Despite Numbers, Spoelstra Sticking With Struggling Wade


MIAMI — At the very end of the third quarter and for the first eight minutes of the fourth on Tuesday, Dwyane Wade was on the bench and the Miami Heat outscored the San Antonio Spurs 24-9 to turn a 12-point deficit into a three-point lead.

Despite the roll his team was on, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra then went back to Wade. And immediately, the Spurs turned things around, going on a 10-2 run to build their five-point lead that they so painfully blew in the final 28 seconds of regulation.

Maybe the turnaround was just a coincidence, but it’s hard not to see it as a continuation of a trend. Wade is now a minus-52 in The Finals. For the uninitiated, that means that the Heat have been outscored by 52 points in Wade’s 216 minutes on the floor. They’ve been much better, both offensively and defensively, with Wade on the bench and Mike Miller and/or Ray Allen (who are a combined 23-for-34 from 3-point range in the series) in his place.

Wade is obviously banged up. And after Game 6, you can add a left knee injury (which kept him in the locker room as the third quarter started) to his existing right knee injury.

Injured or not, Wade’s presence hurts the Heat’s floor spacing, because the Spurs don’t feel the need to guard him on the perimeter. By contrast, they’ll stay at home on both Allen and Miller, even when LeBron James is coming off a pick.

So it will be interesting to see how Spoelstra divvies up playing time for his three shooting guards in Game 7 on Thursday (9 p.m. ET, ABC). Spoelstra is an admitted stat-head, but said on Wednesday that he doesn’t care about Wade’s plus-minus in the series or that James has been better without his co-star.

“I don’t really give a whole lot to those numbers,” the coach said. “We’re going as far as they take us, along with the other guys. You can’t win this series or the last game with a statistic. You have to compete and win those battles on the court.”

Wade, meanwhile, said that he’s got to do whatever he can to help his team on Thursday.

“There’s one game left,” he said. “Whatever you have inside of you, you muster it up, you give it. So I’ll be fine.”


  1. eric says:

    after spos benched wade for way tooooo long of course when he comes back he might hurt the team ,he was the best player on the 3rd quarter before he was benched 6 points ….

  2. Bab says:

    Coaching is all about strategy. It doesn’t matter if you have a future hall of famer on the court if he isn’t performing. No great player will ever say take me out coach, I think so and so gives a better chance at winning unless he physically can’t walk. It’s the competitiveness in players. There are certain things that D-Wade brings that others don’t, just as having Mike Miller or Ray Allen adds a certain dimension that D-Wade doesn’t. It is up to the coach to make the right call. Many things factor into what is going on. Wade’s injuries, Spurs inside defense and the overall level of play all factor into why D-Wade hasn’t been successful. In the end either it works out or it doesn’t. You adjust on the fly and hope for the best. Spo hasn’t been doing a great job of making in game adjustments, but he’s the coach and his job is always on the line. It’s championship or bust every year that Lebron is on the team. The team is probably going to change up after this season because except for the first series, every round has been a challenge for the heat.

  3. the sphinx says:

    Does it really matter if wade has a lot of points or not? I really don’t think so. That goes for all the Miami heat players. The littlest of contribution is enough to get them to their promised land. HEAT WILL PREVAIL!!!

  4. TMajor says:

    Stop disrespecting Wade. He was there for the beginning. These comments are so negative.

  5. alpha dot male aka EF-5 says:

    The Heat is going to win the championship again they know what they got to do wade is going to have a big game prob score 30 and labron a score bout 30 ray allen might get 21 mike miller might get 12 Norris cole a get like 10 haslem and bird man a combine for 20-25 batiier a score like 9 and bosh is going to have bout 10 with 8 block shots and 5 steals labron another triple double

  6. […] Despite Numbers, Spoelstra Sticking With Struggling Wade « Hang Time Blog | […]

  7. […] Despite Numbers, Spoelstra Sticking With Struggling Wade « Hang Time Blog | […]

  8. […] Despite Numbers, Spoelstra Sticking With Struggling Wade « Hang Time Blog | […]

  9. dan says:

    with LBJ’s mediocre with last minute redemption performance in game 6, should silence critcs now especially those who are undecided on who is better michael j or lbj.

  10. Pops says:

    Wade and Bosh need to let loose, once they do spurs is done. As well as their 3 shooters (Miller, Battier, Chalmers and Clutch Allen)

  11. omygooo says:

    wow what a scoop. hey mister listen that : the heat still stick with spoelstra during game 7. impressed right ??

