LeBron: ‘If I’m Better, We’re Better’


SAN ANTONIOLeBron James ate the whole thing.

A Finals pasting unlike anything the Miami Heat has seen since its “Big Three” era began three years ago had the defending champions in full retreat Tuesday night at the AT&T Center. Thirty-six points overall — 113-77, in all its gory glory — but even worse when you recall that it was a six-point game at halftime. There was no bounce in this one for Miami; no lying in the weeds and stealing Game 3 the way San Antonio swiped Game 1.

The Spurs toyed with them over the final two quarters — at 63-33 they nearly lapped the Heat — and exposed several flaws-for-the-night in Miami’s defense, from its closeouts on perimeter shooters to inattentive rebounding and general effort. That’s the stuff that had coach Erik Spoelstra fried.

It didn’t matter. LeBron ate the whole thing anyway.

“I’ve got to just play better,” James said, facing a media horde the instant the visitors’ dressing room opened. “I can’t have a performance like that and expect to win. I’ve got to shoot the ball better. I’ve got to make better decisions, and I will get into the film and see ways that I can do that. I’m not putting blame on anybody. I’m owning everything that I did tonight.”

It was, at once, admirable and overkill. James definitely could have played better — he started out shooting 2-for-12 for the second straight Finals game, though Miami played through his frosty stuff Sunday. He wound up 7-for-21, had one offensive rebound, blocked no shots, logged five assists and is averaging 16.3 points so far in The Finals.

Oh, and he didn’t shoot even one free throw. The four-time MVP did something that hadn’t happened to him in the playoffs since 2007 and in a game — period — since 2009.

“I went a whole game without shooting a free throw, to show you where my game was tonight,” he said.

Still, when a team plays as feebly as the Heat did — San Antonio’s three “name” guys combined for just 25 points, riding Danny Green‘s and Gary Neal‘s career nights — the onus is on everyone. In fact, that might be why it’s spelled o-n-u-s.

LeBron James' Game 3 shot chart

LeBron James’ Game 3 shot chart

Didn’t matter. James spelled it onme.

“I’m just missing shots,” he said. “They’re going under my pick-and-rolls. They’re daring me to shoot. Anytime I get to the paint they’re putting two bodies in front of me. Anytime I get into transition, they’re putting two bodies in front of me. They’re doing a good job. But also I have to be able to knock down shots.”

It isn’t a matter of settling for jump shots, James said. Anytime a defense lays off anyone the way San Antonio laid off his jumper Tuesday, that guy has to take them. And make them.

The Spurs’ sticking with James through screens turned Miami’s pick-and-roll into a lethal weapon in Game 2, opening up the Heat attack for Mario Chalmers and others. This time, San Antonio was nearly as brazen in daring James to shoot — he was 2-for-14 outside the paint, compared to 5-for-7 inside it — as it had been earlier in the series on Chris Bosh‘s ill-advised 3-pointers.

Not getting much defensive push-back on an aspect of one’s game can be rattling, James’ teammate Dwyane Wade said. “It takes away some of your aggressiveness at times, because you have the shot that you can make in your sleep,” he said. “And then it don’t go in.”

Wade knows. He was 6-for-7 in the paint, 1-for-8 from everywhere else.

San Antonio’s priority on keeping James out of the lane by using multiple defenders to get that done explained much of the Heat star’s struggle. But if you have that nagging feeling — the feeling that James in all his magnificence inspires more than any other player in the NBA — that he could have and should have been doing more, you’ve got company.

Green said pretty much the same thing.

“LeBron is not just us stopping-him,” the Spurs guard said. “He’s kind of stopped himself out there and we’re getting a little lucky.

“Obviously we’re making it tough for him. But you guys have seen him all year at his best, and how he can perform. He’s not doing that right now. I don’t know what it is. I’m hoping that it doesn’t come out.”

James essentially vowed afterward that it would. In Game 4 Thursday and thereafter.

Getting to the foul line will be step one. No, the referee crew of Danny Crawford, Jim Capers and Marc Davis will not be put on double-secret probation for not finding a shooting foul committed on James’ person during his 39 minutes on the floor. But it is rare, as noted above, and it’s a good barometer of his aggressiveness.

Said Green: “It’s shocking. I think that’s the reason he couldn’t get into his rhythm. He’s used to attacking the basket, getting to the line. And making free throws gets you into a rhythm as a scorer. I hope he continues to miss shots and everybody else continues to miss shots.”

Remember, though, there is no everybody else as far as James is concerned.

“I’ve got to be better. It’s that simple,” he said postgame for the third or fourth time in a span of six minutes. “If I’m better, we’re better. And I’ve got to be better. I’m putting everything on my chest, on my shoulders. I’ve got to be better. It’s that simple. My teammates are doing a good job, and I’m not doing my part.”

Thing is, he did not sound frustrated. Ploy or not, LeBron James ate the whole thing and seemed … resolute.

“When you get smashed like that in a playoff game or a Finals game, and you feel like you came up with a great game plan and nothing works, you’re frustrated about it,” he said. “That’s just the heat of the battle. Right now, I’m still sweating from the game. So I’m absolutely not happy. I’m very upset about the game.

“But like I said, there’s tomorrow. We will prepare. We will be better. And I will be better.”


  1. The NBA needs to get rid of all these dumb rules having to deal with fouls. Lebron thinks it’s bad getting forced to jump shots? Yeah put him up against the “bad boy” Pistons squad of the late 80s. It was better with that physical style of play. When the refs send James to the line for a little bump of course he’ll look incredible. When he’s getting hacked and brutally beaten like Jordan or any good player of the 90s, he would be as Dennis Rodman said “average”

  2. hipster says:

    LeOnard (the “O” is silent) is LeOwning LeBron.

  3. alien-life-form says:

    best lebron finals quotes:
    1.after losing in game 1;
    “ive done more and lost before”
    2.after losing game 3;
    “i have to do whatever it takes”
    “if i’m better we’re better
    3.after losing game 4 after promising be better
    “ive done better/more and lost before”

  4. dkpelton3@att.net says:

    Why does the WNBA not get very much TV time

  5. Big Al says:

    To be fair, the Spurs are better than the 2011 Mavs to which the Heat questionably lost to, but not the 2012 Thunder that the Heat beat in five games. Having added Allen and Birdman, Miami should be better than ever. They really looked like they will easily defend their title, until the Indiana series and now this. I remember them being blown out by NY this season, and they didn’t even have Carmelo and Amar’e that time. They also got nearly beaten by the Spurs bench in that infamous game where Popovich rested four of his star players. Unfortunately, it looks like they’re back to that kind of team judging by Game 3’s result. Parker was out for the second half and Dunan and Manu didn’t have much of an impact, but South Beach still had a tidal wave wash them all away, courtesy of unexpected heroes in Green and Neal.

