Game 5: The Morning After

By staff reports

Danny Green continued his remarkable series as the San Antonio Spurs won Game 5 of the NBA Finals 114-104 to take a 3-2 series lead.  Here’s a quick recap of’s complete Game 5 coverage.

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  1. I’m not surprised @ all w/ the Spurs. I’m die hard Celtics fan & i have no stake in this finals series. I have to say i’ve had a liking for the Spurs since The Admirals days & TD since he was a rookie & my Celts could’ve drafted him. Plus the true team ball Spurs have played for years is what i really admire-that’s what my Celts have always played. Like i said, i’m not surprised w/ Spurs up 3-2 on heat-even w/ a couple inconsistent games in miami & came out w/ 1 win which could have very well been 2 headed back to SA. In fact after Spurs won gm 1 w/o playing @ the top of their game & inconsistencies from 1 or 2 of their allstars, i thought they could’ve won 3 out of the first 4 & take it all in 5. Never the less-Great Team Balln Spurs!
    All the roll players have double stepped up their game-Manu, Green, Kawhi, Neal, Splitter-awesome gammin-keep it up fellas!

  2. Max says:

    Most of Danny Green’s great 3 point shots were uncontested! Heat seem to be able to play only one type of defense and yes, POP has figured that out!

  3. kobe says:

    stop comparing Lebron to Mj Kobe other great…..where was he in the 4TH quarter again last night…call him the Cowardly LION FROM THE WIZARD OF OZ…NO HEART

    • Mike says:

      Agreed. LeBron’s place in the All-Time list will be somewhere between Elgin Baylor and Rick Barry.

  4. brazilianfan says:

    To win a NBA championship, a team needs more than just four top players ( LBJ, DWade,Bosh and Ray ). It needs guidance coming from the Coachig Staff,to provide adequate rotation and to command the tactics to be employed when playing a strong opponent ( what Popovich did very properly).. .Just to ilustrate the inconsistence of the Miami Head Coach actions, take the case of Mike Miller, who was benched pracitcally the hole season,then was promoted to become a starter on the last three games of the finals and after a good shooting performance in his first appearance, performed awfully in his last two games ( zero points on both games ), and still was maintained as a starter on the second half of sunday game,when a drastic change was needed to erase the 12 points of Spurs lead. What the ” brilliant Spo” did to revert the situation? NOTHING!!! He just made some odd line up rotations, and left up to the players to do their best to recover the control of the game.
    I bet that for the tomorrow game the “brilliant Spo ” will do more of the same( starting with Mike Miller ) and will run the risk of repeating the 2011 “fiasco” making a special contribution for the ending of the potential Miami Dinasty.

  5. i´m upset not because the lose but rather because i don´t have enough speech to write and to tell. Well isn´t my language by the way.

    I still thinking big three miami´s are the most talent ever. I´m pretty sure “world” haven´t let them play.
    Itñs the same case with Allen Iverson. The guy was so good that finally he finished his career injured because so many fouls he recived during games.

    That often happens in world when a GREAT person come up most part of the time peolpe won´t let you go up.
    Only choosen ones have been able to do it

    Michael Russell etc etc etc

    • jkaydee says:

      @ heatlatinofan

      By your logic, Jordan, Bird, Magic and Kobe were not allowed to “come up” because they were great. No my friend, the difference is that the aforementioned players, with the exception maybe of Bryant, knew how to play great TEAM ball. Arrogance and entitlement did not factor into their psyche come game time.

      By the way, did you see last night how LeBron, instead of hustling back on defense, cried to the officials because he thought he was fouled. That is what keeps him down, not other players knocking him around. LeBron needs to earn all the championships that he and his buddies predicted they would take at the Decision.

    • Mary says:

      If you live in the USA, english is your language.
      My native language is not english either, but I learned english when I decided to immigrate to the USA.