Film Study: Bosh Denies Duncan, Spurs Down The Stretch Of Game 6


MIAMI — There’s no other way to put it: Game 6 was a classic. And in a game like that, so many things, both big and little, determine the outcome.

Ray Allen‘s three at the end of regulation was the biggest shot we’ve seen in a long time, but it was set up by Kawhi Leonard‘s missed free throw, Chris Bosh‘s offensive rebound, and the 168 possessions that preceded those two plays. And it obviously doesn’t mean much if the Heat don’t shut the Spurs down in overtime.

After scoring five points on their first four possessions of the extra period, San Antonio failed to score on their final six. And it was appropriate that Bosh sealed the game by blocking Danny Green‘s three at the buzzer, because it was his defense that was so critical in those final five minutes.

Here’s the Spurs’ sixth possession of OT, in which Bosh hedges to slow down Tony Parker on the initial, double pick-and-roll. He then switches onto Parker and stops him in his tracks after another screen by Tim Duncan, and then challenges Leonard’s shot from the baseline, almost singlehandedly forcing a 24-second violation …


On the next defensive possession, Bosh forces Parker toward the midcourt line on a side pick-and-roll and gets back to deny Duncan in the post. Then Allen helps on Ginobili’s baseline drive and Mario Chalmers is there to deny the baseline pass to Leonard in the corner, forcing Ginobili into one of his eight turnovers …


Upon review of that play, you have to wonder what Parker was doing. As Ginobili went baseline, Parker crossed paths with Green, giving Ginobili one less outlet. With Chalmers rotating toward Leonard, James was in front of both Parker and Green.


You can blame Ginobili for leaving his feet without knowing where he was passing the ball, but Parker didn’t help him out any.

The following defensive possession was another incredible effort by Bosh, switching onto Parker, stopping his penetration, and then recovering to block his step-back jumper …


That kind of effort was typical of Bosh over the last 29 minutes of Game 6. If you’re wondering where Duncan went in the second half on Tuesday, look no further than the guy who was guarding him. In fact, Bosh also deserves some credit for keeping Parker in check in the second half, too.

Bosh was getting schooled by Duncan in the first half. At one point in the second quarter, Bosh asked out of the game just three minutes after he had checked in … and after a couple of Duncan buckets and a turnover of his own.

But after scoring 25 points on 11-for-13 shooting in the first half, Duncan scored four points on 2-for-8 shooting the rest of the night. Parker had 15 points after halftime, but shot just 4-for-17 and only six of those 17 shots came from the paint. As a team, the Spurs scored 50 points on 43 possessions (1.16 per) in the first half and 50 points on 53 possessions (0.94 per) afterward.

Here’s San Antonio’s second possession of the third quarter, in which Bosh denies Duncan twice and hedges on Parker twice …


Denial …








Two possessions later another post denial and another pick-and-roll hedge, helping force the Spurs into a turnover …


It takes five guys to defend the Spurs, but Bosh was the anchor of the defense that stopped a great offense just enough to pull out the win and keep its season alive. Defending Duncan and containing Parker were two of the evening’s toughest tasks, and one guy took them both on. Bosh’s denial was the biggest reason why Duncan had a quiet second half and his pick-and-roll defense was critical in keeping Parker away from the basket.

In a game of ups, downs, huge shots and brutal mistakes, Bosh played as big a big role as anybody in extending The Finals to Game 7.


  1. Miami Heat Fan says:

    Refs doesn’t even call a moving foul for Splitter in giving screen to green. It’s very obvious!!! and why no fine for the flopping of Tony Parker?? and the elbow of Ginobli to James, it’s very clear! Anyway game 6 won by Heat even they played against 5 SAS players plus 3

  2. kobe's loyal fans says:

    Good posts for giving credit to Bosh and shutting up the haters’ mouth. No hating and no conspiracy theory in the NBA please. They spoiled the game.

  3. NoBias says:

    Those Spurs fans who want the Danny Green shot to be called a foul, then should accept that the Splitter screen just before that should be called a moving foul, then Danny Green would not even have the chance to think about s shot;


    i’ve watched a lot of games in nba and refs ussually dont call a foul when its a buzzer bitter shot…so dont complain,its part of the or go home..HEAT PREVAILS..