    LeBron needs to have that do-or-die attitude, the guts that led to the game-winning layup against the Pacers in their first playoff meeting. It looked a lot easier than it was, but everyone didn’t see it coming. He needs to come up with such surprises that will shake SA’s defense. That’s what the likes of MJ and Kobe are made of. They have all sorts of tricks up their sleeve such that their opponents could only do so much as far as defending them is concerned. Even Danny admitted it himself. He and his team expected James to have the magic that would keep them guessing, but he has become too predictable that made his defender’s job a whole lot easier. If Paul George ultimately couldn’t guard him, then why could a lesser player in Kawhi Leonard do so?

    Going back to Miami as a team, when Danny and Gary started those threes, they should have devised a plan to lock down that area and end the streak, but they didn’t. Those two kept firing at will, oftentimes unguarded, and it humiliated the Heat very badly. They combined for 51 points, more than the so-called Big 3 from AA Arena combined. While Mike Miller hit five straight threes, the other shooter in Ray Allen didn’t even have a good look, which shows how good the silver guys are defending from downtown. Although Neal will unlikely have a similar performance in Game 4, Green is much more consistent, in fact the most consistent Spur so far in this series. The guy who has been rejected by the Cavs and two other teams is now outshining the best Clevelander of all.

  6. B Radd says:

    It all sounds like a real great story but in the end it won’t be LeBron, it will be his coach. Spoelstra may be able to outwit Scott Brooks buts against Pops, good luck. In the end, a heavy load is what will be expected as far as the king goes and just as it was in Cleveland, it’s all goin to be push, pile but no play…

  7. JayT says:

    MIAMI in 7.

    MIA will take game 4, spurs will take game 5 leaving the series 3-2 spurs. Miami will win in South Beach. Game 6 will be a close MIA win but they will HEAT up for game 7 and win by at least 10. GO MIAMI. Lebron just can’t let the spurs do this to him again. Though I am a MIA fan (more so Lebron fan) I can respect the Spurs big 3 accomplishing another championship.

    This is one of the best NBA finals I’ve seen in a while.

  8. Lebron J says:

    C’mmon fellas! Just give me a break!!

  9. Ethan says:

    Lebron……..not clutch

  10. thunderontheplains says:

    Looks like the Refs will ultimately have to bail out the Heat for them to win it all, just like the Refs did time and again against the Thunder in the Finals last year. Watch all the games closely from here on.

  11. billy says:

    If I am better,,,, spoken by a true egomaniac.
    I am not sure Lebron ever will understand that this is a teamsport.

  12. Locario says:

    Ive been a Spurs fan since 93 and let me tell all the heat fans that a good team will beat a great player any day

  13. Arnel says:

    Like i said on my previous comments… HEAT will bounce back, however, it will be a very tough game for them to win. Very GOOD game for the SPURS last night.. Kudos to those 3’s Neal and Green pulled. If these two (Neal and Green) continue to play the way they did last night.. I am a HEAT fan.., but i have to say goodbye MIAMI.. SPURS will win it..

    So.. To MIAMI.. do not over think the game.. stop figuring out how to win.. stop relying on LBJ.. Dwade.. or Bosh.. What MIAMI needs to do is to rely on each other.. Just play the game.. Every player has something to offer.. I do believe that even their bench player can do something.. Maybe more than what your star player can do.. If i am Spo.. and i see the game is going south and my star players are not doing well.. i will bring in the bench players because i know these people are hungry and thirsty.. for sure they will perform far greater that what you expect of them.. Why? Because they do not want to be taken out once they are on the court.. Let them play to give time for your star players to think.. to reorganize.. to gather themselves.. And when the right moment comes… Bring your star players back for the KILL!

  14. Spurs_Fan_74 says:

    Wow, LeBron, you are 50 times better than when you played in Cleveland.

  15. anon. says:

    anyone who thinks that lebron will suddenly learn how to shoot jumpshots believe in the tooth fairy
    if you dont have it in you, you dont have it in you
    you cant just will yourself to become a great shooter, that takes a lot of practice
    you have to get better first before you be better
    lebron will grow wings first before he suddenly shoots a higher percentage from the outside
    while your practising hours and hours on your shootin in summer camp, learn some post moves as well

  16. ocie says:

    i am a heat fan i no they will do well in the next game becase he have a man who ben mvp and we no the game he just need to get ever one in the game thay can win and thay will some the spre

  17. Fefe (Nets) says:

    I just hope that the Spurs win the Finals, whatever happens in the next game(s). GO SPURS!!!

  18. TRU*NBAFAN says:

    LeBron: ‘If I’m Better, We’re Better’

    Wow! When Tony or Duncan is not better…uhhhh, the rest of the team has stepped up, THAT is what makes Spurs the better team!!!

  19. jon says:

    To win a basketball game it talkes all five players’ effort right? But at the very last second.. there has to be one who are willing to step up and try to take full responsibility to make a game winning shot. Now lets see.. Kobe? yea, MJ duh, Lebron? not really rofl

  20. James says:

    Wade and Bosh are way overrated. Give them half star each.

  21. Look out for the Bleh Bleh Bleh says:

    Having the best record in the season means nothing! The Heat are done. No way they could compete with this west team. Bench players are beating them for crying out loud! Bench, D-League players are stopping LeBron – who is not effective in this series! Spurs in 5.

    I remember hearing the winner of Game 3 in the finals usually goes on to win the Finals 92% of the time. That means the Heat has only an 8% chance of winning the series.

    • can_we_just_see_good_basketball? says:

      Might want to consider revisiting your probabilities math tutorial. In no way does does that logic or being down 2-1 with 4 remaining games equate to an 8% probability of winning this series.

      On another note, San Antonio must be given credit for playing better basketball. As much as being made of Lebron’s poor game 3 shooting performance, I believe the focus for Erik Spoesltra and the Heat should be Wade’s minutes and the reintegration of Shane batter into the lineup. Only because Wade is so mercurial do I think some of his minutes could be spelled by Norris Cole, with his high-energy and athleticism on both ends of the floor, or Miller/Battier. It is growing increasingly evident that floor-spacing will be the key to Lebron’s resurgence, and Wade’s current gameplay is not conducive to such. If neither can hit a jump-shot, then I would gladly trade Wade’s inconsistency on defense with with a more consistently attentive defender and floor-spacer (e.g. Batter or Cole).

      We shall see what the Game 4 adjustments will entail. I hope a Heat win, but more importantly good basketball.

