24-Second Thoughts On Game 5

24 — Manu Ginobili making Gregg Popovich look like the genius he is by starting him (much the same way Mike Miller made Erik Spoelstra look like a hoops Einstein by starting his veteran shooter in Game 4). Manu’s energy and effort early on will likely set the tone for the Spurs, who need a spark after getting handled the way they did in Game 4. Bald spot or not, Ginobili remains a champion and will show a champion’s heart in this game. Guaranteed.

23 — Tim Duncan and Chris Bosh are absolutely going at it in the post. You have to wonder how this series might have gone for the Heat if Bosh had played like this in Games 1, 2 and or 3 … he doesn’t have to get the better of Duncan. He needs only make Duncan work overtime (they are trying to front him on every offensive possession) for his offensive touches and put the pressure on him to defend Bosh in a similar manner on the other end of the floor.

22 — The Spurs’ balance is ruling the day early. They open a 10-point lead late in the first quarter bolstered by said balance and some great defensive work … make that a 12-point lead after another fantastic stop and scramble that results in a Kawhi Leonard dunk with 60 seconds to play. Their 29-17 lead was really 5-on-3. The only Heat players to score until the final seconds of the quarter were Bosh, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. Ray Allen scored the Heat’s only other basket

21 — Leonard has been exposed as a no-frills performer, rivaling Duncan for the title of the most boring (in a good way) player in this series. But how anyone can watch this guy work on both ends of the floor and conclude that he’s anything other than a star in the making is beyond me. He’s been spectacular working against LeBron basically the entire series. His 3 from the corner pushes the lead to 32-19 at the end of the first quarter.

20 — Danny Green for 3 … again. Welcome back to The Finals roller coaster folks. This series swings so wildly in one direction or the other on a given night that it’s impossible to get a feel for which team has any real rhythm. I don’t know if that’s a credit to the team that’s hot or an indictment of the team that’s getting torched. Either way, it makes for spectacular viewing. Green has tied Allen’s record for 3-pointers made in The Finals (22), with a shot over Allen, and we’ve got more than six minutes until halftime.

19 — The Spurs have absolutely no one who can cover LeBron in the post consistently, just as the Heat have no one who can cover Duncan in the post consistently. At least no one can single-cover either one of them on a regular basis. If we get another close game it’ll be interesting to see if Popovich or Spoelstra goes there on a final play.

18 — Parker with a sweet drive and finish to wrap up a breakneck first half for both teams. Spurs are shooting a wicked 62 percent in the first half with four of the five starters in double figures already and the fifth (Leonard) has nine. Loving the bounce back on both sides. Pop says it best, “this game is a big boy game.” The fact that both coaches continue to implore their guys to crank up the tempo is perhaps my favorite part of this series. It’s rare that you see teams willing to play to what could be the others strength on purpose. Supreme confidence on both sides. Splendid.

17 — Jay-Z comes up with three minutes of funky stuff, coming July 4, at the end of an instant classic first half that sends Twitter and Facebook into a frenzy.

16 — Shot of the night: Duncan sitting on the ground in the hallway at halftime hanging with the kids. Happy Father’s Day to all of you Dads out there.

15 — Not a single rebound for LeBron at halftime. It’s no big deal for a guy who can easily grab 10 or more in the second half. But it’s strange for him to go all Brook Lopez on us in a game like this.

14 — The Heat run with defense, steals, transition baskets and the lead is down … Parker with the layup and Green snaps Allen’s record for 3-pointers in The Finals with No. 23 and a 66-60 lead. Allen’s stink face on the Heat bench wasn’t about his record falling, it was acknowledgement that Green is officially in the “Stink Face Shooters Club.” Green is getting some great open looks as the Heat continue to fall asleep on their rotations on the defensive end. The Spurs, and Green in particular, are taking complete advantage of the Heat’s split-second laziness on that end.

13 — The thing I love about the Spurs is that they are at their very best in their default setting, when they are just executing their offense and moving the ball and executing at a high level. The Heat are more entertaining when they get cranked up, but they thrive when they play outside the box with LeBron and Wade creating for themselves and everyone else.

12 — Green with the defensive stop on LeBron in transition leads to a Parker runner on the break at the other end. Great work by Green, contesting the shot before LeBron could get off of the ground, and the frustration seems to be mounting for LeBron, who looks to the officials after almost every shot now looking for a call. Someone argued me down yesterday about LeBron being a big cry baby. I suggested that he, like Shaquille O’Neal before him, is one of those rare, physically gifted stars who often takes an unfair pounding because of those physical gifts. But he is whining a bit tonight.

