Game 6: The Morning After

By staff reports

LeBron James notched a triple-double and Ray Allen hit a clutch trey to force overtime as the Heat staged an improbable rally to win Game 6 103-100  on Tuesday night. Here’s a quick recap of’s complete Game 6 coverage.

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  1. RH says:

    Manu didn’t really travel, by today’s norms, so get out of here with that. And, he REALLY was not fouled… it wasn’t blocking by Ray, and he did not tear or hack Manu’s arm off the ball, but instead, dislodged the ball with his hand, twice. Simply not a foul. Bosh’s play on Green, (which may well NOT have resulted in a tie even if called), was more debatable… but if looking at the replay you think it was a foul, news flash, you would lose the debate to Green himself. And both he and Kevin Durant know that if NO body contact was allowed during shots, you could not have NBA games, or at least ones that anybody would watch for more than five minutes. The question is whether the body contact applies force… and the thing that applied force to Green on THAT shot was the hand of Bosh.

  2. juan says:

    the nba is a lackluster product right now. kobe is done, KG/celts big three are done, Duncan will be 38 next season so they need to push the heat for ratings and revenue. that’s why they always try to draw some inane LeBron/mj comparison frequently when it is laughable at this point. they are even talking about more advertising all over the arena and uniforms and maybe turning the nba into soccer.

    the “runs” in this game were hilarious. the refs were actually favoring the spurs for the most part in regulation but then you get these magical runs out of nowhere and manu most definitely did his part with not just the turnovers, horrible shooting and playmaking, all around blundering but the crucial missed free throw late in the 4th that would have sealed it. kawi also had a big missed free throw down the stretch but as a known bad free throw shooter, manu was the one that kept Miami in it. once they got to overtime the refs took over and cha ching game seven.

  3. mikmaks says:

    those people saying the games are fixed don’t know anything about basketball. so you should just watch movies.

  4. Max says:

    Gregg Popovich Want to make money fast? Put together a TV run calling it the Gregg POPVICH interview show. I would stay up past midnight just to be sure I did not miss the after game interview with the POP! So much fun and it is no put on. POP is for real and those trying to find a hit of laughs on TV. It is right in front you one about the POP. OH” he adores the MEDIA???? So much to write about the POP and so much fun to watch him. I have never met the man and quite frankly I admire players that have played for him and defend him, when it is plain simple he can be WRONG. I dearly love to watch how he deals with the Media. MADE FOR A GREAT SUMMER TV HIT

  5. sharon trujillo says:

    In my opinion game six was rigged. I guess when Miami makes mistakes they are ignored. It was very noticeable.

  6. Simp08 says:

    You people that have your head buried in the sand on whether this series and the playoffs is all about revenue from TV ratings and the game is fixed for Ratings, need to really get a clue and like the comment above said but maybe he needs to do this himself and grow up. Its not a game anymore people its a show for entertainment, it’s not about the game. It’s like WWE but played on a court. It’s a complete travesty but you people who seem to think its great are not seeing the big picture, IT’s ABOUT MONEY FOLKS and WHO will raise the most money. Let the ones who will raise the most money do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that can to get them there. The only reason why San Antonio is even in this series is because Westbrook got hurt. And ALL IN ALL it’s about promoting LeBron, Wade and Bosh.

    • lol says:

      not everybody is about making money…. sometimes the sport is good enough to attract viewers…. u guys have got to be kidding me.. if the NBA fixed games, then we should have a miami vs la clippers final. NOBODY wants to watch SA play. If the refs were rooting for the heat, then lebron shouldve (and prbbly deserved to) gone to the line like 30 times. The WWE is clearly staged, so please dont ever compare the WWE to basketball…. Men play their hearts out, and real fans see the game for what it is… AMAZING, not fixed…. oooo and the NBA had no control over ray allen(jesus shuttlesworth) when he made that three point shot… NOT everyone is about making money. TY

    • what? says:

      just watch WWE.. and never watch NBA ok?

  7. kobe says:

    stop blaming refs…if Leonard And Manu make free throws game is over..not a Heat fan or Spurs fan but please Spurs fans stop saying manu was fouled by Allen..he was but he also took like 30 steps before

  8. Big Al says:

    For those who think that the refs were siding with the Heat, think again. LeBron had at least two attempts that were fouled, but no whistle. Wade also had a similar shot of his own and still no call. Leonard pushed down Miller’s face with his other hand on that dunk in the first quarter, clearly an offensive foul but the Spurs wrongfully got two points anyway. Manu flopped at least five times this series yet not a single fine, plus that elbow on James in this game should have been a flagrant.

