Rating Ray Allen’s Big 3-Pointer

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Ray Allen‘s clutch corner 3-pointer that sent Game 6 of The Finals to overtime didn’t even rank among the top three impact plays in the final analysis of that epic contest.

My main man and NBA.com’s analytics expert John Schuhmann said something about the shot only increasing the Heat’s win probability by 10.8 percent, from 22.0 percent to 32.7 percent, or something like that.

But if the measurement was “Most Memorable 3-pointers Made in The Finals,” Allen’s shot that saved the Heat’s season (for at least 48, or more, minutes) has to rank among the best clutch shots from long distance anyone has made.

Win Game 7 Thursday night and, years from now, Allen’s shot will be the one that sticks out. It’ll rank right along some of the greatest clutch 3-pointers in the history of The Finals … shots like these:

Big Shot Bob (aka Robert Horry)’s dagger for the San Antonio Spurs in 2005 …

John Paxson’s crunch-time strike for the Chicago Bulls in 1993 …

TNT’s Kenny Smith’s money shot for the Houston Rockets in 1995 …

Dirk Nowitzki’s long-range shredder for the Dallas Mavericks in 2011 …

Jerry West’s 60-footer (it was only worth two points then) for the Los Angeles Lakers in 1970 …

And finally, Ron Artest’s (now Metta World Peace) game-saver for the Lakers in 2010 …


  1. JDee says:

    Yes Sir, totally agree with Young Wolf

  2. Young Wolf says:

    Hands down the most clutch shot of all time. Absolutely no dispute. All the other shots are great but that is it. Game 6, 3 to tie (not to win, so it’s not like they could go for an easy two), down 2 games to 3, miss and the season is over. You think you have seen a bigger shot? I hate to break it to you but you’re wrong. Just try and argue.

    Oh yeah and the “travel” that people keep talking about? Please stop watching basketball, you don’t get it. And I’m not even a Heat fan.

  3. ezequiel says:

    ray allen is a chet

  4. Lord P says:

    Allen’s shot is the best i’ve seen..that dagger went straight to the Spurs heart and killed them from there!!..I still can’t believe it went in..what a Shot..my best 3of all-time..HEAT FAN WANNA SAY THANK U RAY FOR THIS TITLE

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  6. bien says:

    I rate it one of the best because hadn’t it go down, the Spurs would’ve been the champs of the NBA right now. Ray saved the game and the rest is history. Big Time Three pointer…

  7. Kal says:

    Ray Allen’s is the greatest ever. it basically took the series from over and lost to giving new life. it won the series.

    next is Metta’s. it more obviously won the series.

  8. adam22 says:

    wow, Ray was the saviour for that game, lucky Heat’s took the OT otherwise the shot would have been downgraded!

  9. coolitdude says:

    Ray’s shot easily the top 3 dude… that shot is The Shot.. Heat were facing elimination (unlike the other nominees).. He steps back with Parker already at his body. The difficulty at that point was immense.. Kudos for the offensive rebounds too. Im with spurs, it was a heartbreak when they tied it despite a 5 pt lead with 28sec…. well, lets pray for game 7. Go Manuuuuuuuuu time to wake up!!!

  10. GoMavs says:

    Dirk Nowitzki 2011 CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Number 13 says:

    Why did the refs even review it? Ref is standing right there looking at Ray’s feet and knows it is a 3 pointer because he raised his hand. Neither team has timeouts, so Miami needs a chance to set their defense? What a joke.

  12. truth says:

    By far the best and biggest shot ever…..it wasnt a series tied 2-2 type of shot or anything it was make the shot or lose the championship. The end.

  13. celentano says:

    Ray’s shot should’nt count as biggest clutch ever!,more like the biggest travelling fake clutch shot ever!!! Never liked Allen when he entered the competition ago,he’s just an lucky opportunist,ringchaser.They should take 1 title away from him while he was with the green bean’s!!!Che Ladro ragazzi!

