24-Second Thoughts On Game 7


24 — Not sure who I’m going to miss more this summer, Julia Dale or Jesse Williams (who needs to stay out of Dwyane Wade‘s closet. #NBAStyle). Excellent work you two, but onto the game now … finally!

23 — So much for the Spurs’ Game 6 hangover. Just as I suspected, they’ve got the adrenaline pumping, starting with Tim Duncan, who converted his first coast-to-coast, one-man break with a dunk since he was at Wake Forest. I love Game 7s, love the drama, energy and the competitive fire it brings out of great players. Spurs up 11-4, by the way, bringing it to the Heat without so much as a care about Game 6. Better step it up Heat, because the Spurs plan on leaving the building with Larry O’Brien.

22 — These officials (whose names shall not be written here, don’t want to jinx it) are allowing a staggering amount of physical contact on both sides early on here. I have to admit that I love it. I’d rather they blow fewer whistles in a game like this. They’ve probably missed a few fouls (like this one) but you have to give up something to get a game like this called the right way. They are setting a tone right now and making sure both sides realize that they are going to have to decide this thing and not rely on selling calls to gain an advantage. This is how it should be done.

21 — As TNT’s Shaquille O’Neal would say, “Birdman … Birdman!” Chris Andersen making his presence felt with pure energy on both ends. Two big 3-pointers from Shane Battier help spark the Heat’s 8-0 run late in the first quarter. First 12 minutes a bit sloppy on both sides but so what, “both teams played hard my man.” #RasheedWallace 

20 — Battier’s revenge! Knocks down his third 3-pointer of the night and making his case for extended minutes tonight. You had to figure he was going to resurface at some point after going underground earlier in this series.

19 — Spurs battle right back with a mini-run of their own, fueled by the turnovers they are causing as the Heat rush toward the basket time after time and get balls stripped or tapped out from behind. This is the pace Spurs coach Gregg Popovich talks about all the time.  The “old and crusty” Spurs look like the much more effective team in transition right now, just as they have to me for much of this series.

18 — Six quick points for LeBron with the small-ball lineup of Mario Chalmers, Birdman, Mike Miller and Ray Allen. First bucket was a coast-to-coast drive and the foul, one of those moves only LeBron makes. And then the Spurs dare him to shoot a long jumper and he dribbles it out and steps back and drops a 3-pointer over Danny Green to stretch the Heat lead to six, 33-27. This is the same group that went on that 33-5 tear in Game 2, the group that went wild with Wade and Chris Bosh on the bench.

17 — I don’t care what Kawhi Leonard‘s driver’s license or birth certificate says, he’s a man beyond his years. He’s got 10 rebounds already and is going at LeBron on both ends. His work in this series has been a revelation, even for the folks who watch the Spurs on the regular. Surely, no one expected this young cat to play like this on this stage. A young star has been born folks.

16 — Wade matches his Game 6 output before halftime, scoring 14 points in 18 minutes by going back to Flash mode. Heat lead 46-44 at the break on Wade’s third pull-up wing jumper. The Spurs are sagging off of both Wade and James, daring them to beat them with anything but plays at the rim. They’ve picked their spots to attack and when to step back and knocked down shots. They scored 20 of the Heat’s final 21 points of the half, a sloppy but beautifully chaotic first half that has featured all of the energy we could have asked for from both sides in a Game 7. Wade is shutting up his critics by gutting it out and playing like the future Hall of Famer he is on the biggest stage.

15 — The Game 7 crucible is costing us some aesthetics in this game, but honestly that’s what I expected. Lakers and Celtics did this same thing in 2010, when the action was scattered all night and the Lakers needed a late-game rescue from of all people my main man  Ron Artest (now Metta World Peace). I’m wondering what non-megastar in this game is waiting in the wings to play hero tonight?

14 — Leonard is seriously in danger of stealing The Finals MVP award for the Spurs if they find a way to win this game. as good he was in the first half he’s been even better since then, attacking offensively and scoring in a variety of ways. He gets basically whatever he wants with those umbrellas for hands. He does it all without ever so much as single change in expression … he might be a suitable heir to the no-nonsense throne Duncan has occupied for years in San Antonio.

13 — Party is over for DDG. He’s 0-for-7 and appears to have lost all confidence in the past six quarters of this series. Never saw a guy shoot the lights out the way he did in the first five games of this series. Never seen that spark disappear as quickly as it has for a guy who made it look so easy for so long.

12 — Right on queue, DDG snaps his 0-for-8 streak and drains the corner 3-pointer for a 57-56 lead with 5:08 to play in the third. Good thing Pop coaches the Spurs and not me, because I’d have taken DDG out long before that shot.

11 —Another 3-pointer for LeBron, that’s four tonight. Phil Jackson told me on Episode 122 of the Hang Time Podcast that this is exactly the way you have to defend LeBron. But he just measured up another one and nailed it for a 62-57 lead. Not sure if this plan is going to work if he shoots 5-for-7 on his next seven attempts from deep.

10 — Spurs come right back with a run of their own. Boris Diaw makes you wonder what might have been if he was in just decent (not necessarily superior) shape. Could you keep him out there on LeBron for an extended stretch and let Leonard eat someone else alive on the offensive end? Great game either way and anyone who assumed we wouldn’t get an epic Game 7 out of these two outfits (and all of the competitive warriors on both rosters) better sit back and enjoy the rest of the last and best game of the season.

9 — Manu with the cold-blooded driving layup with 5.2 seconds to play in the third gives the Spurs a 71-69 lead. And Chalmers answers with a running 3-point heave at the buzzer that kisses off the glass and goes in for a 72-71 Heat lead with what should be the 12 best minutes of the season left to play. Drop the mic Game 7. #InstantClassic!

8 —  Battier is 5-for-5, nails another corner 3 on the sweet pass from LeBron. Shades of Artest 2010, folks.

7 — Ginobili giveth and then he taketh away with his driving layup sandwiched between two costly turnovers. If looks could kill, Pop would be in the Dade County lock up already. Meanwhile the Spurs keep daring Wade and LeBron to beat them with jumpers and you guessed it, they keep beating them with jumpers. The Spurs won’t abandon the plan and it could end up costing them this game and title No. 5.

6 — Manu giveth … again!

5 — Battier with another 3 on a feed from LeBron and the 88-82 lead. He’s playing redemption’s song for the awful stretch of basketball he played earlier in this series. He’s kept Miller and Allen on the bench for the duration here. But Duncan comes right back with a layup and foul (a horrible call on Bosh for his fifth), sinks the free throw and makes it an 88-85 game with just over three minutes left in a game that should make you forget about the instant classic that was Game 6.

4 — Leonard has yet another answer for you LeBron with the wing 3-pointer. This kid has played the game of his life on the global stage. Unreal effort.

3– If you can’t tie the game with the greatest power forward to play the game being guarded by a completely overmatched Battier at the rim, then maybe it’s just not your night. The Spurs couldn’t have asked for a better set up and Timmy just missed the bunny.

2 — Just 39 seconds and two points separating the Heat from a repeat title. And LeBron gives us another swished jumper for his 34th and 35th points of the night. A four-point lead in this game and this series means nothing with 28 seconds left. Remember Game 6?  But it helps when you make the steal on the Spurs’ next play, get fouled and sink both free throws for the 94-88 lead with 23 seconds to play. Get the confetti ready Miami, it’s party time.

1 — Not one, Not two … LeBron and Wade silence their critics with masterful performances. Two titles in three years together and to do it in dramatic fashion this time. The stars come out in Game 7 and the Heat’s biggest stars showed up. Battier was spectacular and the Spurs will be haunted by the final 28 seconds of Games 6 and 7, when their execution failed them.  Great game, great series and a deserved champion has been crowned. Props to the Spurs and Heat for treating us to a series for the ages and finishing the 2012-13 season in style. LeBron’s second straight title and second straight Finals MVP is well deserved.



