Challenged Outside, Finals MVP James Goes All-In For Rings, Vision


MIAMI – The San Antonio Spurs took a calculated risk early in the 2013 Finals, allowing – almost daring – LeBron James to shoot jump shots, treating it as the least potent of his many poisons.

Turns out, it was one of those slow-acting toxins, taking a full seven games before crippling and finally taking the life out of the San Antonio Spurs Thursday night at AmericanAirlines Arena. James, the Miami Heat superstar whose game is the most scrutinized in basketball, adapted and overcame yet again, scoring 37 points with 12 rebounds in 45 minutes in the 95-88 Game 7 clincher.

James boosted Miami to its second consecutive NBA championship, in its third straight trip to The Finals, by launching 20 of his 23 shots from outside the paint. It was the most for him since his ballyhooed move to south Florida in July 2010.

He was perfect on the three he got inside, mind you, but James did his greatest damage from longer distances. His 9-for-20 from outside wasn’t as accurate as what he shot overall this season (56.5 percent) but it was deadly all the same, coming over San Antonio’s defense on shots that the Spurs were prepared to live with, yet could not survive.

James even hit five 3-pointers on his first seven attempts on a night when corner-and-arc specialists Ray Allen and Mike Miller were a combined 0-for-9. Shane Battier was the Miami 3-point shooter who was hot, draining six of his eight, but James was the bonus sniper on the perimeter. So much so that, with a couple more, the nitpickers who have stalked his career for impact and legacy might have complained that he doesn’t mock-shrug nearly as well as Michael Jordan.

“Two-and-half games I watched film, and my mind started to work and I said, ‘OK, this is how they’re going to play me for the whole series,’ ” James said after joining Jordan and Bill Russell as the only players to win back-to-back MVP awards and NBA championships.

“I looked at all my regular-season stats, all my playoff stats, and I was one of the best mid-range shooters in the game. I shot a career high (40.6 percent) from the 3-point line. I just told myself, ‘Don’t abandon what you’ve done all year. Don’t abandon now because they’re going under [screens]. Don’t force the paint.’

“Just saying everything you’ve worked on, the repetition, the practices, the offseason training, no matter how big the stakes are, no matter what’s on the line, just go with it.”

James went with it all the way to his second Bill Russell NBA Finals MVP award, becoming the ninth player in league history to win more than one. He joined Jordan (1991-’93, 1996-’98), Hakeem Olajuwon (1994-’95), Shaquille O’Neal (2000-’02) and Kobe Bryant (2009-’10) as the only ones to win that honor in consecutive years.

The hordes who root against James, who pick at any failings in his play at any point in any game, had nothing late Thursday night. It might be a while before they have something again.

“The vision that I had when I decided to come here is all coming true,” he said, his 37 points the most in a Finals Game 7 since Jerry West scored 42 while losing to Boston in 1969. It bumped up James’ scoring average in Game 7 situations, already a record, to 34.4. The Heat star averaged 25.3 in these Finals, 25.9 in the 2013 postseason.

“I said before the series I was a better player than I was last time I faced the Spurs,” said James, whose Cleveland team got swept by San Antonio from the 2007 Finals. “To be able to come through for my teammates in the biggest moment on the biggest stage makes me more satisfied than anything in the world.”

This second title – they’re at the “not three” point now in their boast of multiple Larry O’Brien trophies – fulfilled a remarkable season in which Miami posted a 66-15 record in the regular season, strung together 27 victories in February and March and went 16-7 in the postseason through two seven-game challenges against Indiana and San Antonio. Winning Game 7, limiting the Western Conference champs to 17 points on six field goals and seven turnovers in the fourth quarter, and making good on the expectations and the hype triggered the expected celebration – and kept a lot of ever-ready critics off their backs for the next five months.

But this was no “Big Three” production. Dwyane Wade, Miami’s veteran and hobbled shooting guard, pulled out a performance from the days when he still had knees, scoring 23 points with 10 rebounds. “All the giddiness is the champagne talking,” said Wade, who gained his third ring (his first came in 2006) but whose future and present were questioned constantly through his gimpy postseason. “This is the sweetest one by far.”

Forward Chris Bosh, however, went scoreless in almost 28 minutes, missing his five shots. Allen and Miller gave the Heat nothing offensively, either, making Battier’s performance so vital as coach Erik Spoelstra shuffled through his deck. And much-maligned point guard Mario Chalmers, maddening at times to teammates and Heat fans, still found ways to torment the Spurs through his 6-for-15 shooting for 14 points.

