Bosh Clears Mind, Roars Loud In Game 4



SAN ANTONIO — If only we could climb a ladder and crawl through Chris Bosh‘s ear and into his head. Oh, the things we might find. Forget Khloe Kardashian and the flaky Lamar Odom, reality TV deserves a relatable, emotional human character such as the sensitive, sympathetic and cerebral Bosh.

Who wouldn’t have a complex always being told you’re the third wheel or you more resemble the dopey, leaf-eating sauropod rather than the roaring, carnivorous T-Rex everybody wants you to be, ripping opponents’ heads off and devouring basketballs straight off the backboard?

When Bosh struggles as he has during this roller coaster of a Miami Heat playoff run — one that now has them two wins from back-to-back championships and two losses from a summer of sharp-stick criticism for twice failing to win titles in three tries — it so often seems his troubles ignite between the ears, where he can submerge himself in self-doubt, a sure form of self-sabotage.

Dwyane Wade chuckled when asked if Bosh is the kind of guy that can stress himself out before stepping onto the floor.

“Well, I think he said it best — overthinking,” Wade said. “As a player we start overthinking too much, you know, you get in your own way. We’ve all done it. It’s times myself and and Chris do it a little too much.”

Wade and Bosh are neighbors and Wade has been known to stop by his teammate’s house to talk, to help ease his mind, help keep him as loose as Bosh can be loose.

“Loose?” Wade answered rhetorically when asked if he makes concerted efforts to keep the 6-foot-11 forward-center from overthinking himself into a mental ditch. “Chris is not a loose guy. He’s quiet and to himself. The biggest thing was just trying to let him know how important he is, how important he was going to be to us winning [Game 4]. He responded in a good way, but we got to continue to respond if we want to do what we did last year, and that’s win a championship.”

For a team that won 27 consecutive games during the regular season, the Heat haven’t won two in a row since clinching the Chicago series and opening the East finals with LeBron James‘ buzzer-beater against Indiana. Bosh, averaging 12.7 ppg in the playoffs, four fewer points than his regular-season average, and hitting just 46.2 percent of his shots, down from 53.5 percent in the regular season, has found more consistency in the Finals with his first postseason string of three consecutive double-doubles.

The Heat’s 109-93 Game 4 win to even the series, though, was his best performance since the second round and the most dominating by The Big Three. Bosh rolled to the rim, hit mid-range jumpers, swatted away would-be layups and crashed the boards. All told, he racked up 20 points (on 8-for-14 shooting) for only the second time this postseason and 13 rebounds, his high since May 10 when he posted 20-and-19 in Game 3 against the Bulls. He had two steals and two blocks.

“I want to play well every game. I want to play to the best of my ability, and sometimes that doesn’t happen,” Bosh said. “You’re going to have bad games in a long stretch, especially during the playoffs, and that’s when you really have to trust your game and trust what got you here. I think before I was really just trying to force some situations, thinking of how I can really get going, and it doesn’t work like that. I just have to really trust my instincts, trust my teammates and just continue to play and let things happen.”

Initially, it didn’t look as if it was going to happen for him in Game 4. Bosh started 1-for-4, missing his jumper and seeming tentative, like one of those giant, long-necked leaf-eaters stumped by which tree from which to begin his feast.

Bosh started to get rolling in the second quarter, then went 5-for-6 from the floor in the second half as Miami widened its lead. For chunks of Game 4, Bosh served as Miami’s lone big man on the floor. Coach Erik Spoelstra started shooter Mike Miller over rugged forward Udonis Haslem and Chris “Birdman” Andersen never got off the bench.

The small lineup boosts Bosh’s responsibilities at both ends of the floor, attacking offensively and defensively jousting with Tim Duncan as well as being the last line of defense and a primary rebounder.

“There’s no question about it,” Spoelstra said. “When we play with those lineups, he’s the last man there. I mean, we do have some hybrid wings, you saw Dwyane and LeBron back there as well.  But we need Chris to be big and to do so many different things and wear a lot of different hats. We play him offensively everywhere on the floor. But defensively battling against a Hall of Famer and then helping us clean up the glass really gave us a boost.”

Maybe Game 4 is the boost Bosh needed to clear his crowded mind and bring out the best in his game for as many as three games left in this title-or-bust season.

“It’s just the disposition, first of all, with myself and then everybody else. Those things are going to follow,” Bosh said. “I don’t really pay too much attention to the numbers. It’s just how I’m doing, the energy and effort that I’m giving out there, and everything else falls into place.”


  1. Awesome win in gm 5 Spurs-yet still need to stop/cut way down the turnovers. I knew Ginobiliiiiiiiiiii would get hot-now he’ll stay hot-making plays is when he’s @ his best. TP & TD can just keep being themselves & everyone else Leonard, Green, Neal & the rest all have the confidence & fortitude to finish the job & win the next gm!

