Bosh: Green ‘Won’t Be Open Tonight’


MIAMI — Enough is enough!

After allowing him to set a Finals record with 25 3-pointers (in just five games and on just 38 attempts), the Miami Heat are not going to let Danny Green have his way with them any more.

“He has a knack for shooting, but he won’t be open tonight,” Chris Bosh said after the Heat’s shootaround at AmericanAirlines Arena on Tuesday. “We’ll see how he shoots it when somebody’s always on him.”

Bosh said that the Heat don’t have to make any adjustments to defend Green better in Game 6 (9 p.m. ET, ABC).

“It’s just doing what we do,” Bosh said. “Last game, we didn’t do what we normally do. Guys were open and made shots.

“They move the ball too well to have defensive lapses. So we’re going to have to trust what we do.”

The Heat can be a terrific defensive team when they’re active, focused and everyone’s on the same page. The problem is that the activity, focus and communication comes and goes. They haven’t put two great defensive games together all postseason.

Now, they have no choice but to do just that.


  1. Darn it Spurs-you had the game in hand & in control-S?!?-it’s all good though. Spurs will just have to take the final & i mean final gm 7 in all out Spurs mode. TD & TP will stay in beast mode. ALL SPURS-GO & TAKE IT-GET THIS DONE-BE THE CHAMPS YOU ARE!!!
    I’m not saying any excuses because Spurs had that game, but you can’t ignore the truth-those last 2 obvious fouls-1 ray on Manu driving & 1 bosh on Green’s 3pt att that weren’t called in under last 30 seconds decided the game in the end-those were so obvious that even any non all star player would get those calls. & yeah look-yes there were some no calls both ways thru out the game-but to let them be the deciding a turn out in the end of a finals game is atrocious? None the less…..
    Spurs in 7

  2. HeatRoc says:

    So haters….how’d those “Spurs in 6” predictions work out for ya?

  3. Bosh delivers says:


  4. Bruce Duan says:

    OK, can you win spurs tonight?

  5. MIA CHAMPS says:

    all of you are just aggravating and waken up a sleeping monster ( lebron )so keep talking and enjoy your self and plz
    lebron>parker wade>manu tim=bosh green=shane…oh and keep hating we love hate we thrive on hate

  6. MIA CHAMPS says:

    it dont matter miami will bring it and force game 7 plain and simple

  7. Gonzo says:

    Let the players handle this one, should be best game of the series. Miami don’t want to lose and San Antonio wants to be the champion tonight. Exciting game right here.

  8. Miss_Old_School_B-Ball says:

    Heat are not championship caliber. They have some talented individuals, but do not have the tenacity or grace of champions. That is the reason they cannot win consistently, because instead of seeing the championship as a journey they take it game-by-game. They got very lucky last season, but the Spurs (I think) will win because they keep their mouths shut and bring it to the court.

  9. SPURS NATION says:

    Danny Green wont be open but he can shoot w/ TWO DEFENDERS. haha.. LBJ and CB defend GREEN in game 5 and he can shoot treys.

  10. go spurs go says:

    if heat win this game, the nba is fixed man. heat can’t beat experienced veteran teams. the only reason they won the championship against OKC because inexperience. hope the refs let these men play out….

  11. Spurs Boy says:

    You conspiracy theory guys kill me with that nonsense. The NBA could care less if it goes 7 games, they got paid off merchandise, commercials, and ratings.

  12. R says:

    LeBron will drive to the basket and get to the foul line. He’ll actually start trying

  13. Arnoldphk says:

    It’s time to go fishing!

  14. jay says:

    Easier said than done.

    “We’ll see how he shoots it when somebody’s always on him.”
    He will just shoot over who ever is guarding him,he’s being doing it all series.

    Bosh is a joke.

  15. Alexandre says:

    Lol, really you will get someone in defense just for him, dont forget they have other 4 on the field, and if one is in Green and the defense double on Parker will rest 3×2, and Duncan and Leonard will get it easy

  16. kdot says:

    Green stays in the corner whoever is guarding him cant come over to help. Gonna be an open lane all night for Manu and TP

  17. Chris says:

    Great job, and to think it only took you guys 5 games and 25 three pointers to figure out you can’t leave Green open.

  18. erick says:

    they should have done that since Game 1!

  19. GBreeza says:

    I don’t think there is some magical seven game goal. The Spurs swept Lebrons team before in the finals. Cavs or not they could’ve made a lot of money playing Lebron. They will both fight hard period

  20. raj says:

    please respect players . let them play

  21. Look out for the Bleh Bleh Bleh says:

    Why don’t Miami answer with their own threes?