Not that San Antonio needed any more torment. The Spurs already had been through a mental wringer for two days, pushing away bad memories from Game 6 and their lost failures at its end. They shook those, seemingly, and even took a 71-69 lead with five seconds left in the third quarter. But Chalmers’ buzzer-beating bank shot from 28 feet made it 72-71 and, from there, the Spurs were noble, relentless pursuers – but they never led again.

The desperation and the fatigue appeared to wear on them – the Spurs missed seven of their first 10 shots in the fourth quarter and turned over the ball five times in seven minutes. Manu Ginobili, shakier again beyond his 6-for-12 shooting and four turnovers, was an obvious goat and one of the few San Antonio players who admitted to lingering Game 6 trauma.

But Ginobili had company. Young Danny Green, a Finals record-breaker in hitting 25-for-38 3-pointers through the first five games, went 1-for-11 from that distance in the final two games. With Miami’s defense finally taking him seriously, Green shrunk in the big-game glare. He shot 1-for-12 Thursday, eventually aiming and praying the ball or passing up shots altogether.

Kawhi Leonard stepped up (19 points, 16 rebounds, exhausting defense on James) but Gary Neal and Boris Diaw stepped back. Then there was Tony Parker, who lay claim to being the league’s best point guard during the playoffs’ first three rounds and dominated Game 1 of the Finals, was 3-for-12 for 10 points and scoreless in the final quarter, a victim of James’ defensive mismatch and orchestrated Heat pressure.

Last and assuredly not least, there was Tim Duncan, poised to snag his fifth championship ring and fourth Finals MVP award had the Spurs managed to win but struggling down the stretch. It was Duncan’s turnover off an offensive rebound, trying to reset San Antonio’s possession, that set up Battier’s final 3-pointer to make it 88-82 Miami. It was Duncan forcing and missing a hook shot at 90-85. And it was Duncan missing a chance to tie – a point-blank hook and a tip – with less than a minute left that sealed the Spurs’ fate.

After a timeout, James probed from the outside, then hit – what else? – a 19-footer that made it 92-88. A short while later, after the horn and an on-court celebration that 48 hours earlier nearly had been theirs, it all was a little much for the Spurs’ great big man.

“Tough to swallow,” he said. “Game 7, missing a layup to tie the game. Making a bad decision down the stretch. Just unable to stop Dwyane and LeBron. Probably for me, Game 7 is always going to haunt me.”

In those moments, the spectre of James likely will loom large, his outside jump shots flying just over Duncan’s outstretched fingers. It happened several times Thursday, a challenge met and defeated, more often than San Antonio could survive.


  1. Miami Heat back2back says:

    All i can say is haters you are our motivators to succeed so keep on hating and we will keep on winning… Go Miami Heat!

  2. Get Real Rubbish says:

    FOR THE LOVE OF… Shut up! Just accept it. He played great and you know it. You’re just another ignorant Heat Hater that has nothing to do except post useless comments about how James “didn’t” play well and “didn’t” deserve to win (although I’m neutral on that). So, bottom line, SHUT UP.

  3. Diezel Fluid says:

    No team in NBA history won a championship with only ONE superstar. NO TEAM… Even the 2004 Pistons were a collection of really good players. Criticizing LeBron for leaving the Cavs is a STUPID and UNFAIR argument in downgrading his greatness. He deserves ALL the accolades that are due, especially considering the ridicule he receives from NBA fans and media. KUDOS LeBRON!!!

  4. Los Angeles Losers says:

    Ray allen saved lebron’s legacy.. – true or false?
    A big TRUE!!! 🙂

  5. New Guy says:

    Now everyone can GET off of Lebron case and worry about someone who doesn’t have a ring: Melo, DRose, Durant, Dwight Howard, CP3, and Deron Williams.

  6. dgayleiann says:

    Luck is the best.. LBJ Luckily to have 2 rings …Mmmmm delicious ..Go HEAT … Love the Hater… make them stress LBJ for their whole life…..

  7. SAC KING says:

    Hello I disagree with the manner in how The Miami Heat won the finals. I don’t feel honestly that these games were preformed fairly especially game 6 and 7 in my opinion. I’m not in the place to say if teams or ref’s or players were forcing a game 7 or favoring another team it seemed to fixed for me to continue to watch. I’m a honest loyal SAC KINGS FAN and these games are to unreal to believe. Manu is a professional how long has he been in the league? and he turned it over three times in the biggest part of the game. Please tell me every professional sport isn’t a fixed sport? that would mean I can’t watch Football or Baseball and now Basketball. Is that what it’s come to I’ve gotten to smart for sports, and tv. Is this country under control or something is everyone just a paid actors. What has the world come to when I can’t respect any sports figure or celebrity not even the ones I use to like. How long can you manipulate the public not everyone is a moron.

