Tony Parker On Game 4: ‘I’ll Be Ready’


SAN ANTONIO — Tony Parker will play tonight in Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

“I’ll be ready to go,” the All-Star point guard said after participating in the San Antonio Spurs’ Thursday morning shootaround.

Parker provided no other information about the status of his ailing right hamstring. An MRI on Wednesday revealed a Grade 1 strain and he was listed as day-to-day. With each inquiry about pain or limited mobility, Parker stuck with the mantra, “I’ll be ready to go.”

The Spurs lead the series, 2-1.

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich was first to break the good news, but also kept any information regarding Parker’s ability to play at or near full strength, or if he’ll take precaution in how he’ll utilize Parker to himself: “He’ll play,” Popovich said. “Tony’s ready to go.”

That’s huge news for the Spurs, who desperately need their leading scorer and assist man of the postseason to orchestrate the offense against the Heat’s defense.

“When he’s going, he’s pretty much our whole offense,” said reserve guard Gary Neal, who said Parker looked good during a light shootaround. “We pretty much feed off of him as far as him scoring or him making plays for other people to score. That’s a big brick off of our shoulders that Tony’s coming out and playing tonight.”

Parker is averaging 23.1 ppg and 7.1 apg while shooting 47 percent in the playoffs.


  1. Lexxis Nexxis says:

    There’s no way the Miami goon squad is going to repeat what they did tonight. I am sick and tired if the TSN reporting leaning towards Miami, too.

  2. spyx_i0 says:

    @ razorwolf i agree with u!!! in this league, nobody could tell who’s gonna be the no. 1…. nobody’s game dude.., every game has a different plans and every game has a different adjustments… let’s see what would it be…but this is not the right time to celebrate…

  3. Noweluv says:

    I hate both teams. I don’t care about Lebron. He will never be the offensive force such as a kobe or a mike. But I think he is a better all around player then them both. You can compare Kobe to Jordan but not Lebron to either player. Lebron is a one of a kind and will never be again type of player. He doesn’t have that switch yet. He doesn’t have that deadly shot yet either. The only reason I don’t like him is because he didn’t have the heart to be patient and win one as a Cav. So he jumps ship. If he had the killer instinct and that jump shot. He would of won as a Cav. With Wade being hurt and Bosh being overrated, he is on another Cav team trying to win it by himself.

  4. Javier says:

    Yes, of course! The Spurs cannot exceed in their confidence after wiping out the Heat in Game 3. They must keep confidence in their own capacities and also play hard and fine. GOOO SPURS!!!!!!!

  5. Steve says:

    It all boils down to this. Do you want to root for the best team money can buy, or the team that worked its way from the ground up? Do you want to root for a team that the coach requires that “the team playing as a team” is what makes them click? Or do you want to root for the team where the name on the back of the jersey is bigger than the name on the front? Its a no brainer guys! The Sprurs are a special brand of guys! And unlike most or all other professional teams, the Spurs never, Never turn their back on a youngster. If they do, they are gone! Thats Pops rule and the owners rule. Go get’em Spurs and show the country what teamwork is all about!

  6. PHX Fan says:

    I’ve played sport with a grade 1 hamstring strain and it’s really not that bad an injury, he would have gotten some treatment and a days rest would have helped. It may affect him slightly when taking off but as the game goes on and he warms up it will probably have no impact whatsoever, a little uncomfortable at times maybe but nothing serious. He’ll be at 90% or better.

  7. razorwolf says:

    whats goin on did the spurs won the championship already? to early to celebrate its just a 1 game blowout for christ sake and then u jumping like you won the tittle already..its a 7 game series its a game of adjustments

  8. Franz says:

    You can question his hamstring, but you can never question his heart. Go Spurs Go!

  9. juan pablo says:

    de la mano de manu ginobili vamos x el 5 anillo!!

  10. Lebron says:

    Tony Parker might not be 100% ready but at least 50% ready for Game 4 tonight. What they said about the right hamstring is true but that doesn’t mean he isn’t gonna play. He is a great player and he is gonna come back and play Game 4.

  11. anthony says:

    Parkers not gonna be as agressive tnight, manu n leonard need to do the slashin if spurs gona win. The heat will have to think about pickin up another allstar during offseason if they lose tnight cause buying all these players arent workin so far

  12. Spurs#1 says:

    Lebron is looking scared out there mentally and physically. We are witnessing the Spurs take the MVP out of the game forcing the rest of the Miami squad to pick up the load. Unless Lebron wakes up and starts playing like the MVP that he is the Heat are done. San Antonio in 5!!

  13. Gil Lademora says:

    Pop and Tony are hiding something about Tony’s health….It is obvious Tony is not 100%.

    • 34yr fan says:

      its obvious……to who….YOU !! lol….lol

      • dhk says:

        It was obvious that he injured himself a little the other night. Before that? Obvious that he is perhaps the best PG in the NBA. The dude can get anywhere at anytime and then nail the J

  14. jpd says:

    Cory is a bulldog, he has the type of energy to get “Robin” spent on the defensive end and provide superior defense as well. I also believe that each player that has scored over twenty points at least once this year would love to do so on this stage and at this time. I say our Big Three are our insurance policy, let the other guys play, they’re not the same since those few weeks ago without four of the teams big rotation players. Their confidence is through the roof, DeJuan wants to play. Matty wants to play, Gary and Cory. Patty and Tracy along with Boris, Nando and Aron. I myself would love to see the Big Three just relax and maybe give Timmy a few minutes. But Tony needs to just trust the system and remember to chill out and talk to Cory at every break.

