Report: Rivers To Clippers Done Deal?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Doc Rivers coaching the Los Angeles Clippers is apparently back on and, this time, it’s all but a done deal.

The Clippers have reached an agreement in principle with Rivers to become their coach in exchange for a future first-round Draft pick, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, salvaging a week’s worth of talks by reviving and then reaching the deal by Sunday afternoon:

The Los Angeles Clippers have reached an agreement in principle to send an unprotected 2015 first-round draft pick to the Boston Celtics for the rights to hire coach Doc Rivers, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Rivers has agreed to a three-year, $21 million deal with the Clippers, league sources said.

Talks started again on Sunday when the Clippers offered the Celtics the first-round pick to free Rivers from his contract with Boston, sources said.

The NBA still needs to grant approval to the deal, but the teams have been led to believe that won’t be a problem, sources said.

The Clippers and Rivers believe Rivers’ arrival will solidify star free agent Chris Paul‘s commitment to sign a five-year contract extension in July, sources said.

Rivers told the Clippers that he was no longer interested in the position on Friday, but pressure from Paul stayed strong on Clippers management over the weekend and Los Angeles reconsidered its unwillingness to give Boston a first-round pick, sources said.

The key language to pay attention to here is that the “league has to approve the deal,” something that didn’t seem possible when Rivers was linked to the trade between the Clippers and Celtics that would have also included Clippers big man DeAndre Jordan, Celtics All-Star Kevin Garnett and future draft picks.

Concerns about Clippers owner Donald Sterling‘s willingness to pay top dollar for a coach will be silenced with this deal, as Rivers will receive the exact same compensation from the Clippers he was due from the Celtics.

This move also signifies the change in direction that has been rumored for the Celtics, who could be in the process of turning the page completely on their “Big 3” era. Celtics boss Danny Ainge is preparing for a franchise rebuild that not only does not include Rivers or Garnett, but also veteran All-Star forward Paul Pierce, whose entire career has been spent in Boston.

If that is the case, this is a loud start to what could be a wild summer for all involved. The Clippers have plans of their own, designs on being a championship-caliber team for the 2013-14 season in what should be a wide-open Western Conference race.

Rivers, Paul and All-Star forward Blake Griffin are excellent pieces to start with. But the Clippers have their sights set on even more splashy moves. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see how much of what they are planning actually gets done.


  1. Confidence says:

    Tom Thibodeau was the brains behind Boston’s championship. Look what happened after he left. Look what the Bulls did this post season without really any of their star players. Doc is good but he ain’t as good as Tibbs…

  2. think outside the paint says:

    It’s good for the NBA and David Stern, means it’s cherry picking again for the HEAT, the only threat at the EAST side is the PACERS, which can easily be fix by the game fixing commision, Top 1-6 team of the WEST can beat the Miami no doubt.

  3. xyzd says:

    Rivers just wants to get to LA to get back the bunches of 100 bucks he had his teams hid over the years at Staples Center

  4. Jackie chan says:

    I think after rivers leaves peirce may go as well. i dnt see kg leaving because of the rule of the trade. now if im correct peirce is goin to be a free agent so he may sign with the clips

  5. Art says:

    Everybody understands that Heat win is mix of unbelievable luck in game 6 & officiating (both Allen & Wade fouled Ginobili 2.5 seconds before the end of 4th quarter but no call of course).
    Next year if Heat is lucky again they can reach a semifinal. In 2 years Miami is a lottery team.

    • GoHEAT3PEAT says:

      I hope u saw there was no fouls given to spurs when they fouled LBJ….is that called luck ?

      unbelievable luck is Danny Green and Gary Neal’s 3 pointers…not the one from Allen in game 6…

  6. HT5 says:

    KG, PP, Rondo, CP3, D12, Kobe, Durant, Rose all will go to Miami Heat! Unstoppable team!

    • Turk (not Hedo, but of the same nationality) says:

      All the cash in the world wouldn’t be able to pay for that

  7. GoHEAT3PEAT says:

    whoever they can bring or send….for the next 4,5 years – East and NBA champions for Miami heat…

  8. Art says:

    When on June 20 Sekou wrote that Celtic-Clippers deal is dead I said that Clippers can give Celtic draft choice for releasing Doc Rivers now and trade Garnett for Jordan later.
    Part 1 is done isn’t it? I’m not Celtic or Clippers fan but I like the deal. In Stern & all his stooges face.