11 — The Spurs have gotten basically everything they’ve wanted in this game and they are up just four, 74-71 late in the third quarter. The Heat just keep walking through these punches and still coming at the Spurs. Has to make you nervous as a Spurs fan, no, just a little bit?

10 — Who needs the best point guard in basketball anyway? Spurs go on a Manu-fueled 12-1 run, seven of those 12 coming from he-who-was-supposed-to-be-washed-up. That’s 20 points and nine assists for Old Man Manu through three quarters, who finished off that run with a driving layup with his right hand with 2.6 seconds left. Not bad for a guy with one foot in the hoops retirement home. “Manu, Manu …” chants are well deserved on this night.

9 — When’s the last time LeBron got one of those trailing-from-behind chase-down blocks he’s famous for? Seriously, that’s been a staple of his game. But he’s not sprinting back on defense after misses, his own or anyone else’s. He jogs back after missing a baseline jumper and barely crosses the 3-point line on a defensive possession as the Spurs increase their lead to 14.

8 — Spurs have cranked this one open by refusing to allow James and Wade to finish at the rim. Simple as that. They are blocking all angles to the rim and getting out and running on the end. A Leonard 3, a Duncan putback of a Green 3 that bounces wide and the lead is up to 19 now. That run going back to the third quarter is 19-1. Simply stunning the swings in this game and really in this entire series are. Honestly never seen anything like this in The Finals — two teams trading places like this game after game.

7 — Pop doing hilarious things in the huddle again: “Pound the rock … Pace, pace, pace … It’s not supposed to be easy … Give them some adversity … Knock the stuffing out of ’em.” The Spurs don’t need any reminders. They are up 20 and trying to blitz the Heat out of this thing with plenty of time left in the fourth. Still not sure this lead is big enough.

6 — The Heat spent what seemed like half of their 66-win regular season rallying from double-digit leads to steal games they should have lost. They cranked up a quick 9-2 run after going down 20 to give the impression that they might have one more in them …

5 — Duncan with the pretty spin move and layup over Bosh. Manu with a sweet fade away from the wing to jab the Heat again. #throwbackmoves … Spurs’ Big 3 carrying the load in the final minutes here. Just absolutely battling.

4 — Allen has conceded his 3-point record to Green but he’s doing everything he can to help the Heat come back and try to steal this game. Heat trail 109-101 after Wade knocks down the second of two free throws with 1:37 to play. Nine straight for the Heat to make these Spurs fans pull their hair out.

3 — And just like that, Parker (layup) and Green (corner 3) snuff out that run and push the lead back to double digits (114-103). Beautiful work from the Spurs’ MVP and their MOP in The Finals. That’s a record 25 made 3-pointers (six tonight) in The Finals.

2 — This was Manu’s night. Finishes with a season-high 24 points and 10 assists. He was huge. Pop’s decision to start him was gigantic. DDG did work again, bringing this thing full circle since he joined the Spurs’ regular rotation and starting lineup because an injured Ginobili couldn’t go. The Spurs need another dose of these two, and more, if they want to avoid a Game 7 on the Heat’s home floor. But if you’re going to pick any team to close out a series on the road it has to be the Spurs.

1 — Heat won 27 straight games this season and now they can’t win two in a row. Their entire season comes down to the streak after all. Win two in a row or face another summer like 2011.



  1. Steve says:

    PaulGeorge 2014

    I respect your comment …….at least it made sense …….. not lot a like of others on here.

  2. PaulGeorge2014 says:

    The Spurs might win it all in Game 6 (or 7) or the Heat in Game 7. But no matter what happens this is a Finals series that goes down well in History and both Heat and Spurs fans should never forget.

    Manu Ginobili should play the best game(s) of his life in the next 1 or 2 games if he’s going to retire now.

  3. Steve says:

    Lots of LeBron and Heat haters out there ( not sure why ) ……After Thursday night it won’t change Heat in 7 !!!

  4. Steve says:

    Hey Kevo. ….. no need to get personal !!!!!! ( Troll???) I have a right to my opinion.

    Good thing you are hiding behind email.

    Adamball …I watched the same game you did.

    Like I said don’t complain when the refs make the calls Miami’s way in Game 6 and 7 ……..remember all of you have said the refs have been fair.

  5. SouthBeach Squad says:

    Great game by the Spurs. The real Heat and Beast Mode LeBron has been activated. He only comes out when it time to demolish teams ( ask Boston they met him in Boston game 6 last year ) Heat in 7

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      LETS GET IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Patty says:

    I am so glad Spurs won game 5 and will go on to win game 6 and will win the 2013 Championship. YEA!!!

    GO SPURS!!!

