Report: Ellis To Opt Out Of Deal


By Jonathan Hartzell,  for

Monta Ellis will opt out of the final year of his contract with the Milwaukee Bucks, according to reports. Ellis was set to make $11 million next season with the Bucks, who reportedly offered him a 3-year, $36 million extension earlier in the season.

It seems unlikely that the streaky, 27-year-old guard will garner a higher salary on the open market than the one he’s turning down, but his unwillingness to stay in Milwaukee and his reported interest in teaming up with Dwight Howard undoubtedly fueled this decision. Ellis is one of the most explosive scorers in the league. However, he’s coming off the worst shooting season of his career at only 41.6 percent from the field on 17.5 attempts per game. An offense simply cannot be successful with its main scorer shooting so many shots at such a low clip, and Ellis will need to adjust his game if he hopes to be a contributor on a championship-caliber team.

For the Bucks, they still seem to have interest in Ellis, as they were unwilling to part with him during last season’s trade deadline and they reportedly offered him the extension mentioned earlier.

Unfortunately for Milwaukee, it appears they will have to overpay for the guard if they want to retain him. The other half of the Bucks’ starting backcourt, Brandon Jennings, may also be looking to leave Milwaukee As a restricted free-agent, the Bucks can match any offer sheet Jennings signs.

No matter what the backcourt looks like on opening night, the vibe from the organization and new coach Larry Drew is they plan to build around young big men Larry Sanders and John Henson.


  1. DwightHowardForTheBirdMan says:

    If we get Monta Ellis for Mario Chalmers and Dwight Howard for The BirdMan and Norris Cole, everybody will be jumping in our bandwagon ! Heat in 7 mark my word !

  2. Joe J says:

    IF Monta go the the Lakers for less money he will be the best player of the bench, also his playing time will go up because of the old legs of back court. #1 Lakers Fan who’s first name is not Jack. Keep hope alive for 2013-2014.

  3. Dray says:

    Go to the Sixers or The Kings!!!!!!

  4. Dmulah says:

    Come on down to NY baby! The knicks need another scorer

  5. ene be a says:

    The heat dont need any PG , they need big centers ,Howard will be the perfect fit for the heat

  6. SubZero says:

    Rockets will Make a Big Splash!!!!!!!…..Just watch and see.

  7. bullsyo says:

    If anything, the bulls should pursue either OJ Mayo or Monta Ellis. The bulls could do alot of things this year though with amnestying boozer, trading Deng to have Jimmy Butler start instead and try to reel Josh Smith to replace Boozer.

    Monta would be good in plenty of places. Brandon Jennings would be good for a team like the Pacers.

  8. Jazz need Ellis the most says:

    I couldn’t believe the Jazz didn’t trade a big last season. I think they might have a sign and trade lined up with San Antonio for the post Duncan era…

  9. brian says:

    Come to Orlando…we can trade for Afflalo

  10. JBR says:

    I love the grandstanding statement “An offense simply cannot be successful with its main scorer shooting so many shots at such a low clip”… Didn’t Philly get away with it for years with Iverson behind the wheel?


    Ellis to clips with kg n pp…and doc as coach??? A recipe for heat n okc disaster

  12. Dean says:

    I agree with whoever said the Bulls would be a good place for Monta. It’s no secret the bulls need a shooter and Monta could fit in perfectly. I also think the Clippers and Hawks will be the only other places for him. If Chicago can’t get him they need to go after Tyreke Evans next year. Ben Gordon thrived in Chicago and I think Monta is a few steps better than him. I do however think he’s crazy to turn down that kind of money, but respect to the players who want to win.

  13. Ahmad says:

    I think the Bulls should go after Ellis. I would trade Hinrich and Boozer for Ellis and a power forward to team up with Noah. Noah needs a solid power forward. Noah is a great player but he is not a post up player that draws a double team on.
    I think Ellis to the Bulls makes big sense and to bring Jimmy Butler of the bench for him is a great work.
    Go Bulls.

  14. ! says:

    Ellis to the Bobcats!

  15. dew says:

    Ellis should find a way back to Golden State…he was a perfect fit to go with the team they have. Why they traded him was a huge mistake…especially if all they got in return was Richard Jefferson.

  16. dew says:

    Monta Ellis in a sign and trade for Amare so he can get to NY would be a good fit for him to play with Carmelo. Ellis would also fit in with perhaps Dallas as they need a scorer to compliment Dirk and take over the points Terry used to get night in and night out there and have not replaced yet. There are options..but this Ellis going to Miami, Lakers, Clippers etc is a joke…LOL. None of those teams need him let alone can afford him.