    I think Spurs in 6 BTW.

  22. Miami won’t let anyone of the good players in Spurs stay open tonight… Especially Manu, Green, Parker and Tim… Just like Bosh said!
    The Miami team looks mad and concerned tough….

  23. gab says:


  24. mati says:

    It’s funny to remember that Bosh called himself a hall of famer.

    Playing alongside Lebron or Wade makes you a hall of famer? Being the franchise player on a perennial loterry team? Having great numbers on a team that couldnt reach the playoff?

    How can he consider himself a hall of famer? He can’t even grab 7 rebounds a game being 6-11…

  25. spurschamps1213 says:

    Spurs in 6 ‘Nuff Said.

  26. […] Eso no va a suceder en el Juego 6, Chris Bosh promete, según lo informado por . […]

  27. john says:

    if green is not open tonight then someone else for the spurs will be open

  28. Dat Boy Omar says:

    Everyone please stop talking like this is gonna be a cake walk. Dont get me wrong i am a die hard spurs fan but there is a reason why miami are the defending champs and Lebron is a 4 time MVP. This game and the series can go either way. Ita ok to be a fan and support our team but dont be an ignorant one. GO SPURS GO!!!!!!! Let’s bring that trophy home!

  29. DDSPHON says:

    Cris Bosh for the inside low post and automatic. Shane Battier at the 3 point area. Lebron running and going. To win the title. Hawai’i fans are for this setup in Miami. We’re for Miami, all over Hawai’i.

  30. DDSPHON says:

    Hawai’i fans are for Miami in game 7. And the title! NBA

  31. Essie says:

    Miami will NOT win twice on the Spurs! Spurs don’t get to the final often but when they do, they make they make sure they have enough weapons to win! This is not OKC nor Boston…it’s a different monster!

  32. carloholic says:

    bosh is stupid. does anyone still remember he take that 3 in game 1 and the heat lost!!!

  33. DDSPHON says:

    Everyone’s going for Miami to win in 7.

  34. Michael says:

    Miami got this…let’s go HEAT.

  35. Danny Green is the man says:

    This message is for Chris Bosh. People are much more interested in this series because of Danny Green, not you. You arrogant somethingorother.

  36. PRIVATE_RYAN says:

    Spurs “BIG 3” was born not made NOT like Heats “BIG 3” they were made (like BOSTONS “BIG 3” they’re only good for 1 Championship) & to Bosh – the only reason why you are a part of the “BIG 3” because you signed @ the same time as Lebron – trust me i saw you play on crucial game & you always choke =) – remember the playoffs againts Magic (when you were in Toronto) you got scared to drive because Dwight was there =) & don’t forget when you got school by Dirk that killed you guys in the finals =)

  37. OctoPPus says:


  38. OctoPPus says:

    HOPE GREEN WILL FRY W 3’s – GO SPURS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BANG their HOLE, GREEN !!!!!!!!!!!!! LAST GAME !!!!!!

  39. taurus says:

    All of a sudden cant make his shots tonight everybody going to see that its rigged to blow and say nice job with letting them win again david stern and all lebron worshippers lol smh

  40. taurus says:

    I have always thought that nba finals were rigged with all the easy predictions it makes no sense.Im not a fan of either time but im also tired of the down right ugly praising lebron gets so if green been this way for 5 games straight with or without ppl guarding this guy and he

  41. Lebrain says:

    I think the Heat will lose in game 7. Bosh gets traded to the Bobcats, Ray Allen retires and Lebron moves to New York (Knicks)

  42. DBlaq says:

    You’d think they would have smothered him after game 1 or 2. At least they realized hes no fluke before SA could win the championship. Great learning curve.

  43. vincent says:

    Sports writers give the Heat too much credit. I read on ESPN a story that pinned Miami as “on the greatest teams of all time because they went to the finals 3 years in a row”… I’m sorry, but does that mean the Buffalo Bills during the Jim Kelly era were one of the greatest football teams of all time?. No it does not. I hate when professional pride deludes the logic of otherwise semi-intelligent people

    • Chris says:

      I know right? Miami one of greatest teams of all time is laughable.

      Bulls did it twice during the 90’s (and won all three both times).

      Lakers (who i hated) did it twice in the early 2000’s winning all three and another three straight a few years ago winning 2 out of the three.

      The Lakers (who I REALLY hated) also went four straight times in the 80’s (winning two out of the four), and then again 3 straight times in the late 80’s winning 2 out of the three. The also won another title earlier in that decade.

