Spurs Aim to Forget Game 6 loss to Heat, Look Ahead To Decisive Game 7


MIAMI — The headband. The one-shoed 3-pointer. The Ray Allen corner jumper. However you want to remember the Miami Heat’s 103-100 overtime Game 6 win, for the San Antonio Spurs it might be best known as the game they want to forget.

Consider: The Spurs led by 10 points going into the fourth quarter, were up five with 28.2 seconds to play, and were up again by three with 2:42 to play in OT. But the Heat consistently found ways to make plays and finish on top. Which left the Spurs, in the words of Manu Ginobili, “devastated.”

“It was a hell of a game,” Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said. “ It was an overtime game. It was a game of mistakes. And they ended up on the winning side.”

Several Spurs posted major performances with the chance to deliver Miami a knockout punch, such as Kawhi Leonard, who finished with 22 points and 11 boards (and early on had a monster dunk over Mike Miller). But it was Leonard’s missed free throw with 19.4 seconds remaining in regulation that left the door open for Miami and caused “Nick Anderson” to become a trending topic on Twitter.

For all of Manu Ginobili’s brilliance in Game 5 — he finished with 24 points, 10 assists and three turnovers — the Heat confounded him at nearly every turn throughout Game 6. Ginobili finished with nine points and eight turnovers in just over 34 minutes of play, including a turnover with the Spurs down by two and 2.4 seconds left in overtime.

“I had a very good game last game, and I just couldn’t maintain it,” Ginobili said. “I was very insecure — well, I had a career high in turnovers in a really bad moment. It really helps to make me feel terrible.

“Even with all that, we were so close of winning it. So, it’s one of the many things I’ll be thinking tonight.”

Throughout the Spurs’ dynasty, we’ve grown used to seeing them finish games with poise, and time and again finish off opponents. Yet, for whatever reason, in Tuesday’s Game 6 the Spurs couldn’t find that resolve.

“We didn’t exhale at all,” said Tim Duncan, who had a monster first half (25 points and eight boards) before finishing with 30 and 17. “We continued to make some plays. We missed some free throws down the stretch that could have clinched it for us. As I said, we get a stop, we get a bad bounce and right out to Ray [Allen] for a 3. We get stops before that and get rebounds, push them out, we put ourselves in a great situation. It was just unfortunate the bounces that we get, but that’s how basketball goes. They’re a very good team over there and they continue to play right down to the wire.”

Now the Spurs have less than 48 hours to forget this game and what might have been, and instead focus squarely on a decisive Game 7. Popovich said in order to get the Spurs prepared after such a heartbreaking loss, he will take a pragmatic approach: “Get them on the bus, it arrives at the ramp over here, we get off the bus, we get on the court and we play. That’s how we get ready.”

“I have no clue how we’re going to be re-energized,” Ginobili said. “I’m devastated. But we have to. There’s no Game 8 afterwards. We’re going to have to play our best game, even better than today. Shoot better, better defense, less turnovers in my case. But yeah, there’s no secret recipe for bouncing back.”

“We have no choice,” said Tony Parker, who finished with 19 points and 8 assists and no turnovers, but admitted he was battling cramps down the stretch. “We have to bounce back. We have to realize we have another great opportunity. It’s going to be another great game.”

“It is what it is,” said Duncan. “It’s a one-game series now.”



  1. jhetz says:

    Spurs are definitely the underdog but with right strategy & determination, can pull through! Duncan needs to stay in court, at least throughout 4th quarter and not be taken out like he was in game 6. Come on Spurs keep up the momentum & cool off the Heat once & for all! Go Spurs Go!!!

  2. john says:

    the game was full of missed call fouls not only against miami but also on spurs ..
    you people only watch missed call fouls in favour of SAS ..
    while lots of missed call fouls in favour of MIA ..
    check reply please ..

