Right & Wrong: Heat Flashes

HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — Here’s the thing we’ve known and were reminded of again Sunday night: When LeBron James and the Miami Heat crank it up to full blast, there’s not an outft in the league that can match their speed, athleticism or the ferocity with which they pounce.

With 3:50 to go in the third quarter, the San Antonio Spurs led 62-61 and were closing in on a 2-0 NBA Finals lead and the delicious notion of three in a row coming up in the Alamo City.

Six minutes, 31 seconds later — with 9:19 left in the game — the Spurs trailed 84-65. Ninety-three seconds later it was 91-67 — a 30-5 Miami blitz (it eventually grew to 33-5) that got Spurs coach Gregg Popovich calling Southwest Airlines to jet his boys home.

So after two games and four days on South Beach, the Spurs and Heat are even at 1-1. Here’s what went right and what went wrong in Miami’s 103-84 Game 2 victory:

RIGHT: LeBron needs help, LeBron gets help. Let’s start with the guy that’s been getting beaten up, third-wheel Big Three member Chris Bosh. He was getting the ball inside the 3-point arc rather than outside of it and it allowed him to make a move and get to the elbow for higher-percentage shots. That paid off. Bosh had just 12 points, but he shot 6-for-10, with five of his six buckets coming inside 18 feet. He set an aggressive tone early with a couple of steals and a block in the opening six minutes, and finished with 10 rebounds — four on the offensive glass. Point guard Mario Chalmers led the Heat after three quarters with with 17 points. He finished with 19 and was a high-energy player who was a game-high plus-30 in 35:22.

WRONG: Speaking of point guards, the one that hit the brilliant shot at the end of Game 1 wasn’t very good in Game 2. Tony Parker saw a variety of different looks from the Heat defense (give credit to Miami coach Erik Spoelsta) and he was thrown off his rhythm throughout. Parker had just 13 points on 5-for-13 shooting and got to the free-throw line just twice for four free throws. The big stat was five turnovers, which was five more than he had in Game 1 and one more than the entire team committed in the opener. San Antonio had 17 in Game 2 that led to 19 Heat points and a 17-point edge in points off turnovers.

RIGHT: Back to LeBron, who proved that a triple-double is nothing more than a stat. After getting 18 points, 10 assists and 18 rebounds in the Game 1 loss, the regular-season MVP was 3-for-13 for eight points with five assists and five rebounds. Then came the blow-away fourth quarter with James going 4-for-4 for nine points, three rebounds, two assists and one mammoth Tiago Splitter dunk-blockade, his third block of the game. The King never flinched, got help when he needed it and demoralized the Spurs when it mattered most.

WRONG: Hello Manu Ginobili? Earth to Manu? Come in, Manu. It hasn’t been a pretty postseason for the 35-year-old shooting guard. Game 2 was just the latest example. Ginobili, a whirling dervish of a penetrator throughout his great career was again off the mark, going 2-for-6 from the floor and 1-for-4 from beyond the arc with three turnovers in 17 minutes. The Spurs will need more than that from their sixth man on a bench that suddenly looks rather thin. But hard to pinpoint blame solely on Ginbobili in this one when Tim Duncan and Parker combined to go 8-for-27.

RIGHT: If the Spurs can take a positive out of Game 2, it was the sharp shooting of sharpshooter Danny Green. There was plenty of skepticism out there whether the former second-round pick out of North Carolina could handle the spotlight after he froze in last season’s West finals against Oklahoma City. He’s shown, two games deep into his first NBA Finals, that he can. In Game 2, he busted all five of his deep attempts and was 6-for-6 overall for 17 points. In the first two games, Green is 9-for-14 from beyond the arc. Green is shooting 42.3-percent from 3-point range in the playoffs. The even-better news for the Spurs? Green shot 47.6 percent behind the arc at home.

WRONG: It might not be fair to label this as “wrong.” Maybe “huh?” might be better. But what happened to Dwyane Wade? He had the aggressive, 21-point Game 7 to oust Indiana and pretty strong Game 1. In Game 2, however, Wade played just 2:45 of the fourth quarter and had already left the game in the third quarter when the Heat laid the lumber to San Antonio. Wade had just 10 points (though he had six assists) in less than 30 minutes. Questions will persist about Wade’s ailing right knee, the level the player they once called “Flash” is capable of reaching in these Finals, and if all that will be good enough. On Sunday it was.


  1. Michelin says:

    I am a die hard heat fan.love to death miami.watching them last night made me sick they seemed totally disorientedwhy not start miller and bench wade I Cuban t see miami recovering from last night disaster. I predict a lot of shuffling players if I was paying somebody millions of dollars they better perform bosh has never impressed me miami needs a big man in a center

  2. Cripple Rapist says:

    Want Some Tissue Darling??? I guess you’re crying….. uLOL…..

