Of course they only did it because they wanted to win (and everybody wants to win) but we don’t watch professional sports to see the best payers form an alliance to go the easy way to victory, we watch professional sports to see the best compete against each other and overcome their challenges (at least thats what I want to see).
    The Heat tried to take that away from the NBA and that’s why I don’t have any reason to like them now or in the near future!

  34. Apoorv says:

    i dont know why the lebron hate still even cleveland ppl dont realize that latest LBJ mvp speech he mentioned first his town name and was proud of it regardless how people showed their feelings to him. You have to move on and accept that there are decision which will upset someone and cheer someone and miami heat is the right choice for him. He deseves more and more to come and no comparison with jordan, kobe etc etc coz every player had their time and its LBJ time later on some other player time. LIFE GOES ON . ……

  35. james says:

    I hope everyone understands… Bosh was a 25 pt., 11 rebound guy before he went to Miami. He had a choice to be the highest paid center during that year. Wade is obviously part of the top 5 during that time as well. Ray Allen is still a threat no matter what you say. But they all sacrificed money, ego and selfish stats to be a part of this brotherhood for this. Stop criticizing they have too much talent because everyone sacrificed to d that and they are now reaping the REWARDS… Wait till Bron, Wade and Bosh gets 6 PEAT, to beat MJ’s two 3 peats. I honestly don’t think they can get 8 rings though (not one… not seven..), Bron will be 34 by that time, Bosh 36 and Wade 37… But 6 PEAT, there is a remote possibilty, so I guess that beats two 3 peats right?

    • james says:

      I hope everyone understands… Bosh was a 25 pt., 11 rebound guy before he went to Miami. He had a choice to be the highest paid BIG MAN during that year. D. Wade is obviously part of the top 5 during that time as well. Ray Allen is still a threat no matter what you say. But they all sacrificed money, ego and selfish stats to be a part of this brotherhood for these RINGS! Stop criticizing they have too much talent because everyone sacrificed to do that, and they are now reaping the REWARDS…

      Wait till Bron, Wade and Bosh gets 6 PEAT, to beat MJ’s two 3 peats. I honestly don’t think they can get 8 rings together as the Big 3 though (not one… not seven..), Bron will be 34 by that time, Bosh 36 and Wade 37… But 6 PEAT, there is a remote possibility, so I guess that beats two 3 peats right?

      A 6 peat with 7 consecutive Finals appearance, plus another championship run back when he was with the Cavs. I guess that will make him better than Jordan and Kobe. And all of this at the age of 32.

      Then when his skills starts declining, and after Wade and Bosh retires, he can be relegated to a number 2 man and join back the Cavs to form a deadly team with Irving. There he may win 3 to 4 more rings as a support this time and give back to his old team and fulfill some promises for that poor town. That would still be a lot better than Jordan’s accomplishment with the Wizards.

      Lebron is the only active player that may equal Bill Russels’ 11 rings. Wade will get 7 by the end of his career.

      This is all hallucination but 10 years from now, you will have goosebumps reading this, you will remember that sometime, somewhere, you read a comment about the 1st guy to ever predict This big 3’s 6 PEAT, and Lebron’s 11 rings.

  36. sanjay says:

    lebrons work is not done in miami by any stretch of imagination. He needs to get one more ring before he decides what he wanna do further! As long as wade can average 20, heat would do just fine. lebrons work load is a worry with older heat team. They need couple of young legs to help him out. Bosh is young and he needs to work on his post game this summer.
    lebron has to reduce his regular season minutes( no need to go berserk.
    He can do once in 5 games and then take it easy).

    and conserve his energy during playoffs! The buck series gave them good rest which helped them to no end( 2 game 7 series.woof!)
    The young guys on heat roaster have to step up( chalmers, cole, joel, jarvis and they may get another all round young player). Miller, battier,ray, halsem, bird will give their 20 all the time!

  37. wade says:

    this would send shivers to the Heat haters spine..

    come 2014 the Big 3 will opt out and sign at 14-15m each..

    and Riley and Spo will have the last laugh….

  38. LBJ says:

    Heat will do three peat!!!! LBJ is the KING of Basketball!!!!

  39. Xtian says:

    The author is saying that the number one flopping team that is ruining the game of basketball is ALL GOOD! I am wondering if you really know and play basketball dude.

  40. J says:

    great article!
    heat need a center like roy hibbert or joakim noah maybe greg oden if he is inury free(unlikely)
    get a center and go 74-8 ( and also get players with potential like shumpert or thad young or even patterson for more depth)

  41. Loz says:

    I don’t like LeBron.

    I really don’t like Dwyane Wyade.

    And I don’t see why I should have to.

  42. Luis says:

    Any team can trade a player at any time and it’s ok. Now a free agent decides to leave his old team for a better one and you guys hate lbj for that. Teams are not loyal to their players, so why should players be loyal to the teams that drafted them.

