Win 2 (Games) Or Fail To Win 2 (Rings)


MIAMI – If the Miami Heat can’t win two in a row, they can’t repeat as championships. It’s that simple.

Games are the building blocks of championships. Sixteen of the former equal one of the latter. There are multiple ways to get there, from a fo’, fo’, fo’, fo’ level of dominance that no team in NBA Finals history ever has quite achieved to a relatively mediocre 16-12 record if all four rounds of best-of-seven competition went the max. No one has done it that way, either.

But Miami has no options left. The team whose regular season was defined, and maybe gilded, by its ability to string together victories better than all but one of its predecessors – the Heat’s 27 straight ranks second only to the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers – now must win Games 6 and 7 of the 2013 Finals this week at AmericanAirlines Arena. Either that or fall short of the legacy it staked out for itself in the summer of 2010 and turn what purportedly was going to rival the Lakers, Celtics and Bulls in a run of rings into something more befitting the Atlanta Braves.

This bizarre, one-step-forward-one-step-back ritual has been going on for more than a month now.

But the wiggle room is gone and the reality is one that necessarily flies in the face of sports’ grandest cliché: As much as the Heat say they want to play one game at a time, they must have two. There’s no getting around that and, probably, no forgetting it either as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and the rest take the court for Tuesday night. The San Antonio Spurs will have the luxury of playing 48 minutes, but the Heat will be staring and maybe gulping at the prospect of 96.

How did this happen?

The Heat spent much of the three days between Games 4 and 5 talking about the same stuff. Enough is enough. Now is the time for our best road performance of the playoffs. Only enough wasn’t quite enough. And now wasn’t the time after all.

At least Miami is home for whatever remains of the championship series. Eight teams have been in the same pickle since the Finals went to its 2-3-2 format in 1985 – down 3-2 in the series – and three have dug out to win the NBA title: the Lakers in 1988, Houston in 1994 and the Lakers again in 2010.

Like this Heat, those teams faced mighty opposition too (the “Bad Boy” Pistons, the Pat Riley-led Knicks and the original blueprint “Big Three” Celtics). It’s entirely possible that what the Spurs put together Sunday was all about pride and saving face, exiting their arena for the summer on a high note and making some final fond memories of what might have been the last Finals home game for this particular group (Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili).

That will be stirred into Miami fans’ hopes at least a little, because the alternative is downright unnerving. The Heat drip both talent and entitlement in equal doses and – though they talk of the respect they have for San Antonio’s run of excellence over 14 seasons – still come across as if these Finals are all about them.

The Spurs might be breaking it to Miami in the harshest way possible that the series just might be about them instead. They might wind up as equal to or better than the Heat over a span of six or seven games.

“We’re just trying to will it to happen,” Duncan said. “We hope we can respond better next game than we have after wins. That’s the one thing we want to clean up. Every one of us wants this very badly, from the top on down.”

Well, what d’ya know? The Spurs want to play better after winning. The Heat is frantic again after losing. That speaks volumes about Miami’s leadership, maturity and maybe even arrogance.

Any extended playoff series is about adjustments and there have been plenty. Also, the longer a series goes, the more flaws become visible on both sides. If this goes seven, whoever wins will be a three-time loser in the Finals.

Still, San Antonio made 60 percent of its field goals in the most pressurized game it has played this season. It didn’t exploit Miami’s greatest vulnerability, with a mere 36-34 edge in rebounds in game 5. The Spurs even survived 19 turnovers, which is like Superman surviving Kryptonite underwear.

Somehow, through it all, Boris Diaw, the Parisian doughboy, stymied the four-time Most Valuable Player through long stretches of Sunday’s game, a surprise switch-up from usual defender Kawhi Leonard. Parker reacted like a bull reacts to red whenever he saw Heat guard Norris Cole trying to guard him.

And Parker couldn’t help smiling and shaking his head at how neglectful the vaunted Miami defense has been on Danny Green, the unheralded role player who suddenly owns the NBA Finals record for most 3-pointers in a series (25) and is an improbable Finals MVP candidate for the team with the 3-2 lead.

The Heat, once again, was consistent only in inconsistency. Their adversity dials weren’t cranked up enough, this only being Game 5 of the NBA finals.

“There were times where we crawled back into it,” coach Erik Spoelstra said, “but we were not very efficient, did not move the ball the way we needed to, didn’t have the necessary patience in those key times, end of the first, end of the third. … We just weren’t executing with any kind of precision.”

James and Wade, in particular, were kept out of the paint or bothered whenever they entered. Defensively, neither showed the level of effort – which translates into leadership – required for the game’s highest level.

The two spoke afterward about fixing this or that, but whatever they need for Game 6 was there inside for Game 5. It just stayed untapped.

San Antonio tapped in instead.

“You just keep playing,” Popovich said. “We didn’t change defenses or put in a trick play or any of that kind of stuff. At this point it’s about competing. Players playing well and competing.”

The “Big Three” Heat will be facing the fifth and, if they’re lucky, sixth elimination games in their three postseasons together. They have trailed nine times in their 12 playoff series.

The most pertinent predicament to this: in the 2011 Finals, Miami went home down 3-2 to Dallas. Four quarters later, they went home, period.

“We challenge ourselves to see if we’re a better team than we was,” Wade said. “Everything happens for a reason and this is not a bad reason at all to go home for Game 6 on your home floor.”

At no point, however, in their 27-game winning streak did Miami beat the San Antonio Spurs twice in three nights.

Of the Spurs, Wade said: “They understand winning that last game is one of the hardest things you’re going to do.”

Miami can’t even think that way yet, forced to focus now on winning that next game.


  1. me says:

    Miami are better in everything except for the Coach, Pop is a much better one… Hope it goes to game 7 and than let the better one win. Good luck

  2. Tae says:

    Pop will expose Spo in this game. Coaching would be the key to winning for either team in Game 6. Lights out for the Heat after 48 minutes!!!

