Blogtable: Has Anyone Seen LeBron?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Week 33: LeBron’s play | What’s so surprising? | Alarm bells

How do you think LeBron is playing so far in these Finals?

Steve Aschburner, Look, I’m weary of every game in every Finals -– wait, in every postseason series –- being a new referendum on LeBron James‘ greatness. The fixation people have with seeing him match Michael Jordan in taking over games as a scorer is misplaced, in my view. The strong Magic Johnson elements in James’ game means he makes other players better even when he’s not scoring — beyond Jordan’s knack for that, frankly. And I defy anyone to rattle off Johnson’s good games vs. off games in the Finals or anywhere else. If this Finals slips away before James can reassert himself in all his dominance, OK, some criticism is due. But it won’t redefine him or his legacy.

Fran Blinebury, Tepidly. I didn’t have so much a problem in the first two games, because he was doing things to get his teammates involved and not trying to force the action. However, in Game 3 James appeared passive, settling for outside shots and rarely driving to the hoop or working in the low post. Has Kawhi Leonard gotten inside his head?

Jeff Caplan, NBA.comNot assertive enough. LeBron always seems so focused on making the “right” basketball play, getting the ball to a teammate if he believes it’s a better shot. It’s hard to fault a guy for doing that. I mean we rail on Kobe Bryant for just the opposite. With so much expected from star players and every play scrutinized, sometimes they just can’t win. But this series does remind some of 2011 when the Mavericks took LeBron way out of his comfort zone and he disappeared in the fourth quarters. I haven’t looked this up, but when’s the last time (probably the 2011 Finals) LeBron has scored 18, 17 and 15 points in three consecutive games? He didn’t even get to the free-throw line in Game 3. In the three games, he’s put up 13 shots from beyond the arc and has made three. Where’s post-up LeBron? He has to start getting in more comfortable positions where he can use his size to his advantage. Of course, the other side of that coin is that Spurs defender Kawhi Leonard, 6-foot-7 and 225 pounds, is holding his ground.

John Schuhmann, NBA.comHe’s not playing poorly, but he’s shooting poorly. He’s 7-for-30 (23 percent) from outside the paint in the series. If he was shooting from outside the paint as well as he did in the regular season (42 percent), the Heat would probably be up 2-1. His lack of free throws (six in three games) is as much a product of the Spurs’ defense as it is of the way he’s playing. He could certainly force things a little more, but I think he’s making the right decisions with the ball for the most part. He’s just in the middle of a cold spell from the outside, and unfortunately, those seem to pop up at this time of year. He’s now 39-for-164 (24 percent) from outside the paint in 18 career Finals games.

Sekou Smith, NBA.comHis legacy and all the other usual LeBron drama aside, he’s playing lousy. And that’s according to his own lofty standard. He looks nothing like the dominant player we watched all season. He’s allowed Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green to frustrate him defensively in ways that I honestly did not expect they would or could (even though I did mention before this series started that LeBron vs. Leonard was the most intriguing matchup in The Finals). The good thing for him is that Game 4 offers up yet another blank canvas for the four-time MVP. But I have to admit, he looks a bit spent to me right now. His performance is eerily reminiscent of the way he played against Dallas in 2011. Not a single free-throw attempt in Game 3? He doesn’t seem completely engaged in this series right now and that has to change for his and the Heat’s sake.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blogHe’s playing pretty well for any player not named LeBron James. Is he playing like a four-time MVP? Nope. What makes LeBron so perplexing right now is that we’ve seen him take games over on the offensive end, but so far he’s seemed mostly content to play “the right way,” finding the open player and making the right pass. But just because someone is open doesn’t always mean you need to find him with the skip pass. It is unbelievable to criticize a guy who has flirted with a triple-double in each of the NBA Finals games he’s played (and had it in one of the games). But with the Heat scuffling, that’s where we are.

Adriano Albuquerque, NBA BrasilWe’re definitely due one of LeBron’s banner performances in this series, and you know that’s coming. It usually comes just when people start questioning his performance, so that sounds like Game 4 will be such an occasion for James to step up. He has been OK, better than most, but surely we’ve come to expect much more out of the best player in the world. He needs to be more aggressive, get to the block more often and, hell, just for the sake of it, hit a couple of 3-pointers. That would frustrate the Spurs a lot.

