LeBron: ‘I’ll Be Much Better’ In Game 4


SAN ANTONIO — There will be no sugarcoating the Miami Heat’s performance in Game 3 of The Finals on Tuesday. Simply, the champs played like garbage and earned every bit of their 36-point defeat at the hands of the San Antonio Spurs.

Just ask them.

LeBron James: “I played like ****.”

Dwyane Wade: “We just got our butts kicked.”

Erik Spoelstra: “You usually get what you deserve in this league, in terms of teams putting forth more effort or more focus, more attention to detail. They did that last night and we paid the price for it.”

So yeah, before the Heat took the practice floor on Wednesday, there was “ownership” of the previous night’s loss, as Spoelstra would say. And that’s nice. But you have to wonder how such a talented team comes up with such a feeble performance at such a critical point in the season.

There’s no looking back now, though. It’s time to move on to Game 4 on Thursday (9 p.m. ET, ABC). And James is guaranteeing one thing.

“I’ll be much better tomorrow night,” he said.

James reiterated that he puts the responsibility for Tuesday’s loss on his own shoulders.

“I can’t afford to perform like I did last night,” he said, “and expect us to win on the road. It’s that simple.”

But though he couldn’t buy a bucket from the outside in Game 3 (he was 1-for-9 from mid-range and 1-for-5 on threes), James says that his shooting wasn’t a mental thing.

“I’ve been in good rhythm all year,” he said. “I know what I can do. It’s just about going up there and knocking them down. I will do that.”

Wade is a believer.

“We’re not worried about LeBron,” Wade said. “He’s going to find his way. He’s going to get in a groove. As teammates, you try to figure out a way to get him an easy basket in a breakout, try to get it back to him, get a lay-up, so he can see it the ball go in. As a scorer, you need to see it go in. Besides that, we’re not concerned about him at all.”

James looked like he couldn’t wait to play Game 4, and there’s some thoughts out there that he’ll try to replicate his Game 6 performance from last year’s conference finals. But James hit 10 shots from outside the paint in that game, a number you just don’t “will” yourself into.

More than likely, he’s going to need help if the Heat are going to even the series on Thursday.

“It’s not all on him,” Spoelstra said. “All of us, collectively, need to do a better job tomorrow night.”


  1. Matthew says:

    Lets kill the who is the better MJ impersonator. You people look extremely foolish comparing anyone to the great MJ.

  2. bloctoad says:

    Just ‘better’ or is that “20, 30, 50 times better?”

  3. D" Guia says:

    Hoje é o grande dia da virada, estou torcendo por esta grande equipe miami

  4. D" Guia says:

    King Lebron vc é o imperador e pode levar o miami para final.

  5. kobeballhog says:

    whatever haters just like I said during the pacers series this is just another bump on the road, I guarantee Miami will be champions against the spurs, hate all you want lebron is a 4 time MVP and a champion you can never take that away and he achieved all that while you haters couldn’t even be bench players in the NBA hahaha

    • NOwestbrookNOring says:

      I cannot wait until the heat go down. I really hope the spurs don’t let me down. If Miami wins its gonna be hard to watch

  6. matt says:

    lolalll you guys who say Lebron is the greatest ever . must have been born in the late 80’s early 90’s and never got to see MJ play nor the other greats. you watch MJ play and watch LBJ play, you will see a huge difference.

  7. Toocrunk says:

    It’s time to grit the teeth and ball hard for both teams. Both of these teams have championship pedigree and I am just happy to be able to watch it, but Miami can damn sure play better ball than they did last game. I predict LeBron to Boss hog tonight!

  8. Tikolo says:

    Tonight is a big night for the heat, because if they lose tonight I guess we all can say it is over, I know it, you know it and they the heat knows it. To be honest with you all I do not see how they can win tonight if the spurs played like they did the other day. The reason being you talking about,Gary Neal, Green, Spliter, Leonard I mean the whole team playing well not mentioning their big three of Parker, Duncan and Ginobli to be honest the heat are in a lot of trouble that I dont think they will be able to overcome and I am looking forward for them to prove me wrong. I do not see how all the heat reserves can play better on the road againts a spurs reserve seating at home eating some home cooking and getting all the love from their fans. Le bron and a coouple of his teamates might play better than the other day but not the whole heat team that is impossible. Also coach Pop is one hell of a coach and he is not about to back out right. He understands

  9. magic says:

    people c’mon stop putting the blame and hate on Lebron. He is not the one saying he is the best player ever. People and other players are the one’s saying that.
    With that said, i think the last player you can blame is Lebron. You have a D. Wade thats not even playing at 50%. A chris bosh whose playing like a rookie in his first finals. ONe of the best 3 point shooters (Allen) not making the spurs suffer from the 3 point line. A point guard who doesnt seem to be foccused. A battier who is missing every thing. How is anyone suppost to carry that? How can you say Lebron is not clutch when he lead the Heat alone against indiana (including and amazing buzzer beater). it has been proven that one player may lead a bad team to the finals (lebrons cavs), but more than that its nearly impossible. Basically because you are meeting the best team of the other conference and you will need help. When you dont get it its normal you start loosing moral.
    To end stop saying MJ would win this finals. He would have lost them because he didnt have pippen or wada playing well (in this case).
    And how can you say lebron is not a leader?? havent you seen his actions both on and off the court? Only a leader takes all the blame in a game where there were alot of ppl worst than him. Take a look at his words during a game. His clutch shots.


    Spurs are going to take this series in 6, I called it before the finals even started and I’ll call it again.

    Ball movement is better than individual team play, it’s been proven again and again, that is how the Mavs beat the Heat in 2011. Only reason why the Heat beat OKC is because they run nearly the same style of offense, which is ISO ball; all day every day

  11. Erik says:

    You can say whatever you want about LeBron James, but one thing you certainly can’t take away from him is that he is a true professional.

  12. Erlo says:

    Lebron is going to show the world, tonight, why he is the best that has ever played the game of basketball. See with your own eyes.