      Celtics went 4 straight times in the mid 80’s winning 2 during that streak, and also another title earlier in the decade.

      I don’t think today’s Heat could even compete with those teams especially not the Bulls, so for Sports Writers to say they are one of the greatest teams of all time is way off base.

  44. vincent says:

    The Heat haven’t won 2 in a row since LeBron got blocked by Nate Robinson over a month ago. And I’m not sure, but I think The Spurs might be a better team than Chicago.. and Indiana..

  45. Kevo says:

    Just stop replying to everything “miamisince1988” (I’m sure you’re just a bandwagon fan who was BORN in 1988). The Heat are a pathetic bunch if they think they have this “switch” to turn on and off whenever they please.

    They will have no choice but to pick their poison: the Spurs Big 3 smashing them in the paint or the snipers taking their shots.

    Let’s all remember that all of the pressure is on the Heat to win: they have only one championship to show for the 3 years that their “Big 3” have been together and this has been a stellar season for them. The Spurs have the Finals experiences and the rings to show for it. Spurs in 6.

  46. RJ says:

    TONIGHT HEAT WINS. EVERYONE Going to say OMG how they do it? SPUR isn’t that good. GAME 7. New Head line
    “Miami Force Game 7” Parker ball hogs. Lebron and Wade 30 PLus with Chris Anderson for Put backs We got this. NBA just making a Movie out of these games. It a Nice Thrill I don’t want the season to be over give me 2 more games.

  47. Okay! Heat will win In your dreams!!!!!!! Stop predictions!!!!! wait for the outcome!!!!! FOOOOOOOLSSS!

  48. Holland says:

    He wont be open. You look at most of them 3s and he was shooting with people in his face. Dude in a zone. It don’t matter if it’s a fluke or not they on the brink of being eliminated.

  49. Beast says:

    I got a feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night that tonight’s gonna be a good night that tonight’s gonna be a good good night, i got a feeling…GO SPURS

  50. Javier rubio says:

    Heat are best team in nba and LBJ is right MJ was stupid for saying Kobe over lebron plus isn’t MJ the guy who drafted Kwane Brown overall first pick

  51. mayo says:

    heat 2011 LOSS heat 2013 SAME RESULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Cripple Rapist says:

    box 1….. simple as that! no body gets open… HEAT in 7….

  53. ijh says:

    so far series been decided on whose big 3 scores more all together btw bosh james and wade and duncan green parker

  54. BigMike32 says:

    and u cant say nothing about flopping spurs in game 5 were flopping all over

  55. SPURSRCHAMPS! says:

    The better coaching staff will make the necessary adjustments and become victorious! Oh and you can try whatever strategy you want on Danny Green but he is gonna make it rain. Get your umbrellas out! DANNY GREEN 2013 NBA Finals MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. STEVEN says:


  57. woods says:

    Heat is fine, two more at home. Heat in seven, get your party ready. Sorry spurs, your time has come and gone, new dynasty .

  58. sammmmmy says:

    hahaha u miami fans r full of laughs …. dont know anything at all.. go home and jerk off to all the ally-oops from the regular season.

  59. Scott says:

    Bosh…you’re an idiot. You guys are seriously going to wait 5 games to start guarding him?? Why didn’t you do that in the FIRST give games? Because you can’t. You only have 3 defenders and San Antonio has 4 to 5 threats on the field at a given time.

    Duncan-Ginobli-Green-Parker-Leonard. You can’t double team San Antonio because they have 4 guys who can shoot the 3 ball at any given time. The only way the Heat can win is if they start playing dirty again and have the refs call the game poorly again. Because the Spurs don’t foul or allow you into the lane.

  60. omygooo says:

    chris bosh, styles P, open up

  61. omygooo says:

    i think chris bosh is talking about a gay move approach to try to seduce green, he’s right green wont be open.
    chris be calm and practice your flop (troll)

  62. Gabriel says:

    What are they gonna do double team him so tim tony or kahwaii are open ha they can barely gaurd danny greem let alone manu ginobilli have fun with your 5th ring timmy lol

  63. Shandocaleissian says:

    … Or any other night the past 5 games Bosh

  64. JA says:

    You know why the Spurs are up 3-2?
    Because they’re a better team. Its not just one player. (Finals mvp Danny Green).
    No better player than Lebron, yet his team is down and begging for mercy.

  65. Seth says:

    Ok then Tim, Tony, and Manu are going nuts. Spurs win tonight. Book it.

