Spurs Feast On Game 7 Opportunity


MIAMI — You can make a rather convincing argument that if any team could not only rebound from a heartbreaking loss in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, but also be the first team in 35 years to win an NBA Finals Game 7 on the road, the San Antonio Spurs might be the perfect team for the task.

Already known for their utilitarian nature, the culture that has helped the Spurs win four titles over the last decade and a half also allows them to compartmentalize losses and poor individual performances and move on. Even when the most recent loss is as memorable as Game 6’s 103-100 overtime loss, when the Spurs somehow allowed a five-point lead with 28 seconds left to play to evaporate.

At practice on Wednesday at the AmericanAirlines Arena, barely 12 hours after the end of Game 6, several Spurs said a late night team dinner was useful in turning the page and looking ahead to Game 7.

“It helped, it did,” Tim Duncan said. “The other option is a bunch of us go back to our rooms and sit there by ourselves and beat yourself up. So it’s always good to be around teammates and kind of get some stuff out in the open. We did exactly that. As I said, we’ll be ready to rock.”

“It was a great dinner,” Tony Parker agreed. “We shared histories and what happened in different games, and sharing stuff like when I was with the (French) national team, when we were up 7 and lost in 35 seconds, the European Championship. You just share those moments and try to see what you can do better and prepare for Game 7.”

If there’s anything we’ve learned about the Spurs, preparation isn’t a problem. The Spurs say they will continue to do what they always do, which is to continue to do what they always do. According to coach Gregg Popovich, fatigue — either mental or physical — won’t be an issue. “That was a tough loss,” Popovich allowed. “But as long as we didn’t play the game at midnight last night or 8 this morning, we ought to have time to recover and be fine.”

Game 6 behind, Game 7 ahead. The Spurs focus on process and await the results that history has shown their methods should provide. While history says they shouldn’t be favored to win Game 7, history simultaneously says the Spurs couldn’t be better positioned.

“We have a lot of guys who’ve been there,” Boris Diaw said. “Timmy, Tony and Manu, they played Game 7s. And even if you were heartbroken after the game yesterday, we know now that the whole season is going to be played in one game, in 48 minutes.”

“We know what we have to do,” Duncan noted. “We know the opportunity we let slip through our fingers. And we’re not going to hang our head and dwell on that.

“We’ve got one more game to win, and that’s all that matters.”


  1. Jimmyt says:

    We almost win game #6 on the road, with NO Manu, NO Parker and No Green, just TD has a great game.

    Tonight you will witness greatness in a Championship Team bounce back and win his 5Th..

    Go SPURS!!!

  2. Chris Bosh says:

    For all those guys who left, make sure they don’t come to Game 7. We only want the guys who are going to stay in the building for the whole game. You never give up. People gave up on us and they can stay where they are and watch the game at home

  3. Spurs1975 says:

    The Spurs are going to push the pace and kill the Heats lungs….reason why? Because Pop coaches like a college coach and the Spurs conditioning is like a college team. It’s because they are a team that listens to their coach, from Patty Mills to Tim Duncan. The Heat are extinguished early in this one…GSG!!!

  4. Awesome life long Heat says:

    The Manu play everyone says the refs missed was actually a traveling violation! lol (Favorable no call) and Bosh got all ball. Spurs fans are always seeing things only from their teams perspective. They’ve been getting the favorable whistle all series yet Miami still perseveres. Without a big man, they still destroy 100% when they actually listen to Spoelstra.

    Remember this Heat team is statistically favored in every way in this series. Better players and organization than the aging sours organization who needs to get with the times. Spurs fans now sound like Bulls fans now lol
    Living in the past.

    To the last minute. To the last second. To the last man. We fight!!! Go Heat

  5. Spurs1975 says:

    Does the 2011-2012 “Half-Season” where the Miami Heat beat the Thunder really validate LeBrons legacy? I thinks it’s funny that everyone did not give the Spurs credit in 1999, after winning the finals after the lock out. A lot of people still believe that the
    championship is not valid, because it was only half a season. However, nobody has ever said anything about the heat winning last year, after a half season. In my opinion Lebron still hasn’t won a championship, it goes both ways right?