  22. justorion says:

    So much for 4 straight wins after losing the first game of a series.

  23. souly says:

    no one ever in any sport was overrated as lbj today. 4 mvp’s. hahahah… good joke…. mj never lost the final in his career. lebron is out of 100 best ever players. that’s fact. nba is just so poor and need money. that’s the reason for lebron and hype around.

  24. sanjay says:

    the decline of wade and bosh these play offs has hurt lebron and the heat. lebron is doing all with no support. Bosh missed so many jumpers in the beginning, wade not shooting well, he has to completely let go jumpers and go to the paint( no cuts either).
    And the defense need to be much tighter. you cant have danny green and other role players have a 3 point shooting spree.
    The rotation on the defensive end was very slow. The struggle of battier is also not helping on the defensive end.

    It is time heat woke up otherwise this series will be over in on spurs home court.
    It is that sad.

  25. RNY says:

    remember the lebron james of game 6 last year against the celtics. i think he will remember that and do it again in this series. lets go heat!!

  26. MIA says:

    even michael jordan had bad playoffs game in the1997 eastern conference finals in game four he was 9-35 that 26 percent from the field and 0-8 from the 3 point line and who won that year??????? OH RIGHT CHICAGO BULLS..Lebron james will come out game 4 and have a amazing game and the heat have responded to loses this shouldnt be any diffrent and the only reason the spurs won was beacuase of neal and green great performance

  27. Jay says:

    Lebron James how can you do this to us????? Today you lost millions of fans’ hopes!!! bye bye

  28. Boomergirl says:

    The mighty HEAT will win game 4 and go on to WIN THE SERIES!!! NEVER, EVER, count them out! They know how to re-invent themselves. THEY ARE THE CHAMPION HEAT, unbeatable and unstoppable when they turn up the heat. So all of you HEAT haters, stop choking on your haterade and watch the KING and TEAM send the Spurs packing. The HEAT in 6! PS: Aschburner, Take a hike, retire and relieve yourself and us from the misery of your senseless, sorry and tired crusade against the HEAT!!!!

    • Spurs78255 says:

      UNBEATABLE AND UNSTOPPABLE HUH? Getting to the bandwagoners again!!

    • Loki says:

      Haterade? I’ve been a Spurs fan since 96. Do you know what happened in 96? David Robinson went down, Spurs went on to do pitiful enough in the 96-97 season to get the Number one draft pick which landed them Duncan. Only a season after they got Duncan the Spurs were champions and the only team that was going to stop them from repeating was the Los Angeles Lakers. But of course the Spurs ended their championship run in 03 and Robinson Retired. Didn’t take them long to recover after a Top ten of all time center retired as they won the championship again in 05. You tell me I’m drinking Hatorade I respond like a fan. But for some reason I doubt you were a heat fan before 2010.

      You drank the Lebron flavored Kool Aid in 2010 and you’re telling people to stop drinking Hatorade? Kids.

  29. Tasteofyourownmedicine says:

    Play ball lebron. Play your basketball. You’ve been out of the finals series since game 1. Drive to the basket more! I haven’t seen the same intensity as last year when you were hungry getting your first title. Don’t let anything and anyone get your 2nd finals mvp and 2nd nba championship trophy!!!

  30. ac says:

    As much as I’d love to believe the Spurs are going to roll to victory in the next two games, I think we all know Lebron – even if he does it alone – is going to make sure The Heat take one of these back from San Antonio. Anything less than 7 games and I’ll be shocked.

    Amazing game last night though, go San Antonio!

  31. Egia says:

    aawww, c’mon where’s the love for the Spurs, why all the comments must revolve about what James can or cannot do, let’s talk about the great adjusments coach pops made, how awesome this team is defending and had defended in all their championship runs, The heat got routed, this kind of games aren’t a sign of anything, just how surprised a team was after the others adjustments, a real sign was game 1.
    And please stop talking about MJ like he played in the worst team ever and he got to do it all by himself, he got a great coach and the whole team was awesome, great defensive players, particularly scotty, plus he never actually played against really good teams but the 91 lakers and 92 blazers, all the other teams were pathetic, unfortunately for all of us he never played the dream and his rockets in a final.

  32. Dave Samuels says:

    I think Lebron James needs to be Lebron James. Forget about the past forget about the 2007 when you was with cave in the finals this is now you’ve got plenty of help just play your game let them see why the 4 time MVP. Remember who you are don’t let the spurs think that they’ve got you where they want you or it’s going to be there show all the way.Just get out there and play have fun don’t put the pressure on your self and the team you know that the heat can beat the spurs and the fans know it too. just play your game and you can be able to break spurs down on what there game plan is and that’s to stop Lebron James hey no one or no team should be able to stop the Miami heat and the league 4 time MVP game 4 is where it starts it time to play some ball

  33. Reggie says:

    If LBJ struggles the whole team also struggles..

  34. RodMan says:

    no comparison to mj and the bulls. unlike james and wade, jordan and pippin always pulled their teams thru “bad games” on the finals stage. also, rodman would have destroyed the mr. wimpy, bosh. this is no time to have a bad game. i agree with charles barkley, heat will not get out of san antonio. sad to say because i’m not even a spurs fan but big ups to pop, timmy and the rest for #5. like the bulls,they are showing miami how it’s done when you get to the big dance.

  35. ewjfbh says:

    lebron, my friend, wake up! it’s not you. it’s your team.

  36. LeFlop Shames says:

    SMH how is 2-3-2 format disadvantageous to the team with the homecourt? It is only disadvantageous if you are not meant to be champions to begin with. Jordan won 3 of his champisonships having the home court advantage, did you see him whine against the 2-3-2? You’ve been brainwashed by Van Gundy @3pt dagger, you should be ashamed of yourself. It is you job to protect your homecourt, don’t blame the 2-3-2 format just because the other team is better than your team

  37. theholyspectator says:

    it all starts and stops with LBJ. it was really tough to watch that game…as you can see coach pop is havin his guys clog up the lane and giving james the jumper all day…even tho hes a much better shooter now you couldnt tell from that game.. when he is playin bad the team is gonna suffer and as you saw they got blown out! give props to spurs tho, 16 3s is just insane, they were just in another zone, kinda like how miami was in game 2. i expect heat to bounce back in game 4. they must win this next game! bottom line is whoever wins 2 games in a row will win the title. man this is crzy! i think wade should retire, this guy is not affective anymore, he looks like another role player

  38. HeatOn! says:

    Spurs are a great Team but definitevely not better Team than Miami, let’s face it, I am a NBA fan first of all, I have watched last night game with so much pain that I left the game at the end of the 3rd Q but later on I had to return to look at the final numbers..it was very shockin’ and a really weird feeling what I felt in that moment..it was really scary! I’ve seen better games and this was not one of them and I know that Miami does not have to win all games by default but at least a fair fight.
    Many of the Miami Heat Players are just playing great but definitively they need a leader other than our sore D-Wade! Its time for Lebron to show up at this Finals and do what he does better than anyone Shoot the Ball and take our team by the hand.
    I am aware that this is a Team work but absolutely a One Man Leadership!! I am probably going to miss Thursday second Half game against my will but I will be glad to be back at the end and watch a very much different numbers than yesterday’s game!
    Let’s Go Heat!!