  13. Stephen says:

    LeBron has to to get his jump shot going. If he can make a couple of middle-range shots or 3s to begin the game, it would be much easier for him to attack the basket later on. When you have both options, shooting and penetrating, the defender hesitates. When you are 1 of 9 in middle range and 1 of 5 on 3s, you’ll just get bodies and hands piled up on your way to the basket because they can just let you pull up and shoot.

  14. Hugefan says:

    I am a huge Spurs fan. Only professional team I watch or follow in any sport. I will be at the game tonight rooting on my beloved Spurs. I obviously am rooting for the Spurs to win it all. But anybody who is counting out the Heat or James for that matter is a fool. I want the Spurs to win but wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Heat win tonight. Thoughout these playoffs when the Heat have lost they have come back strong the next game and win big. I hope the Spurs can change that trend tonight.

  15. As a San Antonio fan, I fully expect Miami and particularly LeBron James to use Tuesday’s humiliating defeat as motivation and to come out in attack mode tonight. For the Spurs to win, what I feel is the most important game in the series they just have to weather whatever the Heat bring and not deviate from what brought them to this point.

    This is obviously a must win game for Miami, if the Heat lose tonight it’s not out of the realm of possibility that they could take the next three games, but the likeliness of that is slim. However, San Antonio should also treat tonight’s game as a must win one as well, because it’s a potential swing game.

  16. Matthew says:

    A lot of you guys need to stop romanticizing the Jordan era. People were saying the same thing about Jordan when he was playing that you are now saying about Lebron. “He can’t beat Isiah, he’s not Magic” etc.

    Let the dude finish his career.
    And I don’t want to hear anyone ever say Jordan could do it on his own.
    Without a sick team Jordan would have no rings, and would still be the best player of all time.
    But no one would admit it.

    • Adam says:

      Jordan isnt best ever. Kareem stats tops his. It is a team game, but Jordan never let his team down. He led them, not “setting them up” so when they miss, they get the blame. Lebron wants the accolades without doing the hard work.

      • NOwestbrookNOring says:

        Yeah I remember Kareem dominating the entire sport and changing it forever. And being completely unstoppable. Oh wait….no that was MICHAEL mother@#$%ing JORDAN!!!! Like Kareem like to be like Kareem I wanna be I wanna be like Kareem Like to be like Kareem. Nope doesn’t have the same ring to it.


    • Adam says:

      Plz stop. Nobody read all this in all caps. People hate lebron bc he’s overhyped. He’s not a leader. He’s a great player, but he cant man up to the big moments. He wouldnt have a single ring if they didnt play OKC last year.

    • NOwestbrookNOring says:

      First off….Lebron is no king. That’s a ridiculous self proclaimed nick name. 2nd…..He is no where near Michael Jordan. Cleary you are too young to have been around during the MJ days. and @ MATTHEW. No no one was saying anything about Jordan like they do LeBron. Once Jordan took over the world he was quickly put way above Magic and Bird etc…Do you not remember? Magic and Bird both are documented saying Jordan was the best. Bird calling him “GOD” and Magic is notorious for bragging about the GOAT. Lebron is good but in the ROMANTISIZED JORDAN ERA he’d be just another player. Jordan would have denied him rings just like he did a lot of teams that are better than this sorry excuse for champion HEAT!

  18. Rob says:

    All this focus on LBJ is distorted. The big three includes Wade and Bosh and they have a formidable supporting cast. This was a team loss and for San Antonio a team win. Lets face it, when all else fails the Heat turn to James to bail them out and he’s only one man. The Heat were expecting to walk over the Spurs and the Spurs had other plans. Look were the Spurs scoring came from in game three. When you have a brilliant game plan, you move the ball, you take advantage of what the defence gives you, and you feed the hot hand then good things will happen. The heat shuts down Parker so Green and Neal step up while everybody continues to do all the little things. San Antonio’s adjustments have been appropriate, timely and effective leaving no chance for self doubt.

    Spoelstra is stymied and has no answer for San Antonio’s game plan. The best answer the Heat has is that James will play better in game four but that’s not going to be enough to win a championship. No major team adjust in game four means no win, no championship, and the only celebrating will be in San Antonio. TALENT ALONE DOES NOT WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS BUT A TEAM WITH CLEARLY DEFINED ROLES WORKING TOGETHER WITH A COMMON PURPOSE IS UNSTOPPABLE. THE ABILITY TO MAKE SIGNIFICANT ADJUSTMENTS ON THE FLY CAN’T BE OVER ESTIMATED. San Antonio is a team, Miami is a band of freelancing individuals far to often and that is costing them dearly. Will they figure it out before its to late?That remains to be seen. Spoelstra’s job could be on the line.

  19. BBallOliver says:

    Neutral Belgian bball fan: I hope we will get another good game – I do enjoy the sober mentality of the Spurs and their fresh faces.
    “Show us what you got” !!
    Realtalk – June 12, 2013 at 6:40 pm – Like that quote… I always got the feeling DW can put “I have one ring more than you” in LBJ’s face and the fact that he does… it sometimes sounds like that between the superheroes.

  20. mikamks says:

    He had a triple double game 1, what do you mean 3 games. They lost game 3 because of the our of this world shooting of the Spurs. Even a Jordan led Chicago bulls can’t win if the opposing team shoot the lights out of the arena.

  21. MIA says:


  22. Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

    Love all these haters. Imagine if there was no LeBron how would all the haters get their daily haterade? Not to mention this league would be alot less boring, just admit it LeBron is a one of a kind player and you would miss seeing his highlights if he isnt in the league. Sure you hate on him but deep down everyone knows you love watching him play the game.

  23. CocaKola, Lima says:

    Everybody is just making jargons and silly comments about LBJ and the Heat. Some of you don’t even understand Basket ball. You watch the game because you have nothing to do. It is true that LBJ performs below expectation in game 3 but that does not mean he is not the best player in the league. Michael Jordans had his terrible time, the same with Larry Bird and Bill Russell. We all have our downtime in life. We just need to learn from our mistakes. Miami Heat will bounce back tonight and even the series. Shut up haters!!!!!

