24-Second Thoughts On Game 4


24 — I love the kids as much as the next guy, but I’m wondering, is there an adult in either city capable of belting out the anthem?

23 — I know this is supposed to be about The Finals but I can’t stop daydreaming about what the Clippers would look like with Doc Rivers running the show … and maybe KG around to mentor Blake Griffin?

22 — Danny Green gets an open 3 early off Tony Parker‘s penetration. That hammy doesn’t appear to be much of an issue early either. Spurs are locked in right now. This is the fifth quarter of Game 3 for Green and Gary Neal, who is in seconds into the game.

21 — How long does this Dwyane Wade last? I wish he and Manu Ginobili had faced off in their respective primes. It would have been crazy to see them square off in 2005.

20 — Heat look much sharper defensively. Wade triggers the break again with a steal. And Freight Train LeBron James has suddenly appeared in San Antonio. Buckle up Spurs fans, it’s going to be a wild one tonight.

19 — Impressive rebounding from the Heat. Championship steady as they fought off the Spurs’ early flurry. From down 10 to up 29-26 at the end of the first, the earth tilts back on its axis after 48 hours of Heat doomsday scenarios.

18 — Tiago Splitter victimized again at the rim by a smaller man (Wade). Pump fake Tiago. Pump fake. Shane Battier gets him, too. Disgraceful!

17 — Every single time we count Wade out he comes back with an effort like this. And to think folks debated whether or not he should benched. Where he finds this resolve is beyond me. Left for dead one night and the most dominant force on the floor two nights later. The Finals has been his playground in the past, might he revisit 2006 tonight?

16 — The city of Miami and Heat Nation just went into shock with Wade on the sideline getting stretched after the foul and block attempt on Duncan … relax folks, he’s fine. Just needed to stretch out a little bit. This is his game now.

15 — I’m ready to take the “arguably” tag off of Parker’s “best point guard in the league” title. Anybody can shine. But can you do it on this stage?

Spurs take their first double-digit lead, 40-30, of The Finals with 4:35 to play on a Leonard dunk on a break (via a great outlet pass from Duncan). Spurs are perfectly content with LeBron and Wade jacking jumpers from the perimeter.

14 — The Spurs’ French Connection leads the late comeback before halftime. Parker and Boris Diaw chew into the Heat’s late lead. Game of Runs in the first 24 minutes ends deadlocked at 49.

13 — My main man and Hang Time Podcast partner in crime Lang Whitaker texts “notice how Wade only shoots over 2/3s? He won’t shoot over bigs on switches.” My response, “no lift.” Doesn’t matter. The Spurs can’t stop him or any of the Heat’s Big 3 right now. This is the best these guys have played in the same game since the 27-game win streak.

12 — Spin move Parker, block Bosh. LeBron drive, Duncan block. They could play best-of-27 and I’d never get tired of watching these two teams go toe-to-toe. Both sides showing the championship mettle during this wicked third quarter stretch. This is why people watch all season long, to get to this part of the NBA season and see who has the guts to fight for Larry O’Brien.

11 — Kawhi Leonard showing off our favorite, “Hang Time,” on the baseline layup and foul with 3:56 to play in the third to make a it a 3-point game (69-66). This is quickly becoming an instant classic.

10 — LeBron with the pretty baseline block on Duncan. Guarantee you no one will ask in the morning if that was one of the best blocks of all-time. But it was spectacular, way better than swat on Splitter from Game 2.

9 — Neal is 3-for-4 after hitting another 3-pointer from near half court and this one in LeBron’s face. Heat still up 84-79.

8 — Throwback Wade with his fifth steal and a dunk on the break and a nine-point Heat lead. He’s beasting the Spurs tonight like it’s the 2006 Finals all over again. He’s got 30 and working on 40 … might even go for 50 if the knee holds up.

7 — Wade’s energy has fueled the Heat all night. They are all playing like gangbusters. Chris Bosh has even given up the perimeter for a night of ol’ school, blue-collar paint work. You forget how effective he can be down there when he decides to dig in down low. The Heat might finally be on to something here.

6 — LeBron couldn’t find his mark in the first three games but he’s found it in Game 4. He didn’t have to put anything on his chest or shoulders with Wade doing what he did from the start. Just so we’re clear, the Heat are literally unbeatable after a loss in these playoffs. They’re a perfect 6-0 after this dominating effort from the reigning champs.

5 — Gregg Popovich in the postgame is going to be  uh … special.

4 — That’s 50 shot attempts and a combined 65 points for LeBron (33 points) and Wade (32). Role players will have their moments in The Finals, but when it’s all on the line you have to lean on your big dogs. The Heat have the best 1-2 punch still playing and they showed it tonight.

3 — The same scrutiny that was on the Heat’s Big 3 after Game 3 should be on the Spurs’ Ginobili, who is the only member of either Big 3 yet to leave his fingerprints on this series. He’s been brutal and completely over his head, save for a couple of flashes here and there.  Parker struggled after halftime (0-for-4) but he had an excuse.

2 — Best-of-3 now for all the marbles. Heat have home court again and all three members of their Big 3 have pulses. I said Heat in six. Feeling better about my prediction now than I did this time two days ago. What about you John Schuhmann?

1 — Been saying it all season long, the Heat have eight mercurial minutes in them on a given night that the opposition simply cannot match. Not even the mighty Spurs. Do they have another Game 4 effort in them for Game 5? If so, this thing ends in six. If not, get ready for an epic Game 7.


  1. ZULU says:

    Game seven!!! Gumbo time, players -coaches-refs-fans-talking heads and the game . Exciting series down to the best in one for all the marbles. Cutting off all pre-game hype from all quarters after 1:00 p.m. (c.s.t.) today! Keep that 24 second clock running Sekou……..