  15. Not a Kobe Fan says:

    You have to be joking.

    Pippen > Wade
    Kerr/Harper > Chalmbers/Cole
    Rodman > Bosh

    Those four guys for the bulls are much better players. Bosh + Rodman never LMAO,

    Wade is the only one that you can say is better but he cannot defend like Pipen could. Best one two defenders I have seen MJ and Pippen.

  16. Gil Lademora says:

    We will see in Game 6 at Miami. Either Spurs 3-2 lead, or MIAMI 4 – 2 …But i believe HEAT will capture the championship in 6th game.

  17. theholyspectator says:

    this is really it for miami, they lose this game its over and spurs win..

  18. nbafan says:

    Yay! Go Spurs!

  19. tkolla says:

    They had an 11 – 5 record without parker during the course of the regular season.

  20. OctoPPus says:

    HOPE PARKER WILL FEED WELL TEAM-MATES – they need to help him at this!!!!

  21. Rob says:

    Sadly, it’s not unusual to see LeBron have some pretty bad games. Even though I’m more of a Spurs fan and think they will win it, I want LeBron and the Heat to bring it. They have all they need to win the series, but when they have games like Game 3, you just have to scratch your head. Sure, the threes were raining from the sky, and Neal and Green will probably never have playoff games like that again in their lives, but the capitulation of The Heat was strange to see. The capitulation of LeBron, actually. As LeBron goes, so go The Heat. If LeBron stepped on the court like he’s playing for his life, like Michael always did, he might someday be in the conversation of best-ever players. But you can’t grow will. Course, I can armchair it to death, thinking I’m onto something, and then The Heat will come storming back and win it. It IS only 2-1, lest we forget.

    • nst87 says:

      sober reaction

      Lebron had an off-day… yes Michael clearly didnt had those but Lebron is not surrounded by players like Pippen, Rodman, Kukoc, Kerr,… and being coached by the best coach of all time Phil Jackson

      Pippen > Wade
      Kerr/Harper > Chalmbers/Cole
      Rodman > Bosh

      Bulls ’86-’96 >>>>>>>>>>>>> Heat 2011-2013

      but ok lets go heat! I want to see 7 games!

      • 34yr fan says:

        ….best coach of all time……..roflol…….he chased rings as well…….otherwise he would have gone to a team that Needed to be grown…..not Given…..i’ll take a great coach like Fitch (who knew how to Grow a team) over Jax anyday !!

      • 34yr fan says:

        even before those other guys Mikey played with he never tanked…

  22. Need4sheed says:

    love the sheed reference lol

  23. HeatGotThis says:

    Didn’t matter in Game 2, he played, they lost.

    Had the Heat kept their star players in game 2, like the Spurs did in game 3, numbers would have been very much the same, NO DOUBT!!!

    GOOOO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thompson says:


      The Spurs sat their “star” players – the so-called “big-three” – for much of the second half of game 3. Sure, they may not have sat Neal or Green, but these guys aren’t typically the all-stars, and they don’t typically sit with large leads. As it turns out, these guys continued to have a hot hand… just how it goes sometimes. So don’t make it like the Spurs kept playing their A-team with a huge lead. They just had a huge run with role-players playing out of their minds. It happens sometimes. No big deal. I’m not making a case for the Spurs because of large point differential, but neither should you care about Miami’s in game 2 (Birdman and Miller were unconscious). Regardless, you can’t claim that the personnel Spurs had on the floor was there to pile on the points. (As if one can just choose to do that against Miami anyway!) They were a stoppable set of players… the ball just kept going through the hoop.

      • dean says:

        that bandwagon isnt gonna read your entire paragraph, sorry to say that. bandwagons are in denial right now so let them pour on their tears

    • 34yr fan says:

      spare me the “no doubt”…garbage……You NEVER know what will happen…

  24. reiko26 says:

    Well that’s good news for the Spurs…

  25. NHbleedsGREEN says:

    I bet Lebron wishes he wasn’t playing!!

  26. Kornholio says:

    I hope spurs win tonight with or without a 100 percent parker. Down with the heat & benadict allen & LeCon

    • we don’t need Tony Parker!!! Go Danny Green…

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….ouch…..benadict allen!!! …….. I just call him ringchaser…………& he is not exactly tearin’ it up now is he?? …..but he did make All of his shots in the last game…..ALL both of them !!! GO_SPURS_GO ! ! ! ! ( ! )

    • realist2013 says:

      The Spurs have a deep enough roster to beat Miami. I’m sure Lebron is going to impose his will on this game anyway to help the Spurs win. I.E. try to get himself going early into a rhythm. Now if he keeps the team involved effectively is another question. Parker will keep the pressure on them. Spurs will win tonight.