  8. TSK TSK TSK says:

    TD21 has more rings than the entire heat organization…

  9. robertorm87 says:

    i ain’t got no worries

  10. magu1 says:

    Do you hear that ???????? The silence of the HATERS 🙂

  11. Penguin says:

    Like someone sais before: no flagrants, no pushing, no tras talk.
    Just the two best teams of the NBA battling it out . The way it’s supposed to be. It could’ve gone either way. Both deserve it.

    Nobody’s coming down hard on Duncan and Parker, rightfully so! They are human, as is Lebrron. Nobody should diss Ginobili either. If you play basketball (as I do) you know you don’t play your best game night after night.

    And yeah… Allen’s got the Finals’ MVP: Most Valuable Play.

  12. Martins says:

    Get Real If u mean by that James need the same number of rings as MJ to Become the all Greatest then let me tell u this: MJ is not longer the greatest sinds Bill Ruseel out scores Him by 5. Bill Has 11 rings and MJ only 6, so if the number of rings define the players Legancy then MJ has to come Back and Win 6 pore rings To advance Bill and Become the All Greatest, Otherwise LBJ Can be seen as one of the grestest.

    • wayne says:

      I honestly don’t know how james with only 2 rings to his name can be the greatest player for years the Nba has been a bios sports they focus on who they want to make famous and not really looking for Talent. U check all that come out of their mouth is james this james that smh.they need to be real they are many young talents that is not being fairly respresented.

  13. AKA says:

    Haters are crying right now, heat for 3peat!

  14. Nate_Dawg says:

    People are dumb. NO TEAMS, and I mean. NONE has ever won a championship without at least a tandem of 2 or a big three. Maybe Detroit of 2003-2004, but even that team had great players on it just not the superstar caliber that went against a troubled team chemistry of Lakers that year. but through all years. you need a TEAM, and at least 2 great players to accomplish such… Even Jordan Had Pippen, Kobe had Shaq, and Pau. What Lebron had in Cleveland was none sorry to say… Tell me which championship team had only 1 GREAT player and the rest mediocre and I will rest my case.

  15. Pacquiaoverrated says:

    Juwan Howard is the luckiest player here lol

  16. Pacquiaoverrated says:

    “The hordes who root against James, who pick at any failings in his play at any point in any game, had nothing late Thursday night. It might be a while before they have something again.”

    this says it all go back to cave haters! hahaha

  17. Mitra says:

    As a Miami Heat supporter, I am naturally very happy with the Heat win, more particularly with the way LBJ and D. Wade played together last night. It was really a “hall of fame” play as Coach Pop mentioned later in the press conference.

    I also appreciate the fact that these two teams have so much respect for each other. It could be anyone’s series but at the end LBJ made the difference. This is called greatness.

    Upon reflection over the season, I should say that NBA benefited a lot from some great games, and will continue to get benefited in the next season.

    We will see some super-star in the making as I believe.

    Step Curry
    George Paul
    Kwhi Leonerd

    Plus we already have LBJ, KD, Westbrook, Derek Rose, CP and Melo.

    A new great season will come up for 2013-14.

    The teams to watch in the east are: Pacers and Bull (along with Heat)
    The teams to watch in the west are: Warriors, Memphis, Thunder and of course, Spurs (I am not sure about Clippers because of their coach problem)

    We saw a great season and will wait to see another one.

    Good-bye, friends.



  18. Eric says:

    I love the Heat and I knew they were going to perform. At some point, I got really scared cuz the Spurs were brilliant too. Like the great coach papavich said, this series is a big boy series and I completely agree. Wish I was in Miami now to celebrate……
    We fight, we fight, we fight, we fight Dwayne wade !!!!!!!Great series

  19. Fefe (Nets) says:

    James never choked!!!!
    Anyway it would be great one day that some writers speak up the truth: game 7 should’ve never happened; robbery was performed in game 6 (not by the Heat players – but why does the refs miss obvious calls like that , that changes the name of the champions)??? Game 7 was a win very well deserved for the Heat, but again, why did we had a game 7?
    It’s very sad to overshadow the truth……………and continuing like that nobody will remember the truth!

    I’m so sad for Duncan!!!

    That said…now let’s get ready for NBA DRAFT 2013 – Go my Nets make some good moves!

