24-Second Thoughts On Game 6


24 — So, LeBron James hit the court two hours early to get his pregame work in, huh? That says the man recognizes the magnitude of this moment and has prepared himself properly to man up to it. As ridiculous as it sounds to criticize the four-time MVP and the world’s best player, LeBron knows he has not left his mark on this series. If the Heat go down tonight, it won’t be without a desperate fight from LeBron, which is exactly the way it has to be when you are the best player in the game. Season on the line, you have to show up and set the tone from the start on both ends.

23 — I love that Heat coach Erik Spoelstra stuck with Mike Miller in his starting lineup. As much as you need a defender in the game to slow down “Dancin’ “ Danny Green, Manu Ginobili and the Spurs’ other shooters, you need shot-makers on the floor in an elimination games. Miller is aggressive early, which exactly what the Heat need him to be in this situation.

22 — Kawhi Leonard is absolutely fearless. Goes at LeBron on the break, ‘bows him out of the way and finishes with the hoop and the foul. Drains a corner 3-pointer two possessions later. The Spurs are aggressive early, Leonard and Tim Duncan in particular, showing absolutely no hesitation.

21 — Dwyane Wade bangs knees with Ginobili with 7:42 to play and you could see it was a Ginobili’s knee cap smashing the inside of Wade’s left knee. We have to see how bad it was for Wade, who clearly took the worst of the collision. If they win tonight and force a Game 7, how does that blow impact Wade for the finale?

20 — Kawhi “Captain Corn Rows” Leonard just posterized Miller on a sweet feed from Tony Parker. I’m not sure what’s more impressive: Leonard’s eight early points or the fact that he’s the last man in the league still rocking corn rows (and doing it without any fancy designs or anything special; just straight ol’ school, straight-to-the-back corn rows). The 70s are proud of you, young fella! BTW, the Spurs are up two and DDG hasn’t even taken a shot yet.

19 — Duncan is working on a perfect night right now (6-for-6, 12 points and 3 rebounds). I wonder how history will remember Duncan? It certainly seems like we all take him for granted in the present. We don’t appreciate the greatness of his game and fact that he’s more than just the most fundamentally sound power forward to play this game, perhaps ever. He won’t have the flashiest highlight video to look back on in 20 years. But there aren’t but a handful of players who will be able to say they played at an elite level for as long as he did during his Hall of Fame career.

18 — Heat pulling out all the stops tonight; Chris “Birdman” AndersenMario Chalmers and even Shane Battier‘s 3-point bankshot to tie the game. It’s going to be that kind of night, I can feel it. ‘Rio already has 10 points in the first quarter and is 4-for-5 from the floor. If he’s aggressive like this all night, the Spurs are going to have to figure out a way to keep him from duplicating the work he did in Game 2.

17 — Chris Bosh was wrong … DDG is still getting open looks from deep. Still knocking ’em down, too.

16 — Duncan has 25 before halftime with a hand in his face on every possession. The Spurs are 14-2 in closeout game since 2003 for a reason.  His nickname is The Big Fundamental! He’s 11-for-13 and dominating the Heat in every facet of the game right now. He’s putting on an absolute showcase right now, outscoring Miami’s Big 3 by his lonesome, 25-21. The rest of the Spurs matched his 25 first half points and they lead by six at the break.

15 — The Spurs’ 17-4 run to finish the second quarter might very well be the most impressive stretch by either team in this entire series. Duncan, Boris Diaw, Leonard … unreal effort, unbelievable mettle and just a complete demolition of the Heat on both ends during the run. The Spurs own the Heat inside with a 32-12 scoring edge in the paint in the first half.

14 — Where you at LeBron? Nine points (on 3-for-9 shooting) is not going to get your team to a Game 7.

13 — Third quarter starts without Wade. Ray Allen is out there for him. It has to be that knee. No word from the Heat PR staff until after the game, per Doris Burke’s sideline report.

12 — The Heat’s night in a nutshell to this point: LeBron has Parker guarding him in the low post, Heat swing the ball all around the floor until Bosh gets it on the opposite baseline bricks a jumper off of the far side of the rim. The Heat are completely out of sorts on offense right now. The only thing saving them right now is that they are turning the Spurs over (courtesy of Ginobili, whose Game 5 magic has worn off completely).

11 — Leonard is having the sort of bully-ball game you expected LeBron to have. The Spurs’ 11-0 run here late in the third quarter is one of those backbreaking stretches in a game like this. The Heat’s inability to slow them down is startling. Credit the Spurs for sticking to what they do best, and that’s unleashing all of the weapons in their arsenal to take away what you do best. The Heat are being overwhelmed on their home floor the same way they were in 2011 against the Dallas Mavericks in a Game 6.

10 — Wade is on the bench changing his shoes with 10.3 seconds to play in the third. Maybe he has an extra pair for LeBron, because if they Heat don’t come up with something to change the momentum in this games in the next six minutes, the Spurs are going to break them down the stretch with their execution and claim title No. 5.

9 — “Shoeless” Mike Miller with the 3-point dagger to cut the lead 77-73. Spoelstra imploring his team to “trust each other” at this stage of the season sounds a bit strange. But the message seems to be working. The comeback is officially on, with the Heat’s rally lineup (LeBron, Miller, Allen, Birdman and Chalmers) on the floor. Granted, the Heat’s rush has come with both Duncan and Parker resting on that Spurs bench.

8 —  Bully LeBron has finally come alive and he’s ridiculous force of nature when he plays like this. He’s overpowering Leonard, Duncan, Ginobili and whoever else gets in his way around the rim. Desperate times call for desperate measures, apparently. A block on Duncan under the basket triggers a break the other way and LeBron ties the game at 82-82 with a layup at the 6:37 mark. Allen gives the Heat the lead on a reverse layup with 6:03 to play. Crazy turnaround for the Heat and it’s all been fueled by the man without the headband, who is in full blow attack the rim mode right down the stretch. Heat on a 22-7 run right now and LeBron has 11 points during the run.