  14. celentano says:

    That was a clear big travelling 3-point shot!!! Ray catch the ball first and than putting 3 steps without dribbling to get behind the arch so that shot wouldn’t count in fact! This shot is 100% a travelling move before the shot,this is always a travelling move for the European competitions or officiating! What a scam again,so the Miami CHEATer’s are fixing the Finals again together wit Pat,Stern & the official’s + maybe also with Popovich with his strange tactic’s to keep Ginobily on the floor & his turnovers too!Why Popov.let Duncan sit sidelined at crucial moments ? Everything smells fishy with that sixth game,watch it again it’s in plain sight fixed!!!
    Somebody called Mafia@ mentioned or posted a few days ago like ; Lebrick is a gamefixer! That seems more obvious these days!

  15. Alex Alwrite Riley says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxvNJ4f9Y3c Basketball Bounce/NBA Finals 2013 record.. Great basketball song for the NBA to pick up for tonights game

  16. Boston Fan says:

    Ray was one of six with 2 points before that shot. He did not win the game, others who played well the whole game did.

  17. refs won the game, bad, baaaaaaddddddddd offficiating!

  18. J_ckx says:

    Dude. Really?! That’s not even a travel here in Europe. Wake up.

  19. Freida says:

    Divine Intervention. Bosh getting that rebound and Allen stepping back without looking down and shooting. I saw on TV the shot was within .083 second. I was listening to a radio show and Ray Lewis in the past had said something “God whispers in your ear “It’s your time, It’s your time, it’s your time.” I believe God shows off sometimes with people who are so focused on that power that he cannot help show his power.

  20. saimo says:

    Unless my eyes are failing me, that’s traveling: Allen caught the ball with the right foot inside the arc, put the left foot beyond the arc… and then stepped out of the arc with the right foot as well. The way NBA handles traveling is a joke and, in cases like this, a real bad one.
    (I’m no Spurs fan, just stating a fact.)

    • Luke says:

      I double-checked the replay on that also but the rule is two steps, right? By your description he took two steps. No travel. Great footwork by Mr. “He Got Game”.

  21. Big Time says:

    It was amazing how he was fighting for the offensive rebound and when when Bosh got the rebound, Allen back pedals and without even looking at the line gets his feet behind for a legitimate 3.. Quite amazing if you think about the activity in that sequence,,,

  22. RaulGroom says:

    Pure luck, luck always runs out when needed most.

  23. tommy says:

    In Game 6 of Finals, All players of Miami were heroes. Ray Allen big 3 pointer, King James big performances, Wade Big dunks over the Duncan, Miller made one shoe Big 3 pointer Finally Chris Bosh Big Rebounds and Big blocks. They’re real champions in this final.

  24. Heat Fan says:

    Ray Allen has been consistent with his 3-point shots throughout the finals. Given LeBron’s amazing 4th Quarter/OT prerformance and Bosh’s escellent defense… I think Ray’s last minute shot from downtown made a a big difference and brought them to game 7… Way to go Heat! You guys are awesome!

  25. jacknohara says:

    Horry, Paxson and Artest where open, Nowitzky and smith where not and West shot was a prayer . But Ray Allen hit a very rare and dificult one, no time to get the ball, no time to set his feet or drible, defense all over him, the shot is very very dificult. The motion by his hands caching the ball and shooting in the same instance while also observing that he had to let his body go backwards to get behind the 3 point line, is just a amazing shot, amazing shot.

  26. DwightHowardForTheBirdMan says:

    He got lucky. That’s why it was amazing.

  27. Bruce says:

    This list has missed the 3-pointer made by Derek Fisher in Game 4 of 2009 NBA Finals, the one made in 4 sec left in regulation time to force overtime, end up with a win in OT to take 3-1 lead.

  28. John snow says:

    I broke my chair when he made the shot because I was too happy….