  43. Pax says:

    The MJ and Pippen point is a ridiculous comparison. Pippen was a rookie the first year he and MJ played together and certainly not the player he would become. The hate for this team stems from the fact that before they had even played a game together they were acting like they had already won a title. They were acting like they had the next championships as sure things. Add in Lebron calling himself King before he was a champ, the desicion and Boshs Hall Of Fame comment and I can understand the hate. And that’s what I don’t get. Why they are so keen to play the villains? They are probably the closest thing to the 72 win Bulls the league has had, a team that was cheered by some away fans and fairly well respected. But people hate the Heat because they keep on doing things that pull the attention away from the brilliant basketball they are playing.

  44. Nile says:

    Lebron is now the GOAT, haters gonna hate..Beat The HAte! NExt season, another banner, ring etc..if you still hate him, you need a life coach!

  45. byrdgang804 says:

    People do need to really get over it! Lebron is not the first to go to another team if he gets criticized what about Nash garnet howerd Paul Carmelo bynum metta Allen harden horry boozer wilams shaq and the list can go on that what u call hatters!!!!!

  46. J-Short37 says:

    The Heat won which is obvious, but there will be detractors and lovers of a team regardless which makes the sport we love to watch great. With that being said cant wait until the trade season is here.

  47. LOL says:

    lol its funny how people all like Lebron now. i bet half of y’ll hated him for past two years
    i got nothing against Lebron. i acknowledge his abilities. i just hope i move out from HEAT and shut every legacy debate by winning championship on his own terms.

    Wade + Bosh + Miller + Allen + Battier + Anderson

    just too much talent.
    remember Wade WAS being considered as the next MJ just before Lebron came over and took Heat’s main spot.
    too much talent in one team. make sports boring.

    i want to see Wade Vs. Lebron the epic rivalry again.

  48. joe says:

    any criticism of miami now is just sour grapes.. some dumb people are ruled by envy and self doubt so they need a scapegoat.. I thought your blog was brilliant, timely and very much needed – thank you!

  49. Stupid ppl says:

    Any person that can’t give credit to a team that earned an NBA championship is a fraud. If you can’t give credit to others when it’s due you can’t learn anything in life because you’ll be stuck behind your own ego and ignorance.
    Anyone that has won anything in life earned it one way or another and thus deserves it.

  50. Sputnik says:

    what will u say hater’s?

  51. Saul#1miami fan in LA says:

    Great article one of the best….us miami fans appreciate the support for a great Group Of guys and great organization thanks

  52. Saul#1miami fan in LA says:

    Anybody would of done what Lebron did… I know i would of ….But everybody will always hate greatness specially when greatness is nowhere near Los Angeles anymore …. Wade showed everybody that he’s not done and just wait till next season when he’s knee is well rested and Lebron comes out with more desire to be a champion once again ….. They gonna be hated even more but for all the Miami heat and fans we will just keep smiling over and over again …. Thanks for great season guys …..can’t wait till next season anxious already ….MIAMI CHAMPS….

  53. Luis says:

    That’s easy. In my honest opinion, i dont like the way they play basketball. And I think you dont discuss results, but you can discuss basketball

  54. Danny Young says:

    People continue to amaze me. I see tons of comments saying Miami “needs a true center”

    For all of you saying that please don’t ever comment again because TRUTH IS THEY ARE WINNING TITLES JUST AS THEY ARE!

    How does anyone know they will be “better”? There is obviously a reason they don’t have a big man yet, and that fact is they haven’t needed it. They are perfectly fine as is and bosh spreading the defense because he CAN hit the three and long jumpers is a + for me.

    • Derp says:

      They don’t have one because they couldn’t afford it lol, except for Birdman cuz he knows that he was getting a ring + money.

  55. DINKO says:

    nba is a predictable farce , and Miami is the biggest flopping team in nba history with the two biggest floppers of all time wade and james , they should be renamed the Miami flop , it just suits them ,

    • MiamiFan says:

      If its too predictable as you say it is.. My life changing advice would be that you try online betting.. You can make millions out of your great predictions…

    • Derp says:

      James and Bosh are the floppers… And if the refs are too easy to fool, why not do it?

  56. Rafael Texman says:

    We all hate the Heat cos this roster was put together cos these players figured out they can’t win alone so they needed to join forces.
    It’s very different when you draft Jordan, Pippen and Horace grant.
    Chicago Bull got rings through great draft choices.
    The Heat got their because Wade needed support from Lebron and Bosh, just like he needed from Shaq.
    No disrespect, but if you are a NBA player you must try to win being the best you can, giving it your all, not asking friends for help.
    Sorry Lebron, you will never be as good as Michael.
    Michael never missed easy layups in the 4th quarter in the 6th game of the finals.
    You are so silly, cos Wade isn’t your Pippen, Wade is greater than that as Bosh is better than Grant and even having that supporting cast you almost lost your 2nd ring to a bunch of veterans.
    Not to mention Ray Allen.
    Come on the Heat have at least 4 HOF plus a bunch of other great players.
    Lebron doens’t deserve that much credit.
    We hate the Heat and now you know why.