7 — Wade comes back for Miller with 3:48 to play, taking away the other long distance shooter (along with Allen) who caused the Spurs so much trouble during the comeback. Those shooters forced the Spurs to cover the perimeter and leave lanes for LeBron to drive to the rim and change the entire flow of the game for both teams. We’ll see if that substitution comes back to bite the Heat in these final minutes.

6 — Duncan and Parker are scoreless in the fourth quarter inside the final dos minutos of the biggest game, so far, of the Spurs’ season. How they are within three points is beyond me. It’s a testament to the system and all of the cold-blooded role players on that roster.

5 — Parker with the step-back 3-pointer over LeBron to tie the game with 1:27 to play erases all doubts. He’s going to snag his second Finals MVP trophy if the Spurs win this thing. Huge turnover by Chalmers and Parker converts on the other end, shades of Game 1 dancing through the building, Spurs up 91-89 with 58 seconds left. This is nuts.

4 — LeBron turnover under the basket, Spurs on the break and Ginobili is fouled with 37.2 left. Sinks both free throws and a 93-89 Spurs lead. Unreal. Another LeBron turnover and Ginobili is fouled again and drains the second of two free throws. 94-89 with 28.2 left. LeBron goes from the goat to the hero and now back to the goat in the final seconds. I say that Wade-for-Miller substitution changed the flow for the Heat. Could very well cost them this game.

3 — LeBron bricks a 3-pointer and gets the ball back after a wild scramble and drains the 3-pointer that cuts the lead to 94-92 with 20.1 to play. Money time for both teams here and Duncan is not on the floor (gotta have your best rebounder on the floor, Pop! I don’t care what is going on …). Leonard misses the first of two free throws but sinks the second with 19.4 to play. Oooohhhhhh!!!!!!! Allen drains the corner 3 to tie it up with 5.2 to play. Winning time, with LeBron on Parker and TP air balls the  last shot of regulation. Unreal finish to the first 48 minutes. Allen might not have the Finals 3-point record anymore, but it was his shot that keep this game alive. Five more minutes of what has turned out to be the best game of the entire season. I’ll take it.

2 — Overtime is like a mini-movie of the entire series in five minutes, complete with turnovers, big shots, clutch rebounds, timely blocks, stunning mistakes, star turns from everyone from Duncan, Parker and Leonard to James, Wade and Bosh, whose work rebounding and on defense help propel the Heat to a Game 7.

1 — Fitting end to a fantastic game. Allen knocks down two free throws for the winning margin and Bosh comes up with the clutch block on DDG at the buzzer. All those Heat fans booing Bosh earlier in this game can thank their lucky stars they had him tonight because he did the dirty work (rebound and kick to Allen was as clutch as the block at the end) down the stretch to help deliver the Heat. Allen with nine points in the fourth quarter and overtime, doing exactly what a future Hall of Famer is supposed to do, helps save the Heat, as well. But if LeBron hadn’t come alive in the fourth the Spurs would be popping bottles in their locker room right now. Game 7 here we come!



  1. Okay Spurs-time to put your stamp on this final of the finals series & take home the trophy-take it & don’t give it away!

  2. Randy says:

    For all of those saying the refs reviewed the three by allen in order to give time to the Heat to set their D, you have no idea what you are talking about. First of all go look at the tape, it was Pop screaming at the refs to review it, knowing full well it would give him time to contemplate using the last time out or making a decision without using it, and also to illegally make a substitution if he chose not to call time. It is not the refs that ask for the replay, it is typically when one of the teams asks for it. If you are going to hate. by all means go for it, it’s a free country, but dont get the facts so mixed up because your already lost credibility is in further jeopardy,

  3. Ilovelebronjames says:

    That was a crazy game!!!!! Had my heart pumping what a save!!!!!

  4. Lk20z3 says:

    Man heat haters never stop miami plays 5 vs 8 we dont get any calls dosent matter we are the champs and it will stay like that haters go home

  5. kobe says:


    • Ilovelebronjames says:

      Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree. No one looks at Manu taking extra steps they just care about bashing the heat. Ther wer no fouls on both parts. yes ray Allen shuldnt of taken 2 free throws but miami still wulda won by 1 point cuz he blocked it and maybe they wulda caught the travel. Haters will keep hating. Face the fact that lebron James out scored the spurs by himsel in 4th quarter and spurs shuld of kept ther 10 point lead ha. If Leonard didnt miss that 1 free throw spurs wulda won and no overtime. Sux when it comes to free throws huh and u can’t keep blaming refs when a team puts theirselves in that situation.

  6. Lajares-svm says:

    About Duncan’s legacy, I was thinking the same thing and I agree 100%….except for his role.

    Guys get over it, he’s a Center, not a power forward. The fact that he’s got range and game outside the paint does not mean he’s a PF. Just like Hakeem, he’s just a hell of a complete Center.

    • NBAFanFromSouthAfrica says:

      I’ve been following the series from game1, what a game!!! I don’t agree with the notion that refrees decided the game, simple put Spurs shud have score their free point down de stretch n shud have rebound well[I guess pop made a mistake by sub Tim Duncan] and fouling bosh wasn’t gonna be a smart play cos still Miami was gonna play 4 3pts. I can’t wait for Game7 it shud be fun!!! I have 2wait until 3am b4 de game start, 9pm is 3am here in South Africa. N guys keep praying4 Nelson Mandela its really bad, I’m even tempted to say its time to let the icon go n RIP @xolanigates

  7. lesa says:

    FOR ALL YOU basketball fans who are saying this is not rigged, you tell me when there has been a series where every game the other team wins? no you get the f outta here and see it for what. it is, AS People has stated this is about nothing except MONEY PERIOD!!!!!! NOW IF IT WERE ANY OTHER TEAMS EXCEPT MIAMI, ALL THE MIAMI FANS WOULDN’T HAVE A DAMN THING TO SAY!!! IT IS FIXED NO MATTER HOW YOU FANS OF MIAMI LOOK AT IT!!!!

  8. gdun says:

    Heat win in 7!

