Reports: Celtics-Clippers Deal ‘Dead’


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Well, that was fun while it lasted.

But the proposed trade between the Los Angeles Clippers and Boston Celtics, the one that would have sent Kevin Garnett, DeAndre Jordan and a couple of Draft picks, along with Doc Rivers in a separate scenario, across country in different directions is now “dead,” according to Broderick Turner of The Los Angeles Times:

Turner has more in his story for the Times, where he details what may have caused a breakdown in the potential blockbuster:

The final sticking point that stopped the deal was Boston president of basketball operations Danny Ainge insisting that Clippers vice president of basketball operations Gary Sacks give the Celtics two No. 1 draft picks along with DeAndre Jordan, said league officials who were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

Sacks was prepared to trade Jordan and one No. 1 pick for the rights to negotiate with Rivers and to acquire Garnett, but refused to add another first-round pick, the executives said.

The Clippers and Celtics started talks again early Tuesday morning, knowing that Eric Bledsoe wasn’t going to be in the deal, but were still unable to make a connection.

The Clippers now move on to having more conversations with Byron Scott and Brian Shaw, the executives said.

Further proof that the current deal is no longer in play comes from the Boston Globe, where Ainge confirmed to Baxter Holmes that the deal is indeed dead:

Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge confirmed to the Globe that the proposed Celtics-Clippers blockbuster deal that would have sent both Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett to the Clippers is, in fact, “dead.”

The Clippers began leaking word Tuesday that the Celtics’ asking price of DeAndre Jordan and two first-round draft picks in exchange for Rivers and Garnett was too steep, and they were set to move on and hire either Lionel Hollins or Brian Shaw as a new coach.

A league source confirmed to the Globe that the main hangup in the deal was that the Clippers did not want to give up a second first-round draft pick.

Now, Rivers is certainly in an interesting position.

Because of a non-compete clause in the five-year extension he signed in 2011, Rivers can’t coach anywhere else for the next three years unless the Celtics grant permission.

But Rivers, according to league sources, is not at all enamored with the idea of coaching a rebuilding team.

Did the Clippers get cold feet?

Did the Celtics?

Maybe Doc had second thoughts about being involved in this sort of bizarre trade scenario?

Whatever the breakdown, the deal appears to be dead … for now.

Let the finger pointing and speculation begin!


  1. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    I’m amazed there aren’t more rumors relating Chris Paul signing with the Thunder at 10 – 15 Million a year. Slightly less than Kevin Durant’s 17 Million a year.

    The Thunder have potentially 20 – 40 million in cap space. If they amnesty Ken Perkins.

  2. kicsikg says:

    I want KG and PIERCE to retire in BOSTON!

  3. LakerFan247 says:

    The fact that the clippers don’t wanna trade 2 first rd picks doesn’t make any since…Boston isn’t even askin for Bledsoe in the deal..if LAC thinks wit coach rivers and Garnett along wit pierce down the line can win it all, then that draft pick is worthless anyway…stupid clippers

  4. MoFo says:

    Honestly this trade talk is all hype. Why would the Celtics trade away their franchise player and the heart of the team for Jordan who isn’t a good rebounder for a 7 foot guy? Besides, Boston is NOT in rebuild mode. They were poised to make damage in this playoffs had Rondo not been injured.

  5. JAMES YAP says:

    all i can say? the clips should have agreed with the celts’ proposal..

  6. DealDead says:

    Not that it’s Griffins fault but he’s the most over-rated player in the NBA because dunking is way over hyped right now and that’s all he can do. Maybe the clippers have finally come to terms with that. I think he’d be best utilized as a bench player because he brings a lot of energy and really sparks the team with his dunks, besides that… nada.

  7. J says:

    its was a stupid deal to begin with

  8. Doc, stay Doc-stay-PLEASE STAY! Doc is a phenomenal coach-def top 3 in the past 10 years. Hope he ends up staying & hope Pierce & KG end up playing out their careers here too-retire in The Bean!

  9. lakerfan alohastyle says:

    clippers will always be second best in LA…i think management is doing a very poor job..just like the clipper’s announcers that broadcast the clipper’s game…BINGO!!!BINGO!!! that’s all you here when the clipper’s game is on…hahahahaha!! BINGO!!BINGO!!!