  1. Just Listen!! says:

    @truthbetoldforsure and all Miami Fans, Miami’s game plan was to foul and the refs could not call all of them, that was the only way heat could slow the spurs down. So sure spurs got more foul calls in game 7 but look at the calls they did not get the ones that change a game. The one’s the heat would of got if they fouled the spurs in the closing seconds.( especially game 6) The fouls were so obvious that’s why all the so called haters are hating because a foul is a foul, it should not matter if there’s one second left or 10 min. left. Heat are a good team but play in a far inferior conference.So three times to the finals doesn’t prove much. Beating the spurs with home court advantage from being in a inferior conference and the league(refs) on there side WOW! and LBJ better make those shots he was left wide open…As for the talk about Lebron leaving the Cavs, He would of had more respect in the league if he would of built a Championship team there. Spurs were the Better Team and had to overcome more obstacles to achieve what they achieved. So enjoy your Second Place ring..

  2. Rodrigo Francisco says:

    Just wondering. I did not see Coach Spoelstra in the Miami locker room celebration. Anyone who saw him?

  3. VicRod says:

    Wow I was just surprised Duncan shot the ball that quick. If he had taken his time to back down battier and survey the court the Spurs could have easily tied it or took the lead, even though they played sloppy all game. The Spurs were clearly the better team but a few bad bounces and some veeeeerrrrryyy lucky threes by the heat decided this game. Fact of the matter is that the heat better enjoy this while it lasts because the Spurs and other teams are coming out next year with fire!

  4. Pablo says:

    You said it best DMC12, All you haters in Cleveland, Toronto, NewYork. Better freakin luck next year. OH YA you may hate but your ratings for watching the game was through the roof. You want so bad to watch failure. Good luck next year.

  5. DMC12 says:

    All Miami Haters, move on… Better Luck next season. Great Series, the time of Heat has come.

  6. Let's go Heat says:

    I am not surprised people still use bad calls (fact: Spurs got more free throws than Heat in the whole series), LBJ leaving Cleveland, Heat bought Champion (fact: no one argue other players and teams like Melo & Kidd to NY, Nash & Dhoward to Lakers, D-Will & J Johnson to Nets.) to attack Heat and players. Haters mention points above million times throughout the season.

    I am D-wade fan and not defending LBJ. But I would like to quote wt LBJ said, we cannot worry what other people say about Heat. As one of the Heat fans, we are enjoying the “back-to-back” titles, the best season winning record and the way Big 3 play in Heat games. Win is win, Heat fans don’t need to care any haters’ subjective excuses, we just enjoy our champs summer. That’s enough!

  7. JDog says:

    Heat just lucky this year…they will lose next year unless more sellouts take pay cuts to add to the Super Team. Or more injuries to key NBA players. So, lame with the NBA nowadays. Don’t build anything together…just want to buy championships. Turning into MLB Yankees. Which are boring as hell. Jordan and Pippen, Spurs even…they drafted and built their core through time. Heat…just bought their championships.

    • Team play says:

      Completely agree. That’s why Jordan will always be more respected than Lebron even if Lebron was to end up with more championships. Same goes for Kobe. Easier to win with the Lakers than build the Bulls out of nothing.

      Lebron is the best player today but he did take the easy way out. When Jordan didn’t win he didn’t decide to go join the Pistons with Isaiah or the Lakers with Magic. He stuck with it and proved he was the greatest. He was too good and had to challenge himself in another sport. Lebron can never claim the same true legacy and true fans know the truth. If Lebron would have brought Wade and Bosh to Cleveland then I would have more respect for him.

  8. JDog says:

    Spurs killed themselves in Game 6, but refs helped Heat in OT of Game 6 with two non-calls. At the least…Green was fouled by Bosh on that 3 and should’ve had an attempt at tie. Bosh got ball, but body blocked him to the ground…sorry…that’s a foul.

    • Great Finals says:

      For sure. It was a convenient non-call like Manu getting the ball slapped out of his hands. That would have changed the game.

  9. Great Finals says:

    There are some Heat haters and Lebron haters for sure. But Heat fans try and defend your position rather than continuously throw the word hater out there to anyone who makes a constructive comment. And even more ridiculous is the fact you think you already have next year’s championship in the bag when this year’s wasn’t an easy one.

    Enjoy the glory since you are champions. The Finals could have gone either way. At times the big 3 for the Heat were absent but it is a team sport where the other players carried the team for some stretches. That is why it is a team sport. I’m glad Lebron had the opportunity to close out game 6 and a chance to prove himself for a game 7. That solidified his legacy and he rightfully earned the title and the Finals MVP. Before then I wasn’t convinced since the best player in the world should overcome any defense no matter how strong.

    For the Spurs I hope they come back fully healthy especially with their age. Not sure if they’ll want to keep Manu at this point, he has a lot to prove for next season to combat father time. The young guns will have to start carrying the team but I think it will take a while for the Spurs to reach the Finals again. The Western conference is much tougher than the East. This will always increase the odds that the Heat will in the Finals and it is just a matter of winning the Finals.

    Either way I can’t wait until next year. Congrats to the Miami Heat for defending their title.

    • Team play says:

      I wish the Spurs would have won to quiet down all of the Miami bandwagon fans. Funny that since Shaq gave them a title and left they were a regular playoff team but not a contender. All of a sudden Riley brings in the big stars and all of sudden die hard fans were created.

      True fans cheered for 2 main reasons:

      1. Heat have the better stars and the best player in Lebron but Spurs are the best team. They are more selfless and play as a team. Heat relied on their talent while the Spurs get the most out of all of their players.

      2. Spurs built a perennial contender the difficult way by drafting and trades. Short of Duncan being an overall first pick they’ve stayed at the top by finding gems and making solid trades. They are a small market but a big franchise in the NBA like the Red Wings of the NHL and the Patriots of the NFL, the teams their peers look up to. They have always been a contender in the difficult West.
      Heat are the best but it was simply by free agency (they are only trades on paper). Then other players join the team for championships at any costs. Good for them but I can’t see how that will help their legacy. That is the way of the NBA and the commissioner likes it for popularity. The main big markets and historical teams are always cheered on and some cities/franchises will never get the names or a chance to win it all. The NBA is becoming like the MLB.

      I’m glad for now the Spurs made it competitive and it was a great finals. I prefer Tim Duncan’s legacy than Lebron’s any day. Let’s see what kind of player Lebron will be at 37.

  10. blackmamba_38 says:

    It’s all over now. Congratulations to all the miami heat players as well as the fans. Good choice for lebron james and ray allen for deciding to transfer to miami team, they both now have 2 rings. They won’t be able to have that if they continue to remain with their previous teams. I do believe that basketball is a team game, lebron james can’t do it alone without having good teammates. Fortunately, the heat have great players and hopefully they will continue to play well and grab again the championship next year… Bravo miami heat!

  11. Dont Stil Gt HATISM (Bulls FAb) says:

    Truly tired of people hating on Lebron moving to Miami, if Cleveland were this serious about keeping him,.. in SEVEN years, they could have got him help. Lebron is a winner, was born to win and once he sees an organization is not ready to do that, he will and SHOULD leave. Any SANE person should do that. Now to other haters who talk about BIG 3 and great players on one team… look at LA, gasol,D13,nash,metta,jamison,kobe… that’s 6 allstars, 5 potential hall of famers, 2 great defensive players, 2 former mvps and probably the best European bigman to ever play the game… the question is why isn’t anyone hating on these guys? oh I see… its just Lebron and the inability to comprehend how good he is.. ok I get it now.