  66. Uberbunk says:

    i hope this means bosh isnt going to be patrolling the 3 line ><

  67. Badbad says:

    Enough is enough. HEAT will injured Green. Make a three and you’ll end up landing on HEAT’s feet. They can do that out of desperation

  68. alp says:

    i read these comments and laugh because everytime miami’s back is against the wall in the playoffs people are sooo quick to count them out, then what do they go out and do? prove everybody wrong. heat in 7

  69. Boris says:

    It is the Red Mamba’s time. Spurs bench can beat Miami. Miami can beat Heat in so many ways.

  70. E k says:

    Is to late to focuse on green at this point they don’t really need his shooting he did his job so that means they won’t be trapping Tim n Parker is over tonite there will be a champion !!!

  71. MIA CHAMPS says:

    i will like to remind you that when green is guarded the SPURS lose…..HEAT IN 7

    • Tucker says:

      You’re stupid lol. The only reason the heat won game four is because LeBron and Wade were finally able to hit their jump shots and for the spurs to have a bad game offensively. Danny Green isn’t putting the team on his back.. He’s not the main reason they’re winning. You stupid Heat fans better have some kleenex handy when the spurs close out the series tonight just like the Mavericks did two years ago.

  72. anthony says:

    Come on… its the finals, i mean yes make the adjustments but if you didnt learn to cover him after the first 3 games? Miami deserves to lose…

  73. Patricoleon says:

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  74. southtexredskin says:


  75. j.r. rivera says:

    true…but in the first qtr….GO SPURS!!

  76. Izzy says:

    That is gonna leave room for Parker or even Manu to drive in… if Bosh is out in the perimiter….that is gonna leave alot of spacing for the Spurs to exploit the Heat in the paint! Even if they do that….someone for the Spurs is gonna step up……

  77. tim says:

    That’s fine…..somebody else WILL be!! #HEATGARBAGE

  78. TTKIN says:

    That’s cool, please by all means stick him. That just gives Tony and Timmy more room to do what they do.

  79. Houston Texas says:

    Wow Bosh….You finally figured that out after 5 games and him hitting 25 3’s?! Only you would say this you Raptor looking dude.

  80. Dana Lecocq says:

    Chris Bosh would have a better chance of having a period then guarding Green … GO SPURS !!!

  81. Riiiiight... says:

    For the past two games, Gary Neal hasn’t been free. You mean to tell me they’re gonna do the same thing with Danny Green? Good, ’cause then Neal will be the one left open. Or Kawhi Leonard. Or Manu Ginobili. Or Matt Bonner. The Spurs have many weapons. They’re not limited to just Green. And they sure as hell not dumb to fall for what Bosh is saying on the video.

    • miamisince1988 says:

      no idiot one-on-one and keep themout of of paint, and dont give parker space to make a move

  82. reynol pers says:

    Miami will win tonight and game 7 enough said you guys keep all your conspiracy going but you have no choice but to watch the 2 games left and cry after the games.

  83. vo says:

    Danny Green is a set shooter… Stay attached to him stay chest to chest with him…..He has been getting lost in switches and pick and rolls and left WIDE OPEN on more than half his threes. There gonna put a defender on him and im Thinking Shane Battier and tell him stay on him regardless of whats happening. Dont give help defense stay chest to chest with him and look out for long rebounds. Green cant create his own shot he is a spot shooter. He will be shut down tonight.

  84. MarcusV53 says:

    That’s one less body that will be needed for a Parker or Duncan double team. All they need is an inch and now miami is going to give them a whole foot. Good Nite!!!!

  85. madAhorn says:

    I think each team will guard the paint intensely and the team with the best 3 point shooting will win the game.
    Neither team is going to allow many layups no matter how they talk about guarding the 3…

  86. Roderick says:

    Ok Bosh. When Green’s open, he will be. When he’s not, you’ll be destroyed by Duncan in the post. When Parker blows by the low as PGs, the 2 will come help and leave him open or Parker will score

    That’s why the Heat are hated. Arrogant and they think they are Holier Than Thou

  87. Agatha says:

    The heat need to put up or shut up. Less talking and more action. Spro need to make the proper adjustments.. If he is confuse let him consult his coach Riley. We need on the Road Points Guard not just home. Charmer and Cole just need to show up. We need an unexpected hero tonight. Just like Ginobli was the Spurs Hero in game 5. I am sick and tire of the Heat inconsisttency. Spro kill out his starters to much do like Spurs coach Rest you starters in between. Play the Birdman come on Spro. I am from the Virgin Islands and I can tell whats going to happen in a game even before it happens. Take a stand if your starters are not playing good be man enough to sit them for a while and let them watch the role players. Do like Pops tell them you either put up on sit down. PERIOD

  88. *(%)* says:

    Go ahead and double team or focus on Danny Green leave Parker space to the basket, Manu open, Duncan unguarded, Gary neal Open or Kawhi open. Face it SPURS 2013 CHAMPS!