  9. Howard says:

    Lebron James is a traveling machine. Van Gundy calls it a Hop step but the last time I played and officiated Basketball that is called traveling when three steps are taken before the ball has left your hands!

    All people want is for the Officiating to be consistent, and in this Series I must say it is very inconsistent! Come on NBA demonstrate to the Kid’s who are learning the game they have to play by the rules!

    • shhh says:

      i agree with you, it is a travel.
      it is the same travel that Ginobili did in their 2nd to the last possession where spurs fans and haters whining a no call foul.

  10. jstew says:

    To all those SPURS WERE ROBBED DUMB A*****
    I guess you completely forgot the 5 calls /no calls in a row that put the Spurs up 12 at one point.
    Get the f outta here with your conspiracy theories and cry baby games. Those last 2 fouls you are talking about, 1)Ginobli traveled before anything else , and this is playoff basketball you can’t just duck ya head and run to the basket and expect the ref to bail you out, you HAVE TO man up and make plays! 2) The Danny Green 3 THAT BOSH BLOCKED…once again u really think they gonna call a heave fading out of bounds to end the game…this is play off basketball, at most he got a lil body. STOP CRYING GAME 7 here we GO!

  11. MAURO says:

    I do not live in US nor am I a basketball fan but I do watch important sporting events.
    I dont have to be a fan of any team or play basketball to see that the RED did not get their fouls called.
    Is basketball like soccer? All corrupt. In my country we would had already done something against these bad
    referee calls. I am sorry for the RED team. The referees really didnt want you guys to win. I dont understand much
    about basketball but I dont when I see the referees calling all fouls for the texas team and non for the miami team.
    for this injustice i guess I will go with the RED team

  12. PuroSA says:

    First all, I am a Spurs Fan have been for a long time, game 6 did not disappoint me at all, what did disappoint me was seeing missed free-throws within the final 2 minutes of regulation then on Miami last possession everyone in the House all over the world know’s LBJ is going to take a early shot at a three pointer and if he misses you go for the rebound and make the best of it to tie or get within 1 and quick foul the Spurs for 2 more FT’s and play for one more shot at tie or a win or its over. Pop I love him to death but for all that matters why did you sit out Duncan on that last Miami possession?? with Duncan the Spurs would have been able to contest a rebound maybe preventing Bose from kicking out a quick as he did to Allen for a 3 shot?? As for the last two Spurs possession in OT they are mute if only the Spurs make their FT voiding the OT. Players decide the game not the Ref’s has been for a long time coming…

    As for LJB you owe your Nike show deal to Bose and Allen, you did your best to give Miami a shot to tie the game but Bose and Allen are the true last second game hero’s.

    Game 7 will be a winner take all.. We’ll see if the Spur’s can do it or if The Heat wins in a rout as many predict.. Go Spurs GO!!

  13. BIGMoment says:

    Guy’s WIN is WIN LOST is LOST.

    Respect the both teams this is the most epic series for me they are both great now as you could see pop is beating spo, but the OT come’s to heat because they are young as you can see at the OT the big 3 of spurs is to tired to battle in the OT.

    great win for heat

  14. Daniel says:

    It is such a bull****, referees just gave it to the heat, since the time when crowd start to yell against them they got so scared that every call they made was favoring heat and ginobili no call in the last seconds, i don’t know where they were looking but they definitely turn blind on at least two fouls . Well even if they will give it to heat on Thursday again Spurs will be the champions for me this year even though I’m not there fan.

  15. NOT RIGGED says:

    anyone who says that this game was rigged in favor of either team is kidding themselves. green and ginobili’s shots were DEFINITELY not fouls, and the third quarter was KILLER against the heat in terms of calls. if the league were rigging things, miami would win because of entertainment and start power. this game was down to the wire and could have gone either way. it really felt like the spurs had it in control while watching, but give credit to the heat for a spectacular W.

  16. Richard says:

    They need to sit Ginobili and play the younger players that are doing all the scoring. NOT SURE what is wrong with Ginobili but when he is out there it’s like the Heat have 5 on 4???? ALL the turnovers, missed shots, etc. His head is NOT ON STRAIGHT????

    He had to know fouls weren’t going to be called at the end so why charge into a pack where he couldn’t shoot – HOW STUPID????

  17. Okodi says:

    How can people be soo two faced? When Kawhi Leonard got the foul call on Lebron James early in the game there was barely any contact. Late in the game could have been called for fouling James and there was more “contact” in that play than there was for the Leonard-James call. The Spurs even got the ball after the review!

    If you then blow it by driving into multiple players and want to demand a foul call whilst not giving one in the James-Green play even though the Leonard-James got one, then I don’t know if I can see you as credible.

  18. Gerardo Neves says:

    As a Spurs fan I hope for & trust in a win in a magic game 7, but I would like to leave an ‘european input’ to MVC ( most valuable coach) Pop: if you’re up 3 points and 5 secs away from a championship win, do foul to take your opponent to the free throw line, there they can’t make more than two ( and it would have been a sweet wrap in game 6).

    • Dmitry says:

      So here I’m asking all of you fans. Don’t you think Finals is a professionally executed drama? Game 7 is a pure profit for NBA, arena, owners etc. All those headbands, shoes, and yeah how come POP didn’t have their players fouling to avoid any 3 pointer and how come Duncan is not on the floor when there were champion decisive possessions. The only answer I could think of is there MUST BE Game 7…

    • bruce says:

      Here’s some facts-Coach Pop screwed up taking Duncan out of that late rebounding sequence. Ginobli was clearly out of sync all game and should have been sidelined. The Heat were clearly outplayed and Lebron found his game late. Questionable calls won’t get called in last second situations. (Remember the Miller pushoff on Jordan to hit that 3?). The Spurs are better coached, the Heat have better shooters so tomorrow hopefully we put an end to the debate and Duncan raises the trophy one more time.

  19. Obz says:

    God bless HEAT game 7 period .

  20. OctoPPus says:

    MANU should’ve close – if that was not a foul ???? – everyone hitting his hands – and resulting in 2 TT at the other end???? — Refs – You’re Kidding????