  7. RichFed says:

    You people must realize that Spurs are the better team! This series has been called pretty evenly with bad calls on both sides of the ball. If Miami does not step up than their big three experiment will come to an end because Bosh will most likely get traded because of CBA implications. Whatever is left of Lebron’s legacy will not be able to live this down by him losing to the team to the team that beat him in his first finals appearance when he was on Cleveland.

  8. Oh Yeah says:

    Officiating has looked a lot different in this series than at any other time in the playoffs. It makes me think the refs are afraid of Pop so they’re actually calling a fair game. Lebron’s not getting the calls he’s used to getting and you can see it in his incessant complaining.

    Had this been the Thunder or Grizzlies playing the Heat, Lebron would be getting those calls and the Heat’s 2nd championship would be secured.

    Now, let’s see how this plays out in game 6 (and 7?).

  9. Adambball says:

    Steve: The “correct” call?? Are you kidding me? Did you even watch the game? LJ didn’t get fouled because of excellent defense by Danny Green and the whole Spur team. You should say LJ got calls on his favor the whole season and the refs just started making correct calls in this series. Stop blaming the refs and just admit that there good defensive teams in the league!

  10. jimmy says:

    The Tale of the King with 1 ring ends tomorrow…:)

  11. JayZ says:

    You guys crack me up! Top to bottom, this has been the best (even though these refs all need help tying their shoes) officiated series in years. Spurs are kicking LeWeenie’s Heat all over the court – why? Because a TEAM will always conquer and EGO!

  12. alex says:

    Vangundy is the most biased towards Miami. He kept on making comments like “….Lebron was traveling but it was a strong play.”

  13. Kevo says:

    Go away Steve, you’re just a troll who is salty about the Heat losing. Admit that there are teams out there that can match the Heat. This is the Finals; I hardly see either team rolling over at this point in the series.

  14. alex jurado says:

    The League wants another Michael in LeBron. There is no way SA beats Miami in games 6 or 7. LeBron gets 2rd ring and, barring injury, 3rd next year. Memos have already been sent to Refs., who have total control over outcome of games. Bring on those charging calls!

  15. Kevo says:

    @Ex nba fan:

    Don’t have to be a professional player to understand the game, so you’re completely wrong there. A lot of us fans are very intelligible about the game, although I will agree that many who talk simply don’t know what they are saying. Subtracting the refs from the game? I would say they have been a non-factor for most of the series; admit that the Heat were simply outplayed. You’re just trying to mask your elitist comments and bandwagon-ism by stating “facts” about revenue.

    The real LOL is the fact that you’re basically complaining about the refs when the Heat get just as many calls in their favor at home. Stop crying and just watch the game. It’s a great series no matter who wins, the best of the best.

  16. whit says:

    Correction: Lebron has being getting stuffed. I think you mean stuffed or blocked. -Very knowledgable basketball player

  17. Steve says:

    Most of the layups that the Heat missed on fast breaks in Game 5 were really fouls by San Antonio that weren’t called.

  18. Steve says:

    All the anti Heat talk will stop when the Heat win Game 6 and then Game 7 in a blow out. Danny Green will be average and Manu will be too.

    Heck….the refs might even make the “correct” calls in Miami. The officiating has been lopsided AGAINST the Heat throughout the entire playoffs….especially in the Spur series. LeBron gets hacked almost every time he drives to the basket.

    So don’t COMPLAIN when the Heat get the calls in Miami…the refs should have been making those calls earlier in the Playoffs.

  19. hipster says:

    This series is far from over. Miami is strong at home and has 2 very good players.

    But if Manu has one last great game, Duncan and Parker play well and Green keeps hitting 3s, it will continue to be tough on the Heat.

  20. Art says:

    In game 5 there were at least 10-12 ridiculous calls in Miami favor. Spurs players received fouls even when Heat guys pushed & elbowed them.
    In each & every game referees try to stop the Spurs momentum but in some games failed.
    Battier & Wade are the dirtiest players in NBA. What is true is that LeBron received foul for ‘minor’ violation and wasn’t called for much bigger fouls before.

  21. Anything Texas fan says:

    Well the fact that the heat cheated last year against the thunder I say its karma giving them a good lessonon not cheating. #SpurNation

  22. Ex nba fan says:

    first of all, everyone who commented on what i wrote are all silly. I wrote in all caps because it was on still.i’m not changing that for your liking .second , I’m no fan of either team. Just explain how a team goes on a 20 -5 run at the end to come all the way back for the refs to make up calls.You must not play basketball.If you take away the refs, the Heat wouldn’t be stopped. Green wouldn’t shoot and Duncan would be a old puppet.Fact is Manu had 1 good game. lol Heat in 7 . I hate haters with no skills of their own always saying something. I’m sure most of you don’t know basketball. I’m sure most of you don’t play ball either .