  6. Erlo says:

    Haters gon hate. Come back tomorrow for the Heat’s victory picture posted everywhere on this site, and Lebron hoisting up another MVP trophy. The GOAT has this in the bag. Time to deliver.

  7. alp says:

    i wonder.. at this dinner did manu ginoblii order an apple turnover for desert? it’s only fitting..

  8. J. Murph says:

    The NBA Championship is paramount to a world championship. Last time I checked many teams in the NBA have the best stars from several countries who are a select few worthy of the NBA. Count the number of foreigners on the spurs!

  9. MIA CHAMPS says:


  10. Samuel says:

    You know what I dont get, people hating on the Heat. I am a die hard Heat fan from day one, before Wade, James, Shaq, Mourning and all of them. I grew up in Miami. The Spurs are a cool team, I like them too. But you got all these Heat haters, you ask them, Why you hate the Heat? they reply, I dont like LeBron. SMH … alway talking smack … You know what it is. You hate greatness, you hate someone who is better than you. You wish you could do what the man do. I bet you hate you next door neighbor because he just bought a new car. Yeah I know you … you Heat haters, get a life…. listen … the better team will win tonite … I hope its the Heat, if the Spurs win, I will congratulate them. You peolpe

  11. Julian says:

    Pop- Please playTracy Mc Grady to help out handling the ball and put points on the board

  12. For the love of the game says:

    I am not a miami heat fan nor am i a spurs fan at heart.. But I truly believe this may be the final shot for The spurs veteran 3 and for that reason i want to see them win this. They are the better ‘team’. Miami just have the best player. Spurs deserve it, and hopefully the basketball gods reward them for blessing us with beautiful basketball. Lets go spurs! and as for you Mr Duncan, if this is IT for you, i truly hope you go out on a high with a 5th and that smile we never see haha!

  13. Christian V says:

    The Spurs are definitely going to win the championship, I’m not saying that only because I am a SPURS fan, because they got what other team in the NBA doesn’t, constancy. In game 6 they proved that it doesn’t matter if they are on the road, they play as they will play home, maybe they hadn’t the best night on Tuesday, but be sure they will perform as if it was the last game they will play together, and maybe it is.

  14. c'mon now says:

    all of you guys always hate on either the spurs or the heat. they are both 2 of the greatest teams right now. give both teams credit and i say its going to be a great game 7 with 2 great teams playing.

  15. jteeth says:

    The heat is going to win it, and it’s going to be hurtful for the spurs imagining what they could have done on game 6 to win the championship and it’s going to be restless for so many nights, nightmares, mind torturing what could have been done thoughts..And that will be the same to all of you spurs fans. well sorry if I spoiled your day..or weeks or months but it’s the truth and you’re going to remember I said this here and I was right 🙂

  16. Ale FB says:

    Never underestimate the heart of a champion. #weginobilieve

  17. Chefcrank says:

    First off yes I’m a cavs fan, no I far from hate lebron and don’t blame him for leaving a team that surrounded him with garbage. Having said that I believe miami’s greatest flaw is the coach, yes we can say look all the heat have accomplished under spol but let’s be honest with a team like that it makes it pretty damn easy. Should the heat acquire a good coach then I’d say they’d be unstoppable

  18. braulioG says:

    SO what time is the HEat parde ? xP

  19. Alphacuz says:

    Miami havent lost back to back games in the finals, they also havent won back to back since the bulls. Home court doesnt mean anything, game 6 showed the Spurs late game decisions and Manu horrible turnover ratio cost them the game. Lebron will still go off, but my moneys on the Spurs, they wont let the opportunity to close out go again

  20. Drago says:

    I like Saint Antony and i hope they destroy the Heat by 20 go Timy.

  21. anthony says:

    spurs built. Heat bought. Spurs have true fans. Heat have bandwagon fans that leave at the first sign of losing. If heat lose tnight they should consider buying another all star because apparently four is not enough.

  22. hecklerandkoch says:

    Choked time Thursday, 35 years in the making

  23. Ian Mikhail Dela Cruz says:

    SPURS gonna win this. probably. they will step up and revenge the loss in game 6. This is not base on home court advantage and what so ever. I think spurs will win. if their starting 5 will contribute atleast double digit points. and also the bench with manu step up also. DEFENSE your A defense . and im sure SPURS will beat the MIAMI. I dont have comments for miami. because miami is miami and they are the defending champs!