  24. Ml says:

    i just say, if Lebron will be compare to mj, he must score 40 or more points in game 4, mj lives for this moments…..

  25. jim says:

    these comments are tiresome….What has the potential to make Miami unstoppable on a good day is perimeter shooting, Snipers to take advantage of LBJ and Wade doing what they do best. Those same snipers however, are devastatingly horrible one on one defenders (outside Battier) SAS’s ball movement exposes this as we saw time and time again. even if san antonio hadn’t got hot and shot lights out, Miami STILL would’ve lost.

    To LEBRON’s credit, he totally attempted to generate runs for his team, most memorable at the end of the third when he erupted for nine before SAS pretty muched ripped their heart out with the buzzer beater.

    Not enough credit is being given to SAS and Pop’s gameplan. The basically beat Miami playing bizarro-Miami style basketball.

  26. joao nuno says:

    Can anyone explain me why BIRDMAN doesnt play more minutes?? he is the most effiecient HEAT post BOTH AREAS OF THE FLOOR and still keeps playing around 10 mins!!
    Why isn’t lebron going to the post with leonard??
    why isn’t bosh playing post to grab fouls on duncan??
    why the hell is chalmers handling the ball 50% of 1st period??


  27. Do not compare LBJ with MJ says:

    performance like that make it obvious he is not even close to MJ’s level….
    MJ never performed like that in the NBA finals….. 0 Freethrows is laughable given he is currently the best play in the league..
    when MJ’s jumpers weren’t falling he was definitely getting to the line…..

  28. Grumps says:

    Good for LeBooboo! Vowing to redeem himself, but this thing is finished. Hope the league has those rings polished up real nicely for the Spurs!

  29. hipster says:

    LeOnard (the “O” is silent) is LeOwning LeBron.

  30. MasterPiece says:

    Just remember what LeBron did with the Celtics last year to the Celtics in the ECF at game 6 😀 he scored 45 points if I was the Spurs this time I’ll not let him shoot ….it’s an advice that they got take 🙂

  31. afr0deezyak says:

    Game 4 LBJ will definetly play better but he will never be able to channel his inner post-season MJ killa mentality because there is no comparison…

    KOBE = MJ

    and we all know MAGIC won it every other year…
    this year the big fundamental getting his final ring and retire…SPURS!!!

  32. ac says:

    Miami’s going to win tonight. I hate Miami. But they’re going to get it back tonight. I know, I’m not happy about it either.

  33. heat fan says:

    i never will understand why the heat is hate i am from europe an din soccer all the players follow the money and have no compettive sense, and here in ethe nba three big players leave the money aside for championchips and are hated would u amerivans prefer thet they all follow the money instead of having a competitive mind set will never get that, but anyways hopefuly neal and green and lennert will stopp heating this unhuman threes because if they keep hitting 70 percent of thress no chance for anybody in the league or the world 😉

  34. Bulbutch says:

    Ive noticed most of you guy just commented about the players ability. That lebron has to do more or wade has to step up or bosh should stop shooting 3…. well he should its not doing him or the team any good. The game is a team sport for crying out load. no one player can carry his team and win a game in a regular basis much more in the Finals. But I believe coach spo should also be in the spot light. He should manage his match-ups well. just like what pop’s done with the spurs. Adjustments! Adjustments! Looking forward to Game 4.

  35. The BULLY says:

    These HEATens are just prolonging their pain Down and stay down
    GO SPURS win em all and end their suffering
    Let’s make em cry once more
    bring your tissues and lots of em Heat lovers
    Cry till you Dry

  36. george says:

    The problem with the Heat is that they don’t have an inside out game, i.e. the ball doesn’t go to the PF or C in order to kick it out for a 3 point shot or to make the defense of the Spurs to come out. the only way they do it is by Lebron driving to the paint and find the open man in the corner. Bosh gets the ball but does not make the defence to adjust on him, because he will make the jump shot. The only way to have inside out game is by moving Lebron to PF and have more perimeter shooters on the floor. So far Pop outplayed Spo in the game. Spo is a good coach, but looks inexperienced in some situations, thus probably why he most of the time is losing the first game in playoff rounds.

  37. J says:

    lebron will dominate simple like everyone else are little kids
    heat in 6!!!

  38. Miami Heat Fan says:

    Game 3 was too obvious!!! Miami Heat just gave that win to Spurs because this is ONLY their last win in the Finals. Next will be all MIAMI…..:-)

  39. Axel says:

    I am just trying to imagine what MJ, KB or DN would have said with such a performance?! Ah, in fact did they ever go missing like that in a final’ s game? Not that I can recall. Yes, any championship team can lose against the runner up. But the MVP missing open mid range j’ s? Unheard of if you ask me. Too much lip-service after such a defeat. I don’t think you would hear much from any of the three players – too much shame. I have always thought and not more than ever think that LBJ has a mental problem when it comes to pressure at the very highest end. Am I doing him unjustice? Not at all! Who considers himself as the legit guy to take over the legend status of a certain MJ? Who promises rings like they fall from heaven? Who is the most talented player in the NBA skills-wise as well as physical? All of this add to the weight on Lebron’ s big shoulders. And I don’t think he will EVER lose the image of freezing when it matters most. So what is there to expect in game 4? Hopefully a tight one with a close finish and because of the stars of the SPURS being mentally stronger – they will come out victorious.
    BTW: I agree with the writer of this article about the questions asked to the most talented team in the NBA how they can let it go like this! Goes to show where there is no leader there is no fight.

  40. It is the time of reckoning for all the Heat haters. As Catwoman said it “There is a storm coming” Be prepared for the Heat to blow the Spurs from the map with their mac. LBJ is coming to solidify his crown.

  41. LIke Mike says:

    i wanted the spurs to win the finals, but I dont feel good going into game 4…Lebron issued a warning to everyone that he will be better in Game 4. I hope he doesnt turn into a monster like he did last year game 6 against my celtics

  42. nile says:

    eat all your words after this series is over..Spurs swept what they called mighty LAkers and Memphis, hahahaha..The heat will win this series..

