Hang Time Podcast (Episode 122): Game 7 Preview Featuring Phil Jackson

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Are we in store for an epic finish to an epic series? 

If Game 6 of The Finals is any indication, you have to believe the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs have saved some of their best drama for the final 48 minutes of what has been a wildly entertaining roller coaster of a series that could literally go either way once they hit the floor at AmericanAirlines Arena Thursday night.

With four guys — Tim Duncan and Tony Parker for the Spurs and Dwyane Wade and LeBron James for the Heat — as well as fellow future Hall of Famers Manu Ginobili of the Spurs and Ray Allen of the Heat, there is bound to be a few legacies on the line in a winner-take-all contest like Game 7.

Few people on the planet understand the inside of what goes on for all of the players and coaches involved in this game the way Hall of Fame Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson does. He’s got the 13 rings (11 as a coach and two from his playing days with the New York Knicks) to prove it, in case you didn’t already know.

How would he defend LeBron in Game 7? What does he think of the current coaching carousel going on around the league? Why doesn’t Brian Shaw have a head coaching job yet? Is he interested in getting back to where Spurs coach Gregg Popovich and Heat coach Erik Spoelstra are right now? And is it true that Rick Fox ranks ahead of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant on his all-time favorite players list?

The Zen Master joins us on Episode 122 of the Hang Time Podcast: The Finals Game 7 Preview … 


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  1. Best Damn Referee says:

    How can they call a foul on Bosh (his fifth) on Duncan’s turnaround? i am sorry but the NBA officials truly leave much to be desired and I am being kind in my wording…

  2. Best Damn Referee says:

    Here’s hoping the Heat can get it done and enjoy the back to back championship status they have earned.

  3. De says:

    Spurs are to old heat hasnt lost in a game 7 to clinched the series at all in the big 3 era james is going to drop 30 bosh is going to grab 11 boards wades going to have 20+ points allens gonna be on fire from the 3 remeber last year in the nba finals when heat won the title mike miller droped 7 3s and 28points its over 2 time champions miami heat lebron mvp

  4. Danjo says:

    Lets go Miami get the championship!!

  5. Jacob says:

    Heat win 90-88

  6. jamel says:

    Yes I think think the tides turn, Spurs had a chance to win and blew it, now its Miami chance to make it happen. And the Miami Heat is still the Champions of the world

  7. Jason says:

    They might as well give Miami the trophy now. We all know Stern and his gang of thug refs are going to give it to Miami. After all they want to push Lebron as close to Jordan as possible. He is the “chosen one” remember? He must redeem himself against this Sours team that beat him in 07. GO REFS GO!!!!!!

    • David Stern says:

      Hey, who have you been talking to??? Did Joey Crawford talk to you? We have alot of money invested in LeFlop and we need a return on our investment.

    • Team Player says:

      As much as I would like the Spurs to win games 7 it’s not going to happen. The Heat will be crowned the champions for two reasons. One they already are the champions because they took it away from the Spurs in game 6. It was a great effort by the Spur they should have took game 6. Well consequently they can’t take game 6 anymore it’s over. Now the Spurs team is going to face a very hungry, youthful, healthy Miami team with home court advantage. Unless Manu Ginobili comes back! Unless Spurs bench plays better then Miami bench in game 7 it’s over for San Antonio. I can’t see Danny Green being the hero/game winning factor… What I can see is the Miami Heat crowd growing loader encouraging Miami to give the Final blow to the Spurs. Also I see the all stars Spurs giving it everything they got into the last game they are ever going to play together for a championship. Can they trust in each other to get it done? Absolutely! Can they trust in coach Pop? Yes! The only question I have for the Spurs is: Do you have enough left in the tank to get it done? Game 7 of the NBA Finals will have all the answers. We could easily be talking about the Miami in game 6 of NBA Final next year. The question is; do the Spurs have enough left in the tank now? I sure do hope so. Either way it all adds up to a very exciting game six. The Spurs fan in me wants to see Danny Green knock the lights out of Miami from beyond the arch.


    Hey JAMES @ JUNE 20, 2013 @ 12:22AM. I’m sorry you are going to be dissapointed because it is destined for the Miami Heats to be the 2012 – 2013 Champions. (D. Wayde – Three Championship Rings. BLING, and Lebron – Two Championship rings. BLING.)
    Yes !, we heard it that you were the first to put your foot in your mouth………….