  24. what the says:

    Tim Parker? Boris Disease? Go home Victor Harris, you’re drunk…

  25. Franck says:

    Game 7 is going to be a blow out!

  26. PuroSA says:

    No other team in the NBA but the Spur’s would gather as a team to enjoy Dinner to bond for game 7 for another shot at winning a NBA Championship after letting an NBA Championship slip through their hands. Pop, Duncan, Manu and Parker will do their best to rally the troops and face the LBJ, Bose and Wade and company for a winner take all game. The Spurs are not intimidated playing under pressure they been there before and know they can win on the road, hopefully this Series trend of win and loss will continue to follow suit giving the Spurs a win and redemption as the 2013 NBA Champs. Go Spur’s Go..

  27. msj says:

    These new age heat fans are so incredibly ignorant about the game of basketball. Anyway, game 7 will be an absolute treat for real basketball enthusiasts.

  28. jan says:

    Miami team and fans thought they are unbeatable….so they need 2 wins to be the champ and they must use their common sense..unbeatable?3-3 means they lost 3 games and not 4-0.

  29. 6RE99 says:

    After reading a couple of the articles here: Lebron’s comments – ‘I want to be the greatest.’ ‘I want to win championships.’ Every member of the Spurs organization’s comments (unless taking personal responsibility for their ‘mistakes’ in game 6.) – ‘We know…’ ‘We didn’t…’ ‘We ought…’ ‘We have…’

    Notice the difference?

    Here’s hoping Game 7 goes to the better team.

  30. tito aga says:

    champion or not my respect goes to spurs your my in my heart….i know your the real champ…..

  31. Spurs4 says:

    you know, no one should be posting anything bout the heat “having this”. before lebron, wade was the star, bosh was the star in toronto, and lebron the star in cleveland, ray allen was part of the big three in boston, the bird man was once the star in denver, mike miller was once 6th man of the year, if by putting all those all stars together you still can’t manhandle every team in the NBA, you are simply pathetic. You can’t admire a Miami team. you simply can’t. when they lose tomorrow, i wouldn’t be surprised, if they try and get howard, to help out poor lebron. if you know basketball, you would know that the spurs organization is definitely the organization to admire. to all heat fans, my condolences for your loss tomorrow.

  32. hey! says:

    Don’t you guys know spurs has a 25% of losing now!You know why:
    1)Heat will be in A game (defense+offense)
    2) Lebron in beast mode
    3)Home court advantage
    4)Erik and Whole team in Beast mode
    and #5
    5) Let’s Go Heat

    • LMAO says:

      So what you are saying is the Spurs have a 75% chance of winning? YOU MIAMI FANS ARE DUMB! LEARN SOME MATH.

    • game 7 says:

      Lebron, Lebron, Lebron……STOP just stop. All you people know, and it’s true, that if it weren’t for Lebron in Miami, Miami would NOT be in the spot they’re in right now.

  33. Victor Harris says:

    I like what was said by Tim Parker and Disease y’all guys got it I believe in y’all God don’t put u in situations that u can’t handle y’all are very talented and can beat the heat……

  34. Tim99 says:

    Heat threw all the cards on the table game 6, Pop will work out how to shut down the only line up that worked (James + shooters). Over playing Wade would be a big mistake, spurs have his game figured.

    Will Ginobili contribute, i think he will, he will be feeling mighty awful about his game 6 performance.

    Will James get to the cup, this goes back to pop and him figuring out how to negate the James + shooters line up.

    I dont expect Parker to go 6-24 again and i do think the Spurs will be going all out to switch James off of him. I also think they will cook up a new scheme to get Green more open looks.

    This will go true to form, Miami have not won two in a row since game 4 and 5 of the Bulls series. Spurs will win they have the chip on their shoulder.

    I really dont care who wins though, go Suns!

  35. drewz17 says:

    Miami are winning it tomorrow man. who wants to join me for champagne?