  12. yo check it says:

    The Heat should really thank Ginobili for their come back in game 6

  13. Rodrigo Francisco says:

    Basketball is a team game. Each five players in the court has his own degree of participation in the success or failure of the team. Let’s give credit where credit is due. Ray Allen and Chris Bosh are my heroes of game 6. If not for them game 7 may not have happened.

  14. JermaineAndroid says:

    One thing i have to say is that who ever won this playoff series deserved to win. What makes the NBA are the True fans of their teams and these true fan will hate any other team.

    Next year will be an even better year for the NBA as new emerging stars rise.

  15. celentano says:

    I’m not a hater of champ team’s,only a bandwagon hater! props to Miaimi to win game 7 with they’re big 3 back to back championship .But for me this year’s final’s doesn’t realy count .Why?The Spurs won already techniqaly game 6!!!
    The Spurs must be the champs of finals 2013!,Why? That famous big saving shot from Ray Allen last seconds fourth quarter is a clear big travel move before shot,Ray putting 3 steps after receiving the ball in his hands without dribbling! How can the official’s not seeying this and swallowing theyr witshle on that play?The ref’s must wisthle that play as a travel violation Miami fans & bandwagoner’s should thanks a lot the ref’s again!Ignoring the travelling rules.The Spurs tank was going empty entering overtime & Game 7 finaly!That shot from Ray wasn’t realy difficult to take if you can use 3 STEPS without dribbling,only in the nba it is possible!Try to do by yourself to take the same shot correctly with the dribble how it should be than it’s another story,i have at least 20 year b.ball experience i know these rules very well!!!
    These 2 last titles Miami win should be just 1,not for nothing they call them the Miami CHEATER’S !!!
    A sincere neutral fan!

    • Let's go Heat says:

      Of course, you can argue this call. And I can argue every call as bad calls which put Spurs to the free throw lines in the whole series. Clearly, Spurs get more FT than Heat do. No matter what you say, the fact is, you cannot take the back-to-back titles from Heat. The better team win. Only “losers” cannot accept the fact. haha

    • Baskethad says:

      No mate you are completely wrong. Ray catches it stepping back behind the line. There is no league in the world that calls that a travel. Seriously don’t bother debating it you will only make yourself look like a bigger moron.

  16. TaReon says:

    hater think LBJ was paid to go to Miami, which in fact, LBJ got a pay cut and so did Wade because they knew when they got togehter championship was going to happen and then more money would come. LBJ played in Cleveland for seven years did they get him any help……NO. Do you think Allen recieved extra money for going to the Heat…NO. Birds of a feather flock together.

  17. Tim says:

    Heat are clearly the best in the business right now

  18. Pacquiaoverrated says:

    @Alex yeah and parker faking hamstring injury go to your cave hater, wait! wait! speak all you want it doesnt matter cause…. Miami is the Champion and youre not! hahaha

  19. alp says:

    by the way, i want to take the time to give a shoutout to the game 7 officials. not many bad calls at all and in my opinion the best officiated game of the series.

  20. J-Short37 says:

    It is LBJ time to have the torch of the league. The Spurs are hurting and will be haunted by game 6 forever, I think people are not giving the overall Heat team their props, I know LBJ is the main player but without Battier and Allen three pointers there is no Chip. But its his time the guy is a great player and thus far one of the greats.

    Laker fan since 87′

  21. While I hoped San Antonio would win, congratulations to the Miami Heat.
    I also want to praise the sportsmanship both teams showed at the end of the game. I saw how both teams respected and praised the effort both teams put into attempting to win this championship.
    Let this be a lesson for all people who play team sports. It is not only by how many championships you win, but also the way you play the game.

  22. Babygirl2472 says:

    Bj- do you not understand that the Heat also had Allen, Wade, Birdman, Battier, Bosh, etc. This team won the finals period. Both teams had their bad moments, but the team that fought to win..guess what they won!!! People are going to say what they want about LBJ, Wade, and Bosh, but they can not deny that Miami does have a great team put together by the great Pat Riley and Spo. Let these guys enoy their win and stop making excuses for why they won. this is why people are called haters, they make every excuse, but the truth is both of these teams where her for a reason…THEY ARE BOTH GREAT TEAMS! Somebody had to win and the other lose. GOOOOOO HEAT!!!! Great competition Spurs and much respect to their entire team!

  23. alex says:

    finaly is the end
    i cant watch anymore wade acting injured knee
    the realy problems with injured knee is guys like roy, bynum and oden not the actor wade

    • Let's go Heat says:

      From the very beginning of playoff, no matter whether D-wade is really injured or not, he had not used health issue as an excuse for his so-so or poor performance in any game. Besides, is the knee surgery of D-wade last summer faked? Pls dont be so nonsense!

      • Let's go Heat says:

        It is interesting to read haters’ comment or excuse after Heat won BACK-TO-BACK champion. Those comments of undermining Heat is quite creative. Keep on, haters, you get the whole summer (and next season) to be crying baby.

  24. OMG says:

    Congrulations to the most hated team in the world – The Miami heat 🙂 And for several good reasons.

    1. Miami heats win is a proof of that hard work (San Antonio) not always pays off by building up from scratch. You need to build up a team by buying the best players (ala-lebron-style).

    2. It was arrogance/egos (Miami) win over humility (San Antonio)

    3. It was a win for the cowards who were afraid to try again (the hard way) – Thank you Ray Allen (greetings from Boston), Lebron, Crish Bosh and Chris Birdman Andersen. You joined the forces of cowards who relies on stars rather than hard work.

    4. It was an (unfortunate) end to the best trio ever (Tim, Tony and Manu) who build up their legacy from scratch

    5. Miamis win is a proof that basketball is no longer what it used to be – A team sport. It’s a sport of wealth, money and the power to join the forces of basically all former all-stars to win a championship.

    If i could i would had puked over all the miami heat fans.

    I wouldn’t be happy. At least those you ask to go back to the bat cave got something called humility, cheered for a team build on honesty, hard work, team sport and most important of all – love basketball and NOT some random buy-the-best-players available.

    Lebron will go in the history for the most cowardly player who gave up the day he left Cleveland and choose other stars to win Championship.

    Damn i miss the days with Jordan. That was basketball! They thought us to fight as a team, fight for your cause and not choose easy ways like buying your way to championships!

    congratulations to the most hated team, the worst fans with no sense of humility, for no team spirit, for lack of love for basketball… literally, Miami Heats win symbolize the bads defeat over the good.

    And you know what? I’m not even a San Antonio Fan or any other specific NBA team – but i certainly started to hate Miami the day Lebron got there and started this new trend of buying your way to championship.

    While you at it please buy Monta Ellis and Dwight Howard 🙂 Because winning without 50% all stars on your team won’t otherwise be possible.

    • lbj says:

      Miami heat is great Lebron James is best in NBA. He’s like better than Kobe Bryant

    • Basketball Fan says:

      Wao~ How come you’re the only one who managed to see Ray Allen’s travel and all of us did not. You must have pretty good eyes or you must be suffering from delusion when you’re watching Game 6. I bet it’s the latter, not the former. Yeah, maybe the spurs should have been the winner of game 6, after all the refs are giving them all the fouls they need. A simple brush of a heat player to a spurs player is ALREADY called a foul. While a spurs player knocking down a heat player is a NO foul. What the What!? I’m glad the heat persevered in game 6.
      Anyways, CONGRATULATIONS to the TWO time champs… the MIAMI HEAT! The spurs is a really good team too. It’s a really great accomplishment. Thank you for giving us a very nice finals~

  25. duke says:

    That pesky asterisk next to Miami’s ring…but that’s basketball

  26. YoungSpursCanNotBeatYoungHeat says:

    One more comment. I notice a lot of people keep saying “Spurs are smart”; “POP is smart….” Notice how the idiocy of leaving LBJ wide open for 3 point shots killed them in this game? Not too smart after all huh?

