Hang Time Podcast (Episode 121): All Aboard The Finals Roller Coaster

MIAMI — Trying to predict the totally unpredictable is the easiest way to humble yourself during the NBA season. Doing it during the playoffs is an even more of a gut punch. Attempting to handicap the roller coaster that is The Finals, however, is another experience altogether.

Things change on a possession by possession basis when a team’s entire season is one the line.

We made our predictions last week (along with NBA.com’s John Schuhmann) and then the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat made us regret ever opening our mouths by playing three wildly different games that have led us to tonight’s Game 4 in San Antonio (9 p.m. ET, ABC).

We’re still talking about Tony Parker and LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Chris Bosh. We just can’t mention them without also discussing Danny Green, Mike MillerKawhi Leonard, Mario Chalmers, Gary Neal, and Ray Allen, role players who have all played huge roles in the outcomes of the first three games.

So who plays hero tonight? Who swings this series in their team’s favor? Can Parker overcome that hamstring strain and lead the Spurs? Does LeBron deliver on his promise to “play better?

We examine all of that and more on Episode 121 of the Hang Time Podcast … (and yes, we’re still trying to find Rick Fox) … 


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  1. ZULU says:

    As good as the ‘playoffs’ have been ……. I miss the LAKERS. The problem with too many of you media guys. You want your words and predictions displayed in Time Square. Hey, it has been a treat trying to figure whose rear side will be kiss next…. Where is LAKER Rick? Miss him and his Dwight Howard updates, hahaha……

  2. Willy Spurd says:

    The Spurs doubled DHoward it was over. They doubled ZBo, it was over. They are doubling Lebron, its over unless somebody steps up like Sekou is saying. Triple him, its over, nobody is going to step up. No rebounding effort in game 3.

  3. JimD54 says:

    I can understand DWade, the man is hurt, but Bosh is about as worthless as a submarine with a screen door, I don’t see why Miami even pays this guy, I’d start Miller or Birdman in his place and hope for the best because LeBron really needs some help……