  3. corlione says:

    No matter who wins or losses the article will always sound good for the HEAT. When they lose they just didn’t play well. When they win they are simply overwhelming and cannot be matched. Do not blame the writers. It is the league that makes this writers hype up and condition the mind of the readers that the HEAT are the winners in the end. The league simply wants a team with superstars that are marketable and also stars that can be the face of the league. Looking at the long term. It is entertainment business more than sports. Just like when HEAT won the 2006 finals. A lot of phantom calls for WADE just to ensure the title because the league needs a star that they see of wade at that moment. So do not argue anymore why the trend in articles is like this and that. The league is almost like wrestling it is more on financial aspect in bigger scope than what really can happen in a game.

  4. Also why is it that for both of gms 1 & 2 wade & lbj have a total of 3 fouls combined-2 for lbj in gm 2 & 1 for wade in gm 2 & 0 each for gm 1. Yet Spurs hot shooter Green foul trouble each gm-3 in gm 1 & 4 in gm 2. It seems on paper both gms were called even but the key is who they’re called on & @ which point in the game-like Duncan’s early bad calls in gm 1 yet they still won. As physical as both lbj & wade are how do they both have next to no fouls after 2 gms-again 0 fouls on them in gm 1. Spurs would have probably sweep heat if calls were completely consistent-especially w/ heat key players taking them off the floor @ key points in the game like refs did to Green when he was hot in gm 2.
    Go Spurs!!!

  5. I don’t see much of any hurdle for Spurs after this gm 2 routing-just because it was a blow out means nothing for the rest of the series. As many turnovers Spurs had & still kept it close till late 3rd qu you’d think heat would’ve had early 20 pt lead. Even though it seemed a fair called game, why were there different refs than gm 1-seems strange? As much as Parker was getting in the paint 3rd qu he wasn’t getting any calls & w/ heats trap pressure defense there was a lot of contact from heat 3rd qu-i’m def not blaming officials-there just was a lot of contact in heats trapping that refs could’ve called 3rd & 4th qu. I think Pops seen how the blown calls were going & pulled the main guys early-why have them kill themselves when it’s clear Parker can get in the paint any time he wants but not get the calls-TP was in there double times lbj. None the less, Spurs did some of what they set out to do in first 2 in miami while still not playing @ the top of their game-taking 2 & going back to SA would’ve been real great but 1 is still really good for Spurs taking home court. In playoffs anything can change from game to game but there’s more hurdles for heat than Spurs w/ Spurs taking 1 in miami. Best believe Spurs especially Duncan will be on fire next gm after this poor performance & still kept it close most of gm 2.
    Go Spurs!!!

  6. AG says:

    If the Heat lose, there will be like 3-4 articles on it.

    If the Spurs lose, there will only be only 1 article.


  7. Kimmy says:

    I keep saying this; nobody can beat the Heat, this year. Lebron James is the best player on this planet. I didn’t say greatest.. What makes him the best player to me, is because the best player helps and allows his teamates to be the best they can be also. Kevin Durant, Tony Parker, Carmello Anthony, Chris (Cliff) Paul, Kobe drama queen Bryant, Josh Smith, these guys are no way near Lebron in this way. And I’m a Thunder fan. Lebron realizes what it takes to be a championship TEAM. Kudos to him in all that he has learnedsince leaving Cleveland. If they win this year, and they will, he and his team totally deserve it. That’s all I’m saying, good nite.

  8. Pogi8 says:

    Hey!!! Spurs fans are big time losers, lol!!!!!!

  9. Tito says:

    You guys are right this series is not going Back to Miami, Miami is going to finish this series in San Antonio. So get your party hats ready HATERS Miami is coming to party in a city near you.

  10. JohnG says:


    • Hater says:

      and dont forget you are a member of the the biggest bandwagon group of fans, THE BANDWAGON HATERS FANS of MIAMI …… PATHETIC!! …. lol

  11. yhame says:

    damn right!!!!!the heat are playing better on the road so there will be no problem with that.no team in the nba has sweep all
    the middle 3 games of the finals since this format start… for your info guys….
    heat in 6……

  12. austintheceo says:

    Heat in 6. Spur has only won one quarter in 8 quarters. They won the last quarter of the first game by mere luck. Heat will win 2 games in San Antonio. Mark my word.

    • Jason. says:

      Okay so they are down to 2 games they need to win. How many game will they win out of 2 ? Maybe 1, Maybe none.

