Blogtable: What To Expect In Game 7

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Week 34: Heat take, Spurs give? | Game 7 lookahead | Next year’s Heat lineup

What do you expect out of Game 7 on Thursday?

Steve Aschburner, Call me a pessimist but I expect an anticlimax and possibly a Miami blowout. My best analogies come from baseball, from the Bill Buckner game in the 1986 World Series and the Chicago Cubs/Steve Bartman game in the 2003 NL playoffs. Both of those were Game 6, both of those packed an emotional wallop on the Red Sox and the Cubs, respectively, both of those were followed by relatively breezy victories, short on tension, for the Mets and the Marlins in Game 7. There wasn’t one particular goat for San Antonio, but the hollow look in Manu Ginboli‘s eyes suggested a game worth two defeats rather than one. Hope I’m wrong, of course.

Fran Blinebury, Another very close, very competitive game that comes down to who makes the shots at crunch time.  I picked the Spurs in six.  Now they win in seven.

Jeff Caplan, I expect one team to win the championship. Excuse me for being, um, trite, but who knows what will happen? The logical answer is to say that the Spurs suffered an insurmountable mental and physical blow in losing Game 6 as they did. But these are the resilient Spurs and no team has won two in a row in this series still, and the Heat haven’t won two straight since closing out Chicago in the second round and squeaking out Game 1 of the East finals against Indiana.

John Schuhmann, I have no idea, really. The Spurs are too good for us to assume that they’re done after the way they lost Game 6. And the Heat have obviously been a model of inconsistency, particularly on defense, for the last month. Anything can happen.

Sekou Smith, Complete chaos, pandemonium and a game worthy of the epic nature this series has taken on since Game 4 would be nice. Even though we’ve seen some blowouts, the drama has been at an all-time high in this series. I expect Game 7 to live up to that hype, at least in the sense of these two teams going toe-to-toe one last time to decide this thing. Game 1 was an ideal start, with a big shot from Tony Parker being the difference for the Spurs. An encore of Game 1 and Game 6 is the only fitting way for this series to end. I’ll even take another overtime thriller. The last Game 7 we saw in The Finals (Lakers-Celtics 2010) should serve as the ideal template for two battled-tested championship-caliber teams who dug into their reserves to muster the energy for an epic finish to a great series. We got great drama, a wild finish and the better team outlasting a game challenger. You can’t ask for anything more in the last and most important game of the 2012-13 season. And I suspect we’ll get something along those lines from the Heat and Spurs.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: It’s going to be nearly impossible to top Game 6. I was there in the press box as the game tightened down the stretch, and my ears were ringing afterward. Game 6 had storylines for days, and tension and so many head-shaking moments, that I don’t know how Game 7 will best that.

Adriano Albuquerque, NBA Brasil: After such an emotional and draining Game 6, obviously I expect the Spurs to be tired and showing their age. I expect the Heat to be pumped-up and full of swagger. I expect a game more like Games 2 through 5, when a team broke open the game in the third quarter and held on to win. And I expect to be wrong on every single one of those — again. This series has had so many “Forever is BIG” moments, that the only thing I really expect is one more of those.

Stefanos Triantafyllos, NBA Greece: I expect the same mentality from LeBron James: the MVP will decide the game. Either he will lose it, or he will win it, as he tried to do in the last plays of the game, when he took all the shots for Miami. In Game 6 Ray Allen gave him a big help with that three from the corner and now it’s LBJ’s time to shine. I also expect the Spurs to be disappointed by the way the lost the previous game and I strongly believe that if the Heat take the early lead, they will blow them out.

Davide Chinellato, NBA Italia: I expect the Heat to win with a double digit margin. The Spurs were so close that the ring were already forged. But the Heat showed some pride and took Game 6: they have the momentum now and I expect a big game from LeBron (with his headband on).


  1. PuroSA says:

    Spurs..Heat… both teams are winners in their own respect but the difference will be who can handle the pressure and experience in such a BIG winner take all of Game 7. My gut feeling is the Spur’s will find a way to handle the LBJ to the point he will go Kobe mode and will take the lead in handling the ball causing him to hurry his shots and over play the ball on defense making mistakes as he as shown he does and hopefully making the rest of the Heat players bystanders. Go SPURS Go bring it home guys we’re over due.


      The Heat are gonna break a lot of hearts tonight. Half of the basketball world wants them to lose because of hate. I love the Spurs and respect them so much but Its the Heats time to shine. Lets make this game memorable! Heat Nation Stand Up!