    • bballfan says:

      So your point is:

      -MJ won his titles thanks to his team choices and LBJ won his rings thanks to his own choices…

      That speaks very well about the Chicago Bulls franchise and LBJ!! but pease don’t be disrespectful with the San Antonio Spurs… BTW they are younger in average than the Miami Heat.

    • MiamiFan says:

      Dude.. Think about it this way, if the team your routing for got LBJ, in the same “The Decision” way. Would you still feel the same way?.

    • realist2013 says:

      Omit Bosh’s self proclaiming HOF doofus please. He’s just another Ron Artest saying off the wall stuff. If thats the case Norris Cole is a. future HOF player.

      • Superdude says:

        Hey! Don’t sleep on cole, with the right development he could be like Deron Williams or something lol. But he has a lot of potential.

  57. realist2013 says:

    Dont get me started lol. Too many die hards with blinders on. I think its the Kobe arrogance he’s developed thats turned people off the most. All the other stunts just ice it. Complaining about why Blake Griffin has more commercials than him? Really? No one is questioning his skill as a player so much as his attitude. Miami as a whole can overwelm most teams especially in the east which has been historically weak compared to the west. Good as they are I doubt they could wether the same battles in the west. They out lasted the Spurs and escaped with the trophy. WTG. Cant wait for next season

  58. Alex says:

    You neglected to mention the overwhelming hubris that permeates that Miami team, it’s been there since the big three formed, and is so strong that it persisted whilst they were being destroyed by Dirk two years ago.

    I can’t think of a more arrogant team in all of sports, just look at their drunken post game interviews from after game 7, they were too drunk to care about appearing humble and gave us some insight into how they really think.

    • Derp says:

      When people are sober, they actually hide their true feelings and opinions from the media and its game 7 of the NBA Finals, I don’t think anyone who just won that would wait a couple hours before celebrating.

  59. Notahater says:

    I don’t hate the Heat. I just think a team that has that level of talent SHOULD win EVERY game. They are not a team. They are an Allstar team. They have two top five players in their starting lineup and the best three point shooter to ever play the game. IIt is just not enjoyable to watch a team like that win when there is a team like the Bobcats that barely has a shot to win a game. The Spurs were amazing because that is an actual team. Instead of talking about how amazing Lebron is we should start talking about how teams like the Spurs that stick together overcome adversity. I’m not even a Spurs fan but I know real value when I see it.

    • Derp says:

      Nobody’s perfect. that’s like expecting the USA Basketball Olympic team to win every game but look at 2008… No ‘Murica for you on that year, lol.

  60. calvin hebb says:

    Bravo!! Well Said!!

  61. Theron Rucker says:

    I just hâte how lebron gets compared to Michael Jordan… Mj won 3 straight twice and 6 in a row really at his own will.. And he didnt need an all-star and a former nba champion to do it.. Great player but not the g.o.a.t.

    • Terrence Sims says:

      Mj didn’t need an all star??? How many ppl on those bulls teams were 1st team all nba and 1st team defensive team? As of now pippen and rodman both in hall of fame. Lbj has wade who will be in hof and bosh will be very iffy and def no guarantee. So as much as ppl wanna think mj did everyything by himself he had a lot more help and also wasnnt required to do as much as lbj was. Just amazes me how ppls memory works and how the facts get so blurred over time.

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      First of all, Lebron’s career is not over yet… How could you say he cannot be compared to MJ when MJ was 28 with 1 ring, LBJ is 28 with 2 rings. Lebron’s career is not over yet and he is already being compared to MJ.
      & Yes MJ did need a former champion and all star to win his 6 championships, do you not know who Scottie Pippen or Dennis Rodman are? Get your facts together before you start hating on Lebron’s legacy for no reason and no facts. Nice try 😉


      • Derp says:

        I agree with the ring and age comparisons but be careful if these haters smarten up, they will realize that LBJ skipped college ball and started his career at 18 compared to MJ’s 22. Anyways, he is also being compared to MJ because he does things only a few people can do or only MJ can do.

  62. underdog says:

    The reason a lot of people cheer against miami isn’t because they don’t win enough games, its because they win a lot of games. Miami is the favorite to win every matchup and every game. People want the underdog to win and miami is definately not the underdog in any situation. Underdogs are popular in sports, they always have been and always will be.