  21. Mirast says:

    Few points:

    Yes, refs missed a call on Manu (the question is, would he even hit them with the way he was playing?)
    No, Green wasnt fouled, good block

    LeBron choke….16 pts in the 4th, clutch 3…yes, he made some costly turnovers, but it wasnt him choking, he just tryied to carry his team by himself (a.k.a Kobe) + he played great defense

    Leonard is fantastic player, I am finally starting to understand why Pop calls him future of the franchise

    Spurs looked like 03 version, Duncan totally dominant with struggling Tony

    Somebody should give Bosh some credit, yes, he struggled offensively, but he came up big defensively in the 4th and OT

    And my final point: Dont. Ever. Leave. Ray. Allen. In. The. Corner. Alone.

  22. Hibbs says:

    Heat haters are ridiculous! I agree some fouls on the spurs were not called towards the end, but during regular time the refs called at least 3 or 4 in Pop’s favour. This was a great game and the heat (especially LeBron and Bosh) played incredibly at the end. I am looking forward to game 7. Hopefully Spo will put Wade on the bench, as he nearly cost th Heat twice towards the end with bad looks.

  23. can we have a replay on 4th quarter under 1 minute and in overtime..it’s ok! we all knows that there is a foul there in that drive of Ginobili that can be a great factor because miami is up by only 1 pt.,if they call it things will appeaedr differently. , but no called made.. and lebron could be given an offensive foul there in throwing an elbow to green in underarm but they did not. instead they call miami ball,luckily we had a replay they changes there call..

  24. Spurs will win says:

    Spurs needs to win. Spurs win is not only a win for Spurs as a team, but a win for history and how basketball should be.

    There are numerous reasons for Spurs to win.

    1. Spurs win would be a symbol of basketball being a team sport and NOT a sport about collecting star powers!

    2. Spurs win would be historical and and END to one of the BEST trio build from scratch. Tim, Tony and Manu. Lebron, Dwayne and Bosh were matter of power and money.

    3. Spurs win would be a victory over (and defeat of) egoism (Miami!).

    Spurs we believe in you! Prove the world that Basketball is a team sport and not collecting star power to win championships!


  25. paris says:

    Yall talking bout failed foul calls on green and manu, but I dont hear how the refs missed at least four, clear, shooting fouls the spurs commited throughout the first 3 quarters. Refs didnt give the heat the game, if anything, the spurs gave it away.

  26. Reality Check says:

    Ginobili? A foul? More like a walk!

  27. J says:

    great game!
    great article!
    game 7 will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
    heat in 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Truthseeking missle says:

    Come on now..Its called Home Court Advantage. And its not like the SPURS havent enjoyed their stay at home. You know wherein the heat were called for 22 fouls to the spurs 12.

    Sit back stop whining and enjoy the series.

  29. John Chen says:

    Seriously guys, although Manu was a blatant foul, look at the slo-mo, he freakin travelled!

    • Howard says:

      I like the way Van Gundy demonstrates Lebrons jump step….Let me see? Stop Dribbling, jump on first two feet, and then take another step surely you’ll make it to the Basket…..That’s Traveling Dummy!

  30. j.bacud says:

    Duncan should not be out in the final second, thus Bosch did the rebound that tied the game

  31. zeero says:

    to many complains about officiating that favors the heat,thats the trend excuses after losing to them not checking that calls are a bit off but not one sided….go heat!

  32. basketball fan says:

    i think miami got what they deserved cause they wanted it more, say all you want cause in the end, you always play to the whistle. this is a great arm wrestle series and those of you that think the SPURS got ROBBED, well i agree with you, but only cause the SPURS did it to themselves {2 missed freethrows in final minute}. i believe the officiating has been consist with the home team getting the advantage due to the HOME crowd noise which actually influences some of the calls. look back on the series as a whole and judge the officiating. MIAMI did win the game but it was the SPURS game to lose and that they did.

    • basketball fan says:

      only thing i didnt like was the way miami were FLOPPING and trying to influence the officials calling the game. NOW you see why miami courted Ray ALLEN during the off season. thank you MIAMI and SAN ANTONIO for a great series so far, despite a couple blowout games. i have never seen a game like this WON with seconds left and the other team stealing it since REGGIE MILLER robbed the NY KNICKS

  33. BunchOfKids says:

    1. The strip on Manu by Allen is just the same as the strip on LBJ by Green.
    2. No foul of Green’s last trey – it was all ball. Contact is too little to call it a foul. Green got a good shot but Bosh’ length got him.
    3. The real foul should have been on Parker on Allen’s trey that sent the game in OT. That should have been a 4-point play. If you look at the replay, you can see that Parker got under Allen before Ray even released the shot. A jump shooter should be given space to land. It was just fortunate that Allen landed a bit to the back so it wasn’t called. But it’s clear that Parker was already under Allen prior to the shot.
    4. You can’t expect an error-free game when it comes to officiating. Both teams had let-downs but the Spurs had them in the worst time of the game. FREETHROWS.

  34. Payton21 says:

    To all those sayin Heat had the refs on their side are totally blind. Yes the Manu drive coulda been called, but so couldve LeBrons and Wades drives on at least 5 trips to the paint! The Spurs have got the advantage all series-and always at the worst times for MIA that killed their momentum; and when a make up call came, it was at times that nearly rendered it insignificant.. How many FTs did SAS get in Gm5 for BS loose ball, touch fouls and outright phantom penalties? Meanwhile the let them play rough on the other end-totally inconsistant. LBJ has not gotten the calls he usually gets….Just appreciate the fact that we\re watching what will go down as part of NBA legend! The Spurs have been awesome, but they goin down Thursday

  35. dp says:

    Awesome game!
    But no one got robben suprs lost cause of their own fault. The last call on manu was a foul but as standard refs let the game play in the end more than regular time.

