James, Heat Turn Spurs’ Yellow Rope Into Crime-Scene Tape in Game 6


MIAMI – The yellow rope had been arranged carefully around the perimeter of the court at AmericanAirlines Arena. Less than a minute remained and the San Antonio Spurs were up by five points, so out of necessity, the logistics and security of their trophy presentation were underway.

In moments, that rope would be pulled high and tight, sealing the court like the something velvet separating the unwashed from South Beach’s swankiest. The Larry O’Brien trophy would be hustled onto the floor as most of the Miami Heat fans who hadn’t already left found the exits. Celtics legend Bill Russell would amble onto the floor, too, to hand off the eponymous hardware given to The Finals MVP.

Then and there, that figured to be Tim Duncan, who, hmm, just happened to have checked out of the game with 28.2 seconds left, his side up 94-89.


In perhaps the most glaring celebration shutdown since the Lakers’ infamous balloons high in the rafters of Los Angeles’ Forum went pfffft! against the Boston Celtics in the 1969 Finals, that “victory rope” Tuesday night in south Florida got turned into crime-scene tape.

So steady and fundamentally sound, the Spurs failed not once, but twice, at one of the game’s essential skills. Maybe you’ve heard of it: No rebounds, no rings. Plenty of nightmares, though.

And the Miami Heat, just seconds from elimination in six games and an endless summer of second-guessing and rebuke, were revived. Alive. And finally in control again, their 103-100 overtime victory tucked away along with momentum what’s left of the 2013 Finals and the home court for Game 7.

As for LeBron James, the lightning rod for so much criticism and praise and everything in between, he’s not letting people write him or his team off quite yet. In the fourth quarter and overtime, he had 18 points, four rebounds, four assists, one steal and one block (of Duncan) in capping another triple-double. He shot 8-for-14, threw off one headband, went from hero to goat and back again several times over and summarized the whole evening better than those actually charged with doing so.

“It was by far the best game I’ve ever been a part of,” a thoroughly relaxed (and relieved?) James told reporters after midnight. “The ups and downs, the roller coaster, the emotions, good and bad through the whole game. To be a part of something like this is something you would never be able to recreate once you’re done playing the game.

“I’m blessed to be a part of something like this. And I’m happy about the way we dug down and were able to get a win it didn’t look like we could muster up at some point in the game.”

Miami had trailed by 13 deep in the third quarter and by 10, 75-65, at the start of the fourth. Then the defending champions – adversity junkies, too, for the past two playoff rounds – embraced the desperation. Mario Chalmers hit a 3-pointer, James drove for a layup and Mike Miller went downtown without one shoe. At 79-74, James fashioned an 11-3 run by scoring or assisting on nine of the points, putting the Heat up 84-82 with 6:03 to go.

The Spurs were faltering, aching, running on fumes. Duncan — his 25-point first half seemingly so long ago — hadn’t adjusted to a more aggressive Miami defense and neither had Manu Ginboli or Tony Parker. But James was back to muffing things too in a sloppy, enthralling mess of a finish.

“I basically just told myself, give it all I got,” the MVP said. “If we go down losing, I’m going to go down with no bullets. I’m going all out. … I just tried to play both sides of the floor on a high-intense level until I had no more left in the tank.”

San Antonio was righting itself. Ginobili raced downcourt for a layup, then Parker hit a step-back 3-pointer over James and a spin around Chalmers for two more. James went 1-on-1 vs. Parker but lost the ball. Then he turned it over again 11 seconds later.

And there the Heat were, down 94-89 with 28.2 seconds left. The yellow rope was out – it wasn’t the Spurs’ fault, it’s not even their building – and the Miami players noticed. Ticked them off.

“That’s why you play the game to the final buzzer,” James said.

So James missed a 3-pointer, the ball bounced off, Duncan wasn’t around to possibly gran the rebound and James canned a second chance from the arc. Duncan subbed in for the Spurs’ offensive possession but, when Kawhi Leonard got fouled and missed the first of his two free throws, he subbed out again. It was 95-92, 19.4 seconds left.

This time, James fired from out front again, Chris Bosh got the ball from grabbing hands that, again, didn’t include Duncan’s. He shoveled the ball to Ray Allen on the right baseline and instinctively, the NBA’s all-time champion of 3-point makes and takes did what he does.

