Right & Wrong: Ginobili, Green Deliver


SAN ANTONIO — With Manu Ginobili‘s 24 points and 10 assists in the San Antonio Spurs’ Game 5 win Sunday night over the Miami Heat, each member of each team’s Big Three has now had a big moment.

In Game 5, LeBron James (8-for-22 from the floor), Dwyane Wade (10-for-22) and Chris Bosh (7-for-11) didn’t shoot great, but they did combine for 66 points, 16 rebounds and 19 assists. Sounds like a winning formula just as the statistics of the Spurs’  Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and surprise starter Ginobili do: 67 points, 15 rebounds and 16 assists.

With such even production, what was the difference in the Spurs’ 114-104 win in Game 5?

The role players.

San Antonio’s continue to come up big. Danny Green hit six more 3-pointers and scored 24 points. Kawhi Leonard went 6-for-8 from the floor for 16 points, plus eight rebounds and three steals. Boris Diaw used his girth to make James uncomfortable for much of the game.

With Ginobili in the starting lineup, the Spurs’ first five all scored between 16 and 24 points. For Miami, Mike Miller and Mario Chalmers combined for seven points on 2-for-11 shooting.

RIGHT: Spurs coach Gregg Popovich‘s decision to insert the struggling Ginboili into the starting lineup paid tremendous dividends. Playing alongside Parker more often allowed Ginobili to play off the ball more with less defensive attention — and often with Miller on him — and he was aggressive with his drives. He knocked down his first two shots early in the first quarter and dished a couple of assists and confidence that had been so elusive rushed back. Ginobili finished with a season-high 24 points and 10 assists and the Spurs moved to 23-2 this season when Ginobili has at least six assists.

WRONG: One reason Popovich put Ginobili in the starting lineup is because Heat coach Erik Spoelstra changed up his starting lineup for Game 4, going for offense with a smaller lineup that included Mike Miller instead of rugged forward Udonis Haslem. Off the bench, Miller was on fire, canning 9-for-10 shots from the beyond the arc. In two games as a starter, Miller is a combined 0-for-2 from the field (both shots from 3-point range) for zero points in nearly 46 minutes.

RIGHT: A few days ago Danny Green said he’s still waiting for someone to pinch him and wake him up. Yeah, well, the Spurs would like for that person to stay away for at least one more win. Green is on an historic hot streak and after he dropped another six 3-pointers in Game 5 on 10 attempts, he’s 25-for-38 (65.8 percent) from beyond the arc. He surpassed Ray Allen with the most 3-point baskets ever in an NBA Finals — and it’s only Game 5. He’s hit four, five, seven, three and six 3s in the first five games. Remarkable.

WRONG: The Heat’s defense on Green. As Parker said after Game 5, how in the world is Green open, ever, beyond the arc at this point in the series? Now, as Green said, he’s not actually open every time, he’s hitting contested 3s as well. The Spurs move the ball so well that it’s impossible to contain Parker, Ginobili and Duncan and still protect the 3-point arc. If the Heat want to stay alive for a Game 7, they’ll have to figure this out.

RIGHT: Dwyane Wade has really dialed back the clock. He had the huge 32-point, six-rebound, four-assist, six-steal Game 4 and followed it up with 25 points and 10 assists in Game 5.

WRONG: Have the tables turned for the Heat? Should we now be saying Wade can’t do it alone? James had his struggles in Game 5, scoring 25 points on 8-for-22 shooting, which included a ghastly 2-for-11 in the second half and 1-for-5 in the fourth quarter with just one free throw attempt in 10:54.

RIGHT: Another example of Pop pushing the right button at the right time was his use of Boris Diaw in Game 5. Diaw logged nine and 11 minutes, respectively in Games 1 and 2 and didn’t play at all in Game 3 before logging another 11 minutes in Game 4. In Game 5? Diaw played 27 minutes and much of that time was spent putting his weight on James, who finished 8-for-22 from the floor.

WRONG: Another example of the Heat getting nothing out of a role player is Chris “Birdman” Andersen — not that it’s his fault. He’s become a victim of Spoelstra’s small-ball lineup. A significant contributor in the East finals against Indiana, Birdman didn’t miss a shot until Game 7 of that series. He played the first three games of this series until Speolstra inserted Miller into the starting lineup and starting bringing Haslem off the bench. So not only have the Heat gotten no scoring out of Miller, they’ve kept their energy guy on the bench.


  1. GOSPURSGO! says:

    @ 34yr fan….Great comments! Keep them up…GO SPURS GO in six tonight!!!!

  2. Evan says:

    Where is the MVP he is sleeping with the fishes he is tired of the San Antonio wind like Sananta Cali winds its blowing the heat out of The rim so they can’t event think of coming back again so pace out What’s the different between Miami heat and the amazon who knows the answer to this joke will win the game tonight

  3. trueHEATfan says:

    Its disgusting to see how poorly officiated this playoffs has been(i know im not the only one seeng this). I’m not asking for my team to get all the calls. Just call it even and let the better team win. I f there wasn’t so much money being made in advertising and las vegas betting this would not be a problem. Before all naysayers post otherwise ask yourself this… why does Stern protect the rfs so much and anytime any nba employee says something negatative about the playcalli they receive a huge fine. This is no secret either there have been plenty people talking about this for years. Its gotten way worst after jordan era.

    Smalll note this is why a great coach like jeff van gundy is no longer a coach, its not because hee cqnt get the job done its because he won’t keep his mouth shut about it. He is lucky to still have a sportcaster job imho.

  4. jason says:

    Well look at it like this Wade had his best 2 games so he is due for a bad one. James will bounce back game 6 and have a great game but I tnink the Spurs will still win the series…Bosh needs to go home he is just a waste of space, miller back is bad , Allen can shot ut cant defend no one. I tnink Bosh is the Spurs best player talkkng about Green will be stopped he havent stop no one all year. Just out there taking up space

  5. Tony says:

    I believe the key to the Heat winning is to focus on Parker, Duncan, and Ginobili. The fact that one man on their team scores 24 points with 3 pointers is not going to hurt the Miami Heat. But shutting down Parker, Duncan, and Ginobili will cripple them. I say continue to guard one of their three point shooters fairly tight (not Green), but cut Parker, Duncan and Ginobili’s scoring in half. Green won’t be able to make up the difference and Parker, Duncan, and Ginobili will have a frustrated game, allowing James, Wade, and Bosh to increase their scoring. But the key is to stop those three players defensively and don’t worry about made three pointers from Green. One three point shooter wll not make up for the scoring of three players performing badly.