  89. Rose says:

    that’s real nice, hit them in the mouth and the throat????? way to go Bosh – you idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Allan Dale Mariazeta says:

    Enough of the talk. Just do it!

  91. Tikolo says:

    Welll,well,welll don’t we all love the nba, aint this is why the games are played. It seem like the Heat have been woken up by Green. This should be a fun game to watch tonight. Leave green open and you pay with threes, help defence on greeen watch out for the rest of the spurs. It’s time for you all to earn your money. Win or go home.

  92. kutha says:

    well..if bosh says so…

    • Boris says:

      Yeah, if he says so….we all LAUGH.
      There is a REASON why Miami is so hated outside of Miami. They are an arrogant bunch.

      • Dude says:

        That wasn’t arrogant though. You guys just hate them for stupid reasons tbh. LBJ gets along with a lot of NBA star players.

  93. Art says:

    Don’t risk, Chris. For testing ‘positive’ in the Finals you & your friends will be suspended lifetime. I know that you have a few experts on the team & no tests were done after game 4 (you all were so nicely energized), but think one more time.

    • MontasEllis4MarioChalmer says:

      YOU MEANT YO SAY TONY PARKER GINOBLI! PARKER is serial liar.ANYONE who can fake a major injury should Kept be in check.European atheletes are floppers and some argentinians atheletes are Known for dopping during big event to Get unfair advantage! With that injured TONY PARKER and the suddenly alive GINOBLI should be nanned.

      • PARKERfakingHamstring says:

        *Ginobli Parker should be tested and parmanently banned if found guilty of dopping!!!But it’s the NBA!!

      • Lol says:

        hahahahha monta ellis for mario chalmers hahahahaha you wish

      • alp says:

        i strongly dislike how tony parker plays. people call lebron a flop, this and that but tony parker flops EVERY SINGLE TIME he drives to the paint… contact, he flops. 90% of the time he flops to get the whistle. on plays were he gets knocked down and the play benefits the opposing team he comes up hobbling, or is on the ground for a while. if it benefits the spurs, hes back on his feet asap. and yea last game he was saying his ACL could “tear at any moment” first off that doesn’t make sense, either its torn or its not bro, and if he was actually telling the truth it would have affected his game in some way, but nope, he played well last night. im pretty sure he used that as an excuse so if he DID have a bad game, theres the excuse waiting. i’ve just lost all respect for tony parker in this finals from the things he’s done, its pathetic to fake injurys because your unsure of how your going to play. i don’t even catch this guy LIMPING on the court… and manu ginobli is one of my favorite players in the league, but i find it extremely funny how he cries to the refs about other players flopping when he basically brought it to the league… but i still love manu. i got so much respect for tim duncan, no complaining, no flopping he doesn’t whine or complain to the media when he has a bad game, he just does his thing. he deserves a ring more than anybody in this series, straight up.

      • Boris says:

        Dopping is not illegal, Doping might be.

  94. cyril says:

    if danny green isnt open what about duncan ?

  95. Brandon says:

    I think it will go to game 7. Miami isn’t a lay down team but the spurs have surprised me. Game 7 will be wicked. As for Green I’m not a spurs fan but damn bosh in game 5 there where two guarding green and he still hit.

  96. Nando says:

    Right! They’re putting more effort on Green… Cant wait to see Parker, Ginobli n Duncan destroy them..

    • miamisince1988 says:

      Heats just have to do what OKC did last year play fast pace game,if westbrook had not gotten injured spurs wouldnt be here

  97. LALAKER$LIFE says:

    Honestly, this is just going to hurt the Miami Heat even more.. if you tighten your defense on a role player like Danny Green… then how the hell are you gonna guard Parker, Duncan, or Ginobili…

    Props to Danny Green. He stole the spotlight.. and made it alot easier for the Spurs.

    Finals MVP RIGHT NOW

  98. Joseph says:

    What , bosh is going to cover him. Danny Green will always find ways to shoot the ball. If you cover Danny Green all the time, it will leave Parker , Duncun and Ginobili Open.

  99. Jeff says:

    Heat all they do is flop and flop some more, just keep them out of the paint and the lebron’s can’t do anything. Even if they guard green , that’ll open up more shots for neal and the rest of the spurs shooters. SPURS are closing it once and for all tonight.