  2. Pats says:

    Do you see similarities betwen 2008-10 Lakers and 2011-13 Heat? Look at this:
    – 2008: Lakers lose finals 2-4 against Celtics; 2011: Heat lose finals 2-4 against Dallas
    – 2009: Lakers win 4-1 against Orlando; 2012: Heat win 4-1 against Oklahoma
    – 2010: Lakers come back from 2-3 to win 4-3 against Celtics; 2013: Heat were down 2-3, tied it to 3-3, and today we have Game 7

    I don’t want to say anything, but history likes to repeat itself. However I still believe that Spurs can win this one. It’d be great if Timmy would win his fifth ring. He really deserves that. And I expect BIG game from him. Also, in my opinion, Wade will shine today. He’s taking the pressure very well and I think that it’d be him, not LeBron that keeps Heat in the game. However I predict about 7-10 point victory for Spurs!

  3. claudiodelgado says:

    heat win by 10

  4. Javier says:

    Is about fundamentals, Spurs is the only team with it,… Manu will be there, relax , will be a great game 7, Miami is not a easy team, they have legs…but not fundamentals.

  5. Nick says:

    The Heat win because of athleticism and overall more playoff and finals experience. If the Spurs get Danny,Gary,Ginobli going it’ll be close. We know the consistancy for the most part of Duncan and Parker. Even still Heat prevail. Even when the Heat make mistakes,there fast enough,strong enough,athletic enough to win. Weather the Spurs play flawlessly or not.

    • Are you 12? says:

      You do realise that The Spurs have four championships under their belt, don’t you? What do you mean this heat team has “more playoff and finals experience”..?


        In the last 3 years the Heat have more experience(3 finals in a row). The Spurs haven’t been to the finals since 2007….Spurs fans no nothing but Hate for the Heat LOL.

  6. MartinfromAustria says:

    Let’s go Miami Heat I believe!!!!

  7. Karlo Garcia says:

    anything BIG can happen 🙂 I think Ginobilli will have a big game.

  8. Karlo Garcia says:

    Spurs in OT.

  9. Karlo Garcia says:

    I stick with the spurs before this NBA Finals series started & will stick with San Antonio.

  10. Me says:

    the refs have been sending the spurs to the line like crazy, they almost live there

    • RefsActuallyGivingSpursMoreCalls says:

      yep; although spurs fans keep saying the refs are helping miami; anyone who watches the games will notice that the Spurs are getting a lot of freethrows; And this is all the players, Diaw, Splitter, Leonard, even Neal. On the other end they are not calling it much. Then the moment they do not call one for Spurs, the spurs fan complain. Too much bias. I actually think they are the pacers fans writing as spurs fans, because they are doing the same thing. For example, on the last play they complain that Danny Green should have gotten 3 freethrows, but they fail to comment on the moving screen by Splitter that freed up Green. BIAS

  11. Jay says:

    If there is one team built for a bounce-back from such a loss – it’s the SPURS. As I have used the word “built” not “bought” like the HEAT! I am neutral but rooting for the SPURS as it’s perfectly fitting for Duncan and Manu to go out on top.

    • Dewey Houston says:

      Tonight basketball fans the winner of game 7 will be THE MIAMI HEAT , sorry Spur fans but you get server tonight , you miss your opputunity in game 6 , Miami will not let that happen again on their home court , tonight all that you will see is MIAMI taking it to the spurs , i will admit the spurs played a very good game in game 6 , but at the close of the game they couldnt close it , tonight The MIAMI HEAT will show the spurs how to close with a win .

  12. Ex nba fan says:

    the heat will win because so many ppl want them to lose.

  13. Janto001 says:

    My take is that the Spurs will come out with a slow start while the Heat play explosive from the beginning building a 20 point lead midway through the 2nd quarter. Then before halftime the spurs cut it to around say 12. The 3rd quarter the Heat respond with another run bringing it back to a 20 point lead. But the spurs respond back with another run cutting it to 8 before the final period.

    And the 4th quarter I see the spurs bringing it to within 1 and then taking the lead with about 4 min left. And this is where the Heat start to fall apart. And the Spurs take this by 8 points.

    My premise of course being…the Spurs know how to play when BOTH teams have their backs to the walls (Parker, Duncan, and Ginobli) have been in more wars than the Heat have. This situation is unique to the Heat but not the Spurs (see 2005 Detroit vs. San Antonio finals) Wade (been through all the wars and heartaches as well) is going to have to lead the team in this game…Lebron just has to be Lebron.

    That’s just my hunch, obviously there’s a game to be played and anything can happen… no offense.