  36. Uberbunk says:

    also; again mvp award needs to be wilt chamberlain award…cause …again; who gets you betr then 50 25 and who knows wut else

  37. can we have a replay on 4th quarter under 1 minute and in overtime..it’s ok! we all knows that there is a foul there in that drive of Ginubili that can be a great factor because miami is up by only 1 pt.,if they call it things will appeaedr differently. , but no called made.. and lebron could be given an offensive foul there in throwing an elbow to green in underarm but they did not. instead they call miami ball,luckily we had a replay they changes there call..

  38. Sam says:

    If miami wins another championship this year I hope no one will make the mistake of calling them a dynasty.Basketball dynasties like the Bulls,Lakers and celtics were built with draft picks and trades and not by throwing cash at big name free agents.Dynasties are built not bought.

    • Jay says:

      Please remind me how the 2012-2013 Laker Team was formed? By getting Dwight Howard, the best center in the league? Wow that was not bought

  39. Uberbunk says:

    overall im thrill the Heat all of them had key notes that comprised a sold W

  40. Uberbunk says:

    not to mentoin Parkers 4 step travel thats good.. so if the refs missed a call with a few seconds left meh….see u @ game 7

  41. lesa says:

    I am a female who has watched nba for over 20 yrs,. it is absolutely a disgrace to watch this league anymore, it is utterly disrespectful to single out and focus solely on one player, every player is professional which they ended up in this league for a reason, they are all paid millions to run up and down a court, to actually watch these games which are clearly fixed by the league with outcomes they want, fans pay major money to see these games its not fair to them, as I said earlier these players make millions they should earn any championship, MIAMI FANS you shoud want that too, not just give it to them.

    • doesn'tmatter says:

      Oh yeah definitely fixed, three blowouts in a finals series that’s exactly what the league wanted to see. I do agree on not focusing on one player, but that’s obvious it’s a team sport -_- … and Danny Green is terrible, sick of hearing about him because he got hot shooting at the right time. Uncontested spot-up threes, congratulations he did his only job. Reminds me of Daniel Gibson a few years back, only he could put the ball to the floor without turning it over.

  42. Uberbunk says:

    Genobli turbo traveled before there was contact on that play its obvious

  43. blaz says:

    Comenntators on TV broadcast thought the last defensive act on Ginobili was a foul. This was the most important moment of the game, one possession game. I think it was a foul also, so do lots of people here.
    Putting aside whole game officiating, and all the Lebron loving/hating rubbish, this was a refs mistake. A mistake, with a championship at the stake.
    I hope Spurs will be able to quickly forget missed opportunity, and will be able to give us another game like this.
    This series had it all, but close 4th quarters’ finishes, and OT. Now it is officially series for the ages.
    But if Spurs will get frustrated it is over.
    And I think Spurs let the game go, missed free throws, got some TOs, failed to secure defensive rebounds (I think Pop is to be blamed – why get Duncan out with Bosh on the field). Why not quick-foul Bosh after rebound? And so on, and so on.
    But the game is over, I am waiting for game 7 now!

    • Lights says:

      Too bad those commentators aren’t referees. If you think you know better, apply as a referee. Don’t tell them how to do their job, they didn’t see a foul, and bad calls went both ways in this game.

  44. Lakers4life says:

    In game 5 Miami got robbed,in game 6 Miami got payback.

  45. from what i saw, spurs were on bad shooting in the OT had the game controlled and the chance to win it, and let it go, if this was the best of miami, if i was a spur i would not be afraid of this heat game, in the end some lucky buckets, and like i saw they(heat organization) also saw the championship going for texas, some kind of gods and spurs players made that for them, waiting for game 7

  46. ash says:

    haha thats funny that refs just ignored spurs getting fouled at end..
    good job nba you got your game 7

  47. Beowulf says:

    Spurs lost it fair and square. Not being able to convert free throws when it matters most is pathetic. Heat also got super lucky getting the ball back after the usual vintage choks of the self proclaimed “king” in the last minute. It will be terrible to have that guy winning the Finals MVP again when he is not able to score with somebody like Green or Parker (you gotta’ be kiding me :))) in front of him. Again he is bailed out by luck and some 3 point shooter (Allen in this case). The NBA becomes more boring every season with this guy being considered the MVP over and over again. We need some real basketball players to step up and make the game what it used to be.

    • EKHC says:

      I Agree…..no use blaming ref or heat when they lose by not able to convert the free throws to end the game

  48. boston_fan says:

    Seriously guys, everybody is talking about miami and their flops but nobody saw tony at those 2 offensive calls how he faked the hit in his jaw. Stop it with the cheating flaming and admit that manu is the one that stole the spurs trophy. And this comes from a whole life boston fan and a big “Queen” James hater. Thx and great shot Ray, you will be a celitc always

    • Neutral says:

      I hope Tony Parker’s flop will cause him a suspension. There’s also this Manu Ginobili’s cheap shot on James. That should be flagrant foul 1 (on the jaw/head).

      • Craig says:

        @Neutral… I was waiting for someone to say that! Ginobili’s elbow was an obvious flagrant 1. He even looked over at James before he through it!

    • Tea says:

      Yes, I totally saw them! I just shook my head, laughed and said WOW!!

  49. Kia says:

    I was thinking the same thing Laker fan LOL

  50. Kilo Alpha says:

    That was down right entertaining!

  51. Kevin says:

    If there is anyone to blame, it would be the Spurs.


    For the refs, I see lots of bad calls on both teams, and they try their best, so I’m not putting the blame on them.

    Give credit for the Heat for making an amazing comeback. And you can never say the refs can make one team win. It’s whoever steps up and gives their team a chance to win.

  52. phil says:

    are you kidding me??? all the wankers about the last foul by ginobili??
    you didn’t see the whole game than??? because you guys all talk about a ‘robbery’ because of one non-call, well miame got 10 non-calls the entire game
    james and allen just dropped the san antionio defense in the 4th!

  53. denis says:

    That was a foul on Manu on last seconds. Refs just froze. what a dissapointment…In my opinion they’ve given too many breaks to the heat in this finals. Spurs gonna come on strong on last game.