Where was Duncan? It was eerily similar to Pacers big man Roy Hibbert sitting out two late crucial plays against Miami in Game 1 of the East finals. The Spurs’ Hall of Fame-bound center defended the moves because his team has played that way all season, opting for a switching defense with more mobile players on the floor.

“We got a stop and we got a bad bounce, and right out to Ray Allen for a 3, ” Duncan said. “Just situational. But there’s no questions there. It’s the plays we’ve been making all season long.”

San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich doesn’t favor what he dismissed as the “European” approach of fouling when up by three points near the end. So, apparently, no questions there either.

In overtime, San Antonio stopped scoring with 2:42 left. Its 100-97 lead vanished amid an Allen catch-and-shoot on the move, a layup by James, three missed jump shots and three turnovers when poise mattered most. Now this whole series has been pushed into overtime for the Spurs, who will drag around what-might-have-beens for 48 hours before getting a chance to do all over again what they essentially had done.

“So, it’s terrible,” Ginobili said.

A few minutes later, from the same chair, James was laughing. “We could have played the worst six games of our lives,” he said, “but we got a Game 7 on our floor.”

That’s everything Miami could have hoped for. It’s everything San Antonio must dread, from the moment the yellow rope came out.



  1. koudrus says:

    The Heat IS going to win. I said it before the series started. The leage needs to make sure their main cash cow Lebron is legitimized as the GOAT. Who better to fit the profile than four time champion Spurs. Wake up people this is a rigged game. The strange coaching tactics by Popovich, TWO CRUCIAL no-calls which gave the game to Miami. Fact is Lebron played terrible but the Spurs suffocating defence was suudenly nowhere to be foundin the fourth quarter and Lebron started getting easy shots in the paint he didn’t get before. IThe Spurs wanted Lebron to go off. I’m sick of theis comedy!

  2. eddiepaco says:

    Worst article ever; why even sit down at the computer? This basically a play by play. Either you’re readers watched the game or by now know everything that happened from all the headlines and videos. Sportswriters, I swear.

  3. jetong1983 says:


  4. NoBias says:

    For all the Spurs fanatics who seem strangely to be the same as pacer fanatics (same people? hmm), if you want the last play to be a foul on Bosh, then I propose this: watch the replay, and let me know if Splitter did not commit an obvious moving screen foul that would have meant a turnover; the refs overlooked that, you do not complain, but u want the Danny Green shot to be a foul. If they did not let Splitter get away with the moving screen on Allen, Green would not have the opportunity to even think about the 3 point shot.

    STOP BEING BIASED; and stop sounding strangely like the Pacers’ fans.

  5. Wow... says:

    To all you spurs fans, a loss is a loss, no matter if it is a close game or a blowout. You guys are saying the spurs were “robbed”. Too bad they missed 2 crucial free throws. They could have also have fouled bosh when he got the offensive rebound. Overall, it is the spurs fault that they lost at the last moment.

  6. Spursfan97 says:

    I am a spurs fan, but my hat goes off to the Heat. The Spurs had this game in the bag, without the help of the refs. Careless and silly plays were made down the stretch, and the Heat took advantage of it. Im hoping that the Spurs can get it together in game 7 and get this win.

  7. da Turtle says:

    The league did it again! They made sure the series was going to go 7 games! When I saw Joey Crawford was refereeing the game, I knew for certain, it would be a win for Miami……. a wella! The good new is he can’t ref in game 7, so the Spurs may have a better chance? That is if they don’t beat themselves again? They made some costly mistakes that were uncharacteristic of them, that I thought cost them the game! But bringing out that yellow rope was a certain incentive for the Heat, and well planned by the league…… as if a little yellow rope was going to hold a crowd back if they wanted to rush the court? And let’s get even more real, just exactly how many Spurs fans were there at the game, that were going to try and rush the court? Another ploy by the league to make sure that Miami won! Just like the time in Seattle’s 96 play-off game 6 when the Sonics were down 3-2 to the Bulls and the league was setting up for the trophy ceremony when the players all arrived at the Key Arena. That was incentive enough for their win that game and to take it back to Chicago! The league is very calculating when it comes to who THEY want to win the championship! Just be fair and let them play……. and may the best team win without the refs or the league’s help!!