  63. phillip says:

    The Heat will remain the team to beat but to bad no one will be able to so Heat haters hate hate hate hate hate hate hate, that is for the seven rings promised and unlike Jordan’s 3 then 3 they will be six in a roll so his airlessness hate on too

  64. Boshtrich says:

    So you are trying to persuade all the non miami heat fans to jump on their bandwagon? If you like them thats fine but If you don’t your labeled as a hater.

    • Game Time says:

      Has nothing to do with that. He’s saying the critics of Miami need to shut up. Doesn’t say anywhere you should be a fan, but learn to appreciate. Simply really.

      • JestR says:

        WOW people are reading this article like the Bible, taking their own interpretation and making up different meanings as to what the article is about. Its shutup up heat haters… They are the champs live with it… until next season

  65. Frank says:

    like really, I care more who Lebum’s real father is more than him winning a champion that’s given to him by the league. Call me a hater, big deal he got 2 rings, I simply don’t see what’s so special about him.

    • Chris says:


    • MiamiFan says:

      Hater. 😀

    • juan ghetto cruz says:

      lebron is not special.. you frank is special…. SPECIAL CHILD… go to mental son…lol

    • Derp says:

      The special thing about him is that you are literally witnessing the MJ of this generation of NBA but you are going to miss out because your hater senses are tingling and makes you want to look away and avoid allowing yourself to be in awe at what he does on the daily. Trust me, when he retires, people will be like, “I wonder if that #1 draft pick could be the next LeBron”,

  66. hecklerandkoch says:

    Jordan exalt Bulls, Kobe hoist Lakers, Lebron abscond Cleveland

  67. Us buck says:

    Some people are so dumb and mean. Bosh stays in 2013-14….LeBron leaves in 2014!

  68. hecklerandkoch says:

    They don’t win every game.

    I don’t like LeBron.

  69. Maite Robles says:

    Thank you, Mr. Bline, for being a voice of reason amidst the typhoon of unfounded and deluded hatred for greatness. They just want to go at “Heat fans are front runners.” A. Season ticket holder since 05, so don’t anyone go there with me. B. focus on the argument: the team. Again, thanks for the logical article!!!!!

  70. Christian Loizzi says:

    They stole lebron from my clippers thats whats wrong with them

  71. Christian Loizzi says:

    They stole lebron from my knicks thats whats wrong with them

    • Christian Loizzi says:

      They stole lebron from my clippers thats whats wrong with them is what i meant to say i was thinking something else when i typed knicks

  72. Superdude says:

    People would hate on Lebron even if he had as many rings as Bill Russell. People just can’t live with the fact that what he does on the court is something few others can do. People swearing they can do what he does, but come on, Lebron fixed EVERY part of his game that he was criticized most on. Shooting %, Post game, and his clutch factor. I highly doubt that even half of Lebron’s haters can hit a jumpshot with less than 30 seconds left in game 7 to put away the game. The only thing Lebron should be criticized about now is his hairline and that’s it. He has what it takes to be one of the greatest and if not the greatest, And leave Wade and Bosh alone too, scoring multiple points doesn’t always give your team the win. D-Wade and Bosh were big on defense and Bosh was suprisingly solid on the boards eventhough he didn’t score. Heat deserve much more credit than they’re given and that’s a fact.

  73. Simba says:

    Did this fool really just try to use the Jordan-Pippen combination not winning it all right off the bat to make up for the Heat not doing that? Jordan in his 4th NBA season, Pippen in his rookie year compared to LeBron coming off his 2nd MVP year with Wade and Bosh both in their prime and all 3 of them in their 8th NBA season. I can definitely see how that would be a fair comparison to make. Not saying the Heat should have won it all 3 years but to compare a trio of seasoned veterans all in their prime to youngsters at the time is laughable.

    • Derp says:

      LeBron took the Cavs to the finals ALL BY HIMSELF, although he got swept, he made it there within his 4th or 5th year. Try again.

  74. AL says:

    WOW……..Thanks you Miami Heat……for this extrordinary playoff run…..

    Spécial THANKS to LEBRON for the best decision a free agency players can do……. make : The Decision…

    I really hope the heat will put you a true center, so you and D-wade show us again what is playing B-ball……

    D-wade adnd Lebron 2 of my All-time favorite player play together ……..priceless

    My All-time favorite : Lebron-1, Jordan-2, Iverson-3, Wade-4,

  75. Uriel says:

    fun article to read… it’s what i’ve been thinking all along. let’s see how much further they can go. I actually believe that Bosh is the second most important player, not DWade. If I were the Heat organization, I’d trade Flash for more pieces to surround LeBron and Bosh… but DWade has been accomplished a lot for this franchise and is still – on some occasions – really good. so that prolly won’t change. Stronk lineup:

    Birdman at 5
    Bosh at 4
    LB at 3
    Allen, Miller or Battier at 2 (depending on needs)
    Chalmers or Cole at 1 (depending on needs)