    • 34yr fan says:

      …..good luck with that, Tony…….and oh , btw…….just How do you Stop 3 players who have played together for years with the Best coaching Ever??? It just Can’t be done…..plain and simple….maybe 1 or 2 of them(not happening) but all three???? I believe if they had the answer we would have seen it by now, Right?? GO_SPURS_GO ! ! ! ! ( ! )

      • theyCallmeLebron says:

        Will you shut up with that Go spurs garbage. You’ve been everywhere on the comments sections hating on the heat. Once heat win it tonight you’ll be nowhere to be found on these hang time blogs.

  6. Dave Samuels says:

    The Miami heat can win games 6 and 7 I know they can. Spoelstra just has to let everyone play give Lebron James and Dwayne Wade a rest some times getting help from the bench can change a lot the heat has alot of talent on the team so just play everyone then you’ll find a hot player on fire go heat let’s do this

    • 34yr fan says:

      COACH CAN’T MAKE SHOTS FOR THEM !!!!!! What do you Not understand about that?????? It is curious to read that the Coach should let them play…..does he have some sort of high-tech ‘electronic leash’ he is using to KEEP them from “playing” as you stated, OR , maybe the “Other” team has something to do about that …..Could that be ???

  7. david says:

    am a heat fan and i have to say if popivech was coaching the heat the series would have been overr……spolstra in my opinion is such a bad coach and decision maker and doesnt get even close to full energy out of his team…..so unless the players step up and start coaching themselves it aint gonna work for the heat

    • 34yr fan says:

      WOW….NOW it is the coaches fault…….how about you just admit that the “OTHER” team is just beatin’ your ….uh…..team. Can heater fans give credit where credit is due……you other Heat fans could learn something from some of the GREAT posts on this blog by thoughtful/smart Miami fans who are ” telling it like it is”……go back and read them they are respectful and great …. and don’t sound like a kids on the playground arguing who is better !!

      • david says:

        yeah it kinda is alot to do with the coaching dude, and danny greenn bieng on fire…..if u watched game 5 u would agree that the spurs just flat out are coached betterr and brought more energyy and focus to winning the game

  8. Fritz Mamaril says:

    The Heat should continue to be small, what they just need to do is improve their rotation, and improve their match-ups also. Continue to be small but they still need to use their role players. This is my suggestion: Starters – C – C. Bosh, PF – L. James, SF – S. Battier, SG – R. Allen, PG – D. Wade. C – C. Andersen, PF – U. Haslem, SF – M. Miller, SG – N. Cole, PG – M. Chalmers. Match-ups: C – Duncan-Bosh, PF – Diaw-James, SF – Leonard-Allen, SG – Ginobili-Battier, Parker-Wade. (Sacrifice Bosh and Wade to defend against Duncan and Parker. Use Battier to stop Ginobili. Let James handle the ball offensively, post up the player defended by Parker, and set up Bosh for long jumpers to open up the middle.)

  9. Fritz Mamaril says:

    The Heat should continue to be small, what they just need to do is improve their rotation, and improve their match-ups also. Continue to be small but they still need to use their role players. This is my suggestion: Starters – C – C. Bosh, PF – L. James, SF – S. Battier, SG – R. Allen, PG – D. Wade. C – C. Andersen, PF – U. Haslem, SF – M. Miller, SG – N. Cole, PG – M. Chalmers. Match-ups: C – Duncan-Bosh, PF – Diaw-James, SF – Leonard-Allen, SG – Ginobili-Battier, Parker-Wade. (Sacrifice Bosh and Wade to defend against Duncan and Parker. Use Battier to stop Ginobili. Let James handle the ball offensively, post up the player defended by Parker, and set up Bosh for long jumpers to open up the middle.

    • 34yr fan says:

      Hey dude……The Spurs and Pop will guard who they want…..they dictate the defensive matchups….not the heaters….and certainly not you

  10. Jc says:

    I hope our 2013 MVP can step up to the plate and take over in this series. I had Miami to win in game 6, so far they have left me down. Go Miami heat you guys can out play the older spurs. Peace!

  11. Ace83 says:

    Eric, you’re nothing but a crybaby. If the only reason you can accept for the Heat losing a game is that “the refs wanted Spurs to win” then you’re pathetic. They shot the ball better, they played better team defence and they moved the ball better offensively. I’m not saying Miami played badly, but the Spurs played better and had more bench support. Aside from Allen, Miami’s bench might as well have stayed home. The better TEAM won Game 5, deal with it.

  12. rag_angelo says:

    Everyone’s talking about Green’s 3’s…. What about his D?! He’s had mean D in the series so far!

    • rag_angelo says:

      and yeah ^^^^ give TMAC more minutes!!!!

    • 34yr fan says:

      Big Point…..No one is talking about it because “NO ONE” can guard the player formerly know as ‘the king’….. it seems that just about Anyone the Spurs plays on lebRon is getting the job done…and in game 5, Danny had a great block and then rebound while she was cryin’, again, about the fact that someone ‘touched’ him……not supposed to get that kind of treatment if you are the new league centerpiece Right??(….sorry Kobes—) Boris, and of course KW, are doing a great job on his game……and this is after the rhetoric from all of the c*cky fans before the series even started !!…..about “Who is gonna guard James for the Spurs”….some young 22 yr old kid in his 2nd year???? Boris Di-aw !!!!??? Danny Grreeeeeen ??…you mean the 3-point shooter ???…. all the heater fans were having a big laugh…….WHERE ARE YOU NOW????? No Big talk??? (just more cryin’ ’bout the “refs” thi and the “refs” that…….. it is funny to see FANS get schooled by the SPURS …..LOL…..LOL……………………….. GO_SPURS_GO ! ! ! ! ( ! ) get that 5th TONIGHT !!!