  3. Marco29 says:

    This is a series for the ages. It’s a heavyweight fight and nobody wants to give-up. Hats of to the Heat and especially James, Bosj (rebounding and blocking) and of course Allen for sticking in there and fighting to the end. It’s amazing how teams have and players have been bouncing back from one game to the other be it after a close lose like game 1 or after more severe losses like the rest of the series. And what about Chalmers who comes back to score 20, Miller shooting 2 for 2 from downtown even with only one shoe and The Birdman coming out of the fridge? Less hope Spurs can bounce back too as a team and Ginobili and Green as indivuals in Game 7. both teams have been knocked down and the Heat was counted 9 but non is knoched out and they are still standng with a chance to win it all. Lets just hope game 7 does not end up with a rout in one way or the other cause none of the teams deserve it.

  4. boogie devera says:

    When Popovich tells his players that it’s a big man’s game does that translate into Ginobili’s elbow on Lebron’s throat? Who knows? Those could be coded messages. Manu looks like a terrorist anyways.

  5. Jan238a says:

    There not playing well? Excuse me? They were in the brinks of loosing 4 games in 6 games… there is a reason for it, moron!!!

  6. KC says:

    I know how I remember Game 6. The officials blew the foul call on Ginobli’s drive at the end of overtime. Then they blew the call on Bosh’s “block” of Green’s 3 pointer. That’s how I remember that game. Seriously, if watch the replay Ray Allen hits Ginobli multiple times on the arms as he’s trying to gather the ball. The announcers all agreed it was a foul, too.

    I am seriously thinking about not watching the NBA anymore. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that feels this way. I love the game but sometimes I can’t help but think that officials are either incompetent, biased, or worse (Didn’t Donaghy pretty much confirm “worse” a while back. Where has the spirit of sportsmanship gone? Bought out by the almighty dollar, apparently.

    • Marc Harper says:

      @KC All I can say is Manu travelled first on his last shot attempt. Not sure if Green was fouled, Bosh clearly had all ball on the block and it’s that momentum that pushed Green out of bounds. Bosh never collided with Green, he went straight up. Tell me it did not flop a bit too to get the call? What about Leonard pushing off Ray Allen on the fast break or his slap in the face of Miller. I think the refs blew calls all night long both way. The Spurs had the Heat beat plain and simple but did not finish, almost went to bed but decided to watch it anyway. Glad I did not.

  7. ---11--- says:

    The Spurs are playing well right now but Miami isn’t, if Miami plays like Miami in game 7 it will be a blow out!!!

  8. Come on! everyone saw as lebron and dy wade protesting instead stayed back to help his teammates on defense several times … and not even they won the game … I win bosh and his companions with the bounces and then celebrated as if it were part of the big three …

  9. KB24/8 says:

    Never seen a player like Manu irritate me so much that game . 8 turnovers bro .! . I understand 21 year old kahwi Leonard miss one but you miss both -__-

  10. Pretty Tony says:

    I am a Heat fan so I can say that Miami definitely got the favor of the whistle at the end of regulation and in the OT. Parker was fouled at the end of regulation in the act of shooting by James. Duncan was fouled by James in the paint. These refs were so one sided that they initially gave the Heat the ball after Lebron loses it out of bounds following Green’s strip (Lebron clearly stiff armed him on the way to the basket.) Manu traveled prior to the foul so that was a no-call that should have been Heat ball. Bosh fouled Green (body) at the end of the OT. There is no incidental contact (that happens to knock the shooter to the floor) while in the act of shooting. I want my team to win; not to be given the championship by a NBA front office only concerned with revenue and no respect for the competition in the game. I have an idea. Let’s eliminate the NBA playoffs all together and allow the teams of the two highest grossing jersey sellers or highest grossing ticket sellers play for the championship. This will ensure TV revenue is through the roof.

    • Go Spurs Go!! says:

      @Pretty Tony, From a Long time spurs fan thank you! i’ve been watching the league do this for years to the spurs, From all the battles with stern’s beloved Lakers to now Miami. What a Shame it’s such a great sport.. Thanks for WATCHING the game not just listening to the experts afterwards who have to hold there comments because of fines and job security. A True Basketball Fan you are, Respect

    • Steel wheel says:

      You are correct. The officials were terrible and there are no repercussions for all of their mistakes. The mistakes are so blatant that it makes the games appear to be fixed. That said; if San Antonio makes free throws they win the game. The NBA clearly wants the Heat to win.