  27. ZULU says:

    Sekou, your 24 seconds say it all ……..great series best team won,period. LAKERS in ’14!!!!!!

  28. YoungSpursCanNotBeatYoungHeat says:

    Do not forget a 100% D wade is one of the greatest 2 guards in NBA history. Parker nor Ginobli can match that. Although spurs fans like to say Ginobli is one of the greatest …blah blah. Can he go head to head with Kobe? Lebron and Wade can.

  29. YoungSpursCanNotBeatYoungHeat says:

    This is for the Spurs fans up top who are claiming that if the Spurs were younger they would beat a younger heat. That makes no sense. A younger heat means D Wade is not injured and is 100%. That would be 2 truly great players (Lebron and Wade) going at the Spurs. Heat would have won in 5. Why is everyone forgetting that Wade is really 70% of himself. Maybe you should watch the 2005-2006 finals to see what I mean. Furthermore, you could watch on youtube the game when Miami plays Cleveland, when Lebron was in Cleveland and Wade was healthy in Miami. They both scored over 40. I do not think the Spurs would like that. Because they would not be able to leave him wide open for the shot. And despite the spurs winning great championships in the past, they did not beat a team in the east with at least one true superstar. They beat teams that played well at teams; problem is Spurs are good at playing as teams. That is why when Shaq and Kobe were in LA, the star power destroyed the Spurs.

  30. Duke says:

    This series will forever have an asterisk next to Miami because they were defeated in 6 games by the better Spurs team. The Spurs beat Miami fair and square and yet it was one of those Ref blown games that you can’t do anything about. Pop blew some easy coaching decisions which would also have sealed game 6 even with the no-fouls called on Ginobili and Green. Miami has a great team no doubt, but the Spurs really are the better team, they proved that on Miami’s court in 6 games. I think it’s a tainted ring for Miami but that’s basketball.

  31. congratsMIAMI says:

    congrats MIAMI for the great series..

    not a LEBRON fan but it was a hell of a series.. with its ups and downs.. can’t wait for the next season..

    if the HEAT can make a 3PEAT then we can now compare LBJ to MJ..

    what do you think?

  32. yosh says:

    wow so many heat fans all of a sudden lol

  33. gian says:

    they are not haters…….if they are haters…lbj will not matter…………let us enjoy that we have lbj …..

  34. Let's go Heat says:

    Congratulations to Heat for winning back-to-back champions and to D-wade for his third rings. This is the kind of Final series that every NBA fans or bball players want. Both teams bring the series to the pure “bball skills” matchup. Not even one T-foul is called in the whole series. One and only one important area for Heat to be able to maintain its dynasty: Rebound.

  35. bj says:

    still feel Spurs has a better game overall, but Heat has Lebron James, enuff said-
    thanks Spurs, Grizzlies, Pacers, and my Bulls all things considered- disapps Thunder, Clippers, Knicks.
    Hats off for the Heat !!

    • alp says:

      the thunder shouldn’t even be on your disap list. when westbrook went out everbody knew they weren’t going to the finals.

  36. Tom says:

    Honestly refferee calls only decide a few possessions, usually 5-10 points split evenly between the two teams. But y’all forget about the other 90+ points which were made by the players. Yes maybe 5% of the credit goes to bias refs towards the heat throughout this series but give miami the other 95% of the credit. Congrats

  37. Santi says:

    it’s still funny a lot of people are still saying “Spurs already won it in game 6” and “Heat are not real champs”. get over it folks, it’s-the-thought-that-counts doesn’t apply in this competition. it was the Heat that came out the victor in game 6 and came out winning 1 more game than the Spurs so they’re the champion. it’s as easy as 1 2 3.

  38. Munya Biggs says:

    Congrats to the “HEAT” (White HOT). We are the most criticised team in the NBA and King has managed to shut the critics, of cause he could have not done it alone. Props to D Wade, Shane, Bosh and the team at large. Bosh played to 0 points but contributed in other ways. All that came about was from God and a good team effort. Next year we do it again!

  39. Big Ticket PH says:

    @Jean Junior Boutin, @Oz, @Kei

    I like the Heat because of Wade (not a “traitor”) and coach Spo (Fil-Am), nothing else… “traitors” like LeBron (from Cleveland), Bosh (from Toronto), Miller (from Memphis), Battier (from Memphis and Houston), and Allen (from Boston) left their mother teams in the air and what happened to them: made them feel worse than anything… the last time I feel happy about the NBA Finals was in 2011… hats off to the Spurs, though… hope coach Pop will be back next season… peace, y’all! 🙂

    • Kei says:

      Did you like zo, tim or Rice? Because if you don’t you are a traitor as well. You should love the heat from the start. BUT I know you don’t love them. Since they are all traitors Zo came from hornets, Tim came from GS and Rice went to Hornets. Your love for Spo because he’s filipino american is so stupid I don’t even know what to say other than idiot. If you were happy at 2011, build a time machine.
      Are all pinos this stupid or is it just you? Please don’t bring shame to your country.

  40. TRADE talks says:

    josh smith to spurs alternative for ginobili

    what you say??

  41. EMjay says:

    eventhough bosh didn’t score, he’s defense against tim duncan definitely helped in many ways for the heat’s second straight championship. great game by the spurs. it’s a devastating loss but winners don’t give up that easily. that is how they are built & i think they will return back next season with much more confidence & toughness in mind. there big three will surely be on target again. CONGRATULATIONS FOR THE HEAT!

  42. Superb ending to a superb season says:

    Was up late until 3 in the morning to watch the game, I had an ear infection as well, but it all faded into the background once I started watching the game. It was my first live Finals Game 7 and I’m happy I watched it. Lebron James did what he is capable of doing, he was the greatest player on the court, period. I fully respect the way the Spurs handled them thruout the series, but Miami Heat were and are the best team in the league, they proved it with a 66 W season and a 27 W streak, and in the end they defeated possibly the most mentally focused team in the West, the Spurs always have been like that, cool and doing the job. Congratulations to Lebron, Wade, Bosh, Battier, Chalmers, Haslem, Cole, Allen, Lewis, Howard, Anthony, Jones, Miller, Varnado, Andersen and finally Erik Spoelstra on back to back championships.

    Much love from Slovenia

  43. Nabi says:

    First of all Congratulations to the best team, My heat. I live in Melbourne Australia but my heart with The Heat. Secondly, unkle daddy Shut up, don’t you dare insult the Champions, the Spurs are a great team but Miami Heat are the Best. Well done Heat, never doubted your abilities to concur, you played fair and square and you have made us proud. great finals, great basketball, great teams and great sportsmanship. James and Wade, just Wow

  44. RJay says:

    @OZ.. is basketball your game? coz I believe its not. maybe tennis or billiards. basketball is a team game. no one wins this game by one player.. so what if LBJ left cavs for heat.. if he had stayed in cavs and gave LBJ some help like getting bosh or dwight or whoever STAR it is. If it was, I bet you would still comment LBJ didnt win it on his own and got help from other.. well because NO ONE does win it by themselves..

  45. Karlo Garcia says:

    Duncan missing that shot(the follow up) was not why Spurs lost the NBAFinals. Plays before hand caused them.

  46. J says:

    i loved all these articles they were great you should do them every so often in the reg season
    back 2 back!

  47. KING JAMES KING JAMES!!!!!!!!!

  48. Heat beat the Spurs fair and square. Refs call all the fouls on Bosh and the Heat. Spurs went to the line more times than the Heat. Duncan should have made that shot and got two chances with smaller Battier. Just ask Duncan.