  20. Stop The Hatin says:

    Danny Green was 2 for 15 Sekou, and the Heat went 66-16 not 66-15.

  21. Hotboy Shotta says:

    Mid-range jumpers and corner threes: Staples in the Spurs offensive gameplan since 1996.. Funny that the Heat beat them at their own game. What a series!!! I can’t wait until next season. Rose, Westbrook,Kobe,Rondo, were all injured. CP3 DWIGHT, JSMOOVE, KG, MONTA all be on different squads.

  22. WC8 says:

    I’m surprised that LeBron didn’t fl0p when they handed him the trophy. It’s amazing that he was able to stay on his feet.

  23. Rutger says:

    Let Lebron plan his game till he retires.
    Then we will have the debate wether he is the greatest of all time.
    For now it is mister Jordan.

  24. Yannick says:

    First and foremost, I want to express my respect for coach Popovich and his 3stars: Tim Duncan aka “The Big Fundamental”, Tony Parker and Ginobli! What a bunch! And San Anttonio Spurs, what an organization! They gave the Miami Heat the best resistance, which led to the best finals series I personally have ever seen.

    Then you have to pay tribute to “King” James. What a warrior! The guy is “just” 28years old and has already created so much debates – due to his impressive game – during his career, that you would give him 35years or something like that – sick! To all those who have scorned him (the media, basketball fans around the world and especially Cleveland Cavaliers president and som of Cavs supporters who expressed their hatred for the guy who have put their “little” team to the spotlight, to the world: let me wish all of them a great summer! 🙂 Lebron is the 3rd player in history to winn 2 consecutive the NBA-tittes and also be awarded MVP these respective 2years! As Lebron James fan since 2006-2007, I wanna conclude with these three words wich express my feelings: JOY, HAPPYNESS and PRIDE!

  25. Arnel says:

    im a heat fan. im not going to mock all the LBJ haters. both teams showed a true heart of a champion. sadly though only one team has to win and that is MIAMI. hats off to SPURS.. truly a great team and franchise.

  26. Dan says:

    I used to be a L James fan, but after watching him in this series I’m not as impressed as I used to be. The only reason he scored 37 points in game 7 was because the Spurs didn’t even guard him when he was outside the box. When Jordan used to shoot I would think “that’s going in” but when Lebron shoots I find myself thinking “that might go in, but probably not.” I think it’s because Jordan was so fluent in his shot. Lebron doesn’t look comfortable shooting the ball. This was just one of those games where Lebron was able to knock down his shot, but on most nights I bet he struggles from the outside. If it wasn’t for Manu turning the ball over all the time the Spurs most likely would have won. I’m not saying Lebron and the Heat didn’t earn this game, because they did… but if you ask me I’d say Lebron is overhyped.

  27. Matrix 305 says:

    I love LBJ and the Miami Heat, but the true MVP is D Wade. He allowed two superstars to come to his team, and took a back seat to Lebron James so that they can go to 3 consecutive NBA Finals and win back-to-back Championships!!! GO HEAT!!!

  28. PistonsFan93 says:

    I love it how you guys are mentioning the haters so much. At this point, although I am neutral (my name says it) I am happy for the Heat. It was 2005 Spurs who beat the Pistons in the Finals , but the Detroit were the ones who ousted the Miami Heat to get there. So much repsect all around.

  29. Matrix 305 says:

    I need my GPS because i can’t find all the Heat haters!! Congrats to LBJ and the Miami Heat for shutting up all the loudmouths who thought the Heat couldn’t do it. Much respect goes out to the San Antonio Spurs and their fans, they just as easily could have deserved to win the Championship too. The Spurs proved that they’re not a bunch of old and ailing Superstars, but a great basketball team…with that said, GO HEAT

  30. Pedro says:

    This is by far the best series of the last years. I’m a die hard Lakers fan, but hats off to LeBron, he was a killer last night. A well deserved title. Haters gotta give credit to the man. Just feel sorry about TD, he’s such a competitor and one of the true greats to ever play the game.


    Good game, good series, still hate Lebron and everything about him, including his declining hair line

  32. cp10 says:

    LBJ DWade Chalmers Battier dropped some bombs, well-deserved win but Game 6 was given to them 😉

  33. Kris Wayne says:

    Congrats to the SPURS for giving the NBA FANS an excellent series! However, there can only be one Champion. (But no matter what both teams are champions in my mind). Congrats to the Heat! Go for three peat!

  34. pejohn says:

    heat haters??? PRESENT!!