  11. Go Spurs Go!! says:

    @NBA… What a game Spurs and Miami played a GREAT GAME! Spurs did what they needed to, Miami did what they needed to and the REFS did what they needed to… That is to get one more game and try and get there beloved BIG MARKET team the win. BUT it won’t happen because Righteousness will Prevail and everyone Know’s the spurs are the better TEAM!!

  12. bkn says:

    Coach Pop just turned in one of the worst coaching performances in NBA finals history first he removes Parker and Duncan at the same time to start the 4th quarter when they should have been going for the win. Up ten to start the quarter and let the Heat go on a run. Loyalty to Ginolbli who turn the ball over constantly last night and left him in the game. And then taking out Parker and Duncan at key moments at the end when they needed them in the game. Pop must have been in a giving mood last night. You put the ball in Ginolbli’s hands at the end really? so he could make his 9th turnover of the game.

  13. Bill Buchholtz says:

    Earlier this page showed a clip of Ginoboli’s drive to the basket showing a no-call by the referees of the obvious hard contact across both arms (especially the right). Viewing this clip gave online viewers an opportunity to see the actual play in detail so that they might decide for themselves whether a foul should have been called or not. I find it very strange and questionable that this clip has been removed and replaced instead with a clip showing a discussion with criticism of Ginoboli’s play during Game 6. I am a frequent online visitor to NBA.com and the Hang Time Blog. I have never experienced before a situation where the actual contents of a blog page has been radically changed, especially when it is a page that is completely current. Most of the above comments have been posted in direct response to the video clip that has now been removed. Why was it taken away??

  14. Gerardo Neves says:

    I am a long time Spurs fan and still trust in a win in game 7, should there be some power left in Manu’s, Tim’s and Tony’s legs ( in their hearts I know there is); however I have an ‘european input’ for MVC-E( most valuable coach-EVER) Pop: why systematically ‘hack-a-Evans’ last year in the Clippers series? and 3 points up, 5 secs away from a championship win NOT foul one_any Miami player and take him to the line for a MAX. concession of only TWO points?
    GO SPURS GO!! Give us a magical game 7!!

  15. Roderick says:

    Lmao what bandwagoners, down by 5 and the little people were piling out the door. Then LeBron hits a three and here they come running back in. Pathetic

    And the only way the NBA and Jesus is in common is because the Heat THINK they are Jesus

    • Tony says:

      why are people talking about the refs when they team they are pulling for lose. complain about how the refs let the spurs bring in Duncan after Ray Allen hit that three with 5 sec left. the spurs had no time outs and the spurs wasn’t allowed to sub a player but for some reason he was put in. so if the Spurs would have hit the game winner nothing would have been said about the illegal sub. so get over it and enjoy game 7

  16. Doo says:

    I’m a Spurs fan, and I think that Manu was fouled in that play…but the reality is that we had the game…and we blew it. We lost the game in the free throw line, and in OT we didn’t execute appropriately. That’s the beauty of basquetball…Game 7, here we go…

  17. TY says:

    Now the NBA and Jesus have something in common. They were both killed by Jews. Thanks for making me hate the game I grew up loving, David Stern. Rot in Hell.

  18. Annie says:

    It looked like Manu was throwing the ball to the heat on purpose. like somebody threatened his family or something 😦

  19. Sid says:

    Unfortunately I don’t think there’s any way the spurs win on Thursday. They emptied the tank game 6 and perhaps the best closing team in NBA history couldn’t hit a few free throws to ice the game.

  20. jimmy says:

    It’s been a amazing series so far, Spurs know they can’t go back and fix last night mistakes.
    They have the experience and maturity to discuss it, adjust and come focus and ready for a game #7
    This is not over yet!
    GO SPURS GO!!!