  17. rome718 says:

    im not to fond of mamia but they need a big man put bosh at da four get rid of sum of the old vets not ray allen though

  18. Heat might be smart says:

    IF the heat do not win the finals this year alot of those heat players are getting released and be ready for one of the big three to part ways and my bet is bosh or wade… so if wade leaves, getting ellis is not a bad idea but the heat should be looking at getting rid of wade or bosh and getting be honest thats all they need is a certified big man.. And i hate the heat ima knicks fan but if your going to make your team better make the right decisions.

  19. j dawg says:

    I think the houston rockets should pursue monte ellis and trade jeremy Lin so he could team up with james harden

  20. gdun says:

    Go to Houston

  21. Luis says:

    Monta should go to Pacers Paul George, Roy Hibbert, Monta Ellis, David west, and Danny Granger sick starting 5

  22. reynante ypil eyac says:

    d HEAT wants no one…

  23. gg says:

    go to the bulls, they need a SG, then it’ll be GG!

  24. Edgar says:

    You won’t believe me lol. But.I actually spoke to Monte about a month ago and he said he wanted to goto the lakers

  25. J says:

    ellis and jennings will leave for sure no dought
    ellis to mmmmm……. nuggets or 76ers
    jennings to mmmmmmmmmmm……….. mavs or pelicans

  26. Jimmy Jazz says:

    Sign & trade both of them, start fresh. Might be a couple of years of tough road, but their not going to the playoffs anyway.

    They should explore options , would New Orleans swap G.V for Jennings (longshot)

    What would the raptors give up? I’m sure the Rockets would be open for discussions.

  27. Big Al says:

    Monta Ellis has a lot of options. He is easily the fourth best two-guard right behind Kobe, Wade and Harden.

    He might just be the one the Clippers must court if Paul decides to go elsewhere. Billups goes back to the point, and they finally have a proper shooting guard.

    Thunder could take up his services as well. When the bearded superstar left, it was a big impact against them. When he lands OKC, they can bench Sefo and release Kevin Martin.

    New York can also be a viable place to go. Again, they have no proper guy at the two, and Melo needs a fellow shooter at the starting lineup. It would be some powerhouse especially when Amar’e finally heals.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      I remember a regular season game where Monta Ellis scorched the Thunder for 48 points! I don’t remember, but I think the Thunder still won that game. But, man. Many excellent FAs out there.

      If the Thunder can’t sign Chris Paul, they may want to seriously consider free agents like Al Jefferson, Andre Igoudala, and Monta Ellis.

      The Thunder have over 30 Million cap space. If they re-sign Martin at 7 figures instead of 8 and if they amnesty Perkins, that would open up 10 more million cap space.

      The Thunder potentially could have 10 – 15 Million a year to sign two major free agents this Summer. Kevin Durant’s yearly salary is around 17 Million a year. Thus, it seems logical that almost any free agent this summer would be more than willing to sign with the Thunder at an amount lesser than KD’s. Thus, any FA willing to sign for 10 – 15 Million a year with the Thunder will be set to win NBA Championships for the next decade. 🙂

      They could sign two major FAs AND re-sign Kevin Martin at a lower amount. They don’t have to release Martin. They could bring Martin off the bench for instant offense, Sefo off the bench for instant defense, start Westbrook at PG or SG, and sign either Chris Paul, Igoudala, or Ellis to potentially start in OKC’s upgraded backcourt.

  28. Stankazz says:

    Thank God most of you people couldn’t be GM’s, you’re ideas are terrible. The Heat? The Lakers? The Knicks?

  29. AlexGTD says:

    It never gets old how laker fans and Heat fans say that Chris Paul,Monta,Howard need to get to Miami asap ..

    As stupid as they are,I wonder why they don’t say they want Miami Heat to look something like this:

    PG – Chris Paul
    SG – Harden
    SF – LeBron James
    PF – Blake Griffin
    C – Dwight Howard

    and subs:

    Rose,Wade,Carmelo,Zach Randolph or Ibaka,Chandler .. is that good enough for you?

    Man,ya’ll dumb! how can you say that Miami needs another shooter on the team?(yes,I am a Miami Heat fan) ..

    And what about that little,little problem?It’s called CAP SPACE you i****s

    • Dymatize says:

      your stupid.. end of story

    • David says:

      that’s obviously not good enough, the heat need durant and westbrook too… 😀

    • Dave says:

      Go to the thunder, and moved kevin to the 3 spot…

      • Dave says:

        Go back to GS won t be a bad idea… That s if GS could convince D.Howard to come in town… Howard he still be in California and he would have a better chance at winning a title then staying at LA!!!!

