24-Second Thoughts On Game 3

24 — Well, the Spurs didn’t waste any time throwing down the gauntlet with their entry in The Finals National Anthem Battle. I see your 12-year-old future American Idol winner (Julia Dale) Miami and raise you a dapper Sebastien De La Cruz. Let’s get it on!

23 — Props to ABC for having Tony Parker impersonator Jesse Williams in one of the pregame promos to hype the game. With the sound down a little bit and one eye on the computer and the other on the TV, what else do you learn while half-paying attention during pregame show? Dwyane Wade and Manu Ginobili might need to ride some pine during crunch time of a close game if they don’t get it together. I swear the dudes in suits (Mike Wilbon, Bill Simmons, Jalen Rose and Magic Johnson) said it. Overreact much fellas? Seriously, these cats are future Hall of Famers. They need to play better no doubt. But benching ’em in The Finals? C’mon man!

22 — Spurs spoon-feeding the ball to Tim Duncan in the post early on here. Duncan with the dunk off the sweet feed from Parker for an 11-4 Spurs lead with 6:29 to play. I see you Pop!

21 — The Spurs hadn’t played a home game since May 21st? Crazy. Sweeping my Hang Time Grizzlies forced them into that long layoff at home. No wonder San Antonio was so fired up to see them after all this time.

20 — Jamie Foxx as the President wearing Jordans, huh? Never thought I’d see it in my lifetime. White House Down has to be on the must-see list if for no other reason than to see what kind of kicks POTUS will be rocking.

19 — Is there anyone on the Heat roster Kawhi Leonard can’t guard or get a rebound over? The Heat are doing for him what they did for the Pacers’ Paul George. Holding your own in a matchup against LeBron James can do wonders for your profile. Speaking of LeBron, he looks a little scattered here early.

18 — My man Dancing Danny Green is still feeling it. How Wade loses track of him is beyond me. Green is a ridiculous 10-for-16 and counting in his first appearance in The Finals. #Dancin’DannyGreen

17 Ray Allen giving up a 3-point look in transition for a Norris Cole corner 3 that goes bottoms. The Heat showing off some of that ball movement that they used during that 27-game win streak during the regular season.

16 — Spurs lead is up to 36-28 the moment after Game 2 hero Mario Chalmers heads to the bench with his third foul with five-plus minutes to play before halftime. Heat are going to do have to do this without ‘Rio for at least a little while.

15 — Spurs take their first double-digit lead, 40-30, of The Finals with 4:35 to play on a Leonard dunk on a break (via a great outlet pass from Duncan). Spurs are perfectly content with LeBron and Wade jacking jumpers from the perimeter.

14 — Gary Neal (knocks down a 3-pointer) meet Mike Miller (knocks down an answer 3-pointer) meet Green meet Chalmers meet … whoever the next role player from the Spurs who is ready for his turn in this series. We forget that while the stars occupy so much of our time during these things that we forget how grand a stage this is for the other guys. And since these are the teams with the deepest and most well-rounded supporting casts, we should have expected nothing less.

13 — Spurs with a crazy 6-0 run to finish the half to hold of the charging heat and head to halftime leading 50-44. Parker knocks down the first 3 from the corner and Neal finishes it off with a pull-up 3 at the buzzer. His 14 points leads the Spurs at the break.

12 — Say the Spurs win this series and keep playing the way they have, is it totally inconceivable for either Green or Leonard to be the frontrunner for Finals MVP? They’ve been the most consistently outstanding players for the Spurs to this point. I know it sounds crazy, but crazy lives here, always has. The work they are doing on both ends (specifically the defense on LeBron and the rebounding) is beyond outstanding.

11 — Miller is the only thing keeping the Heat in this game late in the third quarter. He’s 5-for-5 from deep. He’s also the Heat’s weakest link on defense. Spurs are taking advantage of him non-stop on pick-and-rolls and just shredding the middle of the Heat’s defense. Did I mention that LeBron and Wade are scoreless in the third with just 3:36 to play?

10 — These facial expressions from Heat coach Erik Spoelstra are the same ones many of his playoff colleagues have worn in trying to figure out how to deal with the Spurs. There is no easy way to solve what the Spurs do. This isn’t a part of the “process” he was expecting to deal with.

9 — NBA TV’s Steve Smith called this on the real pregame show. He tabbed Neal to have the big night and boom!