Pawel Weszka, NBA Africa: LeBron’s struggles offensively. We know that he can take off at any time — that’s what we have been used to — but 16.7 points on 39 percent shooting per game in the Finals is his lowest in a series this postseason and is not going to cut it. Credit to Leonard and the Spurs, but James will have to be much more aggressive and influential if we are to keep mentioning his name next to Michael Jordan’s in one sentence as one of the greatest ever.


  1. lebrown says:

    lose in game 1
    come back in game 2
    choke in game 3
    come back strong in game 4
    choke big time in game 5
    win game 6 (miami celebrates)
    Spurs win in game 7

    lebron… 1/4… start crying…
    bosh traded
    spo gets fired
    miami will have a new coach

    derrick rose will come back next year…
    jason kid will bring the nets to better playoff position in 2014

  2. Kal says:

    the word I would use is “complacent”… he has seemed on autopilot for a while now, not just in the finals but throughout the latter half of the playoffs… it’s almost like he’s trying to coast to a championship. which is just a ridiculous idea for anybody except him and the Heat because of how much talent they have. it’s time for LeBron to step up… he needs to just will his way — in other words, muscle to the basket one way or another — and put his stamp on this finals and people will stop talking. the end.

  3. Chase says:

    At what point does the “Best player in the world” have to play up to the standard of the best player in this series; or will every writer keep making excuses for LBJ? Face it when he doesn’t get to the charity stripe and get easy paint points he’s no Jordan, Magic or even MVP. Id have more respect for James if he went down shooting rather than keep losing while “making the right play”.

  4. Basketball Jones says:

    This doesn’t just fall on LeBron, one man can only do so much in a team game. He was able to carry Miami up to this point, but give credit to Spurs defense for exploiting Miamis inefficiencies. The entire playoffs Wade and Bosh have been M.I.A and Spurs defense negates any possibility of LeBron beating them 1 on 5 forcing the entire team to step up. They are testing Miamis ability to play honest team basketball which has been extremely lackluster. I’m extremely critical of Wade. He just looks completely lackadaisical, partly due to his injury, but I say if you can’t at least hustle on the defensive end, sit down. From here on out, LeBron just has to play/shoot without a conscience, take what the Spurs give him defensively and make them pay for it. CONFIDENCE BRON. Miami in 7.

  5. quicksilv3r84 says:

    SPURS are showing the world that Lebron James is a modern day “Charles Barkley”

  6. svmkhize says:

    Maybe, just maybe….

    This should finally show that as great as James is, he is still very far from Micheal Jordan …. or Kobe Bryant for that matter. Those guys always step up in the big moments. Yes they did not always win … but they always had the courage of putting the game on them even if they had good or struggling team mates.

    Dont get me wrong. James is a great player. One of the greatest. But not close to the greatness of Jordan or Kobe. The most interesting thing for me is how this series is revealing the often “mid range jumper problem” in James’s play. This has been an old problem for James and the numbers dont lie. And the harsh truth is that he’s mid range jumper is not good … and has never really been good. And that’s a key component for the greats that this game has produced.

    My prediction is that the Heat will not win the series. Not because of James. But because this Miami Heat team is starting to look a bit like the Cavs.

  7. kavz says:

    Lebron is not a god to have no failure….its all about how he recover back from a bad game,,After today all lebron haters will shut their mouth…

  8. Ness says:

    To LBJ: ” The path must be walked”

  9. noster84 says:

    LEbron needs a good coach Phil, or POP, and now we have THIBS

  10. BoyHEAT says:

    Now this is where the stupidity of some people show up! When your making comments on this page, it should be your opinion or statement on the said article! NOT HATING ON A PLAYER! And the writers are right. Lebron face is showing how eager he is to win the title but the way he plays is like watching Dallas vs Miami all over again! I hate to admit it loving Lebrons career but he’s choking right now and he needs to take out that collar out of him which is the underrated Spurs defense. Not only that….. Wade gets hot but then cools down at the end and Bosh is playing like he just woke up after a trauma.

