Spurs Seek Game 2 Improvement


MIAMI — The Spurs put forth a terrific effort in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, finishing with just four turnovers and winning 92-88. At Sunday morning’s shootaround heading into Game Two at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Spurs guard Tony Parker acknowledged that repeating that performance taking care of the ball will not be simple.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen again,” Parker said. “Miami is a very, very good defensive team, so they’re going to create turnovers. First game, I don’t remember a game where we had four turnovers. That was pretty good. If we can keep it under 10, that’s what we want. That’s a realistic number. I don’t think 4 is a realistic number.”

Turnovers aside, the Spurs feel as thought they can still improve from Game 1, particularly as they see the chance to go up 2-0 heading back to San Antonio, pointing out rebounding as an area of concern — they were outrebounded 46-37 in Game 1.

While the Heat are 10-0 in games after their lost 10 losses, and haven’t lost two straight since January 10th, it’s worth remembering that in this postseason, the Spurs are a combined 13-2, and they haven’t lost a game since May 12, in nearly a month.

“It’s a great opportunity, obviously, to try to get another one,” said Parker. “I think in this team we have enough experience to understand how valuable this opportunity is. And we realize it’s going to be tough. They’re going to play with a lot more energy. It’s always easier to bounce back after a loss. We just have to make sure we match their energy, try to keep it close, and see what happens in the fourth quarter.”

The Heat have spoken about playing with a little bit of fear as a motivating factor heading into Game 2, and Spurs coach Gregg Popovich pointed out that fear — rather, “appropriate” fear — is something the Spurs are intimately acquainted with.

“We’ve talked about appropriate fear for 18 years,” said Pop. “We believe in it. Appropriate fear basically equals respect for your opponent. Don’t take anything lightly. Nothing comes easy. And a little bit of fear is motivating. It doesn’t mean you’re scared or anything like that. It means you’re smart.”

And how do you determine what level is appropriate, Coach?

“You figure it out.”



  1. don says:

    well guess what….. MIAMI wins….tsk tsk!

  2. Gary Payton says:

    Spurs in 6! Should have won it all 2012 too!

  3. mdnatural says:

    All these fake heat fans its unbelievable. Look at last year. The heat lost to okc in Game 1 and for some reason when the spurs beat them in game one..all of a sudden there is no hope. Heat in 7 #LetsGoHeat

  4. Realist2013 says:

    The Spurs don’t underestimate an opponent let alone the previous years defending Champs. Its hard to defend against the Spurs because they share the load star or not everyone is involved down to the deepest man on the bench. You have to guard them all and respect them all. Unfortunately for Miami the spurs have been together forever and have a proven coach. Their unwavering focus is what keeps them consistant and able to weather any storm. Miami needs to stop acting like they won after every dunk and 3 pointer and realize the game isn’t over until the clock is 00:00.

    Lebron doesn’t want to “take over” meaning try to force his own 40 point game and forget he has a team. Any real fan of him wouldn’t want that either. That means he’s taken his team out of the game I.E. done what San Antonio wanted. After 2007 and 2011 he knows better. He hasn’t found the balance to be the fascilitator throughout the game and know when to empty the tank in the 4th. Jordan was brilliant with that.

    I think the Heat need to lose this year anyway to learn humility. Lebron has shown me glimpses of that Kobe “I’m the best thing since sliced bread attitude” that has soured some fans. That combined with the “Decision”, Bosh self proclaiming he’s a future hall of famer? I mean really? Wade one of my favorite SG’s whining about shots. I’ve never seen Duncan, Olajuwon or Jordan ever show such arrogance. They didn’t deem themselves how people see them their peers did. If you have to say it guess what…It’s most likely not true.

    Spurs…I’ll see you at the Parade.

  5. Patty says:


  6. Patty says:

    Imprrovements, the Spurs will do.

    The Spurs will kick it up a notch.

    Spurs, you will fly like an Eagle!!!

  7. Dan says:

    oh well if miami loses they can just buy another star for next year. Go yankees, oops miami.