    Lebron has been getting hammered going in the paint , no call but he sets a pick with very little contact and its Offensive foul.They called that at the end of the game. the other on Mike miller. SMH .thats all caps. lol I’m saying cry now because Lebron will probably go to the line 20 times in game 6. Fact is , Green doesn’t bring in revenue for NBA and the spurs as a team don’t either.LOL it’s all abot $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


  23. manei says:

    vintage wade was playing in game 5.
    Manu ginobilli played great from wire to wire
    LeBron defence and rebounding took a night off
    Spoestra had to be blamed for continually failing to get the heat to play with a sense of urgency
    Ray allen was hot but got benched on the forth quarter when his three were falling
    Why didn’t LeBron get some rest he seem tired not running back on defence and rarely putting his hands up. LeBron got torched by everybody

  24. Art says:

    Green & Tony should be Finals co-MVP if Spurs win.
    If Heat does then co-MVP are Stern & Stu Jackson.

  25. Steve says:

    Anybody who thinks NBA favors defending champions ….take a look at this series. Lopsided free throw advantage for Spurs.

    LeBron is constantly being fouled ( throughout entire Playoffs) and not getting to line …..more will be said about this after playoffs I’m sure

  26. Steve says:

    It’s unbelievable that Chris Andersen hasn’t played at all in last two games. Not sure what the Heat coaching staff is thinking.

    If controlling Duncan is a priority and also helping with rebounds ………then he has to play

    Any thoughts?

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      Spoelstra doesn’t know what he’s doing when he plays a team with a smarter coach. He benched Birdman & Battier, Haslem can play good D on Duncan, but Spoelstra reduced his playing time & doesn’t even give Joel Anthony a chance, and he started Mike Miller…twice in 2 finals games, after not playing him all season. .. If this the heat lose this series you can guarantee Spoelstra will be fired!

  27. Sun says:

    Wasn’t it a 2-point play? He steps on the line…

  28. dave says:

    Where the heck did Green come from. Would be hilarious if he ends up being the Finals MVP.

    • Hilarious if Green wins the MVP? Count it as a very realistic probability. He has been an outstanding outside shooter and has given LeBron trouble as a defender through much of the series. I believe that the upside of Miami’s big 3 playing at their fullest is greater than the Spurs’ big 3 given where these 6 players are respectively in their careers. That said, the Spurs have much more depth as a team, and Popovich is a much better coach. I am not sure that LeBron, Wade, and Bosh are the type of players that could ever buy into playing within a set system, and this is the Spurs model, and an effective one at that.

  29. Lance96 says:

    All you Heat fans complaining about the refs being the cause for the Heat loss or the NBA being rigged. I will admit there are some things that have occurred (by coaches, players and refs) that have caused me to scratch my head. However, I have yet to see any coach design a series of plays against another team where they intentially turn the ball over and purposefully allow the other team to make more shots. Simply put bottom line, the refs arent shooting the ball…Miami just got outplayed and are getting outplayed. This isnt about the big three on either side…what everyone is forgetting in that this is about coaching. Spol isnt half the coach Pop is. Pop is a chess master using what he has and maximizing the talent while Spol walked into a stacked team to BUY a championship. This same senario presented itself in the 1977 NBA finals between Portland and the Sixers…Although the Sixers had a collection of talent to include Dr J, Portland had a mediocre team which atthat time included Bill Walton…but Portland won because they played TEAM basketball while the Sixers were trying to figure out how to do so…Miami hasnt quiet figured out how to do that on a consistent basis. Just look at the box score from each game. The Spurs have had several different people step up each game while the Heat rely soley on James.

    • CW says:

      I thought that Pat Riley coached the Heat

    • Marco29 says:

      If Miami only had LBJ, the series would be over by now. They relly on the full big 3 + Ray Allen and this is how they won Game 4. Problem is they don’t get much production from the rest of the team who is on the floor (Chalmers, Miller, Battier, cole) and some other players (Birdman for instance) are not playing. Spurs on the other side are almot 7 or 8 deep and get constistent contributions from the bench players.
      Pop could very weel change his lineup again for the next game or move to higher ball with Diaw early in the game if it’s needed.
      Spurs have many ways of beating their opponents. If Heat defend the 3 pt line more consistently, they will be punished in the inside by Duncan and the dirves of Manu and Parker.
      Your comparison with 1977 is a little bit excagerated cause Spurs are not what you could call a “mediocre team” having won serveral championships and contended for most of the seasons.

  30. Mehr says:

    Eric Spo bad decision making and substitutions , bad defense by Miami help SA to win game 5.
    Haslem and Cole don’t know what they are doing. They are completely lost in this series and Spo keep using them in a critical time.
    No hard defense, no hard sweat from Miami players.
    They can only win if they play hard 48 minutes and Spo must do the right substitutions.