    I just think this team is best when they have an energy guy like Andersen at center and a dangerous shooter at 2 to complement LB’s penetration. It just seems to me that Wade doesn’t really complement this team unless LB is off the court (to add penetration to the second unit)

  76. Go Spurs Go!! says:

    I will start by saying Congratulations to the Heat! What a good series.. But to comment on the article just written And I have made this point a few times on a few different articles but it keeps getting erased. I would just like to remind everyone about what conference the heat are in the “EAST” A lot of Great talent but over all competition is far inferior to the West. So if you want to compare them to all the greats that’s fine but we must realize they are pretty much on cruise control most of the season because of the way they play 4(east) and 2(west).. I think you understand the point I’m making, so put the spurs or thunder in the west and Not such a easy road to the Finals for the Heat! Yes and Like Pop says you have the greatest player in the world but put Heat Team thru the battles in the west for three seasons and l Promise you don’t see them in the finals 3 Times..

    • MiamiFan says:

      Cant find anything more to throw at the Heat? Now your making up “What Ifs”? Geeeeezzz… They won 66 games last season, they were able to defeat each and every team, including teams from the west.. I do hope your not one of the guys who said last season that the Heat won just because it was a shortened season.. Try looking for a better card than those “What if”… (^^,)

    • juan ghetto cruz says:

      shut up bitter… please move on…

    • Derp says:

      Listen… Spurs swept the Grizzlies, who took the OKC in 5, and the Spurs swept the Lakers. Then the Heat beats the Spurs in 7. I’m pretty sure the Heat can take on the West bro…

  77. Rich says:

    Obviously comparisons to the great MJ and company will always make the Heat shine less. You forget that LBJ only averages those numbers in GARBAGE TIME. Maybe that’s why LBJ is horrible? You also forget that LBJ’s accuracy and composure is so trashy that he only scores 100% at 0 – 2 inches away from the rim. Even a 3rd grader shoots better from range than him come finals time.

    • Sofroni says:

      Lebron shot 40% for the year from the 3pt line and made 5 3’s in game 7 of a finals. What 3rd graders do you watch play? I’d like to know so I can bethere agent from now.

    • Basketball Fan says:

      A 3rd grader? Hah! Then everybody in the nba should have manage to do it. Even duncan misses there, you know, especially in game 7 where he’s guarded by Battier… a much smaller player. Even with the tip in, it’s still a no go? Do you Remember? I bet you’ll miss too. >:)

    • Amaw says:

      Only fools dwell on the past and continue to compare. You can argue about MJ being the best of all time and the number of rings he has and so on, I can argue back with Bill Russell being greater and so on, but I wont. It’s silly. History reminds us of what has been accomplished, and its an example for future aspirations, not as a benchmark. If i were blessed with basketball skills, I wouldve wanted to be a magic johnson (minus the aids part), would that have made me lesser of a man vs some one who wanted to be a michael jordan?

      Rich, I dont know of a team who would pick a third grader over LBJ other than yours. good luck with that.

    • Game Time says:

      C’mon Rich, I know you can do better trolling that that.

    • juan ghetto cruz says:

      shut up mj old time lover.. lebron is the man today.. go watch vhs tapes for old bulls games. lol..

  78. basketball fan says:

    i think now that Boston has made plans to rebuild, theres no room for KG or PP to be on the team. I hope Miami chases Greg ODEN this off season and if unsuccessful there, try enticing KG to Miami to win another Championship with another old pal and former team mate Ray Allen. imagine the starting linup.
    PG- Mario Chalmers/ Norris Cole
    SG- Dwayne Wade
    SF- LeBron James
    PF- Chris BOSH
    C- Greg ODEN/ Kevin Garnett

  79. laker4life says:

    the miami heat need to make some changes this summer in order the repeat next year. they are a great team but have had their weakness exposed this year in the key. next year the east wont be as weak as it was this year with teams like the bulls being fully healthy and having rose back (hopefully haha) the indiana pacers getting granger back and being a lot more mature.

  80. Enzo says:

    So right in your article Fran!!! I watched a lot of Heat games this past season and every single one made for great entertaining basketball, even the few loses. I watched them come back over and over to win it at clutch time… does that make them a lesser team because they let the other team get ahead first? The Heat get it done in the most exciting ways…I love it. And Manu and Kawhi miss a free throw to lose Game 6 and the Finals? NOT VERY EXCITING FOR THE SPURS IS IT? Chris Bosh could have lost the rebound, Ray Allen could have missed the 3-pointer, BUT THEY DIDN”T!!!! THAT’S EXCITING!!!! THAT’S HEAT BASKETBALL!!! GO HEAT IN 2014!!!