8 — Parker has an injury issue (calf) that would normally be a big deal after this game. But the way the role players have stepped up pushes this story to the background. The Spurs are going to need him to win two more games in this series, though. No way you want to finish this series without TP.

7 — The questioning of the Heat’s Big 3 will crank up again after an effort like this. No fire, no energy and no chance.

6 — Old man Duncan, Leonard and Tiago Splitter have dominated the glass tonight and that has in-turn allowed the Spurs to abuse the Heat around the rim. The Heat’s fatal flaw this season (they were dead last in the league in rebounding) could very well be their undoing in these Finals.

5 — Gregg Popovich is a master because of performances like this. The defense designed to lock down on LeBron and Wade has been masterful.

4 — This is the second straight 2-for-12 shooting start for LeBron. He’s hearing footsteps from The Finals of 2011 and another matchup against a Texas powerhouse (the Mavericks) that dared him to beat them with his jumper. That team had Shawn Marion serving as the primary defender on him. LeBron is stuck in the Matrix again this time, courtesy of young Mr. Leonard. Last time he went three straight playoff games without scoring 20 points in a game was against the Mavericks in 2011.

3 — Complete pandemonium to star the fourth. Spurs role players have officially taken this game (and perhaps the series) over. Neal, Green, Leonard wouldn’t normally constitute a “Big 3” in practice. But they are the only “Big 3” playing tonight. Finals record 16 made 3-pointers for the Spurs as the lead continues to balloon.

2 — What he said about #Dancin’DannyGreen …

1 — Fully expecting Neal, Green and Leonard to announce to the world that they are really mutants during the on-court interview at the end of the game.


  1. Snuuga says:

    Nowadays i even watch the NBA finals with the volume muted because the commentators are paid to talk good about Miami as though Miami is playin by itself. I don’ even know y the NBA pays them. There are so biased , even my 8 yr son asked me y there ain’ showin highlights for the Spurs in game 3.

  2. Tom says:

    Kawhi/Green for finals MVP?

    • DriveFerFive says:

      If Lebron fails to break 20 in the Finals, Kawhi should definitely be given some thought for MVP…. but, I have a feeling if he did win the trophy, he would hand it straight to Tim… he’s a great kid and lucky to have a role model mentor like Timmy

  3. DriveFerFive says:

    well, I guess everyone in the NBA now knows who Kawhi Leonard is now…. King James sure does!!!…….. it’s 2 till 5 in Santone…Go Spurs Go!!!

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….yeah, when one the heater fans was raggin on Kawhi BEFORE the series even started I told ’em the same thing….”You will get to know ALL about Kawhi Leonard before this series is over, and it won’t be pretty for bronbron or his ‘subjects’ like you(heaterfan) ” !! GO_SPURS_GO ! ! ! ! ( ! )

  4. Pancho Villa says:

    Its called cutting off and swarming team BumbleBee defense. Once it got out of hand, 20 or more, then up to 30, then back and forth then with another 3 / 3’s the Heat lost their Heart. Once you lose your heart it seems you are beat. Not sure if they are beat yet but one more should do it. What happened to the Heat was not nice and you wonder if Miami will carry a grudge because of the blowout factor. Miami needs 1 in SA, if they get 2 more its over, back to Cuba to receive the trophy. The Mexicans can still live. Viva Fidel Castro!

  5. waitforit says:

    beat the heat!!!!

  6. emmanuel mallari jr says:

    typical lebron meltdown in the playoffs. sometimes you see him, but most of the times you don’t.

  7. J says:

    i love this article!!!
    dam it heat! where is lebron?!?!? he will bounce back 30 in game 4 49 in game 5 40 in game 6 to close it out back to back
    heat in 6!!!

  8. Ben says:

    If the finals ended today Danny Green would be finals MVP. I think there is every chance this could actually happen.

  9. J says:

    this was fran blineburys articles

  10. Way 2go Spurs, i know it’s not over yet but great game that was won by the roll players w/ TD, TP, & Manu not playing well. Heck of a way to step up roll players-that’s how u play on both ends whether heat r playing well or not. Keep it up Spurs.
    Now Go Take The Next Game!
    Go Spurs!!!