    • Spurs78255 says:

      Again, funny that you think the heat are a GREAT time. Look at their schedule, one of the lightest. They have struggled through the playoffs. Only two other people besides Wade and James have had a Good game. The problem is they thought we put these three together, we are unstoppable. Not looking like that now

    • Loki says:

      Better team? When Miami changes it’s coach I’ll believe that.

  39. Silver says:

    Where are the boastful Miami Heat fans now??

    Why suddenly quiet?

    Where are you:
    Miami-Cuba connection
    Let’s be Real
    Miami Heat Fan
    Heat lb6

    Kindly give us your humble opinion now….

    • Spurs_Fan_74 says:

      they have all changed their screen names, i would have also if my team got beat like a red headed step child.

  40. HeatOn! says:

    I watch last night Game with so much pain!!

  41. kajames says:

    before the finals he said he is “50 timest better” than he was in 2007 when Spurs swept the Cavs, what happened today? LOL

  42. isack says:

    he played so well throughout that 27 win streak, why not now?

    • justorion says:

      Because they didn’t play the Spurs during that streak. Also they played very few teams that were over .500

  43. Gene says:

    If Lebron takes charge, Dwayne Wade is going to start whining. The Heats’ offense now consist of force feeding Wade and Bosh to determine what they are going to do, which lately has been close to nothing, and then have Lebron come on in the third quarter; but it is proving to be too little too late as the Spurs know Wade and Bosh are not going to make any meaningful contributions they can focus their entire defense to stopping Lebron.

  44. William says:

    James didn’t play badly – the Spurs, especially Leonard, just defended him THAT well.

    Bosh and Wade forgot to show up…but every player on the Spurs bench is lined up to play every minute.

    Spurs in 6.

  45. Kevin says:

    The ‘I’ attitude is why the Heat will not win the championship this year. He did play badly but there were also a lot of other teammates on the floor who did not score or play defense. Until they realize this, the haven’t learned a thing.

  46. MACKY says:

    actually, Heat team already demoralized from game 1 Game 2 is just a lucky punch in a thousand moves.. This is the retirement championship of Duncan and parker. Have not Notice ??? look at those years when spurs got championship.. 1999,2003,2005 and 2007, spurs is very lucky and destined for odd number years a championship team. last year is 2012 and it is their bad luck. next year is 2014, it is their rest, retirement age, recovery and preparation until 2015 again.

    next year, its the OKC and Indiana series..

  47. MiamiChamps says:

    Lebron will get better to play on game 4 and the miami should win on game 4 to able to comeback on south beach

    • Spurs_Fan_74 says:

      When will you mental midgets get it? It takes more than one man to win a game in th nba finals, it takes a team effort!!!

  48. LS says:

    It takes FIVE (5) guys on the floor being effective on both ends of the court to win a game. The SPURS were effective offensively and defensively last night and played a heck of a game. It really doesn’t matter what LeBron says. Maybe the problem with the HEAT is that he and everybody else thinks it is about him.

  49. Spectator says:

    the heat are complaining about the refs who are actually calling good games this year, last year they pretty much handed miami the championship but now they are relying on the refs to give them everything instead of playing basketball

  50. Will says:

    Heat in 6!! That was a great game by neal and green, but I am sure niether player will ever do that again. Duncan was a non factor, Parker non factor and maybe hurt,Ginobli is trsah to me. Plain and simple Miami will when the seires, They are a complete team, and for the people saying lebron has to do more should stop watching sportscenter., Spurs were at home and feeding off energy of sorts, as for wade and bosh the people are so fast to blame players to make themselves sound better, i expect miami to play their kind of game in games 4-6. SPurs may have set a 3 point record, but that’s all the history they will make this season.

    • Spurs78255 says:

      I like your point that Miami is a complete team! Because as far as it shows, if Lebron has a bad game, they get killed by three. Wait, he had a great game one, and they lost because nobody else stepped up. It is unfortunate because I do like LeBroon and think he is a hell of a player, but he is just one. Your right that we may never see a shooting display like that again by them, but to say that our big three had below mediocre games, the rest showed up. That’s a complete tem.

    • Loki says:

      Spurs beat them game one in their own home and you’re saying Spurs only won because of the homecrowd?

      Heat in 6? Most complete team? Get real dood. The “Team” shows up on rare occasions than disappears back to being useless.

      PS – Ginoboli Trash? Lawl. Let’s see how good Chris Bosh is at his age.

  51. Albert Flores says:

    losing to players than been cut three times from the NBA horrible! Best player in the world?

  52. Cor says:

    Lebron is no MJ, No Kobe He’s Lebron And Told You He WILL Play Better!! So For You To Be In Your Feelings About A Man And Not His Game Is Childish! Watch Game 4 And The Rest Of The Finals And Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!! #SouthBeachBallers #MostHated

  53. Angelo says:

    FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! You are regarded the best player on the planet! Every player get to have a bad game, but at least have an impact! ATTACK! you don’t need to make the basket! just to make the defense react. so you could make something, anything happen. get to the line, kick out for an open shot. put the opponent in foul trouble! I’m not a Heat fan and i’ve been rooting for Spurs but i’m frustrated on James’ performance. he choked on so many important games through out his career.. not just on 1, not two, not three… The BEST PLAYER ofg the WORLD with a SIDEKICK MENTALITY! where’s your heart? your killer instinct? your “im going to carry this team no matter what” attitude? those are the traits that makes players not just great but Legendary. Your MJs, Kobes, Magics, Birds! they all got it! how about you?! frustrating!

  54. JONATHAN says:


  55. Big Al says:

    LeBron clearly lacks aggressiveness in these three games. He is making Leonard look much better than he really is. Everyone now loves Kawhi, Cav loyalists, Texans and all forms of Heat haters. Sure, he is doing a fine job defending, but James just has to have the better O. It’s more of him not coming up with the big plays than the Spurs shutting him down. He is the MVP and needs to figure things out quickly. I expected him to come up with a game plan after the first one in Miami, but come two and three and still nothing. Jordan wasn’t denied no matter who defended him. Kobe not only can shoot, but can also shoot with someone right in front of him. They just have a variety of moves that make their ppg really good no matter what is thrown at them. Great defense ultimately wouldn’t get the better of guys like them. Sure, they likewise have off nights of their own, but not three consecutive games. Legends know how to bounce back quickly. Whether or not LBJ is of that sort remains to be seen.