  14. SPURS says:


  15. 16going417 says:

    I hope the 35 year old game 7 road team drought will be broken. I dislike the heat because of their so called coming out party when LeBron and Bosch signed on with the Heat. They were talking about winning 4 or 5 championships before they even played one game. There are hall of fame players who never won the championship, so I thought they were very disrespectful of the game and oblivious to how much work it really takes to win a championship.

    So, I hope the Heat eat some humble pie and the Spurs are the ones who can serve it to them. GO SPURS!!!!

  16. Tom says:

    Heat has been struggling to score in most games and looking for miracle. Heat Coach needs to replace players if their shorts are missing. Bird man must be given more time.

  17. Rory Anderson says:

    people talking about a heat blowout you seriously think Spurs are going to fall apart? Pop knows as well as anyone his team are going to have suffered about g6 and don’t you think he’s going to drill into them and get them as fired up as anyone. We’re talking about one of the all time best coaches I’m certain he’ll be able to bring his guys together and I expect Spurs to get their 5th ring

  18. Marco29 says:

    This series is really one of a kind and anything can happen. Yet, one statistic will be proven wrong: either the Heat do win consecutive games or a road team does win a game 7.

  19. crizerd says:

    spurs in 8,bcoz heat win game 7.

  20. chin says:

    i’m a spurs fans top to bottom. i was afraid that their morale would be way low after the way they lost game 6. but then i read lang whitaker’s article about how the entire spurs team had dinner together and really put the game 6 loss behind them. tim duncan said that they know they let game 6 slip through their fingers, but they “know what they have to do” and they’ll be “ready to rock” come game 7. whether you’re a spurs fan or not….you have to believe him. spurs win game seven – 96-91.

    • Marco29 says:

      Lets hope so. As difficult as it is to forget (and I personaly have a hard time forgetting it, being haunted by those images), they only lost a battle, not the war. They still have another opportunity to win it that might never show up again and I guess Duncan and Parker want is so much that they will manage to make it a close game. They don’t deserve a severe rout in Game 7, not after what they did the whole series and after being so close to winning. We might see Manu and Danny Green delivering great performance again. GO SPURS GO!!!

    • Kareem Abdul Jabbar says:

      They may have put game 6 behind them at dinner, but the memory of game 6 will come flooding back as soon as they step out onto the court. Either way Game 7 will be a great game.

  21. Max says:

    Either team can win. DETERMINATIONS. WILL NOT GIVE UP, NO TURNOVERS< MOVE THE BALL AROUND FASTER THAN PLAYERS CAN SHIFT and have a great night with the 3 Ball. NEVER DRIVE FOR A LAY UP AND SHOOT TOO HARD. TOO EXPERIENCED FOR THAT TYPE OF MISS. AT LEAST GET TO THE FREE THROW LINE. 48 Minutes of finger biting. Watch LeBron, no nails left. He eats them off as it is, and tomorrow night, Well he may chew off an entire nail! ONLY one LeBron and yes he is BLESSED! Look how he grew up and now how he has turned that hard life into GOLD. Not conceited. humble, my type of player. My favorite team out for quite awhile, However I just admire the Heat. Look at Miller knock in a 3 with one shoe on? That is the necessary determination that will win a Championship. NO TURNOVERS PLEASE!! REBOUND ON THE OFFENSIVE BOARD PLEASE!!!!

  22. raff_louie says:

    i see lebron will have another MVP calliber game and the big 3 of miami will win their back to back championship..

    • KunJay says:

      Lebron played very bad those first 3 quaters hence the reason the Spurs were leading the whole game. Waiting to push the pedal on the 4th quarter is not gonna be enough. If Tony Parker keeps making those miraculous shots the Heat are going to lose this, they need Championship defense and everything else will fall into place.

  23. Number 13 says:

    Heat didn’t play a super game to win, it was more about what the Spurs did wrong to cause a loss.

    I hope this isn’t like game 7 of the 2010 finals. If I’m not mistaken, Lakers were sent to the line more in the 4th then the Celtics went the entire game.

    • KunJay says:

      To tell you the truth as a Heat fan the Spurs deserved that win, Tony Parker comes from not scoring in like 3 quarters to hit a step back 3 over Lebron James and then get a steal again on Lebron James and hit that little floater to get a 3 point lead. How that sequence happened is just as unbelievable as Ray Allen’s 3. The Heat played very bad, hopefully they have a game 4 in them to close this out.

  24. Jacob says:

    Crazy Game 6. I see the Heat taking this tomorrow by 5 points.