  31. Eric says:

    I can’t understand why Andersen was not used in game 5?
    Ok, “enough is enough”. Go Heat!
    Two wins in a row now for Miami. “Miami Heat” – 2013 Champions!!! Hooray!!!

    • GTG says:

      By Keeping Anderson out of the Lineup they are trying to prevent the Spurs from putting DUncan, SPlitter, and Leonard in the game at the same time which was causing a hugh rebounding disadvantage for Miami.

  32. Mike says:

    I think we can put the Jordan/James comparisons to rest now. Regardless of what happens in this series. LeBron’s place on the All-Time list will be somewhere between Elgin Baylor and George Gervin.

  33. Awesome win in gm 5 Spurs-yet still need to stop/cut way down the turnovers. I knew Ginobiliiiiiiiiiii would get hot-now he’ll stay hot-making plays is when he’s @ his best. TP & TD can just keep being themselves & everyone else Leonard, Green, Neal & the rest all have the confidence & fortitude to finish the job & win the next gm!

  34. Ryan from the Philippines says:

    Im not a Spurs fan but I go cheer for them in this Championship series. I guess it will be just like history will repeat itself just like what the Mavs did to the Heat in 2011. SPURS WIN IN 6.

    After all. It comes again from the Wild Wild West from the Texas Triangle.

  35. J says:

    damn it!!!!!!!!
    great article!
    IF i said IF the spurs win series green will be mvp for sure unless tony parker gets 50 and a buzzer beater in 6 IF IF IF
    heat in 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. dylan19 says:

    1 more game baby…1 more game….Go Spurs

  37. just an nba fan says:

    its funny how so many people think because lebron is the best player in the league, which i dont deny, he DESERVES to get fouls called for him. yes attacking the rim is a big part of his game, but this is PLAYOFF basketball, which means a foul doesnt need to be called everytime he gets within 10 feet of the paint. as pop said, this is big boy basketball. nut up or get the f%#$ out. as a laker fan, i try to look at the refereeing from a neutral point of view because i dont want to be labeled one a kobe di%#k rider that should have a fouled call everytime he gets the ball as a lot of heat fans are now. the nba isnt rigged and anyone who thinks so is an idiot. if you look at a lot of controversial plays in real time instead of the luxury slo mo cameras we have now, youd have a tough time calling it too.

  38. mattchew says:


  39. Just1.Not2Not3Not4Not5Not6 says:

    It’s gonna end soon. The BUILT 3 of the Spurs are gonna finish of the BOUGHT 3

  40. team says:

    Lebron would have never won a ring in Cleveland. I don’t care how good he is. NBA is a team game. He has put together an all star team for three years now and only one ring from it. Its ridiculous how much talent is on that team. Everyone claims its Lebrons team, so its his glory or fault if they win or lose. Lebron has so much talent to bail him out on bad games, I’m not impressed. Teams win championships, players win mvp. Not good enough for his legacy.

  41. tinker says:

    I would love to see what would happen if Spo decided to go big with his starting lineup. Anderson at the 5, Bosh at the 4, Battier at the 3, LeBron at the 2, and Wade at the 1. With the exception of Anderson, all these guys can shoot the 3, and this lineup might do a better job of spacing the floor for Wade and LeBron to drive to the hoop. Not that I can get off work to watch the game anyway, but it would be interesting to see what that lineup would do.

  42. Big Al says:

    Miami were really in the position to win this game if not for the poor defense. When Kawhi Leonard looks like an All-Star and Danny Green a superstar, there’s something awfully wrong with the Heat’s D. The Spurs will always feed on threes, and there were too many unguarded ones again. Why couldn’t they take care of the three-point line like they did in the last game?

    Manu started and Pop received. The Spurs’ #1 flopper has miraculously become this game’s best player, scoring 24 points, his best in the entire season. Parker’s injury was obviously fake, and it seemed that his opponents bought it, unfortunately. His hamstring is nowhere near getting torn, so he was really just psyching his opponents to take it easy on him, and it worked. Then Old Tim was anything but. All SA’s starters did very nicely today.

    LeBron and Wade also missed four easy points with their usual alley-oops. While their duo did their usual shares nonetheless, plus honorable mentions for Bosh and Allen, the rest of the team just wasn’t there when they were needed. Chalmers was simply pathetic, taking too many ill-advised shots and clearly let Green loose in at least one of his many successful threes in this game. And Miller will have to come from the bench from the next game onwards.