  43. Miami Heat is ready for another comeback. It is the time of reckoning for all the Heat haters. Heat will destroy the Spurs in the next three games. Watch out the KING is coming to solidify his crown. Its not over until the fat lady sings.

  44. Lamar says:

    Dwyane Wade needs to come out HARD in game 4 man, he needs to show signs of that 06 Wade that won Miami its first championship. I know that he’s not that player anymore and his legs are really running down on him at this point in his career, but he needs to be a bit more explosive. Whenever someone doubts him, he comes out and has a monster game. Him along with LeBron need to really power the Heat in game 4. Otherwise it’s over; the Spurs will take game 4 and then finish the Heat in game 5. And then wow God knows what’s gonna happen in the offseason; Spoelstra likely fired, Bosh gone/traded, Lebron might even leave South Beach and who knows how much longer Wade’s legs will give in for. Miami Heat; the time is NOW! Hurry up your season is ticking away before your eyes.

  45. Yayo says:

    Danny Green, Gary Neal and Kawhi Leonard will again beat the heat outta Miami with their 3 pointers and MIAMI wilkl be FREEZED….. that is for sure …………

  46. not a hater says:

    stop hating, at least there is a player out there with his caliber that makes the game more exciting to watch…he is an amazing basketball player with great basketball IQ, you guys cant jump, shoot or run but you can judge others pretty well…i think hating on lebron is just getting old, give it a rest you sound pathetic and bitter

  47. sanjay says:

    just better wont do. lebron has to drop 50 to send a message. These are the kind of games stars live for. lebron needs to take inspiration from the great micheal jordan. The whole heat team is struggling and he has to lift not only his game and help them as well. This game should be no different then the celtics game last year.
    Heat have to play out of their skin here to even the series and seize the edge here.

  48. South Beach says:

    Anyone want to take their talents to me? We got bad ref calls, pre paid No.1 seed team, hurricanes, obnoxious fans that are in denial, NBA Commissioners working for us and we also have free Havana Cigars!!! 😀 C’man!!!!!!!!

    • kingheat06 says:

      stfu dude, you’re just mad because Lebron can easily out match Spurs if he wasn’t exhaust after each game, Spurs got off easy because they swept their teams frist than heat did, so fack off!!

      • Marco29 says:

        What about Miami: the fist round against Bucks was a joke, then they played a banged-up Chicago. Only Pacers pushed them hard. Like GSW pushed the Spurs. Only it was in the CSF, not the CF. Yet, Sprus had to battle againt Memphis wih 2 OT wins.
        The road to the finals wasn’t that different for the 2 teams.

  49. EverythingisBIGinTEX says:

    The state of Texas owns Miami Heat. Nuff said~

    • EverythingisBIGinTEX says:

      By the way.. everytime Spurs went to NBA Finals past four times THEY WON IT. This is gonna be so easy.
      Spurs in 6 imo!

  50. Avery Johnson says:

    Bosh is really much more dumb that I thought he was? I guess you have to revert back to his comment about being a Hall of Shamer. Anyway he says that the Spurs want him to shoot the 3, so now he will stop. Ok, ok, so he gets 10 boards and takes some shots inside the 3. So now what will the Spurs want him to do in his mind? Rebound less and not play defense. Bottom line, the HEAT got out hustled. Gonna be fun tomorrow.

  51. Arnel says:

    Wade is still an explosive player. I agree with the comment that Wade is making hustle plays. LBJ is the leader and Wade recognize that. Many said that they need to bench Wade.. crazy! you do not bench a player who once carried the team to the championship and won it.. he may not be as good as he was but he still has the game left in him. They (HEAT) just need to work together as if no one is the star of this team. Every player has a role to play and need to perform that role. LBJ will figure it out. Hopefully it’s not too late though.

  52. JimD54 says:

    The problem the Heat have is that they are worn out, they are tired and the Spurs are not, and the Spurs come at you in so many ways. the Heat won game 2 and LeBron had the a beast of a game, the Spurs won game 3 and Duncan and Manu played so so and Parker stay out hurt most of the game and the bench carried the load to a thirty point win, The Spurs won last night without their engine Tony Parker,now can anyone out there imagine the Heat wining a game against anyone without LeBron? The Spurs bench player see that the Heat can’t keep up with them, the Heat can’t even charge the lane and flop right now, by the third quarter they are just too worn out. and it will only get worse as the series goes on, the only hope the Heat have is if the refs bail them out, but if the refs plug their whistles and just let them play, the Heat will get the pounding of their lives…

    • theholyspectator says:

      not sure about the worn out part..i think miamis big three theorem isnt working…people been focusin on lbj, what about bosh and wade? if they both put up their typical numbers this woulda been over by the end of the week for spurs…lebron once again is doin everything on his own..u dont hear bosh or wade sayin they gonna own up and come out with great games, ive yet to see that from both of them in these playoffs..this is definitely not the same miami team we saw this regular season or last year playoffs..iunno whats goin on but if game 4 is a loss its a wrap, this isnt going back to miami

  53. kindu says:

    go heat!!!!!!!!

  54. Efficiency says:

    Why do people think the game of basketball is all about points? Wade has been so efficient. He’s not forcing anything because Lebron is the leader of the team. Wade has only averaged about 15 shots. Have you heard Van Gundy talk about how great a shot blocker wade is? Or how great he is in the post tingmo? It’s not about how many points he scores. He’s making hustle plays setting up players and scoring a bit while allowing LBJ to drive while he takes shotgun. Numbers do not matter to Wade just wins and championships. Stop hating on him for not scoring open you’re eyes and see everything he is doing for the team.

  55. RealTalk101 says:

    Tim Duncan will not accept failure to come up with that 5th ring. He showed it in the 1st quarter of last nights game. If these games from here on out get physical expect to see Duncan with 30+. The Heat have nobody to lock down the fundamental finesse of power and technique he possesses. If they double team they leave an open man and the way Green and Neal shot last night you can’t really afford that approach, every player the Spurs put on the floor can eat you alive.