  3. PUA says:


    “There’s no way, with hindsight, I would’ve ever called up Larry, called up Magic and said, ‘Hey, look, let’s get together and play on one team. But that’s … things are different. I can’t say that’s a bad thing. It’s an opportunity these kids have today. In all honesty, I was trying to beat those guys.”

    Jordan won six titles with the Chicago Bulls, before moving on to play for the Wizards and work in their front office. He now is the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats.

    His good friend and fellow former NBA great, Charles Barkley, bashed the move earlier in the week to the Arizona Republic.

    “Mike and I are in 100 percent agreement on this. If you’re the two-time defending NBA MVP, you don’t leave anywhere. They come to you. That’s ridiculous. I like LeBron. He’s a great player. But I don’t think in the history of sports you can find a two-time defending MVP leaving to go play with other people.”

  4. Matty H says:

    Man D Wades grammer is bad, what a role model! Go Spurs, Danny Green to light up Bosh’s tiny head over and over. God bless America!!!

  5. Ren says:

    I think Spurs already have seen the best of Miami in Game 4, but not vice versa. I believe Spurs can use their poise and break through in Game 6. I wish Miami will play their best and also the Spurs play their best to beat the Heat

  6. NOT A HATER says:

    Before I get accused of being a Miami hater – I am really NOT. I don’t mind them.
    I honestly think that Lebron is one of the most talented players ever. Athletic, skilled and can pretty much play any position. But I still don’t like him much. Whilst I think he has earned the right for being confident and maybe a little arrogant, it never feels like he respects the other teams and the other players. But I think he is TOO arrogant for his own and for his team’s good. Sometimes it can be fun to watch him play, other time not so much.

    Personally I prefer the Spurs for multiple reasons. 1. They’re a pretty international team and I like that. 2. I really really like Tim, Tony and Manu. I like how they play and I like their mentality. 3. I LOVE POP. I think he is probably one of the best coaches in the history of the sport. He makes good decisions and understands his players and the game. 4. They look like a team and are balanced.
    That fourth point is probably the main reason. They look and act like a team, on court, off court. I like that kind of basketball. I think it’s fun to watch. They’re all skilled individually, but are unselfish and trust each other. It seems to be a longer bench. More players that can be relied upon, more players that can step up. Their bench don’t simply live in the shadow of the big 3, they’re given the opportunity to contribute. Maybe I’m too European for the NBA, but I think team basketball is great and as far as I have seen the Spurs display some of the best team basketball in the league.

    It simply comes down to the fact that I like the Spurs, not because I dislike the Heat. Who will win? I hope it’s the Spurs, I think they can win, but I also think that the Heat will come out fighting and anything could happen. In the end, poise, composure, experience and playing as a team vs. backed against the wall individual stars. Bearing in mind what I believe basketball is about, I’d have to say I hope and think the Spurs will end up winning the tittle. LET’S GO SPURS!

  7. Sean says:

    I saw game five and I must admit that LBJ needs to just go down low and play his game and stop taking so many jump shots. Get your game going before you go out there. That’ll open it up for the guys around the perimeter. Then the referees need to call a even game and stop acting like they want the heat to lose. I remember one play in game six when they called a foul on Chalmers and he said something to the refs. They ent back down court and called another one on him and it was obvious they made Chalmers a target from then on. If you gonna call on Miami, please call it on the Spurs too. Let it at least be fair they made it look lilt they got paid for every time Heat made a run, the refs got into it and stopped their flow. Just be fair

  8. cp10 says:

    Green was Coach Pop’s secret weapon this series, kept him under wraps until just the right time, Touché Coach Pops, Touché. 🙂

  9. L.A. ALL DAY says:

    LBJFan stfu dude….and all you other Heat fans…..cry me a f river losers!!!! First of all, everyone and their uncle knows that officiating in the NBA is worse than any other professional sport, collegiate sport, amateur sport and little league sport. I don’t like it anymore than the rest of you but deal with it. The officiating isn’t the reason Miami is losing (and is going to lose) this series. They choked when it mattered most. How else can you explain a great game performance by Lebron/Wade/Bosh and Allen and still get spanked like a Miami college girl at a South Beach summer party. They just arent as good as most claim them to be. YEa they can win 26 games in a row when you play charlotte, minnesota, cleveland toronto etc….I think when Lebron said not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7 garbage..he meant all the times he would make it to the finals and come up short…so far 1 ring, and 3 failures in the finals (after this series is over) and so he only needs 4 more failures in the finals and he will reach his self proclaimed goal. The only thing I wanna know is how many Miami Heat fans are going to stick around after the game and watch the spurs pour out a little liquor for the home team losers. LOL F the Heat F their fans F their coach F the city of Miami and again…cry me a river

  10. Im a heat’s fan and im sorry but tonight spurs will win. Too much consistent, balanced and hungry. Lbj is playin shy and the supporting cast is not enough unpredictable. Wade must get in charge. Parker is playin like final’s mvp without any doubt. Popovich has crashed spoelstra from the organization point of view. Hope dies last, we’ll see

    • Sean says:

      Be a true fan and don’t doubt your team, when they win then you be back on the wagon. Never give up on your team, have faith

  11. Kal says:

    it’s all about “The King.”

    “i should have done more?”

    time to put up or shut up. last two chances.

  12. jacespade says:

    Sorry Spurs fans there is no way they win tonight as Joey Crawford is the ref. As you know Joey will do anything to make sure the Spurs do not have a chance tonight , like ejecting Tim Dunkin for laughing. Maybe he gets into a car accedint on the way to the game…GO SPURS

  13. Will says:

    I have read a majority of these comments, I have to say miami is the better team,they are better defensively and are balanced.Although it has not really showed they are the last game or so. The only reason this series is on spurs side is Danny Green’s great shooting, he has been amazing, but what happened if he no 3’s? Do you all still think the spurs are going to win?