  9. Art says:

    When on June 20 Sekou wrote that Celtic-Clippers deal is dead I said that Clippers can give Celtic draft choice for releasing Doc Rivers now and trade Garnett for Jordan later.
    Part 1 is done isn’t it? I’m not Celtic or Clippers fan but I like the deal. In Stern & all his stooges face.

  10. Freida says:

    Just like players, a coach should have the right to go to another team. He paid his dues with building a team for 9 years. He should be able to go to a team that has potential. This is a player’s market now. If a high profile player wants a coach in order to sign a long term contract, then so let it be. More competition for LeBron and the Miami Heat. Congrats to the Miami Heat. Go Heat for a threepeat!!

  11. TriXelOne says:

    Rivers to Clips for pick, because no other option will be approved by NBA board. Simultaneously KG and Pierce to New York for STAT’s expiring contract (the numbers will come correct ‘coz Amare’s contract is HUGE) to quickly start tanking because next 3 drafts will be strong. Danny A. will have to talk to Rondo and Green somehow, but them staying would be crucial in the future perspective. Young Celtics in 5 years would regain the lead in Atlantic division from then-aging Knicks. Time revolves. No empire is everlasting, Not even the C’s.

  12. Stu-Brew says:

    The Clippers need to quit getting their hopes up about Chris Paul staying. He’s pissed at the franchise he’s leaving and he doesn’t want to be Blake Griffin’s sidekick anymore.

  13. Garnett says:

    This league is terrible…..why would they not allow KG to go there? just cause doc is the coach. Wake up STERN!!!! a lot of fans want KG to be on a good team to finish out his career. I wish Stern would stop smiling all the time because he never lets anything interesting happen in the NBA he just wants to see heat win another ring. Garbage in my opinion.

  14. jorda26 says:

    pierce to okc tto become that 3rd scoring option and playmaker we desperately need, amnesty perkins for cap space and pick up a center in the draft with pick 12 (theres plenty there)

    C- Ibaka
    PF – Durant
    SF- Pierce
    SG- sefolosha
    PG- westbrook
    Sixth man- kmart or lamb, if we can resign kmart

    may have to trade our pick or lamb to get pierce but im sure we can pick up a decent tall backup in free agency if we amnesty perks plus we have thabeet, collison and jones(provided he builds some muscle in the offseason)

  15. Rebel at heart says:

    Nice one! 🙂

  16. Unkle Daddy says:

    Let’s get one thing straight if the Clippers get Paul to resign, which I hope they don’t if he ever wants a championship, even with Doc on the side lines this is not a finals bound team. They need a starting SG and SF and a lot of work to cover up all the holes in Griffin and Jordan’s games. If he is smart he’ll take less money and go to OKC and play beside Westbrook and Durant or go to Atlanta if they sign Howard and resign Smith.

  17. Moe Asiff says:

    Listen, I know you guys won’t believe this,but I just redeemed a FREE PSN codes from ! Give it a try,you’ll thank me later!

  18. Fritz Mamaril says:

    Coach: Doc Rivers

    C – K. Garnett
    PF – B. Griffin
    SF – C. Butler
    SG – J. Crawford
    PG – C. Paul

    C – D. Jordan
    PF – L. Odom
    SF – M. Barnes
    SG – W. Green
    PG – C. Billups

    Jamal Crawford should already start this coming season. Trade Bledsoe and Turiaf for Garnett, but not D. Jordan.

  19. Dean says:

    This is a joke I can’t believe Doc would do this to our team. How is a first round pick going to help this team coming from a top seed team in the West? How is losing their coach and one of the best coaches at that, going to help Boston? Who is going to replace him? At least try to involve some players, but I don’t like Deandre Jordan. Even though the Celtics need a center he is just way too overpriced. The Celtics need some serious luck of the Irish to make a recovery from this. I only see Pierce and KG going with him if this is the case, which is another travesty in itself, especially Paul Pierce he should be Celtic for life no matter what.