    • HeatfansinceWade says:

      Or you could blame the Refs again like you did in game 6. Stop being a whiner!

  54. Biff says:

    That’s it. Series over. Spurs are out of energy as it is, and no road team’s ever won a game 7 in the finals that I can remember. Utter disappointment.

  55. HT5 says:

    Spurs got robbed. Manu Ginobili was clearly fouled at the end of regulation. NBA just wants a game 7.

    • GHA says:

      if the spurs made their FT there wouldn’t be a game 7 PLZZZZ !!

    • Game Time says:

      Well no **** the NBA would like a game 7. Do they have control over it? NO! When you discover the device that makes the ball go into the net thus controlling the game, call us.

  56. Look at the future says:

    I feel like everyone asking for the foul cals were watching from a different angle. No foul on Ginobili, Allen got his full hand on the inside of the ball to jar it loose. Never EVER would any ref call that a foul on the last play, Green’s momentum makes it look worse than it actually was and Bosh got so much ball it’s frightening, like he palmed it back into green’s face. “Get off me” Bosh said. Bosh needs to bring back his predator look with the dreads, that’s when he was his best.

    • tyler t says:

      Well said. Clearly it was a “stuffed block” by bosh. Green was so off balance that the clean block and his moment sent him falling.

  57. theking0522 says:

    I don’t want to hear it, freaking haters. Miami was done. All the Spurs needed it was one more free-throw and they choked. Lebron with the huge 3-point shot to cut the lead to 2 points and Leonard choked. The trophy was ready for the Spurs. I don’t want to hear all the whining about the refs. I don’t want to hear how this league is rigged. Whiners!!! Spurs choked. Period. The refs cannot make you miss free-throws. It’s on the Spurs. Keep hating all you want…By the way…Leonard hacked Miller before that dunk and Ginobili took 20 steps in that last drive.

  58. Jason says:

    Shame on Miami.

  59. Beowulf says:

    Ginobili was the guy who ate the game for the Spurs. There were bad calls both ways, with some more in favor of Heat (well, home team). But this is a clear game lost by a team rather than won by the other. How can you miss 3 free throws in the last minute of the Finals? Just poor concentration by the Spurs at the end. This should have been a win for Spurs instead Heat will obviously win in 7. There is no way the referees will allow the Spurs to get this close again.

  60. CRYBABIES says:

    SAS fans CRY as much as you can, blame refs to death, but you can NEVER change the FACT that HEAT won!

  61. Jose Aldo says:

    You spurs fans really loves to whine about calls. you got the calls in favor of your team at san antonio. now do you want the calls on your favor at miami’s court too? whine whine whine

  62. jr says:

    Both teams got bad calls you guys complain to much …game 7 here we go …btw manu did not even get touched

    • Yeah Right says:

      I agree! It’s always the same story. “[Blah, blah, blah], my team lost because of bad calls, [blah, blah, blah]…”. Just accept the fact that “your” team lost! What about when “your” team wins? Was that because of bad calls, too?

  63. canthought says:

    SA was definitely robbed. not bitter about it but it was just those ridiculous calls. they forced a game 7 for the ratings and sales. and im afraid it will be miami again because of popularity. damn politics in sports.

  64. FeeLaZone says:

    Robbed, Gifts? U r clearly Miami haters. Actually, I’m a Clippers fan, but sometimes, too much talk on some of the Miami haters. Watch the replay, watch the slomo. If u talking that manu and green got fouled, then i would say, lebron also got fouled. I saw duncan take down bosh during his screen, just like MMA, lol…

    We know how hard to be a ref in the NBA, but refs watch a replay if they was not able to see it clearly.

  65. Romeo says:

    Whine more haters and spurs fans! That’s all you can do for now, at least.

  66. Patrick says:

    The Spurs were clearly robbed of a championship on that no call Ginobili foul where he was hacked across the arms on his last second drive. Both announcers even broadcasted it on national tv. If if you are a heat fan, you have to admit the heat were saved. You could even see it in Lebron’s face. He knew they were bailed out. Getting beat by getting outplayed is one thing, but when you are beat by the refs, its a sad state of affairs.

    • kickMe says:

      Oh really! I saw it myself but no way you give a call on tht one, it was more of a careless drive and just wiggled his hands to draw a realistic call. But seriously that was a foul to you?

      All through out the game and the series as well, the spurs was the one who benefited a lot from those BS calls. Duncan was like you touch me foul i touch you foul. Wow!

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        Your right, the spurs fans want to complain about that last play Ginobli made and say he got fouled and it lost the spurs the championship but for the last 2 games the refs have been heavily on the spurs side. So many fouls that were not called when LeBron drove in, and every little ticky tack foul that the heat did was called immediately. Did u see what Duncan did to Bosh? MMA style throw down – and yet LeBron gets called for an offensive foul trying to post up Parker. HEAT WON! ALL YOU SPURS BANDWAGON HEAT HATING FAKE FANS GET OVER IT!

    • Tea says:

      Missed or bad calls happen on both sides all of the time. People who blame the refs are just weak. Did the refs make that 3 pointer for Ray? Did the refs miss the free throws that Manu and Leonard shot? Cut it out people!!

    • shhh says:

      the no call on Ginobili?
      which one are you referring to, that he travelled before the so-called foul? or the so-called foul after he traveled?

      KD has gone fishing so I am impartial to this series. Refs let go of a lot of fouls and violations for both teams. Yes the officiating was not great, but it was not the refs caused the 5pt lead of spurs to shrink in less than 30secs.

      Green’s 3ptr blocked by Bosh is really a block, they might have contact downstairs but they are not going to get that call at that moment. Same thing would happen if it’s miami at san antonio.

      So yes officiating is bad, but they are calling it or not calling it for both teams.

  67. john says:

    oh come on man, there were so many offensive fouls called on miami and tons of fouls weren’t called on the spurs throughout the 3rd and 4th. u guys just let it slip, blame yourselves.