    • Sean says:

      I still think that the Heat will win this series.
      The refs are what have spurs ahead right now. They need to call the game evenly.. Every time Parker would go for a shot against Cole, e kept billing his shoulder into his chest and then take the shot. Not fair, if James or Wade did this, it’s a foul

  14. MrBasketball says:

    I don’t want to hear another fan, announcer, nba personnel, player or charles barkley compare Lebron James to Micheal Jeffrey Jordan ever again. Lebron is no even in the same Zip code. MJJ, aka His Airness – was the ultimate performer. he always went down swinging. 66 against the Celtics, the flu game – the countless performances in the playoffs. the guy average 33 ppg in the playoffs. there wasn’t a man alive who could stop him. not teh celtics – not the bad boys – not the mailman. Lebron may be physically gifted but he is mentally challange. he doesn’t have the drive – the killing instinct of His Airness. somebody please tell lebron – that Jordan’s off night was more like 24 points – Not 15. and should i mention that he shot like 55%

    that’s really why Lebron isn’t a great player and won’t win 3, 4, 5, 6 7, 8 championships. He also should be winning more as he doesn’t have the same level of competition to play against every night as MJJ did.

    I was a big Dwade fan. I admired his effort, his tenacity his game. Now that Lebron is there i can’t root for the team anymore. the team has taken on Lebrons character. They are more like petulant children. arrogant, sense of entitlement. they are not really hungry. MJJ was always hungry – that’s why he scored 40 something points multiple times as a 40 yr old.

  15. anklebreaker729 says:

    The officiating his been fine both ways. You people need to just shut up and quit whining about the officiating.

  16. Boris says:

    Of the Spurs, Wade said: “They understand winning that last game is one of the hardest things you’re going to do.”

    Excactly: GOING TO DO. well said Wade.

  17. Boris says:

    Spoelstra keeps saying we “just” didn’t this and we “just” didn’t that. Never any credit to Spurs.
    Miami has low self esteen and is arrogant from coaches down to last player on bench. That’s why everyone outside of Miami hates the Heat.

    • ryu says:

      as I’ve said the only way the spurs will win games against miami is to do the same what chicago and the pacers did, surprise them and what happened? it was most of the wins came in surprise although the spurs are very good team and very fundamentally experienced. atleast 2 of spurs win were new tot he heat. neal and green in game 3, diaw in game 5. coach pop has been here for so many years and he is trying to “flop”, why flop? coz he always say he’s done nothing.. etc…etc… and no time to adjust and so on, his way to their 5th title. he’s trying to disarray coach spo and remove the swagger of the heat team.

  18. Cripple Rapist says:

    Kalbo Kinantot ko nanay mo….. baho nga hininga ng tatay mo.. chinupa ako bago nya pinakantot sakin ang nanay mo… mamaya kakantutin din kita sa pwet putang ina mo…..

  19. ene be a says:

    I really think the spurs will win, Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, remember this smile went we win this game 6 and then the 7.

  20. Big Time says:

    Gut feel says San Antonio might claim tonight’s game…

    But if the Heat win tonight, they will win Game 7 as well.

    So if SA wants to win the championship, they have to get tonight’s game (they can’t win in 7 against this team).

  21. kobe says:

    Heat win tonight…Stern will not allow spurs to the free-throw difference tonight….Heat will go to line at least 20 times Spurs below 7 more $$$

    • Boris says:

      San Antonio is capable of beating Heat, Officials, NBA money interests, and Media that just keeps on talking about the “big 3” of Miami.

  22. ene be a says:

    IM a Miami heat fan and it’s true Miami need to change their actitud… Hey kalbo shut up. Please. Thank u.

  23. Mehr says:

    Spo plans for playing small is hurting Miami Heat in this play off and series.
    Play bigmen.
    Start with Bosh and Birdman with no pint guard. LBJ, Wade and Shane. Birdman will take care of Diaw.
    Bring Chalmers, Allen, Miller from bench but always keep either Bosh or Birdman in the game
    If they Play hard like game 4.Miami should win.
    Miami is better so it is pitty to wrongly arrange the team and lose the series.

  24. MIA CHAMPS says:


    • Boris says:

      Most people hate Miami Heat. Get used to it.
      Only Miami Heat big 3 can change this by letting go of their arrogance.

  25. Hwolo says:

    What a great series! The team who’ll win two straight games will win the finals.

  26. dez says:

    I believe in you guys! Go heat!

  27. Vince. says:

    Miami is just getting eaten alive on the inside and that’s because they don’t have a true center. I don’t understand why the Spurs don’t feed Duncan the ball on every possession and let him do what he’s done in his illustrious career that has resulted in four (going on five) championships. The Spurs have done an excellent job spreading Miami’s defense to the brink where they cannot guard both the interior and the outside shot. I see the Spurs winning tonight because this series is being won on the excellent defense the Spurs are playing, a factor that no one seems to be talking about.

  28. jim20 says:

    Both teams are deserving to win this championship. So Miami and Spurs give us a great game on game six or maybe on game seven…

  29. Rocks says:

    This series is so balanced the championship can go either way. The Spurs need to keep pushing the ball to have a chance in Game 6 or 7. This up-tempo attack create lot of opportunies for the 3-point shooters. And when the shots fall it’s a problem for the Heat. For Heat they need to run back on defense. It’s annoying to see LJ or Wade stay behind after a turnover complaining to the refs about uncalled fouls. I mean what the hell? The refs will never change their minds. And you will never see Tim laying on floor kicking and whinning to the refs. Discipline. That’s the only way the Heat can beat this well balanced, well coached, experienced, great Spurs team. Two games is a lifetime in this kind of series that’s why it’s going to boil down to who does lesser mistakes and capitalise on the others’ mistake. So far the Spurs has been little better at that but the Heat can definitely turn things around if they want to.