  11. Drizco says:

    so just because hes lebron, you’re going to slam on him? the man is one of the greatest players in the game . i wouldnt say hes the best in nba history becuz there lil people that were before him like magic, jordan, and others. the spurs, kawhi leonard in especially, has done a great job containing lebron and what he does. everyone knows whats gonna happen next game. lebron is going to go ham and score 25+ points along with wades 15+. chris bosh has surprisingly stepped up this series but he still needs at least 17+ and 10 rebounds for us to have a chance to compete. last game was horrible. i dont expect them to go to a 3-2 zone but they have to stop letting them rain threes like that. danny green, leonard, neal, bonner, ginobli, ALL OF THEM. spurs may have experience, but the heat is a far more superior team and everybody knows it..

  12. Ness says:

    I love Lbj, but the fact remains that leaders lead, and sometimes it translates by getting a charge call on urself, making a hard fou, pushing the issue by driving driving and driving some more.c mon now we dont need to be pros to understant the mental aspect of the hoy game etc etc, right now the heat defence is suspect to say the least. Wade is late on every defensive rotation. coach Pop is a Genius but now, the heat team is playing poorly. And Lebron is vanishing b4 our eyes. i am concern.

  13. lucas says:

    we can’t compare LBJ to MJ. Never! Lebron depends largely on his physical and he needs to “accelerate” to be a MVP. He’s a great player with big numbers, but numbers do not represent the greatness of a player at all.

  14. BEHIND THE BACK says:

    Lebron is a fake. a big fake. The king of choke.

    There’s something behind his back. Lebron don’t let other people decide for yourself.

  15. anon. says:

    magic: “once lebron realise he plays more like me than michael, he’ll be a better player”
    karl: “once lebron realise he should play more like me than mike and magic, he’ll win more championships., or they don’t call me the mailman for nothing. he’ll deliver not 1… not 2…not 3…”

  16. Kate Upton says:

    Great players play great esp. during finals. It is expected for a superstar to perform at the highest level on the biggest stage of basketball…

  17. Bracchus says:

    Starting with the Chicago series LeBron has been hounded by some up and coming young defenders. Butler in Chicago, George in Indiana, and now Leonard and Green in San Antonio. These teams have also collapsed on him when he gets in the paint denying him the lanes. These teams have obviously watched films of the Miami -Dallas Finals.

    San Antonio has put tremendous pressure on LeBron by simply giving him the open jump shots beyond the key. He is somewhat of a streak shooter. If he is missing, well, you get what you got in Game 3. But, the key is to stop him from getting to the rim.

    LeBron should not be bringing the ball up. But, he needs to get better at moving without the ball so that a point guard can find him for high percentage shots. I am not sure someone with LeBron’s talents should be “focusing on finding his teammates .” He should do that where it makes sense.

  18. Rouson says:

    this is lebron. the average nba player/great street ball player that he is… good for entertainment, but not for winning rings… with an S… Idk why people dont just see he is just a great street ball player and flopper

  19. anon says:

    they don’t call him LeChoke for nothing…

  20. OctoPPus says:

    SPURS need to close home the Finals – they CAN !!!!

  21. PAPA says:

    Mike Myett, I agree with you as far as Lebron is concerned…but totally disagree when it comes to Kobe… Lebron is simply not a shooter, he can drive to the basket and beat smaller guys yet in this last game he was just throwing up the basket and missing badly, I am starting to doubt his heart and competitiveness, and this tells the whole story…Great players have it all mentally and physically, Lebron can only be dominant on the physical side, period.
    Kobe is a great player even Michael Jordan said it, u have to win championships to be ranked above the greats…even Phil Jackson said Kobe is great in his last book and compared him to MJ..

  22. Gillsy says:

    I agree if the Spurs win this since no one has constantly been a stand out. Leonard should be MVP for keeping James as quite as he has no one else has come lose and he has had around a double double each game. Not bad for a 21 year old.

  23. heater says:

    LeBron is the regular season MVP. That’s it.

    Most finals appearance he had, he chokes. That’s not good, and definitely, that’s not what greatness is all about. Comparing him to MJ or even to Kobe is bad, those 2 guys are clutch performers. Lebron? He’s big, strong, fast and muscles his way to the basket. If defended well, you know the result..

  24. Bulbutch says:

    All credits to the spurs. They played the heat well.You guys really hate the guy! is it bcoz he teamed up with bosh and wade? some of you were amazed how the celtics came about their big 3 of garnett, allen & pierce. for those who questioned is ability. Look at his stats in the regular season those are MVP numbers! really! Lebron is not like kobe or mj. nor kobe same with mj. i know some hated kobe being compared to the great mj. so dont compare each is unique. The spurs just dominated the game. Give credit where it is due.