  21. akmm says:

    It was a great game of back snd forth some questionable, calls no doubt, I would like to see the Spurs win game 7 period. Miami is done desperation is all they have left. Spurs will win in 7.

  22. dave says:

    Ginobili reminds me of that character, Balki Bartokomous from Perfect Strangers


  23. Sad Screw says:

    Don’t blame the Refs for non calls, Leonard should have made both free throws and Pop being the genius that he is should have had his key players in the game in crunch time.

  24. Bruno says:

    Manu was “derrotado, casi muerto animicamente” in the post game interviews, I don’t know how the spurs are gonna play in game 7, they lost it themselves … I hate Miami but I see them winning last game pretty easy

    • caloyski says:




  25. ABCDEX says:

    It’s Funny that you actually see the Foul but never mentioned that Manu took THREE steps to get to the HOOP.. And tat was not a FAST BREAK that the refs. actually let go.. It was a crucial play.. A Set Play.. The TRAVEL should have been called then if you are so in to the right calls and such.. Dont you think?!? oh yeah.. You dont care coz ur a Hater.. Oh well.. Just wanted to point out how stupid your comments are about the NO CALL B*S*.. HEAT/SPURS in 7!! 😀

  26. caloyski says:



  27. Marc Harper says:

    Ok, maybe it was a foul, what about that slap in the face of Mike Miller before the dunk. Or that foul on Green when Lebron was going to the hoop on that fast break. The refs will miss calls, they’re in the thick of it and the game is so fast. It’s easy to sit on your couch and be a ref after the replay. Thing is, the Spurs had a lot of chances to put the game away and did’nt. It will be one heck of a game seven

  28. GT says:

    It’s foul, but unfortunately there is no charge in such circumstances is a rule “unwritten”

  29. lucas says:

    I think the Spurs will recover mentally for Game 7, but I think they won’t have physical strength to win. Spurs are a better team in general, but they are old and when the game gets physical, it’s hard to stop miami. Duncan – a genious – was completely tired. maybe if green and ginobili get back in the game they have a chance.

  30. misterpitt says:

    everyone keeps talking about the non call but in reality what i was upset about is when there was 7 secs left in regulation and the spurs went for a quick inbound to push the ball down court for a last minute shot and the refs blew the play dead to make sure allen was behind the line which he was clearly well behind it….the heat defense got reset and back, it didnt advantage the spurs at all even though the commentary claimed it helped, thay already had their plan

  31. Michael says:

    If only a review was possible for such a critical play. Ray Allen commits a foul and is rewarded with two free throws.

  32. Max says:

    Allen’s strip on Ginobili 50-50 call that was left alone by the referees. What about the calls against miami: Miller foul on a box out gave possesion back to SA who then made a 3pt play – a potential 6pt swing. Lebron’s offensive foul on Parker resulted in a score for SA and a potential 5pt swing (if Lebron makes a 3pt play on Parker) and finally the Leonard 3pt play that should have been called an offensive foul on Allen for extending his elbow to get contact which could have been a potential 5pt swing. All plays were in the 4th quater at key moments of the game. Last year in Game 2 of the Finals Lebron had a similar scenario when guarding KD for the game winning attempt (lots of contact as KD rose for the shot) and nothing was called with the ref in a great position. Ginobili should have protected the ball better going into 3 Heat players with the game on the line, and Allen made a great play.

  33. The Truth says:

    There was no call because there was no foul! It’s that simple. Ray got a good strip and Manu threw his hands up for a bail out. I am a Spurs fan and call it as I see it. It was a game was a good game.

  34. Benjamin says:

    Miami did foul Ginobili at the end, but he traveled first. Clearly a travel so Spurs fans have no room to talk. On a side note the officiating was actually pretty terrible for calls going both ways

    • Jackson says:

      Ok yes technically ginobili traveled if he was playing high school ball, but this is the nba, and that unorthodox cross over is a move he’s done FOREVER so why would they call a travel now? So get over it and watch some damn basketball

  35. groupieHEAT says:

    lots of cry babies spurs fans lol. miami in seven live with it and stop thw whinning

  36. Sharon says:

    Foul, yes, but how about the traveling that no one has mentioned! Genobili’s three or four steps without a dribble … That would have stopped the play anyway.