    • Sports fan says:

      You’re contradicting yourself. Did the ref give the game away, or did the Spurs loose it in the end? You idiots with your ref and NBA conspiracy theories make me laugh. Youre probably not even a Spurs fan. Let me guess, Cavaliers fan? Still crying because Lebron left your boring city and now post stupid comments online in hopes that it will fill in the empty hole that is called your life?

  8. downtown allen says:

    Everyone talking about the foul when manu went to the hole, but if u watch his feet…… he clearly traveled. Spurs are to old, game 7 Heat will get that 2nd trophy….and be an ELITE team.

  9. POP says:

    TRUE HEAT FANS STAY AT THE GAME. PLEASE! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. POP says:


  11. drben35 says:

    To say that the Spurs lost it or that the Heat won it is not the entire truth, it was the combination of both. The Spurs missed two HUGE free throws down the stretch and couldn’t get two defensive rebounds that would have sealed the championship. The Heat played great basketball when it mattered most and hit two huge three pointers to tie up the game. The Spurs could have/should have/would have won, but the Heat played their hearts out until the last whistle and you have to give credit to them. Whoever would have won Game 6 earned it, because they beat a team that wanted it just as bad. I am still aching from the Spurs losing, but Game 7’s in the NBA is what the NBA and its fans live for. I am very nervous about the Spurs in this game based on how last night’s game ended, but whoever ends up winning earned it. I just hope it’s SA, I can’t watch another Heat championship celebration.

    • 3ptdagger says:

      Yeah, I know, because the Heat have won the championship twice, while San Antonio has only won 4 times.

  12. Bil says:

    Pls Spurs, protect our pride and basketball. Let the world know fundamentals are important than cheap shots with no calls.

  13. S.Biggs says:

    It was very childish for Tim Duncan to snatch Lebron headband off, he didn’t even go for the ball, I don’t know what he was thinking Lebron was going to do this is the finals. The only reason Lebron wear’s a headband is for sweat you all need to get your lives together. Go Heat!!!!!

  14. Heats Fan says:

    Heat’s fan here. I’m glad the Heat won, but someone must have paid the refs off pretty handsomely. That non foul on Genobili at the end of regulation that should have put him on the line for the lead…and the obvious foul on Green at the end of OT…WOW…I will take it though!!!!

  15. alp says:

    before the 4th quarter started i think their were MANY questionable calls in favor of san antonio… i saw faaar to many plays were lebron drove to the basket, got fouled and no call. i saw a play where kawhi leonard pushed off on lebron and got a foul called ON LEBRON. every time tony parker took the ball to the basket it was practically a foul call. then the 4th quarter came and the refs stopped blowing thw whistle for the spurs and everybody begins to cry saying the game was rigged? thats pathetic. danny green DID get fouled at the end of the game, but that foul is NEVER called, just like on christmas day when my thunder played the heat RW shot a three got fouled by d wade, CLEARLY, and NO call. THEN everybody said that it wasn’t a foul, and if it was, they don’t call it so it doesn’t matter. same instance here. manu ginobli did also get fouled on his drive to the basket but took 4 steps, thus no call. it was a very blatant travel and because of it he didn’t deserve a foul call. i think miami won this game playing VERY poorly, and they got extremely lucky late. this is why i think san antonio will lose. miami is fired up from this game no question, and see than championship within their grasp, it’s clear lebron will go beast mode if he has too, d wade didn’t play well at all, bosh didn’t play well but had those clutch defensive plays, and clutch rebounds, really NOBODY for miami played well. kawhi leonard played great, he might play well again but duncan gave everything, came away with nothing, ginoblii has to be at an all time low in conifidence, and as long a lbj is gaurding tony parker… hes not having a breakout game. danny green has been over hyped this entire series hitting wide open threes, miami FINALLY decided to take it away and danny greens true colors revealed: he is a below average player, he had NO impact on the game he CAN’T create of the dribble, he’s only a good wide open shooter. the craziest thing is that when they closed out on green at the end of the shot clock, he doesn’t even have the ability to get a shot up at the rim, which to me is baffling, that he can’t even get an attempt up at the rim without being set shot, wide open.

  16. montellmccoy says:

    Wat a sequence …….couldnt have any better luck. Go HEAT!!!!

  17. BixBash says:

    More than anything I felt the Heat fell victim to the Refs throughout the game.