  25. dreadyjun says:

    Miami need to start thinking about trading lebron and bosh for better players.

  26. dreadyjun says:

    That’s why Phil J’s comment on letting the game come to you is ridiculous. You have to be aggressive like Kobe otherwise the game may not come to you at all. You have to make things happen, not let the defense dictate your offense. Kobe is numero uno. Not mj or lebron.

  27. strage says:

    I never thought I’d say this, but Skip Bayless was right about LeBron..
    Only reason he won last year was because he played against Durant – a guy who he spent the whole summer with.. So technically there was less pressure on him, cuz all he had to do was play against a skinny friend.
    Now he is up against the Spurs in the finals – it’s too much pressure on him. He is not the guy who will bounce back with a great performance next game.. He will dominate the next regular season, when the pressure will be gone.

    I think LeBron will choke again the next game, Wade and Bosh will take over game 5 and the Spurs will win 4:2! Unless Wade will go 2006 style on the Spurs, which I think he is not able to do any more.

  28. Silviu says:

    the situation might look blue for the Heat and James..but really..don’t count them out yet!
    the Spurs could face the issues in Game 5…let’s not forget last year Finals vs OKC..up 2-0 and then lose in 6
    i’m a Spurs fan..but i’m not cheering yet!..The Heat have the resources to make a come back

  29. Big Nugget says:

    Has anyone seen the rest of Miami’s team?
    we aren’t seriously arguing that lebron is choking are we?? the man pulled his team out of the fire twice in the Indiana series. has now become the single highest average points per game in game 7’s player of all time. already has 2 triple doubles this series. how about some pressure on Bosh, DONE LESS THAN NOTHING

  30. anoy M ous says:

    First off to Gillys I considered Kobe to be my all time favorite player but he has lost twice in the finals once to the celtics and once to detroit. So simply put I’m here to address real NBA fans who 1) understand the game 2) know how teams win 3) and who haven’t just started to watch basketball 2 weeks ago or when miami started to go on streaks and just jump on the bandwagon cause of the feel good moment. Now for the last decade every formidable team has lost to the San Antonio Spurs; Lakers, Cleveland and Detroit. Lets give credit where credit is due because the spurs are key at three things, that they argubaly do better than most teams all at once, which is ball movement, post play and how they defensively “WALL UP” so that people that slash to the hole like lebron cant be as effective or just continue to create offensive fouls for themselves as you most likely have seen in regards to the mixture of leonard and Danny Green or TD and leonard blocking out the hole and most of the post, don’t belive me watch the game again. As skip bayless said they are daring him to shoot the basketball from outside the paint since kawahi leonard will get clog under a pick with a set screen right in front of lebron so that he is cut off of from Lebron but still in front of him since there is a screen in front of him. Subconsciously Lebron doesn’t want to take the shot feeling that he not a great shooter or at least from the midrange area or perhaps get some heat off him if he misses the shot who are kinda of in a worst slump than he is but saying all of that this will remind of him being back up in the corner against the celtics and then coming back and drop 45 and 15. I predict he might just drop 40 and 10 tonight against SA.

  31. Tyrone says:

    I think the struggles from Lebron can be attributed to him having higher expectations for his teammates than he should. Don’t get me wrong, the Heat roster is amazing but if he’s not getting to the line, he’s totally letting the Spurs off the hook. He needs to force things more and if he is dominant, the Heat will dominate. If he isn’t, the Spurs are going to dominate – simple as that.

  32. All I know is Jordan, Magic, Bird all of the superstars of yesteryear all have a great supporting cast. Heat lost to Dallas in 2011 because it was their first year. Not many teams were able to do that to get to three straight finals. Wade is hurt, Bosh is an average player. LBJ have no help. I remember Jordan always have consistent help from Pippen on the defensive end, had Rodman and without him Bulls would have lost to Jazz twice. Magic had Kareem and then Worthy and others. Bird had McHale, Parish in Celtics. Even Celtics of the way past, Russell had Heinsohn, Jones, Cousy. It is a team basketball. Let me tell you it is not LBJ fault his team is losing. Heat is built as a team of three superstars yet only one come to play every night. The last couple of games is taking a toll on LBJ because he had to do basically everything by himself to get to the finals.

  33. ovidiu says:

    …”but have anyone seen you ,Mr Sekou?”