  13. Dennis says:

    I honestly think the spurs are gonna win it, there bench players are more focused and contributed more than the heats bench. Another reason I think and hope they win is because of all the players on the spurs bench, I think T-Mac deserves a ring, although he joined them early in the post season, I believe that Greg and the spurs are giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was & still is a great basketball player, and that he deserves to join a team making there run at it….I hope spurs win it (coming from a Memphis fan)………..

    • 34yr fan says:

      you are a Fan of great basketball, Not just blindly following one team…..or worse yet a fringe fan who “loves” just ONE certain player…… now….hmmmmm, who might that player be…….. A great player and team leader ?? Someone humble who is making others look good as well ?? A player who is NOT a self promoter ?? …….NO !! It is Always the “media darlings” …you know, the ones who get hyped endlessly on the ‘social’ circuit….and the “highlight” reels

  14. TD-TP-TD-TP-TD-TP-GINOBOLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. jam says:

    As a heat fan San Antonio got all da lucks in da final so far. We all know no 1 can’t win da NBA final without a bit of luck. But I’m not gonna lie San Antonio is a betta team overall.

  16. J says:

    the heat would be up 3-2 if the fouls on lebron that werent called were cause there was about 5or6 instinces of fouls on lbj and nobody calling them just saying

    heat should start haslem again play birdman and just play like they do after a loss after there wins they play like****i still dont know why come on!!!!!!
    heat in 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Big Al says:

    When all Spurs starters played a stellar game, the Heat simply didn’t defend well. They should have been able to contain at least three of them, but they failed to do so on anyone. Don’t take pity on Parker’s injury, There’s no need to be afraid of hurting him badly, because judging by the way he played, the hamstring issue is minimal. Manu certainly won’t fire on all cylinders tomorrow, but beware of the threes. Danny just might continue shooting like that. There’s also Bonner and Neal, so these guys must never be left alone.

  18. Brian says:

    I think that if Miami wants to win this game, first,they’ll really have to slow down Spurs’ 3-point shooting and Parker’s activity in the paint. Second, they’ll rebound the ball better and make more shots.
    I’m not a heat fan although I have to admit that I like their style. But I think people should really stop slamming LeBron every time Heat loses. I mean, come on, I know even when he delivers his best and Heat still loses, people still put all the blame on him.
    I hope that Heat win this series and do what Lakers did to Celtics 3 years ago because as a die hard Laker fan, I hate the Spurs.

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….boy …that is GREAT reason to HATE now isn’t it……give respect where it is due

  19. David says:

    Spurs are really playing smart and precise. Their movements and the counters/adjustments they make keeps breaking down Heat’s weaknesses. Refs have been fair all throughout, give them some margin of error. To say that the refs have been unfair seems to decrease the work of art that both teams have gone through. These games have been won by smarts and skills- who can adjust and deal with the circumstances.

    An interesting factor that Popovich kept on stating was to push the ball- which ironically is Heat’s style of basketball.
    Maybe it’s because Lebron/Wade keeps on complaining to the refs about getting fouled and not hustling back on D, providing late defensive sets or fast breaks. There’s also a difference between fast and quick, (Lebron is fast but not quick in a NBA sense) which Lebron needs to improve on- this limits his moves.

    Lebron/Wade fan/ Heat bandwagon fan here. Hope Heat hustles back on D and communicates better so that they could get 2 more wins.

  20. Tracy McGrady says:

    Put me in Coach Pop!!

  21. PC says:

    Give credit to the spurs.
    they made one good play after another and were able to make stops.
    the finals has never been about the refs, it’s about teams stepping up their game and earning the respect, THEN you get the calls you deserve.

    no excuses, Miami need to put their act together in game 6 and have their fingers crossed for game 7.

    i’m not hopeful.


    Miami supporter

  22. KC says:

    “Talent wins games, but teamwork and camaraderie wins championships,” Michael Jordan. Better team play wins championships over talent almost all the time, even MJ knew that. The heat have great talent, but for the better part of the ECF and finals their team play has been horrible. The Spurs know how to play like a team, and win like a team. If Miami plays like a team and does what they are capable of they can win this series, but as of now, I honestly don’t see crybaby bron winning this year. The heat have the capacity to win, but they need to play like they deserve to win. Spurs are playing like they deserve to win, and they are playing like the best TEAM in the league.

  23. Green Go Green young man says:

    Ginobli has pretty much dedicated his life to contribute to the sport of basketball for the last couple of decades. So yes, it was great to see him return to his usual self on Sunday. What made this series so interesting to watch for me, was the awesome show put on by Danny Green. To be honest, I had not even heard of this guy prior to this series and now I can’t help but be a lifetime fan of his. It’s raining 3’s! The look on Ray Allen’s face was priceless. A bit of Celtic karma putting the bite on Allen for ditching them the way he did?

    • 34yr fan says:

      …..yeah, that was an “All-Time” priceless look !! But Who exactly did rayray ditch??????? I think it was the Sonics, Right !!! no more cheap ring for ringchaser…..time to retire with your 3-point record…. the 2 fours record ….when it made NO difference to the game……I hope he remembers it all of his life….I will……….PS: Somebody should ask him about a certain playoff series when he was with the team that showcased his talent(Sonics) and he couldn’t take (got T’d up) the play of a young French point guard and LOST the series that , of course , ‘everyone’ thought that they would win easily……those are great memories…..and now…..they don’t DARE let ringchaser guard Tony…..funny!!

  24. Eric says:

    Stern and Refs helped Spurs to win Game 5. Almost each time when Wade and James Lay up the shots and were fouled, NO CALLS. Almost each time when Tony and Manu Lay up the shots and were not fouled,they also got CALLS.

    • 34yr fan says:

      Tony hits the deck more than Any other player…and how many time does he get the call…..less than 50/50…. this series is about making shots, that’s all

  25. Eric says:

    According to Stern’s command, Refs have done a great job to let the Spurs to Game 5, especially in the crucial time in the 3rd quarter when the Heat only down 1 point.
    Stern is very satisfied with his refs’ work.
    David Stern has told the Refs let Spurs win the title.

  26. digitioli says:

    I don’t care who wins if the game is fairly officiated. I do care A LOT about watching a fairly officiated game.
    Let the best team win on their own merits.