  29. Viper33 says:

    Ray’s shot was the best because so many things happened with time running out and a man in his face. He had to run back to the three point spot with someone chasing him, grab and shoot. There was no time to even collect a thought like the other game winners many of which where open shots.

  30. Tom says:

    Man, i´m not american but from spain, but i don´t know why when spurs plays the audience share drops… this has been one of the best final series i´ve seen in a long time. That 6th game was unbelievably great. By the way, i hope Timmy and the rest of the spurs beat that bunch of moneymakers

  31. andrej says:

    i like gregg popovich’s hair in the first video 🙂 i’d vote west’s 3 as the best one

  32. keithmon says:

    Seven Nation Army playing on the sound system as the the ball gets to Ray for the dagger!

  33. omygooo says:

    when the heat won my son jumped so high.. i jumpkicked him in the balls because i’m a spurs fan. lol i’m joking, i dont have a son. it’s a daughter and it was a spinning back kick.
    no i’m joking i dont have childrens. i think it was your kid

  34. Erlo says:

    Charles Barkely looks so miserable after the Bulls shot. Psssst … Charles … Unlike 95% of the people on that floor you still remained relevant all these years. Cheer up! 😉

  35. Look out for the Bleh Bleh Bleh says:

    Didn’t watch them all. Too much commercials for short vids. I did watch the Jerry West 60-footer though….amazing shot. And nice to see the actual hall-of-famers comments on it.

  36. roye says:

    West got the most amazing shot
    allen 2nd!!

  37. Tom says:

    Ray hasn’t been good in scoring in the playoffs. Because of his 3 point shot, we forgave him.

  38. Souleyman says:

    Im a Miami fan but That was a big mistake by the spurs for not managing a 28sec to win the champion, but if something is gonna happen it will happen…lets do this tonite Heat

  39. Max says:

    For the importance of the shot, Ray’s is the best, for difficulty has to be West

  40. Philip says:

    That shot alone worth $3,090,000 this year.

  41. Giddi says:

    A shot in Game 1 (Kenny Smith), Game 2 (Dirk) of the Finals can not even come close to being this big of a shot.
    Also The Shot of Jerry West came tied 2-2, the same as Robert Horry.
    John Paxson shot came with the Bulls leading 3-2 and wide open with no defender even close to him.

    Ron Artests shot is the only one close to that, but there was still about one minute left and also less difficult than the shot of Ray Allen, so I am sticking with Rays 3 as the biggest in Finals history.

  42. J says:

    they are some great treys right there
    west heave remarkebaly
    dirk smooth 3 love is stroke
    horry dagger great shot
    jets 7th trey wierd looking shot but good
    paxsons cluth 3 help win 3rd title
    mettas unexpected 3 (unexpected cause kobe is normaly taking them big shots)
    great shots
    when u think about it alot of clutch shots arent 3s like for eg mjs shots were mostly 2s

  43. Okay Spurs-time to put your stamp on this final of the finals series & take home the trophy-take it & don’t give it away!

  44. zarzour says:

    all of these shots were just amazing , i guess Ray’s shot saved the season while he was walking backwards to hit the 3 point line..it proved that the heat made a gr8 choice by adding him this season

  45. Marco29 says:

    I am a Spurs fan but I must say that Allen Shot was great. He has done it some many times but at that moment, with Miami”s season on the line, you really need ice in your veins. I just hope he doesn’t do it agan in Game 3


    that shot made RAY ALLEN… an IMMORTAL..

  47. Derreck says:

    They should have faul Ray Ray while shooting or on the floor – then clock stops and he has 3 chances on free throws. Pressure is bigger then shooting blind trey. You have to connect all three, and even Ray has “only” 90% FT%

    One problem is that Ray Ray might have hit 3 with faul and seal the deal …but Heat won anyway so what;s the problem ?

    Mistake by POP ? Maybe it was just too fast to catch.