  18. Spur fan says:

    I and all of my friends wanted Spur to win the championship. But, practically HEAT will win the championship again. They are too good. Spur’s coach and the players does not have the “IT” factor to win championship when they got atleast three chances. They are good 2nd team, I admit…not the best. Congratulation HEAT – I predict HEAT will be the winner.

  19. RIP Miami. You just got lucky last game 6.

  20. Brain32 says:

    Wow sounds really exciting, too bad nobody in Europe that still has a job can watch it because 3 a.m. on a workday is a freakin suicide…
    Really NBA? Really?
    I understand NBA viewers from USA are priority public BUT you failed to deliver even a single game from the NBA finals during the weekend, that’s our weekend so your Sunday at 8PM does not count since that’s Monday at 2:00 am here…
    I’ve been watching the entire season, all star and playoffs as much as I could, I don’t even mind staying up from 3 to 5:30 a.m. to watch the game but I can’t do that on workdays…
    I don’t know who makes the schedule but that guy should be promptly notified that there is life over “the Pond”…

  21. CC says:

    Criticizing the Spurs for not fouling Ray is ridiculous. Why give a player shooting 92% from the foul line in the Finals a chance to tie the game?

  22. heatfan says:

    letss go heat!!! lets take game 7
    james for finals MVP!!!!

  23. Requiem says:

    So fouling with 3 pts ahead is now “European”. I guess Germany lost the SF of Eurobasket 2001 on the “American” way then: Turkoglu sent it to OT with a 3-pointer at the buzzer and Nowitzki-led team lost in what still remains as one of the most devastating losses in german basketball history.

  24. BionicMoose says:

    Again, the Heat can’t win without official’s help. The foul on Ginobili, those could’ve been 2 points to tie the game, I don’t know why they didn’t do the replay to check. It’s easy to win with the official’s bought.

  25. DonBB says:

    It was clear halfway through the 3rd and through most of the 4th that the Spurs were getting all the calls. If you are a Spurs fan you were shouting “that’s right!” and if you are a Heat fan you were shouting “Again?” Think for a moment about Parkers face…………with all the head shots he acted on, he should have looked like Rocky Balboa in the 10th round of any of those movies. The Heat collectively showed poise, and now the Spurs know that moment is gone. Miami will start the “swarm” in the first quarter in G7. Edge Miami.

  26. resty says:

    Well all Heat fans should rejoice! Game 7 seven is coming and sure our fav team will prevail again, bet ya!

  27. El Latigo says:

    Long time ago the Spurs had a guy named “Big Shot Bob”.
    The’s got “Big Shot Ray”.
    It’s only fitting that the Heat’s last summer’s big acquisition did what his was brought in for.
    Go Heat!

  28. isack says:

    welcome to my secs room…..

  29. mike says:


  30. Paul says:

    Big Heat fan mouths in this chat today, eh? Enjoy the moment because the Spurs are going to take game 7…

  31. Will says:

    I don’t like the heat.or Lebron. Lebron is the best today in basketballand I think lebron is a great player but he’s not great such as making clutch plays and having that killer instinct in the 4th quarters ..he only has strength and size and kobe, and mj didn’t.. Lebron made turnovers at the end of the game and it was ray allen who saved Maimi.NOT LEBRON..honestly i trust more with allen, wade, miller to shoot the three. Overall best finals game i have seen since Lakers VS Boston in 2010…I want the spurs to win because of their great history with parker, Manu and duncan winning championships together… Home Court is a HUGE ADVANTAGE for the heat…So i think heat is going to take in 7 for the final game…

  32. W/E says:

    Spurs should have won the title last night, I blame Ray friggin Allen for this mess, lol this guy what hes doing in the Miami team anyway?

  33. caloyski says:


    • heat fan says:

      hahha all spurs fans crying lol , perhaps u gonna take it , but what about 3 quarter calls against miami ????and an manu is def no foul 😉

    • Albert Flores says:

      Robbed are u serious? The heat should have gotten alot of more calls in their favor especially when u are at home! Kobe Bryant would have gotten all those calls that Lebron did not get! Calls should not be made at the end of a game to decide the winner bottom line Spurs choked should have made their free throws and Danny Green got blocked! Bosh said no wide open 3 for Green and backed it up Go Heat!!!