  68. FormerFan says:

    I cannot stand to watch or hear about this Heat team for one more second. All the talk is “what do heat need to do to win” “what is lebrons legacy.” How about giving deserved respect to the spurs and their greatness. Boycott game 7. Spurs will not have enough in tank to win. I am not giving this flopping, whining, dirty team ratings

  69. Jon says:

    Why was Tim Duncan Allowed back in the game at the end of regulation? No substitutes are allowed for instant replay. See below.

    Section XIII—Suspension of Play
    An official can suspend play for retrieving an errant ball, re-setting the timing devices,
    delay-of-game warning, inadvertent whistle, instant replay, a seriously-injured player or any
    other unusual circumstance. During such a suspension, neither team is permitted to substitute
    and the defensive team may not be granted a timeout. Play shall be resumed at the point
    of interruption.

    • jayteedsk says:

      spurs called a 20second time out after the review.
      you can sub after a time out.

      • Tea says:

        Spurs did not have any time outs!

      • anonymous says:

        @jay, spurs didn’t called for a timeout because spurs have no more timeouts. one more thing to notice, duncan did the inbound at the baseline when the game resume at 5.2 seconds..that concluded that no timeout was called.

      • ApeBron James says:

        stop whining , Gregg Popovich called a 20 second time out after the officials review

    • Jay says:

      @anonymous That’s exactly the point! EITHER TEAM HAVE NO TIMEOUTS REMAINING! Why is Duncan inside when there was no timeout called and the rules specifically say that no substitutions are allowed on instant replay.

  70. kickMe says:

    Was it a robbery or was it a great defense by the heat? Come on the two sequences you’re talking about was okay!

    Manu was defended well by the heat, it was more of a careless drive. Bosh blocked green while there was a body contact but were you aware of the rule of verticality? There’s no way that is a foul. Besides, the spurs were the one which got more 50-50 and BS Calls all through out the game and the whole finals series!! Please don’t cry for robbery.

  71. ivysaur23 says:

    yeah right..told you something would explode..win or lose in game 7 im so proud of you lebron..

  72. Caitlin says:

    Go Spurs! You are the real champions no matter the outcome Thursday. Robbed of 5th championship

    • Laker Fan Here says:

      HEAT OUTPLAYED the SPURS all night. Even when they were down by 5 with 30 seconds left. Leonard contributed to that as well.

      The refs helped the Spurs all night, the 3rd quarter run was very evident.

      – No calls twice on Lebron and Wade
      – Both Parker and Leonard got shooting fouls during that stretch as well.

      The calls you’re referring too.

      – Ginobli was a good no call.
      – Green -last second and Bosh was straight up.

      Sounds like you know the Spurs will lose Game 7. Just like the look Duncan and Manu had on their post game. They know they don’t have much left.

  73. Laker Fan Here says:

    Even though the Spurs continue to get all the calls….the HEAT continue to find a way. MIAMI win by 10+ in game 7.

    • FormerFan says:

      Are u serious. The heat were in the bonus with 7 minutes to go in 3 quarter and were never in penalty in 4 quarter or overtime. No call for Manu or Green. Quit babying the Heat. Just because they complain does not mean they were fouled

      • Jhz says:

        Are u seriously complaining about the refs?? Heat were in the bonus with 7 minutes left in the 3rd but managed to only draw 1 more foul while they got called for 11 fouls in the period check the stats before u talk

    • the only reason your going against the spurs is cause your a los angeles faker fan. if the fakers were in the finals you would be mad at the refs. btw im not a spurs fan but I know I fixed game when I see one. there was no reason to review the three by allen the refs just wanted to give the cheat time to set up their defense. if you watched the game then you probably heard when pop was yelling at the refs for the review. but I guess if I was the nba I would want it to go to 7 games as well. I mean it is a business after all.

      • Jay says:

        Yeah but the review thing was kind of tricky at that point. What if Ray Allen really stepped on the line? They cannot review that if the clock hit zero, then that would be a bigger travesty. Both teams have no timeouts so its trickier and there is no time stoppage so the refs have no time to review it but at that exact time. To me, I think it made no difference because the Spurs still had to inbound the ball from way back court and its not as if the Heat were celebrating on the floor after Ray Allen’s 3. In fact I think they were ready to defend at that time.

    • todd says:

      Laker fan…..never know you spelled Heat fan” Laker fan here”. The least you can do is try not to log in as if you are not a Heat fan. I’m a Celtic fan but like the team play of the Spurs, why all the deception? Your points do not become any less valid or seem more creditable if you make like your not a Heat fan. Relax be yourself its ok.

      • Lori says:

        Horrible reffing throughout the game. Even worse that it ended that way. But honestly Spurs fans should be more pissed at Pop. Really, subing-out Duncan, no rebounding. Really POP, REALLY!?! Then after time-outs in OT, your drawn up play was a Parker pick-n-roll, REALLY. Man this was the Spurs game and Pop blew it for them, more than any call by the refs, ref calls were terrible both ways, Pop’s coaching was just maddening! REALLY you sub-out Duncan!!! REALLY!!! UGH!

  74. No Excuses says:

    No Excuses. Heat Won, both teams did an exceptional job… Game 7 will decide…

  75. bob says:

    there were no calls on both ends throughout the game. seriously, stop complaining about the last play

  76. Oree says:

    Not a fan of either team…but NBA…its hard to watch a game that was poorly called. Please ….do better…..?

  77. Annie Malcayo says:

    From what I see Miami Heat should realize that they need a BIG MAN! enough to contain the likes of Duncan or Hibbert …they REALLY need a decent center!

  78. Heatin7 says:

    hahaha.. the spurs has an advantage because the refs are on them. Come on man.. the 13 point lead from spurs in 3rd quarter was all flowing fouls from miami..

    • Caitlin says:

      So that is what happened when Manu and Green should have been at the line

      • cavsfan says:

        Hahaha Manu was out of control, took three steps, and then probably exaggerated the contact as he is known to do so if not a travel that is a good no call. As for the Danny Green block, it doesn’t get any cleaner than that, I really don’t even know what it is you’re trying to say was a foul. I find it comical after watching that game to see spurs fans complaining about refs, there were bad calls/no calls on both sides but more often than not they favored the spurs.