    • Loki says:

      3 nights in a row Leonard’s D has kept Lebron down and he isn’t that good? Come on man. I get the point you’re trying to make but you’re underestimating a great budding defensive star

  56. Jag says:

    Lebron can’t take the responsibility for the loss himself. It is a team effort. If they lost, the team lost not one person.

  57. […] for the Heat’s loss (after scoring just 15 points on 7-of-21 shooting), and told the media that he has to play better if the defending champions are going to have any hope of […]

  58. Shela Mae Bahian says:

    I think coach Spoelstra should have chosen the exact person to put inside the court. Dwayne Wade aint had any luck. Spoelstra should have taken him out and replaced with another player like Miller. There are just too many shots missed. We’re a big HEAT fan back in the Philippines and we’re very disappointed on how Game 3 turns out.

  59. Go Heat says:

    ye, gotta say Spurs did a perfect game. Heat even had not chance with those 3-pointers from Spurs. I still believe Heat will come out of this and beat the Spurs in the end.
    gogo! Heat

  60. Mitra says:

    Again, I am pointing to the single most important flaw in Heat game plan.

    If LBJ plays, Heat moves; otherwise not. Without LBJ, it is not even a play-off ranked team (‘just another team”).

    And LBJ is a human being; he makes mistake- he can’t play big night after night.

    Regardless of what happens in this series, Heat must reorganize its cast around LBJ for the next season.

    Get rid of overpriced CB and ask D. Wade to retire. Bring in fresh young legs.

    Spurs is an example. Without Big 3 performance, they simply buried Heat with their young force.


  61. Miles10 says:

    Ok I get it. The haters are loud once again. Lol. Even the writer is attacked by these guys. Do you really have to stoop that low to point out that Miami won’t win this time? Wait a sec, have you all been saying these lines since Bosh and LBJ came to south Florida? There are times when these so-called villains like Heat win.

    My praises to Neal and Green for stepping up this game. Their performances are for records.

    I give credit to LBJ for being modest accepting his lapses. If he says he would play better, he better be. I think they should not only watch the tapes of game 3, but all the 3 games. Improve the shooting touch, all players and you’ll be fine. For the Spurs, complacency shouldn’t be in your vocabulary. Why am I giving these opinions? Pretty simple. I want to watch a great NBA Finals matchup!

    Who’s with me?

  62. Tom says:

    Lebron can’t handle the pressure without having easy layups as a fallback.

  63. Wake up Lebron prove you´re the MVP, BE AGGRESSIVE,your legacy depends on it and you know it!

  64. SPURS_FAN_74 says:

    To all who saw game 3, please report to your nearest police station.Your statement is desperately needed, please help us. The Spurs murdered the Heat last night and no one is saying anything about it, no one saw or knows anything. Your cooperation is appriciated. Go Spurs Go!

  65. Mike Tyson says:

    When SA got smashed in Southbeach I thought it could be over, but it was only 20 something? Now Heat get smashed in SA, I think it could be over with another win from the Spurs this week. Confidence is growing in SA and that is a really good thing. But, I don’t like the Spurs talking too much after a game, they need to be careful of what they say. I am stilll afraid of Lebron. Thats a good thing. You know I never talked too much.

  66. cp10 says:

    DELIBERATE LOSS by the Heat – they know they’ll lose at least one so they picked this one to lose, very good strategy and Games 4, 5, & 6 will be epic!!

    • Loki says:

      That is the dumbest comment I’ve read here. There is no way they went in like “by guys were gonna get blown out tonight!”

      • Spurs78255 says:

        Yea its funny to see that people are going to see three in a row, They are also ones that called a sweep when they got into the finals!! Welcome to Reality!!!

      • Loki says:

        hey* Did that serious autocorrect to by? O.o weird. And yup, lol @all the people who called this a sweep in favor of Miami. Spurs win game one, “Miami’s going to take the next four!” Miami wins game 2, “Miami is going to take all three games in San Antonio.” Spurs won game 3 and I suddenly don’t hear anymore stupid predictions.

  67. tanibanana says:

    I am more disappointed with coach Spo than LeBron..
    They MUST win game 4.

  68. frank says:

    until Spolestra MUST put wayde&bosh on the floor

    even when the team plays obiuvsly better while the hurt/soft-duo sitNwatch

    LeBron can play as good as he can

    but things arent going to change


  69. ism says:


    I feel that the Heat are going to come back (again) and take the series, but if they don’t and go down 1-3 I will bet my money on the Spurs.

    1. When will LeBron score big time again?
    2. What about Parker’s injury?
    3. Can the Spurs’ role players carry the load again?
    4. WHERE ARE DUNCAN, PARKER, MANU, WADE, BOSH, LBJ IN THIS SERIES??? No really big individual game so far…

  70. Kate Upton says:

    LeBron is nowhere to be found on game 3. My boy TP is just so great! Hope he gets better come game 4.

  71. Heat says:

    Cmon James and Wade It`s time to fire up…
    We want to see you blow out the Spurs next game

  72. MAFIA says:

    James a game fixer.

  73. Wou says:

    Lebron need to prefect that shot.. Then he is super unstoppable

  74. CavsFanatic says:

    Lebron won’t be able to play better, he always chokes in important games

    • anon. says:

      “any Lebron comparison is a disservice to MJ”
      bron wil be on the phone with david stern asking for joey crawford
      dennis rodman is starting to sound like a prophet when he said lebron would just be an average player back in his days when ‘real” basketball was played;
      bron looks confused because he suddenly realised he’s not getting away it:
      taking 3-steps to the basket
      not getting a “feathertouch foul” everytime he drives to the basket
      you cant push/shoulder charge your opponent without getting called for an offensive foul
      every aspect of his game that sets him above evreyone else has been taken away from him

    • GamberT says:

      Where were you last season finals….. againsta Pacers, Boston and OKC. Jesus Christ!!!

  75. Demetrius says:

    Lebron you will come out in beast mode….. I know it

  76. anon. says:

    “When you get smashed like that in a playoff game or a Finals game, and you feel like you came up with a great game plan and nothing works, you’re frustrated about it,” he said.
    No Plan B?