  10. stupid ainge says:

    read my name

  11. gorgeous888 says:

    Come on please any team that takes on Dwightmare as he has become affectionately known is taking on TROUBLE! The man is full of his own self importance – he is a disaster in the locker room. He causes untold damage just ask those at the Lakers or Magic, unsettling behaviour is not something any team should be looking to take on!

    Feel sorry for Doc stuck with a rebuilding team when the GM has no idea who to get – wasted years for Doc he will leave I’m sure. Spend time with his family which is something he can do whilst being on TV.

  12. From MNG says:

    Good Morning every one.
    My point of view ……… KG and DOC is good trade i love KG but i don’t like CEL team in Timwolfs KG was great and in boston he did to much.during old time KG was planing only for team like TImwolfs and Boston. but you can see Lebron, Allen, Tmac, Bosh, ect players only thinking his self. But we know KG must think his self. 37 old no is good on time for example. Iverson, KG, Paul Pierce, Kidd, Deng, Reggi Miller, Charles Barklye ect to many stars are planing hole career time they playing only for his team. then most of them don’t have rings.
    Paul, Billups,Griffin, Garnett and Doc it will fantastac team will be red Hot player like Paul Griffin and experienced wolf KG
    and a lot of playoff experience player: Billups they can be Fantastic team but salary cap space will be very difficult for KG he can off the to LAC lower salary because his old and him need more rings that’s it .
    Thanks for every one.


  13. edita says:

    Doc is very comfy with the Celtics right now true he would not want to coach a rebuilt team the clippers frustration climbing to the top I’d not a coach dream

  14. Jose (clipper Nation) says:

    Happy Boston Deal didn’t go through,

  15. NBAIQ says:

    So with this dead deal comes no return of Chris Paul in a Clippers uniform. I suggest they contact Cliff Paul, maybe he can pick up where Chris Paul left off.
    Boston has a solid run left they should try to get Monta Ellis. With him and Rondo in the back court that would cause a headache for any opposing coach.

  16. Gillsy says:

    That’s it for the Celtics cause I agree Doc went to far to come back now, which will result in KG retiring which isn’t a bad thing since a year ago he wasn’t sure if he could last another year at his standard or requesting a trade. Then the rumours are that PP will be delt at draft time which may not be such a bad idea if you can get something out of his draft. They probably need this to happen to clear cap space which Danny doesn’t have much of due to some poor decisions. One of his best options now would be to try and sent Lee, Terry or both to OKC, they would get cap relief and their two counteracts would be not much more than Martins and provide some decent options off he bench for scoring. The Celtics could get Martins contract which is up in weeks and Lamb to help in the backcourt.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Sorry, OKC needs to aim as high as possible. Chris Paul should be the first choice to attain. Then, they can try for Igoudala, Al Jefferson, or Monta Ellis.

      We don’t want Terry or Lee. At least I hope OKC is smarter than that. They need to allocate their vast cap space wisely and optimally. Not waste it on subpar players.

  17. BBall lover says:

    both teams are done…no matter what they do they will be the NBA whipping boyz

  18. Nate says:

    I am glad this trade didn’t go through it would of done more harm than good for the Celtics. Let KG, Pierce and Doc spend their last few years mentoring Sullinger, Green, Bradley and Lee. Trade or draft for another centre but don’t destroy the Celtics for a patheric centre and two first round draft picks.

  19. Bu says:

    GM’s & presidents talk to each other all the time. Looks like Ainge is being approached but not initiating this. Then, it wouldn’t hurt to just “talk” & get a price / valuation on DA who can be a young player to groom in future. I’m sure that Ainge knows that KG is the heart & soul of the Cetlics & its current system of D & team 1st. And, only Doc is the key person to glue everyone together to run it. Getting just DA & 2 1st rounders & even wl Bledsoe for KG & Doc don’t make sense, esp with so many good free agents around.

    I suspect this whole thing was blown open by the Clippers side in an attempt to make the Celtics serious as well as putting some pressure on both KG, PP & even Doc to soften their heart for the Celtics & maybe perhaps get them thinking about trade.

    Also, we don’t know how many other teams can involve here so these talks may eventually lead to 3-4 team deals, also giving considerations to the salary cap.