  49. ryan says:

    nba’s a joke , predictable trash , the Stanley cup finals is more interesting than this

  50. realist2013 says:

    Well scripted since commercials from game one pretty much said game 7 was evident . Good game. Suspect stuff but the NBA isnt what it used to be. How people change is amazing. Lebron and co escaped humiliation. Lets see how the “brotherhood” as he put it fairs as the new CBA kicks in after next season.
    Looking forward to another season with roster shake ups.

  51. Order of King James

    “All the Heat haters, report to the nearest hate cave. Come out to see Heat 3 peat and then go back in it.”

  52. DINKO says:


    • Kei says:

      Do you remember anyone do it all on their own? Also, teamup doesn’t mean instant champs, look at the beloved Lakers, D12, MWP, nash, Jamison, Kobe and what? 1st round exit!

  53. Kal says:

    one more comment since i see a lot on this topic…

    EVERY GREAT PLAYER EVER HAD HELP TO WIN A RING. (or multiple championships.)
    (and those that didn’t seem to lose more often than not.)

    Duncan – Parker & Ginobili.
    Russell – Cousy, Havlicek…
    Oscar Robertson — Kareem.
    Magic – Kareem.
    Bird — McHale. (not to mention Parish and Bill Walton and Dennis Johnson and Tiny Archibald…)
    Cowens — Havlicek.
    Nowitzki – Kidd.
    Isaiah — Rodman.
    Jordan – Pippen. then Pippen and Rodman. (and Kukoc was one of the great 6th men.)
    Kobe — Shaq. then Kobe — Gasol. (and Metta.)
    Pierce — K.G., Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo.
    Jerry West — Wilt Chamberlain.
    Willis Reed — Walt Frazier.
    Julius Erving — Moses Malone.
    Wade — Shaq.
    Shaq — Kobe and Wade.

    i can really only think of one who did it without: Hakeem Olajuwon. but he had a lot of very good role players. and the next year, to repeat, he had Drexler.

    Stockton and Malone weren’t even able to get over the mountain top with the two of them and two tries. (not that that says anything less of them given they were up against His Airness.)

    and the superteam Lakers still lost to the Pistons… so having multiple stars doesn’t guarantee.

    bottom line:
    more often than not you need more than one great player to win it all.
    that is how competitive and tough this league is.

    and for all we know the Heat reign has just begun…

    and one more thing that bothers me about how people count this stuff…
    so Kobe has 5 rings. but he got to the finals 7 times. one more than Jordan. to be fair, Jordan took a year off and maybe would got there 7 times too. but this idea that everything hinges on rings…
    rings mean a lot. but not everything. LeBron has been to the finals 4 of the 10 years he has been in the league.
    that is almost every other year. think about that and how many years he still has ahead…

    • CONGRATS HEAT says:

      Magic – Kareem.

      should be

      Kareem – Magic & James Worthy. In that order.

      People forget how good Michael Jordan was as a wizard when he made a second comeback. He was still VERY GOOD. But no Scottie Pippen and no Phil Jackson. I don’t mind people critizing LeBron James but nobody won without two or three superstars. Except the Pistons, of course. (But they did have Larry Brown.)

  54. cp3 epic basketball says:

    Guys heat won fair and it was a good game from both team and everyone play great and you cant blame manu and tim they atleast brought this game to 7. chris paul is TOO DAMN GOOD

  55. onyx says:

    Let us respect the decisions of talented players who wants to transfer to a more competitive team. May be one of the reasons is they don’t want to be like barkley and karl malone , talented and famous players who did not got a ring. Let history be the judge.

  56. onyx says:

    I’m wondering why leaving cleaveland for miami is unforgivable sin for james .NBA games are fierce , the battle is not only on the floor , it is also in the coaching staff and management who are in charge for the selection of players . Did you remember kobe a couple of years ago wanted to leave LA because he is not surrounded by good players ?The management brought Pau Gasol and the result was a ring for kobe .

  57. Kal says:

    Manu is what he is. Spurs would not have got three rings without him. you gotta take the good with the bad.
    he had a bad game tonight. he also made some crazily clever and/or clutch plays and shots tonight. he kept the Spurs in the game. even at his age he is still a very good player.

    i don’t even like the Spurs and Manu is one of my favorites ever. he is the wild card that team needs to stay alive every year. and he’s so fun to watch, however unpredictable.
    to just turn on the hall of famer now after all he has done for the franchise..
    and when just a few games ago he was great…

    man, i didn’t know until tonight there were bandwagon Spurs fans.

  58. Dave Ko says:

    Heat didn’t win it. The spurs lost it. I love how they had to stack a team with 3 all stars in order to win. Couldn’t do it on their own, except Wade. I guess that’s the new formula to win championships. Are the Lakers getting Paul this summer?

    • Jorge says:

      Except Wade? You mean the year he won it with Shaq?

      They had to stack a team with 3 all stars in order to win? And they almost did! Duncan, Parker and Ginobili almost did it, they have had this stacked team of all-stars for a long time too, so they have the added advantage of knowing each other better!

      New formula? Yeah, you can say new as in some-time this past century. Like Jordan-Pippen-Rodman new.

      In any case, saying the outcome of the tournament was something different because some ridiculous precondition set by you on a whim is not met is rather stupid.

  59. Kal says:

    NBA.com editors,

    i stand corrected, you are not censoring any remotely negative sounding-ish comments about LeBron. you are putting them through.

    thank you for not bring my faith in humanity to a new low.
    and now i am thankful to live in a world where this website and the NBA does still have integrity.

    i want to add: LeBron deserved the criticism leading up to tonight. he missed shots, he had turnovers and so on. but tonight he made shots. he held under the pressure of the world on his outrageous shoulders. so hats off to him. he deserves his ring. so do the greatest Heat team.
    Miami… you waited a long time… congratulations on officially becoming an NBA dynasty. the reign begins…

  60. The legacy of the Miami Heat big three is secured and safe!Two back to back titles its a hard thing to achieve!

  61. DR BBAL says:

    i always said that the reffs were on the heat side, but i watched the game and it wasn’t unfair, the heat won fair.
    There were some headstratching calls but that was on both sides of the court

    • only head scratching calls were against Bosh and the Heat. Leonard drove no contact foul on Bosh. Duncan fade away hook foul on Bosh. Timmy travelled bank shot no contact foul on Bosh. Yet Heat still won.

  62. Unkle Daddy says:

    Spurs won it in game 6, there shouldn’t have even been a game 7, but if the Heat can live knowing their not the real champs so can I.

    • then why didn’t they made their FT and turned the ball over. Heat can live with that because they know refs helped the Spurs all night long in game 6 and Heat never quit and won. Besides the clock has to be 0.0 for the game to be over. Keep saying that history knows that Miami Heat is the champions

    • LL says:

      Yes, in your alternate reality Jesus choke on the 3 and time expired. All the spurs bench went out crazy and started celebrate. Duncan, parker, manu and pop on the podium crying and holding the trophy. iironically MVP goes to dark house Danny green. You happy now? This guy is so delusional he cannot accept the fact the heat won. I worried about your future.

    • Carlos says:

      Unkle Daddy: Actually no. The Spurs didn’t win it in Game 6/ The Heat won game six and game seven and became NBA Champions. End of strory.

  63. "hater" (aka. Kal) says:

    i got words! don’t know why comments aren’t going through…

    but if this does reach the Heaters who call us haters…

    we aren’t, we never were, and to prove it…

    congratulations! a great Heat team won tonight.

    and LeBron did not choke.

    he made the shot to seal the deal. made it easier he was already up but anyway… he was solid. he is now more believably on his way to becoming “The King” without quotation marks. (it’s still His Airness Michael Jordan until LeBron has not 6, not 7…)

    so there is some honesty. now will you admit we aren’t haters and just reasonable people who want to see it to believe it and not just trust the hype? like, sorry we were crazed fanboys who overlook all skeptics as, simply, Haters? you aint got no words?