  81. the king says:

    I have always been a big fan of lebron james. Where ever he went I couldn’t have cared less yes I am a bandwagon but forget about the franchises I have been lbj fan since I was in high school and at that time he was too. I think the team should stay together. This year they struggled because dwade and bosh was a no show through out the play off. They were there defensively but offensively only there like for one or two games in each series. Next year dwade will be healthy and bosh mentality will be better since he played big d on duncan that bound to increase his iq. The team is fine especially when other teams have to substitute players to equal out there line up. I like the small line up if they get a big man they can only increase foul troubles. The small line up got great defense and few fouls keep it that way thats why when they play miami heat defense no team can stop them.

    • lol says:

      the heat need to trade bosh and get a real center, because indiana and the bulls are rising in the east, and obviously bosh can’t guard joakim noah or roy hibbert, or rebound against those teams

  82. restinmisery says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Mr. Blinebury!

    I once received a fortune cookie with an adage that read: “He who chases two rabbits at once, catches none.” Somehow I feel as if LeBron were to have received that fortune cookie, it would have probably changed to: “Why haven’t you caught three rabbits yet, man?!”

    Adds new meaning to the phrase, “tough cookie.” Sorry, I had to say it.

  83. Nathan says:

    Brilliant article, and much needed.

  84. Hook says:

    The Heat ha there all idiots.

  85. i3lance says:

    Nicely written Frank. Too many people jump on the bandwagon with the negatives, quite surprisingly Magic – but perhaps he said that to stir things up a bit in the media. Media = Pitch of salt everytime!

    Enjoy the game, enjoy the fanfare, enjoy Game 7’s like this whilst we can.

  86. bobcatsaretoonice says:

    their fans..

  87. jonny says:

    the heat are great. I still dont like Lebron, but they are great.

  88. ronald says:

    True center. miami heat need a true center for them to be completed. So for bosh can be in his comfort zone at 4. 🙂

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      I agree with you. As much as Bosh got outplayed vs Indiana, he still held his own against Tim Duncan. Even Tyson Chandler – the ex Defensive player of the year couldn’t handle Roy HIbbert,, he is literally a GIANT! Keep Bosh and get a cheap Center who only cares about defense and rebounds!!

    • Jon says:

      yep!!! they all think Bosh has lost it but forget hes playing a different position. if they go out and get just a solid cheap center that would open up Bosh to kill em. they would 3peat easy

    • JestR says:

      Thats right… Defensively Bosh stepped up big as center for Heat, keep in mind he is 6’11 at 235… Hibbert is 7’2 not far off 7’3 at 280, not just a 3-4′ height difference but imagine competing with the extra wing span!! plus the 50lbs. I think Bosh played amazing.

  89. sleeplessbull says:

    him let me think!! i hate the HEAT and of story. there are no big 3 its only lebron. without him the heat would be nowhere?? come one really Wade? Bosh?? they couldn carry this team if their life depended on it!! Wade not any more and Bosh never ever ever!!

    • Game Time says:

      And without Wade or Bosh in certain games would Miami have won it all? No. To not acknowledge that Miami has 3 very skilled players is pretty much letting us you know jack about basketball.

      • bigwes95 says:

        True, but how far would they get in the playoffs without LeBron? LeBron really carried them since the Indy series and just about all of the Spurs series. Sure he wouldn’t win, but Miami probably wouldn’t even get past the second round with what they were going through, without LeBron. They stepped up when needed, but if one player needs to get 4 triple doubles in one series just to go to 7 games, it’s the big 1. I think sleeplessbull is completely ignorant for what he said and that he really has no idea what he’s talking about, but what he is trying to say is true to some extent. and I believe that the Big 3 wouldn’t even matter without their bench players’ shooting from distance. Wade and Bosh are definitely undermined and underrated since LeBron came. I think people need to realize how much they do that don’t show up in the stats.

    • lol says:

      so because a team is carried by one player, you hate them? then the same could be said by the lakers, clippers, thunder, and lots of other teams

  90. Babygirl2472 says:

    Fran Thank You so much for posting this!!!! It’s about time someone gave these guys their due and stop trying to tear them down. You made some un deniable points in this post. These guys have done what they set out to do…..not one once but twice. It should actually be three in a row, but lets let sleeping dogs lie. THEY HAVE BEEN IN THE FINALS THREE STRAIGHT SEASONS!!! I mean what else do they need to prove? My hat goes off to the Spurs, be ause there were people counting them out as well, saying they are too old! The two teams that got the most bashings were the two teams with the most talent. Can’t wait till this next season starts…it’s going to be very interesting. GOOOOO HEAT!!!! THREE PEAT!!!!!

  91. Adam Sandler says:

    Hey Grown Ups was some of my finest work.

  92. basketballfan says:

    you can’t please everyone. the stronger you are the more haters you get, but to prove them wrong is priceless. i remember the quote: “the greatest pleasure in life is doing what other says you can’t”. LBJ and the miami heat just proved the haters awfully wrong.