  79. Caitlin says:

    Honestly, does anyone want this Heat team to win? They whine in transition. They shook their fists at referees all night. If I have to watch them win another championship I do not think I will be tuning in next year.

    • popoy_jr says:

      Then don’t. Nobody’s asking you anyways.

    • @Caitlin They probably did whine because Spurs were getting all the calls. I would too. I want them to win championship and they will so come out of your lil world and ready to face the facts after game 7 on thursday.

    • LBJsinceCleveland says:

      Shut up and don’t watch hater. I bet Jordan and the bulls made haters feel like that 2. But u still will watch them cuz they everywhere and u love to hate.

    • Bosh will cry says:

      I agree Cait. Do you ever see Tim Duncan whine, very rarely if ever. Heat= flopping franchise built with money and carried on by greed and whininess.

  80. LongTimeNBAFan says:

    No foul calls for Manu and Green? Ridiculous. It was so clear and obvious and it happened twice in a row. Ref bails out Miami again. Should be no surprise I guess.

    • Manu simply lost the ball with minimal contact. There were more severe contact with Heat players on the other end with no foul called. Danny Green got cleanly blocked by Bosh with rule of verticality. Heat did not get any call the entire game quit your crying.

    • Jay says:

      The steal on Manu has some contact, but the Heat also had a lot of calls not going their way. Lebron has been clobbered a lot of times but no foul is called. If they allow that level of physicality without a foul for the Spurs, then the same way should be for the Heat. That Danny Green block was a clean block, watch the replays. Just because Green fell down doesn’t mean its a foul. And refs don’t usually blow their whistle on moments like those. THE REASON THE SPURS LOST IS BECAUSE THEY CHOKED THEIR FREETHROWS, PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

  81. Martin says:

    No call on Manu’s drive to the net, foul 1. How was the last shot by Green not a 3 point foul? If it was the other way around Miami would be at the foul line.

    • kickMe says:

      Are you aware of the rule of verricality? That’s not a foul dude!

    • hardball says:


    • kingjames006 says:

      Manu took 5 steps before he got fouled go watch the replay….don’t be mad because the spurs didn’t get every call like they did in every other game….and the green shot was not even close to a foul…spurs are a bunch offloppers….lebron took the game over in the 4th….manu lost the game for them with his 8 tos and miss free throw…pop is a idiot for taking dunkin out…chris boss one this game for the heat…go miami

  82. Daniel says:

    Why did Spurs continue to go with Ginobili? One point more than turn over! Should take him out of the game. Costed the Championship!

    • Lori says:

      So true, man he was driving me crazy! Maybe he was to used to seeing his team in white, got confused. Ugh!

  83. NBA Down Under says:

    It’s heartbreaking to see Spurs deliberately NOT use their final time-out so that Manu can push the ball, drive in for a foul instead. Get’s fouled but doesn’t get the call. Really is heartbreaking.

    • Dreaming says:

      Mate your dreaming. Im impartial in this series. dont care who wins. but that was not a foul. Parker got two charges in the game pretty big calls if you want to say refs were in the heat pockets.

    • HeatfansinceWade says:

      Stern wanted the Heat to lose! Too bad the Heat have a say about that. Now all you losers are gonna cry foul when the Heat havent gotten the benefit of foul calls all series.

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        EXACTLY! the heat have been getting robbed by the refs, it doesn’t matter we will win in 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        #GO HEAT !!!

      • Caitlin says:

        Really? That is why they ignored fouls at the end of the game.

      • Refs help the Spurs because without it Heat would beat them in 4 or 5 games. Spurs got all the fouls while Heat dont get their fair shake. Even if they ignored the calls at the end of the game Spurs got favored by the ref for three quarters and even with that just led by 10 points.

  84. lucymyclo617 says:

    Miami gets the gift from the refs! Manu & Green was clear fault in the last minutes. GOOD JOB STERN!

  85. Adam says:

    The Spurs got robbed.

    • Adam says:

      It was a total, prime time, in your face robbery.

      • Laker Fan Here says:

        Adam – what game are you watching? (LOL)

      • FormerFan says:

        The one where the spurs were in the penalty with 7 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter and Miami was not in the penalty during the 4 or OT. The one where Manu and Danny were blatantly fouled without a whistle. The one where the media wants to ensure that LBJ’s legacy stays intact. Spurs are the real champions!

      • yes….LeBron choked…Ray Allen bailed them out…if they ever win the whole thing Ray Allen has to be the Finals MVP

      • We all saw the game. Refs favored the Spurs on most of the calls. See it all balances out in the end not converting free throws. Yeah that is robbery that Spurs could not make their FT. Keep crying Spurs fan and Heat haters.

      • Yeah Jordan choked too when Kerr and Paxon made their shots and bailed the Bulls. Haters gonna hate.

    • LetItREIGN says:

      No doubt they got robbed! Spurs are such veterans, they will adjust to this. This league was built for a dynasty such as Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, and Spurs. Once in a while a team slips in. Should the Heat win, this is probably a beginning of a new dynasty.

      • bballfan says:

        Adam and LetItREIGN, you guys and people like you who thinks spurs got robbed and refs helped the heat are idiots. dont tell me that the refs helped Ray Allen shoot his clutch 3. If Ray Allen wasnt able to sink that clutch 3 you wouldnt even be saying anything. so shut up and be glad you were able to watch a great game where the players played their hearts out!

    • reynol pers says:

      Pay attention to this, all you wack-job NBA conspiracy theorists
      The Spurs entered Tim Duncan back into the game while Allen’s shot was being reviewed. Teams are not allowed to substitute players during referee reviews, because reviews aren’t technically a dead ball situation.
      Think about that. Tim Duncan could have capped a legendary career with a game-winning shot to win the 2013 NBA Finals, and it wouldn’t have even been legal. And there wouldn’t have been anything the referees – considering the NBA’s current in-game rules regarding mulligans – could have done about it.
      GO HEAT !!!