  20. Kimmy says:

    I care more about OKC and the Hawks. San Antonio has a chance to win tonite. But not gonna happen. Nobody can beat the Heat…. this year. They have the best player in the galaxy and he makes his teamates go the next level. Go Thunder! Go Hawks!

  21. jose says:

    Go boston

  22. Number 13 says:

    Teams actually want to trade for Deandre Jordan? lol

  23. MrClean says:

    it’s kind of annoying to see him constantly use no. 1 draft pick instead of first round draft picks

  24. boswell says:

    With Lionel Hollins available, why give up anything for a coach? better to wait for Pierce to be bought out, and sign him to a 1 or 2 year deal for nothing. Of course Garnett is better than DAJordan, he’s also 13 years older. The Clippers need to advance the same way OKC, by having a core group of players that have years together. Trying to short-cut the process with Garnett, and the loss of 2 1st round picks is not wise. With Paul’s MAX contract, the Clippers will need some rookies with smaller contracts in order to crunch the numbers. Granted, the Clippers need a C/F with experience, the ability to make a free throw in the clutch, and either an outside shot or shot-blocking and rebounding prowess. Bledsoe is not a throw-in, he’s a cornerstone of a major upgrading…… Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan to Denver for Andre Miller and JaVele McGee is a wiser type of a move. As 2nd stringers, Miller and McGee nearly had as many lob dunks as Paul and Griffin. Can you imagine Bledsoe’s energy at a mile high, with other guards trying to keep up with him in a run and gun offense?

  25. Sunny says:

    Clippers are just making a power move for leverage. The celtics will lose all the pieces of the trade with nothing to show for it. When the come crawling back with reduced asking price tomorrow, the deal gets done.

  26. Peter says:

    The Clippers are simply being rediculous in their expectations, thank god Danny did not agree to this.

    They offer DeAndre Jordan (a mediocre center who is raw and way overpaid – taking him is doing the Clippers a favour!) for KG (defensive game change, strong scorer and future hall of famer whoa player who – at 37 years old – was an All-Star last season)?

    Then they offer a single draft pick for the right to sign Doc – one of the top 3 or 4 coaches in the league for the last decade?

    Then factor in that they are basically getting Pierce too, who Boston would have bought out so he could sign with the Clippers.

    • Peter says:

      So basically the Clippers are getting Pierce, KG and Doc (which would instantly transform them into a top 3 championship favorite) and in return Boston get a bad contract with little trade value, and a single draft pick which (given the newly added talent on their team) would have been a low one anyway. .

      They refuse to include Bledsoe because they want to use him in a trade later, they refuse to include a second weak draft pick, and they refuse to absorb one of Bostons modestly $5M contracts (Lee/Terry) as well? Even though we are taking on their $10M bad contact already as part of the deal?

      Give me a break.

  27. BigDubs says:

    Send Blake and Bledsoe to the Lakers for Howard, Send Jordan and 1st rd to Atlanta for JOsh Smith and Hawks get Pau Gasol and and Lakers get Horford they get lakers 2nd rd picks


    Josh Smith
    D Howard

    • BigDubs says:

      Blake would fit better with Lakers, and HOward with Clippers!!!

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      This won’t happen because KG wants to retire GREEN as a Celtic.

      What should and WILL HAPPEN: Chris Paul will join the Thunder.

      The OKC Thunder have over 30 Million cap space. (I can show you the link as evidence if you don’t believe me). They have been planning this on purpose because they knew there would be many elite free agents this summer. They planned and now have excellent cap space to sign Chris Paul and someone like Andre Igoudala.

      Kevin Durant’s yearly salary is about 17 Million. Thus, it is logical that Chris Paul would be more than willing to sign with the Thunder for 10 – 15 Million a year. Then, the Thunder can go after Igoudala OR Al Jefferson OR someone like Monta Ellis.

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        See, they didn’t want to re-sign Harden IF they had to pay him as much or more than Durant or Westbrook. They could have re-signed Harden if they wanted to. Instead, they saved up by signing Martin for a lower price. Thus, they have tons of cap space to sign any elite free agent this summer that is willing to accept 10 – 15 Million a year. This has been the long-term strategy. A superb strategy IF they execute it, optimally. If they do, the Thunder are poised to take over the NBA for the next 10 – 15 YEARS.