  36. drewz17 says:

    HEATFANSINCEWADE I agree with u man. lets go heat

  37. Danilo B. says:


  38. lejay says:

    The heat have lost on their home floor once to the bulls and once to the pacers! This series has been to back and forth to just pick the heat! Sas bounce back in a big way! Peace

  39. RipHymen says:

    Game 1 – Spurs
    Game 2 – Heat
    Game 3 – Spurs
    Game 4 – Heat
    Game 5 – Spurs
    Game 6 – Heat
    Game 7 – Spurs

  40. LACN0820 says:

    game 7 think about it….SPURS….unselfish team boring team sticks to fundamentals no big egos no stars together to win it all just to play the game…what do they do after losing a 6 point lead in the final minute??? go get dinner and enjoy the momment….this is what puts the SPURS ahead of the HEAT…..Miami is all about Lebron…HEAT are a way beter team with LEbron on the bench…..they need to start seeing the game like the SPURS do….good team offense and defense win basquetball games not indivudual stats…..MIAMI is gonna choke in game 7 lebron trying to do too much (SPURS defense has been able to stop hi,), wade not doing enough and bosh shooting too much ….they forget how to play in their position and thats whats gonna make them lose….expect SPURS raising their 5th banner

    • LACN0820 says:

      P.S. all this posts and articles about LEBRON and his legacy and game etc. etc…..he pulled a magician act int he last quarter and disappeard it was RAY ALLENS clutch shooting…lebron didnt save nor win the game …had some turnover in OT dont treat him like the hero or like his the salvtion to the heats season

  41. NBA fan says:

    It is the Spurs turn to win the next game which just happens to be game 7.

  42. theholyspectator says:

    im really not sure who wins this game…its just hard for me to imagine that lbj will allow this to go down, on their home floor…my pick is miami just cuz i dont think they will allow it, i feel miamis defense intensity over powers spurs fundamentals..you saw what they did in that 4th quarter..had it not been for lebrons random unnecessary turnovers they woulda won by 6-8 points easy.

  43. tito el bambino says:

    Kwame Brown for president!!!

  44. Andrew says:

    I am pretty sure the Miami will win Game 7 because the refs will help them much. Like the last play by Manu when he drove the line and Ray Allen almost held Manu’s arms but the refs never called a foul. If it was LeBron or Wade driving to the lane the refs will surely call a foul.

    But if the NBA refs will be fair in calling a foul i know spurs will win. The most effective game plan for the Spurs to win is to isolate Tim Duncan on the post and when the double team comes Tim will kick the ball out to the spot up shooters like Green, Parker or Neal. If no double team nobody can stop TD on the post one on one. Did you not notice TD was not doing so much in the post in the 4th Quarter? NBA is business and because a lot of people would like to watch LBJ play and the gate receipts as well as the profits on the Beer, softdrinks and others being sold in the American Airlines arena. NBA management made the refs aware how important the series will reach in Game 7? Look at the MIAMI – PACERS series it reaches Game 7…..

    That’s my 2 cents,

  45. Neutral says:

    One interesting histories they didn’t mention:

    That year T-Mac poured in 13 points in 45 seconds as a Rocket (against Spurs). Bruce Bowen was like wtf how did he win this one?


  47. fastandfurious says:

    None of what happened on Tuesday night matters. Past championships don’t matter. The fact that a visiting team has not won a game 7 championship in over 30 years; these are nice facts but all that matters tonight is who wants the victory more. Yes, Miami has the momentum and their comeback victory had to be devastating to the Spurs. But the Spurs players are professionals and they are resilient. Tonight will be a “slugfest.” Sure, Miami is expected to win but the Spurs can beat the odds, play like the champs they are and steal this championship. If their defense shows up and their shooters are hitting their shots, Miami can be taken. But it will take a collosal team effort. Manu must play smart and cannot afford to turn the ball over like he did in game 6. Duncan must play hard for all 4 quarters. Parker must be Parker-esque and the bench must be stellar. Every loose ball must be contended and they have to stop Lebron. It can happen. But it will not be easy. Go Spurs!!!!!

  48. valuedinsights says:

    I have no idea why all of the arguing is for. Miami Heat will be NBA CHAMPS 2013. Better luck next year SPURS!

    • game 7 says:

      can you predict the future? No right, so don’t say that the heat will win. The team that wants it more and plays smart and fundemental basketball for these 48 minutes of the game will be on the top. So watch game seven and stop with these ridiculous predictions.