  93. PHX Fan says:

    I keep hearing people (especially journalists) say that it is time to ‘get over’ the disaster that was ‘The Decision’ with Lebron James but I don’t think these people actually get it. There is no reason we have to get over it, LeBron made the choice to do it, not us. For every choice there is a consequence, for ever action, a reaction. Most people will never get over it, because they don’t have to, that is now part of LeBron’s legacy just as much as anything he does in the court is part of his legacy so don’t keep telling people to get over the fact that LeBron took a huge amount of money to take part in an egotistical, self indulgent television special because LeBron made that choice, not us. Make a choice, live with the consequences. He will forever be remembered as a champion basketballer who made one of the worst decisions off the court of all time, that’s just how it is, accept it.

    • Big Dog says:

      Only thing worse than a hater is an uninformed hater. LeBron did not accept ONE DIME to do that show. All proceeds went to the Boys and Girls Club of America. It wasn’t even his idea to do it. His team and ESPN came up with the idea and he agreed to it. If you’re gonna hang out to that, then you’re a sad, sad person. The real issue is you don’t like LeBron and you’re mad because he doesn’t play for your team. I see you’re a Suns fan so there are no Larry O’Brien trophies in your near future. So sorry.

      • Phoenix is a more respectable franchise than Miami though

      • RICH says:

        You dont see serious players doin such a thing like he did. thats why there is so much hate for the Heat right now. Who cares if he accepted a dime or not? he agreed to it and in my opinión he is one of the most ARRROGANT “stars” i have ever seen, starting with the stupid show they did when they first got toghether. Neither MJ or Magic or Larry would have done something like that. They played and competed and won without doin such a show. pathetic. Unhappy because he doesnt play for my team? OOOH NO, THANKS. i wouldnt like to have such arrogant people playing for me like the players in Miami. Id rather see them lose and collapse on the floor like Bosh did on his way to the locker room when they lost gm 6 to the Mavs. which they will, next year. Pathetic. First thing about a superstar, you have to be HUMBLE.

      • Jack says:

        Regardless of that television show, PHX Fan has a good point. We do not need to “warm up for LeBron”. The guy ruined it for himself and while it would be great for the NBA if people would embrace him, that does not mean we have to.

    • DEDDIE says:


      • Miklei says:


    • Game Time says:

      Most people in life can understand that people make mistakes and not judge them entirely on the past. That is the point Fran is trying to make. We don’t need you’re biased view to know that LeBron’s TV special and Heat party were not good decisions. Even LeBron has said it was a bad choice. So now the question to you and other people is are mature enough to understand people make mistakes and if so are you going to get over it like and adult, or sulk in it forever like a brat?

    • ranfan says:

      Well find, don’t get over it. He’s obviously moved on and gotten two rings as a result. He will also forever be remembered as one of the best players to play the game, which will overshadow that cleveland bs

    • Gerardo says:

      Imagine if you were held to your same standard. Get over it already.

    • what? says:

      Yes, he made that choice, not you, not us. Why don’t you just ACCEPT his decision? LeBron is now a champion bballer, no more, no less. With people like you, Lebron ain’t got no worries.

    • AJ Mills says:

      “One of the worst decisions off the court of all time”???

      Did he kill someone? Beat his wife? Take drugs? Defraud people out of their life savings? This why people say ‘get over it’–serious LeBron haters seem to lack a reasonable sense of perspective.

    • Terrence Sims says:

      He took a lot of money for the decision and sent it to the boys and girls club. Do your research before u want to get all upset at a man for holding a press conference. It all reality that’s all it was. If u didn’t wanna watch noone made u. I’m sick of everyone talking about that like some horrible decision. The fact is if he didn’t do that then all yall haters would just say hes a coward and left cleveland in the cover of night. So yeah get over it. Its amazing that ppl keep bashing lbj for that. But in essence if the worse thing ppl can say about him is that he held a press conference I think he’s lived a good life and is a great human being cuz almost every other athlete u can say a lot worse things about

    • Nick says:

      Get over it.

    • WinFromWithin says:

      LMFAO! Lebron ain’t got no worries! Loosen up dude 🙂

    • Jon says:

      Well thats just a plain dumb paragraph of thought! His friend Maverick made the decision happen, LeBron just said OK. Maverick is his best Friend (business partner) and trusts that he does whats best for LeBron. Period. so right there I just squashed that theory. You forgot to mention he donated millions to the boys and girls club, you forgot to mention ESPN televised this, Oh and you forgot to mention you probably watched it. No one is asking you to forget the decision, they are asking you not to use it as the only way to hate on him. because clearly he is on another planet when it comes to basketball. so many are afraid to watch history be re-written and want to hate and you are clearly one of them. let the man breathe and play the game. No one has had to endure more pressure then him. So actually people like you make it that much better for all true fans of sports when he wins. now go ask your mom to make me sandwich.