  5. theun says:

    I also like to no-call, because i don’t think his body hits green’s body and his hand is clearly on the ball. I don’t understand Van Gundy’s comment: if he thinks this is a foul in the first 46 minutes, then it’s still a foul in the last seconds, isn’t it?

  6. Teguy says:

    Not to mention that In this NBA final on 6 games so far Bosh has double-double 4 times

  7. wow says:

    To quote Jeff Van Gundy on Bosh’s block at the end of the game…”Is that a foul in the first 48 minutes? Absolutely.” So it appears Van Gundy is in favor of the refs dictating the outcome. Not saying Green would’ve made the shot (props to Bosh for contesting), but if you say it’s a foul during regulation, then it should be called in OT regardless of time on the clock.

  8. Vanessa says:

    Go Bosh, you proved yourself in Game 6 ! Now all the haters can go hate someone else! Heat win game 7 but we definitely need to rebound more!!!!

  9. tharpey says:

    I’m sorry…but did you honestly just refer to Bosh as a “Supreme Stopper”? The dude was made out to look like a pansy school girl all night from a 40yr old veteran that just dominated him. And yah, the 4 things he did right in the playoffs did happen to fall into a 5min stretch of overtime, but there’s no way we’re honestly crediting him for tackling Green on his 3pt attempt, right? If Parker had defended Allen the same way, there would have been rioting in Miami. That wasn’t defense.

    • crm says:

      you sound like a SPURS fan!!! and if so you seem upset!!!! did bosh foul green at the end…..its questionable but defnitely not a sure thing….if you havent noticed the spurs are pretty good at playing the flopping game ala tony parker and the his dramatics throughout the series…..but if you want a foul call on bosh at the end, then i want a travelling call on ginibili just before that when he travelled from miami to argentina and back with his 6 steps through traffic! Stop hating and appreciate what these miami players have done in the last three years…..the spurs were never able to go back to back finals now your hating on a team that has done it three years straight!…stop the BS!

  10. voice_of_reason says:

    There are 2 huge factors to this game…. Luck and perseverance. Miami got lucky to have won that game. You can tell in their faces in the last few minutes of the 4th quarter that they saw the end of the season come.. They knew the game was slipping away… Maybe that was inspiration for them because then they stuck thru it and gave it their all. Made the shots and played amazing defense.

    I applaud them for not giving up.. That is the game play they have given their fans since forming this new team..

    GOOOOOOOOOOO MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. hoymac says:

    Miami need to contest the offensive rebounds if they want to win game 7. Seems like when they shoot, no one is below to take the rebounds. Full of confidence can lead to a lose

    • mrEvo says:

      Well said. They have to rebound the basketball trust your team mate when taking shots but always get ready to box out and rebound. .

  12. Rob says:

    Bosh was getting booed by the awesome heat fans in the first half nothing like standing behind your team and a guy who helped get you to the NBA finals three years in a row but great for Bosh to tune it out and show everyone he’s a big part of this team. I hope the heat win game 7 so it will end the big 3 failure talk and give the media something else to talk about. Don’t know how getting to the NBA finals three years in a road is called a failure some teams would love to just get into the play-offs.

  13. Marcos Freitas says:

    Wasn’t the Splitter scren a moving screen ?

    • Soban says:

      Unless u hit a player with an elbow in his face, refferees rather wont call a moving screen on last play of the game

  14. MIA says:

    ITS funny because in a earlier blog spurs fan and heat haters were critizicing bosh for saying and i quaote “GREEN WONT BE OPENED TONIGHT”and yet look who blocked green for the possible game tying three NO ONE ELSE BUT THE MAN WHO SAID IT AND SHOWED IT “CHRIS BOSH” ..great job bosh i was really happy man great clutch defense

  15. crm says:

    its about time realize what bosh really brings……one of the better defenders that never gets credit ….only unfair criticism for his offense… pretty sure 29 other NBA teams would love to have his services! haters need to get off their haterade!