  27. busa-boss says:

    when spurs losses the ball game it’s just because of TURNOVERS…
    poor decision plays, poor shooting, poor defense…
    they don’t blame each other…spurs fans get used to it…
    when other teams loss the game, it’s bacause of the refs…
    heat fans, continue to blame your players, coach, and the refs.
    when your player shoots poorly, it’s because the refs don’t give them foul…wow…complain as if every aggresive play have fouls…
    lebron was blocked, struggles and rattled in the paint..(enoughmis enough)

  28. mrsilva says:

    one thing that Mr Spo has sad with great propriety : ” In this game you get what you deserve”.
    And it seems that the Spurs is deserving the title. Just look at the balanced scoring they got and at the unbalanced scoring the Heat has been getting.
    And Erick Spoeltra’s mistakes look tremendous.
    Anyway, I found the criticism on LBJ very disproportionate.
    Look, I don’t live in North America but I love seeing Lebron James playing and since 2011 I recovered my interest in NBA, mostly because of him. Interest that I lost with H. Olajuwon’s fading away as a player.
    I have seem many writers rate him as “close to Elgin Baylor, not better than Kobe, not deserving to be among the 10 best of all times”. Always with a smug tone.
    I think that it is very very rare to be even considered for such a list with so many seasons to come. He is one of the greatest ever.

    He indeed will have a legacy, whether he gets his second ring this season or not. He has done enough rescuing Miami against Indiana this year and against Boston in 2012, after being scorched in 2011. It is now just that some key players simply disappear in some games. Better coaching would help too.


    • 34yr fan says:

      Yes ….he is “one” of the greatest “Players” ever….not the greatest teammate by Any stretch of the imagination, though……..And he has brought ALL this high level of scrutiny upon himself….Remember…..ran from a team that HE thought wasn’t getting the right players on the team(not his job to pick players…that is management) talked another great player into leaving his team to match up with ANOTHER great player(on that great player’s team) and said he and “his” buddies were gonna win …How Many????? BIG Mouths always get more scrutiny ….from everyone, not just the press

  29. Renay says:

    I LOVE that quote in the locker room. These are the Spurs.
    “When nothing seems to help, I go and look at a stonecutter hammering away at his rock perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred and first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not that blow that did it, but all that had gone before.”
    Let’s get the thumb ring, Timmeh!
    (From the Netherlands, Europe, I’ve been a Spurs fan since 1996 when the first games were shown in my country.)

  30. Skolimowski says:

    Spoelstra is a terrible coach, he has proven time and time again he has no control over his players and he makes terrible decisions, substitutions-wise.

  31. master says:

    the problem is that no one wants to say that the “old” spurs are the best team of the league!!!! because the play like a real team, they play as well. i was scared about miami, because they are a great team but lebron is not Michael Jordan, so i trust that the spurs has to win. if is not the case then the league wants miami like a champion. just to compare lebron with MJ. thats it

  32. E k says:

    Hey did any one notice how lebron was acting in the game for a guy who is so motivated he gave up on the game look I know u diden’t get few calls n I know how that can kill ur motivation but the spurs still scored 114 points like u have to win the game on defense that’s it keep fighting n move on if u don’t get a call or miss u have to be like let me stop this guys n get right back on them not get mad n walk back on defense n let every one see ur mad he really let his team down n his fans n if he think they are Gona win u need to get stop and don’t worry about ur about ur Offense just keep shooting till u make them .

  33. Filipino Idiot says:

    Once again, Lebron choked when it matters the most!!!

  34. FACT says:

    FACT- Since the NBA Finals went to a 2-3-2 format in 1985, the Game 3 winner when the series was tied 1-1 has gone on to win 12 of the 13 titles — although the Heat were the lone team that didn’t, in 2011.

  35. SPURS-TACULAR says:

    That superb performance by Ginobili will further confuse the MIAMI defense.

    Because now, MANU can do whatever he wants in his scoring options and play-making.

    They will have to respect MANU more, and that will only work to his advantage…
    in moving the Heat defense … and orchestrating the best offense for the SPURS.

    Let us celebrate in their own homecourt tomorrow.

    Giiinnnooobbbiiillliiiiii !!!

  36. SPURS-TACULAR says:

    If MIAMI can win 2 games in a row against the SPURS … then they deserve to win the CHAMPIONSHIP.

    But that’s NOT gonna happen, becasue Ginobili is back,
    Parker is fine, Green will keep making 3-pointers, Diaw will slow down Lebron …

    and we’ll take care of business tomorrow. :-))

    2013 Champs = The SPURS of course !!!

  37. Mehr says:

    Bad defense from Miami, Bad coaching from Miami.
    LBJ said enough is enough but practically they played soft.
    No one sweat in this game from mimai and SA was playing so hard to get the win
    It is all about energy, playing hard the whole 48 minutes.
    If Both teams play hard, Miami will win the series as Miami is a better team.
    One more minute of relaxation from Miami, forget about the championship
    Wrong substitution from Spo god knows what will happen.
    Please use Birdman instead of haslem.
    Please don’t let Cole play any more

    • Yogi says:

      Your problem with that line up is it allows the Spurs to put an even bigger lineup on the floor that has five scoring threats while for Miami that lineup only has three real scoring threats. The weakest member of the Spurs BIG lineup scoring wise is Splitter and he is better in the paint than any of Miamis bugs (stats don’t lie so look at his seasonal production). It also forces Miami into bad matchups for them Battier is outgunned by Leonard Bosh (or any other Miami big) has to double Duncan and Parker draws doubles as well. The only player the Heat have that the Spurs double is James. The Heat are a VERY good team but Heat fans have underrated and not given enough respect to the Spurs and that attitude may have effected your team. That may prove to be your undoing.

    • 34yr fan says:

      No you are WRONG…..the SPURS are the better TEAM…..let me write that again….the better “TEAM”…… Miami has a collection of ringchasers, overhyped stars , washed up ‘role players’ and absolutely NO team spirit , or team energy off the bench…… I wonder how many new ‘players’ will be on your ‘team’ next year????

  38. cp10 says:

    Ginobili!! 🙂

  39. Snoop! says:

    Seriously!!!! R u people insane!!! the Heat just plain and simple droped the ball last night!! James cried all game!! These are GROWN MEN!!! They need to start playing like GROWN MEN!!! They get paid all this cash to play a game!!! All they do is cry about every call that they expect to get!!! The Heat get calls in Miami that are just plain DUMB so why shouldnt San Antonio get the same treatment at home???????

