Report: Nuggets Hire Brian Shaw

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Cross Brian Shaw‘s name off the list of available coaches on the market this summer. The Denver Nuggets have reportedly tabbed the Indiana Pacers’ assistant as the man to replace NBA Coach of the Year George Karl on the bench in Denver, according to The Denver Post.

Shaw has been rumored as a candidate for basically every opening that has popped up this season. But he finally settled on the opportunity that awaits with the Nuggets:

“I can’t express my appreciation enough,” Shaw told The Denver Post by phone Monday evening. “It’s been a grind to say the least, but I’m just very appreciative of the opportunity to lead this team. … It’s been years, 11-12 interviews I’ve gone through. And I’ve felt I’ve been prepared by the best of the best. You know, everything that’s worth something, a lot of times you have to wait for it. I feel like I’ve waited and paid my dues.

“I feel honored and privileged that (Nuggets executives) Josh (Kroenke) and Tim (Connelly) have put faith in me that I’m the guy they want to grow with going forward.”

Shaw, 47, spent the past two seasons as the associate head coach under Frank Vogel with the Pacers. He spent six season as an assistant to Phil Jackson with the Los Angeles Lakers. Jackson discussed Shaw on Episode 122 of the Hang Time Podcast last week and suggested that it was only a matter of time before Shaw found the right spot.

Shaw takes over a Nuggets team that won 57 games and was 38-3 at home last season and boasted not only Karl as coach of the Year, but Masai Ujiri as the league’s Executive of the Year. Ujiri left for the Toronto Raptors after the Nuggets’ were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by the Golden State Warriors. Karl was fired earlier this month.

Perhaps most interesting with Shaw’s hiring is what sort of system he will employ with a roster built for an up-tempo attack and his background with the triangle that the Lakers used to win five titles under Jackson. He made it clear to The Post that whatever system he runs will be all his own:

“Although I played in the triangle and coached the triangle, I also played in a lot of systems, so that’s not something I’m looking to bring to the Nuggets and try to implement,” Shaw said.”I’m going to look at a lot of film of things the team did well, running was one of them. And I’ll continue to build on things they did well and get more of a feel for the personnel and what I think will be conducive to everybody’s ability.”


  1. DwaynenottherockJohnson says:

    I’m a New Yorker, and have followed his trail of interviews with various teams. How in the world did the Brooklyn Nets select Jason Kid over Shaw? This, I believe, devalues the title of coach within the NBA organization.

  2. JustMe says:

    Season´s best hire. With right moves in offseason (I like Monta Ellis ideia) nuggets can contend no doubt to be nba champions in 2 3 seasons maximum. And so happy for Shaw. Best of the best fits for him. He will thrive with this roster and might be long term one of the very best nba coaches

  3. Brian Scalabrine says:

    His first move as head coach is to make me starting power forward. I’m ready to bang with big boys once again.

  4. littleteapot says:

    D’Antoni and Mike Brown, take notes. Brian Shaw joined a team, and looked at what that team does well to determine the kind of system he wants to run, instead of just injecting his favorite system and ignoring the actual team that has to carry it out.

  5. Pat Brown says:

    Kudos to Brian Shaw. Well deserve and long overdue I wish you nothing but the best and Good Luck on the upcoming season.

  6. ok now says:

    oh wow how much fun is shaqting the fool going to be with JaVale McGee trying to learn the triangle offense “whats a triangle coach ? ” hehe fun fun fun !!!

    • stan says:

      Let JaVale alone..UR such a hater.. even in this article it state Shaw will NOT use the triangle

  7. J says:

    they should have kept george karl but hey shaw is gonna be great maybe not 57 wins great but he’ll be good

  8. Ty Lawson says:

    Great move! I think bringing someone into this organization who has experienced championships is the only thing this young team needs.

    • Pacers fan says:

      Congratulations Brian Shaw on the coaching position!!! We will miss you in Indiana. Good luck!!! You have a bright future, and this is long over due.

  9. Max says:

    So glad to see Brian Shaw as the HC for the Nuggets!!

  10. tras says:

    I dont think shaw can fill george karl shoes .we were so close 1 more year finals next year championship . but it will be a long time now. it shoud be easy to get tickets at the pepsi center

    • Simmo says:

      I think you are correct.. big gamble by shaw though too don’t you think taking on a team that recently won 57 games? expectations will rightly so be high by supporters and owners.. he is with a solid club though, just hope he exceeds as he has worked hard for a shot!

    • Hux says:

      George Karl’s shoes are so big that George Karl can’t even fill them.

  11. Tommo says:

    hmmmm risky choice for a first time coach? 57 wins is a very good season, do the owners expect 57+ wins next season? expectations will be very high!

    • Kamil says:

      You bring up a good point cause in my opinion George Karl was no bum. All they needed in my opinion was like 2 or 3 more years to get those 2 or 3 guys and I was them competing for an NBA Finals appearance honestly. They are young with Lawson, Chandler, Gallinari and Manimal. I think Iguodala can get better with them and I think if they got a true shooting guard and a big man who can score inside and play defense, they would be very deadly.

  12. Unkle Daddy says:

    I have to say I rooted against Shaw when he was a Laker, but for some reason always rooted for him to get a head coaching job. Now he has and I think he will do well. I also think Denver needs to resign Andre Iguodala and look at bringing in Monta Ellis to run along side Ty Lawson (small-back-court-you-say, yes but those two would be like lighting on the break).

  13. JBR says:

    Shaw certainly has earned it. Might be a very good move by the Nuggets.

    Or they might instantly enter a period of rebuilding.

  14. UncleDrew2 says:

    man the west is getting better every year. give the east a chance lol

  15. Rafael_Certero says:

    excelent, I thing that is one of the best deal in the league right now, Shaw can help Denver to be a competitive team, and be a great contender in the West.

  16. Bob says:

    Congratulations, Brian Shaw!! I think the triangle offense would have improved the Pacers execution, hehehe That was a great series. I’ve been pulling for you to get a head coach job soon. You have played many championship teams and have paid your dues. I think that the “Championship mentality” is just what the Nuggets need right now.

  17. justin says:


  18. Patty says:

    Hang in there Lionel Hollins. Your day will come.

  19. Patty says:

    I am so happy for Brian Shaw. He deserved this chance as a head Coach of the Denver Nuggets.

    Congratulations Brian Shaw!!!

    Brian Shaw, It is all in the timing!!!

  20. Gillsy says:

    Good luck to him it’s about time. I was hoping he went to Boston though.