  11. Richard says:

    Leonard and Green would definitely vie for the NBA Finals MVP. I am impressed on how Leonard was able to hold his ground against the league’s MVP. Defending well and on the same time making his own shots, dunking on everybody, hustling for loose balls, rebounding, getting on the break, just doing virtually everything you need from the new face of the franchise. Danny Green keeping consistent on drilling 3’s, letting MIA pay for there lackadaisical defense. And we ain’t over yet. Go Spurs Go!!

    • 34yr fan says:

      Yes, Kawhi’s defense is really impressive as it has been ALL year long…….and btw, where are ALL of the braggin’ heater fans that were sayin’ how this Kawhi guy can’t guard the ….uh….’king’….or is that ‘prince’…. now that he has officially dropped a notch or two due to Good defense !!

  12. anon. says:

    if miami doesnt win this championship
    lebron will be scarred for life, never to challenge for another one.

  13. sananspurs says:

    Miami are done. Good to see Spurs get another championship and the end of the big 3’s run. T-mac gets his ring 🙂

  14. Carlos Segovia says:

    This is a latino series with San Antonio`s 9 foreign born players,mostly from the americas against the” Cubans” Miami Heat,in reality just a black and white american team,were it not for the coach who`s an american-filipino.The “Mexicans” will win the series due to their expereince,stamina,determination and sheer will power to win this one for temselves.GO Spurs!

    • Man of the world says:

      Totally agree with the Spurs international flavour Carlos, it’s been a feature of the Spurs recruiting for years and years…
      However, pretty sure three of the Spurs’ rostered players are French and two more are Australian so not too sure where you’re Los Spurs de Los Latinos is coming from. Anyway, go world basketball and go SPURS

  15. Nbafaninsc says:

    Yeah, Max….4 rings and a great drive for five, I don’t think they mind being around Pop, lol.

  16. amitpal says:

    Yes so where all lebron lovers now. People called him the greatest ever. Really? Three straight bad shooting night in the finals. Lebron has been to the finals 4 times now. Two times hes completely chocked and this is his third. Jordan used to average 33 points in the finals. When it came winning time jordan took it. If lebron loses this final I never wamt to here lebron is best ever or second best ever again.

    • anon. says:

      lebron got showed up again for the great player that he really is … a choker!
      may this shut up those people who thinks he is better than mj.

    • justine says:

      Can’t blame those people. Considering all the media hype even before Le Bron entered NBA.
      He won’t be even above Duncan in my list.
      Emagine if James is playing against a young Duncan now. It would be a sweep again.
      Remember the teams that Duncan battled through the years in getting his 4 rings. Sprewell, Houston and Camby of Knicks, Kidd and Martin of Nets, Wallace bros, Billups and Hamilton of Pistons. His wars with Kobe and Shaq of Lakers.
      This heat team won’t win against those teams. They will even lose against the Heat of Shaq and a young Wade.

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….No kidding !! …..now is when the “great ones” step it up a notch….not “well, I have to get everybody else involved” talk………..everybody IS involved…they are on the court and payed BIG BUCKS to play hard ALL of the time….. guess the “others” haven’t gotten the memo…..or bronbron as well !

  17. Kamote says:

    The main difference between the two blow-outs: HOW THE WINNING TEAM HANDLES IT. Miami was all chest pumping, screaming, laughing from the sidelines, fireworks and all that stuff. San Antonio, aside from shy smiles from Green and Blair (Pop may forgive you guys for that haha), the team aren’t into celebrating mode yet. They know the series ain’t over. The talent in South Beach is undeniable, but this series is about showbiz vs. substance.

    • sanjeevi says:

      That’s true. Spurs is not celebrating yet. Not taking anything for granted. Heat is a well capable team, when they do good defense and get stops. Spurs got to continue the same intensity on defense and offence. Go spurs.

    • 34yr fan says:

      ditto…… and it is a BIG difference !!

  18. Vin says:

    This is a strange Finals… feels like a battle of the role players!

  19. AKA says:

    I am a heat fan and I was extremely disappointed by the the heats performance tonight, lebron needs to be more aggressive even if he draws a couple of offensive fouls, just attack the rim and for the love of god make the wide open jumper. Grats to spurs on win, easy hitting all those open 3s when the opponent is playing terrible defense.