  40. JOE BRAND says:


    • 34yr fan says:

      So …. you think Anderson !! is the answer???…..isn’t he the most recent “addition” to the stable????? Your ‘other’ superstarfriends are just NOT enough…..that is really funny ……….and Phil???……you might be right, because that is that is the ONLY type of team he coaches….. stuporstar teams

  41. Boris Diaw using his girth to make Lebron James uncomfortable? That has to be a good one. I missed seeing that.

    • 34yr fan says:

      ?????? are you blind or just not paying attention…..remember the game moves real fast

      • 34yr fan says:

        not driving to the basket because the Man in front of him(Boris) is a big dude too….and lebRon doesn’t take on guys his own size

  42. ac says:

    This series is so weird. I hate Miami, but they are definitely going to win game 6. We’ll about game 7, hopefully Green has a few more threes up his sleeve.

  43. The way the spurs are playing, the Heat has no chance. They have a very high shooting percentage. they will win no matter what except they are not able to reduce their turnovers.
    The Heat team must learn from history. No team ever beats the spurs except they have good three pointer shooters. Last season they were 4-0 for first round. 4-0 for western semi. they were 2-0 till OKC thunder learned to shoot like them and won the western finals. This season the GSW was the only team that gave them a hard time because of their three pointer shooters.
    Eric is a smart coach. He has seen that already and I think that is why Miller is starting. but he tried just two shots in the whole game. he must stop playing as a point guard and start positioning himself for shooting

  44. Look out for the Bleh Bleh Bleh says:

    Spurs in 6. Heat is on a roller coaster. Spurs have more focus.

    • C says:

      The spurs shot 60% while green is shooting 67% from 3? It’s about time reality set in and spurs shoot realistic numbers. James got fouled several times while driving to the basket and there was no call, that resulted in a 3 at the other end. While dunken and Parker got a whistle every time in the paint. No one seems to notice the numerous bad calls or no calls that favored the spurs. I guess I can only hope Miami gets the same treatment the spurs got on their home court!

      So yes there is some luck! Danny green shooting 67% right now and hitting more threes is in five games than he did all playoffs is lucky!!

      Also for Spurs fans to cry about flopping……is hilarious! Gino and Parker flop every play!Spurs have been out played on the stat sheets for most of the games. Shooting percentage is the only thing that saved them in game five. Even with Miami shooting 40 percent. Miami going to win by 15 plus game 6.

      • busa-boss says:

        next year

      • Eric says:

        well said.

      • Marco29 says:

        You already said that. Who is to blame if Heat have shot only 43%? Spurs’s D but also LBJ (8-22), Wade (10-22) and Chalmers (2-10). In Game 5, Heat actually had a higher 3pt% than Spurs (almost 48% vs 41) and shot 1 more 3pointer.
        As for flopping, I think Battier can learn some tricks to everybody.

      • 34yr fan says:

        You are right “C”…is IS about time for ‘reality’ to set in…..for your sorry superfriends sideshow that is …..and for YOU of course

  45. cielito says:

    What I see is everything is set up … The NBA SHOULD BE NBE … Just like WWF then became WWE … Because they know who’s gonna win !!! playing a best of 7 series ain’t right anymore … It’s not fair for us fans … While you guys make money . Don’t think we are stupid not to see this !!! NATIONAL BASKETBALL ENTERTAINMENT !!! PLAYOFFS AND FINALS SHOULD ONLY BE A BEST OF 3 SERIES !!! Much better of it’ll be 1 game only …

    • angel says:

      That is correct my friend all is about money in this playoff special in this finals…shame on u NBA SORRY NBE…

  46. IR BABOON says:



    players are not the only one who need to get there act together same with coaches. I Expect Spo counter POPs game plan in Game 6.

  47. GamberT says:

    I Love the Heats, but I got to say that they stop playing when it was 70-71. missing easy layups, 5 footers, and FT. I think this was the most important game of the series and they stopped playing, plain and simple…

  48. what if says:

    I would love to see a Miami lineup of Anderson, Bosh, Battier, James, and Wade. Not that it will ever happen, but it would be interesting to see Miami go big for a change.

    • roland0 says:

      The Spurs’ regular lineup of Parker, Green, Leonard, Splitter and Duncan would kill that lineup.

  49. Freida says:

    Chris Bosh needs to go!! He is a big man that likes the 4 point line. He only had 6 rebounds in Game 5. That is sad. If they had gotten someone like a Dwight Howard as the 3rd man and not Chris Bosh, there would be no doubt the Heat would be a lot better. I am so disgusted with the Miami Heat.

    • Yogi says:

      Where is the four point line I would like to know. I thought I knew this game pretty well but didn’t know there was a four point line.

    • Marco29 says:

      He has had 10 rebounds less than LBJ, that’s 2/ game. He needs to come closer to the basket and rebound. He might even get some second chance points as he did but too ocasionnally.

  50. Freida says:

    Wade has to step up. He doesn’t get slammed like LeBron does. BS on his knee. Mind over matter. Where is the Birdman!!. Get Miller off the floor and put in Haslem and the Birdman. Spo needs to go. He is nowhere what Coach Pop can do. Bring down Riley and get it done.

  51. steve mburuma says:

    I think one of the most ignored issues about this game is the officiating. I am a MAVs fan but I cant help but notice that the HEAT are getting more calls against them and most of them very questionable. They survived game four against all odds and now game five officiating was even worse. Its almost as if the league wants the Spurs to win. Every time Parker went into the paint and failed to score the referees were there to bail him out. On the other hand LeBron James and D Wade were getting fouled in the paint and no calls were being made. I think this is disgusting. To make matters worse there were two threes for the HEAT late in the game that were ruled out because of some questionable calls. In a close game like this I think this is not fair. We need fair officiating at this level please. Coach POP should have been given a technical for being over aggressive with the ref. Why he did not get one is indicative of how these referees are afraid of standing up to his bullying. We need more calls for MIAMI to make up for this mess. GO HEAT.

    • kris says:

      they are getting more calls against them because they have the reputation of being floppers now, and the truth is they are floppers.

      • Mike says:

        It’s simple. It’s called Basketball IQ. The Spurs have it, the Heat don’t have it. Watching this series has been like watching a Roman legion fight against a hoard of physically-gifted cavemen.