    • Jackson says:

      Lol seriously dude, have you been watching this series, wade and James are constantly throwing tantrums and Duncan and Parker might give the ref a questioning look every so often. Even the heat have admitted how the spurs don’t talk trash and don’t complain. Kawhi Leonard has a nasty dunk and what does he do? He doesn’t say a word and turns around and gets back in D. I do think Allen fouled Ginobili and should’ve gone to the line with a championship on the line, but the spurs should’ve taken care of business before that, so I won’t complain too much. I feel good about the spurs chances in game 7 though, they always perform well when they are most doubted. But if Lebron attacks at will and isn’t tentative like he was most of game 6, heat will repeat

  37. Jojo says:

    It was coach Popovich blunder by benching Duncan. If not, maybe the Spurs controlled the rebound and win.. Without duncan at the center, who can battle Bosh? Two offensive rebounds, whew… that only happened because of benching Duncan.. And that’s why Spurs lost, plain and simple…

    • td says:

      100% agree. Should had learned it after the 1st 3 by LB, kept TD in there for the rebound. Anyway, Spurs was terrible in the last quarter.

  38. charlie donayre says:

    Lets forget about game 6. Go spurs….focus in last game,do your Very2 best…..you can do it….

  39. Jopie says:

    Why are the Spurs always wanking about bad calls? They just wanna win the final by making free throws. That’s why I love the Heat. They just wanne play basketball. And that’s how it should be.

    • hipster says:

      Are you freaking kidding me? The Heat are the worst whiners in the league. Everybody knows that. There is no disputing that fact!

      LeBron whines after every single play!

      DWade can’t seem to make a layup without ending up on the ground and then staring at the ref expecting a foul.

      Battier’s only job is apparently to undercut players driving to the rim. He never plays d, he just flops.

  40. shane says:

    I despise whiny Crybaby’s like you!!!

  41. Willy Spurd says:

    Ya they sure let them play, but I wonder if that had been TD flying out of bounds on top of Ray Allen on the last second shot, would it have been a no call? The Refs would not have been able to leave the building for days? que no?

    • E-SY says:

      You suggest anything you want… that didn’t happen. The refs never win a game, the players will have to do that themselves.

  42. Zac says:

    that’s a foul

  43. G QShepp says:

    19.2 seconds if spurs would have made two free throws they would heve put it away and been up by four but it is what it is.

  44. Ally R says:

    As a Spurs fan, the refs called a hell of a fair game. We had plenty of time to get it done.

    • E-SY says:

      No Spurs fan here, but I appreciate you being honest about it.

      It’s never the reffs fault anyway. Dominate from minute 1 and you win the game. If the Heat lacks to do so in Game 7, the Spurs are going to take the trophy away from South Beach.

  45. Kris says:

    I would not watch NBA ever again if HEAT win the championship this year. The ref should call it a foul. He was inches away from Allen and Ginobli, and should’ve saw the foul on Ginobli. He didn’t saw that foul on Ginobli, but he call it foul after…. Thanks, Crawford, you did it again….


      Lets hope you never watch the NBA ever again! Miami will give you your wish Fake NBA Fan. Go watch Curling.

  46. JJ says:

    Dwyane Wade and Lebron James could named NBA Finals co-MVP for the first time in NBA history

  47. Y says:

    Game 6 = Spurs choked bigtime!

  48. aron says:

    “Throughout the Spurs’ dynasty, we’ve grown used to seeing them finish games with poise, and time and again finish off opponents.” – Lang Whitaker.

    Lang seemed to have forgotten the 13 points explosion in 35 seconds left in the game by no other than the former Rocket now Spurs T-mac. The Rockets won by the way.