    • miamisince1988 says:

      spurs arent really keeping them out of paint , there not being aggressive

    • Brian says:

      People who keep talking about the Heat flopping must have never watched Manu play a game. He is one of the players that made flopping popular in the NBA, and not a single game will ever go by without him flopping.

  100. Flavio says:

    San Antonio gave Miami what they needed to close these series: a point of no return

  101. Kornholio says:

    Ya right! Cris bosh is soooo lame. That just means parker, ducan & ginooooobliiii will be more open if they can make their shots. If they do, the flopping, whinning Cheat will lose. Love Pat R as a GM but the Cheat are such kooks. Should have never done that stupid Glamour introduction parade when bosh & Lecon joined. They will never live that down. The Decision show was the worst move of Lecons Career what a KOOK!!

    • Kcole says:

      I Agree. Bosh is LAME……Poor guy is oblivious to the fact that if they Lose He’ll be the First to be Traded. LOL!!!

    • alp says:

      its funny people like you constantly talk bad about lebron but if he gets back to back championships you won’t be saying a darn thing. he is one of the greatest to ever do it. point blank period. the spurs are one of the greatest franchises to ever do it, also.

      • eric says:

        LeChoke is supposed to win back to back to back,,,,,at least that’s what he said at that stupid lame “Not 2 not 3 no4 not 5…etc etc…..well he’s right they don’t have 2,3,4…they got 1. You make statements like that and you have to back them up.

  102. Joadsta says:

    Why is Bosh the one saying this? D-Wade is the one who is supposed to guard Danny Green. Let him go on the record and make the statement if he wants to. Bosh has other things to worry about… like not letting Tim Duncan dominate him nightly.

  103. coachpop says:

    now other weapons will be open

  104. KunJay says:

    They say defense wins championships?, well the Heat has not been playing championship defense. Yes Spurs move the ball well and are good offensive team, but nobody should be left open at this stage, even less let somebody make an all time record on the most import games of their careers.

  105. WOW says:

    It took them 5 games and being pushed to the brink of elimination to decide to guard Green lol! This just means Manu and Parker will have more space to get to the rim now and other perimeter players will get great looks at the basket. Neil, Bonner, Manu, Leanard can all hit the 3 ball.

    • miamisince1988 says:

      once Heats big 3 show up with a spark from 1 other spurs have little chance

      • UtahJazzFan says:

        miamisince1988, you need to realize something here. You say that LeBron did not want to win, when he said that he would be better, You say that green will not have more than two three-pointers, when the least amount of three pointers he has had is three, and you say that the SAS big three will not do good, when you just saw ginobili get the biggest game in this season. but you also have a good point on where if lebron says that they will do better, they will do better. you saw that in game 5, and 3. But overall, I think that the heat does not have a chance.

  106. heathater says:

    He’s still gonna get atleast 3 or 4 tonight!

  107. SASPURS says:

    Ok bosh. Then lets see how parker duncan manu shoots without help defense.

  108. aburi says:

    also if green isnt free then parker will have easy rides to the rim.

  109. aburi says:

    hahaha, last time he said he will be 3 point free and still took a 3 pointer

  110. RJ says:

    Sorry to say but FOUL Green. Go up for a shot Foul Him lol That will break the streak. The Ref call everything on Miami anyway. Miami Got Game 6. BIG MONEY MAKER!!!!

  111. SV says:

    So arrogant. If the Heat didn’t need to make any adjustments, Green wouldn’t have made so many shots in the last game. I guess the Heat were leaving players open just for fun in the last game. They wanted to lose the last game, even though according to LeBron, enough was enough.

    • Rose says:

      I love it!

    • Dude says:

      How is this arrogant? This is an adjustment that the Heat are making. You guys just love to hate the Heat for every little thing they say.

      • Guy says:

        Did you even read what Bosh said? He said they don’t need to change anything or make adjustments. That’s arrogance because obviously what they are doing isn’t working.

      • NZJF says:

        Read what he means, not what you want to believe he’s saying – he said “They move the ball too well to have defensive lapses. So we’re going to have to trust what we do”…he’s admitting that they made defensive lapses but that they need to stick with the PLAN; not change what they were supposed to do, just actually do it. The Heat played awful D in game 5. They need to play the D they’re capable of playing and they can stop Green getting those open looks, like they did in game 4 🙂

  112. Larry says:

    Go ahead Heat. Guard Green tightly. That is gonna make alot more room for Parker and Duncan and Ginobili to do their thing. Spurs will close it out tonight. I see BIG games from Parker and Duncan tonight. Go Spurs.