  34. Albert Flores says:

    WoW!!!! Jesus Shuttlesworth hits the most historic shot of his life, Yeah Danny Green broke his record but Ray made History! I am glad the refs did not call that Ginobli flop at the end of the game there were too many bad calls on the Miami Heat….. This was the Spurs win and they blew Go Heat Lebron should be historic in Game 7! Cannot see Spurs winning after this devestating loss!!!!

  35. Zeca Matata says:

    playoffs I believe Miami Heat will be winner 2013

  36. HEAT GAME 7!!!!!!!! says:


  37. Edward says:

    The San Antonio Spurs choked! It’s as simple as that! You cannot blame it on Parker or Ginobilli or Khawi or Popovich, it was all of them! It was collective panic!
    But also credit The Heat for a tight and disciplined defense and no hesitation offensive!
    A game for the ages!!!

  38. Holla says:


    How about this article guys? Haha the bitter writer just posted it after Heat won game 6.

  39. Edward says:

    Congratulations to The Heat! “Never underestimate the heart of a champion”. Congrats Lebron, Bosh and Allen! You crafted a last minute victory not only with skills but with “guts”!!!.
    I’m glad The Heat won because during the 3rd qty Spurs drive and the 4th qty Miami drive all of the close calls favored San Antonio…but The Heat also thrived against it!
    What a game!!!

    • Martin says:

      Calls favored the Spurs? Getout of here!

      Last 2 fouls didnt get call and that could have sealed the deal for the Spurs, Ginobili was clesarly foul on that drive. I don’t know what game were you watching.

      • Truth says:

        He was watching the only NBA game in the world on that day duh. You can tell youre a fake spurs fans by crying refs, and you don’t even know what a foul is so how can we respect what you say?

      • miami fan says:

        He just now said in the THIRD quarter you idiot! Watch the game and yull see all the calls going for spurs…. wye cant you guys accept that the better team won probably the bes game six ive seen. The spurs choked face it and get ready for an epic game 7!!!! GO HEAT..

  40. dtripodi says:

    One of the best game I ever watched… like two fighter going on each other until they have some energy.
    Epic game, we will talk and see highlights in the years go come!

  41. winwin says:

    HEAT WINS !!!!!!!!! MIAMI HEAT WINS IN GAME 7 !!!!! series won 4-3

  42. John says:

    Hey People someone has to Win! and someone has to LOSE! If not the Game will still be going! LOL

  43. correct me if i'm wrong says:

    pop had a brain explosion celebrating before the siren. this loss is on pop he should be feeling the most pressure. he should quit with the smart bum comet during interview and stop acting like a stand up comedian, jerry seinfeld he is not. if the spurs dont win game 7, it will be the end of the spurs big 3.

  44. SpurFan3303 says:

    The officials called the game very badly…. That was a foul on Bosh at the end of the game. Once again Stern has his hand in the officials pocket. James is so OOVER RATED. There is more than Lebron on the heat. Yes Poppovich did 2 bad call at the end of the game. but the ref did not call anything at the end of the game only one sided. But now the SPURS have to win against the Heat and the Refs.

    • Albert Flores says:

      Come on are u kidding me one thing is to be a Spurs fan but call the game like it is. The refs helped the Spurs all game and now u want them to call a clean block on Danny Green James may be overrated but I saw the Spurs could not stop him in 4th quarter. The Spurs choked dont blame this on the refs blame it on your Argentina boy 8 turnovers and 9 points awful! Spurs had it but cracked like a fortune cookie….

    • BJiggke says:

      Pop substituted Tim in illegally on the last play in regulation. An officials review isn’t a deadball ,so it cant be used to sub players in . He broke that rule and subbed Duncan in , so if Duncan made a game winner than that would’ve really been robbery.

  45. Fabio M. says:

    You´re right !
    A game 7 was deserved by all Fans.
    Game 6 to be remembered forever !

  46. realist2013 says:

    All I can say is wow. Spurs had that and a missed free throw saved Miami. Think Pop should have left Tim in there. I mean this is the final swconds of a close out and its never over until the clock reads 00:00. Lebron even with all his crying will have to wait til thursday to see the Spurs celebrate haha. Seriously though during game one I still find the league auspect

  47. JimD54 says:

    Hey I might as well… Go Heat…The Spurs don’t want it…if the team with the worst record in the league was in the position that the Spurs were in with less than 24 seconds in regulation they would have won that game last night, the Spurs just don’t want it, what the heck, if they don’t want it let Miami have it, why play game 7, the Spurs have already forfeited the series, they might as well fly on back home this morning and get started on their vacations….they came all this way, and in the end, they didn’t want it…..for whatever the reason they took a flyer last night, I hope it was worth it……..