      • Le2e says:

        Mike knows whats up

      • angel says:

        Please kris that is bull…u know peoples what the miami heat falls down but that is not going to happen again, like with dallas vs miami…but i think all the final are fake please W.L.W.L.W.L. ALL is about money in this finals…7 games it is MIAMI HEAT WIN AT 7.

    • Le2e says:

      Mavs fan, yeah right. Youre just a lame heat fanboy pretending (being a heat fan you know all about pretending… FLOP) like youre not biased to make yourself feel better. Those screens WERE ILLEGAL. You cant screen out of bounds and you cant lead shoulder first while moving into a chasing defender. Pop was yelling at his players, read his lips he was yelling for them to get back on defense. Even if he did get a tech, ok you got 1 free throw, spurs won by 10. Yep game changer. There were some missed calls against the heat, not many, and these werent them. I swear these heat fans just get dumber as the playoffs go on. Do the real fans of basketball a favor and go back to whatever it was you were doing before lebron moved to your city, you just look silly.

      No real mavs fan would ever cheer for the heat the way the heat flopped and trash talked dirk back in the 2010 finals.

      • angel says:

        Im a HEAT FAN and u just a hater u know miami is the best team rigth now..everybody want to beat..because Miami is the best team and got the best player in the nba lebron james…forever u if u dont like and i flopping now…

    • Michael says:

      Questionable calls? Miller was out of bounds when he set a screen. That’s not questionable, it’s illegal. LeBron was clearly moving and then dropped his shoulder into Danny Green when he was chasing Ray Allen. That’s not questionable, it’s a moving screen, and it’s a foul.

      Parker and Diaw both got called for travelling in game 5. They were questionable calls, in my opinion. Ginobili supposedly fouled the bigger and stronger Battier when Battier was trying to push right through him.

      Spurs were whistled for 21 fouls, Heat 24. That’s pretty even, especially when Pop is constantly drilling into the Spurs, “Defend without fouling.” Duncan led the league this year in blocks per personal foul, and by a big margin.

      • Marco29 says:

        Agreed. There have been questionnalbe calls and non-calls on both sides but there is nothing to say on those 2. James could have gotten an intentional one cause it looked like that.

    • Eric says:

      Yes. Stern and Refs want Spurs to win.

      • Brian says:

        What are u talking about. …the nba hates the spurs and so do half of this country. The spurs are bad for ratings….remember! Go Spurs Go!

      • Marco29 says:

        I thought they wanted the Heat to win coz they are a big market, sell more shirts and because the Spurs are boring….How ironic.

    • 34yr fan says:

      little stevie….you are hilarious…….

  52. pacquiaoverated says:

    great win by spurs, and still I ain’t buying into that parker injury, he never slowed down in this finals, he never grimaced in pain I’m leaning towards its all fake.

    • angel says:

      U rigth,i think this is a funny finals one day they play like stars and one day they play like a bunch of rookies im not buy that…all fake..

    • Marco29 says:

      What about the second half on Game 4? Was it fake? He got 2 days rest and treatment before Game 5 which allowed him to play more agressively and more constitenlty through the whole game. He is hurt and is taking a risk to make it a serious injury.

  53. ofo papa says:

    Miami coach need to speak up that his boys are not getting the call they deserve instead of him just look at the ref if his going to get technical fowl he should get it so that his voice should be heard.

    • Tucker says:

      Come on.. Ray Allen got two 4-point plays and that has never happened before in a Finals game. You can blame the officiating all day but it goes both ways. I saw some bad calls against the Spurs but nobody complains because they won. Every year people say the refs were biased toward the championship team. The fact is that the ONLY game that was close enough for the refs to effect was game one. None of the outcomes of the other games would be any different if the officiating was perfect. Ditch this stupid mentality.

      • Le2e says:

        Oh but cmon, now they all look stupid claiming NUMBER ONE HEAT FAN since 2010 WOOP WOOP! They dont wanna look stupid!

      • Marco29 says:

        Officiating has been bad on both sides, that is a fact. The non-calls have been more flagrant than the calls. Yet, I agree that none of this has had a true impact on the games outcome so far. Let’s hope it won’t in the next game(s) if it turns out to be close.

      • 34yr fan says:

        You are right about the calls….I heard a former great player on the radio yesterday say the officials are letting so much pushing, shoving, grabbing, arm wrestlin go uncalled that it is just ‘rewarding’ less talented players to bring down the more talented—-saying that the two guys that were interviewing him would be able to slow down his game if they let players play like that in his day…… the former great player should know something about it as he was the Finals MVP back in 1975………So how many “fans” can argue with that perspective ??? It is nice to hear that former great players see what is happening. PS: He only singled out one player, and that would be of course….Shane B…….he has made a good living in this league by being a marginal journeyman……so go ahead Heat fans …you ALL know better than Rick Barry …..don’t you??

    • C says:

      Exactly. James gets hacked every time he drives and there is no call.

      • Jalen McQueen says:

        LeBron Is Too Big To Be Girling About Fouls..I Been A Heat Fan Since I Understood Basketball And I Knew Getting LeBron Was A Bad Idea…Him And Wade Cannot Work…We Got Lucky When We Beat The Young Thunder But When We Play Vets We Get Exposed !!! One Star Needs To Go…As A Wade Fan…He Needs More Touches..And Every Since The Finals Started He Has Been Showing LeBron How To Carry The Team…LeBron Is In School…LeBron Said “I’m Not The Same 07′ LeBron”…He Sure Of Hell Looks Like It

      • 34yr fan says:

        Hey , J McQ …..It is really nice to read an “honest post” about James jumping ship……. I don’t think Wade thought he would have to ”hand over’ the team to bronbron in the deal !!!…..But he has taken it in stride…kudos Wade……….maybe we will read the ‘real’ story in Dwade’s memoirs……

  54. Renay says:

    That made me laugh. You are the first Heat “fan” to actually state that the Spurs are REALLY young instead of old.

  55. digitioli says:

    Pop made the right adjustments and his players responded brilliantly. So great to see Ginobili play like himself and everyone contribute for the Spurs.