  2. Wayne sr says:

    Set-up,the owners wanted a game7

  3. roy says:

    Doc Rivers is an overrated coach! He win a lone title for coaching a talented ‘big 3’ in 10 years, prior to that NADA. He has a problem of managing huge egos later on by upsetting Ray Allen – by removing him in the starting line up, for murmuring he was being dealt to another team, by favoring Rondos all the time.

  4. Arnel says:

    game 5 will be interesting for sure knowing Greg Pop will come up with something new. HEAT better be ready. Dwade better play the way he did in game 4 to set the tone the im sure LeBron will follow and take over the game. MIAMI in 6

  5. Stepnwlf says:

    They have kids in both cities singing the anthem so you have something stupid to fuss about. It is another conspiracy.

  6. 6,3,1 says:

    Wondering if Birdman is injured. Why else would he not have played last night.

    • Wade 4 Life says:

      It was just a chain reaction. The Heat’s plan was to play SMALLBALL from the get go with Miller starting. That caused problem for the Spurs. Splitter never found his zone and looked uncomfortable all night long. Duncan was also contained by Bosh and Haslem, thus no need for Anderson despite him being one of the best players for the Heat lately. This is Spoelstra’s work. People can say he’s not good but he isn’t no fool either. He’s gutsy enough to gamble even during the Finals. Game 4 was definitely a sweet victory for him. The Spurs were caught off guard by Heat’s small ball and played to the Heat pace all game long. It was also Pop’s mistake to pull out Parker out of the game early, thinking he needs to rest hamstring. The Heat went on a hot streak and built a 10 point lead. Spoelstra for one game outcoached Pop thoroughly.

  7. Miami Heat Fan says:

    NIce game Miami Heat. BIG 3 is BACK!! and they are everywhere. 🙂

  8. All the losers, LBJ haters. King is closer to another championship and they can do nothing about it. Yeah Yeah take that fooooools!!!

  9. Nabi says:

    Wade!!!!! Wow what a Mega Star, never doubted your abilities, never doubted your dedication. Well Done Heat, May the force be with you

  10. Cripple Rapist says:

    The HEAT BEAT the Spurs Straight up… Not by the biggest margin but as a team that they supposed to… As you can see, The HEAT got lesser TO and higher RBs but they have more fouls too. The HEAT attacking the basket inside, the spurs doing it on outside, You got my picture??? The Heat should have more FT’s than the SPURS, That’s a clear evidence that the HEAT’s playing not only spurs 5 players but against the refs too…. 5 vs 9….

  11. mintball says:

    damn D wade still has it he’s just playing it safe(due to injuries) all along.

  12. Swish41 says:

    The Heat played a good game, but I think its all about San Antonio’s turnovers. Cant turn it over against the HEAT more than 12,13 times a game. Just like Game 2 they were right in this thing until the end of the third, and Ginobli has got to give them something or they in trouble. Good game by the Heat, but Pop and the spurs will adjust

    • B-Ball4Life says:

      You are right but give credit to the Miami defense. The aggresiveness forced those to’s. Nevertheless Ginobili plays awful and is key for San Antonio’s offense.
      Heat will succeed though. The real Big Three stepped up Big time. Let’s go Heat!!!

  13. LBJ says:

    Heat in 6!!!!!

  14. Lakers4life says:

    LBJKING6JAMES were you a fan of the heat before or AFTER Lebron joined cause D-Wade has served in abundance

  15. AKA says:

    I can see the spurs tears streaming down that creak charles always talking about

  16. Wavii says:

    Heat in six , no doubt about it . wade is the impact player

  17. slikkdee says:

    funny how sekou smith will say heat have never lost back to back games in the playoffs and not mention that the spurs have done the same.matter of fact spurs have lost less games in the playoffs this yr .how bout you mention that as well sekou.it is all fine that you predicted miami in 6 based on your bias them however the basketball facts aught to be laid out plainly.as a writer i’m sure accuracy must be up there in your list so keep up the accuracy about both sides while buttering the horse you bet on.its more palatable a story that way for all or the majority of the readers who must be fans of the game first before the club they support.we deserve near unbiased stories with fact and substance so as to appreciate not only the sport but your writings about it.that being said my bet is chip in 6 as well however spurs being the victorious ballclub and i’m sure we all know where the 4th win will be so hope south beach has lotsa silver and black confetti.go spurs go!!!

    • Porky says:

      “predicted miami in 6 based on your bias them however the basketball facts aught to be laid out plainly…” Ugh! This is probably why Sekou is a writer and you are not…

    • B-Ball4Life says:

      Yeah…right. Ridiculous. MIAMI HEAT!!!

  18. manny says:

    Lets go Heat!!!

  19. Objectivity says:

    Great game from D.Wade, glad to see it.

  20. Game Time says:

    Miami was up by ten towards the end of 1st half not the Spurs.

    Also would have loved to see Manu vs Wade both in their prime, but Wade just gave us some vintage of those days.

    • johnny says:

      u now wade is injured, so if he manages to recover next year from the injury, then he could average 25 ppg, so dnt talk like he is 41 years old, HE IS STILL THE FLASH

  21. Inamo says:

    Funny though that the lead went big after LBJ went to the bench. And he had the trash time to pad his stats :P.

  22. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    LeBron showed why he was the 4 TIME MVP! & D.Wade showed that hes not done yet.. If the heat can ride this momentum into Sundays game then they will be going back to South Beach up 3-2 ! Heat in 6 – I said it all along..

  23. kumag says:

    Now thats the real HEAT playing