    • miamisince1988 says:

      for the heats play Birdman and play fast ,up-tempo game and spurs will get tired

    • Eric Jones says:

      Miami jus has to play extremely smart if they wanna win. The spurs are very great and focused veteran team and they’re gonna do everything it takes to close the heat out tonight. Miami has to realize that it’s about winning this game and play like there won’t be a next game because theres a very real possibility that this could be their last game. It’s all gonna come to how bad the heat really want to repeat as champions cause it’s clearly obvious San Antonio wants a 5th championship. Execution, perserverance and most importantly maturity will be needed to beat San Antonio. Miami as a whole has to be locked in offensively and defensively or else they’ll get murdered. I believe it’s gonna be a great game 6. We’ll jus have to see which team is gonna put it all on da line.

    • Heat Can win, it is simple says:

      I completely agree with you. I also think that if LeBron plays like the superstar, gamechanger we know, and not a cautious,un aggressive player that makes dumb mistakes, I believe LeBron can help his team play better, and will his team to win 2 straight games AT HOME, which is also a great advantage for the Miami Heat.

  30. TTKIN says:

    Michael Jordan wouldnt lose these next 2 games…just sayin’.

  31. Justin says:

    SPURS IN 6!

    And yes, I’m a Heat hater, but not just for the sake of it. I hate this team for having players that act like arrogant boys and think that they’re unbeatable, just because they have James, Wade and a dinosaur. They like to talk more than what they can actually do. When that blockbuster deal happened and the so-called “Big 3” was formed, they were acting as if they were already sure of winning the title on that year (and more). Coupled with the live coverage of “The Decision” and the live concert-like appearance of the “Big 3” in AAA – ARROGANCE.

    Now, they’re 1 game away from being sent home by, arguably, the best team in this era of basketball. And by “team”, meaning, they actually played as a team and not rely on their Big 3, both offensively and defensively. In fact, majority of the names popping in the headlines are not from their Big 3 (‘cept for Ginobili and his Game 5 performance). The Spurs’ “old age” makes them one of the intelligent teams of all-time. They were able to showcase their on-court knowledge and playing team basketball, thereby, overcoming the physical talents and athleticism that the Heat boasts all-season long, which makes them look better than the Spurs on paper. The Spurs’ performance as a team is defined not only by the stats seen in the box scores but also the “intangibles” (i.e. Boris Diaw’s amazing 1-point performance in Game 5),

    As the saying goes, “Defense wins championships.” But it doesn’t happen when a team relies on only one or two players as its defensive frontlines. The Heat can’t simply let the Spurs get the ball in the paint and rely on either LeBron or Birdman to block the shot or allow fastbreak opportunities and wait for LeBron to do chasedown blocks or allow guys like Danny Green to shoot open 3’s and hope for the ball to ricochet to either James or Wade and start easy fastbreak points.

    Simply put: Basketball IQ > Raw Talent and Athleticism

    • Kalbo!! says:

      Couldn’t have said it any better than that…

      • ryu says:

        no comment… i think it’s time for the spurs to win the championship after 2-3 years of disappointment, remember the 2011 playoffs?! spurs no. 1 team in the west beaten by no. 8 team, hehehehe what a luck… 2012 palyoffs almost made it but too bad they had to face kd and and co. And, oh… yeah 2013, lucky 13 for them they have to face the most hated team in league history and everyone praying for its demise. all I can say is the spurs had been a great team, silently they have gathered youngsters around their big guns, but best of luck to both teams.

    • realist2013 says:

      Well said haha

  32. LBJFan says:

    PLUS all you HEAT HATERS who are rooting for the Spurs should be spending more time appreciating Coach Pop, Timmy and Manu bc if they do win this year they will probably retire. You guys are spending so much time and energy complaining about how LBJ is a thug and the Heat are floppers that when its over you are going to forget how well the Spurs played against a favored Heat team perhaps for the last time together. STOP all the excuses like the refs favor Miami, and Miami flops, and so on and so forth. I dont want to hear if the Heat win the next two how it was bc the league wanted them too. Man up, admit both teams are great and sit back and watch. Mainly bc when this is over all we have left to watch for a while is boring baseball! Hate this time of year in sports!

  33. tom says:

    Pat will come out as a coach to make history again lol

  34. Vivek balivada says:

    The spurs are taking it in 6 games…Miami is all about arrogance..if they are so much talented why are they finding it so tough to close out…manu, Timmy, tony, danny, Neal fo for the KILL!

  35. pacquiaoverated says:

    spurs luckiest team this year how many close games they’ve won? against golden state which they should won several really close games against Memphis, parker winning shot, in this league it ain’t just talent coaches its the luck that makes you go one step further, if the spurs win it ain’t the players who wins it its coach pop that dude is extremely good man, but I still guarantee games 6-7 goes to Miami, it just how it goes, spurs is just a bump on the road for Miami.

    • Kalbo!! says:

      Wow! I wonder which of those teams the Spurs beat is your favorite? Luck from start to finish as an excuse? Purely ZERO basketball IQ..

    • Luckiest?! LUCKIEST?!?!?! says:

      LUCK…Doesn’t allow you to sweep multiple playoff series, especially against the #1 rated defense this year in the Memphis Grizzlies.

      LUCK…Doesn’t get you to within one, count it, (1) game of being crowned NBA Champion, especially not against the defending champs, a team that won 27 consecutive games this year.

      LUCK…Doesn’t get you 4 championships, and heralded as one of the greatest dynasty’s in NBA HISTORY.


      Go watch Soccer or something!!!!

  36. LBJFan says:

    To those who are suggesting the NBA might be rigged come on. I am not saying it is impossible BUT they cant say okay Danny Green go out and shoot 60% from behind the arc and set a finals record. The difference for me in these games is the Spurs ability to knock down three’s. But you know the saying, If you live by the three you die by the three.

    We will see if the Spurs can keep those percentages through the next two games if necessary. I expect Miami to lock down Danny Green with LBJ on him and D Wade on Parker, play shane on Kawi or Manu. As stated above Miami does not wake up and play with intensity until their backs our against the wall. Plus now their back home! Not a fan of the 2-3-2 format btw.

    I believe right now there are more Heat Haters than Spurs fans rooting for Miami to lose. Unbelievable, when a team plays great three years in a row people show nothing but doubt, excuses, whining, instead of just witnessing greatness!