  48. DR BBAL says:

    The only thing the heat can do is lose, don’t get me wrong and think i am another hater.
    If the heat win the finals they just did what they were supposed to do
    If the heat lose they are chokers and everyone will hate on lebron.

    The spurs on the other hand,
    If they lose the lost of a great team that were supposed to win.
    If they win the have beaten a team that was supposed to win, so they are all big heroes!

    That the spurs allready have come so far is allready a victorie!

    Anyway, i look forward to game 7!

  49. BOYET says:

    LBJ was nervous on that final minute of game 6. he should show the world that he’s worth to be compared to Kobe and MJ.

  50. NBAfan says:

    a missed freethrow
    two def rebounds
    two non-foul calls

    this would be what saved MIA

    At the end of the day, the Heat didn’t win that game, the Spurs lost that

    It’s a brand new series now…with the HEAT going in with momentum

  51. Adam says:

    Spurs got robbed. A total, in-your-face, primetime robbery

    • AL says:

      by whom? officials again, you want to see call going spurs way watch the end of 3rd quarter. They could not finish the Heat off & they have no one to blame but themselves

    • Edward says:

      Almost all the referees’ close calls favored the Spurs and you say that they were robbed?! No way!
      Go back and see the replays, see how K. Leonard fouled when attacking, see how LeBron was hit several times when attacking the rim & the refs just let it go! I’m glad that at least justice was served in the final minutes & seconds of the game!


      Hahahahahahahaha. Thats all im gonna say.

    • heat fan says:

      haha oh my god why always crying like a baby after a loss just accept it , it was close but the heat made it take it like man 😉

    • KunJay says:

      Lol can you believe this homer.

  52. dez says:

    Who is Ginboli?

  53. jason almaquer says:

    THanks for the trey Ray Allen . That was big! Now lets go get this game 7. Heat all the way!

  54. Russell Eastbrook says:

    I think that Popovich is to blame for this loss almost as much as ginobili and parker for missing free throws. First leaving out duncan and missing the rebound, then not getting a timeout to get parker in the game. The “European” thing he talks about is simply laughable. So the NBA decides to play it out like men? How about the flopping? You have NBA players acknowledged as floppers, being paid to play the kind of defense that just gives you charges. But no, being smart and committing a foul to a team that has no timeouts left up 3 with something like 10 seconds to go is something an NBA coach will not do. Shame, shame the Spurs really just gave it away and Popovich, as good a coach as he is, should have been smart. I thought he did not care much about convention, resting 3 superstars during the season just because he wanted to- but man we are not going to foul when we are up 3

  55. blaz says:

    Instead of “European” championship Popovich had “American” failure.
    Fouling when up by 3 points is no different than fouling when 1 down.
    I don’t mean just after inbound before 3 pointer, but after Bosh cought the ball, there should be no hesitation.
    It is much more ironic, that they have lost because of two missed free throws by Ginobily and Leonard, when fouled DELIBERATELY.

  56. nice article there.. absolutely it was terrible and very nervous to all the HEAT FANS, perhaps a disappointing loss maybe will happen but the ball is round.. and we witness the unbelievable game for the heat.. they win it.. i am so proud and honored that may MIAMI HEAT SURVIVED! 1 more win to be champs once again..yeah! Thank you GOD for this blessings, more than we asked for..it was unbelievable and ridiculous.. GAME 7 is on the LINE, so LET’S make some noise for our MIAMI HEAT!

    anyway, SPURS are legends..i truly admire them.. a very tough team to beat.. everybody knows it.. but still i am a heat fan..let’s go HEAT! we can do it.. 1 more win guys!

  57. Awesome play says:

    One of the greatest game in history of NBA… Spurs did their best… but the Miami gave everything… thanks to Ray Allen.

    Game 7 rocks… whoever wins, deserve to be the new Champion.