    • LAEMPOWERSS says:

      Whoa dude, You need a girlfriend. He has won two championship in a row and he made the worst decision? Hmmmmm, sounds like you’re a little in too deep with your hate. I’m sincerely hoping you’re not going to take this with you to your grave, if so, I feel bad for you son! #epicfail

    • HeatNation says:

      You can’t get over the fact that LeBron is not playing for your team, that’s just it. You despise LeBron for whatever reasons other players are also doing. Why can’t you hate others and just hate LeBron? The answer is because he is the BEST PLAYER in the PLANET and he didn’t sign for your team. Wake up man! If you want him to play for your team, better be a Heat bandwagoner, then and only then is he going to be playing for your team, which is also a very funny thing in our part. Get over it and grow up! If you really can’t get over your head-over-heels jealousy of LeBron, then look for a player that can do better the things James does best. Good Luck on your search!

    • kde019 says:

      United States of America, Land of the ‘Free’.

      I’m from the Philippines, a ‘3rd-world’ Country.
      We also exercise Democracy here, and our athletes are free to make their own decisions. And we don’t hate them for that.

    • kirt says:

      What I don’t get is why is it sooo bad yes it was a stupid decision I understand that bet ppl do see it was one of the worst off court decisions ever which I don’t understand. I don’t see why it is worse than the Kobe rape situation, or him going on the radio demanding a trade, AI’s practice rant or Agent Zero’s gun situation, MJ punching Steve Kerr just to name a few and the Decision raise 2 million for charity. if people hate he had a special to announce where he was going they should not have watched plain and simple. Players hold press conferences to say what team there going to sign with all the time. ESPN made it nationally televised it wasn’t LeBron acting by himself

    • You sound like a two faced hypocrite, the choices people make . Do you actually think that the kid gives a minute of concern to what folk like you think? The only one who is affected is you. So therefore you keep lying to yourself as to how much you don’t approve of his decision, and can’t stand the kid yet your hypocritical self continues to build up the ratings , every game you watch and every time you open your mouth. And by the way sweep around your own front door.

    • What a hypocrite , you need to sweep around your own front door. Do you honestly think the kid cares what you think. You hate on his decision yet you continue to watch and build rating , I’d say that’s some grand hypocritical decision making . Dude it’s time for you to build your own bridge and get over your disappointment .

    • real man says:

      Please remember that one you make a decision. Not a bad one just a decision. He owes me nothing. He work a cleveland contract was up. Moved on we do it everyday. Husband and wifes who divorce with children or worse.

    • Yasmir says:

      Funny thing is; had Wade and Bosh decided to go to Cleveland and join forces with LeBron there, this whole hate issue would have never been. Period.

      So when it comes down to it, whatever is wrong with the Heat is all LeBron. The Heat probably wouldn’t be what it is now – back to back champions – without LeBron. So in a way most of what is good with the Heat is also all LeBron. I think it is obvious now, that it is not so much a big three in Miami, as it is really LeBron and an above average supporting cast. And the supporting cast is in my opinion way deeper than just Wade and Bosh.

    • Charles Moss says:

      It’s unfortunate that you feel that way. LeBron’s choice to do The Decision was actually a good idea, and he didn’t take a dime of the money he made. Think about it; the worst thing he did to you was a charity event. As a grown man, would you prefer that certain boys and girls clubs didn’t have repairs and renovations…. just to save your own silly feelings? In hindsight I would still do it if I was LeBron, to hell with anybody selfish enough to not understand the premise of using one’s own hard earned fame to generate safer and better places for kids to play safely in this world. And on top of all that.. .you still shouldn’t be mad at LeBron, he tried and failed… almost won it all still in spite of terrible management choices, you should be mad at Dan Gilbert, Chris Grant, and Danny Ferry. They failed to put even one legit all star around LeBron, for seven straight years… whose fault is that? Remember they called off a trade for Amare, to hold on to JJ Hickson? I believe they ended up trading him at the end of the year. -_- Really? Yet you blame LeBron. It’s crazy to me. Honestly, you really should get over it. LeBron is a flat out legend in the making, if you really care about basketball like I do, you’d be better served to appreciate greatness while it’s here… regardless if he plays for your team or not.

    • AL says:

      I have just one question. Do you still see people talk about Kobe’s rape case, or the fact that he accused Karl Malone of flirting with his wife, or the fact that he caused a bad relationship with Phil Jackson? People make mistakes. Get over it. It’s not like Lebron made any dollar off the shows. Admittedly, I’ll say that it was a poor choice to make such televised announcement, but it has been blown out of proportions. It was not that big of a deal.