  13. bigboy 11 says:

    yes wade was tired by the half , but the only reason they were not blown in the first half green was hitting them 3s that s what they corrected at the half green was getting wide open shots that was wade’s cover so they put miller on him…..Miami have a another level of defense that they go sometimes it is scary, indina felt it game 3 and 7 spurs got it game2 just listen to the coaches of those 2 teams after the game

    • mikmaks says:

      I admire your gutsy statements – ” This series is not going back to Miami” and ” I definitely dont see Chalmers and all those fake heroes that Miami have doing that well in San Antonio”. WOW! it’s like you can tell the future already. I’d like to see you post these comments if your spurs lose. I wonder how will you react. But just a question which you can look into your crystal balls.. DO YOU REALLY THINK MIAMI WILL LOSE 3 STRAIGHT??? They haven’t even lost back to back since January.

  14. realist says:

    It was only a matter a time before the spurs lost again. I mean they did win 7 straight on 3 different teams. They were having a bad night the whole game and somehow were leading by 1 before the 33-5 run. It just finally caught up to them. They will bounce back. This series is not going back to Miami

    • What! says:

      Haha, realist… is that a name or an oxymoron in this case? I hope you put your money where your mouth is. Lol

  15. daddykong says:

    Wade and Bosh carried miami in that first half. And plus, why risk getting your star player injured even more when your up by 25. You don’t need to worry about Wade not showing up because he will, if he have to drop 20 points, he will.

  16. Luke says:

    I really felt that SA just turned the ball over, that’s the only reason this turned into a blow out. With a little over three minutes in the third the Spurs were winning. Considering their big three played poorly and they were close till that point I would say they are alright. I actually think in a way this is what the Spurs needed, a little wake up shot to focus on the little things. They cut down the turnovers and they look to be in a good spot.

  17. jOLAN says:

    The only thing I don’t agree with on this article was the wade affect. he had a decent game considering he didn’t play the fourth. But you make it seem like he should have played the whole fourth?! They started the run without him (you don’t stop the pace and put him in) and then turned it into a blow out. Spo did the right thing and let him rest.

  18. MC says:

    Miami will be on the road for 3 straight games…Spurs will execute their plays, and don’t look for Tony Parker, Ginobili, and Duncan to have a bad game like they did in game 2. I definitely dont see Chalmers and all those fake heroes that Miami have doing that well in San Antonio.
    The thing I liked about the Spurs was their team’s attitude when they were not having a great night. They were sticking together and not getting upset at each other in a poor defensive and offensive night.
    Miami on the other hand gets nasty with each other whne the walls starts falling down…The wall will fall on Miami in San Antonio and we will see the cheap glue that holds that team together fade away.

  19. crefflo says:

    How about maybe He was getting rest in a game where Duncan spent about the same time on the bench. Was Wade really needed in that run!? Why change something that’s working that great. Yes the knee injury but it was more about getting him a rest (he was out of breath by halftime). Maybe it’s just time to find another subject about Wade.

  20. Erlo says:

    I hope Wade shows up the remainder of the games. If so, Spurs will look like a D-League team compared to the skill and athletic prowess of Miami. Wade and Lebron doing well will lead to 20-25 easy points for Bosh in the process(He is always open when Batman and Robin are playing well). You can’t stop the Heat when they are in rhythm.

  21. Tom says:

    What’s happened was the Spurs have paid so much attention to Lebron that they have allowed the other players to find their groove. So in a way Lebron is rope a doping them. Once Chalmers has a good game he has about 5 more in a row.

    • Ren says:

      Agree on this one. You can focus on Lebron, but don’t over killed it. You need to find a balance.

  22. lexondrise says:

    it is clear that you are bias and would love to see the heat repeat. the one thing you forgot to mention is that the spurs are tied 1-1 against the current champs and they now own the homecourt. no matter how ugly or pretty you make it look with your verbs and adjectives the heat are still down now they find themselves traveling to San Antonio for a chance to get homecourt back. Tied ballgame and its the bottom of the 3rd and the spurs are up…

    • jOLAN says:

      The only thing he is talking about is game 2. That’s it! It’s not biased at all. The heat destroyed your spurs in game 2. The spurs do have the advantage of home court, but the whole article is based solely on game 2. People need to stop saying they these writers are sooo biased (they are a bit, as everyone is), they are writing game to game. To see the way the heat played last night, many people are changing their views now on who wins this series.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      I’m sorry… That LeBron block may have been the block of the year.

      -A Kobe Fan

    • What! says:

      For me, the “huh” was not that Wade only played 2:45 in the fourth, it’s that he played at all in the fourth.
      The Heat were up big, why play Wade when his knee needs a rest?

      This is yet another time when Spoelstra relies too heavily on his predetermined rotations rather than taking the game as it comes. Popovich at one point in the fourth cleaned out his bench while Miami still had Lebron and Wade in. Come on Spo!

      • mintball says:

        lol can’t find something on lebron so why not bash the coach? your fave coach got outcoached in game 2 accept it theres nothing you can do ’bout it