  8. Dan says:

    oh well if miami doesnt win they just get out their wallet and pay more for a championship next year. Go yankees, oops miami

  9. FRONTROW says:

    The Spurs after tonite will be up 2-0. GO SPURS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The Iceman cometh' says:

    If you look at it for what it is. The Heat and the big 3 have only won one tittle. Lebron James is 1 for 3 in past finals. The only win was against a younger inexperienced team.(The Thunder). Lebron loses every time he plays a team with experienced veterans. He paid 20 million dollars for 1 championship and still can’t win with a team full of allstars and hall of famers. I agree with Dennis Rodman ( a 5 time champion that played with the best to ever play the game) “In the 80’s and 90’s Lebron James would be an average player”. AND THIS CAN’T BE DISPUTED.

  11. alan says:

    that was nice

  12. reedcomm. says:

    I really think miami is gonna lose tonight. In game one their bech steped up, wade was playin good, lbj he got his numbers bosh well hes weak thats all he could do. spurs missed too many open 3’s. They are gonna capitalize and as long as tp is playing good tjere going to come on top.

  13. mr karoks says:

    The spurs did not play well in game 1.If the 3s start falling Miami does not stand a chance and if they fall to 2-0 they will not get out of San Antonio.Coach pop will make some adjustments that will limit the heats 3s.On the other hand miami score off turnovers and the spurs do not make mental miistakes

  14. jayrh08 says:

    spurs will sweep the heat

    • HeatfansinceWade says:

      Sure LOL, Guess you didnt see the Blowout coming? Guess you wont see the Heat repeating as well.

  15. just blaze says:

    always a spurs fan from nigeria..cant wait to see spurs hoistin the trophy in a couple of games…#gospursgo#

  16. Vanessa says:

    Come on Heat fans you cant give up after 1 game. Every team relies on 1 or 2 stars to shine for them to win….if Parker or Duncan dont show up then Spurs dont win so it’s not just Miami that relies on their stars. We will play hard tonight and come out with a vengeance but it wont be an easy series. I believe in the Heat and I know they will play like the old Heat we are used to.
    Heat in 7!!!

    • The Iceman cometh' says:

      The old Heat. You mean the ones that got destroyred by the Mavericks?

    • Andy Blacksmith says:

      Yeah but parker and duncan always show up. Thats why the spurs have never lost a finals.

  17. Kamote says:

    Though I’m for the Spurs in this match-up, I’d say beating the Heat 2x, at their homecourt would be very difficult. But as for the Finals 2-3-2 format, winning game 2 is a necessity for the Spurs. It would really be hard to go back home and win 3 in a row, especially against the Heat’s caliber. And bringing the game back to Miami if they reach games 6 and 7 would be a much tougher task.

  18. Giddy says:

    The missing point in Game one for the Spurs was the 3-Points
    If they”ll shot their regular % the Heat don”t stand a chance
    Go Red – Rocket – Go

    • The Iceman cometh' says:

      They also got out rebounded and shot only 41% from the field. Their averge is 48%. The Heat will get crushed. This is not a bunch of inexperience guys and coaches like the Pacers. This is the 4 time championship team, the Spurs. The most underated team in the NBA. The best point guard in the league. The best power forward ever to play the game. And one of the best coaches to ever coach. If they couldn’t beat the Mavericks, they sure as Hell WILL NOT BEAT THE SPURS. The Spurs will win this series in 5. Don’t be surprised if they sweep. To the HEAT fans: you can only live off hype for soo long.

  19. kev says:

    I honestly think that bosh will not have a good game….he seems to be too timid and when hes off, he doesnt know when to stop. I really think spurs will win this in 5, maybe even 4, they are just more consistent as a defensive minded team and offensive minded.(They dont rely on 1 or even 3 players to do their job)

  20. steffan says:

    wow tony parker

  21. kd says:

    Miami will prevail tonight. Bosh is the x factor in this series and he will show up. If LBJ, Dwade and CB can all put up double figures, the Heat will win this one. Miami needs to stop the Spurs role players from lighting it up-Green, Splitter, Leonard, Manu. Go Heat!

    • HeatFanToo says:

      Bosh hasn’t ‘shown up’ in weeks. LBJ, Dwade and CB all put up double figures last game and we lost. It is almost impossible to contain all the role players, its just what they do. I’m a heat fan, but it is looking bleak for Miami. It’ll be a miracle if we win. #GoMiamiHeat

  22. Loki says:

    Miami is 10-0 after a loss? That will just make a game 2 victory all the sweeter for the Spurs if they can kill that little recovery streak. Miami is going to go on scoring runs, those 3pt shooters are gonna get hot, but as long as the Spurs remain diligent and keep their poise they can still walk away with the win.