    • Wade can't guard Parker.... says:

      He’s too slow and banged up…

      Shane on Manu or Kawi? Another bad idea…

      LBJ lock down Danny Green?! He’s definitely capable, but then Parker and Manu (or Neal), or perhaps Tim Duncan (remember him?) will light up Miami’s life!!

      Simply put, the Heat don’t have what it takes to beat the Spurs consecutive times, especially not in June!!

      Spurs in 6!!!

    • Narrew says:

      I’ll give you Miami is talented. But greatness is more than just talent. Greatness consists of a fair dose of humility combined with talent, consistency, execution, and good coaching! All of which San Antonio has, gee I guess that makes the Spurs great!

  37. JimD54 says:

    The Birdman fiasco against the Pacers shows just which team the league favors to win….nuff said

  38. forbidden says:


  39. forbidden says:

    first five i like


  40. Richard says:

    Do some other stuff. Heat will win tomorrow. The series will go to a Game 7 since NBA wants more money from ticket receipts, advertisements income, etc.

  41. Shawn Wayne says:

    I think disruptive defense is hurting the Heat. Less emphasis should be put on it. It’s simply leading to open 3’s. D-Wade is trying so hard to get those steals and that’s leading to Green being so wide open. So if Wade could sacrifice a little bit of his game and instead just try to focus on staying close to Green, we won’t be seeing a barrage of those 3’s. That’s what has been giving the Spurs momentum.
    And how about throwing JJ in the mix even only for a few minutes. He may just be the X-factor. What he lacks in D can make up in O.
    C’mon Spo, everyone knows this isn’t a game of chase, but sometimes u got treat it like it is.

  42. philsondalima says:

    I would just like to see game 7 and enjoy this highest level of basketball as much as possible. GO HEAT!!!

    • Kalbo!! says:

      Go throw a coin on a wishing well..

      • Sizzackz says:

        Another brainless fan-centered biased comment..

        Oh wait this was one of your comments already, but seriously, you contribute nothing to the conversation or any of the conversations around here.

      • ryu says:

        really, and you said you weren’t a spurs fan? what a drag?! and every comment that a heat fan makes you react… speak your for yourself be true don’t be such a drag…

  43. SM says:

    Miami is a better team than SA. But if they dont play hard in defense, they wil loose thegame and series.
    Eric po also have to do the right substitution.

    • Kalbo!! says:

      Better team? OK, your opinion.. But don’t you think their playing good defense and it’s just that Spurs are playing better offense to break down good defense? Plus the fact that their coach is unable to adjust quickly to this and even don’t the right subs, how does this make them a better team? Just because they have better superstars? Just another fan blinded by bright stars..

    • Narrew says:

      What you mean to say is the Miami Heat are the more talented team, which nobody disputes. However, the better TEAM is the Spurs! Who will win? I wish I knew.

      • Will says:

        What makes the spurs a better team? Game 1 was good, game two miami crushed them, game 3 the spurs rained down 3’s from anywhere, game 4 miami dominated, and not by shooting 3’s, game 5 Green hits 6 3’s, and Leonard hit 2. You take a few of those 3’s away it’s a different ball game. They are only up 1 game,people make seem like they bullying the heat, only thing i see is a streaky shooter who is hot for the spurs, but can he do it in an away game is the question.

  44. APHX10 says:

    Can people seriously shut up about flopping and officiating? Every team flops, and every team hopes for calls. It is what it is.

    What we have here (and yes I am a Miami fan) is an experienced team in San Antonio Spurs who have been doing this for a decade plus now and have won 4 rings and could have had more. The team is one that works hard, doesn’t seek attention, goes about their work. They are showing maturity and they are teaching their younger players the same.

    Miami is a team of superstars that their individual play has put them into Social Media’s favoured Big Three and they can dominate and finish off anyone they choose on any given day, but unfortunately they don’t seem to understand this until it’s too late. They build the team with role players who understand their role but unfortunately haven’t been performing steadily either.

    Miami at the moment is looking a whole lot like 11′ and the Spurs look like they have in each of their Finals appearances. This is the time Miami needs to let guys like Allen and Battier to give the talks to take the pressure off the Big Three and let them do their work.

    Will be an exciting Game 6 and hopefully they get up and win it all. They just need to remember what this means and not allow the Spurs another fast lead.

  45. Heat or Spurs? says:

    I expect the Lebron james from the conference Finals game 6 in Boston from last year to show up..or else they are done.
    They need to defend at the highest level tonight.

    • realist2013 says:

      The Spurs arent Boston. Boston wish they had the honed all around skills of a Spurs team. Sounds like you watch too much sports center. Miami trying to treat them as “just another team” is one reason tgey struggle. They put lebron,wade, chalmers and cole all on Parker. The Spurs 12th man can come into the game and play 2 minutes all series long and they dont lose continuity. They cant leave anyone alone or another will burn them. Discipline, collapse on parker you get green neal leonard duncan or manu. Go one on one parker drops 30. Miami is out of answers. Even with turnovers the Spurs pushed through.

    • Coach says:

      it has been disappointing to see the inconsistancy of Miami. if Miami losses, there will be wholesale changes…can anyone tell me why anderson has not played in the last two games? is he injuried?
      what is amazing about danny green is that, if u remember, he did not start for Carolina! and he was cut by Cleveland and San Antonio….3 times, i believe. if Miami fails to compete tonight….Eric S will be gone, as well as many player on the current roster.

  46. johnny says:

    it would be awesome if lebron was regular season mvp and d wade was finals mvp

  47. MickyD007 says:

    I think what is being overlooked in all this is of the three games the Spurs have won they have shot a record amount of threes, a record number of turnovers (4) and 60% from the floor and when Miami play D and shut this done they win. Forget any single players they are all great, some better than others, but if Miami are going to win this they need to play good D and if Spurs are going to win they will need to break another record. I think it is unlikely Spurs will do this and predict Miami in 7 particularly given they have home court. Either way I hope it goes to 7 and triple OT in that game…

    • Kalbo!! says:

      Go create it in NBA2k13 playstation..