  35. buze says:

    Can’t wait for next season to begin ! A lot of contenders next year , Bulls – Pacers – Knicks – Thunder – …
    Heat going for a 3-peat !
    Hell of a serie , best in years !!

  36. Los Angeles Losers says:

    Finals mvp-shane battier

  37. Los Angeles Losers says:

    Congrats to ray allen..without him there is no game 7..the real big 3- allen,miller,battier..

  38. bulbulito says:

    haters shut their mouth to the fullest!..bandwagons sorry cause you will envy for the king for another title..LMFAO

  39. Alan says:

    Crazy finals series! Still can’t believe the Game 6 ending..

    However, being the Ohio boy that I am, I’ll always feel that Heat fans are front-runners.
    If you’re not from 216 or 330 then you don’t know what it means to “Witness”

    At least Heat fans stayed for the end of this one unlike Game 6…smh

  40. rigpa44 says:

    The Spurs had a bad game. It happens. Congrats to the Heat.

  41. Alexander Bashir says:

    GO Heat , I am so proud of all of you and I am excited to be part of this HEAT journey.

  42. DannyD says:

    #1 nuff said

  43. Jim says:

    Today I heard from my friends that the Spurs were too old to compete.I’m sorry but Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard don’t seem old to me and besides in Popovich’s system everyone can thrive coz we saw just how lethal the Spur’s offence was and just how much it exposed the Heat’s weaknesses.The fact that they win depsite all that is the reason why the Heat deserve to be champions.

  44. Strawhat says:

    So much respect to the spurs nobobody expect them to the finals not until rusell westbrook is injured..but winning a game 7 in the road is not an easy task.. I dont hate the spurs there not playing dirty like the bulls and pacers..tnx spurs for this epic series..all u ls lebron haters its time to shut the hell up..

  45. homo_who? says:

    All the LeBron haters realized that it was just the media & social hype that they started to hate LeBron. Now that no one’s talking about hating LBJ, they can’t utter any word about him.

  46. Erlo says:

    Lebron, GOAT. He will get 5 in a row, heard. Ain’t no one stopping the train.

  47. W/E says:

    The heat did not win, its just that the SPURS FAILED THATS ALL.

  48. heatfanhere says:

    wade should be the mvp

  49. ClippersWEAKESTTEAMever says:

    Finally! James won his 1ST FULL SEASON CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Last year should’ve not been counted as full since it was a lockout season. To pretend it is equal to an 82-game season championship is an insult to those who even won a championship in a full season.

  50. Kola Lima says:

    Where are the HEAT haters. The SPURS has been roasted by the HEAT. LBJ the best of all time did it agaiin. It was a well deserved victory. Yes, we won. All LBJ critics shoud shut up now.

  51. jonny says:

    im just glad it got to 7! now thats basketball haha!

  52. Aram says:

    So much for the mockery against lbj. He got 2 straight going for a grandslam next year. mockery is a b1tch. Love you haters! but all the more you will not stop the hate. NOW SWALLOW!

  53. Jwills says:

    Congrats to the Heat. This is coming from a Spurs fan BTW. It was great to see Timmy playing like the old school Tim we all love again.

    Both squads look just flat outta gas in this one. LBJ decided he wanted bad enough. We dared him to shoot and so he did. That amongst other mistakes and well, simply rotten luck on our part too.

    Nuff said. Can’t complain at all, the Spurs and Heat made this Finals run interesting for sure. Glad Wade didn’t get seriously hurt and was able to hang in there. Ultimately they prevailed. We didn’t. Enjoy your victory Miami.

    Jwills in San Antonio

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey man, it’s fans like you that help me keep things in perspective. Upfront, I’m not a fan of neither team, but for a time I hated the Heat more. I didn’t like the Spurs because of their history with the D’Antoni-Nash Suns. I despised the Heat because of the whole “Decision/Championship celebration” fiasco, as if the league was supposed to surrender titles to the Heat even before the “Big 3” had their first practice session. But I’ve learned, especially in this Finals, that you may not care for a team, you could even hate them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t respect them and respect what they’ve done.

      The Spurs have been in playoff contention possibly longer than any other team in any of the four major sports. They’ve won 4 championships in that span. 7 NBA teams have yet to even make the playoffs. Yeah the Spurs beat up on the Suns, but it proved the Spurs system was consistently better than the Suns. The Spurs system also outlasted the Suns, as we can all see.