  77. bryce says:

    All miami needs is one road win to have half a shot at this series. If they can forget about game 3 that is, i know i wont… What a terrible game by miami and not at all a good series. I usually like to have the tv on longer than 3 quarters…

  78. mario says:

    i still believe to king james.. lets go heat

    • Wario says:

      One king against three kings, nope! Your king will go home ringless come Sunday. He will be known as Burger King James, I decided.

  79. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    Just as LeBron was disappointed in his performance last night, so was I.

    But if the Heat don’t win on Thursday then it would be a sad ending to a historical season…LeBron better wake up fast because the spurs are not the team to make mistakes against…

  80. Mergim says:

    Once shooters get hot, it’s gunna be difficult for any team to get back in the game. LeBron has been garbage so far and I’m very disappointed in him. He will be the reason the Heat win and the reason the Heat lose these Finals.

    • Spurs78255 says:

      Its funny to see someone say one man can win a team sport. Maybe against Cleveland he can. This the finals! As I stated, He’s good, but he will not beat a Finals team. It has been proven twice. When you have someone of that caliber, you make the rest of the team beat you, and they cannot do this. A superstar, two outdated star (Allen,Wade), an above-average player (Bosh), and a painted twit….then what? A summer of what ifs??

  81. kilroy says:


  82. bianca87 says:

    James is overrated. Spurs in 5

  83. neil daisog says:

    Atleast now they can see why Kobe is better than Lebron. eventhough he won 4 mvp, mvp is only for regular season performance. He cannot deliver in finals. I remember before when they fought dallas in finals, one of the game he only score 7 pts. And also when he fought Spurs before in the finals, he never score atleast 30 pts. in a single game in finals. Luckily he won his first championship last year bec. of the lockout. Were in most of the team unable to prepare for the season and they only play w/ talent. Luckily, Miami is the most talented team last year.

  84. not a kobe fan either says:

    yeah bron, we know you have a lot of excuses

  85. Bu says:

    Like I said before, Spurs are certainly capable of lighting it up from 3 point line as seen in last 2 seasons. Game 3 they had hot hands & Heat was a bit slow to cover the line, leading to the barrage. Heat’s defensive aggressiveness also not the same as Game 2. LBJ, & also Wade missed open shots. Pop’s tactics & defensive scheme is correct, limit fouls & free throws while making these 2 guys beat you with mid range 2’s. If Heat did what they had to do, the game would be a lot closer.

    It’ll be interesting to see how Spurs clamp down on a spirited Heat team in game 4. Even if Parker is alright & Duncan brings his A game, Ginobli is the key. He’s been erratic & looked lost. If he’s playing his game, the Heat will have their hands full. Spurs’ role players will be even better.

  86. Duanne says:

    heat need to be focus in game its only 2-1, specially lebron he need to attack the rim he can… prove who you are lebron! #heartofthechamps #heatalltheway

  87. realist2013 says:

    He meant to say We need to be better. Yes you are a superstar with undeniable skill but Pop has always been a master defensive coach and makes sure his whole team down to the deepest man is on defense. Miami shopped for a ton of smothering scorers but Miller and Allen will give up what they give you in offense. Difference in the Spurs is their players can do both. Built vs bought let the numbers and the spirit crushing speak for itself. An MVP reduced to 16.3 ppg in the finals give the Spurs credit. Theyve been good for over 25 years and pops 62% playoff and reg season record let you know how deep and disciplined his players are.

  88. Miami played horrible,thats unacceptable for a team that holds the nba championship,heat has to win game 4, otherwise its over!

  89. gian says:

    James bobo

  90. J says:

    why cant it be like nba2k13 on ps3 when i play with the heat i practically never miss with lebron why because i dont shoot jumpers i only take them if there a must not forced off a triple threat stance jab step go inside force your way in like its nba2k13 oh wait he can do that in real life so why wont he i hate it when he shoots jumpers
    heat in 6!!!

  91. Peddle_to_the_Metal says:

    Well then Mr. LeBron, lets see how you bounce back. I´m eager to see that, start being aggresive for christs sake, stop trying to get everyone involved first and then start getting into your stride. Attack the paint, do your post thing and let the other guys follow, for they would. Just be a leader and do some harm, Leonard is consistently outplaying you, which is unexplainable as an MVP. Anyway, ALOT has to be addressed in your film ession I gues so I need not say much about what you have to do other than GET BACK into the game and play like there´s a sense of urgency, like a Game 7, which next game should definitley be. Game 4 Thur. cant wait.

  92. tophercheese says:

    Although the timing of this poor performance is far from ideal, I think he’s earned the right to have a bad game once in a while.
    He’s been a complete model of consistency for the past 2 years.
    This was an uncharacteristically bad game from James.

    I really dont like that the twitter-sphere, Facebook, and Youtube, and other social sites, have had complete idiots just waiting to crucify this man.

    Give him a break, he’s carried the Heat this far. He’s entitled to have a bad game.

    I expect he (and the Heat as a whole) will take this one to heart and bounce back in game 4 (as they have been doing since Jan 10th: Not losing 2 in a row since then).

    • justine says:

      A BAD GAME???

      3 BAD GAMES IN A ROW!!!

      I don’t blame him though… I just give credit to Spurs defense and blaming the media for overrating him

    • RodMan says:

      unlike james and wade, jordan and pippin always pulled their teams thru “bad nights” on the finals stage. also, rodman would have totally outplayed bosh the wimp. this is not the time to have bad games. miami is done. i agree with charles barkley-they will not get out of san antonio and i’m not even a spurs fan.

  93. aron says:

    Boom!! First quarter was tight and then just suddenly in a flick of an eye, Spurs bury the Heat deep in an avalanche of threes. It’s just insane how Neal and Green even near half-court are able to shoot the lights out. Seeing how they make those ridiculous threes consecutively just took the fight out of the Heat players.

    I’m still rooting for the Heat. But this 36 pt shellacking by the Spurs are going to take a lot of healing for most Heat fans. A blow to the ego. No more obnoxious posts on how the King is better than MJ.

    MJ was pure intensity, game in and game out. Lebron better straighten his act out. If not. The Spurs are really going to take the Heat to the cleaners and leave a lot of fans crying in the rain.

  94. Drew says:

    If LeBron doesn’t score at least 35+ pts in the rest of the series, the Heat are as good as done. There is nobody else they can rely on, so if he doesnt perform, the Spurs will take it in 5. Man up LeBron, you choked 3 straight games now. Are the 2011 finals repeating? choke after choke after choke?

    • Merloc says:

      Do you even watch the games? Just because he isn’t a ball hog like Kobe or Jordan doesn’t mean he is choking. He already has a ring so that talk is just nonsens. He doesn’t need to score 35+ if his team mates can hit a few shots. When a teams entire game plan is to double and triple team you its gonna be hard for him to score. Learn the game then come back and talk with the adults.