    • CORRECTION! says:

      The Spurs had 18 turnovers, and only (2) more rebounds than Miami – (7) less offensive rebounds – and still won the game. Miami cranked up the “D” and nearly equaled the Spurs’ rebounding, which is an area Miami greatly struggles in, and still couldn’t win. So much for “record shooting” in ALL three wins. Spurs win tonight!!

  48. DeeJay says:

    It’s not going to happen for Miami!!! At least with the Spurs you know what you are going to get. You will get Tony Parker penetrating, loop shots, and all. Green will be shooting relentlessly and Duncan trying to make low post play. All in full speed. However, anybody that says they know what Miami is going to bring, they are in denial. They are mentally out of the game. Lebron has MVP talent and rookie mentality. He simply plays with a high school mentality. He definitely doesn’t play like a team with a franchise around him. Kobe B., Kevin D., and even the retired greats like Magic & MJ will have their hand on the ball when it’s time to win. They are either going to win it or lose it. Lebron simply doesn’t give it his all 4 quarters and he has a “history” of being missing in action during playoffs. Lastly, right now the Heat are playing like it is Wade’s team again. BTW… whose ingenious decision to bench birdman? How dumb is that….

  49. LBJ have no consistent help and that is pretty obvious. Only game 7 against the Pacers and game 4 against the Spurs Wade and Bosh helped in a big way. Spurs defensive game plan is to take LBJ out of the game by swarming and clogging the paint playing zone. Spo is failing Heat as a coach as well. Why not use Jones, Lewis and other players just to create match up problems force Pop to make a mistake? Even Pop put Diaw and benched Splitter. To beat Spurs the Heat have to outscore them and to just guard the three point line. I am a Heat fan and I am sorry to say Spurs will win the series unless Heat play their azz off which I have a feeling they wont be able to do due to fatigue of playing one more series than the Spurs. True test of Heat begins on the start of game 6. Legacy is on the line.

  50. B-Ball4Life says:

    Seriously Steve Ashburner? Are you such a Heat hater…what a bad post. Miami will win it all. Heat have their backs against the wall. Good just sit back relax and enjoy the show 🙂

    • Kalbo!! says:

      Seriously, B-Ball4Life? Just what makes you think you’re more credible than a professional like Steve Ashburner? Anyway, it’s your right to dream..

  51. Brad says:

    Fail to win (2 rings)…nuff said.

  52. Shiv says:

    Well, here is to hoping that the officiating in game 6 isnt biased towards getting a game 7 on the road. Lets face it. A game 7 for the flashy miami team in its home court will bring big bucks for NBA and strong bonuses for referees too. So lets hope they dont tilt the officiating in favor of Big Market Miami. The replays from game 5 and game 4 show how the Miami players like Chalmers, Bosh were hacking Duncan and others to prevent them from getting rebounds. I think these two teams are matched pretty well. They should win or lose on their own teams. Not because the league would like to maximize its revenues by pushing its league super star over good basketball

    • murlocjoe says:

      spoiler alert! Joey Crawford is officiating tonights game. Stern is trying to stack the deck.

  53. chicomillan says:

    And by the way im not a Heat fan but we all know now that they dont have a big three , they have a ONE BIG and two fairly better than average players.I would love to have LJ in my team

  54. chicomillan says:

    i meant fouls lol my laptop wrote that for me lol

  55. chicomillan says:

    Dont know why so much hate against the Heat. They are one of the cleanest teams in NBA today . Honestly i think the refs are killing the heat . Lebron has to be almost killed in order to get a fault call while at the other end Manu and Parker throw themselves against the defense and even when they miss the refs call faults.

    • D says:

      chicomillan must be living in the bizarro world.

    • Kalbo!! says:

      LOL! Cleanest?????? OMG! By far the most obvious, fact-supported comment I have ever read. If there’s a “cleanest team”, it should be the Spurs. I bet you were born just when the finals started.. You clearly haven’t watched any other LBJ’s game or perhaps any other NBA games at all before this series.. How patheticly shameful.. If I were you, I’d never use that name again.. -coming from a non-hater…

  56. T Boone Picken says:

    Within few hours, the World will just witness what LBJ is capable of. I guarantee that he won’t go down.
    Miami in 7!

    • Brad says:

      No. Next year you will witness LBJ’s greatness because CP3, Monta Ellis, Dwight Howard and the all the other free agent superstars will join him in Miami to win another crown because he still doesn’t have enough superstars to beat the Spurs this year. I’ll look for you after this series and remind you how the Spurs beat Miami. Let’s see what the so-called best player in the world named LBJ’s made of.

  57. Jonas says:

    Hey tingmo are you drunk?

  58. miniminer says:

    see u in game 7! ENUF SAID!

  59. BionicMoose says:

    Is it only me who sees it, or does somebody else see it too? The Heat seem like they have no respect for their coach, like he’s talking and they’re like “yeah, yeah, what do you know, I’m the star”. On the other hand, the Spurs seem to have great respect for their coach, they look and feel more like a team. The Heat, no matter if they win 10 more rings, they don’t look or feel like a team, like a family, like the Spurs do. I hope the Spurs win, the Heat is too much douchieness.

  60. Tyrone says:

    If the Heat manage to get to Game 7, they’ll lose there. The Spurs are just too professional of a team, and a well balanced attack and defense is what can beat the Heat, just like the Mavericks the year they got their rings. The Heat’s ball movement was terrible last night – there were so many times where Lebron over-dribbled only to take a questionable shot. They might have that luxury of being able to win games on talent alone, when going against the Pacers, but not against a team whose offense is great like the Spurs.’