  28. Andrew says:

    The Clippers are too greedy, and Celtics are too proud. The clippers will forever stay a 1st round elimination team much like the Suns, Kings, Knicks(for a while), Nets, and others. Just think you would have a successful coach in Rivers with Dwight, KG, Butler, Crawford, and Cp3. If the Celts were smart they would have taken the trade with just one 1st rnd draft pick, and make the Lakers cough in the other 1st rnd draft pick since their deal is Dwight for Blake, and Bledsoe.

    Or if I was Lakers I would agree with Celtics to get Bledsoe from Clippers then trade Bledsoe to BOS for 2-3 good role players to help lakers bench.

  29. OctoPPus says:

    Someone trying to make a CHAMP TEAM ??? (at least w a new BIG 3 – to be competitive and interesting to watch) ??


    Little switches will bother no one – trash deals ….

  30. phillyfromg says:

    I don´t think it would be wise to switch the center. Both are not able to make their freethrows. Damn you are professional ball players!

    By the way Howard has 17 PPG and 12 Reb. during the season playing 35 MPG. Deandre Jordan reched 9 PPG and 7 Reb. in 24 MPG. He is 3 years younger and with the right coach his postgame will improve. So I´m not sure if Howard isn´t a bit overrated looking at the future.

  31. jacknohara says:

    well, the problem with that trade was the package involved:

    if boston trades Fenway Park, the 1986 NBA trophy and the draft rights of Larry Bird , then the Clips could sent the Colliseun, a picture of Will Smith and a used underwear of Danny Manning (Lucky underwear, would fit great with the Celtic Clover) That would make the deal happen.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      I know, huh?

      Why not just trade entire franchises? Move Celtics to LA, and Clippers to Boston and Lakers to … ah, who cares about the Lakers?


  32. asknba says:

    Now that we have Coach Hollins, an Coach Chris Paul , execution will be near perfection, with everybody on the same page, Blake Griffin can be his aggressive self, with no stressing, Maurice Speights is available as a slash 4/5 to stretch the floor, an open up driving lanes. Gary Neal to replace Brotherhood Billups, This would eliminate a Spurs core. What about the possibilities of a trade for Demarcus Cousins. Likewise there is no fear of a lazy work ethic, because Coach Paul, an Coach Hollins will seize it to exist, This will cause the Clips to shake the stigma stepchild mentality, poised to be the new fan favorite. Everybody knows Los Angeles admires a Champion, I’m just a fan who loves this game, take care.

  33. Erlo says:

    Heat in 7.

  34. dazeylz says:

    I don’t understand this “re-building” – it already happened starting with Perkins trade. Green & Bradley were the re-build, they were both injured for the first re-build season. Then they came in, got their legs, and Rondo went down. There has been NO CHANCE for the re-build, to take effect. Pulling the plug too soon.

    This is insane – the speed of Rondo, Bradley, Green & otheres, with the expertise and veteran playerrs coaching from Pierce & Garnett is the perfect storm to make one last run with this Big 3. Loyalty? I think the Celtics owe Pierce, Garnett & Rivers for their dedication to their organization. Pierce re-negotiated his own contract to bring in Shaq & Doc, declared himself a Celtic for life, delivered the pennant & trophy – he did his part. They took Perkins from Rondo, and that didn’t work out, Now they’re taking Garnett from him? What?

  35. Joe J says:

    Make the trade with the Lakers and all of L.A. will be happy. Just do it.

  36. Common Sense says:

    Remember DJ…This is simply a point that you are now a Star Center that can pull off a Blockbuster trade of the heart of one of the most successful franchises in Basketball history. With two measly draft picks and YOU, they would have traded the heart of their TEAM! I’m glad we still have you because I know you will work on your FT with Blake and no one will stop you. You have more potential than Dwight, your funnier, and your better at Dunking!!1 Make it happen Cappen!!