    The series now goes back to Miami with San Antonio leading 3-2. The Heat are one game away from a repeat of 2011, so unless they step it up big time, especially defensively, then they are in for another shameful defeat. That elusive two-in-a-row streak is now mandatory for them. But it’s certainly not over yet. The Lakers three years ago were also in a similar situation against the Celtics who, like the Spurs, were not even expected to be in the finals. We’ll just have to see how resilient Spoelstra’s team can be.

    • Kalbo!! says:

      Sounds like another VERY bitter and upset heat fans.. Yeah! No wonder this comment is that long…

    • GTG says:

      Wow – what a bunch of whining BS. Here are some quick facts.

      – Parkers injury was revealed by an MRI (Hamstring no where near torn? are you the team doctor?) .
      – Miami’s defense is still solid – they still forced a ton of turnovers and scored off them.
      – Spurs would have beaten any other team by 40 in this game.
      – SPurs putting Diaw on James was an excellent defensive move.
      – GInobli has not been fined for flopping this post season…Lebron has 🙂

      So Big Al – just read the facts and dry those cryin eyes.

    • Duke says:

      LOL!!! Please don’t apply for any job as an NBA media writer… maybe comedy suits you better.

  43. Hunter says:

    The Spurs can’t allow this go to a game 7. No away team has won a game 7 nba finals game on the home team’s court since 1969, the Bill Russell Celtics. I trust that Tim Duncan will play like it’s HIS LAST GAME.

  44. damian says:

    Can’t believe the amount of people, some even Heat fans, calling this series over. Yeah, they’re down 3-2, however they haven’t lost consecutively since January, meaning they are capable of taking game 6, and Spurs ain’t winning game 7 in Miami if it gets to that.

    • Kalbo!! says:

      Only morons actually said this is over. This could be anybody’s series. Apparently you’re one of them by clearly implying that this is over for the Spurs. Can’t accept that there’s another team better than your super-star-studded-only team? How about this might be their first back-to-back loss since January? Sometimes, it’s gonna come, right? And it may come at a worse time. If your that sure they won’t win game 7 in miami, i dare you not to watch that game…

      • damian says:

        Do you know how to read? Where did I imply it’s over for the Spurs? I just said it simply isn’t smart completely ruling out the Heat since they haven’t lost consecutive games for so long. Again, if you actually take the time to read the comments you are responding to, I also clearly said “if it even gets to a game 7”. As for that “possible” game 7, no I don’t think Spurs would win, I’d say the same about Miami if the roles were reversed.

  45. Kwasi Asare says:

    Erik Spoelstra is a horrible coach, how can he take out Dwade at the end of the 3rd quarter and help the Spurs get a 12 point lead going into the 4th quarter. To make matters worst he does not even start Dwade in the 4th quarter. He is the reason why the Heat lost so many games this playoff.

    • GTG says:

      The reason he was doing this is because Duncan and GInobli were sitting during that same time, so he was trying to rest Wade during that same time frame. You can’t just play him the whole game with that high pace.

    • dhk says:

      …especially considering he is injured

  46. Wii says:

    You missed these numbers, I added them for you. #25 Tony Brothers and #13 Monty McCutchen are 2 referees officiated Heat’s 3 of 7 playoff loses.

  47. geo says:

    Everytime the Heat got close the refs blew the whistle :o( This game could have been amazing how can POp scream so much to the refs….

    • Orville Fiberson says:

      You’re exactly right. On their first run in the 4th Wade hits a floater and they call a “phantom” illegal screen on Miller. Then, when Allen hits a three to cut it to 8 with 2 1/2 minutes, they call an illegal screen on James. Spurs have definitely been getting the benefit of the doubt in their home games and the Heat should get better calls in Miami. There were definitely some weird foul calls against Miami all game, like when Battier drew an obvious charge in the 2nd quarter, and of course Van Gundy who is completely bias for the Spurs, says “that’s a good no call, unless your Miami’s coach.”. However, I’m confident Miami will win games 6 and 7 at home.

      • Le2e says:

        Haha wow, you think that screen by james was legal, he wasnt planted and leaned in with his shoulder. Also that screen miller did was illegal because green was out of bounds, youre not allowed to touch players that are moving out of bounds. And that charge drawn by battier was a good no call, the offensive player went to the side to avoid contact and battier leaned over to make the contact, plus his feet were in the restricted area so it easily could/should have been a blocking foul. Youre complaining about all the wrong calls… Now if you complained about manu’s flop on his 3 attempt or the no call when lebron got hit in the wrist on a layup then you might have a case, but those plays were far from “blown in the spurs favor”.

        Heat fans, watch their players flop for 2-3 seasons and get multiple blown calls in their favor, complain about legit refereeing cuz theyre used to the star treatment.

      • Kalbo!! says:

        Bitter bitter on the wall. Who’s the teariest of them all?