      As for the Heat, they lost their first shot at the title. That was humbling enough. And they certainly earned their last two, especially this year. Having the best season overall record and going through not one but two 7 game series in a row, anyone can hate them, but no one cannot say they didn’t earn it. Loyalty is important to me, as some of the greatest players in the game did not win championships. They stuck with their teams and became Hall of Famers. The Heat players came to together to win championships. Regardless of the loyalty bit, they accomplished their goal and it certainly hasn’t been easy for them.

      I’m not a bandwagonner. I won’t become a fan of the Spurs or Heat, despite that they won the back to back championships. But now I can respect both teams and be the sportsman that you and the Spurs were last night and say Hats off to the Spurs for a great series and Congrats to the Heat for their accomplishment.

      As I’ve heard once, the best championship is the next one. Let’s see if the Heat can three-peat. The last team that reached the finals four years in a row was the Lakers, 1982-1985. The last team to win 3 championships in a row was the Lakers, 2000-2002. But for now, the Heat are back-to-back champions and regardless of what happens here on out, no one can take that away from them, like no one can take the 4 championships from the Spurs.

  54. FJHS3 says:

    HEAT MVP Player Game #7 = GINOBILI!

  55. Jeff Caplan where are you? says:

    jeff Caplan: Spurs in 6… lol… I only follow the NBA through TV and internet because i’m from philippines but this guy ( jeff caplan ) made me wonder why he is confidently picking the spurs to win in 6 games? is he disrespecting or hating the miami heat? I’m a heat fan but i don’t underestimate the Spurs. I can feel that sekou smith is picking the heat to win but the good thing about him is he don’t really say to his article (confidently) that the heat will win. Sekou said in his articles that this series can be win by either team, not one sided comment unlike Jeff Caplan.. Sekou is giving respect to the spurs even if he feels the heat could win this series..

    • Show Some Love says:

      I mean, to be honest. The Spurs almost won it in 6. They could have, they had the opportunity, but just didn’t seize it.

      Heat got a break and they were very talented to pull off this amazing come back. What an amazing series!

  56. cp says:

    spurs. is real basketball team!!

  57. The Referee says:

    Is it me or it is plainly that Coach Pop looks like Steve Aschburner?

  58. Awesome play says:

    Congratulations Miami HEAT…. the HEAT is on…

    Spurs Team – still no. 1 contender for next season…

  59. crizerd says:

    congrats to miami,coach spo,lbj…proud to be a filipino

  60. chudzik15 says:

    What’s up, LeBron haters?!?

    M V P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Danny Young says:

    Great game and the best finals finish I’ve seen since I was a kid. And officials called an even game which is surprising!

    Good job Miami, can’t wait to see what you can for next year!

  62. Laurence says:

    Amazing performance from the Heat. Big respect to the Spurs and particularly Timmy and Pop, very gracious in defeat and as others have said, they’re a model franchise for others to emulate

  63. king says:

    just like michael jordan when he drained 6 three´s against portland during game 1 of the 1992 nba finals…

  64. BIGMIKE(From North Hill in Akron,Ohio) says:

    Hope Heat keep team intact for next year and until their contracts run out fully.While I would love to see Lebron return to Cleveland to help lead my Cavs to an NBA title,I would rather see a Dynasty and one that wins at least 7 straight titles.Lebron is from my hometown,and he has put AKRON OHIO on the map!Go Lebron!!!
    Sincerely a diehard Cavs fan!

  65. great game…but i still believe the spurs deserved it even more…without Ray Allen they wouldn’t even reach game 7…it took Miami 7 games to defeat the spurs who has ailing and old superstars…i’m pretty sure they’ll have a hard time to repeat next year once superstars on the east like derrick rose and danny granger gets back into shape…might not even reach the finals


      Yet you thought the Spurs would win. Please re-enter your cave Hater!

    • Mario says:

      A win is win is a win. No time for shoulda coulda woulda. Spurs lost, heat won, and that is all that matters!

    • 0_o? says:

      and now start the excuses…….and nobody says repeating a championship is easy…with or without drose, granger etc..

    • A curious fellow says:

      the whole west got beaten by the spurs who have ailing and old superstars..

    • Danny Young says:

      Do you even watch basketball? When D rose had a great team they got mopped by Miami…..Granger will throw off the dynamic of George, gunnery, west, because with him they won’t have that MUST SCORE dynamic which is what carried them……you should give up on hating on this obvious dynasty and just embrace you got to witness greatness at it’s best. I mean honestly bro anyone who actually loves THE GAME will appreciate this series, not bash who, what, when, where and why.

    • Silence I'll kill u says:

      There you go again with wrong propecy. Always counting chickens even if theres still no eggs. Smh. Acceptance and respect.