  61. Nba fan says:

    I agree, officiating got soft after flopping in the Indiana-Miami Series, players would rather flop and make a game changing call for just a small price of 5k, nothing compared to helping win a whole game which could lead to a title. Bosh got fined about 10.4% of his DAILY SALARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NBA NEEDS TO DO MORE ABOUT FLOPPING

  62. Sunny Chang says:

    Spurs just showed better fundamental basketball games than Heat, LJ did not show SUPER STAR game during this series. He is not as talent as MJ for sure, what a waste of his physical condition. I will predict SPURS win on game 7.

  63. Rihchard says:

    All I can say is: This will be the ultimate test for the Miami Heat winning 2 games in a row against the Spurs.

  64. Whining Big 3 says:

    The sense of self entitlement from the Miami Heat’s Big 3 is off the charts. Just look at either of them after they either make or miss a shot when there is an opponent within arms length. They almost always stare down one of the refs. Big 3 alright, a big bunch of babies constantly wanting a bailout.

  65. tingmo says:

    Why is Miami Coach letting Wade and Bosh play so many minutes? Miami is not a big three team. It is really one very very big Super Star team. Both Wade and Bosh are not 100% and as such they are defensive liability. Both of them are also not very sharp shooter. Spurs defense is very good and both of them has no chance to dunk the ball. So it does not make sense to let these two players play lot of minutes.

    When both of them are playing with LeBron on the floor, they are trying to hold on to the ball just to show as if they are also a super star. The clock will go down and they will waste the possession. When the ball go other way, they cannot defend. This is the main reason of Spurs being able to build big lead.

    If I am the Miami coach, then I will go with following rotation;

    1. James
    2. Anderson
    3. Chalmer
    4. Haslem
    5. Allen
    6. Battier
    7. Miller
    8. Cole
    9. Jones

    Play Wade and Bosh only 3 minutes max each quarter. This way, you have chance to win game 6.

    If you go with the same rotation just like game 5, then heat is doomed. Spurs will become champion on their home court.

  66. Wade_Legend says:

    Miami in 7!

  67. jaysoon says:

    Miami will never win against a Texan team period!!

    • magicBack says:

      I might say you are a dreamer…. but your are not the only one… hahaha there will be 4 periods in game 6 and that is a Period! hahah

  68. Bubba says:

    I hope Danny Green keeps shooting 3s like no tomorrow in Game 6. If Manu keeps attacking the rim and acts as a facilitator, Miami does not have a chance. Good thing Tiago is on the bench. As long as T-Mac is coming into the game for the final minute in the 4th quarter, the Spurs will win.

  69. Jonathan says:

    When is Spo going to put James Jones back into the lineup?
    It is more than obvious the Heat need his downtown area shooting ability!

    Come on Spo, stop wasting human power!

    • Ildefonso navarro says:

      You are right bro i dont understand why he
      Dont play james jones in the final he’s a shooter!

  70. Johnny Go Spurs says:

    I’m a Spurs fan and I think the officiating is bad on both sides of the court. All I have seen this entire series, except game 1, is legitimate fouls ignored and light touches called instantly. Not to mention one team starts rolling over the other and the officials start blowing the whistle like they are trying to turn the tide. The league also needs to just start suspending for flopping. I understand certain plays you really get hit and you are going to try to sell it, but at times players are not even getting touched and are flailing around is just ridiculous. And let’s be honest, Lebron is one of the most powerful and dominating players in the game and there is no one on the court that would make him fly around like he does at times especially with his athleticism. You want to get to the line more, stop flopping and it would be easier for the refs to give you a call.

    • Marco29 says:

      Agreed. Especially for the first part. For the flopping, I haven’t seen that much, apart for bosh who got fined. Lets hope officiating stays fair for the next game(s) and does not decide the champion.
      LBJ will try to be more agressive but I hope the refs will have the courage to call the charges when they need to.

    • murlocjoe says:

      agreed… the officiating in the NBA is terrible but not for the typical reasons. It is mainly because a foul is not always a foul… meaning they are not called the same for every team or player.
      Example 1: Shag (whom I like by the way) but come on a bull run shoulder is a charge…but that is how he plays so he was allowed to ram that shoulder through out his career.
      Example 2: Manu “euro step” is usually a travel for other players.
      Of course you have the Superstar treatment but that is league wide.
      And then there are those teams that are allowed to hack way because they are viewed as aggressive on defense.

      The flopping rule has affect the game some how…not come a day or two later. So you flop and a key basket that effects the game is taken away, player is fined but it is too late the outcome of the game is not changed.

      Rigged? Nah I really don’t think so…. but predictable yes. Any surprise Joey Crawford will ref tonights game???

  71. fan says:

    The league vetoed the CP3 trade because at the time NO had no owner and the league didn’t want to trade away a franchise player and scare away potential buyers. The league didn’t make Miami lose three, or win two, the two teams playing did. The league can’t make one team hit shots and the other miss

  72. Filipino Idiot says:

    Lebron will go to the Lakers if he fails again this year!!!

  73. Nba fan says:

    Really, I agree. When the heat do not get their calls to the rim, which sometimes are fair and sometimes are not, they lose their competitive edge. They are quite arrogant and earlier in the year it was well due, however, at this stage it is not something needed. Both teams have been playing good basketball. I am a San Antonio fan because the first game I watched they won, but whoever wins game 6 will win the championship. San Antonio needs to close out on Tuesday because as great as their role players have been at home, the performance levels of the 2 teams role players will switch when the heat go back home.
    Spurs in 6 or Miami in 7.

  74. Wake me when game 7 Starts says:

    Both of these teams are inconsistent. Its only more disappointing to see Miami play this way after the winning Streak this season

    This is why the NBA looks rigged. The Spurs turn it up for their last home game… and Miami looks Lethargic unless they it becomes a must win.

    Seriously…a 15 point game from Lebron in the Finals, in the same season he shot 60% from the floor……

    and I’m supposed to believe Danny Green will be finals MVP after the G.S.W series…and Manu Ironically wakes up and scores 20+

    Here’s my game 6 Prediction: Gary Neal and Danny Green have an Ironic shooting slump, Lebron goes off to save Legacy, Wade chips in, Battier and Bosh flop around. Tony Parker re-injures Hamstring, and Manu and Tim show their age…. Solid play from Kawhi and Diaw to make Game 7 more interesting….. Add a few bad calls for Controversy… and there goes the Game 6.