  34. Jimmy Buckets says:

    Where are all you heat fans now????? i guess the brooms never came out? Miami is not a dynasty…get over it

  35. Baz_72 says:

    I’m sick of comparisons between Jordan and Lebron. The main difference is that MJ came out every night and played like Jordan but James can’t seem to do that. Jordan is still the Greatest. He still seems to struggle going to his left, missing a few easy lay-ups in this series. Stop comparing them and just let Lebron be Lebron. Fighting with many others for the honour (I’m from the U.K.) of being the 2nd best player I’ve seen in my life.

  36. adumb says:

    Teams > Talent. The 2011 Mavs were an amazing team, but the Miami Heat outtalented the horribly coached 2012 thunder. Now we have the amazing 2013 Spurs basketball team, showing why this sport is not about #6 or # whatever, it’s about the team.

  37. lynn says:

    How is it that when lebron doesnt shoot well, he is not himself? Don’t you think that the Spurs defense makes him miss shots? Give credits to whom it is due. This article is pointless and biased.

    • Bruno says:

      They’re leaving him wide open to shoot, so no. It’s his lack of confidence or whatever that is making him miss.

  38. Realist says:

    All I got to say about this subject is Kawhi Leonard is the ultimate defender, And if you disagree your just reeeealy ignorant. Yeah Lebron can be better but you can count on Kawhi not to be fazed by it. . . .

  39. Taulu says:

    Play-offs and exactly the FINALs are stages where real MEN and Players step up, that’s really when it becomes BIG and you have to be BIG to get that ring. And as I said before, that’s the time when all of us (whos not mentally “blind”) can see the differences between LBJ and other players whom he’s compared to. MJ, KB, Shaq, Dirk, TD – all these players showed us what is it like to play BIG and be BIG, it’s not just about shooting %, rebs, blocks, asists, it’s about your Heart, Soul and your Ruthlessness, you just step on the court and you smoke them. LBJ showed all of us that he’s not a “Warrior” when he left Cleveland and with that move he actually gave up on a fight which all other players, mentioned earlier, have faced and forced it till the end with “live or die” mentality. LBJ lost that chance to prove the world that he’s the best, yes he can get bunch on MVP’s and Rings but that will not change the fact that he gave up and lost first and the most important fight of his NBA career.

  40. Mike Myett says:

    Everyone seems to want to elevate James to an elite status, he really hasn’t done sh&t. He is years away from being compared to the likes of Jordan, Bird, Johnson, Russell and Karem, just to name a few. Why does everyone want this guy to be the best? You all wish that LJ is the best, but wishing does not make it so, still a lot of work to do which I don’t think he is capable of.

    • Mike Myett says:

      Also, do not compare Kobe to Bird, Magic or Jordan, he hasn’t earned it either.

  41. IAMAHEATFAN says:

    Relax guys..! this is the 4th time MVP.., for Christs’ sake!!! he’s making the right plays.., let’s give credit for the SUPER STRUCTURED WALL of San Antone against JAMES… We definitely can’t blame JAMES for not being as aggressive as u guys want… he knows what is right.., way way better than all of this writers combined!!! #webelieveinmiami

  42. RAUL says:

    Guess what? This IS the REAL LeBron.

  43. mannei says:

    Lebron and the heat seem to mimic their opponent style of play. with Chicago they became a physical team, with Indiana they try to match inside scoring and now with the spars they seem to be happy to do a shooting contest. James is responding to Leonard shooting challenge but he is on a slump and don’t want to be physical

  44. ALLDAY says:

    Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: “He’s playing pretty well for any player not named LeBron James. Is he playing like a four-time MVP? Nope.” Better than Danny Green or Gary Neal. *insert troll face*

  45. I'm no Hater says:

    I’ve seen enough. And that’s FLOPPING.

  46. tret says:

    One thing i know what is Lebron’s problem?
    What would that be?
    Ask pop,but he won’t tell you.
    I really think game 2 with his 7-15 in the field will be acceptable.
    But game 3, 7-22?
    What defense did they made?
    Ask pop,but he won’t tell you.
    I really still think pop did a great job adjusting his defense.
    Covering all Lebron James’ driving spaces is what they’re doing so incredibly.
    And the mental defense,there’s a Pick and roll play that they will 5 feet far from Lebron and not to contest the jumpshot at all.
    And if he drives and they will slap Lebron anywhere like there’s a fly
    That is mental defense,that’s disrespect to the jumpshot and bullying to Lebron’s drives.
    That is what driving Lebron crazy.