    Another really poorly officiated game. The no calls on Battier, James, and the phantom fouls on the Spurs are ridiculous.
    Is it too much to ask to have an evenly called game? I hate it that I feel this way about these games – it’s just so blatant it can’t really be ignored. Afraid it’s about to become even more biased back in Miami with the TV money on the line…
    Hopefully the Spurs can continue to play through it – they’ve done a great job so far playing with a thick skin.

    • dhk says:

      I’m with you man. Although I have to say there appeared to be a lot of no-calls made when james was driving and getting slapped from every angle. I would like to see it called fair so they Heat lovers have no excuse (not the real heat fans, i feel bad for you guys)

      • Kamil says:

        Everyone complains about how hard Lebron gets hit.

        That’s a joke. Tony Parker has been taking hits like that on his 6’0 frame since the guy was like 14. Did anyone see how the Heat mauled him in the last couple games on a couple plays?

        There was this one play where it seems like the Heat player literally slammed him against the floor.

        No problem for Parker. He falls. He wipes the dust of his shoulders. He moves on.

        Lebron on the other hand would be crying if Earl Boykins tried to foul him. To me its actually sad that a professional athlete as dominant as himself can do on the podium and say all that nosense.

        If my butt lost 3 games in the NBA finals, there would be no comments. My team and I would be completely focused on whats ahead and what we must do to make it out alive. Im telling you the Heat are a joke.

  56. warlord says:

    where is birdman now? that is a bad decision by spo to bench a energetic birdman

    • A Mudd says:

      How would the Birdman vs. Timmy matchup work out for the Heat though? I haven’t seen the stats on this but it seemed like Duncan could just score on him at will. I think Spo has been doing a good job of keeping Duncan contained, does he give that up for Birdman’s energy? I think the Heat will pull out game six and I seriously doubt it will be the man (who I personally think looks much more iguana-like than bird-like) who makes the difference for them. But I hope he does start, I like to watch Timmy dominate.

  57. Big Time says:

    I sense Battier in the starting line-up next game to defend Ginobli (instead of Mike Millar)… maybe if Millar comes off the bench, he might actually get to attempt some 3s.

    Also, Heat aren’t getting anything from their PGs, they have been a complete no show in the last 3 games..

    • Mike says:

      Mario Chalmers plays basketball like he’s had a frontal lobotomy. And Norris Cole is still in nappies.

    • Marco29 says:

      Could be the right mowe as Battier can also hit 3s. Miller’s confidence might be down to 0 now and he won’t score even coming off the bench. But Allen will anyways. What you said about the PG is true and they have no clue how to slow Parker down. Maybe the should put the ball in Wade’s hand but then he will have to create and organize more and will not be able to finish the plays and take the shots.

  58. LOLakers says:

    LOL!!! The Sperms got lucky and made insane shots almost from half court and a bunch of circus shots!!! Try that in Miami!!! Miami has already won this series!!!! If the Sperms can just barely win with a bunch of lucky shots, the Heat playing bad defense, and the refs being biased against the Heat then Miami will slaughter them when the Sperms shots are no longer bouncing in!!!! Heat in 7!!! Heat 10-peat!!!!

    • Inamo says:

      yeah, they’ve been lucky for 3 games already. i hope to see you post after the series :).

    • Ron says:

      Yeah lucky…….
      Manu has made shots like these his entire career…….
      Green has been shooting and making 3 pointers the whole season……

      How is that lucky?

      The Heat are a confused bunch, and it looks like some of their fans are as well..

      • C says:

        The spurs shot 60% while green is shooting 67% from 3? It’s about time reality set in and spurs shoot realistic numbers. James got fouled several times while driving to the basket and there was no call, that resulted in a 3 at the other end. While dunken and Parker got a whistle every time in the paint. No one seems to notice the numerous bad calls or no calls that favored the spurs. I guess I can only hope Miami gets the same treatment the spurs got on their home court!

        So yes there is some luck! Danny green shooting 67% right now and hitting more threes is in five games than he did all playoffs is lucky!!

        Also for Spurs fans to cry about flopping……is hilarious! Gino and Parker flop every play!

      • math says:

        hahahhhh ROn u make my day… the spurs are a team,there are not 3 players and that s it…and they have a coach… 🙂 popp is the best EVER 🙂 go spuuurs in 6

      • 34yr fan says:

        they flop “every” play……. Man, anytime you use these ambiguous words you just sound like a kid….PS: your team is full of whiny babies….the whole world is watching …..just remember that ………. your little biased fan opinion is just a tiny drop in the bucket of all the hype of this series

      • 34yr fan says:

        ….reality…..whose reality??? #’s don’t lie…and btw ……. the shots that SA is making are Not “bouncing” in ….this is the sound of the shots going in ……..SWISH……….biased refs….are you watchin the same games….??…….and sure, the nba Wants their Darling bronbron to lose to the ‘small market’ Spurs……and the logic is??????? They want to make less money??? Just to shove it to 7 games so they can MAKE the heaters win??? Remember …….. the players make or miss the shots …not the refs and Not the coach !!

      • 34yr fan says:

        ….”Parker got calls in the paint”…..yeah….like one out of 6 drives to the bucket and then hitting the floor…..if “your” guy actually drove to the basket that may times and didn’t get a call you would be climbing the walls ……

    • Loki says:

      …Sperms? What are you, 8? You sound like the Spurs haters I knew back in.. 3rd grade

      • ac says:

        Lol, well said. If you’re going throw insults, at least make them clever!

      • Hoopster says:

        Have ta agree with C on this one. James did get fouled on multiple drives to the basket and the refs called a lot of ticky-tack fouls against the heat that should not have been called. Dunken and Parker did get calls in the paint, but the Heat did not. Come on and call the game fair refs. What’s the matter with the officiating in this series…it is very poor. I think Danny Green is playing way above his head. If he played this way all the time he would be the leagues leading scorer every year. Hopefully the Refs call this game the same biased way they did in the last game for the spurs except this time for the heat. i can’t believe the missed calls in the last game.

    • Mike says:

      I don’t respect the opinion of anyone who starts their comment with “LOL”. Spurs will be booking their flight back to San Antonio after game 6 – with extra baggage.