  12. djles73 says:

    it reminds me of that famous Willis Reed limping entry to became an iconic moment coz Knicks won it,but as a coach would have u played somebody who could barely walk?Emotional uplifting moment?They do speaches all the time in locker rooms on the court,before a game etc.U give credit to these when the team wins and nobody talks about them when they lose.I am sure that the Knicks’ were minus while Reed on the floor yet a the end the won.I think it’s gonna be same for the Heat!

  13. amigo says:

    spurs will win , 90 – 84

  14. djles73 says:

    this article has got a point however we could write another one about Manu.I wonder what his +/- is…Probably even worse than Wade’s.Even Tony Parker has got issues when it comes to this.I mean he scored 19 points on G6 on 8-23 or sg shooting.That desn’t help a team only when u get lucky like he did on G1.
    If u wanna judge a team or player through a few games u must be fool.Wade is injured,when he’s not so banged up he scores 25-30 points.Anyone remembers his average from regular season????During these POs lot of cach decisions were questioned.Is that right?I mean those coaches were hired by organizasions who trust in them,in their knowledge,in the whole coaching staff.they pay big bucks for hem-so I suppose those guys know their s@it.Who are we to question those decisions?if u want to critisize u always find a weak spot,but nobody’s perfect and there is always an opponent who can make your judgement calls wrong…

  15. ill says:

    wade is one of the greatest of all time that played shooting gurad

  16. john says:

    a lot of missed offensive calls against spurs ..
    duncan’s dunk against bosh is an offensive fouls,leonard’s dunk against miller , his fastbreaks against ray allen and lebron james where he pushed them with his elbow ..
    so it’s just fair when refs didn’t call those foul in favor of spurs in last seconds

  17. Jmoney305 says:

    I totally disagree with benching Wade, that sounds like the stupiest thing I ever heard, the plus-minus stat in Basketball is the dumbest stat, it doesn’t take into account who is on the court for the other team, while the heat went on that run in the 4th quarter, Duncan and Parker were also on the Bench. Remember this is Wade’s county and even though I believe Wade has to be more confident in his jumper and just let it go I do not agree with all you fake heat fans saying to bench Wade. Do you not remember that in game 4 & 5 of this series he had 32 & 25 points. And we should be going on a three peat if it wasn’t for LeBron flopping against Dallas because Wade average 26 points in that series. And remeber before LeBron decided to join forces with Wade they both were consided top 5 players with Lebron being number 1a and Wade being number 1b. So all you fake Heat fans always remember this is Wade’s COUNTY.

  18. MACKY says:

    Wade was destined to Miami heat team, he is making his on history, bad or good??? just watch him tomorrow Fan haters??he is the most phenominal player In the nba his game is on/off, remember him in 2006???when the Miami was down 0-2 by Dallas??? after game 3,4,5,6, all win?? and also just last year, a lot of his bad games??? but still champion. just watch tomorrow.. as see him.

  19. heatfan says:

    who the hell is all of you here to question heats subs and tactics? if not competent, dont bother trying to complain bout everything. and why is each one of you forgetting what dwayne meant for this heat team far back before lebron showed up? some respect for credibility that he had deserved through all these years, please.

  20. J says:

    he’ll be fine plus minus doesnt mean any thing as long as u win which they will
    i HATE plus minus!
    heat in 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. J says:

    he’ll be fine plus minus doesnt mean anything as long as u win which they will
    i HATE plus minus!
    heat in 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. When WADE become FADE,
    and CHALMERS become CHALMISS …
    it can quickly turn out into a Game 7 blow-out in Miami.

    The series is still tied at 3-3. and both are at risk of elimination.
    MIAMI will specially need WADE to be at his best tomorrow,
    because the SPURS will attack from start to finish.

    San Antonio will bring their A-game,
    with an extra motivation to recover from Game 6.

    The HEAT’s luck has finally stopped.
    Their will not be an overtime.
    The SPURS will not make those mistakes again.
    The celebration was not cancelled, just postponed.
    Game 7 will show the world the better team.

    The time has come for the #1 team to win it all !

    2013 NBA Champs = San Antonio SPURS

  23. Explorer says:

    Heat as a team must always distribute and care the ball. They should make some penetration and control offensive and defensive fouls either it is flop or not. Because game 7 will have to show case heart showdown and action to create advantage either side. They should make adjustments that their movements should not be read by the Spurs. Poise and discipline should prevail. Whoever has the aggresiveness and explosiveness back up by team members with hunger to win will win game7. Go Heat. Play BIG HEART.