  20. aj says:

    rivers and kg to clippers is a championship title,,,

  21. Kevo says:

    benjie, what’ does “lebron deadly 3s” mean?

    Learn proper grammar.

  22. gw chaff says:

    rivers a great move for clips — lost in playoffs because of bad coaching-i hope for crawford to be sg starter – would take pressure off paul at start of games-plus giving him more minutes is only a plus (im a crawford fan) go clips

  23. OctoPPus says:

    Boston r dead (since last yaer) – like Lakers (2 years)

    Doc – GOOD MOVE !!!

    CLIPS NEED more back-up – CP3 and Griffin is far not enough !

  24. ac says:

    I think its a good move for both parties, though I’m sure 8000 Celtics fans are going to bite my head off for saying that.

    The Clippers get a phenomenal coach – truly one of the league’s best – and the Celtics get a chance to rebuild new with a fresh start.

    Yes, that might not seem like an entirely equitable trade for the Celtics, but the fact is even if the Celtics were completely healthy next season – with Rivers and all their players back – they still would be on a sliding scale of mediocrity. I doubt they would even make the playoffs next season, or at best would secure the eight seed and get humiliated by Miami. They are better off getting rid of Rivers, Pierce, and Garnett (and while they’re at it, Terry, Lee, and the rest of the dead weight) and truly starting the rebuilding process. They have a decent young core in Rondo, Bradley, Sullinger, and Green, they should focus on good draft choices and getting some spending power to bring in some bigger names. I’m not saying tank the season, I’m just saying they should go into this season with an expectation that they won’t be competing for a championship, but rather an expectation that this season is about strengthening their core and rebuilding for a potential deep playoff/title run in 2015.

    The Clippers get a no-nonsense basketball genius in Rivers who will be able to mentor Griffin into becoming a complete player. As good as they were last year during the season, they consistently lacked the discipline necessary for me to take them seriously as a contender. That was evident in the playoffs when they surrounded a 2-0 advantage to lose in 6. If they get Garnett, they’ll have a coach and future hall of famer on the floor who can teach their young frontcourt how to truly endure in this league.

  25. NBA says:

    National Business Asociation

  26. Jag says:

    Rivers must’ve wanted out of the Celtics for all the wrong decisions that they’re doing… probably an issue he has with Rondo’s attitude as well… who knows? all the drama in the league just gets better every year.

  27. LAKERS 4EVA!! says:

    I just cant see Stern approving this deal. With all the dramas out there with players demanding trades, the league doesn’t need this cr@p from the coaches as well!

  28. benjie says:

    What ever you rebuild the miami heat will win 3 peat.As long as dwade is healthy and lebron deadly 3s is there they are unbeatable.

  29. Bruno says:

    Rivers left the ship before it sank.

  30. J says:

    i think its fine but…
    you’d give up doc one of the best coaches to get a player who wont play till 2016 season?!?!?
    thats mad
    though its good for doc rivers get more career wins as the coach of a great team

  31. Kei says:

    If this goes through(which I think it will) I want to see the C’s fans reaction. See how much hate they dumped on Ray(yes I know he went to rival miami) but will they hate Rivers as well?

    What a team though, if they never trade bait ray, or sided with a Veteran rather than a rookie, or get KG and Ray out of Minnesota and Seattle respectively. I think they’ll definitely got more than one chip!

  32. thunderup says:


  33. FeeLaZone says:

    I like this move. Now clippers, please PLEASE please build a SUPERTEAM!

    Coach: Doc Rivers


    SF: Caron Butler/anybody else
    PF: Blake Griffin
    C: Kevin Garnett/D12
    SG: Chauncey Billups/anybody else (Chauncey can play @ bench)
    PG: Chris Paul (don’t let CP3 Go)

    Now watchout!!

    MIAMI VS LA CLIPPERS for 2014 Championship!!

    • Andy Blacksmith says:

      3 old farts as starters is hardly a super team.

    • Peter says:

      Firstly that us rediculous. CClippers can’t get KG – the league has already said they will block any further trades including KG this season because it will be seen as a part of the Doc deal.

