Spurs’ Parker on series: ‘My Hamstring Can Tear Any Time Now’


SAN ANTONIO — Tony Parker described his ailing right hamstring Saturday as something of a ticking time bomb.

“My hamstring can tear any time now,” the San Antonio Spurs’ All-Star point guard said. “So if it was the regular season I would be resting like 10 days. But now it’s The NBA Finals. If it gets a tear, it’s life.”

A tear at any point in the remainder of this back-and-forth series would almost assuredly end the Spurs’ championship hopes. As it is they believe they must win Sunday night’s Game 5 and take a 3-2 lead back to South Florida if they’re going to have a shot to unseat the defending champion Miami Heat.

So far neither team has strung together consecutive victories. The club coming off a loss has been able to take charge in the second half leading to three straight games of lopsided final scores.The Spurs hope that an improving Parker and playing the last game of the season on their home floor will be enough to continue that trend and put them back in control of the series.

“That’s what it’s all about right now, is that focus for a longer period of time, taking care of the ball, understanding what you want to do and less defensive mistakes,” Tim Duncan said. “And for whatever reason, it seems like the team that’s coming off a loss has done a better job of sustaining that for a longer period of time. I hope that’s the case for us tomorrow, but we have to find a way to alleviate that, whether it’s a win or a loss.”

It starts with Parker’s ability to go to the distance. He was superb in the first half of Game 4, scoring 15 points on an array of spectacular penetrations and spin moves that seemed to suggest the hamstring issue was behind him. Only the Grade I strain caught up to him in the second half in the form of fatigue. Parker said he began to feel “weak” in the second half. He didn’t possess his usual explosiveness, making him more vulnerable to Miami’s trapping defense that helped to force 19 Spurs turnovers.

San Antonio’s offense faded with Parker, who went scoreless in the second half. Over the two off days, Parker has been undergoing constant treatment. He said there’s no way to tell how the hamstring will respond throughout Game 5.

“I don’t know, we’ll see tomorrow, I guess,” Parker said. “It feels good. It feels good. I feel like I’m getting stronger with it. My goal is to be close to 100 percent by tomorrow. I feel confident, being disciplined with all the treatments, with the ice right now.

“Hopefully I’ll be good by tomorrow.”

The Spurs are counting on it.


  1. Awesome win in gm 5 Spurs-yet still need to stop/cut way down the turnovers. I knew Ginobiliiiiiiiiiii would get hot-now he’ll stay hot-making plays is when he’s @ his best. TP & TD can just keep being themselves & everyone else Leonard, Green, Neal & the rest all have the confidence & fortitude to finish the job & win the next gm!

  2. Big Al says:

    Totally fake – Parker played like hell today with 26 points. There’s no way he could have done that when his hamstring was really about to tear.

  3. Brooksy says:

    im sorry, but all u people saying TP is the best true point gurad in the nba are truly fanboys riding his nba finals wave, or just dont know basketball. this guy takes more shots than anyone else on his team on any given night and has no regard for floor spacing, pick and roll offense, or the man himself, TIM DUNCAN. to say he is a better point guard than rondo or cp3 is absolutely absurd! now tp is a great player, excellent scorer and has good court vision when it comes to popping the ball out to open guys after initial penetration, but he is a ball hog whose first objective is scoring, that is not the characteristic of a TRUE point guard, dont believe me? pull up the statistics, not hating or anything, but stop giving him this “best” title all of a sudden just because he’s having a good playoff run, best TRUE point guard is either cp3, or rondo…..peroid

    • realist2013 says:

      Who said he was the best? I personally believe Rhondo is but they chump him in the rankings due to the CP, Westbrook and Deron. Parker does fascilitate the ball and he can score. Traditional PG attack the basket and draw the D. He does that and finds the open man, but if he’s in position for a high percentage shot of course take it. He scores off lay ups and short range floaters and jumpers. He’s no 3 point shooter. Personal numbers dont show all the things a great player does.

  4. realist2013 says:

    Have you ever torn a hamstring or acl? If you havent and remotely have an idea of the pain you’re an idiot. They’ve been resting it and numbing it up. He tried in game 4 then after the half it gave out on him.
    Wade has a bad knee not the same as a torn muscle/tendon. Thats like cutting your puppet string thus making you immobile. It has nothing to do with whether his name is lebron or Parker. If Lebron had that injury I’d know what the deal isand far from an excuse but a reality. Mental midgets talking as if he’s some rookie nobody PG. Be serious and get your head out of the clouds. Educate yourself before you open your mouth.

  5. POP says:


  6. hammar22 says:

    Spurs in 7.

  7. hammar22 says:

    I find the Heat to be such a boring basketball team. Just hope the Spurs can pull it off…since the Pacers didn’t.
    Can someone recommend a haircutter for Miller please. And give Wade a cheer leader outfit after he retires…Thats
    all he is. Spurs in 7.