  49. Graham says:

    i dont understand how anyone can be a lebron fan. he is the biggest most glorified flop artist and cry baby. he’s the best player in the league and has to resort to shady tactics to win games. shameful…

  50. Jojo says:

    Its destiny, my friend..We cannot alter it, we’re just spectators.. If Miami is destined to be the champion, so be it.. If not, then we’ll celebrate for Spurs..

  51. Thomas the Great says:

    I caught at least a few of the final 4. The idea here is that win or lose, a game is a game – but not necessarily a defeat. This is how teams win NBA Championships.

    In response to the comment made by AL:
    June 19, 2013 at 3:55 pm

    you obviously missed the end of game 2 when POP emptied the bench with 4 minuets to go, they are as pragmatic about giving up as the other teams. I do however agree with you that their success & consistency since 1999 is unmatched. GO HEAT

  52. shawn says:

    this will be a blowout .. heat in 7

  53. Essie says:

    Miami is 7-0 after loss this postseason….I agree. But they are also 0-6 after wining dating back to Pacers series…can anybody say the TRUTH here! Obviously, Miami won last night and used lots of energy plus all their tricks as the trophy ceremony was being prepared on their own home court. Today is a good day because no one is talking about Danny Green, Gary or Manu. This is what the Spurs want….HEAT will need another miracle to win 2 straight on Spurs!!!

  54. David says:

    Give Heat credit but 1 thing I can see is Lebron nearly gave up when Heat was trailed by 5 at the final minute. There’s still some fears, weakness in his heart. He can be a champion but not with a champion’s heart.

  55. Amozgar says:

    I think we can all agree that Miami’s performance will be dictated by the supporting cast around James. He has done his part throughout the playoffs and now it is time for Wade, Bosh and company to step up. Go Heat.

    • Marco29 says:

      I am not a Heat nore LBJ fan but how can you say this? He iniated the rally at the beginning of the 4th quarter and participated in the effort that put them up with 3 min remaining and he finally made that 3 point shot that made it possible for Allen to send the game to overtime.
      That is not what U can call giving up.

  56. Kimmy says:

    The Spurs had the opportunity last night to win the championship. I’m rooting for them. But nobody can beat the Heat. This season.

  57. Thomas the Great says:

    I caught a few minutes of that final 4 at least. The concept here is that win or lose, a game is a game – not necessarily a defeat. This is how NBA Championships are won.

    In response to this comment, posted by Al:
    June 19, 2013 at 3:55 pm

    you obviously missed the end of game 2 when POP emptied the bench with 4 minuets to go, they are as pragmatic about giving up as the other teams. I do however agree with you that their success & consistency since 1999 is unmatched. GO HEAT

  58. Shane says:

    Spoelstra’s coaching is questionable…trusting Wade to play despite Miami being a -52 with Wade on the floor…also allowing Norris Cole to defend Manu and Parker and them taking him to school – a couple of plays with seconds left in the quarter of the losing games led to points that probably could have been avoided. I’m glad Cole didn’t play in Game 6. He is a good player but not ready to take on the Spurs Guards.

  59. JRock says:

    Going to be one hell of a game 7.I can’t wait!

  60. reynol pers says:


  61. Dee says:

    The Spurs have gotten over the fact that they let one get away, but you can bet they will be ready tomorrow, and the outcome will be different! Go Spurs!

  62. Lebron James says:

    I have to admit but I think that the Spurs will be on fire and win:(

  63. JT says:

    The Spurs must play fundamentally sound basketball for 48 minutes and give whatever they have left or else Miami will win this game. Still believe that the Spurs will come through once again.

  64. chandler says:

    its always about the heat, always people say there going to win because they are the heat. The better team in this series will win and that is going to be spurs.

  65. Loki says:

    Just get it done tomorrow San Antonio and no one will even remember you choked in game 7.

  66. Kobe Bryant says:

    This game will be awesome…..The most complete team (spurs) vs a team full of stars……should be great!

    • SoFlaFan says:

      HaHa Ha!!!!!!

      Complete team vs stars????? Hahaha!!!!!!!!!!

      Reminder your complete team do not hold the record for “Best Team in the Regular Season”

      Heat are by far a complete team, and a “TEAM” in every sense of the word, proud of this special team!!!

      Go Heat!!!!!!!!!!