  24. patrick says:

    Alot of you guys dont realize that it was wade who tipped the ball on the 1st 3 point attempt by james which went to allen then miller then james. Which made it 2 points.

  25. DWYNEDHEBZ says:

    I stick with my IDOL The FLASH DWADE was still the one who can help the HEAT to conquer the CHAMPIONSHIP!!! go for it make them pay for what they say!… I still count on you and the rest of the big 3 and the whole team!….

  26. efficiancy says:

    Wade was the one who tapped the ball out to give lebron a second chance at a three ball to make it a two point game. Wade also drew two defenders flipped the ball to lebron for a wide open floater to put the heat up for good in overtime. Some of you guys are telling me their better without him???

  27. J says:

    Wade was the franchise player of this team after Alonzo M. He was part of the key persons that build this team now. Give the guy due respects. He plays thru the injury and give what ever he has to make sure they a have final run. Now they are in Game 7 people want’s to sit him. Believe in him as what the coach does. Stats fills the regular season, the final will be decided by the players and coach not by the stats. Everyday we wake up is a different condition and D-Wade may play better now than game 6. Go Wade… Go Heat!

  28. jose says:

    Wade was the best player in game 5

  29. MIA says:

    these are the rules that all REAL AND TRUE HEAT fans follow:
    1) you watch there games from start to finish even if we are down and victory seem impossible
    2 ) you stick up for the heat players even if there not so great sometimes
    3 ) and through bad and good you stick with them and you BELIEVE in em
    I just want to say that because i’m seeing a lot of heat bandwagoners and we ( the real heat fan )don’t need none of you
    Wade gave miami there first championship and he is the reason lebron came to miami to recap HE MADE MIAMI WHAT IT IS so i hate seeing ungrateful jerks saying he should be benched or he should be traded.

    • HeatfansinceWade says:

      Preach Bro! Lets kick these Fake fans off! Stop calling yourself a Fan then Hate on our Franchise Player! Get lost Band Waggoners. Heat Nation Stand Up!

  30. jamesdaking79 says:

    Man you people are so wwwwrrrroooonnnggggg for treating D-Wade like this but I guess anyone of you never had a bad game or even played with an injury (ALL SEASON) Lebron cant do it all and he wont hell D-Wade was looking like the MVP of this series until last night but me still played alright, stopped D- Greene from hitting all those three y’all need to stop, MUST LOVE D-WADE.

  31. early retirement MJ says:

    Looks like Wade is comfortable living with whatever results play out not in his hands it’s in the TEAM’S HANDS he just plays the roles they give him -52 in finals SMH good job good effort Lebron worked pretty hard to make sure of that despite all his heroics to put you in a position to be in a game 7 to win or lose and he probably still out shot you on scoring % efficiencies on the shots he did take or at least the ones he took when he wasn’t on the floor with you it’s on you, you give it naw you KEEP IT LEBRON FINISH IT YOURSELF LECHOKE.

  32. Hanper says:

    Why are you guys blaming Wade? didnt he block around 2:00 min and poke ball to Lebron in his 3 point? So it was not Wade there could have been 7 point gap?

  33. Dennis Earnshaw says:

    Wade is my man and has been since 2004-2005. His play in the 2006 Finals is right up there with the best Finals performances. HOWEVER, I WAS REALLY HOPING FOR SPO TO FINISH GAME 6 WITH HIM ON THE BENCH. I believe the Heat would have won without the need for OT with Wade sitting out. Go back and review the video and see if you don’t agree.

  34. Miguel says:

    All the haters are idiots, All the people only talk about lebron but remenber that Wade had his rings first and that he is a hall of famer. he is playing with several injurys and still put decents numbers. without Wade they wouldnt be in the finals.

    • Game Time says:


    • Jay says:

      @Game Time yeah he has 2 RINGS, Lebron has 1. Are you stupid?

      • Wade is King says:

        EDIT: Sorry this was supposed to go here.

        I think you missed his point. Wade had 1 ring before LeBron but Miguel said: “… Wade had his rings first”, implying that he had more than 1 before he and LeBron got 1 together. I could be wrong.

  35. Thomas the Great says:

    I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but Dwayne Wade looks TIRED. Every time I see him he looks completely exhausted. Maybe it’s part of his deception.