  56. miniminer says:

    settle down people..you all know a storm is coming..heat will win game 4..BOOM!

  57. Jumppong says:

    Sure Lebron is one of a kind player. look out cause in game 4 he said he will be better. he will better to become more invisible in the 4th quarter

  58. Red says:

    He’ll be a much greater flopper this time around for sure.

  59. tingmo says:

    If you give lot of minutes to Wade and Bosh, then Spurs will win the Championship in 5 games. Wade is less than average player. He cannot shoot and he cannot defend. The ball will go in only if he is right near the basket. I think I can also do that. He cannot shoot from 10 or 15 feet away from the basket. If he is wide open around 3 point area, he will try to go inside and will lose the ball. He cannot defend at all.

    Bosh is of no use at all. He use to be good but not anymore. What is he thinking when he is trying to shoot from 3 point line? Bosh, 3 point shooting is not your cup of tea. Your strength is from 10 to 15 feet. If you are going to shoot, try with that range. There is more chance of going in. If you try 3, Miami will have no chance at Championship. Also, don’t play more than 5 minutes.

    I was wondering why Miami Coach did not put Battier and Anderson when Spurs were beginning to build a lead in 3rd quarter. I am sure Battier would have made Green or Neal life difficult by playing so close to them. Battier is known for his defensive skill and why would coach not use him to stop the damage. You all saw how Wade and Bosh played at the defensive end when Spurs were beginning to pull away. If Miami Coach has pulled out Wade and Bosh around 9 minutes mark of 3rd period, at least the game could have gone down the wire. Battier and Anderson might not be a good offensive option but they are very very good in defending. If you defend the basket, then you have more chance of playing a close game. If you have no offense and no defense, then you will have a blow out game.

    My suggestion to Miami Coach is to play Wade and Bosh only for first 3 minutes of each quarter and then go with following rotation;

    1. James,
    2. Allen
    3. Miller
    4. Anderson
    5. Chalmer
    6. Cole
    7. Battier
    8. Haslem

    James plays very well with above group of guys. He is unbelievably good in controlling the game. He will shoot only if he is sure that it will go in. If not, he will try to find a open person who will make a basket. He is very unselfish.

    Wade and Bosh think that they are also Star and they are trying to control the game. Unfortunately, both of them are very bad compare to James.

    So my request to Miami Coach is to bench both Wade and Bosh at 9 minute mark of each quarter.

    I want Miami to win a Championship but if Coach let Wade and Bosh play, then Championship dream is over.

    Go Miami.

    • Marco29 says:

      LBJ has been trying to involve his teammates but don’t say he is unselfish and only shoots when he is sure it will go in. Otherwise, wht would he have a 7 for 21 shooting % in game 3?

  60. Artis Gilmore says:

    I have said it before and I will say it again. Lebron scares the hell out of me! And I think most NBA defensive players as well, ACCEPT the SPURS! They don’t care who he is! Its called team defense and team rebounding! DWADE, MMiller, CAnnderson had 0, I said 0, 0, 0. 0! rebounds. How is that? Spice Bosh had 10, but he didn’t shoot any 3’s! Haslem had 3 boards. SBattier had 3 in 8 minutes. They are not only getting beat on the outside they are getting kllled down low! Until they turn this around they won’t win, LBJ can’t do this on his own HEAT fans, the HEAT players need to step up. C Anderson only played 10 minutes? Why, because he was getting beat up down low, not productive. Later

  61. Kimmy says:

    I’m not a Heat fan or even a Lebron James fan. But really people, believe him when he says he’s gonna make it up in game 4. He’s the best payer on the planet and the best players allow his teamates to be the best they can be. Nobody is perfect and all teams have to lose sometimes. But I doubt it will be the Heat losing tomorrow night. Especially if Parker is out. This is a wrap.

    • TRU*NBAFAN says:

      No he is done waiting on them (his teammates) to step up. He is going to try and do a Kobe and take over the game. Let him try and beat the whole spurs team on his own.

  62. Hayes Broadhead says:

    Wade carried them in the first half of all three of the finals games and has had a better impact than LBJ in each of those games. He needs to be benched? If hes benched you lose the game in the first half.

  63. keepinitreal says:

    Lebron doesn’t have a good enough jump shot to rely on if he the driving lane isnt there for him. This just shows that if he didn’t have the size and strength advantage he would actually be an average player. For the people that say any different just remember his career fg average from the bucket is like 10-11 feet. When father time catches up to him and he doesn’t have the size and strength over everyone he better have practiced his jump shot.

  64. NBAFan says:

    Lebron is the 4 time MVP he leads and the rest follows he only has 4 points in 3 quarters and started scoring when the lead was like almost 20. This is what I dont get when they win yall say he’s the best of the best but when they lose he didnt get enough help. It starts from him plain and simple please no excuses

    • Game Time says:

      They are talking about defensive help. Look at everything else on LeBron’s stats besides the shooting. Getting a triple double in the finals isn’t exactly easy. Yes he played horrible, but the game was won behind the arc. Not just because LeBron had a bad game. But of course a dumb hater will use any loss to try and exploit a fault on James’ part.

      • NBAFan says:

        Defensive help? Danny Green was shooting in front of his face. Triple Double with a loss doesn’t mean a thing every player will attest to that. He is a 4 time MVP and you’re not holding him accountable?Wow. He is the head of the snake it should start from him. I understand the offense wasn’t there but what about defense? I never heard people calling out Scottie it was always MJ when they lost. That’s what separates them mental toughness and the will to win. Lebron’s body language shows that he was demoralized when they were down. There was not enough fight from him and from the team. Do you even understand what a leader is?

      • justine says:

        Game Time….

        What is a leader???

      • TRU*NBAFAN says:

        Stats are all good for your individual drive into the hall of fame, but it doesn’t transcend into championship rings. Isn’t that the big prize?

