Game 4: The Morning After

By staff reports

The Big Three combined for 85 points as the Heat evened the series 2-2 with a crucial 109-93 Game 4 win on Thursday night in San Antonio. Here’s a quick recap of’s complete Game 4 coverage.

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  1. theholyspectator says:

    this is what makes miami heat such an incredible team!! they have 3 guys that have the ability to put up 30+ easily. had wade not had those knee issues i think this woulda been a sweep…just think about it, if you got the big 3 engaged and active and in their zones can you honestly stop them? sure u can shut down 1 of em, maybe even 2, highly likely but maybe ..but not all 3 stars when they are all in attack mode..key is all 3 of them have to bring their A game at the same time. all this time we have been seeing mainly lbj bring his A game thruout the playoffs and the other two their C games. miami wins game 5 and closes the spurs out in game 6 in south beach..what an epic finals tho

  2. Patty says:

    I would like to know what strategies Popovich is going to ceate so that the Spurs can win Game 5?

    Tim Duncan must stop yelling @ his team mates. The Spurs know they must go back to Miami 3-2.

  3. jessy says:

    miami stomped em out what up haters

  4. Arnel says:

    That is the Wade we are accustomed to from 2006. Hope he keeps playing like this.