  36. LeHeat says:

    I believe Spo brought in wade for defense purpose since they are up by three at that point. Of all the threes hit in Game 6 , parker owns one of the game changing 3s. Unfortunately they could not capitalize on it. That three with less than 5 on the clock gave them a huge boost. We know the drama that followed it.

    Miami’s offense has not been as lethal as it should be in the finals. The series looks even at 3-3 but the spurs dominated the series with their pace in games 3,5 and even 6. Because of that pace Miami has to put lot of energy on the defensive end. On the offense spurs are just clogging the lanes. The only trick that appears to be working well for miami is to surround James with shooters to open the lanes (late runs is Game2 and Game 6) . No disrespect for Wade , Bosh and Lebron but having all three on the floor at the same time is helping the spurs strategy of dare them to shoot but clog the paint. Game 4 is a different story since they got their jumpers going.

    I am afraid Miami will have a tough time if they do not knock down some early mid range jumpers in game 7. It appears like both coaches have emptied their bag of tricks. It is down to players executing now. Either Wade or James should get it going from the mid range. They cannot afford to go cold on the jumpers on the same time.

    Go Heat ………….

  37. Rick8787 says:

    Wade has gone Hollywood ever since he started seeing Gabrielle Union. He now sees himself more like a fashion model than a basketball player. Sad..

  38. efficiancy says:

    Miami would have lost the series by now if it wasn’t for Wade. Hes been efficiant and carried the team through numerous quarters as well as all of game 4. Miami wouldn’t be here without him. Hes a starter, hes a star, and hes got plenty left. Its curious to me how people can be so ungreatful to a star who gave up the drivers seat, is banged up, has lead Miami to a championship, and has helped win one last year and threepeat to the finals. If they would have lost the game it would have been due to awful defense and lack of intensity in the first half by the whole Miami team.

    • Secret says:


    • Jay says:

      I agree. I just hate these Lebron fans who are not grateful for having D-Wade as Lebron’s partner. Remember why Lebron left Cleveland and chose Miami? It’s because of D-Wade. All he has done is sacrifice money, shots and his ego just to let Lebron shine and just after some bad games, they say that he must be benched. These are the same bandwagon fans who just jumped ship as soon as Lebron joined Miami and they have not witnessed the greatness of D-Wade. Heck he won the championship without Lebron and his 2006 Finals performance was considered the best of all time. Oh, and Miami should have won repeat titles already if it wasn’t for a healthy Lebron scoring 8 points in a Finals game. Wade is playing hurt but has not even done that futility. The disrespect towards Wade is just infuriating!

      • Wade is King says:

        I think you missed his point. Wade had 1 ring before LeBron but Miguel said: “… Wade had his rings first”, implying that he had more than 1 before he and LeBron got 1 together. I could be wrong.

  39. Kimmy says:

    Nobody can beat the Heat. Lebron is the best player in the galaxy……Everyone around him shines….

  40. Matthew says:

    You can not just bench a player who is slumping if he thinks he can still contribute. Now after saying that you can bench them under the right conditions but a scoring slump alone does not qualify.

  41. dchow3 says:

    At this point of the season, Spo should just man up and do what’s best for the team and not worry about wade’s minute and ego. The Heat built this team to win, and if it means sitting wade for the better of LeBron and their shooters, so be it. Game 7, we don’t have the time to hope for another “Flash Back” game that comes once in a blue moon. Stats show that the heat and lebron are deadly without wade on the floor and a stat head like Spo shouldn’t just dismiss this.

  42. Dan says:

    Don’t worry Heat fans, wade will have his best game thursday night. LBJ will have 28-10-7 and look for Miller & Allen to light it up from downtown. Don’t forget Chalmers, Heat win by ten pts LBJ will get ring #2 six more to go.

  43. Bandwagon FANS stop commenting says:

    LOLOLOL!@ wade being washed up please you dont get paid for your opinions so stop doing it pro bono for all our sakes as far as im concerned wade was in miami before lebron and i’d rather see him retire in a heat jersey rather then lebron have a little gratitude for what he’s done and adjustments he’s made to cater to someone else taking over his team

  44. Thomas The Great says:

    I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but Dwayne Wade looks TIRED. Every time I see him he looks exhausted. Maybe it’s part of his deception.