    • Anthony says:

      THANK YOU! Great players find a way to win games. Don’t give LeBron excuses because he’s the best player on the planet,on the best team in the nba. There are NO excuses. The one thing LeBron lacks is clutchness. Like some people say LeBron is at his best when it’s “garbage” time, which means he’s at his best when they are up big time already. And some people say he’s in a league with kobe and MJ. Nope. Not yet at least. They both one games, and took over games when it mattered the most, or in the clutch. Which is why they both have 5, 6 championships

  65. No one man can win by himself below are great example of some teams that won back to back championships.

    Celtics: Russell, Heinsohn
    Celtics: Bird, McHale
    Lakers: Magic, Kareem
    Lakers: Shaq, Kobe,
    Pistons: Dumars, Thomas,
    Bulls: Jordan, Pippen
    Rockets: Olajuwon(94,95), Drexler(95)

    It is tough to win with a one man show. LBJ cannot do it because Wade is injured and should be benched. Bosh is not a big three and it was just a marketing strategy by Heat. The concept of this team was to play as a “BIG THREE” which they actually do not have.

    My starting lineup for Heat in Game 4 would be:

    Mike Miller
    LeBron James
    Birdman Anderson
    Ray Allen
    Norris Cole

    Bench Wade and Bosh.
    Limit Wade minutes and use him primarily in the second half.
    Bosh should be under the boards for rebounds.
    Use Rashard Lewis because he is tall to guard three point line and make Green and Neal drive to the basket give them no open looks.
    Battier should make shots because he is probably the best defender on the team.
    Chalmers should attack with his hand tied behind his back so he is do not get called for a phantom offensive foul and get benched with quick fouls.

  66. mark says:

    lebron, dwayne, and chris should not settle for jump shots..they should drive strong to the rim in order to win the championships.

  67. Lakers4life says:

    All of you guys saying that Wade needs to be benched are stupid he did better than ‘Bron.

  68. pistonfan says:

    I’ am a piston fan and a fan of who ever play against LeBron baby. great game be ready for the heat I will be cheering for the spurs BIGTIME!!!!!! Would love to see some egos pop like a big zit. GO SPURS!!!!!

    • SoFlaFan says:

      So sad….. jealous Heat Haters, don’t have a team like ours so you gotta hate…… sad little life. Try going fishing with your team!!!

      • Anthony says:

        Dude,the pistons have 3 championships and have been to the finals 7 times, the heat have 2championships and have been to 4 now, so…. yeah. And the heat deserve to be hated, or at least the commissioner. The general appeal of the NBA is now about “who takes out the heat in the playoffs” so of course you have “haters” Why on earth would we want to watch the heat win every title for next 7 years? Just read what I’ve said and that’ll tell you why the heat are “hated”

      • NOwestbrookNOring says:

        Everyone I know that’s over the age of 12 hates the heat. They are by far the most unlikeable champs ever. Definitely not jealous. I would struggle to keep watching basketball if my thunder got Lebron Wade and Bosh.

      • dhk says:

        I’m in agreement that the world is united against Miami, and rightly so. That time Wade and James got filmed mocking Dirk for playing with a fever of 104 (number might be wrong slightly) was one of the most despicable moments I have ever seen in sports.
        I think you are a little off with your 3/7 vs 2/4 argument. That in my mind makes the Heat look a lot better than the Pistons, especially since this finals series is still going and could still make it 3/7 vs 3/4.
        Loving the young core or Monroe/Drummond/Knight in Detroit. Bright future.

  69. Game Time says:

    I expect James will dominate next game. People are underestimating him just because he hasn’t been scoring a lot this series. He’s had two triple doubles in the finals! That’s not a guy playing his butt off, but obviously it affects his offensive game.

  70. Ballmagnetic says:

    Lebron just need to come down to Houston and join Dwight and the Beard and he’ll be fine

    • SpursFan says:

      haha imagine (and im a spurs fan) how many championships lebron would win with Lin at the point, Harden at the 2, Lebron at SF, Asik at PF and Howard at center. problem is none of those guys has the willingness to check thier ego and get paid a small enough amount to make it happen

      • dhk says:

        Lin would. Asik would. They both got poached from their old teams. Neither went to free agency. Asik played off the bench until this season (He’s a center BTW), and Lin seems like one of the most humble guys in the NBA. I mean “real” Humble, not DRose humble = quiet. Also, Harden came off the bench for years so I hardly think his ego is huge.
        Lebron maybe.
        Howard certainly

  71. D WADE says:

    Watch next game. LeBron is mad and when he is the other team get killed

    • NOwestbrookNOring says:

      Ha! So I guess he wasn’t mad getting smoked by 30+ points during game 3? He really killed em out there!

  72. standard says:

    Bron will come and get you!!

  73. Solution says:

    1) Bosh needs to take less shots
    2) Wade needs to be benched
    3) LeBron needs to drive to the basket
    4) Chalmers and Cole need to penetrate
    5) Miller needs more minutes

    • jake says:

      1) Bosh needs to rebound and play like a big man.
      2) Wade needs to slash and attack from the weak side, and play better defense.
      3) Lebron needs to attack the basket and get to the free throw line.
      4) Chalmers needs to get benched….he is not hitting shots, making boneheaded turnovers, and gets beat on defense every time.
      5) Cole needs to make better decisions with the ball, and not get out of control on his drives to the basket.
      6) It’s Miller time….give Miller the rock. Miller is the only player on the team who is shooting well, but Miller is too slow on defense.

      • Marco29 says:

        Don’t forget Allen who has been very consistent shooting the ball too.
        They should also give the Bridman more minutes and Haslem needs to step up on both ends.
        As for the Big 3, they all need to contribute and be more agressive.

  74. realtalk says:

    If LBJ gets going, Wade pouts, if Wade gets going, lebron pouts… experiment over… watch

    • SoFlaFan says:

      Congratulations!!!! One of the dumbest comments so far!!!!!!!