  37. brain scalbarine says:

    I also eat pie

  38. brain scalbarine says:

    i am the best basketball player. Better than MJ

  39. Bird33 says:

    I’ve been a C’s fan all my life. But my view on this may differ from many. I say let Doc and Kevin go to LAC. Before you pounce, hear me out – especially you C’s fans. Doc said it best – “they don’t count divisional or conference championships in Boston”. Check out the rafters if you don’t believe him – only 17 NBA Championship banners are hanging. I hate to say it, let alone think it, but unless the C’s make a drastic move, it’s going to be a few years before #18 takes its rightful place next to 2008. And speaking of 2008, I think most will agree that Doc and Kevin were a huge part of that title. So – if we’re not in a position to compete, why punish two very unselfish members of a team that brought us a reason to cheer again? Why not let KG finish his days with LAC and let Doc have a chance at winning? It’s not like they are going to the Lakers or the Heat – that would be a different story lol. I’ve enjoyed watching the Clippers and would like to be able to cheer Doc and Kevin to victory one more time…even if they are wearing LAC colours.

    Re the deal – I think the Clippers are underestimating the combined value of Kevin and Doc – if they were smart, they’d cough up two 1st round picks and D Jordan. However, given their history, no one has ever accused them of being smart 🙂

    PS – please don’t take Vinny in the trade – he seems like a nice guy but we could and should do better for that position.

    • Dionte Christmas says:

      Man, that’s pretty compelling. As a lifelong C’s fan my initial reaction is to want to see KG retire in green, but if he was content with going out to LAC with Doc, then maybe the idea of blowing up the core and rebuilding would be more palatable. At the end of the day, though, it would still have to be both draft picks….

    • MoFo says:

      It’s easy to say that you’re “a c’s fan your whole life” but hard to prove. A player’s rep gets hurt everytime they switch teams. A player of KG’s caliber should be a one team (two tops). Imagine if MJ went to a third team, it would only make him look washed up. Look at Shaq (no offense) but going phx, cle and bos only hurt his great career (not to mention career avg)

  40. javalemcgee says:

    javale to boston yeah

    • brain scalbarine says:

      No, josh smith to boston, and al horford, and nate robinson, and tracy mcgrady, and dwight howard all to boston

  41. javalemcgee says:

    kevin rocks boston rocks i am a boston fan

  42. MonteC says:

    When is the next trade deal starting? Dwight for Griffin and Bledsoe! Both teams need to make this happen asap or they both loose!! Dwight and Paul walk

  43. McChicken says:

    rondo killed the deal

  44. LemW says:

    Doc Rivers wants the best deal with Celtics loyalty second. However, now Docs has a ‘monkey wrench’ mixed in with loyalty.


    Well it was fun while it the clips should go for Monte Ellis and dwight

  46. sAN aNTON says:

    San Antonio is going to win tonight and that is all that matters in the NBA right now!!!! Bye bye LeQueen!!! HA hA ha Ha!

  47. Max says:

    For one draft pick? They gave up an excelent coach and a proven veteran, former MVP for a draft pick? Who will they select with that draft pick? The new MJ?? That`s why we`ll never get a championchip!!

  48. Dragutin says:

    These teams are not relevant in the years to come no matter what they do.Next year it’s going to be all about Miami again and probably OKC.If I where Boston i would chase Smith Iguadala and a couple of other top free agents this summer San Antonio pushed it’s big 3 again and got to the finals i don’t see a reason why the same should not apply to Boston.The Clippers should just learn some damn defense they have a great team.A Greg Popovic would make a dynasty from a team like the Clippers they are lazy.

  49. Art says:

    Clippers just found a better deal. After Finals they will trade Jordan & Butler to Miami for Bosh & Spoelstra. No picks involved.

  50. Mad says:

    Good, Lionel Hollins or Brian Shaw would be better. KG is old and slow, I think the clippers have better deals on the table

  51. silencio says:

    There are a lot of younger players who can play, garnet has about 2 years maximum. They should keep griffin though, If I was to choose which i’m not, I would go with griffin instead of paul or howard. He’s just gonna get better and he’s the only reason I watch the clippers game. I just hope the clippers don’t do anything as stupid as trading griffin for howard.

  52. Kevin says:

    I’m glad the Celtics didn’t just give up pieces for a center that can’t make a free throw for his life, and a pick. Kg and Rivers would have made the clippers a contender, but they decided to be greedy with their offer, now they will just be a first round elimination team once again 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Really? Honestly KG is still far better than Deandre j. Clips shoulda given up more

      • maybe... says:

        you win long term in this league by doing a better job of personnel management. Trading 2 first round picks and your current starting center for a guy who has maybe 2 years left of playing 5 minutes at a time is ridiculous from the Clippers perspective. From Boston’s side, losing your defensive heart, your top tier coach, and admitting that your title chances are over hurts, a lot. That pain can only be soothed by a good haul in a trade, something like a young center and multiple picks would help. No one was greedy, no one was stupid, this is just why trades are so hard to make in this league.