    • Game Time says:

      It’s amazing how the team that shoots less free throws is the one people are claiming have the refs on their side.

  9. ProsNcons says:

    @Eduardo what next mate? Lose your tin foil hat you got from tin foil land. Only then you ought to see the world via normal people’s eyes. That being said, if NBA is in fact fixd, these NBA players definitely deserve all the acting accolades. On a serious note though, Thank you NBA for a good series. Miami and Spurs thank you for a hard fought series.

  10. Mantas says:

    If it wasn’t officials, there hadn’t been any overtime, they were terible, OMG, i was really in shock all game long

  11. Primus says:

    This was not fixed! I am fervent Spurs fan and this series has been marvelous. The two best teams going at it. The Heat handed the championship to the Spurs on a silver platter. And the Spurs handed it right back on a golden one. No doubting the facts. Usually when a team misses a 3 point shot within 24 seconds of end time, the game is over. But two unlikely rebounds with two extremely lucky bounces, two missed free throws and 4 3 point shots, and to add Pop Sitting Duncan down during those plays…, all that had to happen for the Heat to pull this one out, happened. Calls were pretty balanced and the opportunities were there for the Spurs and the Heat. Lets hope that game 7 is just as exciting but I must admit, I feel a huge blowout coming from the Heat. Go Spurs Go. You made us proud back in SA. Now play like champions and have alot of fun.

  12. blaz says:

    Not being Heat fan: The three by Allen was HUGE. I was big fan of Reggie, and this shot was one of the best I have seen. Comparable to Horry’s shots. B I G !

    • Max says:

      What about the miller foul on a legit box out? What about Lebron’s offensive on Parker in the post? What about Leonard’s offensive foul on allen that was called and 1? Ginobili carried anyways and Green got blocked clean. Can’t you tell by the body language of your spurs they definitely don’t want a 7th game? The fact is that these teams have not figured out how to win 2 games straight against each other, partly because they are both champions and refuse to give in to the opposition. If the trend continues its Spurs in 7

  13. googergieger says:

    “This game is fixed” was trending on twitter worldwide yesterday. If it wasn’t obvious enough when the name of the refs were trending during majority of Miami’s playoff run up until the finals, it should be obvious now. The world knows what the league is doing for Miami. It is sickening. And eventually, it is going to be too hard for the propaganda machine to avoid talking/reporting on it. Ignoring the fact Manu did get fouled(travel? Really Lebron fans?). Ignoring the fact Green got fouled. In that opening fourth quarter and majority of it, Miami was just allowed to foul to get back in the game. Not even “tough physical defense” because Spurs were getting called for much weaker stuff during Miami’s “run”. Miami was just grabbing, pushing, and hitting. For ever one foul that was called on them, there were about seven no calls before it all during the same play. Oh and I have no idea why nobody else is talking about the fact the refs stopped the action as soon as Allen hit the three. Giving the Spurs absolutely no chance to push the ball in transition to try to get something in five seconds, and instead gave Miami every chance to set up their defense.


    • Heat fan living in San Antonio says:

      In case you didn’t know, the Spurs coach (Pop) stopped the action to challenge if Allen made a 2 or 3…

    • Game Time says:

      LMAO this is these conspiracy theories get worse and worse as people try to explain how the refs favored Miami. So now the refs reviewing a three point play, that would have been the deciding factor for the game if Allen was over the line, is the play that shows it was rigged? LMAO grow up kid.

    • fan says:

      You are an idiot. Look at the foul totals. There’s no “fixed” games. The refs didn’t make Allen hit that three, they didn’t make Pop sub out Tim Duncan, and they certainly didn’t make Kawhi Leonard miss one of his free throws. It’s called basketball, just cause it was a fun game to watch doesn’t mean it’s “fixed”

  14. Eduardo says:


    • Winston Wynne says:

      damn no! this refs was really out of the universe in making a call! he always call some sht*t calls on lebron, offensive, etc. hopefully someday this refs should be fine also. lol

  15. heat fan says:

    wow what a series , its just one of the best finals i personally have seen live 😉 what a comeback 😉 but still who ever wins game 7 deserved it, spurs basketball IQ so high its just great to watch the 2 best teams of this year pushin each other to the top, cant wait for tomorrow 😉

  16. NBA Fan says:

    Danny Crawford will ref game 7. Mark it down

  17. J says:

    We are waiting if the NBA will act on that ELBOW that Ginobili threw on LeBron’s neck.

    IF ITS A CHEAP SHOT, what would the NBA do?