      • Richard says:

        LoL i just hate when Heat fans babbles about how great, how complete, how special that team is. you don’t even have a true center. If they were so great to your perspective, then why are they having a hard time dispatching some old folks? eh? even losing big in some (NBA Finals)games. you people just don’t know nothing about respect and you have so many reasons why. Let’s face it, both teams, franchise, they’re players, are so different in so many ways. And if your’e one of those who roots for humility, hardwork, character and loyalty,.. you know what team to cheer for. Even if Spurs lose the series, they will still stand proud and deserve the respect they have earned through the years. They won games vs the heat without roughing it out. As some Heat players describe, “it has become more gentlemanly, they just play pure basketball unlike the previous series. I don’t even hear them talk. they don’t talk trash. They’re real professionals.” well, with the Heat, your 2000 fans exitng last night game tells it all. Bunch of bandwagoners that has too much to say about something they know nothing. see jimmy kimmel. smh

      • #1 fan says:

        I can’t believe you would bring up the regular season record when the majority of there wins come from beating the team’s in the eastern conference where the 2nd place team had a .659 the west had 6 teams over .659, miami should have gone 82 and 0

    • JRock says:

      The Kobe Bryant?

  67. bigmactown says:

    It must be really nice to be a team like Miami who can somehow afford 5 past/present All Stars and the rest of us just work with what we have. The Spurs have built their team by some of the best coaching in the league and years of hard work, not some fog machine and three guys dancing on a stage for a while.

    • SoFlaFan says:

      Do some research, how dumb, most of the players take LESS to stay in Miami. Money isn’t everything,
      These guys work hard on and off the court, and everyone of them is involved in community.

      Get over the fog machine……

      • 2007 Champs says:

        The Heat do have 6 players that are in their rotation that at some point were either the #1 or #2 options on their respective teams at some point before coming to South Beach. Beside the “99 Championship San Antonio has had the same #1 and #2 options in the last 4 finals appearances and #3 showed up in ’05 and ’07. Besides that its D-leaguers, hidden gems. and cast offs. Miami, good luck standing between Duncan and his fifth. He let some of it out yesterday tomorrow he’s going nuts. Danny Green woun’t go 1-7 and Manu will probably keep you guys in the game with his decisions but it won’t be enough. Go Spurs Go!!


      Get over it! If James went to San Antonio you would be on his Jock LOL. Dont hate the Heat for being smart with Free Agent signing… You Heat haters are Pathetic.

      • SpursFan says:

        The Spurs don’t need James. We earn championships and don’t buy them. We have a core and a system that we stick to. We are what should be the model team. LeBron’s ego is to big for San Antonio

      • Lance96 says:

        @HEATFANSINCEWADE you obviously never played pickup. If you did then you would recognize that old gyn trick of STACKING a team so you could keep playing which is what the Lakers tried to do a few years back with Payton, Malone, Shaq, Kobe, etc. The Heat have done the same, however, aside from those role players no one wanted and waived players the Spurs have one of the BEST systems because they are TEAM oriented and not selfish…Personally I hope the Heat lose simply because of Princess James arrogance by already calling the Heatthe champions of 2012-2013 after game 2. I understand thats motivation but he took it too far with the shoe bit…Truthfully and you Heat fans can deny all you want but he looks scared…I am not a Spurs fan but I am certainly not a Heat fan after trying to stack a team to run the season…I am a fan of the GAME and the Heat as a team dont respect the game as evident by their arrogance as a team which starts with their leader Princess James

    • alp says:

      when they win why does it always comeback to this? get over it.

  68. BRETT says:


  69. optimist says:

    even though miami won game 6 yesterday.. i still believe that the spurs still has a shot in game 7.. i believe pop can pull out something out of that loss.. miami’s edge is that they play on their homecourt.. spurs got nothing to lose.. i know(and it might be) the last shot for san antonio’s big 3.. but still miami and lebron has to prove all his critics of him delivering the 2nd crown to the miami heat especially playing in the homecourt.. noboy knows who hold the crystal ball but men i tell you, tomorrows game will be one of the best nba finals game we will witness.. and whoever wins.. they definitely deserve it..

    • Marco29 says:

      Yes pressure is still on the Heat (they are the defending champs, LBJ promised to wing multiple rings, they play at home) and I guess Spurs core players are very determined to win it and don’t care about the statistics (anyway, 4 games is only a small sample) and have nothing to lose.