      Also the only hope Clippers have of getting Dwight is by trading Griffin for him, so the two of them playing side by side…not gonna happen.

    • Lakers4life says:

      The Thunder or Spurs would sweep them lol even the grizzlies (again) and if they would get past the WEST they wouldn’t beat the heat with the little experience they have.

  34. Lakers4life says:

    It woulf be stupid if they trade pierce,its like if the Lakers trade Kobe.

  35. jayson says:

    so disappointed T_T….though i’m still a Celtics fan

  36. Adrian Wajnorwaski isn't credible says:

    This is coming from a guy who said the Kings were moving to Seattle…

  37. Gillsy says:

    I don’t know where KG will go probably to the Clippers but one day I would love to see him in Beantown as coach.

  38. Gillsy says:

    This was always going to happen, I think the Celtics did well to get a first round pick, it doesn’t matter that it is 2015 cause the pick wont stay with them that long cause Danny will have a package with some team in his head.. I wounder how long it takes to make a trade for KG and where will PP go. Now it starts with who will be coach of the Celtics I hope Shaw or Hollins gets the job. Now the road back starts for the Celtics. While it still goes to show its not team owners, GM’s or Coaches who have a say its players like Paul.

  39. Jay says:

    Phil Jackson to the Celtics????

  40. BlackDove- says:

    Go Knicks
    Paul, Go to Knicks

  41. CHINA MAN says:

    No way!!!! Cavz should trade mike brown to kg paul pierce and rondo

  42. nba says:

    i love it

  43. Kimmy says:

    I find this article interesting and if Doc Rivers does indeed coach the Clippers I will finally follow their games during the regular season. And the plot thickens because I still think Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett will ultimately be part of the package. This will free the Celtics up for rebuilding. And that’s very exciting. I wonder who their new coach would be. I think it should be Patrick Ewing. He’s a Bostonian after all…. I’m from Boston, but could care less where Kevin Garnett retires, as long as he sticks with the best coach! Clippers need to try to keep Chris Paul and get Dwight Howard. Best wishes to Doc Rivers. Yeah!!!!

    • lol says:

      you could care less about garnett? and youre from boston?! for god sake he helped us winning a championship

  44. Bob says:

    It is ridiculous that no one has problem with Stern bailing out Donald Sterling once again. Donald Sterling has said and done some of the most racist and misogynistic things yet he is still an NBA owner. How can everyone complain about athlete’s being “role models” when the owners our downright disgusting people.

  45. Ellah Wadood says:

    Excellent move for the the clippers to get river

  46. Lobcity_councilmen says:

    First Doc, next KG and Pierce, then D12 takes less $ and teams up with BG and CP3 then Miami better look out #LobCityComing

  47. Za says:

    I hate that they’re leaving! That’s just tearing a team apart! But… I guess i wish em luck. As long as we still got rondo, I’m good!

  48. Ronald says:

    Imagine Rivers coaching the Lakers? They can build an ocean of championships together.

    • Ronald says:

      Clippers is only good enough to enter playoffs. They just like the Suns during the Amare and Nash’s era and Rockets during Yao and T-Mac’s. Clippers can never be a champioship team unless they join the D-League instead.

    • Pakyaw says:

      Coach rivers will not gonna fit on Kobe system

    • steagle says:

      That’s exactly what we thought it would be like in Boston with Rivers and KG, Pierce, Rondo & Allen. All that talent and only one title. A great coach and great talent doesn’t guarantee anything. Just look at the Spurs since 2007. Or Celtics since 2008. You need to have the talent, but you also need chemistry, team spirit, and most of all, LUCK. Meaning no season-ending injuries to star players or front office drama that derails a potential run. Boston has been cursed with so much lousy luck over the last few years that as much as I would like to see them make one last push, it’s probably best that everyone moves on, except Pierce who needs to retire a Celtic and provide the new, rebuilt squad with some leadership.

  49. William says:

    Doc Rivers for a future first round pick? There must have been biff between Doc and Rondo.

  50. jonski22 says:

    i never knew you can trade for a coach? any takers for Mike “no D” Antoni?