    • Kyle says:

      Unfortunately mate you are incorrect by a large margin. Ray Ray shoots 90% FT, so 3 consecutive makes 0.9^3 = 0.729 = 72.9%. Where as he is a career 40.1% 3PT shooter… factor into this the ridiculous degree of difficulty of a step back 3 with a hand in your face. Perfect strategy to NOT foul on the 3 pt attempt, POP imo, is the best coach in NBA, followed by Doc. AWESOME SERIES WHOOP!

  48. nile says:

    Ray Allen was Top 1 on my list Because he saved MIami Heat from lossing the series.Look at the Drama, the red tape,fans early exit, etc……

  49. mikke says:

    IM a HEAT fan but watching the game yesterday almost made me cry not because the heat won … seeing my son jump for Joy for the win made me very happy … we had a great bonding yesterday

  50. Elliot says:

    Does no one remember mj’s shots against the jazz? Most clutch finals shots ever

    • larrymoses says:

      It’s probably not mentioned because it was an offensive foul …. if you say it is not, then don’t complain about late game fouls in the finals today

    • GOSPURSGO42 says:

      That was an amazing clutch shots but it wasn’t behind the arc, as this is what this article is about.

  51. onyx says:

    allen ‘s shot may be the most difficult 3 points clutch shot in championship games because he is moving backward to be in the 3point area and the guards are running to him before he made that shot ,others were in stationary position or moving forward when they made that kind of shot (horry ,artest ,paxson ,fisher ,etc )

  52. Top Shot Doctor says:

    Are you kidding me! Ray Allens shot was best shot ever in Finals (Especially when factoring three point shots) because it was the 2 of 2 three point shot that was needed to tie the game with 28 seconds left in game and that shot was made with 5 seconds in game….the TROPHY WAS ON THE COURT!! I WAS NEXT TO IT…AND IT DISAPPEARED AFTER THAT SHOT. San Antonio had won that game. Down 5 points with 28 seconds! If Miami could win game 7 it is a definate #1 of all-time, if they lose Game 7 then it should still be considered among the best shots but I would understand the argument against the shot- that it didn’t matter anyways. Heat need GAME 7 to make that shot best ever, and get that ring. The Irony, Ray had his record for three pointers broken but he had the biggest three in that series. I so hope there’s footage of the shot and the trophy that was next to me so I could see when did they pull it away from my side…I was too busy going Crazy! Crazy!!!!

  53. AussieBull says:

    Where’s Horry’s three off the offensive rebound for the lakers arouod 2000-2003ish?

  54. William says:

    Ray Shoot should be at the top of that list . I take it if it’s just behind Jerry’s if not on the same page.

  55. Game Time says:

    West shot wasn’t technically a three but it’s probably the best shot out of all.

  56. Max says:

    Kudos for one deserving player RAY ALLEN! Bot not only the best at knocking down a 3 point winner but a must have FREE THROW got to be the same RAY ALLEN! Even LeBron called him the “man with Ice in his veins”. Should for sure be a “hall of Famer”. However, Ray is quiet and does not seek out media attention. All Fans should write and shout we want to see the one and only GREAT RAY ALLEN in the Hall of Fame. Now he has overcome Reggie Miller (hall of famer) and Ray has helped win already a Championship. Just like Jim Plunkett Raiders QB Super bowl winner left out??? PLEASE TELL ME rOGER, HE IS NOT BEING BLACK BALLED BY A FORMER TEAM MATE? FAIR IS FAIR TWO DESERVING HALL OF FAMERS. RAY ALLEN,NBA AND JIM PLUNKNETT THE NFL. KEEP IT FAIR AND HONEST~

  57. PSY says:

    oomp oomp oomp oompa allen style with the most clutch shot in a long time saves miamis season o my what a shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. scott the magician says:

    Best series in along time…amazing game last night. I feel blessed to have seen it with my old man…unreal.