      • angelo says:

        Phantom calls… Miller set his pick out of bounds. That’s a violation. Lebron clearly used his shoulder on the pick to free allen. That’s a foul. You can’t accuse the refs of making bad calls if you don’t even have a clue on what are and aren:t violations.

      • Lance96 says:

        @Orvill have you ever played the game or do you just generally watch from the comforts of your couch? No disrespect intended BUT, I agree with Le2e as youre focused on the wrong thing and please note James has rarely been called for a foul. Stop watching the refs and watch the game but understand what the rules are… The Spurs are playing while allowing their coach to complain while the Heat are complaining and their coach is sitting back watching. Who is actually in control of the team? And you wonder why Miami is having a difficult time with the Spurs…? Really…?

      • damian says:

        Everyone is making fun now, but you’ll all be doing the exact same thing if Miami takes game 6 and gets a few questionable calls.

      • dhk says:

        Miller was out of bounds and so was the player he checked.
        Lebron dropped a shoulder and moved sideways into the man he fouled.
        Did you watch the game? The replays were so clear as to what happened I find it impossible that you do not believe the calls.

    • GTG says:

      The ref’s are making bad calls both ways. They have been unfairly whistling the SPurs all series. Pop was screming at his players …not at the refs. Go watch a replay of the game and you will see that. When Pop blows up at the refs he gets a tech right away. I watch the SPurs all the time, so I know this.

  48. Not so rigged says:

    This is actually one of the few series where I’ve felt the refereeing has had little to no impact on the outcome and for the most part the officiating has been pretty spectacular.

    Hilarious anyone can complain this game was rigged for the Spurs when Ray Allen gets two 4-point plays by pulling a Reggie Miller and Battier – well he gets to be Battier and hold and push without ever drawing a whistle – oh and LBJ gets called for 1 total foul in a very physical game.

    Wonder how fast the Heat will dismantle their squad if they lose this series. Bosh will be sent packing for sure. Miami is still a good team, but their effort has been terribly uneven all post season. They picked the wrong team to think they can just turn it on when they need to and expect to win.

    Pop is amazing and the Spurs are a championship team to be proud of.

    • Ben says:

      If they dismantle the team, they will be fools.

      No-one can win every year. The Spurs never won in consecutive years. They had many failures. Its a 6 years journey back to the finals. You never heard anyone talk of dismantling their big three, and they have proven why time and again.

      I really don’t understand the talk of breaking Miami up (or even breaking Boston up, for that matter). Boston could win again with Rondo, Garnett, Pierce… they just need the other pieces to be pieces like Green, Leonard etc… guys who can fill their roles well. As for Miami, for the most part they have those pieces. Even if they lose, its been a hard series, Miami don’t need to hang their head.

      • dhk says:

        Leonard IS NOT a role player. Watch that guy through an entire game. He just isn’t a superstar as he has never needed to be. He is the next Paul George, he just hasn’t blown up in the spot yet

  49. allaroundballer says:

    Sorry I’ve got to say this

    If James went to Miami for only one ring (or maybe 2) and then over. That would be poor. Stayed in Cleveland and got 1 ring only is still looking better

  50. Dano says:

    Shut up Heat Whiners. Can’t admit that Spurs are a better all around team. Blame everything else.

  51. 2013 Champs = The SPURS !!!

    • HeatfansinceWade says:

      Not Yet! Dont get too excited. The Lakers were down 2-3 and won it in 2010.

  52. Temple Stark says:

    Well written. Thank you. I missed the game and checking in. Spurs win!!! Yes. I really hope they just end in a flourish next game and win this thing.

  53. realist2013 says:

    I called Pop putting Manu in from the jump and him stepping up and he did. Welcome back Manu. One more game to ice it. Lebron with his statements fueled the Spurs to. “Enough is enough” as if to say you’re gonna just dog out a team thats been dominating si.ce he was a toddler? Even to this day thats held him to career finals lows. Humility goes a long way.
    Duncan and co wont let it go to a game 4. They will will take them to BAU (Breaking-Ankles-University) come Tuesday. Spurs

  54. aron says:

    Miller shouldn’t have started. He lags in defensive plays. I can’t fault him for trying to help in the post but he falls so easily from the feints when trying to get back to his man. Shane is a better choice, i think. But I hope the Heat get to bounce back in game 6 and hopefully get it done with a game 7.

    Ginobili won the game for the Spurs. In he gets it going again and Green stays consistently hot in game 6. The Spurs are going to be the 2013 NBA Champions.