    • Silence I'll kill u says:

      So wat if it took 7 games? Who won? haters always have the reason and excuses nullifying the word of acceptance..How about ur lakers? Supposed to be number 1 in seed. Before the season u said that lakers will be the 2013 champs because of line up. Zzz not even close to fight for 2nd round. Ooppss spurs 4-0 over ur team.

    • LeBron James says:

      why are you even arguing ” without Ray Allen ” . of course they wouldn’t win without Ray Allen . so what ? are you bitter because your bet didn’t won ? butt hurt bandwagon fan

  66. Joshuanyccc says:

    James,its your teammates who won the champion for you . You should be grateful!

  67. jack23 says:

    its time to celebrate for James and Co. they deserved the Thropy, i hope they could keep the players intact to continue and depend that Championship. Hats off to Coach Spo, for allowing Lebron to play what was his best shot even before he learned to play Post,..with the caliber of James, undoubtedly, he is now the best ever to play the game…Mabuhay Lebron!!

  68. Joshuanyccc says:

    James should learn to shoot first … Look at his stats … Hes nothing without dunk

    • Mario says:

      Did you see the same game the millions across the world saw last night?? Come on , be real!


      Please go back to your bat cave hater!

    • Erlo says:

      He shot 56.5% during the entire season.

    • Joshuanyccc: Grow up Please says:

      Did you even watch game 7, or even read this article you’re commenting on? He shot well from outside the paint, and from beyond the arc. This season was also his all time best from beyond the arc at 40.6% How can you even say he’s nothing without the dunk.

      Please, go back and read this article.

    • MaraviLLa says:


  69. Rutger says:

    how i did not want the Heat to win they do deserve it.
    They really came through when it counted in the last 3 series against Bulls, Pacers and Spurs.
    Congratulations to the Heat

  70. Rutger says:

    How much did not want the Heat to win they do deserve it.
    They really came through in the last 3 series when it counted.
    Congratulations to the Heat

  71. Congrats Lebron you deserved it!Heat repeat!

  72. Funerals says:

    Finally the funeral service came to San Antonio. I think they will looking hard at game 6 and what could have been. It was such a close finals that I could have easily been reading about a different champion.

  73. Nabi says:

    Great game 7, maybe one of the greatest. Both teams are a true champions and they have played great basketball. The Heat earned the title fair and square, they have played tough playoffs with aggressive teams, teams who are not worthy to play in the finals and it was great to see a worthy opponent. Congratulation to my Heat, you have made us proud.

  74. J'S'T says:


  75. Where They At? says:

    Dominance minus choking=King James. No haters in sight. So much for being a choker. Game 7 NBA FINALS no problem for lbj. Don’t tell me he did horrible because even the greats of the past had their help and their off days in the playoffs. Good night haters see you next fall.

  76. Silence I'll kill u says:

    Game 6 will truly haunt the spurs mind for their whoe life, ahead by 5 in less than 30 seconds, end up losing. They already have the grasp of being champions but eventually it vanished.

  77. Jimmy E says:

    It was Karma. The Spurs should have put the Heat away in Game 6. Taking the foot off the jugular evoked their own demise. This will haunt them for a long time and Tim Duncan will have to take it to his retirement

  78. Owsik says:

    Heat Win!
    LeBron haters – take the summer off!

  79. koldheat says:

    What a Win FROM a fan IN australia!!!

  80. Jona says:

    yeah..go heat..2013 champions..

  81. Gossiper says:

    Yohooo haters, anybody home

  82. Gossiper says:

    Hello haters

  83. LakersWillWin says:

    I’m sorry, but if tonight didn’t shut the LeBron haters up… Nothing will.
    What an incredible show skill and team work. That game was historic on LeBrons part.

    -Kobe Fan

    • Get Real says:

      Get REAL historic lack of defense?

      • bigwes95 says:

        Doesn’t matter. He made the shots when it counted the most. LeBron could have driven it, considering he had a open lane half the time, but chose to shoot the 3 and make 5 of them. Maybe historic that he got 4 triple doubles in this series alone? Only other players in history just to get 2 are Magic and Bird, and LeBron got 4. And LeBron averages the most points in NBA history for elimination games and games sevens, well, those are the same. But the game six’s against the Spurs this year, Boston last year, etc. Those weren’t game 7’s, obviously.

  84. frankie says:

    for all u haters, just stop with the hate, this was a great series, just thank both the spurs and heat for such a thrilling finals, congrats heat and lbj, good luck on the 3peat next year!!!