  45. Jalen McQueen says:

    Wade balled the whole Finals now after one game you saying put him on the bench? This is the dumbest thing I EVER seen !! How could you keep a Superstar on the bench that if the team didn’t have, they wouldn’t even be in the position that their in. He’s doing fine ! The thing is with reporters is that their hoppers. Game 5 reporters asked “Where Is The MVP ? ” Now because of one bad game where he got hurt your writing him out? This is dumb.

  46. Katumba says:

    I think the coach is not that smart as most you would think.
    He’s has not yet been able to figure out which set of players are most productive on the floor.
    The Heats have lost a lot of games they could have otherwise won if it wasn’t for this irrational adjustments.
    Any dumb coach can coach the Heats to do well.

    Notice anytime the heats is leading and he makes those stupid changes, the Heats start struggling. C’mon now.

    • ryu says:

      oh really?! great coaches gamble to see what works and what doesn’t. you fail in some of those tries but somewhere you will get the better of it. basketball is a team game and a game of trust. you can’t win championships with 3 superstars for 48 mins and 100 games a year. sometime you need to gamble. And coaches will always give their franchise players a chance to lead the team. 2 years ago lebron was struggling in the finals but did he sit him out?, no. Not unless the player asks him to take sometime of. even role players are given chance, dwade maybe hurting but you can’t count him out. And if that’s the mentality of coach spo then miami would still be searching for their 2nd championship. The only possibility coach spo will bench dwade is if he sees a health and career threat if he keeps wade on the floor.

  47. Geordie says:

    Lebron changes his game when Wade is on the floor. Miami’s 29-4 run in the 4th was because Lebron was AGGRESSIVE and attacked the paint and scored or dished. Once Wade came back in he changed to a perimeter player. I feel Wade is valuable but only if Lebron plays aggressive, not a perimeter player.

  48. CHINA MAN says:

    Go heat

  49. Anonymous says:

    Time to retire! 🙂

  50. Bill says:

    Isn’t a bigger, or at least comparable, story is why Popos is sticking with Ginobelli? With one very material exception, Manu has been somewhere between ineffectual and a liability in this series. His eight turnovers and inability to score in game 6 really hurt San Antonio.

  51. ns,and,amndads says:

    Though I agree Wade shouldn’t have been back the rest of the fourth quarter, he’s the LAST player with ego. And if he’s one of my star player, I have to show confidence in him. How else do we get him back for game 7? Great move on Coach Spo to bring him back.. even though it almost cost us the game.

    • Anonymous says:

      “…my best players”
      Really, since when did you own dwade

    • josh says:

      It was the wrong call by Spo. He should have left what was working on the floor. Even if it had been LeBron on the bench. Winning is everything at this stage!

      • real fan says:

        winning is great showing loyalty to the players that got you there is what builds trust amongst your players the heat need wade and im glad spo believes in him and that the real miami fans believe in him because wade is the true star in miami none of the bandwagoners have seen what hes done and capable of doing and to watch the bandwagoners come on and discredit him like a role player is pathetic go back to loving the lakers or switch to clipper fans please wade miamis true franchise player and lucky for us and him spo knows how to treat his players and hss their backs even when its not convinient

    • MIA HEA says:

      “and he’s on of my star player”
      This topic is about the real NBA not NBA2k

  52. Washed up Wade says:

    Spoelstra is an idiot for bringing in Wade. He almost cost them the game with his stupid brick in overtime. The Heat are so much better #withoutwade on the floor. Smarten up Coach Spoelstra. Do what’s best for the TEAM not what’s best for Wades ego.

    • LOL says:

      You must be joking if you think the Heats are better without Wade. Let’s not bring up the two turnovers Lebron had at the end and missed shots of Bosh. People have bad games and wade had a not so great game in Game 6 but he shows up when it crucial, but to say wade makes the team worse is just stupid.

      • JasonNotFriday13th says:

        It’s very obvious that Wade isn’t what he once was even before they became the big 3. That’s probably why they decided to do the team up, because Wade knew he was fading. Coming up big in one of a 7 game series doesn’t make that coming up big, a blessing maybe, but definately not becoming of a used to be great player everyone has come to expect of Wade. Lebron is obviously carrying the Heat. Unfortunate for them, because they keep talking about this team concept during interviews, but a team one man does not make. Bosh, plays in spurts, Wade has faded, lucky for Miami the role players (Birdman, Cole, Miller, Chalmers (sometimes), and Trey Ray) play their behinds off. If not for them, Heat would have been on vacation in 5. It’s only one game left, Heat doesn’t have 5 more games to wait for Wade to show up to play. Think of this…-52 points in 6 games, breake it down further that’s almost -9 points per game. Hindsight being 20/20 and all….that means to me….game 1, win by 5…series over in 6.