    • LL says:

      Not all of you were haters. Just people like to compare Lebron to Kobe. Who in my mind Kobe is a one dimension player, a shooter, hero ball rah rah. Lebron is like Magic, can share the ball, can score and even defend better. Lebron basketball I.Q is really great if you can look through in a basketball team ball prespective. You praised Lebron being clutch but I actually like it better when he’s unselfish and find the right play. Not all people like One man game like Iverson/Melo/Kobe who shoots until they score.
      I wouldn’t call you a hater, but maybe someone who didn’t watch closed enough to see the picks, the cuts, the boxouts, the plays in the game rather than just where the orange is. So definitely an amateur BBall watcher/gamer or someone who admire hero ball. Pick one to suit yourself.

  64. YES!YES!I´m so happy Miami won,Lebron you´re the man!What a series this was, AMAZING!Much respect to the spurs they played really well!Heat repeat!!!

  65. James says:

    The Spurs really should have closed out game 6, but Parker and Ginobili were simply not good enough in this series. Ginobili with 8 turnovers was awful in game 6. Danny Green was completely worthless in game 7. The only consistent Spurs were Duncan and Leonard. I feel bad for Duncan, he really did his part but he didn’t have enough help.

    I don’t hate LeBron, but he is an idiot for thinking he needed to go to Miami to win a title. He would have done this in Cleveland by now anyway. The rest of the Heat is just tagging along, none of them deserve a title. But with the way the Spurs played, only Duncan and Leonard deserved to win.

    Interestingly, nobody is considering the fact that the Thunder were better than the Spurs (who nearly beat the Heat), but they got derailed because Westbrook went down. Good for Miami, but still they had to rely on a season ending injury to their best challenger and then they had to rely on SA choking hardcore. This will be the last title for the Heat.

    • AJ Mills says:

      So many excuses… just admit that the Heat are the best team in the league. They showed it in the regular season and proved it in the playoffs.

    • LL says:

      You don’t hate Lebron? rely on Spurs choke? OKC better than Heat? All the stuff you said smell hate and sourgrapes so bad I need to open the window in here! Miami won and I just love to rub it on hater’s face. Admit it, Lebron’s clutch and y’all freaking jealous now because he’s not in your city! I don’t mind y’all join the bandwagon! HAHAHAHA! Champs in your hater’s face! Peace haters.

    • Santi says:

      would have done this in cleveland by now, SERIOUSLY???
      someone needs to wake up and catch up with reality instead of living on “would-have, could-have” empty speculations.
      and last time i checked Lebron went to the finals 3 straight times and won 2 after the decision and you say it’s idiotic?
      and you’re not a hater in this case? SCARY!

    • Marco29 says:

      You must be a die-hard OKC fan not to see that they got handled in 5 games last year while the Spus took it 7 games and had great oppotunities to win the series. Plus OKC still had Harden in 2012. What makes you so sure OKC would have beaten those Spurs in the WCF and Miami in The Finals? Spurs were a much tougher and deeper opponent for the Heat.

  66. onyx says:

    what an amazing series ..but please don’t blame the refs , blame the missed free throws of the spurs in game 6, remember the yellow tape was already there in anticipation of spurs winning the championship.

  67. Beowulf says:

    I’m not a Spurs fan but Heat winning this is just wrong. A bunch of semi-retired 3-point shooters and one kick-boxing fighter Hollywood wannabe who chose the wrong sport. And D-Wade, the only real b-baller in that team. I guess the South Beach Talent should kiss Ray Allen’s feet for bailing him out… I guess you need to be from Miami to like that self proclaimed “king” :)) We need some real players to make this game what it used to be when Jordan, Kobe, D-Wade used to rule the NBA.

  68. JMaine says:

    What say anyone, LBJ beat the Spurs with jumpers. No superstar wins without a other great players. Don’t blame the refs. That was a great game 7. Haters wait till next year but it wont matter. everything yall say about him leaving the Cav’s and playing with other great players are dumb and know no basketball. That game winning jumper and hitting 2 clutch free throws should have shut up the haters and the critics, but prob won’t cuz people will say any thing to make they’re point. Congrats Heat. I would love to see the sour faces on bumb haters.

  69. germany says:

    @ Mr. Oz – you’re right Lebron didn’t win it by himself and he can’t win it all by himself, that’s why he left Cleveland. Another piece of information, MJ never won his 6 Titles alone and Kobe never won his 5 Titles alone. No one has ever won an NBA Title just on their greatness alone and no one ever will.

    Spurs are a great team and Pop is a great coach. Fantastic, series – No one said it would be easy Congratulations “HEAT” Next year will be even HARDER………..

  70. FACT says:

    I can’t wait to see next year NBA champ because I have a feeling it’s going to be a different team. It’s going to be hard for the heat to win a three peat becasue their are going to be many team with injured players coming back. Chicago with rose. Boston with their players. Thunder with their players. Lakers with their players. It was hard for the Heat to win their championship this year with the pacers taking them to a game 7 and the spurs taking them to a game 7. So I wound wants it going to be like with the bulls with rose in the playoffs and the Boston with their players back. In the finals with thunders and their players back

  71. jojo says:

    lebron played like the best player in the world today. just hurts that shane and chalmers got lucky today. buzzer beater three of the board?? haha. all the breaks of the game were in favor of miami. Both teams are on the same level i think. breaks of the game and lady luck just favored miami. those two lucky offensive boards leading to made threes for miami and missed free throws for the spurs?? it was destiny i tell you. haha.

  72. Lebron made a shocking decision by leaving the Cavaliers. Yes, some people never forgave him for joining Wade and Bosh. Yes, it would have been great to see Leborn winning championship with his 1st team, like Jordan and Kobe. However, he didn’t come to win rings with Miami, instead, bringing … He is doing for the Heat, what others would expect him to do for Cleveland. No matter how hurt you are, respect this NBA talent.

    • Oz says:

      He didn’t go to Miami for rings? Are you kidding me? All the NBA players of today leave their original teams or 3rd, 4th, 5th etc teams, to only to win rings! If he didn’t want to win rings, he would’ve stayed with Cleveland, but he took the easy way out to win rings and joined a “super team” just to get there.

      • Carlos says:

        Again OZ you don’t know what you are talking about. You sound foolish, man. OF course Le bron came to Miami to win rings, but it was NOT the easy way out. He needed more pieces around him that he didn’t have in Cleveland. And while you question his leaving Cleveland let me remind you that he stayed there for 7 years. What was he supposed to do? Just play for them all his career never achieving his ultimate goal? He did take less money too, so… That’s what I call love of the game, and playing for all the right reasons.

    • Kei says:

      Right, like Kobe never had Shaq to bring him the first 3, remember shaq always the finals mvp so you know who’s the boss. And when kobe 2005 lone season with scrubs (same with lebron’s cav years) Kob can’t even make it to the playoffs.

  73. Oz says:

    Lebron could never win it on his own in Cleveland, so he joined a team with All Stars in their primes. Try and win it on your own Lebron! Oh, that’s right, you can’t and never will!

    Great game and too bad for San Antonio. They had it won in Game 6, but couldn’t close it out.

    • frankie says:

      did jordan win it on his own? did magic? did bird? did kobe? no, no, no, and no, quit hating

    • Alex says:

      Tell me one player who won it by himself. Oh, that’s right you can’t. Everybody had someone with him. Even Jordan with Pippen and Rodman. It’s a teamwork game

    • HeatfansinceWade says:

      No player can win it on his own! Now back to your bat cave Hater! Better hate next year LOL.

