Timberwolves Expect Adelman To Return


TREVISO, Italy – Every indication points to Rick Adelman returning as coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves, president Flip Saunders said, apparently resolving one of the many prominent issues in front of Saunders early in his tenure as head of basketball operations.

Adelman told NBA.com in March that he twice contemplated quitting during the season to be with his wife Mary Kay as she suffered a series of seizures — and that he would again consider stepping away in the summer if doctors were unable to determine a cause or successful treatment. While the winningest active coach in the league following the George Karl-Nuggets breakup has not given Minnesota officials a definitive word, Saunders is taking conversations with Adelman as signals that he will return for 2013-14.

“We’ve talked every day, every other day,” Saunders said during a break at the adidas Eurocamp. “He talks about his staff, he talks about players. We were talking the other day about offenses that I ran, offenses that he ran. Talking just the basketball talk. The talks that we’ve had leads me to believe that he’s going to be back.

“My assumption is just like when I coached. No one really asked me if I was coming back or not. You’re under contract. You’re part of expectations…. And if something changes, then we’ll change as it does. That’s part of what the NBA is all about. Adapting to changes. But I believe he’s going to be back. Mary Kay has made some progress, so that’s the positive. I hope he’s back because I know if he’s back that means that she’s making good progress and getting back on good health. That’s what all our hopes are for.”

Meanwhile, Saunders is scouting in preparation of two first-round picks in the June 27 draft, Nos. 9 and 26, looking to add size on the front line and shooting, trying to resolve a glut of point guards, and awaiting decisions on the futures of Nikola Pekovic and Andrei Kirilenko. Pekovic becomes a restricted free agent July 1 – “We plan on signing him,” Saunders said – while Kirilenko has to decide days before that whether to stay in his contract or return to free agency.

“We don’t have a gut feel,” Saunders said of Kirilenko’s plans. “It’s a lot of money, at $10 million, to say you’re going to opt out of it. But anything can happen. You know how that goes.”


  1. rubioooooooooo says:

    rubio sg kirilenko love pekovic.bench:barea ridnour sved cunigham stigsma johnson.we need a really good starting sg and one more good shooter coming from the bench.i don’t want to here nonsense about us contending for the championship..i believe we can immediately make the playoffs and in about 3 years maybe contending for the ring.

  2. Erlo says:

    I feel bad for the Timberwolves. Sometimes good … never great.

  3. MikeDEE says:

    SG better than Ridnour you say?

    Alexey Shved

  4. J says:

    keep him with adelman as coach love rubio and a good bench and they need a sg they can be playoff contenders

  5. babalou17 says:

    They had 300+ injuries during the course of the 2012-2013 season. They had 2 major injuries, Love and Bud. 3 season ending injuries, Josh Howard, Malcolm Lee, Brandon Roy (surprised), and a ton of minor injuries on Pek and AK mostly. If their core group of Rubio Love Pek and hopefully AK can stay relatively healthy next season this group can advance and take the playoffs by storm. Despite of all their hardships last season the Wolves still put up a 30+ win season, their first since KG left. They also did that despite being the worst 3 point shooting team in the league. And without Kevin Love it was a miracle they had enough juice on the offensive end. Get a shooting SG who can play defense, someone like Danny Green. Get rid of Williams who will get lost in rotation once Kevin returns to his true form. Sad to say but also get rid of Malcolm Lee. Love that dude because he is an energy player who does a lot for this team especially on the defensive end. But he has been out the last 2 years with major injuries, its not looking good for him health wise and he becomes a burden to this team in terms of space. Keep Bud, DC, Luke, Barea and Greg who are all good enough veterans this team needs. Will be watching you guys again next year win or lose. Go WOLVES!

  6. if the wolves go back next year INJURY FREE….they’re one hell of a group….maybe even title contenders

    • dhk says:

      Agreed. I don’t think a lot of people realise what the Wolves were dealing with this season. They really need a SG better than ridnour. I still dream of what this team would be had they managed to land Batum last off season. Had they pulled it off, they would be title contenders for sure.