        Just saying. Sit out Wade in game 7 let the role players who are actually contributing something to the game spread the floor and make big plays. Heat win by 9.

      • AL says:

        just like you I have been a Heat fan before the big 3 era which makes me an ardent Wade’s fan but one cannot ignore the -52 stat. I just hope he recovers his form for game 7 & silence his critics.


      Let me get this straight. Wade the hall of famer, Finals MVP and averages 18-21 points a game in the finals you want benched? You haters obviously don’t want what’s best for Miami. You don’t want Manu benched tho right? I’ll stick with Wade till the end just like I would with Kobe, Lebron, Durant and even Melo. Haters get lost and keep losing LOL. Heat Nation Stand Up!

      • Erlo says:

        Please don’t put Melo is the same category of these other people. He is garbage.

      • AL says:

        with Lebron at 4 & the small line-up they don’t have to bench Wade you can still have Allen, Miller or Battier & Rio on the floor with only one big Bosh or whoever.

    • DA_TRUF says:

      Laughable. You want to bench a guy in the last game of the season who dropped 32 with 6 steals last week? crazy talk.

    • Game Time says:

      The stupid part was having him benched for so long. 3 minutes to go and he’s barley coming back in? Plus it was Lebron that almost lost that one for us with those two turnover. Luckily he made up for it and now all is well till game 7.

    • Jay says:

      And Pop is an idiot for benching Duncan and TP. As a Heat fan, I would rather have D-Wade on those moments because you win or lose with your starters. So if the Heat lose and Wade was on the bench, then Coach Spo is an idiot for benching D-Wade in the final minutes. That’s why he is a coach and you’re not.

    • SpursFan says:

      Thats pure disrespect and the ultimate slap in the face to Wade. Too much respect to just push him aside like that. With Wade as with Ginobili sometimes the reward is greater than the risk

  53. kobe says:

    wade is done…..

  54. R-Dawg says:

    This article is spot on. As soon as Wade checked back in during the fourth quarter Miami was struggling to get shots and almost lost the game. I think Spoelstra needs to keep all the three point threats on the floor during crunch time.

    • Every second counts says:

      Wade is one of my favorite players of all time. But in this series, the Heat desperately need floor spacing. And Wade’s knee problems and lack of a consistent jump shot have not helped Miami in that regard aside for Game 4. If Wade can come in and punish the Spurs for cheating off of him by knocking down jumpers, that would be ideal. Or if he perhaps finds his explosiveness again. But if not, the paint will remained sealed and Miami will have to live or die on mostly jumpers most of the game. And from what I’ve seen in game 7s, jumpers tend to miss ALOT. Let’s hope Wade regains his form for game 7, or it will be a very long night for the Heat.

  55. YBCOT says:

    Miami is going to win Game 7 tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wade helped all he could just that if he played better Miami could have beaten Spurs probably in fourth (4) quarter.

    • Peter says:

      NO worries, Wade comes through when necessary, Lebron will keep his spirit and energy up as well as all other guys are just as important as Wade or Lebron. it will need to be a TEAM effort, Spurs arent 100% healthy either, we will be fine, we just need 110% from EVERYONE and DEFINITELY MORE FAITH AND HOPE FROM THE FANS AT THE ARENA!!!! SHAME ON YOU TO LEAVE BEFORE THE FINAL WHISTLE…I WAS HOME AND I BATTLED THROUGH THE WHOLE GAME! Great win Miami, might have taken some wind from Spurs who already celebrated…TOO EARLY!. it aint over til its over. HEAT for RE-HEAT!

      • sorry….spurs gave the heat a chance for tv ratings…they’ll win 2moro

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        @ Don’t ever CLICK MY NAME!!!! You Have been warned

        Just stop it …
        You have no logic to your arguments you just state incorrect statements – and you have been wrong 100% of the time. The heat will win tomorrow and when the King gets his 2nd ring you’ll disappear LOL

      • TaReon says:

        this is game 7, this is not the time to put in broken players. if the Heat can win without Wade( and i am sure they can), then bench him unitl the Heat has a big advantage over the Spurs. This is not time to soften egoes…do that durnign the off season. LETS GO HEAT.