    • Jon in Iowa says:

      Don’t forget Leonard. If they’re going to try to close out on Green every play, expect Kawhi to get a lot of open looks.

    • Mark says:

      agree, I hope that becomes a “pick your poison” situation.

    • miamisince1988 says:

      tonight at home the Heat will play a faster pace than on the road,and the up-tempo pace is to much for spurs to overcome all game long with a boost from crowd , which means playing a fast pace , we wont have to worry about spurs big3

    • Six foot five says:

      Then the Big Three can all go back to their own countries and let the U.S have their NBA back.

      • AJKNICKS says:

        then you will want all the black guys to go play another sport, leave the NBA for the whities… #dumbcomment

      • Six foot five says:

        #AJKNICKS My comment was centered toward international players in the NBA and the Big3 of the Spurs(genius). Maybe the Knicks could use Duncan, Ginobli, and Parker. Oops I forgot one thing, Anthony does not share the ball. That probably would not work for them, setting all those pick and rolls for nothing.

    • AP says:

      and Neal would be open for 3s

  113. J gutta says:

    So now they’re going to magically guard him…why weren’t they doing it before?

    • Mrtn says:

      No kidding. smh. That’s what bothers me about this time. They have that much arrogance to have an on and off switch on both sides.

      • denver says:

        because both the Spurs and Heat wants it to stretch to game 7 to stretch the revenue as well. it made owners very happy.

      • One more for the good guys says:

        The Heat! Bunch of thugs, dirty players! “I’m going to do this, I’m going to do that!” They can never keep their mouth shut! LBJ: whines about MJ choosing Kobe over his ‘one rign’ or ‘Paul George cant take me one on one’ Heck, they are always plotting to hurt someone physically, true, Chris Andersen tackling Tyler Hansborough. This article is another example.

      • eric says:

        I guarantee the Spurs are not on board with wanting it to go 7 no matter what the revenue….they want this one and done.

      • Dude says:

        Dude relax, Bosh didn’t say anything strange. I am pretty sure someone asked him about Green? What do you expect him to say? There is a bias against the Heat that makes it seem like they are arrognant when they just say standard things.

      • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

        What are they going to say? That they are going to leave him open for game 6 and 7? Reporters ask him about danny green, of course he is going to say that they are going to cover him better. Typical haters.

      • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

        Tyler hansborough is one of the dirtiest players in the league..

      • hahaha yeah! they still have the arrogance even if the guy just scorched them lol

      • Jake says:

        You can really say that the heat are dirty after watching the pacers? That is a Joke! And of course you’re gonna tell yourself that you’re gonna shut him down! You have to go into it with a mindset that you will or you wont be able to! Half of this game is mental, and you have to mentally tell yourself that you are better, whether its true or not, if you want a chance!

    • WKP says:

      Because Pat Riley is going to coach now

      • tom says:

        Lol true Pat will be coach of decade to win a champion … yup just 2 games only… and Bosh is consistancely doing one thing in this series : Talk!

    • Just1.Not2Not3Not4Not5Not6 says:

      Exactly. it took them 25 record breaking 3-pointers to finally realize Danny Green isn’t a fluke. I still think Danny will break the 28 three’s record in any playoff series held by Ray Allen.

    • B-Ball4Life says:

      Wait and see! Tonight he’ll only make 2-3 threes you’ll see. Let’s go HEAT!

      • Ric says:

        that is not bad at all actually… because 2-3 3 points shots will be his minimum if ever.. greens real value is to stretch the defense now, the heat will adjust to balance the defense and that will stretch them and manu and parker will have more effective iso’s and duncan will become wide open and no help defense. check mate

      • Boris says:

        bring it on, then Parker, Duncan, Ginobli all will run the show. San Antonio is so much deeper then Miami.

      • eric says:

        If they cover hime tight that takes away the double on Parker and Timy….I hope the Heat do that …they’ll get torched in the paint

    • Lol says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. The blatant disrespect for Spurs is beyond belief at this point. I hope that remarks like that can at least serve as fuel to Spurs. If not the new Nike Lebron X with 2-champion embroidery definitely should.

      • Dude says:

        That shoe was most likely produced a while back. The NFL makes merchandise for both Superbowl teams and donates the losers one to a Third world country. Nothing strange going on here. It is just your hatred for LBJ that blinds you.