  70. Erik says:

    You’re not the “world champs” if you win the NBA Finals you idiot. You’re an NBA champion, not more, not less.

    • marmar says:

      hey Erik is there any league that can match up NBA? winning the crown in NBA means conquering the world of basketball. another butthurt fan from outside the planet.

      • dhk says:

        The Basketball world cup. The Olympics. You win those you are a world champ. NBA title? NBA champ

    • Nba fan says:

      Youre the idiot erik, USA has the greatest collection of basketball athletes around the world with back to back olypmic gold medals. Check your facts.

      • Lebron-All-The-Way says:

        Well, let’s see… You play Soccer against all the countries and you win and you are a WORLD Champion. You play Cricket World Cup, which includes all the cricket playing countries, and win it, and you are awarded a World Championship.

        When you win an NBA Championship, where there are only teams from US, then you guessed it… NBA Championship. Sure, NBA has lots of great players but unless you play against all the other countries, you are NOT a World Champion. Remember, US lost in a Olympics before. So, please don’t underestimate other countries as they are catching up to NBA.

        I really don’t understand why the commentators and players call it a World Championship when it’s not… Gotta cherish the fantasy land!

      • Petros says:

        I have to agree with Erik on this one. The european Champions League features by far the best teams and players in football (aka soccer) today. However nobody ever calls the winner the “world champions”. They are merely the european champions since they play against european competition only. The fact that the team that prevails is probably the best team in the world shouldn’t change this.

    • Bruno says:

      I agree with you Erik! It’s only played in the US. You guys are not the world. Even if it is the best league. Stop saying “world champs”.

  71. Tuck says:

    The Spurs let one get away from them.

    That took alot out of them.

    The Heat will go on a 3-point barage and wrap this one up!

    Go Heat!

  72. Max says:

    Boris get a life!!! Spurs have a LOT of players that have been in the finals???? 3!!!! Remember 2005 when you were not allowed to play in game 6 by the officials in SAT???Now one of those officials is serving time in prison for throwing that game. Who really controls the SPURS. Ever seen the POP get a “T:???Love to know the game and year!!!!!!

  73. Max says:

    Boris???States LOT of players have been in the finals from the Spurs??? 3

  74. Viper33 says:

    The Spurs have NO CHANCE in game 7 take it to the bank.
    Miami doesn’t lose on it’s home court. The Spurs had a chance in game six to steal it. The Heat missed too many easy shots.
    I think Miami will blow them out in game seven, they’re due!

  75. Max says:

    Is the betters in Vegas make a bet on game 7? Lay aside Head Bands, or the face winning is almost never accomplished for a road team and dwell instead on the commitment, focus, and just plain determination! Sure wish the officials from last night could call that game. It is highly dangerous and for sure in SAT. to see a SPUR’S members “T’d ” up. Anyone ever seen Pop get the T?
    In game 5 he almost hit the black official who just did not want to get no more games and ignored the POP. Joey Crawford has been there when he ejected Tim Duncan. Was not allowed to call any of the Finals that year. Who really owns the Spurs????

  76. P.A. Williams says:

    I take my hat off and salute both teams because the Spurs are fundamentally sound and the heat are very intense. It is going to be a dogfight in Game 7 and may the best team win!!!

  77. Neutral_peace says:

    I believe that SPURS must win game 7. Beat Heat, Beat James! Most NBA fans do not like James!

  78. tutan camon says:

    Go Spurs!! the best basketball team in the whole world

  79. George says:

    This was the most incredible win and conversely loss I have ever been privy to. Bravo and voila, now pick up the pieces. Somehow I doubt the Spurs will have enough left to overcome the Heat especially with that man Ray Allen, and the ice water that runs through his veins.

  80. Thomas The Great says:

    What makes the Spurs an interesting team to me is their ability to win the number of championships that they have OVER A DECADE. They haven’t done the back-to-back, but what is so much more impressive to me is their ability to regroup and never submit to defeat in the game they play. They always seem to come back stronger than before on the court in some manifestation.