      • ... says:

        Your posts vary greatly each time.. You are not the sharpest knife in the drawer ain’t you?

    • Carlos says:

      Oz: Nobody wins it on their own. That’s why it is a team sport. Kobe had Shaq. Burd had MC Hale, Parish etc, Magic had Kareem, James Worthy etc, Jordan had PIppen, so what you say just shows you clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

    • TaReon says:

      thanks, Frankie…you are right, MJ did not win those championships on his own..he had Pippen, BJ and Rodman and the rest of the bulls members.

  74. Timmy traveled on that play against Bosh where he picked up his 5th..but nevertheless..a well earned ring..i wouldnt be surprised on haters that would blame the refs again..blame Stern again..better luck next season on hating again haters…

  75. HeatRepeat says:

    Good series from Miami Heat and SA Spurs! Job well done! But Heat did it again. Good effort by Spurs making it a tight game, but turnovers with few minutes remaining blew them off. Haters/ Spurs Bandwagoners, hide somewhere. You will see Heat all over the place hahahaha! HEATstroke!

  76. That Guy says:

    As much as I wanted Duncan and the Spurs to win, this series as a basketball fan was one of the best quality and amazing finals series in a long time. Congrats Miami, you earned it!

  77. Tyrone says:

    I feel bad for Tim Duncan – he tried so hard to close out in Game 6 and he just didn’t have enough in the tank tonight. Also, I wanted the Spurs to get another championship before their dynasty ends – the Heat will have tons more chances to compete for championships so I couldn’t bear to root for them.

    All that being said, it was a great series.

  78. Worshaka says:

    People will be claiming the best team won or the better team threw it away till the cows come home. The fact is the difference between the teams was extremely marginal.

    For me, I think this series will be remembered for the Spurs losing game six (and the series) more than the Heat winning game 7. You can interpret that however you like.

    • HeatfansinceWade says:

      Who cares what you think…. The Heat Repeat and thats all that matters. Now back to your bat cave LOL.

  79. Max says:

    heat are gonna choke next year. Derrick Rose gonna get his first ring & the bulls are gonna end the party in smelly south beach & watch stephen a, smith cry in tears.

    • HeatFansExist says:

      IF the Bulls somehow defeat Miami, what makes you think that they’re going to win a championship? Miami is not the only GREAT team in the NBA…Don’t get your hopes up. =)

    • ed says:

      Derrick Rose kind of over-rated. Next year will again be Heat-Pacers East Final. Paul George is already an emerging Superstar.

      • justine says:

        Paul George is emerging…

        Rose is already a superstar…

        We still don’t know though if he is the same after the injury…

    • Pakyaw says:

      D Rose?..he need to take off his suit first, and put his uniform and step inside the court and wins some for ur team… First ring,,pfft!!

    • frankie says:

      lebron wade and the heat did beat the mvp rose and bulls with the bench mob 3 years ago, 4-1, i don’t understand how you could be dumb enough to make that comment?

    • Carlos says:

      What? Derrick Rose is going to play next year? I thought he was going to sit out until 2018, just to make sure his knee is all healed up. What Derrick Rose displayed is complete lack of heart. Dwayne Wade on the other hand, played all playoffs with a deep bone bruise and won it all (again) anyway.

      Btw, Wade will be healthy next year, so look out!

  80. underdog says:

    Good thing LeBron didnt choke.. One of those games.. it came at the right time though.. and so the TEAM BUILT BY EXPLOITING THE

    FLAWS OF THE OLD CBA won again.. still ringless to me.. no credit given

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      nobody needs your approval, you don’t know what your talking about ..

    • Santi says:

      well who cares about you. just keep your credit to yourself, that’s nothing compared to Larry O’Brien

    • Carlos says:

      Underdog: did they do anything illegal to put the team together? Did they not abode by the same rules that applied to every other team in the NBA? Well….. they did. so what you are saying has no value whatsoever. You say they aqre ringless, but the fact if the matter is they already have 2. Well, at least the NBA seems to think so. Hhhhhmmmmm, lets see whose opinion is mor important the NBA’s or yours? I suggest you gat your head examined, because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Derp says:

        Take it easy Carlos, I bet this guy is a Laker fan who is crying over Stern’s disapproval of Chris Paul joining with Kobe and is jealous because Wade and LeBron was allowed to join forces

    • A curious fellow says:

      You must be a lot of fun at parties

  81. Number 13 says:

    This was a lame season. Here’s to hoping for a more competitive Eastern Conference next year.

    • justine says:

      I’m excited for next season…

      I would like to see a playoffs with a complete Bulls and a healthy Rose, a complete Pacers and a healthy Granger.

      A lot of uncertainties in the West. Spurs, Lakers, Clippers

      • Carlos says:

        No, what you would like is for the Heat to loose, because by your comments you are not giving the Heat their due. they won everything (again) fair and square.

    • Derp says:

      A more competitive EC? lol the Pacers pushed the Heat to game 7, that’s pretty competitive in my opinion, I don’t know about you. I know its just one team, but the heat and pacers cleared the other 6 teams with ease and they were simply unable to shine under the top 2 teams in the east. Don’t worry, the bulls will be up there next year, maybe nets if they can step it up a bit

  82. Arnold says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that Chalmers travelled before the game was officially finished?


    Now its time for the haters to get back in the cave

    • mikmaks says:

      yeah! better hate next season

    • Costa says:

      yep, like they are used to

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      All the haters are nowhere to be found LOL

      • HeatfansinceWade says:

        All the Haters are sitting at home feeling silly for doubting Lebron and even Wade. Calling Wade washed up and look what he did to yall LOL 23-10 embarrising you. Lebron is the greatest player in our Generation Period! Heat Nation Stand UP!

  84. ed says:

    I already guessed that MIA would win it all; the turning point in this series for Miami was the trey by Ray Allen to force OT in Game 6.

    Zero points for Miller, Bosh and Allen in Game 7 ? Can pardon Allen at almost 38 yrs old. Bosh with no points.

    King James is too good not to support him even though I had supported Spurs in the previous games. They threw it away in game 6.

  85. AmazingLeBron says:

    I wonder where have all the LeBron Haters gone! I dare say this Heat team will win another few championship over the next few years and LeBron will end up being one of the greatest and if not the greatest basketball players of all time.

    • justine says:

      I’m not a LeBron hater but I won’t bet on that…

      Too early to say… He has only three rings so far… He has more to disprove than he has proven…

      • justine says:

        two rings I meant. my bad…

      • Derp says:

        James can always win the “ring” game by saying Bill Russel should be #1 cuz he has 11 rings, but people always say MJ, although he only has 6, maybe 4 will get him as the top, if not, 5 might do it but definitely 6.

  86. Jose says:

    Manu lost the rings. I said it and what.

  87. Jon Real says:

    Pops & Spur’s problem is not only efficiently closing out games, but they don’t even close out quarters well…they give away too many points at the end of quarters. It all adds up!

  88. alp says:

    i thought heat were gonna win in 6.

  89. Timothy Bladel says:

    I can’t understand why so many people don’t see the refs one the championship, wearing a Heat Jersey. Heat love to hold, because they know they won’t get called.

    • Jude says:

      bet you a 13 years old lakers fan boy. Sorry, miami won fair & square.

    • HeatFansExist says:

      Of all the BS foul calls against the Heat, you’re still saying they’re not getting called? If you wanna feel like a cool kid, then try watching the game!

    • frankie says:

      spurs shot like 37% in the first half but was only trailing by 2 because they shot 11 more free throws, even in the second half, they shot more free throws until the closing minute when the spurs were intentionally fouling, really, you’re going to blame the refs? grow up kid, quit hating, and just enjoy the game

  90. ray says:

    congratulations you bandwagon heat fans, the spurs are the biggest chokers in nba history.