      • dhk says:

        That’s what he is saying. They got greedy and didn’t want to give up the second #1

  53. Kamote says:


  54. Mike Rotch says:

    I was kind of hoping that it would happen, not so much because it helped either team, but because I was intrigued by part two of the scenario with the Clips sending Griffin and Bledsoe to the Lakers for Dwight Howard. I really would have like to see that one happen because I think Howard is going to walk, with the Lakers getting nothing for him. On the surface, it would have been a rotten deal for the Clippers. I would have turned it down.

    • skrutz says:

      Was anyone ever suggesting that scenario? I can’t imagine why they’d trade Griffin, the face of the franchise.

      • msims says:

        Griffin is NOT the face of the franchise. All he can do is dunk. Can’t shoot free throws and he has no jump shot.

      • Tyler says:

        Cp3 is the face of the franchise and the best player on the team. And I’m glad they didn’t make dat trade bc Celtics will be better whenever rajon rondo come back, Celtics need to trade courtney lee for Eric bledsoe so he can b the point guard until rondo comes back. rondo he going to b greater then ever when he comes back
        you better believe that

  55. the Seer says:

    the Clippers seem determined to get back to being terrible.
    uncomfortable at the top?

    • ClipFanSince78 says:

      You my friend are an idiot….Determined to be terrible? Last I checked the Clips are in good shape, can that much be said about the Celtics? They have a coach who doesn’t want to be there, and a team full of contracts which will hinder them for years to come. Getting Doc would’ve been nice, but not necessary.

      Only an idiot would say 2 #1’s and DeAndre is fair compensation. Take what they give you and try to start the rebuilding process…I hope Doc quits and goes back to the booth….then we’ll see who is uncomfortable.

      • TONY says:

        Hey CLIP FAN, the clippers will always be second in LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will NEVER, EVER, win a championship!

      • Peter says:

        Clearly you are the idiot.

        If the Clippers got Doc and KG then Boston would have paid out Pierce so that he can go to LAC as well. Then the Clippers have a roster or Paul, Billups, Pierce, Griffin, Garnett along with Doc as their head coach. That team instantly becomes a top 3 favorite to contend for a title right now. Then over the next two years Butlers contract ($8M), Garnett’s contract ($11M) and Pierce’s contract $16.,5M) would all come off the books, leaving them with $35.5M in cap space.

        All they had to do was give up Jordan (who’s a bad contract), Bledsoe (who they only want as a tade chip anyway) and one draft pick. In return they would a good shot at a title now, and enough cap space to sign to max players in two seasons’ time.

      • ClippersWEAKESTTEAMever says:

        You’re the idiot one.Deandre Jordan is a moron player only capable of doing dunks, not a good shooter, rebounder and defender, With the possibility of having KG and Pierce in a team is great, and since their contracts will expire, the Clippers could’ve had enough cap space to hire new players next summer if they chose to. Clearly the Clipper fans are losers, forever shadowed by the best team ever in the NBA. Clippers should go to the Seattle instead of trying hard to be in LA grounds. Staples Center are only for champions, not for cheap teams.

    • sportsCritique says:

      How would this trade honestly make the Clippers a better team? The deal would be for the right to hire Doc. Throwing in a 37yr old Garnett with a hellacious contract and a no trade clause would just be icing on the reality cake for the Celtics. They wanted too much for an aged star when they should have been satisfied with Jordan and one 1st round pick instead of two.
      The scenario having Paul Pierce end up in LA too? So changing coasts and uniforms does what exactly? They couldnt compete in the “lesser” talent east but all of a sudden make a team a contender in the stacked west? A top 3 contender? Pffft. It was a bad idea from the beginning but the only way to get Doc now.. and not 3-4 yrs from now.
      Annnnd Dwight Howard is just as one dimensional as Blake Griffin. At least Griffin still has youth as an excuse and still some upside if he puts in the work off season.
      If Boston and Doc end up parting ways (and at this point its highly likely) he could probably negotiate down to one year not coaching but thats no good for a team needing a coach now.

    • trade not good for either side…