  95. Sensationalism says:

    Seriously Steve Aschburner, this has to be one of the most cheesy, sensationalist and conceited pieces of ‘journalism’ I have ever read.

    “the onus is on everyone. In fact, that might be why it’s spelled o-n-u-s.
    Didn’t matter. James spelled it onme.”

    After reading that I threw up in my mouth a little.
    This is the journalistic equivalent of a One Direction song – severely lacking in honesty and substance.

    Please retire.

    • WhingingtalkingAboutwhinging says:

      And you do us all a great favor: POST ONLY WHEN YOU’RE NOT DIZZY. Smh!

  96. Saeed says:

    James should think the way he did in last year’s playoffa. He should feel that his teammates can not help to win when he scores and shoots like that. He should try to score more and play more aggressive. LeBron is outaffected by human nature. Remember that he had decreased his shot attempts and points per game this whole year just because he feels that every time he has to distribute to his teammates. He should be more selfish, take more shots (meanwhile he should select his shots the way he did this whole year not just like Carmelo Anthony taking every shot he can), he has to distribute early in each quarter and start to hit and take and make late in that one. He should go for a 36+ point game in the finals a couple of games. When you want to be unstoppable, it means that you have to be unexpectable. You take-and-make a shot, next time the double you, you distribute. If LeBron continues to only engage his teammates in the game, it would be 2011 Finals again with the difference that he can’t just say that he is immature.
    On my own experience, I think scoring stars are much more dangerous to play against that all around guys especially in big games like Finals or Conference Finals. LeBron will only be able to win championships once every two year (like Magic) if he continues like this. I wish Dwade had officially lost the Finals due to injury and that could make LeBron’s mind ready to go. Anyway, he has to show his difference very early if he wants to prove that he is NOT his 2007 version.

    • realist2013 says:

      He can score whatever he wants the primary role is to not let anyone else step up. He’s expected to score but they will make him work for it. If he goes the Kobe method he will take his team out of the offense. He doesnt know how to balance it

    • Lovins says:

      Well said. This is definitely very reminiscent of 2011.

    • Wanderer says:

      I totally agree. LeBron as dynamic as he is should’ve started with his explosive ability to score. That’s what makes him so beastly and dangerous. Once he starts to pull a lot of pressure and attention from the opposing team, then he could start his all-aroundness while having his rhythm already set in.

    • justine says:

      Spurs defense exposes Le Bron’s not so good ball handling skills. He is used to running over defenders. He don’t know how to move around defenders like Kobe or Wade used to. Unless he makes his jumpers, he won’t be an effective attacker

    • miguelito says:

      Your last point Saeed about Wade not playing is precise. I can say this being a Wade Fan 😥 if anything needs changes, play Wade minimal minutes and space the floor for Lebron to either attack the rim or dish-out to his gunners! Defense is now improved

    • WhingingtalkingAboutwhinging says:

      Well said!!! I also wish that Dwade could stop whining over not having enough shots yet he has been shooting hurribly these days..He should never go public with statement as” it’s not to the individual to self will it.” LBJ Had a triple double yet didn’t win due to bosh and Dwade lacklusterness.they shouldn’t be in the starting line the next game.

  97. joe says:

    heat will comeback strong, and lebron will too

  98. 3ptdagger says:

    Very disappointing is all I can say. Any comparisons to MJ are quickly evaporating. Shouldn’t he be fired up this is the team that swept him in his first finals? One championship out of four finals would be incomprehensible for the game’s greatest player. Then again, one guy can only do so much. If he loses when having a triple double or shooting 14/20, it’s gotta be discouraging. I see another Spurs’ championship on the horizon. If Spurs win all 3 at home and claim title, it’s time to ditch the 2-3-2 Finals format. I know that’s how the Heat won last year. Just saying it’s unfair to home court. But the Heat have much bigger problems now. Not to knock the odd years dynasty of Tim, Tony, and the Spurs, but the Heat shouldn’t allow opponents to steal home court in the first two games. Will we ever see a healthy D. Wade again? If Heat lose & Spoelstra is fired, they better find Phil Jackson if they’re still together next year.

    • justine says:

      He won’t be even above Duncan in my list.
      Emagine if James is playing against a young Duncan now. It would be a sweep again.
      Remember the teams that Duncan battled through the years in getting his 4 rings. Sprewell, Houston and Camby of Knicks, Kidd and Martin of Nets, Wallace bros, Billups and Hamilton of Pistons. His wars with Kobe and Shaq of Lakers.
      This heat team won’t win against those teams. They will even lose against the Heat of Shaq and a young Wade
      They might even lose against Webber’s Kings and Pippens Trailblazers.

      MJ would go down fighting. 63 against the mighty Celtics…..

      • WhingingtalkingAboutwhinging says:

        Nice but let me tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth: Ball jogger Jordan scored 63 yet still got swept! Ha!

      • justine says:

        Still, he went down fighting. Compare the team Jordan had with LeBron have today. 3 of the top 15 or even top 20 players in NBA in one team and the best shooter in NBA history. He is the best player in the planet yet averaging 16.3 pts in the 1st 3 games and starting 2-12 in consecutive games in the Finals???

      • justine says:

        BTW… How many times LeBron’s team got swept?

        The more reason James should play with vengeance because the Spurs swept his Cavs.

    • PetrGSW says:

      I dont thing that 2-3-2 format is a disadvantage for the home court at all, just look at the stats, very rarely do the teams win three in the row in a evenly mached series, if Spurs win another ONE at home its going to be very hard for Heat to come back.
      Even if Heat dont win another game i doubt Spolestra would be fired and please people get over Phill J. coaching, he said multiple times there is 0% chance hes getting back to coaching so cmon. What othher players do you think Heat need to build a dynasty? They have all the tools necessary to do it, if they dont its not because of the coach or not enough help for Lebron, cmmon, what about the other stars in the league if you say Lebron has no help on the Heat team?
      (well you didnt say he has no help but “one guy can only do so much” comment suggests that)

  99. isaac2 says:

    spurs will win.

  100. Andrew says:

    So stoked the Heat got a beat down tonight. They do not look to have a plan B when things go wrong. Last of all their whinging is doing my head in. They should all be T’d up everytime they drive to the hole and not get the perceived foul call. Stop whinging and get back in transition.


    • Merloc says:

      My thought is your a Heat hater. Every player cries for fouls. Did you not watch the game? Tim Duncan looks at the ref and begs for foul calls after every shot he takes. All players do it. The spurs roleplayers stepped up last night and won the game for them because their BIG 3 played worse than Miami’s. Can those same guys continue to play that way? I doubt it. Will LeBron continue to struggle? I doubt it. This series is far from over.