  30. Jalen McQueen says:

    I think Boston could benefit with him. You already have Rondo and Crawford for the PGs and they could use Ellis. That would actually be a good pick up for them

  31. Michael says:

    Honestly in all due respect the Bulls have been searching for a shooting guard for longest someone who can be healthy n an actual threat. Ellis go join the Bulls help Rose overcome the heatm Rose Ellis Deng Boozer Noah great lineup

    • Stankazz says:

      If Ellis went to the Bulls it would be a match made in heaven. Ellis is streaky, but having deng and rose will make up for most of those streaky night’s. I think they need to upgrade their bench and dump boozer.

  32. shaba says:

    ideal scenario for Ellis would be joining a solid core team that needs another scorer type player. not too sure about cap space details etc for these teams but Atlanta, Memphis, Denver, or even Portland would all be great teams for him to play for.

  33. I’m a big fan of monta ellis from Cleveland I think ellis need a better team like the hawks or Grizzlies maybe lakers maybe but I think if those teams don’t work try the cavs lol.

  34. Gary Motherfn' Oak says:

    It’d make perfect sense if he came to the Knicks… I mean, the Knicks need another scorer along with Melo.

    Then the lineup would be:: Felton, Ellis, Shumpert, Melo, Chandler

    That’s a pretty good lineup if you ask me. Plus, Ellis could be beneficial if Melo decides to leave when his contract expires.

  35. HT5 says:

    NO no don’t go to Lakers

    Go to Miami Heat!!

  36. pej says:

    Monta Ellis, go to Spurs as future point guard. Tony Parker is getting older, and needs replacement when he retires. For a while you can be a shooting guard when playing with Parker on the floor. With Spurs you have a big chance to get a ring, playing under a proven coach and organization.

    • JBR says:

      Umm, you realize Parker is only about 2 and a half years older than Ellis, right? When Parker retires, Eliis – with a longer history of injuries – might already have beaten him there.

  37. John says:

    Why does everyone want Dwight Howard? He’s one the best Center but he had his chance with lakers and plus he had other players. Lakers had Nash,Kobe,Dwight, that’s one the best people ever known to basketball and came in 7 place for the playoffs and lost 4-0 to spurs Ellis should stay plus with Jennings and Larry Sandars with more practice may be able to make history

  38. John says:

    Ellis knows that Milwaukee need all the good players they need plus Brandon they made it to the playoffs this year and lost but a little more and then they might go further than this year and succeed more and become a team that goes to the playoffs in a place 3-6 if possible

  39. pain@18 says:

    come on guys..
    We already have allen and wade..what we need is a good point guard or a true center..

    • Common Sense says:

      Maybe Dwight and CP3 will take the league minimum and come to Crocodile Country…yay!!!Then maybe Heat fans will finally be able to win another ring…Too bad they lost it in 2013.

  40. shawn says:

    Lakers – Nash becomes backup PG go for CP3 and re-sign Howard and a couple of more young players 2013-14 Nba champs

    • Tom says:

      Lakers – dumbest fans in the league

    • Common Sense says:

      Nice, but uh, just one problem…Cap space… So just need to amnesty Kobe, and get rid of Metta and Pau. Here we go Lakers jumping ship already to get a Clipper…Sad sad day in LA…

    • Brad says:

      Yeah, the best place for CP3, Monta Ellis, Dwight Howard and the rest of the free agents to go is the Miami Heat because Lebron James will need more superstars next year to win another NBA ring. He won’t be able to do it this year because the Spurs are way better and he doesn’t have enough superstars in the team to help him win it again. Enough is enough, bring all the superstars to the Heat!

    • allen iverson says:

      what is thia 2k13?

  41. Wannabe-GM says:

    The Bucks should try to trade for Derrick Williams somehow, I believe the Wolves don’t want him. They also need someone that brings attention besides Brandon Jennings, I want to see this guy develop, he has tons of potential.

    Keep playing Larry Sanders! Get something good out of the draft! I want to like the Bucks again like I did when Michael Redd was playing there.

  42. Kimmy says:

    Obviously, he’s not into the Bucks. Because even the money can’t get him to stay. Everyone wants to hook up w/ Dwight Howard? For what? He’s never on a winning team. Monta, come to the Hawks. We could use you…This whole free agent stuff is crazy!!! All these rumors.

  43. LMAO says:

    Please tell me you cHeat fans are just joking about them getting Monta Ellis?