    • ELM says:

      Pretty childish post, LOLakers. The Sperms? I have to agree with LOKI about your level of maturity. I’m also a little concerned about your grasp on reality if you think the Spurs were lucky; they outplayed the Heat completely, and were better coached. as well. Regarding the refereeing complaint you made, I must really hope your parents read what you have written, because you probably sneaked out of your room and got on the computer without their permission when they thought you were snuggled into bed with your Miami Heat teddy bear by your side. I’m sure whenever you lose at something (which is probably quite often, judging by your post), you complain that the referee/umpire/other person’s grandmother just wasn’t being fair and you would have won – only if (Fill in the blank). If the Spurs win they will have earned it, and I will be happy. If the Heat come back, it will be because they got their act together. Come on and get a grasp of reality, LOLakers!

    • DangerClose says:

      Watch Game 6 in HD as the Miami Heat will display in full hi-def their talent in flopping and deceiving the refs. MIami at its best…………..Go Heat……go to Hollywood for the “Oscars”…….lol.

    • Tucker says:

      The reason the Heat won’t win this series is because the Spurs are clogging the paint and forcing them to make jump shots. Definitely not LeBron’s speciality. LeBron just bulldozes to the hoop for most of his points. The Spurs are also fantastic at moving the ball around. The Heat can’t beat the Spurs unless they can hit jumpers and play good defense like they did in game four. They won’t be able to do it though. You can’t just turn on the jump shot switch. Oh and the reason LeBron’s not getting calls when he bullies his way to the paint is because it’s practically charging every time. He’s the one initiating the contact so the refs just let it play out. Go Sperms!

    • hatin" says:

      Lol LeWade and LeBitch will loose game 6. “enough is enough” yes spurs please win so we can get rid of all these delusional fans who think rules dnt apply to the heat.

    • Melo James says:

      Are you a Heat fan or a Lakers fan? Because true, sportive Heat fans won’t say that Spurs LUCKILY won. I mean, have you seen Green’s 3 pointers? Almost all of them barely touch the rim. Green has tremendous accuracy and shooting ability that it’s very dangerous for him to get an open look, settle with his comfortable shooting position, and then shoot.
      Maybe some of the shots that Parker made are lucky, maybe not. Who knows? Maybe he practices with those kind of shots and conditions so that he can get used to it, and make those circus shots.
      The Spurs’ shots will most likely ALWAYS bounce in when the Heat are playing bad defense.

      I’m a Heat fan, but if they don’t start giving minutes to Birdman, I think they’re going to lose to the Spurs’ incredible offense. I hope they don’t lose though…

    • Big G says:

      When reading some of the HEAT fans’ comments, I can’t help but feel that the SPURS somehow have become NBA darlings… How did I miss that??? My latest impression was, only several months ago the NBA was hitting them with HUGE fines for Pop’s roster (mis)management… against the HEAT, no less! And now the champs are being buried by refferees?! Thankfully, the team itself has not (so far) joined in in the paranoia. Spoelstra put it quite nicely in the presser: you get what you deserve; we are not talking a last-second, make-or-break shot being waved off by the refs.

      I see another reason for HEAT fans’ discontent. Let me guess. Is it that the “most boring team” in the league is suddenly fresh and exciting, and giving the celebrity franchise a run for its money? It is time to the HEAT stars to be as amazing as advertised, if not more so, and see to it that the best team on court – not on paper – wins. We fans of the game should be the happier for it!

    • 34yr fan says:

      Hey….are you really a fan?? Nobody gets lucky this far in….”circus shots”? ….that’s just sour grapes .LOLheat….. your comments are childish….how old are you …..out of the teens yet? …”just barely win”?…..I guess you have missed a game or two…..Yes Parker made an incredible shot …on the road in the first game of the Finals—-and that was all it took to beat this “circus side show of a team”—They shot 60% for the GAME in game 5….is that lucky?…..the whole damn team “got lucky”….. Your favorite team is getting beat “Badly” and you are just whining!!!……Heat has no real perimeter defense to speak of….oh , that’s right , they have to guard the best pick-n-roll offense in the league which leaves the perimeter shooters open(and the SPURS do have shooters , don’t they??)…..love that switch with Miller left to ‘guard’ Parker. Now that is a matchup that Tony likes….don’t you think?? PS: the refs being biased against the heat ???? Now how could that be??……they don’t want to ‘promote’ the Heat??? C’mon man your ‘team’ got the flop fine…..Not the Spurs !! And that little shoulder chip that bronbron put on Danny as he was running by……THAT , my friend , was a Cheap Shot by your linebacker James….and he complained about the call !! ….just like you …. when it was obvious LeJames never stopped moving….. so just grow up and take your medicine, OK?

    • 34yr fan says:

      no tenpeat ….norepeat

  59. aron says:

    Yes, I definitely agree that keeping Miller as a starter isn’t a good choice. He’s defense is pretty spotty. He usually falls for feints which lead to the spurs penetrating to the rim causing points and fouls. His energy dips because he’s on help defense in the post so that usually is why he can’t keep his offense going. The Heat need him for his 3 point shooting ability, definitely not for his rebounding and defensive skills. The Heat coaching staff need to address this problem regarding their “small-ball” tactics. Miller hasn’t had a good contribution for the past 2 games. He’s usually good coming out of the bench.

    Whatever happened to Andersen? He deserves some minutes.. And lastly, Lebron should do away with the apathetic attitude whenever he can’t get his way. Always looking at the refs and forgetting that he’s still on the floor. Energy and determination is what is lacking for the Heat. Just like in the 2011 NBA playoffs.

    • Jrw says:

      I fully agree with this, whining and a lack of energy and determination are where the heat are failing. I’m not a heat nor a spurs fan, but as an nba fan it is sad to watch. Please tell the 6 foot 8 260 MVP to stop whining after every drive to the basket that doesn’t Ed with a foul.

    • Marco29 says:

      So far, Spoelstra has been outcoached bt Pop. It seems he has made all the bad decisions with Mille, Andersen, etc.. If he does not change his mind for the coming game(s), Heat will probably loose and he will get a big part of the blame. Yet, maybe it is too late now and the condifence is gone for Miller. Yet, they still have Allen who shoots at 65% from the 3pt line. If Andersen is given some minutes, he will probably deliver, more than Haslem when he comes off the bench.
      Is Spoelstra ready to die with his ideas?

  60. Fabio says:

    Finally somebody said something about Birdman!