  2. @ sick-lol-you caught on to that heh, anyways-

    Spurs will take gms 5 & 6!
    GO SPURS!!!

  3. TAMSI says:

    the truth is when you play in the finals and your team is struggling an injury that parker have. your done.

  4. Fefe (Nets) says:

    People should stop looking at Bosh’s numbers since he came to Miami. He was the one willing to make the biggest sacrifice for his team (also because D-Wade and James have bigger egos than him, so that is why he makes the biggest sacrifice too). He is solid and he can be a beast. It’s true that he struggled most of this playoffs, but people should stop judging only based on some games.

    Anyway, I predicted Spurs in 6 before the start of the Finals, and I’ll keep with this prediction. No way SA will let their last home game slip away, and they’ll also take Game 6. Go Spurs!

  5. Us buck says:

    Bosh is not worth 100 million! 8- 10 million per would be perfect. Then Miami can go and sign a rim protector and rebounder. If not, I think we loose Bron after next year!

  6. religiously says:

    lets go micheal jordan!!

  7. Bojan says:

    Good game for Bosh. Really.

    Worked on his flopping scheme. That’s a way to play Bosh !!!

  8. pain@18 says:

    If there is a reason of why i’m routing for Heat, Bosh and wade comes first on the list..Allen would come second than LBJ..
    Keep it up big guy,.

  9. FontMan says:

    Does this whole article have to be in bold? it hurts.

  10. Spurs will take gm 5 & 6!

  11. J says:

    good for him its good to see him play well i think he struggles sometimes cause he has to play c when he is a pf
    heat in 6!!!

  12. Miami Heat Fan says:

    If BIG 3 from Miami will continue to play like in game 4, there’s NO WAY Spurs can beat this team. GO HEAT!

  13. Green Nation says:

    Not a fan of the heat…but if you think Bosh isn’t a superstar, think again. He kinda reminds me of a younger KG (not nearly as aggressive in attacking the rim or taking over of course but has a similar jumpshot and game)

  14. Uberbunk says:

    I like Bosh he is an excellent interviewee, very professional and well mannered….also he is capable and sometimes does perform marvelously on the floor

  15. Seattlefan says:

    I like bosh. I love the dinosaur comparison.

  16. ism says:

    ” a relatable, emotional human character such as the sensitive, sympathetic and cerebral Bosh.”

    that pretty much nails it. he comes across as one of the most pleasant and sensitive guys in the nba i don’t know how much of the media critique reaches him, but i say… leave him be, he’s a great player, he’s showed it, just let him play and if you got a microphone – get HIM to do the interview, he’s the one you wanna listen to.

  17. SoFlaFan says:

    PS Funny, they fine Chris for a flop but the Spurs got away with s few in this series, why?????

  18. SoFlaFan says:

    Great Game Chris!!!!! You still got it, we had faith!!!! What a team, a true band of brothers!!!!!

    You love it here, and South Fla loves you!!!!!!

    Go Heat!!!!!!!!

  19. Darius27 says:

    @El Tenidor (Clearly not a heat fan) Bosh knows that he is one of the pillars of the Miami Offense and Defense. He will play smartly and shoot wherever he wants whenever he feels comfortable. No dictating this dude. He will roar on faces in Game 5. Raaaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!

  20. El Tenidor says:

    Bosh please, you need to shoot more jumpers from the outside. Ha ha ha ha ha

  21. MIA says:

    I’m really happy for Bosh these was a game he really needed.he played spectacular .great defense

  22. Donna Lauron says:

    Where are all Bosh’s critics now? Bahaha! Now, you all must understand that all players can be crucial for once or twice in their career. Go Bosh!

    • realist2013 says:

      I’m right here haha. Oooooo one game he plays like someone with a 100 million dollar contract should. About time. Far from a hall of famer. He’s NEVER been a force. Sure now you got Lebron and Wade to help give the Illusion he’s wrecking shop, he’s 6’11” and plays like he’s 4’9″ he and Metta World Elbow are both walking comic strips. Sad what people think is talent vs random luck.

      • DA_TRUF says:

        just checked his wiki page…?
        10 year nba career
        8 time all star
        19pnt 9rb career average
        24pnt 10rb season average his last year in TO before he signed contract with Heat
        Olympic gold medalist, NBA Champ

  23. oldie goldie 35 says:

    I got the Heat in 6!!!!!!! Heat 305 all day everyday.

  24. 34yr fan says:

    Great game , Chris ……………..really good defense

  25. Big Al says:

    It really pays to be where you should on the court. Bosh was finally attacking the paint and certainly had its just desserts. He netted 20 points, his best in the series so far, which is great. He did a few crucial putbacks, and the rim was more protected than ever. He simply needs to continue this way. Be brave in staying inside rather than look foolish shooting numerous jumpers that are not really successful anyway.

  26. theholyspectator says:

    solid performance by bosh, game 5 will be the best game of the series hands down!