      And finally what in the hell is whinging?

    • Marco29 says:

      Officiating has been a bit odd on both sides: fouls not called on Duncan and Ginobili on one side, some fouls not called on LBJ and Allen on the other side. Probably if the serires goes back to Miami, they will get more free throws. This is why, Spurs need to win as many home games as possible and possibly close the series in 5.

    • WhingingtalkingAboutwhinging says:

      It’s one thing to hate on the Heat but to be blind in the process is one hurrible thing.As much as spurs bench was great you could see they had all the help they could get from the refs! Lebron got fouled several times to no evail and that was no coincidence!!!And by the way tag us all when you can whining or winning or dinning or just plain wringing!!

      • Spurs78255 says:

        Funny you should say that.. There is a pic of Lebron looking like he is about to go into to tears because he did not get a call. It seems they are not used to that since “King James” always gets them. Heat got outplayed, are getting outplayed, and will get outplayed. Its funny to see all these heat fans screaming how great he is, and I will give him that, he is a great, if not the greatest, top three, but he can be stopped, and that’s when you find out how good the “team” is.

  101. Emelito Reyes says:

    I think Wade should retire after this season. He lost so much explosiveness, he lost his jumpshot. Even his quickness. Also his aggresiveness was not there anymore.

    • amitpal says:

      If u want to say like that I think lebron should retire to. He has no jumpshot isnt aggresssive and the way kwahi is guarding him no explosision either.

      • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

        You mean the way the spurs are guarding him? They fill up the paint with 3 bodies how can he be aggressive.. but completely agree with you LeBron should retire after this year………………………… “amitpal” you should run for president

  102. Cmon LeBron, don't be SHY to take shot! says:

    Lebron is not playing at the Championship level. All Heats players have to step up and focus more on the game. How many times we saw they complain to refs for not getting called, should just come out and play!

  103. Rolly del Mundo says:

    Lebron should have said: “If I choke, we all choke”

  104. Way 2go Spurs, i know it’s not over yet but great game that was won by the roll players w/ TD, TP, & Manu not playing well. Heck of a way to step up roll players-that’s how u play on both ends whether heat r playing well or not. Keep it up Spurs.
    Now Go Take The Next Game!
    Go Spurs!!!

  105. nptvadmin says:

    I am a miami heat fan, but I salute spurs shooters for their great effort and great night! A record breaking performance. see you in game 4 Spurs! 🙂

  106. nptvadmin says:

    The spurs just played unbelievable tonight! nice game.. but I think miami will comeup with a big game plan next game.

    • Angelo says:

      “Unbelievable” is like Pacer’s winning by dropping record-setting 3s. But for Spurs’ case, 3 pointers are their bread and butter. So nothing “Unbelievable” there. Just a case of great execution from a great executing team.

    • Spurs_Fan_74 says:

      Yes, They will be called the Miami Cavaliers!! This way if the Spurs win, they will have beaten the Cavaliers (again) and not the Heat!

  107. Marc says:

    The Spurs are meeting with Random House to create ‘The Lebron Rules’….it has a special introduction from Lebron’s owner Kawhi Leonard.

    • Angelo says:

      Jordan Rule: He makes a move, hurt him
      Lebron Rule: make him shoot jump shots
      Is it Pop being a genial mastermind or Lebron being Lebron under the scorching spotlights?

    • justine says:

      I hope people especially the media would come to their senses and stop comparing Le Bron with MJ.

      Le Bron rules???

      Leonard or Green can contain him singlehandedly most of the time.

      Not even close to Jordan rules of Pistons that MJ demolished

      • W says:

        Yes, I agree they should definitely stop comparing LeBron to MJ. MJ would never have let a team sag 6-8 feet off of him and not burn them up. I almost sucumbed to the comparison until game 3 on Tuesday night. The 92 series vs Portland comes to mind when MJ hit 6 3’s in the 1st half

      • 34yr fan says:

        yeah….when the nba changed the fouling rules…..

      • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

        Leonard or green can contain him singlehandedly? Are you watching the games? lol every time LeBron drives to the basket there are 3 people in the paint every time, if there weren’t no help in the paint he would be getting past both of those guys, obviously. Its the spurs help defense that is slowing him down, not leonard or green “singlehandedly”

      • justine says:

        Imagine if MJ is playing with today’s rules.

        STRICT HANDCHECK? With centers pushed to the backseat because fouls are called in every bump.

        MJ would average 50 in the finals. Iverson would average 40.

      • justine says:

        Heatles… I said most of the time. Guarding LeBron doesn’t start when he touches the ball. Leonard and Green are guarding him off the ball which is most of the time. Both, Leonard especially, is successful in denying LeBron the ball and if he does touches it he receives it out of his comfort zone. Help comes when he does attack the rim. But, he attacks the rim much lesser than he shoots it outside. He attacks less because he has lesser touches. Help defense is not enough if LeBron becomes a runaway train if he attacks from his comfort zone.

        That’s why i said contain, not stop, most of the time.

    • KobeMaster says:

      I remembered when MJ chooses kobe over lebron , and somewhat lebron complained (Im LOL thinking about it)
      now whos better Kobe or Lebron? – Kobe of course haha

      • Kobe Fan says:

        lool now if kobe is better, he would be invthe finals no? kobe got traded to a stacked team ad he came into the nba, is why he has 5 rings, if kobe had stayedwith bobcats, he would’ve had 1 or 2 rings.

      • 34yr fan says:

        ….uh…zero rings

      • W says:

        A stcked team??? The only other player he had was Shaq! Rick Fox, Robert Horry, Brian Shaw, Deavan Gearge (worst player in history) aging A.C. Green John Salley and Glenn Rice in 99-00. 2000 same time minus the elders 2001 they added Lindsay Hunter and SAMAKI WALKER. 2008 enter Pau Gasol and Lamar Kardashian 2009 same team with the exception of Trevor Ariza whos agent thought he was better than he is(worst advice ever) replaced by the robotic artist formally known as Ron Artest…yeah don’t really see stacked teams anywhere…good role players with Great center…Gasol is the softest player to ever put a jersy on. Odom when healthy is a tough match up

      • eric says:

        A stacked team for kobe?????? LeBron is on the most stacked team in NBA history

      • justine says:

        How about if LeBron stayed with Cavs?

        If Kobe is healthy, no way he will average 16.3 pts in the 1st 3 games of the Finals and start 2-12 in two consecutive Finals games

    • 34yr fan says:

      yes, meet Kawhi Leonard heaterfans