    • JBR says:

      I’ve been following basketball long enough to remember when the Heat had no fans at all, and their biggest ‘superstar’ was Harold Miner. The bandwagon fills up pretty quick once a star or two are on board.

  44. bhimz says:

    this is a bad team for Larry Drew to take over, with very unhappy prime scorers. Ellis probably need a better shooting coach to improve his shot not looking a better money offer from other teams. Problem I notice with Jennings, he sees himself as an All Star which he is, but he wants recognition like an All Star Selection to satisfy his ego.

  45. Adam says:

    Go to Miami, Lebron will need even more superstars to win another ring.

  46. Patty says:

    Good for Monta Ellis? Ellis is a Great player and he should have never been traded from Golden State.

    • dhk says:

      Made complete sense for GS. They have Thompson and Curry and they got a great C back for Ellis

    • Common Sense says:

      Sorry…They made it deep into the second round of the playoffs, Monta only did that with Baron Davis at the wheel…He won’t be treated like royalty anywhere but the Bucks. but opting out says he’s willing to forego the money for the ring.
      Good luck Monta, always liked you

  47. john says:

    The Bucks should focus a sign and trade for monta Ellis or Jennings going to the knicks. This way the Bucks get some value rather than losing them on the market. The knicks also will benefit and will be one step closer to a championship!

    • Kamil says:

      I completely agree. I’m not aware of the contractual terms or how much each is making, but I think the Knicks should get JR Smith to resign; same goes for the Bucks and Monta. Then they should figure out a deal around the two,

      This would be beneficial for both teams because they don’t really lose anything, its more of an even exchange but the
      real question is whether or not those players would consider something like that because in reality they are unrestricted, they
      can sign wherever they want.

      • Yoler says:

        I am so glad that fans of teams that I am not a fan of are excited about pulling in streaky scorers that are defensive liabilities.

    • MoFo says:

      Are you kidding? Monta and Melo will kill each other more importantly you’re going to ruin the knicks’ chemistry

  48. MontasEllis4MarioChalmer says:

    Mario Chalmer and Norris Cole are good but inconsistent as hell! They both combined for 0 points/scoreless in almost 40 minutes..Ain’t nobody have time for that.Pat Faley Go Get real point guards…A veteran coach.Get Chris Paul and Montas Ellis in here ASAP!!!!!

    • flop queen says:

      Yah while your on it sign Dwight Howard for minimum as well oh wait add in the mix josh smith he’s available.

      • chubbena says:

        yeah get Chris Paul for minimum while doing that and Miami might just win another championship.

  49. WhingingtalkingAboutwhinging says:

    Mintas Ellis can’t win with Bucks then why not take the minimum salary to join the Miami Heat!! If you can’t beat them then join them.Somebody pls call Pat Raley and tell him to get this kid in here

  50. WhingingtalkingAboutwhinging says:

    Heat should go after monta Ellis then trade chalmer or Norris cole for pulling disappearing acts when it matters most.

    • penguinmonkey says:

      yea man the heat need every star player and veteran they can get just to reach the finals… and then lose to a good team (dallas, san antonio, prbly more too)

    • rich says:

      Heat is consist of bunch of insecure players who never has a competetive spirit. They always want easy ways out. It’s amazing, and actually more amusing, that they actually having fun when they win eventhough they’re really expected to win every game.
      Well the bigger they are the harder they fall ! That’s all I can say.

      • skrutz says:

        1. I highly doubt that multi-million dollar professional athletes are insecure.
        2. I think – by competing – that they have a competitive spirit, Like any team, it can waver.
        3. Who doesn’t want an easy way out? Who says, “Lets make this harder on ourselves!”?
        4. And seriously, who could POSSIBLY have fun winning?

      • kde019 says:

        It is more amazing how every topic has something to do with the Heat. Come on, guys. Move on! Not all of those ‘Super Teams’ end up being successful (take a good look at this season’s Lakers). You need to stop blaming and hating and give due credit to the Heat.

      • rich says:

        @skrutz, can’t believe I have to make follow up explanation to you – They’re insecure because they don’t think they can win without teaming up with few superstars. And by doing that means easier competition for them that it’s almost not fair. Finally how can they find satisfaction winning when they’re expected to win every game. In fact if they lose with the kind of line-up they have, it becomes laughable.
        But that’s fine, you;re a Heat fan and I don’t blame that you look the other way and maybe even think that you are the underdogs.. sorry but I can’t help it I have to LOL !

  51. Byron says:

    c’mon to the Lakers son