    • justine says:

      Spurs defense exposes Le Bron’s not so good ball handling skills. He is used to running over defenders. He don’t know how to move around defenders like Kobe or Wade used to. Unless he makes his jumpers, he won’t be an effective attacker

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….AGAIN….there is NO easy 3 point shot….alone or guarded…..if that WAS the case then everybody and their dog would be shooting them……..Have you EVER tried to shoot 10-20 three point shots……..PS: wasn’t one of those 3’s Danny got a 25 footer when he Was guarded??

  20. Stan Browning says:

    Seen lot of Facebook Posts from Spurs fans tonight wishing they would save a few 3 balls for rest of series ……but seriously guys…….if you had watched the Spurs all season…..this is the Spurs GAME……and they have plenty 3’s left in them……..and this is JUST THE FIRST BEAT DOWN!

  21. standard says:

    tragatela lebron!
    36 points blow out!!
    lebrick doing his thing today.
    now talking seriously these blow out games are bad either way

  22. chuful29 says:

    “So, this is what it feels like to be the one getting blown in the game…”

    – Heat fans (after game 2 blowout win)

    • realist2013 says:

      Again I called it in a previous post haha. Redemption/send a message and boy did they. On the biggest stage too. Clamp down D on Lebron and wade. Self proclaimed hall of famer Bosh. All I saw was broken ankles and professional net burners from Green, Neal, and Leonard.

      • E-SY says:

        @ least I agree on the HOF thing… it’s allready one big joke, that entire Hall Of Fluke! An all time mediocre player like Bosh should never be able to get that far.

        But James will pick up his game again, don’t worry. I bet it will be next thursday…

        I’m afraid neither of both team’s “big 3” players are going to define the outcome of these series. They all are defended well and the role players are stepping up. Nice performance of Neal and Green tonight indeed and Leonard is doing whatever is nescesary every night sofar, but it can just as well be the Heat’s shooters who win game 4.

  23. LA-Paris SPURS fan says:

    Really sorry or sad…Maybe both for Miami’ Fans today…Go go go Spurs !!!

  24. Please make interview to Dj Spurs why he plays 2k13 playstation3 soundtrack LMAO

  25. The Dj Spurs is so as…le cuz he plays 2k13 soundtracks on timeouts LMAO

  26. Max says:

    The American Anthem sung tonight by La Cruz is he a US Citizen? Where was LeBron tonight? Heat plays much better when Wade is on the Bench. The entire Heat team look like they were in LA LA Land. Of course the Spurs looked about the same way in game 2. Think the fans will get to see a well rounded competitive game during these playoffs? LeBron looked like a 3rd string player tonight, maybe the Heat took in the Alamo and the River Walk instead of resting? Just trying to find some reason such a good team on Sunday played less the College level tonight?? POP must have found some go go juice for the Spurs. I see playing for POP would be like a player always having their fingers crossed when POP calls one of his TIME OUTS? PLEASE DO NOT LET IT BE ME!!!!!!!! To be around the POP all the time would have to be worse than playing for the Patriots and having Billichick.

    • Markel says:

      Very well said. Ha ha.

    • 34yr fan says:

      stoopid comment about the best coach in the league……maybe you were being facetious…….but IF you follow the Spurs at all you will know they love him…….for all the right reasons…..and “Go Juice” wtf

  27. Number 13 says:

    Green and Neal are snipers. Mike Miller too.

    The countdown crew said that a 35 point Lakers loss to the Celtics in the 1985 finals was the worse loss in finals history, but the Celtics beat the Lakers by 39 points in Game 6 2008 finals?

  28. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    92% of the time the team that wins games 3 goes on to win the finals … And yet LeBron played one of the worst games of his career. As a die hard LeBron fan, all I can say is that I’m disappointed in his effort from start to finish..

  29. not a kobe fan either says:

    36? wait, 36 right?

  30. JimD54 says:

    The Spurs said, “We know how to give beat downs too” HEHEHEEE!! Seriously though, I think the Spurs took Miami’s heart tonight..

    • Costa says:

      Dunno if the Heat lost their heart. After big losses teams usually fight back like Spurs did.
      And Neal and Green will not hit so many three’s in Game4.If Parker is anavailable things will be interesting.

      • justine says:

        If Parker is not injured…

        IT’S OVER!!!!

        Neal and Green won’t hit so many three’s, but defenders won’t leave them.
        Parker, Ginobili, Duncan even Leonard will have easier time in the next games