    But one man who really really needs to step up or really needs to be.
    The 2006 Finals MVP Dwayne Wade.
    He really has to step up his game,his scoring game to be exact.

    I think coach Spoe needs to figure out his offense is what i called James-Wade iso offense.
    This is where James will have an isolation and Wade will be the second iso or vice versa.
    I strongly believe that he doesn’t really figure it out on how he will use the BIG 3’s offense.
    He has a play that he’ll line up Bosh, Wade and Lebron into the Mid post area and began an isolation play.
    Still not effective.
    Coach needs to setup his gameplay effectively,in defense and offense.

    I am excited to see game 4 though.

  47. King James says:

    Lebron needs to be himself. He must always be on attack mode. Post up and an all around game will be the key to this Title run. Confidence and Focus is also an important ingredient for him to win in this series. Lets Go Heat!!!

  48. laker4life says:

    the nba finals are where super stars make their mark. look at MJ and Kobe, they put their teams on their shoulders and carried them over the finish line. people are saying kobe chokes. out of the 6 nba finals kobe has been to he has won 5 and the one he lost was to a really good bosten team. if lebron wants this series he needs to take the game himself and stop giving it to his team mates because they are not helping.

  49. here says:

    I simply couldn’t go away your site before suggesting that I actually loved the usual information a person provide on your visitors? Is gonna be again ceaselessly to inspect new posts

  50. not a kobe fan either says:

    you lebron fans, wew. why can’t you just understand?
    Lebron is a fake. a big fake. The king of choke.

    before the finals series james said: im 30, 40, 50 times better than the ’07 finals.

    right after game 3: i’ve got to play better.


  51. latigo rapper says:

    TBH, I THINK LEBRON JAMES IS JUST TIRED. The effects of the 7 game Pacers series is now slowly creeping in….

  52. nikko says:

    heat is wade’s team not lebron. the heat need the d-wade who played finals with shaq, not lebron, who played in cavs finals.

  53. Ac3 says:

    Spurs will blow out heat agin. Lebron is no match!

  54. Francis says:

    Lebron is back to his 2007 NBA finals self. Not doing great play and shooting very poorly. I just hope in Game 4 HE REALIZE THAT THIS IS 2013 NBA FINALS!

  55. Ballerplus says:

    Actually, that is the real Lebron you are seeing

  56. Gillsy says:

    The biggest problem with James is his record. Currently he is 1 of 3 in the finals and at the end of this he is either 2 or 4 or 1 of 4. Either is not that good. When you think about the greats Jordan 6 of 6, Kobe 5 of 6 and Duncan 4 of 4, he has a long way to go to get to the standards of these type of players.

  57. JaybeeY says:

    It’s scary to think what Lebron will do for Game 4…scary but the Spurs are NOT SCARED.

  58. Jumppong says:

    The San Antonio Spurs win and still humble.

  59. Isaac says:

    Lebron just doesn’t like 4th quarters. Wheter it is 4th quarters of games, or of playoff seasons (the Finals is the 4th and final part of the playoffs). He would be a 4 time champion if it wasn’t for those darn 4th quarter of things.

  60. Jumppong says:

    Of course we see him. Lebron has this skills that no one in the entire league have. that is to become invisible in the 4th quarter. LOL Lechoke James

  61. Realist2013 says:

    What everyone is missing is that Lebron was dominating lesser teams. Not the best team in the league (Spurs) to quote Magic Johnson. The heat may be the most athletic but arent as cohesive as the loaded offense makes them appear to be.
    I say it everytime it doesnt matter who the Spurs put on the floor Pops always ensured his players were well rounded defense first then offense. You cant leave any one of them open. Duncan only plays 30 min on average because thats all he needs. LEBRON , WADE, AND BOSH have to play 40+ minutes. Miller cant play D and Ray allen either. When they put those 2 in they give up a ton of defense. Surprised they havent goneto battier and lewis whoare both better defenders.

  62. Lms says:

    Damn, why so many haters?? We all know he is going to dominate offensively soon or later. If its not soon, then it will be later. As Albuquerque said, Game 4 seems to be the right time. When everybody doubts Miami capacity, they come out with a blowout. It feels LeBron is going big tomorrow. Lets see.