  58. theking0522 says:

    SA choked the game away. Plain and simple. The had the champs on their knees, almost dead. They needed 1 ft and they couldn’t get it. They needed a rebound and Pop had his best rebounder on the bench. You don’t give a champ that kind of confidence. They choked!!! By the way, Manu was not foul. ALL BALL and then he threw his arms up in the air plus he WALKED.

  59. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    Sorry spurs, maybe next year! because the spurs are definitely not going to be the 1st team in since 1978 to win a game 7 finals game on the road.. LOL to all the LeBron hating / spurs bandwagoning fans who were wishing the heat would fail to win a back to back championship!!! Was that 4th Quarter by LeBron clutch enough for you!!!


    HEAT IN 7 !!!

    • NBAfan says:

      Huge quarter by James but not clutch. He hit a big three, but only because Wade kept that ball alive on offense. Allen was Clutch. Bosh was clutch.

      James took many shots in OT to try and seal the deal but he kept on missing and Bosh needed to block Green’s final heave…what’s clutch about that?

      Happy for Heat fans.. It was a good game. But the Spurs gave that away, the Heat didn’t take it.

      • Truth says:

        SPURS CHOKED just like your comment.

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        LeBron had 18 points in the 4th Quarter & Overtime – if that’s not clutch then what is? And the HEAT TOOK THAT GAME! SAN ANTONIO WAS CELEBRATING TOO EARLY LOL

  60. JKey says:

    Still don’t understand why Duncan was taken off. Potential game changer there. At least there is one more game for the season and I can forget about basketball for months.

  61. Samuel says:

    Spurs fans blaming the ref??????

    The last time I checked, this ref gave you FT’s in crunch time and you blew them. All you had to do was shoot them in……

  62. MartinfromAustria says:


  63. marvin says:

    bad coaching decision for spurs and good luck for heat..

  64. Go HEAT says:

    Tie a Yellow Ribbon on that Old Spurs TEAM

  65. baboy says:

    this goes down as one of the greatest nba finals game in history..

  66. IAMAHEATFAN says:

    It will be too painful for me to watch another celebration by a rival in heat’s home floor, it cuts like a knife, so when i witnessed the entrance of the yellow rope, it broke my heart. (not again! why is this happening?!) but whoah! i should NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE HEART OF A CHAMPION! GAME 6 WILL ALWAYS BE AN EPIC HISTORY. I AM A PROUD HEAT FAN, & I WILL ALWAYS BE. EPIC KING JAMES, JESUS SHUTTLESWORTH, & of course CB! EPIC!

  67. J says:

    raaaaaaaayyyyyyyy aaaalllllllllllleeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnn foooooooooooorrrrrrrr 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    just 1 more back 2 back!!!!!!!
    duncan should have been in i thought pop would know that sought of thing i get why hes not in but come on thats idiotic
    heat in 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. miniminer says:

    one of the best games of the NBA Finals..spurs wasnt robbed, u guyz just accept that the spurs were up by 5 with only 28secs left, the heat played with good defense and a sick 3pointer from ray allen..but at the end of the day it was LBJ without the headband that matters the most lol

  69. Series says:

    Duncan was awesome but then kind of trailed of parker was a little the same, Lebron was nervous as hell but then started to get it together. Bosh saved the day, as did Ray Allen. Anderson finally played and sparked everyone else up as well (hint to coach- thats kinda what he does) San Antonio had it in the bag, and now have to deal with the fact only 1 in 5 away teams win game 7. Strangely, I think San Antonio are the better team , better drilled, so exact in theirlay, but I think Miami are better at getting ut of the frying pan and into the W. Miami will win game seven unless Ginobli can get it together again.

  70. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    That was the spurs best chance to win the series, HEAT IN 7 !

  71. jamey church says:

    U got it right Lebron is the GOAT

  72. aron says:

    Lebron nearly gave away the title to the spurs during that critical 1 minute span in the end of the 4th quarter.

    Those 2 missed free throws separately by manu and kawi are going to haunt them. Could have been the margin of victory for the Spurs.

    What a frantic 30 second finish by the Heat to cause OT. I left with the Spurs up by 5 thinking Lechoke “cough” Lebron was to blame for those 2 turnovers. If the Heat win game 7, then definitely he gets another MVP.