  9. Ademir says:

    Opportunities don’t come knocking twice. Good Bye Spurs

  10. Hitz says:

    Im starting to think the NBA is FIXED

  11. jay says:

    Spurs are a vat. team ,they were so close……they needed to win that game ,now they are in for it because Miami is going to be turned up for the end…..and i believe that the vat. will only play great in the first half but.last half ,one day rest is not enough,only thing can safe them to make it close agian is the 3 point line ………..Other than that Miami is going to make it rein,another blow out, and Lebron on the side line, once agian with the crowd celebrating………great game and History is made,thats 2 rings……..so miami puts up the piece sign for 2 rings …………

  12. Gims says:

    SPURS must be strong to win the championship,by the way they gonna do it.best wishes to them

  13. NED says:

    In order for the Spurs to win POP has to do a better job coaching. I mean he pulled out duncan a few times while he was hot and when he needed him to rebound. I mean Spittler! come on! Also with 24 seconds left and 5 points advantage even i know that the spurs should have fouled mid court however has the ball before taking any shot and run the clock down!!! i believe this game will haunt the spurs and especially pop for the rest of his days unless they win game 7. Lets hope they really want it bad and that manu is productive

  14. ZULU says:

    We want Phil, We want Phil!!! Worn out on all of the pre-game ya ya from all quuartes. Great stroke to bring on the podcast a man who lays it down like Jackson. Wish the LAKER organization would come to its senses and put him in charge of everything basketball. He could bring in a Brian Shaw as coach. Hey, Laker Rick has taken in too much LA or whatever this season. He has taken on the Clipper fade style as of late, hahaha. Another good Pc nevertheless. Sekou and Lang! You guys are top notch. Hard to believe it’ll be reruns after tonite…..

  15. caloyski says:


  16. paul says:

    the Miami is going to win! ,..the Spurs had their chance and they blew it!
    Lebron , Wade and Bosh will take this to the next Level that Duncan,Ginobli and Parker wont be able to match it

    If you cant take the HEAT get off the kitchen!!

  17. MACKY says:

    Champ ring 2013 still swinging above the sky of Miami, after 6 games was over and it went to 50/50 situation, very exciting series since Chicago Bull Dinasty, Great players on the floor will be eyed every seconds, officiating refs errors, committee judments… are all acceptable as normal, I just don’t like physicality w/o calls??? flops??? and Comments of Jeff Van G. is obviously favoring the boaring team, are U Blind?? showing he derserves being a losser coach before, coz he don’t know how to manage his own team before. Winner is unpredictable but after all.. fans shout either maximum or minimum, The whole world fans are watching the whole 48minutes game tomorrow.. skills,talent, energy, mental, agressiveness and will??? will be sealed.

  18. rod says:


    • totojose says:


    • Aman says:

      Rod: I believe when P Jax started coaching both the Bulls and the Lakers they were not already the champions, in team sports its not about having the best players that make you a champion, its about developing a system for them as a Coach that makes them a winning team. To win championships you need a great coach, a great player and a hell of a supporting teammates.

    • Erick says:

      all caps rage!

  19. Nabi says:

    Heat will win, they showed us that miracles can happen when we believe and I do believe in my Heat. Our hearts and prayers with you Heat, always and forever

  20. Funbrain Club says:

    Big games play by big boy like Ray Allen proven sharp shooter.

  21. g says:

    wanna see the heat win it so they can shut up all the critics of them coming together in a time where the celtics did the same and nobody said none. i respect the spurs though for the way they played theses series. they scored at will against the heat and have been effective defending lebron. its no time for predictions in game 7 so may the best team “that night win”!
    shout out to my younger brother who before the serie started called it in 7 for the heat

  22. HAHA says:

    Calls are horrific and obviously designed for profit maximization, but the spurs had it and missed two free throws that would have them being the champs right now. Highly disappointed. Good NEEDS to win and Miami is greed and evil manifest. ray allen should be ashamed and will regret this near the end of his life. Green beat his record and it may never be broken, that is the effect Allen has done to his character and soul thus he deserves what he has sued.

    • g says:

      i agree that officiating is a big problem in this league but i really have a hard time thinking about a solution to this.
      the plays are so fast its understandable the refs miss some..then who in the finals care about paying a fine for flopping?
      replays would make a game last 2 hrs more…and…you sound like a frustrated fan…both teams missed a lot of free throws what would they score be ?