      • Steph is best says:

        That was funny. You do not know what a funny comment is, until you look over what you have posted. And this explains what you know about basketball. Just watch the finals and you will know that everything that you have said, is wrong. 🙂

  75. Kune says:

    Lebron is over rated! Obviously people are deceived with his height and speed but real “great players never choke when the game is on the line”. Again he showed that he is indeed “QUITNESS”. He will never be in the same level as MJ or atleast Kobe.

    • Jackson says:

      And what level. Are you at in basketball kune

      • TRU*NBAFAN says:

        You don’t have to be a basketball pro to know overrated. If they don’t win the series, the emperor will have no clothes.

    • FUEGO says:

      SO it’s Lebron’s fault that his teammates didn’t guard the 3? I can tell your a casual fan and do not really have basketball knowledge

      • justine says:

        Parker made a corner 3 from a hand off by Manu.
        Neal made a pull up 3 on a break at the buzzer. No way you can defend that.
        Green made a 25 ft 3 while defended. There’s nothing you can do about it.

        When the Spurs started to breakaway, some 3s where defended some where wide open.
        The point is LeBron is the Heat’s leader. Basketball is a game of runs. He should have led his team not to give up, wheather the storm, and give them a chance in the 4th qrtr. They could have lost still. But 36 pt blowout? At least not giving the Spurs the confidence going into the 4th game especially their shooters considering this is their first finals.

        Wade did that when he was the leader of the heat. Down 2-0. Down double digits. he didn’t give up. He lead the Heat. He carried the team to win the Championship. That’s what leaders do

      • Marco29 says:

        James tried to cut SA’s lead at the end of the 3rd scoring 9 in a row but then in the 4th, he could not respond turning over the ball and missing some shots. Yet he ckept trying and did not quit. I think he will bounce back in Game 4. Watch out!!

      • justine says:

        Great leaders not only elevate his own game but his teammates’ as well. Even in the defensive end.

        I hope he will bounce back and show to everybody that he is a great leader. I hope game 4 will be an exciting game instead of a blowout either way

    • SoFlaFan says:

      Sure, he choked real good last year, didn’t he??? MVP, how many times???

      LeBron is one of a kind, the best kind, and he will respond……. NO DOUBT!!!!!

      Go Heat!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ball says:

        They won against a team which had no business in the finals – he wasnt given an opportunity to choke.

      • TRU*NBAFAN says:

        MVP is not the same as Championship ring. I am sure anyone worth their weight in salt would rather have rings than the bronze MVP awards, just saying…

      • dhk says:

        Like Adam Morrison?

    • justine says:

      He won’t be even above Duncan’s level in my list.
      Emagine if James is playing against a young Duncan now. It would be a sweep again.
      Remember the teams that Duncan battled through the years in getting his 4 rings. Sprewell, Houston and Camby of Knicks, Kidd and Martin of Nets, Wallace bros, Billups and Hamilton of Pistons. His wars with Kobe and Shaq of Lakers.
      This heat team won’t win against those teams. They will even lose against the Heat of Shaq and a young Wade
      They might even lose against Webber’s Kings and Pippens Trailblazers, or Iverson’s and Mutombo’s Sixers

      I don’t blame him though. Media was hyping him even before he entered NBA. The only blame i could throw at him is beleiving the hype and not challenging himself enough in getting better.

      • Game Time says:

        I think your knowledge of ball is as good as your grasp of the English language. *Imagine.

        People compare him as a legendary player not greater than Jordan but basically the best player in his time, like Jordan. People get that mixed up because they don’t understand English and take it personal. Everyone knows MJ is the GOAT, but just for the sake of argument they like to compare the top players to him and how well the stack up.

        As for Kobe, man please! You must be a Laker fan because James is FAR better than Kobe. Kobe had one championship in where he shot very well and that was 2002. Look at his shooting vs. Orlando and the Celtics. It’s horrible. But he gets to the line and the end result is he gets his 25pts while shooting 35%. Please don’t bring rings into this because the greatest measure of player individually is the MVP.

      • justine says:

        LeBron is the best player in his time. I don’t dispute that.

        I watched and followed the NBA since the 80’s and I love the game. I collected magazines about the game since I was a kid and stayed informed. I don’t know how much TIME you spend for the GAME but I don’t care. I don’t care if you’re more knowledgeable than I am. I’m just happy to post my opinion here.

      • justine says:

        Kune’s post is about greatness. Regular season MVP is not on my checklist in considering greatness. A player might shoot 20%, but when the game is on the line, he leads his team to victory. Kobe has at least 2 rings as a leader of the Lakers. Until LeBron gets his second, I won’t even compare him to Kobe. Reed scored 4 pts while playing injured yet led the Knicks to a title. Lifting his team mates’ spirit. That’s leadership. That’s greatness. James effort in this finals so far is not even near to Kobe’s effort to lead the Lakers to the playoffs this year. He eventually got injured but he went down fighting. That’s what leaders do.

      • justine says:

        I was replying to his post. Maybe he read or watched someone saying that James stack is near or higher than MJ’s. I was just stating my opinion that in my list of top players, Duncan’s stack is higher than LeBron’s. You may disagree with my opinion. I’ll respect it. Just as some might disagree with yours that MJ is the GOAT. Ask Kareem.

      • justine says:

        Spelling/typo error doesn’t mean I don’t have a grasp of the English language.

      • justine says:

        If you have a good grasp of the English language, you should understand why posters here are questioning James greatness and his comparisons to MJ and Kobe.

        Aren’t you wondering if they have read or watched it somewhere where somebody is saying that LeBron is the greatest ever not just the best player in his time? ? Even Pippen was asked by ESPN radio and answered that while Jordan “is probably the greatest scorer,” James “may be the greatest player to ever play the game.”

    • justine says:

      I can’t believe people especially media is always comparing LeBron with MJ even Kobe. Not even mentioning Bird’s name considering they both play the same position.

      Imagine giving Bird that space to shoot. Bird won’t average 16.3 pts in the first 3 games of the finals nor start 2-12 shooting in consecutive finals games. Even if he does, he will find a way to take and make shots when his team started to crumble.