    • Pakyaw says:

      Did you just say ” HEAT is a boring basketball team?”.. Even all the haters don’t say that.. So I don’t know what games u r watching…


      LOL your comment was so ridiculous! Wade is a Hall of Famer and his career isn’t over yet, have some respect Heat Hater! It must be bothering you that we are the Champions and you are the loser. Heat Nation stand up for our back to back Championship!

  8. pacquiaoverated says:

    the way parker made Miami guards eat dust he doesn’t look any injured makes you doubt if the injury is real

    • dhk says:

      He injured it at the end of game three. Watch game four? He was not 100% and was not leaving Miami in his dust.

  9. heat1 says:


  10. eyeseecute says:

    Another mind game by Coach Pop

  11. Spurs will take gms 5 & 6!
    GO SPURS!!!

  12. Penguin says:

    Why cry to the media about it? Because they ask him about it. And it’s not crying. He’s just telling it as it is. It’s hurt, now it’s better, but once it’s hurt, it sits in your mind and you just know it can come back. That’s all.

  13. J says:

    tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick ………………………………….. BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!
    heat in 6!!!

  14. StephMart says:

    This is a perfect example of how stars not named LeBron, Wade, and Bosh get treated. Don’t get me wrong, I have tremendous for Tony Parker; he’s the best true PG in the NBA hands down, and an amazing competitor. It would be a huge loss for NBA fans if his hamstring rendered him unable to compete for the championship. But until Wade dropped 32, people were wondering if he’d ever get better, if he was using the injury as an excuse, and if he even had the ability to play well if he was healthy. When Bosh was injured in the Pacers series last year, people were wondering if he was too soft. God forbid LeBron gets so much as a papercut and the refs call a timeout for him to get a bandaid put on – people may accuse him of conspiring with the refs or some nonsense. Had he said anything like what Tony Parker said, he would be crucified on the spot. But all of a sudden, Tony Parker’s injury flareup that has existed almost as long as Wade’s garners widespread (and well deserved…he’s a human being) sympathy? Put him in a Miami jersey and I’d bet that would change.

    Best wishes to TP though. Lots of love for him.

  15. haters gonna hate says:

    i think TP re-injured it again because of his amazing spin moves(no sarcasm). i’m a heat fan! and i don’t want to lose a player whether it’s from miami or san antonio! it’s finals man! they’re playing at higher level now! so no backing down on both teams! heat in 7! 🙂

  16. steve says:

    Don’t compare Parker to Wade (todays Wade). There is no comparison. Parker, best PG in NBA right now. What a joke having Paul as first team NBA. No way!

    • makran says:

      Dont compare Wade to Parker bcz Wade is too much better than Parker………………

  17. The Cab says:

    Good thing that they’re not playing New Orleans otherwise they’d be targeting that hamstring.

  18. Niyari says:

    He’s telling the media what his doctor told him. He’s not making excuses. The calf thing has been an on and off thing since earlier in the year when he injured it.

  19. bhong biona says:

    how about wade still hurting sufferring hes injury ..i think this series beome fair if tony is not 100% wade also not i 100% go fo fo fo fo miami again

  20. Way of Wade says:

    Wow, I am surprised that Parker is such a diva. I have been playing with a right knee that can explode and am not crying about it or making excuses. Tony is a prima dona and that is why the Spurs will lose the series.

  21. lolTP says:

    Wow, so WEAK. Why cry to media about it? Just preparing excuses.. It’s so lame. If Lebron ever did anything like this the hatred would be sufficating

    • dhk says:

      Get a grip.
      He’s not crying. Ever watch a post game interview? The media asks a question and then the player answers it. It’s not like he is posting this on Twitter. Also, read between the lines, he’s saying he has an injury and yes it’s possible it could get worse, but he is feeling close to 100% and hopes to be 100% by game time. He is down playing the injury, not hyping it up.

      • Tea says:

        Down playing is not saying, it can tear, this, that and the other. Before, every time “the media ” asked about it (three back to back questions) his response was I’m ready, all three times. When they lose game 4, it can tear. What eva!! FAKE INJURY!

  22. Gabriel says:

    Tony just finding excuses to the upcoming lose.

    He have a good game in game 4.

    They are playing if the heat get comfortable thinking that tony is injured and then the spurs will give them a surprise attack, its just another trick from the old spurs.

  23. ryan says:

    as a heat fan i don’t want tony to go down. i want the finals to be a hard fought challenge for the gold. Respect for tony and the spurs but i think heat are winning it once again.

  24. Anthony not Carmelo says:

    Thats a major problem for the Spurs, They definitely need Manu to have a
    spectacular game 5, along with more ball handling with Gary Neal. I feel
    thats the only way for the Spurs to clinch game 5.

  25. judy says:

    I’m feeling for TP and I am a SPURS fans since the Admiral but if lebron said that I think everyone here will say he’s finding excuse or choke. Too many trolls these days. Hope TP will be okay and give us something to cheer for! Go SPURS!