  55. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    After the heat lose this series Spoelstra will definitely be fired. Popovich out-coached Spoelstra all series. I cant wait until they fire Spoelstra and trade Chris Bosh… What a disappointing end to an amazing season for the heat

    • Lance96 says:

      @LBJKIN6JAMES Im slightly shocked by your comment because this isnt the same language you were using last week. Although I would agree….Bosh is a liability and Spol is good enough for regular season at controlling egos but as far as coaching to win a championship…He needs more experience on how to do so…The coaches he needs to engage with are George Karl, Jerry Sloan, Greg Popovich, certainly not Phil Jackson of Pat Riley…Coaches who didnt has a team of lauded players but rather workmen who enjoy staying under the radar…Team success is paramount to individual success

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        @ Lance
        Last week I was not anticipating Danny Green becoming an overnight superstar LOL. The heat would not be in this predicament if they had Doc Rivers / George Karl, I think Spoelstra was exposed this series, The heat have no halfcourt offense & do not adapt well on defense, the only reason they have got this far in the playoffs is because of 1 man, LeBron James. As much as I have faith in LeBron that he’s going to play one his best games in game 6, its the rest of the team that has everyone including me disappointed for not showing up when LBJ needed it most, so why would they show up in game 6? the heat have not won 2 games in a row for weeks now, why would that change now? Like I said, it would be a disappointing end to a historic season. It feels like 2011 Dallas all over again …

    • GTG says:

      I’m a Spurs fan and I disagree. I think the Heat are very well coached and incredible on defense. THe Spurs output in game 5 would have beaten any other team by 40 point. They do need more plays drawn up for a set offense, but other than that I think them and the SPurs are the 2 best teams. If you replace Spolstra, you hit the reset button on the defensive strategy and you are no longer one of the top 2 teams. I do agree that Bosh should be traded for someone more defensive minded like Tyson CHandler. A Starting lineup of James, Wade, Chandler and Bird man would be awesome. A good point guard would be nice too.

  56. Ex nba fan says:


    • Tom says:


      Seriously, it’s unnecessary.
      Also, if its game 5 made you realize that the refs make bad calls, you haven’t been watching this series till today. They call BS calls for both teams each game. Your argument is invalid.

      • Lance96 says:

        I fully agree with Tom. Those are team fans rather than fans of the game. They want to say it was a good series as long as their horse wins but if their favorite team loses then it was rigged and therefore nota legitimate win by the other team. One thing Ive learned long ago…No matter how bad you think you are, there is always someone who we overlook that is badder than we think we are….Just ask Mike Tyson

    • Scotty says:



    COME ON!



    • justine says:

      You know what’s unfair?

      Green shooting 25 ft from the basket with 2 heat players raising their arms after him and yet he makes the shot.

      That’ unfair!!!

    • Kalbo!! says:

      Haha! This guy thinks Pop cheats by yelling and not getting a tech… Shouldn’t you blame the coach or the NBA? LOL.. Either way, just another upset heat fan…

    • Scotty says:


    • GTG says:

      POP was not yelling at the ref’s…he was yelling at his players. If he would have been yelling at the ref’s then he WOULD have gotten a technical.

    • manei says:

      Greg is doing a good job getting into his players mind. Spoestra is to calm ” one possession at the time , weather the storm” really your team is getting torched on game 5 of the final and you use the same speech you been using all year long. No wonder the heat don’t play hard every game.

  58. Anti Heat says:

    Spurs in 6 just like I called it

  59. TheFox says:

    ‘Enough is enough,,,’ says Lebron.

    ‘…I’m going to let San Antonio win it all.’

    Just joking, MIA fans.

    But seriously, walk the talk.

  60. Ex nba fan says:

    Why won’t anybody talk about nba being rigged? Is it because Spurs are losing Big 3? how does it end up being 2 big 3’s against each other. They built Miami to be hated for no reason and to lose a game decided by refs. That’s why Rating are down. You make the rating higher by putting 2 teams that compete the same at high levels not cheat for the Spurs to win game 5. Now do the same for the Heat in 6 and 7

    • TheFox says:

      @Ex nba fan

      You’ve accused the NBA for rigging, yet you want games 6 and 7 rigged for Miami?
      I don’t get it.

    • CW says:

      You can talk about it all day with your friends in the mental hospital — What a complete nut case you are…. You complain that the NBA is rigged but then say go ahead and rig it for Miami in the final two games. You hate the alleged rigging but now want it rigged for your team??

    • Carl says:

      Sounds like an upset heat fan to me.

    • bunbury says:

      i honestly believe that the nba refs were the reason the heat won games 2 and 4. they clearly did not wanted to see the heat gping down 2 games. the ratings would have gone done way down.

      • Dave says:

        There’s nothing like popping champagne bottles in south beach on road, that’s like a vacation within a vacation! Lol this series is over tonight….. LMFAO