      That’s the level of greatness…

      • Kelinden says:

        You dont get a nickname like Legend without being great… Being a “Legend” among Kareem, Magic, Isaiah and others is amazing.

    • NOwestbrookNOring says:

      Kune I agree. LBJ is very overrated….he will never be on Kobe’s level and I’m not even a Kobe fan but he demands my respect with his talent. LBJ is just so unlikeable. I’ve tried to watch him and give him credit but the man is just not that impressive to me.

    • alp says:

      height and speed are not relative to a players overall i.q or basketball skill, so how does that deceive anybody? later in the 3rd quarter lebron staged a 10-0 run himself and brought the game within 15 points… guys like dwayne wade, norris cole, and mario chalmers struggled d’ing up guys like gary neal, and danny green, thus records were set. ok lebron did have a bad game but hes not get destroyed by danny green at the end of the day. all of the miami guards need to step up their lackluster defense. they make danny green look like ray allen in his prime the way hes knockin down all these threes, its almost pathetic. and what makes me more mad is that dwayne then gets off the hook like he does all the time, because through good BUT MOSTLY the bad, the focus is on Lebron, and like i said while he didn’t shoot well, hes bound to have a bad game every once in a while, especially when he HE pretty much willed this team to the finals for the 3rd straight year. the work Lebron puts in on the court is nothing but legendary, ever since hes been in miami hes single handedly taken them to the promise land whether you like it or not. if anything i’d say Lebron is UNDERRATED based off the mere fact the people judge him off of his failures more so than his success…

  76. Big Al says:

    Hopefully, LeBron does as he says. Three off nights in a row from an MVP is unheard of. Enough is enough. Kill or be killed. Score more. Don’t be afraid of being a ballhog; Jordan and Bryant had to be like that sometimes to win.

    • alp says:

      all i got to say is boston, game 6. we all know what lebron is capable of when his teams back is against the wall. don’t be suprised if he drops 40+ tonight

  77. Ralph says:

    I just hope the help he needs does not come from the NBA or it’s refs. When he bullys his way to the basket, running over whoever is in his way, I hope they CALL IT.

    • Bs says:

      So your saying the refs should make all bad calls against Miami?

    • justine says:

      Spurs defense exposes LeBron’s not so good ball handling skills. He is used to running over defenders. He don’t know how to move around defenders like Kobe or Wade used to. Unless he makes his jumpers, he won’t be an effective attacker.

      I even think the key in the Heat’s win against the Pacer’s was when Wade changed his method of attack and side steps against Hibbert in drives to the basket. That’s when Hibbert started to be in foul trouble in game 7. Hibbert didn’t know what to do and got frustrated. That’s what great player’s do. They find a way. They find the will.

      I think people especially the media would think twice from now on when they compare LeBron with the greats of the game. The MVP, best player in the planet, can’t find a way, will or mindset to solve the defense of the Spurs after 3 games.

      LeBron might still find a way and win this series but his performance in these 3 games will linger…

      • Jordan had horrible games against 1996 Sonics yet it didn’t linger because he won the series. so why would it linger for James. Heat team is injured and not the same. Bulls had a great team and had a superior supporting cast compared to this hurt Miami Cavaliers. It was because of James Heat won the series against Pacers and not because Wade because he just played on good game the other three was won because of LBJ. You are talking like Heat already lost the Finals. If Heat win this year there is no stopping them to win the next two more championship.

      • justine says:

        Jordan had horrible shooting against the Sonics in a couple of games but he never stopped leading the Bulls even if they lost by 21 in game 4. He had at least 10 free throws in those 2 games. He had less than 10 FTA in only one of six games.
        He was double teamed in the perimeter but he never scored less than 20. He was always agressive.

        James had horrible shooting in 3 consecutive games and averaging 16.3 in the first 3 games of the Finals. 2-12 shooting starts in games 2 and 3. But the numbers don’t bother me. He settled for jump shots and stopped leading his team. He didn’t play like the best player in the world for 3 consecutive games. That’s what will linger.

        Only Wade is not playing 100%. This Heat team is much healthier than last year. This Heat team is much deeper than the Bulls of 96. Harper was injured too. The Sonics of 96 is much loaded and dangerous than the Spurs now. Not with their old big 3.

        I’m sorry I meant Heat’s win in game 7. Still, Wade’s adjustment was one of the keys.

        I stated LeBron might still find a way and win this series.

      • Mary says:

        why would it linger for Lebron?…..Because he is NO MJ. not even close….

  78. Hunter says:

    If Spurs can weather the shellacking they will get on Thursday then this series is over for Miami.

    • 3 straight home court advantages = RIP Miami

      • bballjunkie1 says:

        This series is about coaching, Pop is pushing buttons all game, no set stuff because there is no tomorrow. Spo got lucky last year against OKC coaching and Lebron began posting. Rivers, Hollins coaching OKC would have made it a different series. I still can’t figure out why Miller, Bird, Allen combo gets Heat close or they began to get a rythem why he comes back with whatever? You ride what is working, you push buttons and make the other coach have to respond. In Miami’s case you put your head down go to the hole plain and simple, get Duncun on the bench, Lebron on the block. We could never get past Boston until Magic and the rest started going to the hole instead of relying on jumpshots and uneccessary dribbling where is Phil Jackson? Pop is a legend enjoy him.

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        Don’t count on it 😉
        4 time MVP for a reason !

      • HEAT says:

        @lbjking6james…yeah, the reason is that he is overrated and got lucky with the stats bc Dwade and bosh are very unselfish and got him all the easy buckets. Dwade used to say LBJ makes him look better, but look at the big picture now Dwade. Dwade used to be a megastar who carried the team. Now the call the Heat team a one-man team sometimes. and many times they say bosh and wade look like they’re not existed. who makes who look better now??

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        @HEAT .. you don’t make sense…

    • Tom says:

      Of course the Heat will win tonight. They can’t take it in just four games. Both teams have to pack fans in the stadiums a few times each to make bank before the end of the season.