  63. darkheart says:

    LBJ is the Greatest Basketball Magician ever to play in this planet….Comes 4th quarter and he disappear.

  64. royy says:

    he will come back strong

  65. Fuuu says:

    Lebron is playing great, and what he has done in this post season is amazing. I have this a lot of times, and the more i seen from him more i think i am right

    Lebron isnt a chooker he simply isnt a scorer, because he was no outside game. he not melo, kobe or jordan. He dominates by making other people better. People dont say Shaq was a free trow choker, he was just a bad free trow shooter.

    Do you really think that Birdman is that good? do you think Bosh, Cole are good 3 pt shooters? i mean they just look good because all the space that lebron gives them.

    Spo just has to trust his palyer’s like Jones, Battier, Miller and Lewis to spread the floor and help lebron.

  66. Tony says:

    What did Michael Jordan in the 1992 Finals against Portland when they said he couldn’t shoot from the outside, particularly 3-pointers? Portland packed the paint in so Michael Jordan hit six consecutive 3-point shots in the 1st half. That shut them up pretty quickly.

  67. Viper33 says:

    I know this bit is on lebron performance, but the problem is the rest of the Heat. The Spurs have the same strategy that other teams have used. Deny James and let the role players beat you. When the role players play well, the Heat win.
    They stunk except for Miller. This is a team sport and that’s how the spurs are playing. Look who won the game, two reserves. The spurs are wearing out the heat with ball movement and hitting their shots and great rebounding.
    The Heat Team failed. Lebron could have had 35 pts and the Heat would have lost. Lousy shooting and lousy rebounding.
    One other thing, what happened to the physical heat? they need hard fouls and pound some people that they got away from in this series. They’re playing like they’re afraid to dirty the spurs uniforms.

  68. W3BB13 says:

    God forbid anyone give credit to the Spurs’ defense.

  69. Luke says:

    What happend to Lebron? Is it realy well defended or sticking to his decision of choosing Tim Duncan is the best than Kobe? Kinda suspicious Lebron, Now no more Lebron, no more Bosh and no more HEAT. MVP for 4 times is not enough, rings are more than precious than individual awards. Be smart just like the spurs….less stars more rings. No excuse coz no serious injuries….

  70. wakaloooka says:

    How can he be on a shooting slum?? 10-17 its a bad shooting night?? he should take at least 30 shots a night if they want to win. So If thats who the real Lebron James is then we need him to be somebody else in this finals.

  71. Melbornjames says:

    idiot!look at the size of lebron to leonard,his stats against him..defensive end b.s. you think he’d be mvp for nothing?idiot.your just one of those people that praise the superhero when he’s in.but wait for him to fall when he’s not in anymore,because it’s more exciting to see when superheroes fall.

  72. Melbornjames says:

    There’s something fishy going on again in the nba, mafia they say. i pray for lebron for everything to be alright with him and his family,so he can really be lebron that he was and is.

  73. J.Blaze says:

    I’m not worried at all, cause spurs and the spurs fans will definitely see a different lebron tomorrow! LeMVP!

  74. eric says:

    Thats good good luck coming out of san antonio lebron spurs all the way

  75. Patty says:


  76. hipster says:

    How is LeBron playing?

    He’s getting owned by Kawli LeOnard. Does that tell you anything?

    Not only is LeOnard stopping LeBron on the defensive end, LeOnard is gaining confidence at the offensive end, dribbling right past LeBron for layups and dunks.

    About a month ago I was reading all these articles about how LeBron can guard positions 1-5. Well so can I. Just not effectively. Same with LeBron. Parker has torched him, Duncan has torched him, heck even Splitter toasted him on several occasions (and don’t talk about the block where the ball was already coming out of Splitter’s hands – watch the replay).