      • Gameon says:

        thank you like Lebron saying “enough is enough we need to win two games in a row” there is just thing he forgot to factor in and its THE SAN ANTONIO SPURS. I hate that it is never what the Spurs do right but what the Heat are doing wrong it is not about the Heal all of the time the Spurs simply are a better “TEAM” so #GoSpursGo

      • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

        All these haters mistaking confidence for arrogance.. Its the NBA Finals, of course they are going to act confident.. What are they gonna say to reporters, that they dont have a chance and they should give spurs the championship right now.. cmon

      • 34yr fan says:

        …..ditto…..So Danny can be a decoy… what has already been said here….the Spurs will welcome the open looks from the “other” players……but I love Bosh…”it just doin’ what we do”….BUT last game …..But last game???? does he even know how many shots (open or otherwise) that he has made in the first 4 games???? That is just funny….Maybe, someday, those players on the Heat side will learn to say things with at least a modicum of humility……like..”we will just have to play harder and smarter”….OR something like ….”They are a great team with Many great shooters , so we need to play better on defense”…… which is what you always hear from the Spurs when asked about tha ‘other’ team…….Give some respect an Have some humility…….it goes a long way

    • Nando says:

      Right! They’re putting more effort on Green… Cant wait to see Parker, Ginobli n Duncan destroy them..

      • alp says:

        did people suddenly forget game 4? they put pressure on green, and the heat controlled that game from the get go.. the heat are at home now for the next 2 games, tats all the reason they need to play that inspired, back against the wall basketball for 2 straight games. when they play like this tony parker gets shutdown, green shutdown, duncan on lock, ginobli will get shut down tonight as well, if he doesn’t shut himself down. IF and only IF the heat play desperate, like they have everything to lose, for all 48 minutes….then they will be NBA champions. i just want to point out though, last year when miami’s backs were against the wall in game 6 vs boston… yeaaa we all know the rest

      • miamisince1988 says:

        once Miami plays a fast pace game a sure win

      • ALP?! says:

        This is NOT Boston from last year, please watch some basketball before you open your mouth!!

      • Dude says:

        Who knows? I love how people are acting like Miami hasn’t won a game in this series. Miami has shown some good stuff as well. I hope it goes to 7 and we see a game for the ages. Why is everyone so salty about the Heat? Get over it, it is just a game. We should enjoy good basketball instead of getting so mad at players.

      • 34yr fan says:

        ….did you forget about game 3 ???

    • Carlo says:

      Exactly and I’d say also that if they play defensively at their best could be not enough if Spurs ball movement and shooting is at its best as well. Miami needs more than four players to score, somebody else must step up in the game (Battier?). Pop>Spoelstra. that’s all.

      • dannyc says:

        You guys need to remember that miami won their championship on a short season, so they had plenty of energy in their tank..not this year..spurs have energy all year long, cuz Pop is able to manage their minutes and which is why Manu was able to start..They say the sun shines bright in maimi, but the sun is going down today or thursday!!! GO SPURS GO!!!

    • Revenue? says:

      Over the cap next year and shaving points is the easiest way to go; since the owner will benefit from a few more sell outs and TV rating increases. Spurs in the Final are so boring, I think hockey is a better choice.

      • Revenue? says:

        Right on! No way the Heat played that bad and then cut off the lead so fast. I think is just business.

      • 34yr fan says:

        go watch hockey then & blog about it…..real basketball is Not your game….all you want is dunks and highlights……lol btw……WWE is on tv as well …..and ‘reality’ shows……and reruns ….and blow-em-up movies……and lucky for you they have many channels of cartoons…..

    • Boris says:

      Because they are “not the sharpest knife in the drawer”. Players and coach that is.

    • Shawn Smith says:

      Because the Heat have made the right decision. Don’t let Tony Parker live in the lane.

      They’d rather put pressure on San Antonio guards to make record setting 3’s to win then letting Tony Parker kill you. I agree with them. You can live with that over letter a star be a star and kill you.

    • UCantHandleDTruth says:

      Texans are just generous givers. The Mavs handed free fishing poles to the Heat in 2011, and tonight free fish baits are in order, courtesy of the Spurs and available at the awaiting fishing vessel at Miami harbor for the Heat’s fishing trip this summer.

    • UCantHandleDTruth says:

      To those with a false hope of a Game 7, the fishing vessel has already arrived at Miami harbor and will be waiting for the Heat after the game tonight to take them out on a pleasant summer fishing trip with Bosh at the helm. Spurs dynasty (Duncan-Parker-Ginobili) with Lenard, Green, and Neal just sent the Heat into Panic mode this series and will again be in total disarray just like Game 6 with the Mavs in 2011. Watch and fizzle Heat fans!!!

    • msmswi says:

      The Spurs spreading out their defense. Let them guard Green like crazy. That’s just going to open up Parker to go on a shooting spree