    • Jude says:

      chokers? Yes manu got serious bad TOs at the last minute or so and Timmy missed the tip. But how many chips they got? Everyone counted them out. So are you start calling clutch on Lebron now?

    • Derp says:

      If youre gonna congratulate someone, at least try to hide your insincerity, its just sad that you have to add a diss in it because you cant accept the fact that the heat won

  91. bulaknoy says:

    One of the best finals series.. congratulations MIAMI HEAT 2013 NBA champs.. and to Lebron “The King” James for the finals MVP 😀 …. well done… go for threepeat!!

  92. Timothy Bladel says:

    Duncan slammed the ground because he was held on the offensive rebound. The refs called this in the Heats favor all game. The Heat are actors. The act surprised when they get called so they can say that just the way the game goes. It’s bull.

    • Mr Fly says:

      Really? Grow up man. The Heat out played the Spurs easily. The refs called quite a few bs calls on bosh this game. The Spurs lost to a superior team who gave a superior effort. Good game Miami, you earned this one.

      • Carlos says:

        Timothy: do you want to rationalize the Spurs loss? Go right ahead, man. Whatever works for you. Fact of the matter is heat are Championsn and Spurs are not. And for you to say that the Heat won just because Duncan was held is preposterous. I don’t know if you watched , but it took 6 other games (almost 7) to get to that point. Championships are not won or lost in an instant, they are won or lost in 7 games.

    • Jude says:

      Please did you watch the replay? Duncan and battier tangeled up for the tip! There’s another shot on the replay at the game shows duncam grabbed battier’s shirts. Please don’t make the spurs look bad because fo your haterd towards the heat. Spurs played a great game, could’ve gone either way.

    • Barry Burgains says:

      You obviously missed the game! The spurs went to the line way more times than the heat big guy.

    • Realfanofbasketball says:

      come on man. if you really do play and love the game you yourself should know that the refs don’t call much fouls on a tight game especially when it’s the last seconds of the game. because they are letting the players play until the final buzzer sound. they let the players dictate what will be the outcome of the game. your comment proves that you are only hating and not really a fan of Basketball. FYI the one that you are saying was a foul on duncan by battier is called a “BOX OUT”

    • mannie says:

      this series was so good and i was really impressed how the referies did not impact the outcome of the series.

    • r says:

      did you miss the part where bosh was called for a non existant 5th foul?


      Timothy you are a sore loser..Duncan admitted that he slammed the ground out of frustration because he missed that bunny..Grow Up!!

  93. Mamba talks says:

    The Greatest Power Forward to ever played the game! what a sad ending for Tim Duncan

    • Team South Beach says:

      Not a sad ending man, yes it could have been better for him had he won the tittle, but he played great all trough the playoffs and his game six was a masterpiece. We have all been lucky to be able to watch the great Tim Duncan play. This two teams just treated us to a historic 7 games NBA Finals, boy what a series it was, series for the ages!

  94. olanski says:

    Manu is to blamed for this. lots of misses and errors in the last minutes.surely this will haunt them for months, specially Game 6. a ring almost in hand got away, because of poor coaching too by Pop….

    • Austin says:

      Really… I am guessing you are not a Spurs fan and you didn’t know he was key to get 2 other championships. I am a HEAT fan but I live here in Texas, I know how the fell about him. So, stop your blaming, he was great in game 5, and good tonight, it a 7 games series, you want to blame him for game 6, come on now.

      • Marco29 says:

        For as much as I love Manu and respect what he has accomplished so far, including his Game 5 performance, you have to admit that 12 Turnovers in 2 games, 3 in the final minutes of game 7 is what killed the Spurs. If he had not scored that 3 pointer earlier on, Pop would have probably benched him and he would have been right. Since Parker was exhausted, he had to keep Manu on the floor but he threw away too many opportunities.

    • Lymon says:

      Wow really?. We love u Manu.

    • justine says:

      Can’t blame Manu… he is only a shadow of his old self. he will be 35 next month…

      Can’t blame Pop… his big 3 are already old and young guns too young to handle the pressure…

      • Derp says:

        “young guns too young to handle the pressure” not so sure about that, Leonard increased his game per stats in the playoffs compared to the regular season, and danny green broke Allen’s record, but was shut down the last two games after gaining the heat’s attention, so im not sure if they were just too young to handle the pressure, leonard was pretty consistent and green was just shut down

  95. chard says:

    LBJ is the king!!! no one can defeat him! haha LOL 😀

    next year will be the heat’s GRAND SLAM HAHAHA!

    • Asian Boy!!! says:

      ..have you seen the sweep of 2007 finals?…. King James was the star during that time… and he lost.. now what are you saying no one can defeat him????…. Dallas also defeated him during 2011 finals….. for your info Mr. Chard…

      • HeatFansExist says:

        LeBron James is the KING! Stop focusing on something that happened like 2 years ago. KING JAMES! KING JAMES!

      • frankie says:

        yea, in 2007 james was 22 and single handedly took his cavs to the finals, it wasnt lebron’s fault his team was no match for a superior spurs team at that point, jordan got swept by celtics in the first round at age 22, and u haters gotta stop talking about 2011, yes bron choked, but he is a different and a far better player now, and thats what matters most, now, quit hating

      • cesar says:

        You must Lose before you become a great Player…”expirience..” that’s how lebron become a Best Player from now on.. Lebron Era has started now

      • DON'T EVER CLICK ON MY NAME! says:

        Yes, let’s stop talking about history and games that happened two years ago, while the Lakers and Celtics go on and on about having multiple championships even though both teams weren’t great this year….

  96. Babygirl2472 says:

    Great game HEAT!!! We played the best team in the Finals, because they respect each other and don’t have to prove their skills by playing dirty. Notice there were no Flagrant nor Technical fouls in this entire finals series…that says a lot about the other teams in the playoffs. Much love Spurs…I highly respect their team and Coach Pop!!!!

  97. NBAFanFromSouthAfrica says:

    Lebron James is a beast in Game7, He really killed Spurs with his Jump shot!!!! Wat a game I enjoyed it from down South Africa tipoff wat 3am cat

  98. justine says:

    Great game…

    This is what game 7 of NBA finals should be…

    Well deserved win for Heat…


  99. mee(a)t says:

    i am SHOCKED that Duncan missed that lay up…i don’t blame him for slamming the ground like that.

    • justine says:

      Duncan was tired… his 37 year old body felt the grind of the 7 game finals series.

      If he was 31… Spurs would have won…

    • timmy and manu are getting old….if it was young spurs vs young heat….spurs will absolutely crush them…

      • Frank says:

        Yeah, and if Muhammad Ali had been younger, Spinks wouldn’t have beat him, and if Kobe had been younger he would have been playing the Heat and not the Spurs, and if… and if you had wheels you would be a bicycle. This is today, not yesterday.

      • Carlos says:

        But it isn’t, is it? Would have, could have, should have. Fact of the matter is Heat are repeat champions.

      • alp says:

        if it was young spurs vs younger heat, miami would still thrash them… d wade is past his prime and played awful.. imagine if he was in his prime. Lebron and wade would be like a more effecient westbrook and durant….

    • larrymoses says:

      lmao you can spot haters from the fact that they are playing the IF game instead of congratulating

      • A curious fellow says:

        Too bad you failed to spot the comment right below this one where justine actually does congratulate instead of playing the if-game.

    • Derp says:

      I thought we got over these “what if’s” when the Spurs bean LBJ in ’07, like Duncan said to LBJ, “this will be your league someday” and Duncan had his chance and made the most of it, too bad LeBron is now too good