    • sistermm says:

      I agree with Wake me when game 7 Starts. I’m supposed to believe Ginobili has an “on” and “off” switch, etc.? And I “believe” for a living! This takes more faith than even I have.

    • Kalbo!! says:

      I don’t agree.. You both sound like miami fans with wishful thinking out of desperate hopes..

    • UCantHandleDTruth says:

      You better wake your own self now and witness (begrudgingly) how the Spurs obliterate the Heat tonight and send them fishing for the rest of the summer, or you’ll be having wetdreams about a non-occurring event (Game 7) for eternity! Spurs dynasty (Duncan-Parker-Ginobili) – 5 NBA Championships together — True that!!!!

    • magicBack says:

      Agree!!!! Dude you are a visionary! 🙂

  75. Loki says:

    Hope the spurs eat Miami alive game 6. Easier said than done of course but I can dream cant I?

    • magicBack says:

      Spurs will break a couple of tooth if they try to bite too hard 😉 Let’s go Miami! Let’s give these haters some humble lessons 🙂

      • blueray2013 says:

        The way miami played so boring and predictable. Not creation. I would be happy if San Anonito win championship, because they derserve it.

  76. jmndodge says:

    I expect to see Miami win game 6 – all the pressure is on them, and they will step up the game. Spurs will have that slight cushion that there is a tomorrow – that will let they play well when the game is close or behind, but make it difficult to put it away when things are going well. Game 7 is to close to call – home town crowd makes a huge difference. Spurs seem more balanced – beyond James Miami has a big let down. Age is on Miami’s side – but their time off before the finals helped to balance that. Will be pulling for the Spurs – Duncan is a favorite – but James is exceptional, one on one, he wins, but this is a team sport.

  77. DangerClose says:

    Miami Heat the best team in flopping and deceiving the refs will be in full HD on Game 6!

  78. sports fan says:

    When the Lakers stacked their team with Karl Malone & Gary Payton they lost in the finals.
    Boston’s big 3 is 1-1 in the finals.
    So far Miami’s big 3 is 1-1 in the finals.
    If Miami loses these finals then it will go to show that quickly stacking a team won’t get multiple championships (or none in the Lakers case) and building a team like the Spurs is best for the long term to get more than just 1 championship.

    • gg says:

      Umm the Lakers stacked their team threw out the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s and I’m pretty sure the have a few championships. The Celtics have stacked their teams threw out the years and they also have a few championships. The Bulls stacked their team in the 90s, look what happened there. The Pistons had a stacked team with the bad boys. Houston was dying in the second year of their repeat. Then they went and got Clyde. Philly brought in Malone and that was a championship. Sorry, but I’m finding it hard to see your point.

  79. realist2013 says:

    Miami is going to try to force the action and lose. Spurs will retain their poise and be the victors. All that ego talk by Miami as if the Spurs just got good. Miami revealed.

  80. Beaconator says:

    This will be a litmus test for the credibility of officiating in the NBA. Whereas the league intervened to prevent CP3 from playing for the Lakers, the fact that the Heat arguably continues to improve its roster with continued tweaking to the league’s silence suggests a positive bias from David Stern and Co.

    The NBA could choose to run the league by becoming master to viewer ratings and influencing the full till of games with officiating. Or they could restore the credibility back starting tomorrow by calling the game fair and square where no king rules the throne. This is a game where the best team is supposed to win, not the team most favored by the NBA is to win. The Spurs symbolize everything a a championship team should be. The Heat symbolize a failed bargaining process that was supposed to protect the other 29 teams.

    • MiamiFan says:

      Another Moron who really just hates… The League owned NOH, thats why they were able to stop the CP3 trade.. And about the officiating, i cant believe how blinded you are by your hate, there were a lot of calls that wasn’t called right for both teams, you cant expect refs to be perfect, you can only wish that fouls are being called consistently on both ends of the floor, meaning if a hack was not called as a foul in spurs side, it should not be called in the other end too. Refs dont have eyes that see in slow motion.. Stop yapping and hating and start living..

      • Kalbo!! says:

        Not a Miami or LBJ hater here… I would usually hate their fans instead.. But you make a good exception.. It’s been a while since I saw a Miami fan who uses his brains more than his liver.. Perhaps your the first time.. It’s just that so many fans are so pathetic that actually aggravates the haters and even the non-haters..

  81. JimD54 says:

    Right now as we speak, the Heat are in the gym practicing their flops…… The officiating in these next two games is going to stink to the high heavens, the Heat will be charging down the lane and walking to the foul line for the next eight quarters, count on it…..

    • H2O says:

      Sounds like an excuse in advance.

    • Neil Young says:

      Agreed. The Heat are not good when the calls go both ways, or minimally, that the touch calls in the paint are not getting called like the Heat are used to

    • theholyspectator says:

      really man? why cant these blogs have logical smart comments being posted? anyways..this is a huge game for miami..i def see them winning game 6, but ive yet to see the maturity in this heat team to take over and seal the deal, this miami heat team seem like they only operate at their full power when they are faced with adversity…well if thats the only way miami heat comes out to play then they are in the perfect position becuz both games will have their backs against the wall..but question is who wins game 7? both teams have their backs against the wall, miami does have home court but will the crowds energy be enough? this is comin down the wire, what a series!

    • tom says:

      Lol flying off the court that is also big three talent … wait the entire team doing it now…

    • tom says:

      Champion don’t flop… u can draw a call by trying to shoot… like paul piece or kobe… they are true champion … flopping insult playe own talent and insult all nba fans

    • Sally says:

      if that’s what it takes then so be it, it’s just good basketball and you can believe that Miami is going to win it…….count on it dude !! and the officiating will have nothing to do with it. Go Heat !!