    That and this finals game 6 are going go down infamously as the Spurs loosing poise down the stretch. Youtube will be witness to that history.

  49. Y says:

    There was a foul there but he took 3 steps before he got mauled by Allen. So it should be a TO for Manu – his 9th!

  50. The spurs are screwed they are gonna lose game 7 too, BOOK IT!

  51. mattchew says:

    i love van gudy,,, thats a foul!!!! lol obviously

  52. Darius27 says:

    Indeed. It is the finals. Defense does not get any tighter than this. The refs will let the players play and put the ball into the bucket for the win. Manu initiates the bump while carrying the ball but Ray Allen was able to stay in front, slide a hand and grab the ball from the front away from Manu. Ball slips away then Manu hoists his hands towards the air to make it look like shooting foul. It is a good no call for the refs. Credit to Allen. Brilliant play.

  53. D says:

    How is it a bail out if he’s fouled? Ray Allen did get the ball- to start with, but then went to wrist and arm as Manu went up for the shot. It’s still a foul. Who cares who’s court and who’s the player, a foul is a foul, whether it’s Lebron or Manu, or Patty Mills or Joel Anthony – rules are rules. The reffs can’t make a no-call to appease the fans, otherwise, what’s the point of having rules to start with?

    • PopHatesSpicyCurry says:

      Rules are rules… true. But the refs helped the Spurs as much as they hurt them with a no-call on that last play. Manu took 1…2…3 steps without dribbling before trying to leap. Check the replay. Was it a foul? Probably. Was it a travel? Equally probable. The bottom line is the refs aren’t going to make a call either way with under 5 seconds in a 1 possession finals game. Play through and finish strong.

  54. Prithvi says:

    It is true that the referees swallow their whistles at that juncture of the game…but to me, you can’t not call a pretty obvious foul, whatever the circumstances. It changed the outcome of the game.

  55. X says:

    Home court advantage you’re going to get calls in your favor that’s just how it goes. The refs are not going to call a foul on such a pivotal moment like that. As an away team you can’t be looking for the refs to blow their whistle to bail you out.

    • stofstar says:

      I don’t see a foul.
      It was good defense by Ray Allen, who knew.
      Allen had a crucial role this game.

    • TheDude says:

      “Bail out” – sure, keep believing this, but it was an objective foul nonetheless. Ray-Ray was all over his arm. That’s should’ve been a call.
      It was the Heat-team that got bailed out.

    • E-SY says:

      It’s funny you bring that up again… fo no reason. Nobody on the court was blaming the refs. It’s allways the people on the side, the spectators with their point of view who brings this up. It’s time to quit doing so. If the Spurs want to win game 7, they should just play dominant and make no mistakes during those 48 minutes. If the Heat wants to win game 7, they will have to do exactly the same. The team that brings out the most energy and makes no mistakes, brings home the trophy.

      The refs will be there for game 7 and they will do a good job like they do every night. They will make some mistakes, but none of those will be as important as the choices the players have to make and the mistakes they can and will make in that pivotal game. It’s in the hands of the players…

      • tylerduren says:

        If you knew ANYTHING about basketball the guys on the court can’t say anything about the refs they’ll get fined!!!!!!!!!!

      • jbl says:

        Ur an idiot, the players and coaches do not blame the refs because they will get a huge fine.. also it will make the league look bad if the media focuses on the refs being subjective to certain teams

      • tony says:

        actually that mistake was as big,,, BIGGER

    • cardinalrich says:

      it was a wash calls were definitely going against the Heat early going and the foul on Manu was only a foul if you ignore the fact that he managed to ignore the fact that he made from beyond the arc to underneath the basket without the ball touching the floor once. that’s a carry that any NFL RB would be envious of.

      • dink says:

        it was clearly a foul ray raked ginobili ‘s arms but the guy up there is right the game was in Miami so the refs swallowed there whistle , they probably could’ve punched ginobil in the face and it wouldn’tve of got called

    • tony says:

      Spurs were at home, not Miami in game 6