  23. HAHA says:

    Calls are horrific and obviously designed for profit maximization, but the spurs had it in the bad and missed two free throws that would have them being the champs right now. Highly disappointed. Good NEEDS to win and Miami is greed and evil manifest. ray allen should be ashamed and will regret this near the end of his life. Green beat his record and it may never be broken that is the effect Allen has done to his character and soul thus he deserves what he has sued.

  24. D Allen says:

    game 7 will be about 75 percent coaching tactics very little will depend on skills of individual players. Pop will prevail, the heat made adjustments in game 6 they won’t be able or have time to adjust to what’s coming next.

  25. Drago says:

    No one can predict the winer of this series cause you never know what performance you are going to see each night.I like San Antonio more than the Heat and i think they have shown more in this series.So it comes down to personal preference.

  26. bk says:

    to me – two of my brothers playing opposite each other. Obviously I have to support my little brother – Heat!

  27. Mike(from North Hill in Akron,Ohio) says:

    It comes down to this big Deciding Game 7!
    Will the TEAM effort of the Spurs be able to overcome a younger and more loaded Heat team??Will Duncan get his elusive 5th ring?That all depends on how bad the Heat want it. The Heat played all season to have home field advantage for this very reason.,The Heat have the NBA’s MVP James on their side.They also have two other all-stars in Wade and Bosh.Loaded with veterans and future Hall of Famer as well in Allen and you have a team designed to win!Will their egos get in the way or will they follow suit and play TEAM ball like the Spurs?We all know what happens if the Spurs win,but what about if the Heat lose?Would they keep the trio together at least for one more year,or will they unload Bosh to get more than one player in return?Wade’s knees are only getting older!For Lebron James a loss would put him at 1-3 in the finals overall and 1-2 with the Heat in the Finals.Whole reason he left Cleveland was to win titles,not watch others win titles.With Lebron having more to lose than Duncan,I think the Heat will pull through in overtime.Heck they couldnt decide this series in 6 games,what’s one more quarter!

  28. james says:

    I’m sorry to disapiont all Miami Heat fans but the San Antonio Spurs are the 2012-13 Champions! heard it here first! 😛
    Game 7 final score! -107-98 Spurs, 😛

    • Albert says:

      I agree with you James. Everyone keeps forgetting that the SA SPURS have been in this same situation and the HEAT has not. James will be rattled tonight baby. This is going to be a good game. I pick my SA SPURS all the way.

    • heat1 says:

      Miami will win tonight its all about the heat

    • heat fan says:

      what u say now 😉 ?

  29. Max says:

    RICK FOX?????nice smile, sure a nice person, but what did he do??Retired early????? Got at least one divorce!!!!!! Phil Jackson would never put Rick Fox at the top of any Coach’s list!!

  30. PLANET says:

    The mp3 link is invalid. Now it points to podcast from 13th of June 2013. The link should be: http://www.nba.com/.element/mp3/2.0/sect/podcastmp3/NBA/podcast/20130619_Hangtime_Podcast.mp3 You’re welcome ; )

  31. Kareem says:

    Phil has 13 rings, not 12. 2 as a player (1970 & 1973) and 11 as a coach.

  32. STAR89 says:

    But we are better offensively and we got better players than Detroit and of course we are mentally prepared to win this series.

  33. Alvin081988 says:

    i expect the Spurs to win the Miami are not as tough mentally and defensively as the Piston when the Spurs face them in 2005 NBA Finals!!

    • SoulChorea says:

      You underestimate the power of the NBA

    • razorwolf says:

      and what”s the point alvin? did the piston won the tittle so if there menttaly tough and defensively why spurs prevail as champions in 05..wow pointless comments winning a tittle in the road is like breathing in thin air

    • baboy says:

      the heat are more than capable of winning against the spurs.. it is all about matchups and lineups.. wade+james playing together is really not effective against the spurs and spo should know this and should make adjustments..

      • John K says:

        Baboy: Glad you see it the way I do. I have he same feeling too after watching all six games between these two teams.
        But when both Lebron and Dwayne are on the floor, Heat’s fast break counter attack AND defense (with both players’ quick hands) are more effective.