  51. Game Time says:

    Rivers is exactly what the Clippers, but I don’t know if Paul will stay. I hope so because Clippers have the talent, just lacked the direction.

  52. Dan!!! says:

    Pierce to spurs, garnett back to twolves!!

    • GW says:

      pierce to spurs. sounds good. but not at the cost of giving up future stars like leonard, neal or green

  53. jpman says:

    Even coaches are even allowed to be traded. What a sad life for NBA organization. Well, that’s business.

  54. Adam says:

    head coach for a first round pick TWO years from now?? anyone else besides me see this as a rip off?

  55. joe brown says:


  56. ezequiel says:

    lakers need criss paul

  57. Saxmanager says:

    I think it’s great for the Clippers to get Rivers, but there’s one thing I’m confused about. Why would Rivers not be interested in coaching the Clippers keeping their first round draft choice, and then be interested again after the Clippers offer the Celtics the draft choice? Doesn’t this weaken the team he’s going to coach slightly? I think that whole “I’m no longer interested” ploy was just that, a ploy by the Celtics to get a little more out of the deal.

    • Andy Blacksmith says:

      The nba said they wouldn’t allow it didn’t they?

    • maxout34 says:

      True. How this is coming about does raise some interesting questions for Rivers. Maybe he wanted out of Beantown just that bad.

    • maxout34 says:

      You raise good points. It does appear as though Doc would not be in favor of giving up a first round pick for the team he will be coaching. That may very well come back to bite them.

    • John says:

      Those two things have nothing to do with each other. You talk like the first round pick is a lottery pick not many stars come up at the 25 pick

  58. ALEX says:

    bad for nba

  59. Jimmy Jazz says:

    Please let Peirce retire a Celtic


    Yes…finally, watch out thunder, spurs, and grizzlies..the clippers are coming

  61. theholyspectator says:

    if doc coaches the clips..oh boy the west next year will be quite interesting!

  62. C. Hernan says:

    It is all business with Danny A. And this moves and others to come are best for the Celtics, but the days of a player spending an entire career with one team are for the most part gone. The game–which is as much about entertainment as it is about competitive sports– has become about players not teams. That is unfortunate.

    • your a moron says:

      no duh its about players but don’t say it as if it’s the players that control money flow, faces of the franchise, etc. you kno as much as everyone that the higher ups control that. FYI its a good thing that there aren’t many “one team career players” and the reason for that major change is because the competition is fierce now. every year players set goals to raise the bar higher by being either faster or smarter. the game evolves at a faster rate than people and fans realize and change seems to be an issue which is funny cuz the fans that want their city to be on top can’t adapt to changes soooooo kisss that invisible trophy good bye

      • Irony says:

        It’s always about money and championships, it’s also about respect. Why would you just discard your franchise player of 15 YEARS? Why not just let him retire, you’re not going anywhere anyway. On a side note, how can you call someone a moron if you can’t even distinguish your between you’re, not to mention your horrible grammar and comment.

    • JonP says:

      U should know, KG left his team to win ONE ring

  63. Remy says:

    Thought always highly about Rivers. I can imagine he doing well in LA

  64. EternallyLos says:

    Garnett and Pierce will go to Miami for the thee peat baby!

    • Neutral says:

      Not Pierce. He is useless there

    • Bobby says:


    • Joel says:

      You are not only ignorant but also slow. Kg and piece to Miami. You really have no basketball knowledge. Whomever read your post lost IQ points. Let me help clarify this for you celtics hate Miami ( aka biggest rivals in the east) then pierce and kg were pissed at ray Allen for joining Miami. They didn’t even talk. Does this clarify anything for you?

    • Peter says:

      Stereotypical Miami Heat fan, IQ of approximately 5.

    • dymatize says:

      your an idiot…

  65. dgt2 says:

    Boston follows the good work by bringing in G.KARL or L.Hollins to regain championship with a young team, whats MOREEEEE dangerous than woundred cobra? …..One with its hood spread and ready to strike!

  66. UncleDrew2 says:

    they should not approve the deal because of the CBA.

  67. NBAallday! says:

    Yeah! Doc to the Clips. I love it! Now KG!