  77. theholyspectator says:

    we know lbj is great, but hes not perfect..hes gonna have a bad night eventually! it happened to be game 3..i just find it interesting how you got the big 3 but if 1 goes down shouldnt the other 2 step in and pick up the slack? when lebron was doin 20+ in the indy series both bosh and wade were slipping…he carried the load, now lbj slippin and those two cant? i know miami will bounce back and win game 4 but if the big 3 dont start playin like the big 3 then i dont see how they will win the finals… sure the role players are there but against san antonio you cant guarantee they will be there night in and night out..its crazy how miami was in such a zone in the second half of the regular season and once the post season arrived they just been so inconsistent…spurs meanwhile have been trending up as the season ended and got into the playoffs..i see spurs coming back to miami in game 6 with a 3-2 lead…miami will win that game wit the crowds energy but for a game 7 i have no clue who would win…

  78. Kb24 says:

    Congratulations…4 mvp….7 on 30 from mid and long range….averaging 16.3
    I wonder how much blasphemus is still comparing him him to the 2 holy MJ and Kobe

    • tuco says:

      it’s just as funny and blasphemus to compare Kobe to MJ.

    • mario says:

      kobe is also a choker on a finals are you idiot sir? :))

    • Do not stay close says:

      that is because kids like to see a player score 45 even if it leads to over-selfishness and 33% shooting and slow defense and loss. That is what Kobe has been. LeBron is a better player than Kobe no matter how many champs he get. He has more talent that MJ, but he won’t be even compared to MJ if he do not win back-to-back-to-back championships.

      • garry says:

        Tell the truth for once in your life. He won’t be compared to MJ because the player who’s gonna be able to equal his achievements has not entered the league yet. Lebron is an all around well rounded player but you can’t excel at one thing while trying to do it all. Jordan focused on one part of his game one season and on a different the next one and so on. 6 Finals- 6 rings- 6 MVPS- 100% ratio, but screw all that, the feeling he gave you when he played, that thrill you felt through the TV, Kobe has been the most exciting since but Lebron doesn’t have it.

    • T.c.Y says:

      lol..get facts right….Kobe doesn’t have a good record shooting in the finals too..thanks..

      • Mister 215 says:

        I’m sorry I dont remember Kobe only scoring 18, 17, and 15 in the finals!!!! Hate all yall want on him…. Kiss his 5 rings…. Yes Kobe had some bad games in the finals, but not like what the 4 time MVP is doing…. Kobe has never choked…. Period..!!!!

      • remz says:

        kobe gets double triple team all the time, and still delivers when it matters..

        lebron is left open with a single defender daring him to shoot all the time, and chokes.. lol

  79. Arnel says:

    I agree in every comment.. where is LeBron? somebody find him.. or better yet.. LeBron.. you better show up.. your team needs you.. and better show up with a good game plan.. better show up the LeBron you are on the regular season.. You don’t do this… your fans will soon fade away… Choking is bad.. but i do believe you can pull yourself together and redeem yourself.. Does MVP means anything to you? i surely hope so..

  80. kobe says:

    lebron will have huge game 4 and heat will win..but whats funny is when the Heat win all the fans post how great they r but win they lose they dont show up..just like Lebron last night

  81. fan says:

    He’s the mvp cause he makes the right play every time, but now we think he should be like melo and shoot the ball as many times as it takes to get 30? He’s in a shooting slump but other then that he’s still Lebron and he’s still playing great

    • he still play great??? he need to step up average 16 ppg??? nah man we need to see more from the MVP

      • HEAT says:

        Anyone seen Lebron? Really? He’s been playing the finals on national TV, idiot!! That’s just how he play and that’s how he is going be consistently when he gets older. His primary talent is his size, speed, and strength. All that go down quickly when you age. Kobe and MJ talents are footstep and fundamental basketball – they’re just really good at it, master it really well. So those skills stay around longer even when u age.

    • T.c.Y says:

      no disrespect. but really? Does he look like a leader to you? does he look like a all-star player? did he look like himself in the finals? Seriously? Heat came into the playoffs as the best team in the nba.. they have shown that through lebron performance. No matter how u look, on paper Heat >> Spurs. so many legendary shooter, the 3 best players in the game, addition of birdman, there isn’t any doubt that heat is the best team in the nba.. but they just aren’t playing like the best.. if the heat was to lose, it will affect lebron legacy..there’s no doubt.. in 2007, we can say that spurs>>> cavs.. But if lebron was to lose with a better team, it will further damaged his legacy, like the dallas series

      • jerry1125 says:

        ummmm Miami don’t have the best 3 players in the game, Lebron, parker, Duncan

      • clone says:

        His legacy?? what are you talkin about?
        LeBron’s Legacy is to totally disappear during a playoff serie. Except last year (even if he almost did it in the ECF vs BOS), that happened each and every year ..