    Lastly, the refs did an ok job. It wasn’t a robbery as declared by every Heat hater. There was contact between the last two plays for the spurs in the 4th and OT but i think it didn’t warrant a foul. Just like in the 3rd wherein every call was in favor for the spurs which got the Heat fans all riled up and shouting conspiracy.

    Game 7 is STILL going to be a toss-up. Heat in 7.

    • Game Time says:

      It’s the Spurs fans and Heat haters that are crying “robbery”. We won, get over it.

  73. Jona says:

    Ray allen is like steve kerr..

  74. Sidiki says:

    Go Miami!

  75. FeeLaZone says:

    Now i like ray allen!!!

    If spurs won in game 6, definitely, they will criticize LBJ, Spo, & co. Now the game 6 was taken by miami, & now they will say, spurs got robbed?? I ain’t Miami fan, but it’s not fair to over criticized those who deserve to win.

    Go Miami! Put a tape on the mouth of ur haters!

    • PARKERfakingHamstring says:

      You taught something. Open mindedness!! Now i will refrain saying all non HEAT S FANS are morons

  76. Wow, just 2 things to say about this:

    1. Ray Allen saved Miami, after a miracle offensive rebound by Chris Bosh

    2. Manu Ginobili messed up big time in OT with some unnecessary risky plays

    But anyway……what a narrow escape by the Heat!!! Happy to see that we finally have a game 7 in the finals!

    I want to say Spurs will win it……but looking at the Q4 yesterday I’m not sure about it.

  77. Amandeep06 says:

    go lebron show timmy and pop whos the king of basketball in the world

  78. Kei says:

    What a game! you got vintage Duncan, Parker’s huge 3, Leonard went LBJ, down 13, headbandless, shoeless, Lebron going nuts on 4th, last second shot to tie the game, last second block to save the game. Would have been great if this is game 7.
    To all the crying fans out there, we all know you were all lakers fans bandwagoning on the spurs!
    Lebron triple double was epic, if it’s up to kobe, he’ll shoot another 6-24. Lebron, the best all around player in this era!
    Can’t wait for Game 7!

    • DAT GAME 6 says:

      I am a Lakers fan and I hate the Spurs more than I hate the Heat. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case for other LA fans who didn’t just recently start watching basketball. In fact, I wouldn’t mind if LeBron won since I feel he gets way too much hate. But I don’t care who wins at the end of the day, I just want an EPIC GAME 7.

    • slider821 says:

      lol, only worthwhile post on this thread. how can everyone be so displeased with what was one of the best games I’ve seen. refs don’t win or lose games. this was pure excitement and hopefully game 7 is the same, regardless of who wins!

  79. Winston Wynne says:

    well, both teams are the best! they deserve to be praised for giving us a very nice, intense and one of unforgettable Finals matchup! lets enjoy the last game! lets go heat! 😀

  80. ChadAUS says:

    can wait till july 1st when d12 finally joins heat and they trade for paul piece for rio/jawaun howard. we add extra depth with pual peice plus leadership, as my auntie works for the miami heat and she said that d-wades knees are so stuffed thats hes considering retiring if they win this ring. Patty mills has talked about switching to MIA to get more playing time. another ring for the kING. Three-peat!!!

    PG Patty Mills
    SG The Truth
    SF The King
    PF Chris bosh
    C D12

    unbeatable, should be another great season,!!!

    • Daniel M says:

      David Stern blowing the whistle again?! Big fouls on Parker at the end of regulation and Ginobili at the end of OT…

    • CC2 says:

      Please Spurs get game 7!

    • S.T says:

      Go back and watch the last seconds of overtime when Bosh blocks Greens 3 point shot. Bosh blocks the ball but his entire body slams into Greens body. This is a 100 percent foul every time! It’s not even remotely questionable!

      • tanmia says:

        dont cry baby, just learn some basketball rules, there is no foul on that play at all.

      • Tyler Hansbrough says:

        Are you kidding me? Watch Splitter’s screen to get Green the ball in the first place–sliding his feet the whole time. Moving screen. Not to mention body contact between Bosh/Green happens at the exact moment Bosh’s hand touches the ball. After the ball is touched, it’s all fair. Spurs complaining about the calls is ridiculous. San Antonio has attempted 136 fts while Miami has attempted 102. You are ridiculous.

      • Batto says:

        Go watch the play again, the screen set by splitter was illegal to get green open and he push off the person defending him as well.