  85. Don Kenobi says:

    Was hard to watch. All grit!
    Everyone says “teamwork’ when referring to the Spurs, but the Heat showed what team work truly is – even more!
    Everyone at some point made ONE play which extended the series and made victory in game 7 happen!
    Shane Battier, Bosh, even Bordman hit a three! Who’da thunk that!
    I wrote Lebron Off 20 seconds left in game 4. My shamed? not really – he’s a workhorse – he misses misses misses and you see the stats he scored 40!! When did he score all that! Truth is he’s a workhorse and over-scrutinized – but he needs to be aggressive thats his forte! I’m happy for all the boys down at Miami
    Don Kenobi

  86. All the Haters please stay away from commenting. The legend Magic Johnson commended LBJ. Enough said

  87. Mamba talks says:

    even Duncan wins tonight, he will just be considered as the best Power Forward to ever play the game, but Lebron is considered but not yet the best player to ever play the game

  88. J says:

    lebron next few seasons will be a beast from mid range
    great article! great game! great playoffs! great finals! great season! great… champions!
    i dont want to rub it in to spurs fans cause i also love the spurs but… yes yes yes we did it we did it we did it woo hoo nba champs baby yeah yeah yeah yeah we told u so!!!!!!……………………. now time for a 3peat!!
    congrats miami heat! back 2 back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    now will everyone stop hating on lebron!!!!!!!!!!

  89. miniminer says:

    a well deserved title for the miami heat..a heartbreaking miss by TD and turnovers cost them the championship, again opportunity knocks only once (for SA’s big 3 likely this will be their last trip to the NBA finals).. as for the haters, watch LBJ celebrate his second ring 🙂

  90. Dale Cooper says:

    Just a fantastic series. We’re lucky.

  91. eknujsra says:

    Thanks so much for this series. I couldn’t asked for more. Wonderful. Breathe-taking. Wow.

  92. Lebron is too good says:

    All heat haters summers are ruined because the heat won lol

  93. JOE TRUELOVE says:


  94. leo bermudez says:

    congratulations MIAMI…..a very well deserved championship ring….

    for those who doubt LBJ’s talent, better look at this game 100 times.. 🙂



  96. jahhmess says:

    wer r u heat haters??

    • ClippersWEAKESTTEAMever says:

      Still hate Lebron James, win or lose. He’s still not the best player in the NBA and NEVER WILL BE! :))

    • Get Real says:

      Get REAL neeeds to win 4 more to be great specially when you join another team to acomplish that goal.

    • all I can say is he can’t do it alone! just like what dirk did! lol…but ok…i’ll give them credit…great win for miami 🙂

    • JG says:

      live to hate another day. GO HEAT!

    • ronny says:

      Haha soak it up now because the big three are getting shipped out! Miami will b the new Cleveland Cavaliers and lebrin will ride back into the Cleveland sunset lmfao

    • casper says:

      still here, but some of us have respect for him from now on.

    • realist says:

      he will never be considered great in my book. he ran from the challenge in cleveland to make it it easier on him to win a title. short cut to the rings does not make him great. almost every true star to play in the nba has stayed true to their original teams, and if they did leave to another a team it was not to make a big 3. the challenge is what sports are about. there is no challenge for a team up like wade, lebron and bosh in the weak east. pacers look like the only team that might stop them in east, but teams need to start waking up. he is just lucky this time that spurs choked at the end of game 6 before ot. shouldve never gone to ot, but it is what it is now. ready for next year. lets go mavs

      • Can_We_Just_See_Good_Basketball? says:

        Question for all Lebron “Haters”? If LeBron stays in Cleveland to the tune of never winning a championship, does he still garner GOAT consideration? I think not, because no matter how great a basketball “team” player LeBron is, there’s still too much social stigma equating career success to championships. I think it’s safe to say that Jordan’s name is mentioned more now amidst Lebron winning championships than during his time in Cleveland.

        That said, I think LeBron should be considered in the GOAT discussion when his career is said and done, if only because I think every teammate with which he plays would laud his unselfish style of making the “right” basketball play. Every player will make mistakes. Jordan made his share, Russell too, and Lebron many more. I think we should come to appreciate the living legend that is LeBron James.

        By the way, I think that LeBron leaving Cleveland for Miami can be viewed as a show of respect for the game of basketball and the appreciate of such as a team sport. LeBron could not do it alone under the Cleveland organization. I dare anyone to cross-compare the support staff for Jordan’s championship runs to LeBron’s during his finals runs in Cleveland. Come on, really?!?!