    I imagine that supper was special for a lot of those players in terms of coming back stronger in Game 7. Also, Duncan has always been a meat and potatoes kind of player to me, one of the most fundamentally sound players to ever play for sure – so it all makes sense 🙂

    • AL says:

      you obviously missed the end of game 2 when POP emptied the bench with 4 minuets to go, they are as pragmatic about giving up as the other teams. I do however agree with you that their success & consistency since 1999 is unmatched. GO HEAT

  81. Jelox says:

    I hope they’d enjoyed their last meal. HEAT – 2013 world champ!

  82. realist says:

    spurs got this. they choked. they know they choked. all the pressure is still on miami, because spurs are just trying to win a championship and miami is just trying to fill their ego. spurs got this. everybody talks about how miami has not lost 2 straight since jan. but nobody wants to say the spurs have not lost 2 straight even longer.

    • RaulGroom says:

      Maybe they don’t want to say that because people would laugh at them because that isn’t true. The Spurs lost the last three games of the regular season and also lost two straight on March 31/April 1st. Those were not especially meaningful games but they were games.

      • they did not “CHOKE” they just missed their free throws and the heat made 2 lucky 3s…it’s not like they missed both of them…it’s natural considering leonard is a 21 year old on his 1st finals appearance making crucial shots

      • Bruce Wayne says:

        Not w/ the Big Three on the court genius, Spurs practically won game 6 the refs fed it to the Whinami cHEAT. They missed on at least 2 clear foul calls in OT that’ would have given the Spurs the win. And I agree with that dude, the cHEAT only play to satisfy their ego. If everyone is focused the trophy will be back in San Antonio this weekend.

      • Jg says:

        Thats true but the spurs havent lost 2 straight since december while the big 3 were all playing.

      • RaulGroom says:

        I did some research, You are right Batman, I mean Bruce Wayne. The Miami cHeat & the refs pulled one on the Spurs. Not to mention Chris Bosch flopping to get calls in their favor. I must admit I am a choc-a-holic, Leonard is a young stud and played well. I see lots of potential in that guy.

      • PURPLE ONE says:

        Spurs CHOCKED!! HA, HA, HA!

    • Get the facts says:


      Are you for real? Spurs lost three games in a row from April 14 to April 17. And before that, lost two games in a row on March 31st and April 1st. And you know what, they lost to MIA on March 31st. Do some search before posting the comment.

    • SoFlaFan says:

      HA HA HA!!!!! Realist??? Really???? Almost as funny as the two Spurs fans sitting behind me at the game last night. Everytime a Heat player went to the line they were yelling VooDoo, VooDoo over and over…… at the end several people who were fed up with them…. yep, turned and said VooooDoooooo!!!!!!!!!! It was great!!!!!

      Heat got this!!!!!!!! HOME COURT ADVANTAGE. Sorry to tell you when it comes to the Heat, you have no clue!

      Go Heat….. what time is the Parade??? 🙂

    • HAWAII FIVE-0 says:

      You must have been Talking about Miami not losing Two-in-a-row since Jan. Coz like the others before me posted, Spurs has lost not just two-in-a-row but even Three-in-a-row. Google is a great tool, My friend. Use it first before posting Non-sense.. Peace!

      • Rob says:

        They haven’t lost two in a row since mid December with Manu, Parker, and Duncan in line-up. That’s what he meant knucklehead. Google that !!!

    • DA_TRUF says:

      @realist I think you mean the spurs haven’t lost back to back games since December * when all of their big 3 play*
      this is true, but because its only games the big 3 are playing Miami’s ‘streak’ is more impressive

    • hecklerandkoch says:

      Choked is far from the Breaks of the Game, only Lebron choked before 4th Quarter, Allen and Bosh win game 6

    • Numbers? says:

      Talk about numbers, the last team to win an NBA Finals Game 7 on the road? You’ll have to go back to 1978, when the Washington Bullets (now the Wizards) beat the Seattle Supersonics (now the Oklahoma City Thunder). Shane Battier was in the womb and coach Erik Spoelstra was seven years old. beat that.

    • SoulChorea says:

      You have underestimated the power of the NBA. Momentum has shifted to Miami, and all they need to do is win a home game in a charged up arena with fired up players. Spurs know they choked, and as much as they’d like to pretend they’re “over” it, it’s going to haunt them the entire game 7 and they won’t even have a chance. I hope I’m wrong, but you all know I’m not!